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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Des Moines Iowa  CSPAN  December 13, 2015 4:46pm-6:01pm EST

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everyday americans, some of whom have not heard from americans in a long time. drum: i am not supposed to be here. i was a member of the establishment of months ago. i am supposed to be of the other side writing checks and having people do whatever i want. >> so what do you say? mr. trump: folks, i'm sorry i did this to you, but you've got to get used to it. i aml see whether or not being treated fairly. i'm a conservative guy, have great ideas rim going to make our country great again. i'm going to make it great again. it is a mess. right now our country is a mess. i think if i win, in tw's after i win, we will have the happiest people in the world. i understand, chris, i understand where they're coming from. this was not supposed to happen. they were supposed to pick a governor, a senator, a puppet,
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where they could control him 100%. this was not supposed to happen. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump held a rally for supporters of the state fairgrounds in des moines on saturday. he spoke on a number of issues before taking questions from the audience. this is just over an hour. ♪ it♪ we're not going to take no, we ain't gonna take it we're not going to take it anymore we're not going to take it it we ain't gonna take we're not going to take it anymore ♪ mr. trump: thank you, thank you, everybody. what a nice job. this is so exciting. we will do questions. we are doing really well.
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iowa has been amazing. we are doing so well and i love this place. i'm back here all the time and i will be here a lot in january. [cheering] you are going to be so sick of me. you are going to say we cannot give him the caucus. no, you are going to like me and we are going to do a great job for you. most importantly, we will get to that office and do the right thing. we're going to do the right thing. so, a few things. so much has happened. when we first came out, we were all talking together and we were talking border security which we're doing so great with. we're going to build a wall. mexico will pay for the wall. we all know that. we will have security. the drugs will stop. people will come into the country but come in and be
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legal. that is the way. that is the way. it affects iowa so much. we are talking about repealing obamacare. it will be replaced. [applause] i don't know if you have been seeing what is happening but obamacare is a total disaster. it is dying of its own weight. by 2017, he'll be playing golf and i will be working very hard. you are nottead, getting the people signed up. there has been a lot of talk about it. obamacare is dead. we will come up with something that will be so good, so much better. premiums are going through the roof. high, that or so are so unless you were close to death, i don't think you'd be able to use it.
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we will take care of that. by the way, we have a lot of good people. the y is really -- we have people. [applause] ago and theymonth do a fantastic job. it is so important. it is another form of let's stay away from opec and the middle east stuff. it is so important. actually, what i don't understand, because the one guy that is doing pretty good with me in iowa is ted cruz. everything i say, he agrees with. no matter what i say. he agrees. with the ethanol, he has to come a long way because he is for the oil. i understand oil pay some a lot of money. the oil companies give him a lot of money. so, i'm with you.
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i'm with everybody. look, i'm self funding. i have no oil company, no special interest. i have no lobbyists that want me. they are representing countries that are ripping off the country. they are representing companies that are ripping off the country. i am working for you. we will make america so great again. [applause] and maybe better than ever before. so important. when we first started, i talked about china and japan and mexico. mexico both at the border and in trade. abisco is moving there. ford is moving there. they took the big plant away from tennessee, a great state. we will do -- we will get it. we will do what we have to do,
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ok? thank you. look at that group over there. i talk about that a lot. about 2.5 weeks ago in paris, i'm speaking a little differently now. i can take care of china in my back pocket. that is easy for me. that is what i do. [applause] we have all the cards. these politicians do not understand. we have the cards. with china, our people pay tax. they pay no tax. they call it a tariff because it sounds better. we will take care of that. what happened is with paris, it is a different mindset. when the polls came out last week, my numbers went way up because people feel more secure with me. yeah, really. [applause]
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who knows why? who knows? but, my poll numbers went up. whenever there is something i do that is proper, but controversial, they say now's he 's done. that's it. that is the end. i will not go over all the different things because maybe you will change your mind. they will say that is it. it is over. and then they come and say, sir, your poll numbers went up nine points this week. they did? [applause] because i have to do what is right. i have to do what is right. you know what? if i don't make it, i don't make it. i have a good life. you all hopefully have a good life. i have a great family, nice people.
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they love me, i think, i hope. i think. but, i have a great family. i built a great business. thank you. who is that person? i love that person. stand up. i love that person. thank you, darling. i appreciate it. spirit no matter where i go. we go to dallas, we have thousands of people. 35,000 people in alabama. 20,000 people in oklahoma. this is supposed to be like a record. it is big, yet it feels intimate. we are going to start taking questions. i just want to say -- i changed a couple of weeks ago. when i saw paris, i changed. and a big part of what i'm doing now is safety and security and smartness and smartness.
