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  US House of Representatives Special Orders  CSPAN  December 7, 2015 7:06pm-8:04pm EST

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mr. trump: wow! thank you so much! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: thank you. we start by paying our great respects to pearl harbor. we don't want that stuff and don't want world trade centers. it's not going to happen to us again. i want to thank everybody. there are thousands of people outside and would you like to wait an hour and -- we all got lucky and we are all together tonight.
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a lot of big news. c nmp n came out with a new poll and iowa, great, great state, trump, 33%! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you have cruz at 20% 4%.rubio at 11% and bush at and iowa. we love iowa! named ay, great ship after iowa. the other big poll that came out was the national poll, trump 36% and i won't even mention the other numbers because they are so low. when you have so many people running, we had 17 and they started to drop.
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binge. binge. i love it. i love it. and you will be losing a little. when someone is down at zero, they will drop out. but you will be seeing it. one of the things that are so important in the same poll which is the big national c nmp n poll, on the economy, so important, trump, 55%, everyone else, nothing. [applause] mr. trump: on the budget, the economy, budget, i expected this, on the budget, trump, 15 people remaining. ump, 51%, everyone else -- distinct. here's one that i started and i took a lot of heat.
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like the one we are talking about today but i have taken a lot of heat, illegal immigration. now, had i now brought that up in june when i was going to announce -- which takes courage to run for president. all of my life i have heard, if you are a successful person, you have done a lot of deals, you can't run for president. that is the mindset. we are being run by people who on't know what they are doing! mr. trump: on illegal immigration, 48%. this was 15 people. veryone else, no good. and thing called isis.
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isis, doncht worry, we will talk a lot about isis. can you believe it? here we have germs who have talking. who is military here? i love you. we are going to make our military so strong, so great, nobody is going to mess with us again. nobody! and in many ways it's the cheapest thing we can do. instead of fighting these wars and we have leaders that are afraid to do anything, they are going to make us strow great and so strong. and we are going to take care of our wounded warriors. we are going to take care of them. claupclaup mr. trump: because they are not
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being taken care of of. we have illegal aliens that are being taken care of better than our wounded warriors and that's going to happen. isis, 46%, with all of these characters running, on foreign policy. and you could say maybe it's not my thing. they want to see strength and want to be protected. i watched last night and i watched the president truly that didn't know what he was doing. he didn't -- he didn't know why he was there. he refuses to use the term radical islamic terrorism. he refuses to use the term. i don't know if he knows what is
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going on. i really don't! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and looking at hillary clinton. and honestly, i know hillary, going to be an extension of obama, maybe worse. she's got no strength, no stamina. you don't need a president with no strength or stamina and being ripped off on trade and obamacare which is going to be replaced by something really good! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: when our soldiers aren't being taken care of and our military isn't like it is today and one of our generals saying, we are the least prepared now than any time he has ever seen it and that's how
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we are. in the most dangerous world we ever had because of the powerful weapons. i watch these generals being interviewed. you think general george patton would have been interviewed? being interviewed. these guys -- and just so you understand. bush -- [laughter] mr. trump: bush, he said yesterday after being interviewed, he is talking about me and saying the nicest things about me. he said 3%, right? he said, some things, i said who says that about an opponent? you'll find what he said.
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he said very nice things. if you look at what happens, where he is upset with me because he says, the tone, the tone of donald trump is not nice. and i said all the time, we have people whose heads are being chopped off in the middle east because they are christian and for other reasons and being dumped and drowned in steel cages. hillary said the same thing. mr. trump's tone is not nice. these people are living in a different planet, different planet. [cheers and applause] and remember what i said about hillary. we need somebody's who is strong and with incredible energy and incredibility intelligence.
