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tv   Pakistani Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani Remarks  CSPAN  December 12, 2015 5:05pm-6:19pm EST

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now, the pakistani ambassador to the united states speaks at an event hosted by the world affairs council and washington, d.c.. the investor discusses united states and pakistan bilateral relations, counterterrorism efforts, and regional security challenges involving india and afghanistan. about educational investments, economic development, and energy security and pakistan. this is just over an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, 1st of all, welcome. recognition , to be here to be with you tonight. [applause] my name is tony culley
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foster. i have the privilege of being present of the world affairs council in dc. personal friend and a very superb sportsperson to the spokesperson for his country globally. the united states has had diplomatic relations since 1947. approximately 500,000 members reside in the united states. the us is pakistan's largest partner with 15 percent exported to the united states. in addition to the important economic relationship to the united states there is a
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critical ally defense and antiterrorist relationship as well as humanitarian an educational program priority in place. in october 2009 the u.s. congress have a partnership pakistan and demonstrates the us long commitment to cooperation with the pakistani people and their civilian institutions. in may 2014 the visit to washington, us and pakistan established a joint action plan to expand bilateral trade over five years. january 2015 250 million to help pakistan facilitate the release, reconstruction command return of federally
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administered tribal areas with counterterrorism operations and did so with pakistan is a partner in the global war on terror. pakistan has had a cooperative and long-standing relationship with the united states on counterterrorism efforts, particularly since september 11. pakistan has provided the us with a number of military airports and bases along with other logistical support for the war on terror. pakistan has also captured more than 600 members of al qaeda, taliban, isi s and has increasingly important member of the global community of nations.
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just a little overview of the population of pakistan. 45 percent punjabi, 10 percent posture, 14 percent stinky, 8 percent sorry, and 8 percent which are. 38 percent of its population lives in urban areas. education is a critical national priority. the literacy rate in pakistan. pakistan is the nuclear power and as a strong military. it will play an equal and prominent role. a career diplomat who also served as ambassador of pakistan to belgium, luxembourg, and the european union.
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the pakistan high commission to australia. ambassador supports president obama's policy over awarding abusive words like islamic and muslim to describe violent extremism and terrorism movements command i will say this personally. i agree with him most on that point. only a small number of muslims engage. so it is not fair and counterproductive to think the entire community with a broad brush of extremism. this is not an activity that is exclusive to any religion or group. it isit is also honest and acknowledging that many countries, including pakistan need to be part of
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countering the regional and global impact of radical extremists. he is happily married, and they have three lovely sons. one works for the united nations room and the other two are studying at prestigious universities in the us command i know there grades are high because the parents me on a regular basis. here are two welcome ambassador to the podium of the world affairs council in washington dc. a respected diplomat in the global community. part of our ambassador series. also honored to welcome another pakistani. our discussant for this evening.
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along those accolades a nonresident fellow at the brookings institution research at the intersection of development and political economy and pakistan. i will tell the ambassador that you have tonight a great opportunity, an opportunity to share your knowledge with an educated, informed audience pleased to see a number of students very universities across the united states and are delighted that c-span is covering this event tonight and think brian lamb for his public service in making this remarkable television resource available.
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so let us give a warm welcome to the ambassador and ask him if he would be kind enough to address. thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you so much for your wonderful welcome and providing this form for me to share my perspective on the important issues. i would like to briefly touch upon the regional security challenges. the initiative of the government of pakistan has put into education and also reform.
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certainly it is one of the most important relationships in my country. without a doubt it is a unique relationship. and since 1947 we have been part of every initiative with the united states of america. not only in the region but globally. and when we talk about the ups and downs in this relationship i have no doubt , the partnership. in the past we have had our respective against each other.
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certainly we have recognize and realized that we need to look to the future. and with this objective in mind we are opening a new chapter in our relationship. in our view some of the important events which are taking place internally and also the kind of intimate and global challenges, i would call them common global challenges that would fundamentally alter the course of the relationship making it more robust and strategic. internally pakistan has gone through a silent revolution.