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[applause] it is interesting. it is to make america great again and safe again because we don't feel safe anymore. that welem we have now never had to this extent is the power of weaponry. it is the power, the tremendous power. 100 years ago, i said do not go there anyway -- i said do not go. you will destabilize the middle east. the fact is right now we have to do things because we have some really, really sick th degenerates. and the press -- look at all the cameras going. nobody else has cameras like this. 100 times i make a speech, nobody cares. look at this. [applause]
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worry.n't they have me. that is why i'm walking around. they never pan the crowd. they never do. my wife, i had a crowd of 7000 people last week -- more -- 7000 people in a can finonfined spac. my wife said the speech was excellent. did you have many people there? i said what? she said they never leave your face. i figured the cameras were screwed up where you could not move it. anytime there is a protester, and they could be in the back corner of the room, the cameras swoop over there. it is true. it is true. [applause] no, i used to think they could
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not move. they're connected with the crazy computers. in the all days, everything was better. the car seats -- he would sit in your car, you want to move forward or back, you press a button. now you have to open up things and press a computer. the same thing with cameras. i didn't think they moved. i figured they were fixed. then, i saw a protester and those cameras were bent in positions like you would not have believed possible. they are very dishonest people. not all of them, but most of them. the press is -- you have one of the most dishonest in your backyard. "the des moines register" is the worst. [applause] the worst. the worst. dishonest. very you have some reporter named
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jacobs. she is the worst. -- it is such so misrepresentation. i don't care. i'm saying in their backyard. they are failing anyway. they probably will not be in business in two years. "the desny, every time moines register" does a poll, i always do badly. i believe -- i'm only doing this so they don't sue me -- i hope they do because they don't have enough money to sue me. i believe, and i may be wrong, i will say i'm sure i'm wrong, but it is my opinion that they don't do it properly. because they pull like 300 to 400 people, but i believe -- if they lose 20 people. forget that one.
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i don't know that they do that. do you do that? des moines i have a " register" poll, i do poorly. we had a great poll coming from cnn where we are leading by 13 points in iowa. [applause] then, we had another one where we are doing very well. i think "des moines register" -- just watch. trump disappears. i think we will do so well. i think we will actually do better. we are leading in most of the polls. we are leading in every poll, except iowa, there was one poll. monmouth, what the hell is that? explain it. i don't like it because they'll we treat me badly also. i only like polls that treat me well, right?
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but, we are doing so well. nationwide, we are leading every poll by tremendous. we had one in georgia -- 44%. think of that. that is 44% with 15 people. i'd take 44% if we had three people. but, 44%. cbs came out, as you know, "the new york times" a few days ago -- 35%. we are killing everybody in every poll. when des moines comes out, i 'm sure it will be negative. we are going to win. honestly, iowa is so important to me. anould say let's not -- i'm evangelical, a christian, a presbyterian. [applause] i love billy graham.
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he came out with the most beautiful statements. he was so incredible. i don't know if you saw this. he cannot with statements about -- came out with statements about trump. stand up. is that right? he was so incredible. franklin graham, the son of billy graham. billy graham was unbelievable. they were incredible. so, i think we will do -- we are doing really well with evangelicals. by the way, i do like ted cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals, out of cuba -- come out of cuba. not a lot come out. i like him nevertheless. we are doing great with evangelicals. we are doing great with the tea party. leading with the tea party. [applause] doing fantastic with
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old and young and middle. we are doing great with everybody. it is very important to me to win iowa. i could put less pressure on myself and i could say i don't care about iowa, but i do care. i do care so much about it. that is why am here all the time. then lies happen. they lie so much. the people of iowa can't be that stupid. the people of the country -- i'm trying to make a point. i said the people of the country cannot be that stupid. they cut the country out. iowa, i love you people. remember that. [applause] i was talking about something and i won't even mention what i was talking about because the guy i was talking about was actually a very good guide, but i will say this, we want to win iowa so bad. if i win, i think we run the table. i think we run the table.
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[applause] we go right through it. big in new hampshire, every poll. christie got an endorsement from this crazy newspaper up there. the weirdest deal i have ever seen. you know, the paper that was in his state called up and said are you sure about that? nobody ever called us. can't believe it. we could go into that but it is not relevant. we are leading new hampshire big. we are leading in south carolina, like monstrous numbers. we are leading nevada, texas. we are leading everywhere. we are leading big in florida. -- but, rubio, nice guy when the people put you in position to be a senator, you have to go vote. you cannot be the number one person who does not vote in the
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senate. you have to say hey, i want to go and vote. he should stay there a little longer. go in vote, create a nice record. but, i don't know. how is he doing in iowa? not too good. not good. it seems like a two-person race right now. it is an important race to me. win all of that, if we iowa, and a lot of people say we win virtually every state in the union and it is over quickly. [applause] now, we are going to take questions. one of the questions will be about what about the republican establishment? they have a problem. it is sort of like the fighters. the great champions.
