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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Manassas Virginia  CSPAN  December 5, 2015 10:45pm-12:06am EST

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rights. it was very easy for black folks to come out and say these immigrants are stealing our jobs. you have not heard that. the obama coalition includes latino community and black leadership. they defend immigrants. the black community could have easily been moved against the lgbt movement. thechurches are not on right place on this, but you're not seeing any prominent african-american leadership attacking lesbian and gay's 10 years because the black , we say, shut up, these people are part of the coalition. latinos, and the in farm bill issue. -- and the environmental issue. the entire congressional black caucus footed for cap in trade. have been there for every contingency down the line. and we insist that people leave their -- people either for us
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this time. thank you very much. judge cordell: thank you, president jones. [cheers and applause] ms. heuvel: very briefly, our priorities are skewed. essould say we must end endl engagementrica's with the world. [applause] america's policing of the world has to track it from the real security needs, tackling inequality, redefining security at home. and one thing the president could do in the first two hours is understanding the transition and close the 800 bases ringing this world.
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they are not going to modernize nuclear weapons. they are not going to begin to take them down to a level. but just understand what endless war has done to damage the principles that could be deployed to end inequality in this country. [applause] judge cordell: before we close out, i just want to take a katrina, recognize van. thank you so much. ai-jen.el: thank you, judge cordell: thank you to professor reich. [applause] ai-jenordell: thanks to poo, director of the national domestic workers alliance. [applause]
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you to vanll: thank jones, special white house advisor to green jobs. [applause] and thank you to katrina vanden heuvel. [applause] judge cordell: we also thank everyone in attendance tonight. this has been co-presented by the nation magazine. the conscious of our country for 150 years and counting. is ♪ next, donald trump holds a campaign rally in manassas, virginia. then another chance to see a discussion on inequality in america. after that, republican
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presidential candidates beget a forum hosted by the republican jewish coalition. on the next "washington french examines the role of speaker paul ryan in the upcoming elections and his agenda for congress. mark frye, former director of the visa waiver program, talks about that program and whether it poses national security risks. and former secret service agent bill gauge discusses his work as a security consultant who specializes in helping workplaces prepare for active shooter incidents. we will take your calls and you can enjoy the conversation on facebook and twitter. journal" live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. she was such an authentic person. i always thought there was more to the story of lady bird than
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anyone had covered. i think she became the first modern first lady. , she had ang staff important project, she wrote her book as soon as she left the white house. she really invented the modern first lady. night, a historian discusses her book "lady bird and lyndon," giving an inside look at the marriage and political partnership of lady bird and lyndon johnson. perfectnk she is a example of the conclusion i came to, which is those women felt something in those men, the ambition, the opportunity to really climb and make a mark in the world, and they married them in spite of parental objections. she is a good example of that, and that's why i decided i had to find out more about her. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. >> republican presidential
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candidate donald trump held a rally wednesday in manassas, virginia. he discussed president obama as well as republican and democratic presidential candidates. he also took questions from the audience. this is one hour, 20 minutes. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mr. trump: that is a big crowd. thank you very much. thank you. so nice. so amazing. so amazing. it is so great to be with you tonight. and this was a little tough weather. a couple hours ago they said, mr. trump, i think -- that's ok, i love you more, ok? [cheers] to my son,like i say
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baron, i say i love you and he says, i love you more, dad. the spirit in these rooms, no matter where we go, so incredible. a couple hours ago they were saying, i'm sorry, sir, you will have to cancel your trip. can you imagine? they said it would be too tough, the flying is dangerous. it's not exactly nice outside, right? i said, no, i cannot do that. i cannot do it. so we got here. it was marginal, i have to tell you, but we got here. so as you probably heard in california, they are having a tremendous problem right now. re killed as of now, and i guess there is one on the loose or they are having a fight. this is when we appreciate our great police and law enforcement. remember that. remember that.
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they don't get enough credit. they should. you will always have some bad apples. you'reer what business in, banking or anything else, but i want to tell you they do a hell of a job. , in you see the shootouts can tell you one thing, i don't want to do it. you don't want to do it. so we think the police and law enforcement. they are unbelievable people. said, i think -- could we have a moment of silence? a lot of people killed. in honor of those people and the victims, let's have a moment of silence, please. mr. trump: ok, thank you. thank you. so, we have some really special
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people. the most powerful people there are. black pastors come you been hearing a lot about it. we have had some incredible times and great support. it was not covered properly by the press. i mean, they are so dishonest. ay-yi-yi. but you probably read were a large group of black pastors came to see me in new york and manhattan. and it was really great. andone of them was doctor pastor steve parson. he brought together a group of endorsers. i don't know if these people want to be preached to tonight. but that's ok. but he is a great guy. he was in new york with the others.
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he is a beautiful guy. come on up with your friends. that's right. all right, i'm not going to take too long, but i will say this. we are a group of black ministers. and we have one token brother over there. [laughter] people ask me, why are you endorsing donald trump? in my opinion, he is the best and the only one who can beat hillary clinton. that's right. i mean, listen, we've got to win. one thing about donald trump is he is a winner. amen?
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and here is another thing. he knows how to create wealth. can i get an amen? and as a black minister, we are on the inner city. we need jobs, we need employment, we need businesses. and who better to help us help ourselves than donald trump? i'm glad, i personally believe this is a movement. ad i believe we are in situation now where this country called america is going to come back and be made great again. isn't that right? believe it is a wealth transfer, a wealth movement, ok, and then i tell you one thing, mr. trump is going to make this military strong again, too. why is this. donald trump does not take anybody's mess.