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deeply captured the current mood. we certainly are united with strong reasons. first, democracy. it is getting stronger by the day. strong roots. our media is ruthlessly. independent and we have a vibrant active civil society. a lot of focus on technology and into terrorism focus on health, education, and human rights.
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there is also a national consensus against extremists and terrorists. because of the national consensus we have developed we have been able to take extremists and terrorists organizations. hundred 50 innocent children killed by evil forces. have been able to develop a national consensus and took actions against these forces. today when i speak to you all terrorism and extremism is on the increase and some of the other countries, it is declining. we have absolutely no doubt
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in the next coming months you will be able to completely eliminate this phenomenon. i feel that pakistan is certainly better positioned to meet the challenges. no doubt that a strong us pakistan partnership will only strengthen our ability to contribute to security and stability in the region. consider the us is a vital partner. today remember that last year secretary kerry rightly pointed out that the objectives, uniting pakistan in the united states of america on deeper than those
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which divide us, and i think that has come from secretary kerry. from pakistan's perspective the strategic partnership was not based on mutual interest and respect. understanding our respective security concerns, realistic expectations and also a positive narrative. there is also a need to identify areas of common interest, bilateral, regional and global. bilaterally ladies and gentlemen the value of the strategic process years ago comeau we have come a long way.
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we have established six working groups on economic corporations, working group on energy corporation, and working group on education. counterterrorism defense cooperation and nuclear nonproliferation. and the scope is certainly impressive. wewe are making very good progress in all these areas. we have agreed to a plan of action to promote economic cooperation. our cooperation on counterterrorism and law enforcement has resulted in the enhanced security forces. ied and extremists and terrorists organizations.
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the energy sector again have wonderful cooperation going on. in thein the last one year because of the assistance provided by the united states of america we have been able to add about 1400. besides the assistance we are getting support from the united states of america i know we have initiated in the country and mind you that these developments have also enhanced the americans ranking in the eyes of the pakistan. focus on education. the systems we are getting, areas which are seeing very
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positively about the people pakistan. education certainly has a very important amount of cooperation. education is one of the key agenda items as we came to washington dc, and the joint statement that also referred to education cooperation as one of the most important areas. defense cooperation similarly is also very strong. intelligence cooperation, and this is very important. because the kind of challenges that we are facing, not only regionally but other such elements are emerging to require global
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cooperation between pakistan and the united states. again, we have developed most of the issues. at the regional level have shared in peace and stability. piece in our neighborhood that we would enhance our domestic security besides economic development. pakistan is located at the crossroads of three important regions, south asia, central asia and the middle east. and it can act as a bridge for prosperity and development in the region. we are also pursuing regional interconnectivity projects in the region including china, pakistan
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economic core door. it is an ambitious economic corridor project with a total investment of about $46 million. we are also developing turkmenistan, pakistan and india. electricity connectivity project passing through afghanistan. at the global level again we have cooperation on some of the most important issues including climate change, terrorism. i would like to say that in the early 70s pakistan
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played a pivotal role in the bridges between us and china and brought about these two important power centers. and we did this on the belief that a positive relationship between china and the united states of america would bring about peace and stability in the region. would like in our region but also in the middle east and they certainly can. being a good friend of not only the united states of america and also other neighboring countries, play that kind of role.
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the regional security challenges, i would confine myself to basically two of our neighbors. one is india and the others pakistan. india and pakistan relations, ts not been a glorious one. we have also made continued attempts to undermine each other, pakistan and the relation since 1947. but there is also the idea that were certainly not an option between two nuclear neighbors. because all of the previous wars that we thought was literally bows and arrows,
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it is the realization amongst the people and in pakistan that economic development cannot take place in the region, economic development cannot take place in pakistan and india without a peaceful environment. there is also realization that the forces of extremism and terrorism are an environment of tension and hostility because such elements, the rivalries of the two countries and the situation between our two countries. it is with this realization i am very happy to inform that in pakistan all political parties if you
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look at the elections which are taken place three successive elections in the last two decades or so, political parties and their manifesto have clearly articulated. so that has been made by almost all the political parties. his party, he also won the election, piece through economic development. economic development through piece. and the majority of the people in pakistan voted for this peaceful environment in the region.