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sometimes they go to the hometown of the guy they are fighting and they will say we never want to get a decision, we go for the knockout. because you get a lot of bad positions. they go into a hometown to fight and it is a decision. they say we are in a problem. they lose the fight that they won. the only way they win the fight definitely, knockout. if we win iowa, think we will win everything after that. it will show how important it is. iowal pledge of this to even if i lose. i don't think i have ever said that in my life. we go and win, iowa is staying where it is in the chain. it is not moving. [applause]
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there is a big move for us to move iowa into a much further back position by the establishment. folks, i win, it is not happening. you are staying right here. it's great. [applause] you know, it is great. if i don't do that, tana will be very angry at me. is she incredible? [applause] thank you. the whole staff. chuck and stephanie, where is my big i? guy? how good is he on television? where the hell is he? big sam, come here. >> there he is. mr. trump: look at the size of them. come here, sam. look at him. big sam. come here. are we going to win? >> we are going to win iowa
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and put them away. we will stand on their chest, stamp on their throats. we will have the biggest victory in the history of the caucuses in the state of iowa. [applause] mr. trump: beautiful. be careful. he did so well, i don't want him falling when he is leaving. beautiful. thank you, sam. these are great people. i will be here that night. that week and a couple of weeks before. i will watch you. i will not give you any chance that we lose this. let's take a few questions. we will have a little fun. we did a big interview with cnn before this. with hillary missing today -- she was two hours late. did you hear? [booing] i may be wrong. if i am one minute off, they will call me because they love
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hillary. you know why? i don't know why. she was a couple of hours late and everybody left. you know what happened? she was sleeping. she could not get out of bed. she was sleeping is right. let's take some questions. >> we have sue from the aarp. mr. trump: hi. >> hi, mr. trump. good to see you again. the social security administration reports by 2034, if nothing is done to update social security, the average 2034,is going to lose, in 25% of their benefits which calculates to about $4000 a year. my question to you is this -- what will you do to update social security? what are your specific solutions to update social security to put
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it on stable ground for future generations? mr. trump: i'm glad you asked me that question. you have been paying into social security and medicare, by the way. medicare does work. there is tremendous waste, fraud and abuse. we will not cut your social security and your medicare. we will take the jobs back from all the countries that are ripping us off. we will become a wealthy country again and save you social security. think of it -- i cannot believe this number, but who was the mandatory the number? over 6 million people -- i cannot believe it -- are age 112 and over and getting social security. who is the man that told me that? i heard it, i read it. 6 million people are getting social security, meeting someone else is picking it up. who is that man? he is over there someplace.
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ok. 6 million people more. he came up to me tonight. it is an amazing statistic. we will have to check it. can you imagine -- we know there may be one million but not 6 million. anybody in this room 112 or over? if they are, the want to shake your hand -- i want to shake your hand. 6 million people over 112 years old picking up social security. there is tremendous waste. what we are going to do is save medicare, save social security. we are not going to raise the age and do all the things that everybody else is talking about doing. they are all talking about doing it. you don't have to. we are going to bring our jobs back. we will make the economy incredible again. my tax proposal which is in
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great detail in terms of policy and has gotten tremendous reviews from a lot of people. taxese are going to cut tremendously for the middle class and businesses, because the middle class, our middle-class is being decimated. sue, when that happens, you will see an economy that takes off. we will get rid of a lot of that debt. to $21$19 trillion going trillion right now. if you go back eight or nine years, trillion was not a word anybody knew and now it is routine. we are going to save your social security without cuts. we will make ourselves rich again. a woman said to me in new hampshire, she said, i'm voting for you, i love you, but it is very crude when you say you will make the country which again. i said i know it sounds that,
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but many things i say are crude. we cannot make our country great again unless we make our country rich again. we cannot let everybody in the world rip us off. [applause] we built china. the money they took out of our country, we rebuilt china. they have bridges all over. they have bridges like the george washington bridge. maybe i should not mention that one particularly. bigger than the george washington bridge. only a few people got that. they have bridges going up. we have rebuilt china. they have taken our jobs, faith, manufacturing. they have taken our money. not going to happen anymore, folks. not going to happen. [applause] i know the great businesspeople.
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we have the greatest businesspeople in the world. guys like carl icahn. he calls me saying he wants to help. we are not going to use special interests. we use donors to negotiate with guy, because he gave some whoever it might be -- again, i'm the only one cell funding my campaign. -- self funding my campaign. when these guys give money to politicians, to a large extent, they own those politicians. they will do whatever the hell the special interests and donors want. social security, we are saving it. medicare, we are saving it. we are going to make her country rich. thank you, sweetheart. >> we have a question back here from jeff. what is your question? mr. trump: hi. >> jeff morgan, and i have a
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question on behalf of veterans for a strong america. mr. trump: am i good with the veterans? >> very much so. mr. trump: we are leading with the veterans by like -- forget it. >> i have a question here that would like to read to make sure i have all of it. andvets for strong america, their 500,000 supporters, endorsed you this past summer. hase then, the vfa collected -- >> come on, jeff. you knew you were doing this. you are going to get fired. >> i'm a little bit nervous. they have collected tens of thousands of signatures. they want to deliver that to the iowa campaign. those signatures are to talk
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petraeus andl betra the comparisons between hillary clinton and the general, and the double standards taking place. when you get into office, will you instruct the department of of hillary take care clinton's accountability? mr. trump: yes, it is called -- [applause] what i like about jeff, he started off weak, but finish stroned strong. that was a long route to get to a good question. yeah, it is called the statute of limitations, right? it is a six-year statute. maybe five. yeah, you have to look at it. -- you know the
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story. it is a crime. she committed a crime. perhaps -- we have to have a fair justice department. and perhaps jeff will have some really good attorney general that will say -- look, we want to be fair with everybody, including hillary clinton, but she committed a crime. she should not be allowed to run. she is being protected. i have little doubt they will find anything, but they have already found it. when you watch television, you have these big scholars, lawyers -- yes, she violated sections oh an so and so. many manny, many laws. you mentioned the general. his life was over destroyed over nothing.