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i know a lot of tough people but they are not smart. we need to you. we need -- we are so far behind the eight-ball and owe $19 trillion the budget they signed s going to make it $ 1 trillion. who the hell ever heard of a word. there was no such word. we owe $21 trillion in the very near future. we are in trouble. we have to rebuild our country and infrastructure and military china whereeal with there is $00 billion in their favor. japan, they send the cars by the millions, 70 billion a year
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imbalance. that's like a loss. look at mexico. we are going to build a wall. t will be a real wall. [cheers and applause] it's going to happen. mr. trump: the people i'm dealing with, and i focus on hillary. there is 15 of us. i have merry came at me strong and he went down and walker. every guy that attacked me, they all went down. we have to keep it that way, right? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: lindsay graham is at zero. zero. [crowd booing] mr. trump: i don't get lindsay
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graham. he is literally at zero. you see it. and he keeps talking. and he is on television all the time and he doesn't go up. he is at zeroove. his ideas are so bad. i knee how to win. and he is always like john mccain and they are like the bo bmp bsey twins. he is always sitting with john mccain. you have to know. me, i was against the war in iraq. you have the right -- i have a great temperment. you have to do something here to know what you are doing. i said if you attack iraq and wipe it out. iran is going to take out the en
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tire the middle east. and they sent a group from the white house to see me because i t so much publicity, so much publicity, that they sent a group from the white house, see mr. trump -- i said fellows, you are going have iran take over the middle east and that's what is going on. and iran will take over it. iraq with the second largest oil reserves anywhere in the world. we lols thousands of lives. we have wounded warriors that i love all over the place, $2 frillion, we got nothing. we got nothing. we got absolutely nothing. and we left and a president who shouldn't have been there.
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crowd screaming] mr. trump: thank you. are mr. trump: i don't know what you said, but whatever you said. i don't know what you said, but whatever it is. i treat her nicely. thank you very much.
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mr. trump: treat her nicely. to have a system now, they'll have four people who interrupted four times one night and four people, one person at a time and they'll scream something and then the next day the press will say, you have thousands of people here tonight and talk about three, four people and that person had a very weak voice. [laughter] mr. trump: what a weak voice. strange. strange. too bad. the fuppy is, i look at democrats, republicans, and wouldn't it be nice to get together and make our country great again?
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: i'll bet you if i spoke to that young woman that quickly -- i think i could convince her we are all together in this. we want to have a strong country. and what a good guy this is. you have been so great to me and a pastor and a great guy. he has been so great to me. i appreciate it, pastor. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: if you think about and there will be so many that won't be satisfied. and they believe something and some friends don't agree with me. if you are talking about making america strong, we have to be vigilant and if we're not igilant --
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cheers and applause] chanting u.s.a.] mr. trump: that was the same person. i got to tell you so far the security isn't doing a great job in here. that was the same person.
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why don't you get her out, ecause honestly, it is inappropriate. strengthen yourself up. see, our country has this kind of security. that's the problem we have. get her out. please, thank you. treat her nicely. one person. they let her out to give her a second chance. but you would think that everybody we're all in the same basket that everybody, every single person. crowd chanting]
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mr. trump: i have a lot of time. does everybody have a lot of time tonight? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i don't want the person to be hurt, but security is very weak. one person. one person that we have wasted five minutes. et them out. so you would think if we could get together we would be in the same boat. last night we witnessed something that was highly inappropriate. is that all there is about the president's speech. and i wrote something that is very, very important and probably not political correct. i don't care.
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[cheers and applause] you know we had a situation in california, have recently, where are somebody was making bombs in an apartment, the mother didn't notice anything wrong. i watched the sister being interviewed. believe me in my opinion, she was lying. i watched that interview. the brother saying, i didn't know. i didn't know. and i watched the next-door neighbor and said we didn't report them because we didn't want to profile. give me a break. give me a break. stupid country. so many different waist. can you imagine what our great leaders would have said? they didn't want to report them because they thought it was profiling. they saw the pipe bombs.
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this wasn't to build a bathroom, you got to put too many together for a bathroom. but ok, you are ok. how about where the families and the girlfriends they go back to the world trade center. worst than pearl harbor. they were killing innocent civilians. t was a dirty rotten sneak attack. at least -- thank goodness he is on my side. look, while it was an attack, at least it was military. but this was an attack on the world trade center. so, what has happened, we are out of control and no idea who is coming into our country and no idea if they love us or hate us or bomb us.
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we have no idea what's going on. and i look at poll numbers, these numbers i hated to look at and it's very, very sad, go after some of the numbers. 25% of those polls, and this was from the center of security policy. this is people living in this country. 25% of those polls agree violence against americans is justified, muslims. 25%. 1% is muslims living in this country. i have muslims who are great friends. they know we have a great problem. but something is going on and we can't put up with it, folks. 51%, 51%, highly respected
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number of polling groups want to e governed aaccording to shari'a. i wrote this up. instream media wants us to surned the constitution. they are so dishonest. cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: and yet, i guarantee you that young woman who got taken out, i guarantee you the cameras will be on her.