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[cheers] mr. trump: thank you. thank you. they have big power. they have the ultimate power, right? enjoy yourself. please get them a good location? it's pretty tight in here. thank you. thank you. so nice. so nice. nothing easy in life. sometimes i can be tough. you work in the inner cities, that can be tough. it can also be rewarding, and they get great rewards. thank you very much, and thank you, steve. so, we've got a lot going on in this country. i don't know if you saw, i tweeted i'm on my way to manassas, we are going to virginia. the truth is you look at what's happening in our country and i
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going to know, we are have fun considering we don't have good subject matter, right? we have really bad subject matter. we never win. we don't win with the military, we don't win with trade, we don't win with any kind of deals for stop i look at the iran deal as one of the worst deals i've ever seen. it, they have already violated the deal. i don't go if you have heard. they have already violated the deal. not even dry, ok, it's not even dry, and they have violated the deal. so we don't do it anymore. surprised? a wise guy over here. who said that? stick up your hand. very good, very good. to starte going
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winning, and big. we are going to win, we're going to win. we are going to win a lot. we are going to win all the time. we are going to get rid of obamacare, which is a disaster. a disaster. and we are going to replace it with something great. there are so many alternative so much better. for those people involved with the whole obamacare thing, the democrats have problems with it. they voted, and it was a fraudulent vote, let's face it, because obama lied. fairness to your senators and congressmen who happen to be democrats, obama lied. 28 times he said keep your doctor, keep your plan, keep everything, everything is great. and then these guys got stuck with it and now they have to defend it. and they are not going to be able to defend it. is sol have a plan that much better, so much cheaper. you look at what is happening
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with deductibles on obamacare, it's out of control. you cannot use it. if you get hit by a tractor, maybe you get a couple bucks. up 35,miums have gone 45, 55%. lot ofe other day, in a good newspapers, and even in the bad ones, and are plenty of bad ones, these guys are so dishonest. ay-yi-yi. if you look at it over the last couple days, you will see a lot of stories that obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. obama does is correct. you think about it. here is a guy, we have isis and others who want to destroy us a
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and he is more worried about global warming and he believes -- he comes out all the time problem single biggest is global warming. i say, is this real? people who want to blow up our cities, kill all of our people. cutting off heads like those known tomorrow and the middle east. they are doing everything. drowning people in cages. they have not seen anything like this since medieval times. in medieval times, they chopped offense. did anyone see chop off heads? you just stopped seeing it. isn't it? though so ever heard of this? this is a vicious group of animals a.m. to we have got to stop them.
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and we're going to top them so strong and so fast. strong and fast. to tellhe things i want you, because a lot of you have heard me's pay. it is covered on live television. i speak, they get ratings. i cannot stand them. they cannot stand me. they are always lying. but they always put me on live television. no one else goes on live television. they don't have crowds like this, believe me. bush has like 59 people. it is true. he stands up, start speaking, everyone falls asleep. we could make a lot of money with him. he puts people to sleep. the sleep master. the others, if they have 100 people it is a lot. everywhere i go, there are
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thousands and thousands. because only restricted of the size of the room. and the fire marshal, where is he? why have people still coming in the back. right, great o'hare. great, great people. we're going to do something that is so special. they said, it is a movement. what do you think? this is a movement. it is, esther steve said a movement. i never told him that. he might have listened, because i use the expression sometimes. but this is a movement. i go to dallas where they mavericks play. you like the mavericks? good players. the owner, mark cuban has been great. he has been great to us, i have to tell you. he said, you want to use it, use
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it. it was thursday. i said when? have? how many seats to he said 30,000. he filled it up in a day and a half. a time left over. when a 20000 and hours, 20,000 oklahoma, 35 thousand people in mobile, alabama. everywhere we go, literally we go up to new hampshire, crowds many times the size of anyone else. no one is even close. thank you, man. look at that guy. thank you. that is cool. i like your hat. about up will stop at that. look at that. he looks good with that. of i would not say if he gratis i have ever seen, but acceptable. it has not heard him any. that is great. thank you. it is an honor to be here.
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thing, asthis whole you know, in june. it takes courage. it does. never done this before. i am self-funding my own campaign. these other guys are like blood suckers. no, it is like blood suckers. [applause] these other guys are a disgrace. bush raised 120 $5 million and he is dying in the us. we'll below. all of them. i won't say a couple of them, because so far a couple of them i like. they'll have to go through me. that will end. cruz has been ted great to me. but at some point, he is going to have to say, i have to attack him or otherwise i'm going to come in second or third place.
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so they've all got to attack will stop i love it when the attack, because so far everyone that has attacked has gone down. they have gone down the glade. i should not say this environment the esters because they will so that is not nice. is that ok? it is all about leaning. it is all about making -- it is all about winning. it is all about making america great again. i read an article that said everybody is afraid to fight me. when you look at rick perry, governor of the from texas, he was so nice to me. one day, he was vicious and violent. went to washington, made a speech about me for a half an hour. i had to attack them. i attacked him viciously. i feel guilty. not really. i attacked him remember?
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iq.he glasses and the remember? then a guy like lindsey graham. a sitting senator. and by the way, his plan, i know some much more than he does. plan is so bad. it is so stupid. remember, in america, i wrote about osama bin laden, we have to take him out. you have to nobler to usual power. i said, i don't know how many people saw it, but a couple announcers in the morning, said it. i had osama bin laden. the reason is, i watch him and i listen. and there is this guy with a big mouth was very tall and i said, wait a minute. let me ask you. oh. i hear some friends. i have some friends. i hear some friends.
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they don't want to make america great. we have to beijing unifier. the funny thing is, i do a great job with things and they will be a big beneficiary but maybe they just do not understand it yet. ok? maybe they do not understand a yet. [crowd cheering] maybe the best candidate move them away so we can hear ourselves. get them away. we have to. cheering] they have to. it is not fair to the. chanting] they want trump! they want trap! we want trump! we want trump!