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the prime minister of pakistan was the 1st leader in south asia to congratulate the prime minister, elected the prime minister of india and participated in the swearing-in ceremony. unfortunately the last two were wasted years. he could not resume despite the agreements between the two countries. they were disappointed, but we did not lament our efforts and continue to engage. we are encouraged that after last week's meeting between
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the prime minister of pakistan on the sidelines of the environment microliters agreed , i saids ago, in paris before the world that we need a strong global agreement to a cop which this result. thatnduring agreement reduces current pollution and sets the world of a course toward a low carbon future. a few hours ago we succeeded. we came together around the strong agreement the world he did. we met the moment.
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presidentcommend hollande and the .ecretary-general ban ki-moon i want to give a special thanks to secretary john kerry, my senior adviser, our chief negotiator and everyone on their teams for their outstanding work. i want to thank the people of 200 nations, large and small, developed and developing, for working together to confront a threat to the people of all nations. get together we have shown what is possible when the world stands as one. today the american people can be proud because this historic agreement is a tribute to american leadership. over the past seven years we have transformed the united states into the global leader in fighting climate change.
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chaoticwe established a copenhagen summit and establish the principle that all countries had a role to play in combating climate change. creating aexample new and steady stream of middle-class jobs. we set the first ever nationwide standards to dump into the air our children brief. from alaska, to the gulf coast, to the great plains. we've partnered with local leaders working to protect themselves from some of the most immediate impacts of a changing climate. skeptics said that these actions would kill jobs and instead lives in the long -- longest streak -- streak of private sector job creation in our history. we driven the economic output to with lowest high
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carbon in two decades. and with china we showed it was possible to bridge the old divide between developed and developing nations that had stymied progress for so long. that accomplishment encouraged dozens of nations to send their own ambitious climate targets. that was the foundation for success in paris. not even one as powerful as ours can solve this problem alone. country, the matter how small can sit on the sidelines. all of us had to solve it together. no agreement is perfect, including this one. negotiations that involve 200 nations are always challenging. even if all the initial targets in paris art met we will only be part of the way there when it comes to reducing carbon from the atmosphere.
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solvedblem is not because of this accord. but the paris agreement establishes the enduring framework the world needs to solve the climate crisis. it creates the mechanism and the architecture for us to continually tackle this problem in an effective way. agreement is ambitious with every agreement setting and committing to its own specific targets even as we take into account agreements among nations, a wider system of transparency including periodic reviews and assessments, to hold every country accountable for meeting its commitments. as technology advances this agreement allows progress to pave the way for even more ambitious targets over time and we have secured a broader commitment to support the most vulnerable countries as they pursue cleaner economic growth.
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short this agreement will mean less of a carbon pollution that threatens our planet. more of the jobs and economic growth driven by low carbon investment. this agreement will help delay and avoid some of the worst consequences and will pave the way for worse progress in successive stages over the coming years. moreover this agreement sends up powerful signal that the world is firmly committed to a low carbon future which has the potential to unleash investment and innovation and clean energy at the scale we have never seen before. the targets we have set our bold and scientists, engineers, workers, and the private sector, investors, to work together, this agreement represents the best chance to save the one planet that we've got.