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disgusting. we talk about the media and see of the media is terrific, but ost of it, 70% is absolute dishonest, scum. they are totally dishonest. i have one the other day where i finished the speech and said trump was interrupted and he left early. i spoke 45 minutes and i then answered questions and then i wept around and -- everybody knew it was false. amaze idgesly, there is a media group that calls the media and what a lie it was from nbc, she is back there, little catey. she's back there. what a lie it was [crowd booing] mr. trump: what a lie it was.
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it was a total lie. and i didn't know they had a group like this where they criticized the media. and i loved it. and other people pick it up. and third-ranked reporter. remember that. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the mainstream media wants to surrender our constitution and our constitutional rights. and i don't want that. ! want isis to surrender [cheers and applause] mr. trump: very simple. it's very simple. here's what happened. little bit of a controversy. the poll numbers are through the roof. i like that. i -- is there any way we could call the election tomorrow?
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i love that. they are not coming at me but coming at all of us. we have a noisy majority. people are fed up. they are fed up with incompetence and stupid leaders and fed up with stupid people. hey are fed up with stupid people. deal our president makes a with a dirty rotten trader. a colonel and a general went to see his group. six people were killed. i watched the parents on television. i seen the parents. but i watched the parents on television. we will never be the same. he left and desserted. in the old days, it would be boom, gone.
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that would be called desertion. can you believe it? he is going to have nothing. so he left. and treated him pretty left. he said i shouldn't have done this. this isn't working out the way i thought. any way, we get him back. and here's the deal. trader, irty no-good six people killed. they get five of their greatest killers that they have been after, after, think of it, for six years, in fact, i hear nine years. they get -- right now, they are out on the battlefield trying to kill every one of you folks. they get bergdahl and they get five. that's the way we do it. the iran deal. we give them 150 billion.
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called amateur night. we gave them $150 billion. 24 days, 24 days, we think there is something wrong. 24 days, we have to wait, but much longer than that because there is a whole process before the clk stars ticking. but the best is where they have the right to self-inspect. you doing nuclear weapons? we are not doing nuclear weapons. and somebody would say that is profiling. trust me, they are great negotiators. and obama is a horrible negotiator. horrible. horrible. [applause] i always thought obama would be a union filer.
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and you know, i don't blame mccain for losing. i backed romney and he went on vacation the last month and i said this time i'm going to myself. we're not going to lose. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and the recent fox poll that just came out has me beating hillary one-on-one. i love that. so important. so we put out a statement. we watched this a it is impossible to watch this gross incompetence that i watched last night and we put out a statement. hese people are going crazy. [laughter] mr. trump: shall i read you this statement?
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donald j. trump is calling for -- you have to listen to this because this is pretty heavy sense. emember the poll numbers, 25%, 51%. remember this. solisen. donald j. trump is calling for a complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is oing on! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: have no choice. we have no choice. cheers and applause] mr. trump: we have no choice. according to pew research, there a great hatred towards americans
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by large segments of the muslim population. most recently, a poll from centers for secure policy released data showing that 25% of those polled agreed that violence against americans, those are people that are here -- by the way, 1% will be unacceptable, 1% is unacceptable, 25% of those polled agree that violence against americans here in the united states is justified. as part -- think of that -- as part of the global jihad -- [audience booing] mr. trump: you want to change your religion? i don't think so. i don't think so. as part of the global jihad and
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51% of those polled agreed that muslims in america should have the choice of being governed according to shari'a. 51%. shari'a authorizes -- and this s -- i mean it's terrible -- shari'a authorizes such atropical storm ties against nonbelievers who won't convert, beheadings and more unthinkable acts against americans especially women. especially women. tough stuff. and we have a president that won't even mention the term. and you talk about numbers like this. mr. trump without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious that the hatred is
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beyond comprehension. where the hatred comes from and why we'll have to determine -- we have to figure it out. it's going to get worse and worse, you are going to have more world trade centers. we can be politically correct. until we are able tower determine and understand this problem as a dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people who believe only in jihad. these are people who believe in jihad. they don't want on our system. i have no, ma'am sense of reason for respect for human life. who have no respect for human