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trump: will the police move them please? very gently. gentle, they be say, he's too soft. you cannot win. if you could remove them as soon as possible, that will be good. oh the police out there? after the build up i think they will do a good job. yes, we have to move them. thank you very much. look, the poignant. the saddest part, you have a few there, thousands here, and the headlines tomorrow will be, testers. i say this strongly. use the term silent majority. it is really able to been
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abused. we have the majority, but we do not know we have a majority. majority.not a silent it has become an noisy majority. it is the noisy majority and that is ok. that is what we have to be. we have to be heard because our country is going to hell. we have a president who is incompetent. he is incompetent. i tell you, this guy is grossly incompetent. i want clean air, clean water, immaculate. i wanted to be sparkling, great. environmentalmuch awards. and i am a politician. ay yi yi. have one so many environmental awards. i am telling you. but it has gotten out of
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control. global warming, climate change, extreme weather. the reason is, it is never working. the extreme that weather, that work, right? to i remember during the winter we had a bad storm and they said, this is global warming. global warming! the snow was all over the place. they said, we have not had a snow, the number one snowstorm was in 1880 nine. which blu-ray everything out the window. this.we're going to have we do want clean air and clean water a end other things. but it has gotten to a point, or making a fortune off these things. our manufacturers cannot cope. china is laughing like hell at we areobama because
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stopping our pets for manufacturing and they are not any better pollution-wise. we are stopping our plants. do thingsgreeing to many years from now and they will violate the agreement 100% like they always do, like iran does. like everybody does. we are like dummies. we used to be soap up. now we feel so stupid. we cannot have it anymore. it is unbelievable. we cannot have it anymore. what i am going to do rose we're going to take some questions. was brutal to get here. i might as well stick around. do, you canoing to start thinking about it. i'm going to talk about what we have two plan. want to take some questions. love taking questions.
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even if they are vicious, violent, horrible questions we will take them anyway. you know, with hillary clinton, she does not have the strength or stamina to be president. she does not have it. i know it. i know her. one of the magazine said i am a world-class business man. i am. i made a fortune and i want to put that same thinking for the country. we have $19 trillion. it is going to beat when he went right in dollars very soon. we see a ridiculous budget. the us to immediately. no one fights. i only say, i never the democrats are coming from, but the republicans are more disappointing. you will and you know what is happening. greatestne of the upsets of all the time. he deserved to be upset. that was the end of bush. can you believe that? it was one of the greatest upsets, think it never happened
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before? you were so smart. but what happens is, they say, we're going to end obamacare. we're going to make our military strong. we're going to make our veterans so happy, everything will be great. edwards. all talk, and no action politicians. in july of them, you are all for them. they win, they go to washington. i always say it, and they are with their rifle or their husband and they say, look, look, we have finally made it. look at the beautiful columns. look at this. this is like -- they go into the capitol building, they say, this is beautiful. this is beautiful. now they have a vote on obamacare. onlysay they don't want the place. though they lead us down? i promise you one thing, if i you say where, when?
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but i have to start up. i am up against 15 guys. it was 17. now it is 15. it is drying up fast. the zero ands with they continue to go along. can that be good for them? guys like pataki. he cannot get elected dog catcher. you have guys who cannot even, if you think about it, cannot get 1%. can't get anything. one of them had a zero with an error printing stop last thing in the zero. it was on television. i think that with a type graphical some kind, because how do you have us in zero? but that's what it is. some of them did not even register an upcoming states. now they have missed their times, right? they have ms. times. i was told they have missed their times. if a guy doesn't want to put up money because he knows he is not
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going to win a war he cannot get enough signatures to register, but numbers of them have not registered. them to debate? if somebody gives up the state of virginia, was something gives up the state of south carolina, because they are hard to get on the ballot, they are. theay, i am already on ballot. [crowd cheering] thank you. winky. took many times the number of signatures. we needed a lot. i didn't quickly. who did it? it you did it. right here. stand up and take about. thank you, honey. great job. i know that. if somebody does not get on the ballot because they missed their time limit, they gave up a major state someplace, why would you let them on the debate stage to waste everybody's time?
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they are already at zero or one or two. i would you allow them to be on the debate stage? it is stupid. what are we doing? mr. trump, the war in the middle east and 30 seconds, what would you do? 30 seconds. [laughter] and you know, it is funny, almost, every poll, drudge, he is an amazing guy. drudge.ay, we love an amazing guy. but drudge, "time" magazine, "slate," every one of these polls, i have won every single poll in every single debate. and i am really happy about it. now, i will tell you because it has become a big story. the other day, i said i do not want to brag -- am i ok to brag? is that all right?
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let's say they were a couple million people watching the first debate, right? you know? it used to be that these debates, nobody even wanted them. they forced them down their throat. it was like, you have to take the debate or we are taking your license away or something, right? so the first debate was by fox, and they had 24 million people, actually more than that after the final numbers, but 24 million people, which was about the largest in the history of cable television. the next one was cnn with 23 million people. now think of this, cnn has covered some pretty big events like wars. and other things, right? in the history of cnn, it was the highest-rated show they have ever had, and they made it three hours, which they should not have done because there are two of them. i could do this for 24 hours straight, but nobody wants to watch this stuff for three hours, especially when 90% of the people -- i do not even know
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why they are doing it. but nobody wants to, so that was unfair. then when we went to cnbc where that guy, john harwood -- what an idiot he was. no, how bad? he is not a professional. i have to tell you for four weeks before that, he was so nice to me. "oh, mr. trump, you are so wonderful. mr. trump, you are so great." then he comes out and reads a wiseguy question. i said that is not a very nice question, but they wanted three hours because advertising sells for so much now that they make a fortune. and i said, "i am not going to let them have three hours. i am not going to have it." and everyone said, the same people, and people said you will not be able to stop them. i think it took me -- what do you think? -- three minutes. i said i am not going. and i have to tell you, carson said, "i will go along with it," so that was very nice. ben carson. i have to give credit where credit is due. i have been a little rough on
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him. i have to give credit -- he came along and said i will go a long, so i came in, we can men, and we said, we are and i not doing this, and they folded like an umbrella. so now my big thing is they all say, "you cannot get mexico to pay for the wall!" try me. [cheers and applause] we are going to build a wall. [cheers] we are going to build a wall, it is going to be a great while, it will not be a little toy, we will build it not for a lot of money. you know, in china, they built the great wall of china, 13,000 miles long. 2000 years ago. this is a serious wall. ok? in our case, we need really 1000 miles. it is 2000 miles, some of it is natural borders, natural barriers, which is pretty good. not as good as a wall, but it is pretty good, let's use it, right?