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i believe this moment can be a turning point for the world. you've shown that the world has both of the will and the ability to take on this challenge. progress won'ty, always come quick, we cannot be complacent. see some ofon will the benefits of building a clean energy economy. jobs created and money saved. the fullt live to see realization of our achievement, but that is ok. is, today, we will be in better shape for the generation. taking my grandkids, if i am lucky enough to have some, to the park someday, holding their hands, hearing their laughter, and knowing that our work today prevented an alternate future that could have been grim.
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that our work here and now k future generations cleaner air and cleaner water and a more sustainable planet. what could be more important than that? , thanks to strong, principled american leadership, that is the world we will lead -- leave to our children. world that is more secure, more prosperous, and more free. that is our most important measure on this earth. thanks. the president at the white house and here is a reaction to the announcement of the climate change agreement. senate environment and public works committee chair senator in saying, whatement is significant for the united hofees is -- senator in
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released a statement saying, what is significant for the night sates is we can expect the admin's ration to cite this agreement as their excuse for establishing emission targets for every sector of the u.s. economy, not only including utilities, but the trillium, refining, all manufacturing, agriculture. petroleum, refining, all manufacturing, agriculture. said, -- senator schatz said, this is an a stork moment when the international committee finally takes responsibility for climate change in a meaningful way. this is a global problem that cannot be solved by nations alone. together, and with this agreement, we did. we rejoin the event with the
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pakistani ambassador. >> similarly, the provincial government initiated projects in asversal primary education well as improvement in adult literacy. become a role model for all young girls in accor witnessing girls even in the tribal areas coming forward to get education. i was surprised to learn recently in pakistan that in the medical institutions in text and the girl students outnumber the boys. industry there
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are something very positive from our point of view that most of these banks are enjoying more women than men. there's a lot of capitation going on because a lot of these students are getting good professional degrees to join the banking sector. similarly, some of the educational fields like engineering and sciences, which were the exclusive domain of 30% toain we see about 40% of women getting admission to those institutions. between the u.s. and pakistan, we are the largest recipient of fulbright scholars. every year, 200 young boys and
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girls come to the united states of america to undertake studies here and all of these boys and girls including the tribal leaders of pakistan and are doing extremely well. we see these young students who come for education and go back and contribute to the economic of element of the country is a very important bridge to the united states of america. we are now working on the development of the pakistan knowledge corridor and as part of that we will establish linkages which would also involve the exchange of students from both countries, and an exchange of academics from both countries.
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gentlemen i will stop here and i will be very happy to respond to any question that you have. [applause] >> so i will start with a couple of questions and then we will .pen it to audience q&a thank you for a great speech. since you ended on the topic of education, i thought we would start with a question on education. you mentioned successes and the focus on education currently. over the years, we have seen a lot of improvements in access to education and enrollment increases and these are tasks still continuing, but if you
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could comment more on curricula reform and improvements in learning and quality of education. like the u.s. and others across the world tend to focus on these quantity of education indicators. if we could learn a little bit more about what efforts have been made to improve quantity of education, that would be a good place to start. >> there are a couple important indicators. i'm sure you've come from pakistan and you came from the same education system that i did or my children came from our many of the other students who come from the same education system. my interaction with the university's and the students, many of the students who come to
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the united states of america the early education system in pakistani do extremely well. it is a reflection of the good quality education i was talking about. are areas which need improvement. as during the soviet , youvention in pakistan know that a lot of this came up. what the government is trying to they have our reformed the committee to look at the curriculum and noted to bring it up to par with the current