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life. and applause] mr. trump: that's all right. sounds like he is very exhausted. so, they have no respect for human-. so we have to do something. we can be weak. we can be ineffective and we can be foolish. that's all right. i'm sure he is a nice person. be very gentle. when i'm tough, they say he was nasty. strong as we sn't thought he was. be very nice. if some of the
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people in those places where there was absolute slaughter has guns you wouldn't have the carnage that you had in paris! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you wouldn't have had that carnage. so important the second amendment, we have to preserve it and cherish. if they had guns in paris in five people in that room, paris and france has probably the toughest gun laws and it was like target practice. come over here. boom! come over here, boom! many are going to be sitting over h.r. waiting to die. same thing a few days ago in
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california, no guns. we didn't have guns. the bad guys had the guns. and these young people -- and i tell the press, you have to stop calling them masterminds. hese are dirty, rotten scum! [cheers and applause] mr. trump: remember the guy in paris, i was watching the network, but some of them disgusted me. the mastermind is on the loose. and you wonder why we lose these kinds. they are young and impressionable. and our anchors. but they say the young mastermind. he is brilliant. i don't even think he has a high
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i. q. i call him a dummy. binge, binge, binge. so the price has to be responsible. they aren't being responsible because we are losing a lot of people. wreff to see bill gates and a lot of different people that understand what is mapping. we have to talk to them closing up that internet. people say freedom of speech, freedom of speech. we have a lot of foolish people. we have to do something with the internet because they are recruiting by the thousands. and when they come back, where were? i was fighting for isis. when they leave our country and go to fight for isis, they never
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come back, they never can come back. they should never ever ever ever come back. it's over. d they are totally radicalized. comes in on an engagement and radicalized the guy, the guy couldn't get women, i don't know what was going on, but he became radical idsed quickly. he becomes radicalized and go on a spree. folks, those days are over. those days are over. we have to be tough and we have to be smart and have to be vigilant and we have to look at
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mosques and respect mosques. we have no choice. we have to see what is happening because something is happening. man there is anger. and we have to go about it. and these people are sitting back. e can't beat people. and didn't want to tell anybody. we can't be that. when we seal violations, you have to report those violations and quickly. don't wore about profiling. i will defend you from profiling ! [cheers and applause] so when i saw i started this whole quest. amaze mazeing. and 20,000 people in dallas.
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i mean, mobile, alabama, 35,000 people. here, every time i come to south carolina, every time i go to iowa, new hampshire, virginia, florida, we have crowds that are nuts. the the only problem is thousands of people trying to get in. i talked to them for a while. but there is an unbelievable love in this room. audience member: i love you. mr. trump: thank you. thank you. i love you, too. unbelievable love in all of these places. oklahoma, 20,000 people standing in a park on quick notice. there is an unbelievable love
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and unbelievable love of the country. we don't want to be bad people and don't want to be tough and nasty and we believe in the constitution but we can't let people kill us. they want to kill us and we can't let it happen. and i have a friend who is is l a very, very successful man and he came to an ept with month with 24,000 people. guy. a great financial believe me, you are going to be in good shape. you know this whole thing with all of these zpice. veryone else is -- i'm self-
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funding my campaign. and these guys are getting millions of dollars. i can't take it. i don't want to do it. my hole life i couldn't do it. but came in and i said, what are you going to do? i don't want your money? mr. trump: they are like gamblers. et me tell you, i gave millions. don't forget, i was the fare-haired boy. i was the establishment and gave checks. i used to say senators, don't call me.
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we'll send you a campaign contribution. in the end, the people that gives the millions dollars to control t pacs, they push -- bush and rubio. he has to hit me first. . promise you -- i promise you i have been nice to christie. chris christie, he is a friend of mine and not doing well in the polls. he hated this and yet he said, you got to look at some of the statements in the past. but he hit me that we have to stop the muslims until we know what's going on. and he talked about that. that is an experience.
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but that's the statement of an inexperienced man. a statement that we have to stop people from coming in. so chris, who is friend of mine, he hit me hard. so i won't do this. so look, here's the story, george washington breach. he knew about it. how do you have breakfast? united est in the states. people couldn't get in. ambulances, fire trucks, they were all the time. they never said, hey, boss, we are closing up the george washington bridge and they northwesterly talked about the weather. he knew about it. how did he know about it. and look, it called life.