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we're going to need about 1000 miles. is, theirs was 2000 years ago. they did not have trucks, they did not have tractors, they did it the old-fashioned way, and it is a big wall. so what we have is, we're going to build a wall. so we are going to build a wall, and we are going to stop people from coming into our country illegally. [cheers and applause] we're just going to stop it. ok? it is time. and if people want to come in legally, we want them to come in. ok? they have to go through the process. when i first mentioned this, all the other candidates -- again, we started with 17, now we are down to 15. but they are going to start falling like flies. ok? they have to leave. at some point, they've got to leave. don't they sort of have to leave? we have got is one guy, he is terrible, he is the worst debater.
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kasich from ohio. no, no. the guy is the worst debater. he cannot speak properly. he is a professional politician. he is terrible. i am telling you, lindsey graham, i am telling you, how do you beat the senator in florida? in florida? you have to, you have a governor and you have a sitting senator, who by the way, does not vote. he does not vote. i'm killing him. how would you like to be in florida and you invest in a young guy, you taken to heart, and you put him as a united states senator. that is a great position, right? you put him in there. he is in there for about 12 seconds, and he decides he wants to run for president. why? how would you like to have a guy who does not show up to vote? you put in a lot of time and effort of making your choice, but if a man says he is going to be your senator and then goes around campaigning and fundraising -- he was the other day -- homeland security. very important meeting in washington.
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he chose to go to a fundraiser in california. now, i don't know if i'm going to win florida, but i am killing him in florida. killing them. [cheers & applause] and i think i have the ultimate , soundbite. seriously, if a guy -- first of all, rubio is very, very weak on illegal immigration and amnesty. he is in favor of amnesty. bush is low energy but very nice. we don't need low-energy people, folks. we do not need it. we can't afford them. hillary is -- i mean, hillary. you ever see hillary? hillary, and i said, she doesn't have the strength, the stamina. but did you ever see hillary? she will do an event like this, and then she will not show up for 5 -- you know what, she goes home and sleeps. she will do an event like this. and it is actually, and not -- we should not be laughing, we
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should be crying. and the other guy, he gave it up when he said no e-mails. bernie. very! he gave it up. i think he just had a hernia operation, you know? he was carrying around the tax code that he wants to make larger. [crowd cheering] it is true. i actually just made that up. but it is true. but, he has got no chance. but it is true. he just had a hernia operation. i hope he gets better fast. but he's got no chance. he took hillary and gave her the election. he was doing fine, and he gave her the second largest crowd. by the way, mine blows everyone away. i was in sarasota the other day, florida. what a great place. we had a time, you would not believe it. it was 12:00, football games and everything going on. we had 12,000 people. i don't ever say how many people. i let the government say it now. we have an amazing secret service, people that work here.
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i let them said, because every time i say it, if i'm off by the three people they put it in a headline. and so we had 12,000 people. nobody said that. no covers that. but when bernie sanders has a group of 5000 -- i get much bigger things than he does. in the meantime, things are going down the tubes. we do not have to talk about him anymore. but the truth is, hillary should not be allowed to run because what she did was illegal. what she did was illegal. [cheers & applause] i want her to run. i want her to run. and, by the way, i beat her easily in the fox polls. you know what, i had this whole thing, and i never mentioned polls tonight. can you believe that, though? i am so sad. usually i start off by saying, and then everybody says, including my opponents, he always talks about polls. you know why? because i am winning all of
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them. it is true. if i were them, honestly, if you think about it, one of the major mainstreams asked me, not so long ago -- they said why do you always talk , about polls? i never thought of the question. i said, i don't know. because i am winning every poll. about.ood to talk who the hell knows what they mean, i think they mean something. they say +3 or -3. it is sort of an amazing thing. i studied it at wharton. i guess it works. but then you have many of them, and i am number one in everyone. number one in every single state. and, number one, you look. iowa, number one. new hampshire, number one. a big number one. big margin. they have to work hard to catch me in new hampshire, let me tell
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you. and these are great people. and then you go down, south carolina. tremendous. and then we go to nevada, tremendous. in nevada, i win the hispanic vote. i have always said i'm going to win the hispanics because i am bringing jobs back. i am bringing jobs back. i am bringing them back from china and japan and mexico and vietnam and everywhere. we are going to have jobs again. we are going to have jobs. you know, the number one -- and i will probably get it tonight -- but the number one question i get, i go around and see a lot of different places. i use a lot of college auditoriums and all because of the crowd sizes. a lot of students come up. "mr. trump, what can you do to help us?" they are choked with debt. the biggest thing, they go for two years or four years of college, and they cannot get a job when they get out. they are good students at good
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colleges, and they cannot get a job. it is one of the most heart-wrenching questions i get. they are borrowing money. to a large extent, from the federal government. it is about one of the only things the government makes money with is student loans. maybe that is the only thing it should not be making money with. but we are going to do something. i don't know what is going on with the colleges, but they are going up like a skyrocket. nobody's going up but the colleges. somebody is doing something wrong. one of the reasons, the federal government pays for the students. but the students cannot afford to pay that much. why are colleges going up of more than anything else? they must be making a fortune. let's buy a college. do you want to buy a college? don't buy it.