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realities so there were not any distortions in the education system that would be removed. , more and more of the students -- enrollment has increased, more and more are getting admission into the province so one is really hopeful that the future looks bright for these young pakistani boys and girls. i've also seen a very important strength which is the decent chance that most of the students boys and girls who come to the other states or go to european countries or australia , willgher education invest in pakistan and contribute to the economic development which is very important. >> if i could ask one more
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question and we can move to the regional security issue. pakistanof education, has a public education system and a private education system and an elite education system and some of the people we have seen who do really well in the u.s. are products of that. are their efforts to bring that public education system up to par with the more elite private education system? soto improve the quality people can compete in a global environment from that system? >> again, i would say that certainly the effort is being to havethe government private schooling education i am
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a product of public schools. me who areany like also the products of public schools and public schools provided very good quality education to young students but over the years, i agree with you that since they chart a heavy education is not sometimes as good as is provided in public schools. but and it is being made by the government to address the issue. improvingress it by the school buildings by providing group facilities in the schools to provide better and weg to the t-test
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went to develop the kind of infrastructure that would make the public schools equal attractive for the young students. >> moving to security issues you mentioned some of the successors as that military campaign, and we can see when the number of terror attacks has gone down fatalities have gone down and when visiting pakistan -- i have been there twice this year and it is quite possible the fact that the internal security has improved. it's a two-part question. the first is how it has impacted bilateral relations with the u.s. and number two, what is being done in terms of the longer-term national action plan? in terms of a counter narrative does nothis problem
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arise again in the future. >> it is a very important question. ago, every years interaction we had with the u.s. , that used to be a major concern, every interaction we terrorist organizations. talk, ioing my mentioned the development of this national consensus in the country against these forces. so now we are taking action against all groups. with that it has certainly helped in developing a much better understanding. and here we mentioned that when
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we talked about military oh ations, we certainly debt of gratitude to the u.s. administration, members of the congress and many other institutions including common people for the kind of support we see for the united states of america. guided we have decision ammunition. the the helicopters and f-16's. we were talking about an area that was the most treacherous. ofhout the kind sophisticated military equipment that we use to clean up the area, we could not have achieved our objectives. >> those are great answers.
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we will now move to audience q&a. if you could line up over there, we will go first come, first serve. if you could keep your questions to the point and have it be one question instead of a set of questions, and ask a question at the end. no statements by themselves. dollar spent on the military is a dollar not spent on meeting -- meeting their social needs in particular. what is the meaning behind doubling the pakistani military budget? the budget for education. >> oh, totally different story.
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>> the 2% of the gdp we were spending for the last many years was insufficient to promote education to select quality ofcation to remote areas pakistan. for the allocation education from 2% to 4%. >> what is happening as far as the military budget is concerned? , the point is at the moment, you can make the comparison that we have a serious situation with the border that certainly requires some kind of military
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expenditure, but you can prepare the situation -- the defense than the increase introduced by syria in their budget last year. those of challenges we face as far as security is concerned. you for coming to speak with us. my question, targeted toward education, specifically the technical and educational training, and efforts to integrate the tribal regions into the local economy and efforts of students into those tribal regions. important toemely protect pakistan from these evil
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forces. it is extremely important to and tohe infrastructure provide quality education to the tribal areas. many years ago there was a very great suggestion that came from members of congress to establish the reconstruction opportunity drones in pakistan. unfortunately, the proposal did not move forward because of certain reasons. we feel that given the kind of challenges that we face in the kind of restraints we have, it effortquire a collective on the part of all of us who created those conditions in the first place. we are getting a lot of assistance from the united needs of america, but you
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3 billion to $4 billion. fromnput we are getting external sources is very small. that has a lot of understanding. hopefully, as we condense the dialogue, and try to divide the proposal so that it remains dominant for a number of years, that will bring a lot of prosperity to the people of the tribal areas. >> thank you. >> thank you both for coming and talking to us. ex ambassador, you touched on the importance of economic