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i think she will be their nominee. the only question is if she will be allowed to run. she is being protected by the democrats, by the president. why do you think she is going along with these insane policies of his? she goes along with everything. honestly in fairness to her, i don't think she believes it. but i think she is afraid he is going to say, i don't like her anymore. i will get somebody else. i'm telling you. so, the question of statute of limitations -- it is a five-year statute of limitations. she has a problem. in one way, she is running for her life because i know one thing -- if she wins, that is the end of that. if she loses, she could have a serious problem. another question, please. >> we have eric. what is your question? mr. trump: hi. >> hi, i'm asking a question on
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behalf of the iowa coalition. we have syrian refugees coming in and we cannot vet them properly. what would you do immediately on the southern border? [crowd chanting] mr. trump: it is always exciting. [cheering] mr. trump: out. out. get him out.
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[booing] get him out. get him out. [cheering] >> there is always -- usa, usa, usa. >> usa, usa. there it is. mr. trump: that is a hillary supporter. au know, i always say it -- single person always want to be right in line with the camera. stands up, he is gone in a
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couple of minutes. tomorrow, the headlines will be protests. we have like 2000 people here. the headline will be this -- wait, this person. [applause] sorry. you know, it is interesting because i've learned so much. i've never done this before. i have never been a politician. i hate being a politician. i know politician so much. if you cannot make money with politicians, there is something wrong. it is amazing. i see these people and sometimes -- i have had 20,000 people. not even a murmur, just love. every once in a while, you have
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somebody stand up. every single time it turns out to be a big story. it is a shame. that is the press also. >> until we were so rudely interrupted, eric go-ahead and ask your question. mr. trump: we will probably have another one stand up at some point. refugeese syrian coming in through the southern border. what can we do right now to protect the southern border? >> thank you. mr. trump: i said at the beginning we will build a wall. it is going to be a real wall. -- you see that feeling? -- ceiling. that is nothing compared to the wall. we can build it, we can build it right. it will be strong and powerful and as beautiful as a wall could look. it has to be beautiful because someday they will name it the trump wall.
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[applause] it is going to work. walls do work. they wanted to build a wall 20 years ago. they could not get environmental impact statements. china is building in the south china sea massive military bases. why? they are not supposed to. they have no respect for obama, our country. they are not supposed to be doing this. we can get them to stop by saying we will not do business with you anymore. we don't have to go to war. it is economics. the whole country would collapse in two seconds. we have such power and we don't know it. they are building massive -- now, they have little islands. put the biggest excavators. i said to a friend of mine from
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china, very rich and successful -- he paid me a fortune so i happen to like him. i said jokingly, how long did it take them to build these massive violence? islands. ? how long did it take them to get the environmental impact statement? he said nothing. they said they will build there and they were digging two seconds later. bigave a problem -- i'm a believer in clean air and clean water. i'm a big believer. i have gotten so many awards for the environment. we'reou look at how impinged -- the wall was stopped because they could not get an environmental impact statement. among other things. orre was probably a snail
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turtle or snake or something. you are ruining the habitat of a rattlesnake. i don't know. they actually have a lot of people, people that would now be against it, but they wanted to build a wall years ago. i said bomb the oil. i've been saying that for years. now they are. one of the reasons that we did not bomb the oil, obama did not want to hurt the environment. i heard that and i thought somebody was kidding. i thought a comedian was saying that. it turned out to be true. it going into the atmosphere. this is the way we fight today. i'm telling you, we are being led by stupid people. we are being le by stupid d by stupid people. [applause]
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saying takeve been the oil. i didn't want to go into iraq, but once we were there -- we should not have been there, but we left the wrong way. first of all, we have a president who told him a date. it was like 18 months later. they said wow, don't believe it. they don't want to be killed. the enemy said they would leave on a certain date? the pulled back and then now you see what happened. it is a disaster and iran is taking over iraq. weekse sent 50 soldiers ago and the president announces we are sending 50 soldiers. he thinks it is a good press announcement. it is not. 50 soldiers is not a lot even if they are elite. those 50 soldiers, because of
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that announcement, have a target on their heart. why does he have to say that? why can't he let 50 soldiers go there quietly? stealth. why can't he just do that? [applause] why can't he do that? grave50 soldiers are in danger today because of that. and, they probably don't even know that, but everybody is looking for them. we have people that don't know what they are doing. we still have general douglas macarthur, general george patton -- these were real people. [applause] today, we have generals that go on talk shows. i saw a general the other day on a talk show. he said -- this is serious. they are good men, but you have to lead these men. the generals, you have to have
5:27 pm
power over them. he said we are in the worst shape in terms of preparedness that we have been in for decades . this is the time where we have to be in the best shape because the world wants to kill us. they said we are in the worship we have been in many decades -- worst shape we have been in many decades. he should not be saying that because you are telling the enemy that. the enemy feels emboldened, right? we should not be saying it. [applause] even if it is true, you don't say it. you do the opposite. one thing i will do -- i will build the military so big and so strong and so powerful that -- so powerful -- [applause] that nobody is going to mess with us. nobody will mess with us.