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don't buy it. but there is something going on. one of the saddest things, you see the students. they are really good. i have met so many and i feel so badly. it gives me more inspiration because i'm going to create the jobs. they cannot get a job. we are going to change that. when we go through college, especially the good students. there are students who work really hard to be good students. they come out, and they cannot find anything. they don't know what to do. then they owe money to the federal government and everybody else. and they have done everything they can to get through the college. we are going to start winning in this country, and we are going to start helping them out. we have got to them out. i always talk about the vets. everybody knows i have a great vet plan. nobody is treated worse than the veterans. illegal immigrants are treated better than our vets, i am telling you. they are being treated better than our vets. that is going to end.
11:30 pm
we are going to treat our vets better. i put in a policy plan a couple of weeks ago. i was on a great ship. and we were -- it was -- it was an amazing day on the wisconsin. we put -- on the battleship, i said, you cannot build them like this anymore. they did not give me the answer. i love renovating. you know i love buying a , building. the foundations are there. the outside is there. the structure is there. you have to replace windows sometimes. if you can keep them, you keep them. like i am doing with the old post office in washington. you know, that is right. you people would know it. one of the most beautiful buildings in washington was a disaster for 30 years. put it out to bid. think about it, the obama administration, and trump got it. am i a good deal maker? one of the most sought-after in the history of the government services, gsa. we are under budget and ahead of schedule.
11:31 pm
think about it. that is what you want in the country. that is what you want in the country. it is going to be one of the best hotels in the world. we are calling it, if you do not mind, trump international. somebody said, we have to keep the name. the old post office. but it is not a post office, it is a hotel. we have to change it. i do have to tell you, i have dealt with the gsa, and they are terrific people. you know you have great people , in government, you really do. if we can be led properly, this country is going to go to a level you would not believe. you know i have been saying over , the past two months, because i have met so many people, just like yourself, and it is similar. there is so much love in the room. but i have met so many people. and i have seen the genius of these people. and i have been saying we are not only going to make our country great again. in my opinion, we have the potential to be greater than every before. i really believe that that. [applause]
11:32 pm
we will make it great. we will build it up, and we will make a great and make it rich again. a woman came up and said, "mr. trump, it is a little crass to say rich. but we have got to make it rich. we are a debtor nation." she said, "i am voting for you. but please don't say we are going to make it rich." i said, "i have to say it." i have to be truthful. we are going to save social security, not cut it. we are not going to cut medicare. you know carson wants to cut , medicare. he wants to get rid of medicare. actually at is program that works great. you have waste, fraud, abuse. we will take care of that. but they are not going to be cut. you have been paying into your plans, social security for years. now they are coming up to you. it is getting to be that time. me, i don't want the social security. ok? but it is getting to be that time where you are going to need it. and, i think it is unfair after
11:33 pm
all those years, they want to cut to you. governor christie wants to raise the age, so that you have to wait an extended period of time. it is not fair. you have been paying for years. we are going to take money back from all these countries that have been absolutely eating our lunch. we are going to have so much money. i said, it may be crass, but i have no choice. we are going to be so rich. you are talking about tremendous money. don't forget. when in china, when you have in of $450 billion, not million. $450 million would not be good. how about $450 billion a year? a year. and then they say, "that is terrible." i am a free trader. i believe in free trade, but it has to be smart. we cannot be stupid. right? "oh, trump is not
11:34 pm
a free trader." i said, "i'm a free trader." but when four years, we have a trade imbalance of over $400 billion every year, that is called dumb trade. that's -- we have to be -- and then, the head of china comes. and poor obama, it is so sad. he greets him with a state dinner. i say, for what? he talks about our partner. i want to be a partner, too, where i'm making $400 billion. i agree. and, the guy in china, the head man, good-looking guy, strong as hell, you know, a different system over there. they keep pounding each other, and the toughest, smartest guy gets to the top. we don't do that here. that is a system, i do not know if you know how it works, but from the time they are in kindergarten, the smartest and toughest. the smartest. the toughest. but by the time to get up to that little point, that guy is
11:35 pm
tough. so he is looking at obama. , talking about this wonderful relationship we have. he is building military islands in the south china sea. i don't think he got an environmental impact statement. do you think they went out and said, oh we have to do our environmental impact? no. they put 300 excavators out there and started digging and dropping that sand. i have said, bomb the oil and keep it. i did not want to go into iraq. i should get credit for vision. and, i am more militaristic than anybody in him. anybody in this room. so, this guy looks like a warrior. i am more militaristic than anybody in this room, but i want to build that military so strong. but, i have been saying, don't go into iraq. in 2003 or 2004, a delegation
11:36 pm
came from the white house. they get a lot of publicity. even as a developer. then i do "the apprentice" -- by hit.ay, that was a huge they wanted to extend me. they came in, the head of comcast, an incredible guy came to my guy with people from nbc. they want to extend me. i said, i want to run for president. they said no, we want to extend you. nobody thought i was going to run. they announced they are going to extend "the apprentice" with me. that would be season 15 and 16. you know, it has been a great hit. i said no, i do not want to do that. i just held my breath. you know the famous escalator scene. i held my breath. i said to my wife, are you sure i want to be doing this? i said, let's go. we went down the escalator. and, we stood, you never saw it, it looked like the academy awards. the press. the press. i mean, even now, look out tonight, so many cameras back there.