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development to peace in the region and it talked about how pakistan is engaging with countries in the region, and the u.s. to expand its economic development. could you touch on the domestic policies that pakistan is pursuing to reduce graft, corruption in pakistan and to make it a better environment for new and growing businesses. with an important issue because corruption and could governance as i mentioned on the issue which is constantly debated, again i would like to mention that democracy has done a lot of good for pakistan. feel thaten they particular government has not done very well in terms of
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governance or has not been able to address corruption, people vote them out. this is a constant phenomena we are seeing. ruthless nature of the media. everything whether the parliament, the , there are many institutions that are corrupt as far as the media is concerned. but we want to be continuously educating. mentioned briefly they have done a lot of good for pakistan the situation has improved significantly. thatu look at the reports have been released by the
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international and financial rating of thethe pakistani economic outlook has improved significantly. the steps the government has taken to ensure good governance, the steps taken to address corrupton, to go after people. and the taxation reforms. >> thank you for coming to talk to us today. as a student at george washington university this is more about u.s. pakistan relations -- i learned more about u.s.-pakistan relations than my entire life. you mentioned briefly how pakistan in the past has helped
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with china and the u.s. with fostering chinese and american ties. if you had to make a personal prediction how do you expect pakistan to help strengthen u.s. a rainy and ties in the future? >> it is a very trysting question. who do note audience know, i left -- since the relations between the united states of america and iran, there were several possibilities given to pakistan. as the government looks after theu.s. interests we are there because we enjoyed a very
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good relationship with america and iran. bordere a one kilometer with iran and we feel with the kind of rapprochement which is the offense between iran and the our successful outcome of the negotiations, i think that's very good news for the countries because usually you cannot afford any more -- it has engendered a lot of hope in our nation that the future looks very right. as far as the connectivity projects are concerned or the income inequality between iran
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and the united states, i feel that therecan feel are many things between the countries. hope that the agreement which has been successfully negotiated would be implemented by both limitationse after the sanctions will be lifted and that's something that will also open enormous opportunities not only for the countries of the region but other regions as well. mentionedve that you the chinese increase in economic participation with other countries in the region, how do
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you expect this will affect pakistani and indian relationships given that they have not had the most friendly relations in the past. >> the lessons we have learned from history is that economic development in one country benefits the bordering countries. -- ite we are developing will be developed between the linking --t of china the construction of a motorway and a railroad track between these two places. construction on the entire
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breadth of this economic or door. see you can better imagine the kind of prosperity in the region. not only between china and pakistan but a lot of investment will take place in those zones. as far as investment is concerned, every country has the opportunity to engage with the united states of america that we can invest in some of the projects that will be undertaken. corridor iseconomic certainly going to become a factor of economic stability in the region. >> we have about five minutes left. what i suggest is a couple of you ask your questions and then you can go to the ambassador and in the last two.
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>> thank you ambassador for an interesting talk. i work on education development in east africa and south east asia in the world bank. so i have some numbers for you in terms of education development in pakistan. in the past five or six years, pakistan has received more than $2 billion in education investments and public education. as far as the results are concerned you don't see those can of numbers coming from the country, particularly, pakistan is one of the five countries in most out ofth the school aged children. so what is so different today that you think these numbers would change when $2 billion could not make a difference? >> you are talking to billion dollars for a company -- country with a population of 200
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million. today, i wish i had the figures but in the last two years enrollment has increased for boys and girls. as i mentioned, we have introduced compulsory education. and we have provided incentives to the children and the ruling areas. theirrents would not send children to school, but now as part of the initiative, we are -- weoviding children gave them incentives. we have cash incentives in order lure them to schools.