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in many ways, it is the cheapest thing you can do. everybody is toying with us right now. it is the absolute cheapest thing you can do. ok, come on. >> we have roger right here. what is your question? >> hello. mr. trump: hi. >> what is your response to those that want to enact more laws regarding firearms in an effort to keep evil people from doing evil things with firearms? mr. trump: you are right. i'm a big second amendment person, by the way. [applause] here. get over here. my gunman. this guy, he has one of the great places. might as well give him free publicity. my son buys weapons from him. my son and i are members of the nra. come here.
5:29 pm
[applause] looks like somebody was aiming at him. you know my sons, right? they are serious believers in the guns. what is the name intercompany -- name of your company? >> we are the largest supplier. [applause] thank you all. mr. trump: you have a great company. this is long before i was ever thinking about doing this, right? >> a long time. mr. trump: they make you a lot of money? i hope they negotiated a little bit. it is a great company. thank you. be careful. [applause] my son is a really great marksman. i'm a member of the nra, but not such a good shot. if you think about that question now there is
5:30 pm
tremendous pressure to get rid of the guns, the magazines, the bullets. i will the three bullets in every magazine, then 12 and then 23. will't think the bad guys say i don't want to break the law, but i will put three bullets in. these people. i have arguments with them all the time. i'm a practical guy. if i didn't believe it, i could not say it. in france or in california -- i have permission to carry which is a big thing in new york. i have a license to carry. but, in france or california or all these places we have seen shooters, if instead of having hundreds like in france, hundreds of people in that room -- paris as the toughest gun laws in the world. france has the toughest gun laws in the world. nobody has guns except the bad guys.
5:31 pm
worst,lked in with the toughest, best best weaponry you can have and they said over here, boom. over here, boom. they kill 128 but many more are dying right now. they are in terrible shape in the hospitals. they wiped the place out and they could have stayed there longer. you have those two sleaze bags from california, the married couple. a young married couple did the shooting. they are not a young married couple. they are the worst. they are sleaze. [applause] the young married couple. that is no young married couple. they walk into a place and they killed 14 people and others are going to be dying probably. if somebody had guns -- nobody had a gun.
5:32 pm
look at this guy right here. stand up. how would you have done if you had a gun? would you fire back a little bit? they would have been in trouble. believe me. that guy. [applause] to an ivyi went league college and have a lot of friends. i argue with them. i say, ok, we're in paris. there are hundreds of people and you have no gun. don't you think they would have been better? they lose the argument, but they never change their mind. we have to fight for the second amendment. it is so simple. it's so simple. [applause] -- believe me, they want to take those guns away and you always know the bad ones will have the guns and have it
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more so than ever before so we will protect the second amendment if i'm president. [applause] will also bee saying merry christmas again. [applause] do you ever notice -- do you ever notice -- [cheers] that's right, brad. merry christmas. by the way, merry christmas, everybody. and happy holidays. i have a lot of friends that aren't christian. they like christmas. everybody likes christmas. it is politically incorrect to say merry christmas anymore. president, merry christmas, happy holidays, enjoy yourselves. we are going to say merry christmas again.
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we are going to bring our country, bring that spirit back. go ahead. >> we have greg. what is your question? >> hi, i'm twith the tea party patriots. this comes from the eagle forum. when nominated, what do you intend to do with ted cruz? will you name him you are vice president -- your vice president or -- mr. trump: he is a good guy. >> or appoint him to the united states supreme court? mr. trump: that second is interesting. i like ted cruz a lot. he is doing well, i'm doing well. it is not a contest between the two of us. i do like am. him. i would say we would certainly
5:35 pm
have things in mind for ted. he is someone i can certainly say that for. [applause] i like him, he likes me. he put out a tweet tonight and said donald trump is terrific. that is a nice word. other candidates are not exactly saying that about me. will you say hello to phyllis for me? she is an amazing woman. >> we have ruth from iowa pays the price. >> thanks. hi, i appreciate you are not bought and paid for. i know you said super pacs are a scam. our politicians have been corrupted by donors. andwill you fix this mess improve accountability and campaign financing? [applause] mr. trump: great question. the super pacs are horrible. i have had many set up for me
5:36 pm
from people i do not know. some people called it the art of the deal pac. i started going around and see the corruption with the super pacs, where they are stuffed with money. people that put the money in our dealing with candidates. the whole thing is wrong. i see it. bush has $125 million. $2 billion, it would not make any difference, ok? [applause] million --25 honestly, he is a nice person. he is a very nice person, but $125 million. people giveourself, $2 million, $7 million -- you know what happens. some of the super pacs are actually running the campaign. another thing that is interesting -- one of the super pacs has $6 million.