11:37 pm
look at all those red lights. every word. no, think of it, every word. but, you know, it is an amazing thing. i said to my wife, come on, let's go. and she waved beautifully on the escalation. i am waving. and then i went up, i talked about illegal immigration. little did i know, i was hitting a nerve that was so incredible. had i not made that speech and talked about what is happening, because after that you had jamiel, a wonderful man, killed. you saw his father on television. over the last couple days. just shot, viciously shot for no reason. shot off the sidewalk. and then kate in san francisco, shot, by an illegal immigrant. and you see all of the tremendous crime. and all the sudden -- did i take abuse? people said -- rush limbaugh said nobody has taken more incoming than trump. i said, i do not know if i can take this for a year and a half. this is a lot of incoming. i had never heard that term with
11:38 pm
respect to the press. but rush limbaugh said i have never seen a man take incoming like that. then he has a news conference, and he doubled down on it and said i am right about it. i know how it works. you have to be smart and tough. somebody else would have said, i would like to apologize. is there anyway i can apologize? to the people, for the -- you cannot do that when you are right. if you're are right, you are right. you have to stick with it. but i said, at this level of intensity, there is no way a human being can make it for a year. but all of a sudden people saw, i was right. up,if i did not bring that if i did not take all of that unbelievable harsh and unfair punishment from the mainstream media, i tell you what, we wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. we would not be talking about the crime. and, don't kid yourself, i don't mention it that often because i am really good at this stuff. but, the jobs being taken away
11:39 pm
from people in our country, we are losing tremendous numbers of jobs. so, we are going to change that whole system. is going to change. remember this. you know, you have to give points for vision when you elect somebody. i think i have everybody in this room. do i have everybody? [cheers & applause] i think so. i think so. then i leave these places, and they say, "they are there because he is a great entertainer." i'm not here to entertain. i'm not an entertainer. i'm not an entertainer. but you know, i read stories like, "the people in the room are there because he is a wonderful show and a wonderful entertainer." that is not the reason you are here. you are here to vote. please, do not waste my time with the entertainer stuff. ok? i'm not an entertainer. believe me. i am somebody who knows how to get things done. i have one all my life, whether it is "the apprentice" or whether it is "the art of the deal," one of the biggest selling business books of all time. i think the biggest.
11:40 pm
but i wanted to say one of them. if it is three short, i will get killed. that is what i do. we can win together. one of the things, vision. that is what we are saying. i have been saying take the oil, , take the oil. we shouldn't have been there. iraq, iran, fight, they love to fight. we want to rebuild our country. right? fight. fight. fight. we built a gas station. did you see the gas station? and cost $43 million, and then it didn't work. ok? ok? yet if we want to spend $2 in this country, we don't have any money. if we want to build a school for our children, we do not have any money. if we want to fix up our roads, they are decrepit. our bridges are falling down. in china, they are building bridges all over the place. ok? so i said, take the oil and keep it. we shouldn't have been in iraq, but take the oil.
11:41 pm
because if you don't, we have spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, the wounded warriors, and we give some of that oil to the families of the people that have lost their kids. [cheers & applause] we give money to wounded warriors. i tell you, they are the most incredible of all people. i tell you, i deal with them all the time. i deal with them, and i see them, and they have the biggest smile. they may be missing their legs, they may be missing their arm, worse than that. their strength is the strongest of all. i have never seen anything like it. but the problem is, we go to iraq and we spend $2 trillion. thousands of lives, wounded warriors, and we get nothing. and we get nothing. we don't have anything. whatever happened to the victor belongs the spoils? in the old days, when we were smart and strong -- which we are not anymore.
11:42 pm
we are stupid. we are being led by stupid people. and we are stupid because we allow these people to get into office. how does it happen? and i tell you, the people who are demonstrating, the few people, if they were standing here, most of them become converted. they agree with me. they agree with me. because what is not to agree with? what am i saying? i'm saying common sense, a little business. i'm saying a lot of heart. i want to take care of people. there are people who cannot afford of anything. we cannot let them down. we are republicans -- you can't let them die on the streets. someone will say, "trump said something that is not republican, he says he wants to help," what are you going to do, let them die in the streets? it is not so bad. it is not so much. i am saying we are going to fix
11:43 pm
our country. why are liberals opposed? i don't think they are. there are some people, and it doesn't matter, but i don't think they are. very interestingly, one of the polls said more people -- if i win and hillary wins, more people will come to the polls in the history of the country. it will set a record. [cheers & applause] just like, if you think of it, just like the 24 million and 23 million people set the record. it just came out, the cnbc. and they say the people that come are going to vote for trump. they said that. check it out. i will tell you the other thing,
11:44 pm
it's got to be tough at the border. some of the hispanics won't like it. but they love me. the ones that are here, thank you. hispanic, where did i see that sign? i saw a great sign. "adios, amigos. make america great again." i am telling you. i am telling you, the african-american vote. a poll came out. trump gets 25% of the african-american vote. for a republican, that is unheard of. unheard of. one of these commentators is devastated because a republican would normally get 5%? what you think, steve? like, 5% or 6%. i have a poll. 25% of the african-americans want trump. i don't think these pastors are going to be standing up with too many other candidates. do you agree with that, steve? i don't think so. 25% of the african americans want trump. and one of these commentators -- by the way, they hate that i am winning. they have such a hard time with the polls. one just came out, quinnipiac. i'm killing everybody. i will tell you, cruz and rubio are in second place. they are sort of tied. they said, "rubio and cruz are doing great." i said, what about me?
11:45 pm
i went up as much as they did or more. it is harder when you are high. i'm beating them by a lot. they didn't even mention my name. until you got to the person -- "while trump is winning, the others are doing nicely." it is unbelievable. we are driving the media nuts. we are driving them nuts. they don't know how to handle it, and they are very dishonest. many of them. i only say 70%. 70% are dishonest. what is going to happen, and what did happen, so they mention the 25%. one talking head said, "you know, if trump gets 25% of the african-american vote, this election is over. he wins. it is over." you know that. it is true. and why wouldn't i? think of it -- obama, what has he done?
11:46 pm
what has he done? think of this, and then we are going to take questions. think of it. obama, your african-american youth, 51% unemployment. right? guys our age, they have and they have unemployment that is double and triple what the other people have done. what the hell has he done for the african americans? he has done nothing. he has done nothing. i don't think he cares about them. i think he has done nothing. it is all talk, it is all words. he is in unbelievable divider. i thought he would be a great cheerleader for the country. that is one thing i thought. i said, he will unify the country, and he has really divided the country. he really has. and we are going to unify the country. we are going to do amazing -- we are going to set records with the african-american vote. i mean, honestly. for stephen to come up here, that was such an honor for me tonight. such an honor. and we appreciate it.