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i would tay there is less than 1% chance. he knew about it. they didn't mention about it. they just say, chris, we are closing up the george washington bridge because a certain area is against you. nine downgrades. nine downgrades. i have prohibit over there. i'll use an expression coming out of my ears, ok. tremendous taxes over there. nine downgrades. you had christie, so friendly with president obama. i called and said, is he going to vote for obama? i think he possibly did. and romney.
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one of the reasons i was disappointed. he had dinner. if crifertey did that to me i would have never taun to him again. i filed papers and people are saying wow! you know, i built a great, great company. tremendous catch, tremendous assets, tremendous network, unbelievable cash flow. everybody said, he won't run. i took a deep breath and we came down the famouses call ator. we would have turned our country and that would have been a positive note. then they said, he announced and all these talking heads who
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aren't smart people and they -league y wept to an ivy colleges. one is brilliant because he wears glasses. what happens, what happens, is they say, i never filed for him. you sign your life away. they said well, he will never statement. al and what they don't know. and if he does, you are entitled to delays and delays. and they will last to the last of the election. i filed ahead of schedule. and what happens? they went down and couldn't believe it. it was much, much better. i built a great company.
7:54 pm
it is worth billions and billions of dollars. oral, trump tower. so many great things. land the poe tamack and until north coorm great piece of property. best location. and perhaps? i filed. and they can't believe it. then they said, maybe he won't do so well with the polls. and people never thought i was going to run. >> but my wife said to me if you run, you will win, don't you? i said what do you mean? she said you aren't going to win. early polls.
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she said the only way you are go to go get a pom number even though they say you are running icing. and i said all right. i don't know, i don't want to run. don't want to be embarrassed like linds able graham. we went down. i took a deep breath. and you know what i'm talking about, the press looked like the acad any awards. packed with cameras and press and i said let's go. i took a deep breath and i went down and i talked about lots of thing including illegal
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immigration. and i took heat. i took heat like nobody has taken heat. the most incredible incoming and he doubled down because i was isht and now illegal imbregs one of the biggest things and you have the killing of kate and jamal and in california, 66-year-old veteran. raped, sodomized and many, many more. so all of a sudden, people are saying wow! and been at the top since day one. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the reason is, look,
7:57 pm
the reason i tell you certain things and the reason why i have done and city couldn't get it built for eight years. and they couldn't get it done. i went to the mayor of new york, ed koch, he didn't like it. i said that's ok. if it costs more than $2 million. i got it done in four months and ice skating in sent frool park and i still run it. [applause] tralm mr. trump: i did a bigger version. things have been under construction. they couldn't get it done and operating. that's what i do. that's what we need in our country and building on pennsylvania. one of the greatest hotels.
7:58 pm
in the obama administration. everybody wanted it. one of the most sought-after projects and i got it. can you imagine me getting it in the bow alla administration. they wanted strong financials. we came up with this incredible plan. the plan is under plan a going to open up in 2017 and going to open up in september 2016, right before the election on pennsylvania avenue. [applause] mr. trump: this is the kind of mind-set, one of the great businessmen. pfizer is leading the united
7:59 pm
states. in the old days would leave to south carolina, florida or someplace where the taxes are lower. today they leave this country for other countries. we are losing pfizer and losing our great companies. $2.5 trillion offshon and everybody agrees it should come home. for three years they can't make a deal. there is no leadership in washington. we will make this country so great. we have people -- and i'll tell you something -- i'll tell you something. somebody said something to me the other day and what i really want to do -- ] rowd jeering mr. trump: i want to be the
8:00 pm
people's president. think of this. i don't work for any of the lobbyists or any of these people that are leading our country in the wrong the best thing i've seen going around, and the thing of seen anything else, is how smart the people are. there don't believe those people in the back. colonel believe them.-- they don't believe them. the people are really smart. piration given me ins are the people of this country. we will make america great again. we will make it greater than ever before, and i love you all,
8:01 pm
and thank you very much. thank you very much, south carolina. [applause] donald trump: we love you, thank you. [applause] donald trump: thank you very much. [no audio] [no audio] [applause] ♪
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take it ♪t gonna [applause] whoa ♪ gonna take it ♪
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>> we are live in south carolina for a campaign rally. donald trump, you can see him greeting people, after he spoke at length. today, he called for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. we've been asking you about his statement on muslims. hees writes, "it's like wants to end his campaign for president, and this may have been one huge was a stunt -- publicity stunt." brenda graves writes, "he is using common sense and not political correctness that is c osting lives." we will take your comments on twitter at @cspan. >>