5:37 pm
of the $6 million -- this was reported on the front page of -- ones angeles times" of the candidates which i will not mention the name. of the $6 million, after all of the bloodsuckers took their cuts, the fundraisers, they had $140,000 left for the campaign. that is better than being a real estate broker. i would rather do that than sell houses. they had $140,000 left. it was in the newspaper. i think i believe it. i have seen it. the romney campaign -- the guy made tens of millions of dollars raising money for romney. you give them money and they get a cut. our laws are so corrupt. our campaign-finance laws
5:38 pm
mr. trump: i don't necessarily want to stop people from giving, because i think that is a good thing. but you have to get away from the super pac's. what you have to have his people have to know who it is, so you have to open up the process and let people know -- if they want to give $1 million, then they can, but you must know who it is. that puts a little pressure on guys like brad, who raises hundreds of millions of dollars. pac, itept of the super is no good. it is no good. it is a very dangerous, terrible thing. we will change our laws because you really have no choice. it is so out of control. it is so terrible. the papers that are in this room tonight should look at this, there is so little money left over for the candidate, that is one of the reasons i'm so happy that i'm doing my own. we actually sent legal letters
5:39 pm
to around eight or nine super pac's. first of all, i'm sure that out of some of them, they sold the money. send i have no money and sets up a donald trump something super pac. he sets it up. all of a sudden he has two main dollars. people send him money. how much of that money do you think he is to use to do what he is supposed to be doing? that is common sense. maybe all of it. but, i doubt it. so we sent legal notices to everyone that we could find having to do with donald trump. we do not want their money. we said, don't do it. we don't want it. ideally, give the money back to the people that gave it to you. but the super pac concept is correct and it is terrible and it should be ended. we will go to new campaign-finance laws that will be terrific. ok? thank you. [applause] mr. trump: go ahead. >> we have kevin with america's renewable future. >> good evening, mr. trump.
5:40 pm
think you for coming to iowa. i'm a native of des moines, so on behalf of des moines i would like to think you for coming. thank you for supporting the renewable fuel standard. you talked about this a little bit earlier. senator cruz is not in support of that. you thinkll me, do that is because of his ties to big oil? mr. trump: yes, it is. [applause] mr. trump: it is. if he is from texas, to the best of my knowledge, there is a lot of oil in texas. he gets a lot of money from the oil companies and he is told -- totally against ethanol and everything else that you are talking about. i am not. i'm totally in favor. it is a big industry here. [applause] mr. trump: you know, is that industry is upset, iowa has problems. i was here through weeks ago with a group -- any of the people here that were
5:41 pm
at that meeting? they were such amazing people, right? stand up. we had a good meeting, right? i learned so much about it. i was in favor of it even before. that is correct, either member you very well. how could you forget? it was amazing. looking at the plants. also, beyond even the fuel capacities which we want to create as much as we can, tremendous numbers of jobs in iowa. i say to myself, if ted cruz is against ethanol, how does he win in iowa? that is very anti-iowa. i don't know how he wins in iowa. [applause] mr. trump: but i totally for it, ok? thank you. >> thanks. >> what is your question? of servinghe honor iowa as the republican national committee woman. i do have a question for you on establishment or a late gop,
5:42 pm
whatever you want to call it. as the state central committee, we are neutral. this is not to hurt you or harm you, it is for clarification. when we see you make a statement and sometimes it is controversial, as we have noticed, -- mr. trump: sometimes purposefully though. firestorm, the fact checkers come through and your constitutionally sound. you agree with the party platform. i have not found anything where i see you in contradiction, unlike other candidates that are in contradiction to the platform. with the public. you have unleashed america from the bondage of political correctness. [applause] mr. trump: wow, thank you. thank you. [applause] question, whymy wouldn't a gop, or rnc be thrilled with a candidate that
5:43 pm
has the numbers that you do, that is resonating with the public, and is saying the things that is obviously -- mr. trump: come here. bring her up. so nice. [applause] mr. trump: when she first started that question, i thought oh no, here it comes. after midway through, i really appreciate it. come on over here. get under there. that's great. that assessing nice question, thank you. come here. don't fall. [applause] mr. trump: thank you very much. that is so nice. what is your name? >> i appreciate you writing. there are a lot of other things that you could be doing. we appreciate you running. i will not fight you for the microphone, ever. [applause] >> why is it, why would they not be thrilled that you are -- the numbers that you have, the crowds that you have, the message that you are bringing,
5:44 pm
you are reviving the heart of america. this is what we should want. why? [applause] mr. trump: thank you. be careful. i was a member of the establishment six months ago. i gave the range of $50,000 to the republican governors association. i gave tremendous amounts of money away. i was like the fair-haired boy. once i said i was running, they said what? you're not supposed to run. then i ran against all of these senators and governors and everyone said, well, i don't know. my ways that, if you run, you are going to win. she understands the love people and people love me. she said -- you have to actually go and run. you have to announce that you are running. because, nobody will believe that you are running. i did not want to announce because i did not want to announce and then have things not work out and be like some of these guys were there at zero. many of them are at zero. finally i said, we are going to
5:45 pm
do it. there were too many things that i watched on television with our president and the decisions that are made. horrible, dirty, traitor, and -- they get five killers that they have wanted for nine years. the worst killers. they are all back on the battlefield. some a decision. iran deal. how bad is that? they self inspect? ok, we are not building. they promise they're not building nuclear weapons. that's ok. we give them $150 billion and we do not even get our prisoners back? the whole thing is crazy. i saw this. and i said to my wife, i don't know if i will do well or not. who knows? is a risky thing. i have always heard that if you are successful person you cannot run for office, especially president. i see it all the time. the people go after me. i don't even care at this point.