11:47 pm
[applause] so, all of the things i said are true. and just to finish before we do , some questions, if you were with me two weeks ago, i was much different. i was talking about china all the time. and, i was talking about trade. all the bad deals, companies are leaving, which is true. and they are moving to ireland and other places. and we have $2.5 trillion offshore, and we cannot begin to back because the tax laws are so bad. by the way, my tax plan, we are cutting middle income families to the lowest level they have been in years. because we have been destroying our middle class which built this country. and, i'm cutting companies' taxes and corporation taxes and small business taxes. down to 15%. because right now it is the
11:48 pm
highest they have been. right now, we are the number one taxed nation in the world. i am bringing it back to, not exactly the lowest. but i am bringing it down to one of the least-taxed nations in the world. so the middle class will be , taken care of. we are seriously simplifying the code so you don't have to spend your money at h&r block and spend a lot of the money that you are making doing this complicated code. we are going to do some things that are going to be amazing. we are going to have a dynamic economy. this country is going to be rocking and rolling, and it is going to be something special. [cheering and applause] this country is going to be something much more special. it is already special, but it is going to be much more special. it is already great, but we are talking about really great. remember this. remember this. we have a great country. we have a wonderful country. we love our country. but, it is at the tipping point. it is not going to be there for us much longer.
11:49 pm
it is not going to be great much longer. it is in big, big trouble. we are not going to let that happen. ok? all right? so let's now take some , questions. give me some good ones. come on. you have a question? these people did such a good job. they had so many votes. we needed, like, 5000 signatures. how many? 16,000. the people at registration said we have never seen anything like this. because, it's nice, with the kind of people i deal with, if they find mistakes, if you have 15,000, they are going to have to find many mistakes. thank you very much. do you have a question? do you want to make a statement? >> i wanted to let you know, mr. trump, that the citizens of virginia and the hispanic community that i represent love you, respect you, and are going to vote and support you. [cheers & applause]
11:50 pm
mr. trump: thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. so nice. let's go. have a question. go ahead. wherever you want. a young man, come on. a young guy. >> you are going to build the wall. what is it going to be made out of? mr. trump: that is a good question. lift him up here. bring him up here. come on. come on. so cute. come on up. come on up. come here. this is such a great question. ready? are you ready? >> what are the walls going to be made out of? hello. what are the walls going to be made out of? hello. mr. trump: go ahead. >> what are the walls going to be made out of? [cheers & applause] mr. trump: that might be the best question i get tonight. i tell you what it will be made
11:51 pm
of -- it is going to be made of hardened concrete and rebar and steel. you know, that is what i do. you ever see parking plank? they set plank, and he goes 90 feet long -- do you know how long 90 feet -- if you are 90 feet up, you want to come down gently. did you ever see the walls they build now, they are this high, and they drive trucks over them. they build a ramp and drive trucks over them. right? they take a ramp and cash and drugs. so, there will not be any trucks driving. it is going to be made out of concrete and rebar steel. we are going to set them in nice, heavy foundations. one of the reasons the wall was not built, and this is hard to believe but true. was i right about new jersey? was i right?
11:52 pm
there is another one -- i took such heat. all of a sudden, over the last couple of days, reports coming out, trump is right. i get hundreds of calls, and now even some of the mainstreamers have been saying it. so i am very proud. how many people would have taken that abuse without saying, i am sorry? i am right. there is a lot of hatred going on. we need vigilance. we need vigilance. we can't let this happen. they cannot blow up our buildings. they cannot cut off our people's heads. they cannot do it. or other people's heads. but they cannot do it. let's have a question. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. trump. we love your tone. mr. trump: tone, tone. >> that is right. in 1992, when ross perot ran, he said, "should lightning strike and i get elected, we are not going to wait a hundred days to start doing something. we are going to do something day one." what are you going to do? mr. trump: ross perot, i have a lot of respect for him, but he made a big mistake. he quit.
11:53 pm
a week later or whatever, he said, i made a mistake. when he went back, it was over. he had a certain style. and he -- you know -- i -- i studied it closely. number one, it is better to run as a republican, i will tell you that, and i want to run as a republican and i am leading by so much. the question was asked before, "would you ever run as an independent?" i want to run and win as a republican. we are there. we are this close. we are this close. we are going to probably run against a woman who cannot win. her whole life has been corrupt. she is not going to win. so in the first 100 days, we are going to knock the hell out of obamacare. to you know, the great thing about executive orders, i don't have to go back to congress.
11:54 pm
i just sit down, and i will be unsigning, maybe not all, maybe there are a couple of good ones. i don't know. i doubt it. we are going to be unsigning a lot of executive orders. especially his order that basically lets anybody that wants to pour into the country. that is going to end. ok? all right? we are going to start working on social security and medicare so we make it strong. we are going to bring back great things into this country. you are going to be so proud of me. he has that trump shirt on. you are going to be so proud of me. thank you for the question. i appreciate it. you will be very happy. ok, go ahead, ma'am. >> mr. trump, can you talk about israel and your relationship with that country? mr. trump: sure. i love israel. israel is our strong supporter if you look at what is going on. i will tell you what, and i will say it here, my people say oh, do not, but very soon, i'm going to israel.