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buildings and of universities established theired huge resources and $2 billion you are talking about would certainly not be sufficient. we are talking about that we need to invest more resources into this sector. i will be frank that it is a sector which needed much more attention in the past. but luckily the attention it requires is being made. both so much for speaking and sharing some really interesting thoughts and insights. >> i'm curious to know if you could share some of the outreach efforts you have undertaken in washington and the united states
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as the top pakistani diplomat in america during your tenure. what have you done, what are you currently doing and what would you like to achieve in the future? as ambassador of pakistan is not to promote the interests of my own country in this great country, but also to build a strong relationship between our two countries. build the relationship stronger by working with the members of the administration. i'm very lucky that have a very good relationship with almost every institution in the united states. whether it's the state department the department of
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defense, the intelligence congress, the ustr, economic -- cooperation is part of my responsibility and i have reason to feel satisfied that in the havetwo years or so we organized a number of conferences in the united states of america and in pakistan attended by prominent businessmen from both countries. congress is another important area of interaction. i spend a lot of time on congress. at least two or three days in a week interacting with members of congress and also with senior
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staffers. they have a very important role to see thesons emerging insitivity the u.s. as far as pakistan is concerned. onnteract with think tanks regular business. vibrantan important and community that we have. the media can be another area i have to focus on. >> do we have time to take a couple more? >> ok we will take one more question. spoke earlier about the importance of words and branding. this is a very important issue
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with respect to terrorism. in the last few weeks we have seen a lot of overblown and hateful rhetoric emanating from the media and political figures with respect to the issue. when it not be helpful to us around the world if we were to describe the failure of isis by virtue of the fact that millions and hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their so-called paradise? >> it is a very important issue serious phenomena we are talking about. again becauseoped of our own acts of omission and commission. done tohas to be develop a collective strategy in order to defeat the forces like
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i.s. i.s. that you are talking about. discussions talked about developing a counter narrative which is extremely important. in the counter narrative we need to basically convey a message in every country. i talk about every country whether it's the equalization process or support for isis is not confined to one country. pocketslking about throughout the world. so we need to develop a counter narrative which is more narrative than the put out by isis. and as i said, we also need to educate our people.
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pakistan -- you must've seen this report are the washington post yesterday that isis will not be able to make and roads in pakistan because of the narrative in the community. we want to create the same kind of narrative in every country parliament there discussing the kind of not islamic behavior of isil. in the mosques, the religious corners are also talking about this phenomena. need to educate the misguided people who subscribe to this particular ideology.
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>> thank you very much. .> thank you for being here i hope things get right soon. successful military operations, the jihadi's are still existing in pakistan. the best example is the red mosque where they are still calling for the fortification of the islamic state. there are more than thousands of students armed in the mosque. done to banis being
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the organization in pakistan. >> i would not agree with the for the simple reason that they have launched operations in the north which were a huge success and of launched operations against various other organizations in the country. they were terrorist organizations. i'm sure you are familiar with the organization responsible involved in ethnic killing. ,'s many other organizations using extremist elements have been taken out. failures ofat the the last seven years, there has
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been a marked reduction in the incidence of terrorism. according to some of the independent organizations, this 70%ction is a must 60% to in violent extremism. these are ongoing efforts. obviously cannot have a magic , butto end the phenomena the positive news is in pakistan we have been able to contain it. and the government is taking actions and these are ongoing actions and i'm sure it will gets a very positive reserves. >> if i may add a quick -- ow-up, i have a sense >> we have adopted a policy
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everystate action against extremist organization irrespective of its shade and color. >> ladies and gentlemen, before we go back to have something to eat and drink, i hope you will stay for the discussion and conversation. it is my pleasure to have the honor of resenting something. there we go. every ambassador who speaks we honor with an ambassadors award. it's my pleasure tonight to ,onor your excellency
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ambassador of the republic of pakistan to the united states with outstanding diplomatic leadership support of global education and international affairs. me in that you will join congratulating him. [applause] >> believe me, he has earned it. thank you so much. [applause] this weekend on c-span, tonight at 9:00 et, executives from pandora and spotify on how technology impacts the
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entertainment business. -- at acertain way, certain time of day, using is not the only thing you want to listen to. warning commute is a certain -- morning commute is a certain hypothesis. maybe you do not want music, maybe you want the news or the weather report or a clip of jimmy fallon. there is some other content that you want to experience during that period of time and that is testing tosis we are see if people are interested in testing that. >> than sunday at 630, ohio governor john kasich at the council of foreign relations on rebuilding international alliances. >> thanks to my 18 years, i knew many months ago that the only way to solve this problem was to call for an international coalition to defeat isis in


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