5:46 pm
i say, we have to do it. i looked at it the last time with mitt romney and i did not do it and i probably should have, because you let us down. look, he let us down. we had a failed president. he was a failed president. just as bad as he is now. it is true. [applause] and mitt romney let us down. that last month it was like he was not even campaigning. i said, why are you jay leno or david letterman? why are you not doing a? he just did not do it. so he lost the election. i backed john mccain and he lost. i backed mitt romney and he lost. this time i said, i'm doing it myself. we're going to win. [applause] but, there is an establishment out there. it is a real establishment. real people. there are people that are used to having their little puppets all over the place. there are people who are used to
5:47 pm
giving donations and having control. they are people that may call me, i will treat them with respect, but i will not be doing bad things if it is bad for the country. i will not let ford will they plant in mexico if i can keep it in michigan. [applause] mr. trump: i'm not going to let the car companies and nabisco and all of these people and all of these companies -- i am all for free trade and i think it is great. i am for it. it has to be smart trade. i will not let them move to mexico and sell things without tax or anything. we lose our jobs and our factories and they go over here and make it and we let them come through. how does that help us, folks? i went to the best business school in the world, believe me, it does not help us. trust me. we will not make is like that anymore. we can't. we own 19 train dollars. the establishment is not ever probably -- in the end, if this country mming even the
5:48 pm
establishment, they will say it is a good thing. they will be beneficiaries also. we have a real establishment and they have never seen this happen before. a writer called up and said -- to my the top journalists way of thinking, certainly in the country and beyond, and he said, mr. trump, how does it feel? and i said how does what feel? how does it feel, what you have done has never, ever been done before? i said, what have i done? he says you have dominated the summer of donald trump. now they call it the autumn of donald trump. hopefully they call it the spring of donald trump. i want the next autumn of donald trump. [applause] writer,p: i said to the i don't know what you are talking about, i have not done anything. friendly, if i don't win, i consider this to be a total waste of time. i'll be honest with you. as much as i like eating with you, i want people to do anything. he says, no you have one, even if you don't win. i said no, i don't win.
5:49 pm
if i do not win, i have wasted my time. is, the establishment cannot believe it. they have never seen a happen before. i was on the cover of time magazine four weeks ago or five weeks ago. time magazine was going to pick the person of the year. everybody, even my enemies said that donald trump is going to win. i said, i want win. they said why? i said i was. just like i should have gotten the emmy for the apprentice the first three years. i was nominated and i should have. and i said i will never win. because i'm not hollywood establishment. said,th time magazine, i -- o'reilly is a great guy. he did an editorial at the end of the show saying, nobody has done more than donald trump. he should have one. i probably should have, in all fairness. but he said, nobody has done more -- taken over -- what we have done has been amazing. it is not just me, it is all of us.
5:50 pm
from dallas and mobile and oklahoma. all of us. because the spirit -- bill o'reilly had a whole big thing. the other shows, where they said, donald trump, what do you think? well, angela merkel got it. what did she do? she has destroyed -- she is in the process of destroying germany. with the migration. we have to help the people at the migration. we have to create a safe zone someplace in syria. i do not want them coming into this country. i don't want them. we don't know who they are. [applause] mr. trump: we don't know who they are. [applause] then with their printing presses that now do the forged passports. you heard about that. so, we do not know. the bottom line on that is it is such an interesting question. you will know in about a month or two whether or not the establishment has treated me fairly. but the only thing that i can
5:51 pm
iowa, ihis, if i win think it is over. i have said before. iowa,e, i think if i win new hampshire is amazing, people are amazing, you would love the people and they would love you. you have everybody. the whole country is in love. i call it the noisy majority. it is no longer a silent majority. it is the noisy majority. [applause] but, if we win like i think we are going to win, because we have such a big lead. honestly, it is not going to matter, they can do anything. i don't care about the establishment. they can't do anything. the only way they can do it is if i'm a little bit short. if i'm to vote short i have a problem. i will have to go in that convention and deal with all of these bloodsucker politicians and they will make their deals and i will have all of the money guys around and they will be in the back room making deals. but, if i get the number of delegates, there is not a thing
5:52 pm
that they can do. i will end up doing fine with the establishment. again, i was a member of the establishment six months ago. that was a nice question and i appreciated, thank you. [applause] >> we have had there. what is your question? >> hello. my question is regarding education. in the past, you have come out against common core. mr. trump: absolutely. [applause] mr. trump: that was an easy one, i'll tell you. a, gore is a symptom of larger disease, and that is the fact that the government thinks you know best our children, rather than our parents. with the recent passage of the every student succeeds act, the back room deal made by republicans and democrats kept the federal government and education. what will you do to return power to parents and make them have the choice on how to educate our children? thank you. [applause] so, common core, i'm such a believer in education. i had an uncle was a professor at m.i.t..