11:55 pm
i will be meeting with bibi netanyahu. who is a great guy. he asked me to make a commercial during his election run. i made a commercial. meaning i said nice things about him. he is a good man, he has worked very hard. he has absolutely no support from president obama. absolutely none. so i will tell you i am very pro-israel. question, how about the young man in the green shirt? go ahead. young, strong guy. go ahead. >> thank you, sir. as a veteran and small business owner, you have my vote. mr. trump: you are a veteran? the guy looks like he is 20 years old. wow. but you are in good shape? >> yes, sir. mr. trump: did you have any problems or difficulties? good. you are healthy. we have plenty of healthy vets. i do not want to mess around. >> my question is, what are your plans for the v.a.? messw there's been a big
11:56 pm
with that. so, what are your plans for turning that around? mr. trump: i put on a big plan on the vets, and people love it. as you know, about three months ago, on a wednesday, they announced that in the history of the veterans administration, which is very corrupt. you have some great doctors there, by the way. i am going to give the good and the bad, but you have administrators who are a disgrace. the waiting times and problems. people are waiting five days, six days in a waiting room to get in. v.a., youtory of the saw that three months ago. the longest wait in the history of the v.a. that is over. i put in a plan that is more complex. but basically, we have doctors who are not doing well because of obamacare. i have a friend who's a doctor, he is going to be quitting. he is going to be like you, he is going to retire out at a young age, but he is going to be retired. he said, i have more accountants
11:57 pm
than nurses. he said it is so complicated, it is so horrible, the paperwork is so terrible, i don't feel like i am a doctor anymore. we have doctors with plenty of open time. we have public and private hospitals all over the place that are not doing well. we are going to let those veterans that are standing in line and dying. by the way, you saw the numbers. people die waiting to see a doctor. hundreds of thousands. i could not believe it. you think one, two. but the numbers are incredible. thousands of men and women waiting for a doctor. it may be a simple procedure or maybe a pill. they end up dying. we are not going to have that anymore. the vets, remember, they are our greatest people. they are our greatest people. i would not be here. most of these people would not be here. come on, it is true. for the vets. [cheers & applause] it is true. it is true. so, we are having a simple plan.
11:58 pm
you have hospitals across the street who are looking for business. look at her, you are not a vet. what do you do? no, what do you do? ok, one second. you have hospitals across the street. you have doctors, right? you are going to get out of there. you see the hospital. you pay for the bill. it is much cheaper and everybody is going to be happy. we are going to use that hospital, looking for business. could be private, could be public. we are going to use doctors who are looking for business. we are going to pay the bill. it is going to go quickly. and believe it not, it is going to be much cheaper than what we are doing right now. what we are doing right now is insulting. ok. go ahead. you are a designer? i did not think you were a vet. go ahead. >> no, i am not a vet this time around. i would like to say americans are winners.
11:59 pm
we love winners, and that is what you are. mr. trump: thank you. how nice is that? thank you, darling. that is so nice. >> my question is, the future of america looks beautiful with you. understanding the whole thing with trade with china. i would like to see more "made in america" labels for apparel. if you look around, all of you in china.", "made mr. trump: that is great. come on up, get her up here. work it out. come on, get up here. she is so beautiful. what a nice question. what she said is so important.
12:00 am
do you remember the old days, some of us were young and some not even born. we had a sticker that said, "made in the usa." that meant quality. if it said made in japan, it was, like, no good. it was terrible. now it is reversed. we had those stickers, "made in the usa." that meant super quality. i want her up. i thought she was so fantastic. come on over. believe me, if i didn't like the question, folks, she would not be up here. so nice. don't worry. here.s to work to get up secret service, all of a sudden when you hit number one, you get a lot of protection. look at this. [applause] say something. what is your name? >> my name is colette. i think he will definitely make america truly beautiful and great. i design mostly for men. i think guys are at a disadvantage in the fashion world.
12:01 am
i think everybody can appreciate that. i have living overseas for a while. what i would love to see is everyone wearing "made in america" stickers. mr. trump: you are great, thank you. it's a great statement at a great question. honestly you don't see it anymore. we are going to be so proud to have that sticker. let's remember that question. that's an important statement, "made in the usa" was so important and was such a sign of quality. we don't make that much anymore. it's not like it was. think of this. i go to los angeles recently. the biggest ships you have ever seen, with cars coming in from japan. they are pouring out of these chips. -- these ships. we send them practically nothing. it's a one-sided deal. speaking of the u.s., when was
12:02 am
the last time you saw a chevrolet in the middle of tokyo? [laughter] right? we make good cars. it's got to be fair. let's have a good question. how about this guy with a good head of hair. go ahead. first of all, we love you. this is a question for president trump. how are you going to deal with president putin? mr. trump: putin cannot stand obama. like a lot of people. what else is new? recently i was on "60 minutes," they interviewed me and putin separately. we both got very high ratings. i said this a couple months ago. when he started bombing, i said, let him bomb.
12:03 am
the problem in our country is that we don't know who we are fighting. we want to fight assad, but we want to fight for rebels that we don't even know. if we fight assad, we are fighting russia and other countries. maybe we end up in world war iii. who knows what happens. the rebels could be isis. a general told me we have no idea who they are. we want to give them billions of dollars. let's say they take over syria. we don't know -- it's going to be turmoil. we've got to fight isis. and i love that russia is dropping bombs all over isis. i love it. i love them. okay? [applause] we have a president -- he doesn't even know who to fight. how about this? two weeks ago he says, we are women, 50 men, and maybe i'm surprised he's not more
12:04 am
specific. over toe sending 50 men syria, iraq -- i don't even think he knows where they are going. why does he have to say it? why does he have to stand up and say we are sending them? these are our finest. -- why do we have to do that? why does he have to open his mouth? why can't he send them and be quiet? now he's announcing that they are sending another small group over. they just announced, we are sending more-- these are small numbers. frankly i think the number is so small. if you're going to do it, do it. i don't think it is a good pr move. we are sending men over to fight. the enemy is not stupid. figure not the -- they are not the jv.
12:05 am
they are looking for these men and women. what the hell does he have to say for it? i use the word unpredictable. we don't have any unpredictability anymore. general macarthur would not talk. theyal george patton -- would've thrown about his first year because he was efficient test was a vicious, violent guy, that used foul language. he was brutal. he cannot be a general today. [applause] he was too crude. but he was a genius, and his men loved him and fun for him. but he could not be a general. these guys are on television all the time. i don't want my generals on television. i don't want the enemy watching me. one little word and you are giving something up. i did a deal recently, and it was a great success. i called up my opponent. he cannot stand me,