5:53 pm
he was a brilliant guy. in fact, i just retweeted an article about him today. you have to read it. when i see somebody like jeb bush -- i will tell you one thing i respect, he did not change his views. he knew he was going to get killed on this issue and i respect that to a certain extent. but, it is so wrong. common core is a total disaster. we have people -- [applause] we have people, bureaucrats in washington telling you how your child should be educated in iowa and new hampshire and all of the different places that we go to. it is ridiculous. i go around and i see the principles -- i have seen so many students and teachers and professors and principles and i have seen some of the people. somein iowa, i have seen of the love that these parents give to those schools. this is real love. these are smart people.
5:54 pm
these are people that are not working for a paycheck. these are incredible people and i have seen -- member this -- our educational system is a mess. we spend more money per pupil as a government than any other country in the world and we are in 20th place. i mean, like double what anyone else has. i want to bring education back to the local areas. you will have parents and you will have unbelievably talented people and they love their kids and they want their kids to be well educated because it is so important. and you'll be very happy with it, ok? thank you. [applause] >> ok, we're coming down to logan. what is your question? >> hello. mr. trump: a tough looking cookie. go ahead. >> i represent a cooperative. we're wondering what your plans are for providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy? mr. trump: you people do it.
5:55 pm
i have gotten to know you really well. you people do it. we are backing you 100%. the job and the spirit that you all have, you are always perfectly i tired with your green, we are backing you 100%. you do a phenomenal job. there should be more people like you in this country. the whole grid is a disaster. the whole country. the infrastructure of our country is falling apart. and nobody can build like me. that is what i do, i build. on pennsylvania avenue, a big, tremendous hotel. that i got from the government of the united states. from the obama administration, a couple of years ago. we have the best plan. the gsa is terrific. they're very talented people. we are under budget and ahead of schedule. that is what we do. when you see these things, where they are building a bridge and dollarscost a billion and then across $12 billion -- how about when they built the hospital that cost $3 billion.
5:56 pm
i look at it and i can tell you how much it will cost. sir, $3250 million, no billion. $3 billion? do you think somebody got rich on that when? we are going to stop all of this debt. we are going to make our country so strong and so wonderful. we love it anyway. but it is so sad to see what is happening. it is so sad. and we are going to change it around. are we all finish with those questions? >> you have one, joe? we have one more. your planner doesn't let up. she is brutal. corey, she is brutal. she did a good job on the apprentice though. >> i had a really good mentor. [applause] andtrump: i'll tell you, there is another special person who did a great job on the apprentice great shawn johnson. she is another champion. she is another one. and she is an incredible young woman.
5:57 pm
she is getting married. she is fantastic. wherever she may be, say hello. go ahead. >> mr. trump, can you talk about your jobs program? we don't have enough work to pay people a living wage. mr. trump: that is true. we have such a problem and the biggest problem i have relates to education. the hardest thing that you get is when you go around and you see students and somebody students come out and here's and they always want to talk about the loans. student loans. and they are going through nice colleges and their good student to work hard to could be really top in their class. and they get on the say, mr. trump, we have no jobs. we can't get jobs. they can get jobs. we are to bring our jobs back from china. we're going to bring our jobs back from all of these places overseas that has stolen our jobs. we will bring our jobs back from south america and will bring them back from mexico.
5:58 pm
we will have jobs again, believe me. we will be manufacturers again. we will start making apple computers in this country. does it doll good to= to make them in china? we are going to bring our jobs back. ladies and this has been a lot of fun. this is the first arrived in this kind of a thing, and it has been amazing. yes? mr. trump: thank you. thank you. [applause] mr. trump: i thought you were a protester at first. [laughter] mr. trump: isn't that a terrible way to end? a protester in your final words. that was very nice, thank you. we love the military. thank you. [applause] mr. trump: so, i just want to thank you all for being here, we love you all and it is so
5:59 pm
important. iowa is so important to me and the relationship that i developed here have been amazing. we are going to make our country great again and we're going to make our country safe again. thank you all for being here. thank you. [applause] ♪ where not been a take it no, we angered and take it were not a take it anymore ♪ c-span takes you on the road to the white house, best access to the candidates at town halls, rallies, speeches, and meet and greets.
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>> the defense secretary robert work in the joint chiefs of staff chair are expected to speak. i live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. newsmakers, the minority whip and vote counter for democrats on the house on newsmakers this week and in studio we have with us the congressional bureau chief for politico in the congressional reporter for the associated press, erica go for it. governmenty from a shutdown deadline on wednesday, can you fill us in on the state of play and when do you expect to get a deal. >> you have seen we just passed the cr which expends the time the government is funded until wednesday and