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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 30, 2015 12:31pm-12:47pm EST

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was number two. not the hell out of them and make me number one next year. [applause] this reporter, who is a great intellect, he says what you have done has never been done before. newt gingrich was on a television show and said this is one of the great phenomenons i've ever seen and politics. they sent 3000 people home. can you believe it? it is unbelievable. it is beautiful what is happening. newt gingrich said he's never seen anything like it. he said it's never been done before. but if i don'te, win, it's a waste of time. he says what you have done is incredible. totally changed the
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landscape for politics. [applause] don't applaud. he says you have totally changed the landscape of politics. there has never been anything like your campaign. i said you don't understand. if i don't win, i will consider this a total and complete waste of time. i really do because we are not going to do anything. and trump ran this rather good campaign. if we don't win, it is a total waste of time. if you have someone else in won't be able to do what i want to do.
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ton i say mexico is going pay, they all laugh. these are people, they think it is funny. they are making billions and billions of dollars on deficits that we have. tenets. is they are going to pay for the wall. now they don't laugh because they are starting to agree with me. day, ted cruz says we are going to build a wall at the southern border. and my wife is sitting -- where does that come from? he's a good guy but i think it was on fox, he said we are going to build a wall at the southern border. to catch up trying with me because when i did this stuff, it was out there. , i'm the one everyone wants to aspire to.
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so ted is up and he is talking. wife is sitting there and she says darling, did you hear that? first time -- she hasn't heard that from any other candidate. build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. when i started the journey, it was amazing. ofent down to the lobby trump tower and it looked like the academy awards. when i came down the escalator, i said we are going to do things -- i mentioned illegal immigration. it wasn't even on the radar. now it's one of the big subjects. one of the polls that came out
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-- cnn just came out with a poll a week ago, 36 percent for trump. on the economy, they give me 55%. that's with 16 people at the time. ie budget and the economy, when it hands down. but at illegal immigration, i'm almost at 50%. people want to be protected. they need strength and toughness. i know a lot of tough guys and they are not smart. they are the easiest. you have to be smart. you have to be tough because the world is trying to take advantage of us.
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that first couple of weeks with illegal immigration and then kate was killed and an unbelievable young man, just shot through the head. guy -- these by a are too. you have the economy and the jobs being lost and all of this stuff. all of the sudden, people are coming over and now they are starting to say the wall. we have to be progressive and are thinking. i mean smart. i don't mean progressive like bernie sanders. of it. this guy wants to raise your taxes to 90%. i love this area. , am i right? area no more golf if bernie sanders
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-- you won't have any golf anymore. you won't have any money left. this guy is a total disaster. i would like to run against trump. me, chuck todd, meet the press, his show is dying. he never treated me fairly. he gets the highest rating he's had in years. i won't even give you the numbers. i saved his life and then he goes hillary clinton says she would most like to run against donald trump. me, the last person -- she had a tough night last night. she had a tough night looking at the beauty pageant. hillary clinton said -- here is chuck todd.
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he's a nice guy. he goes the clinton campaign says they would most like to run against trump like i'm some kind of sap. they say they want to run against me, that means they don't want to run against me. it is reverse psychology. they say they want to run against me. i'm winning and tied in the polls -- look at what happened to all the guys i hit -- they are gonzo or they are failing badly. hillary clinton, think about it. chuck, reported properly. they don't want to run against trump. the husband wants to come and
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accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. the last person she wants to run against his me. , was talking about trade obamacare and the second amendment. the second amendment will be saved, by the way. it will be saved. the second amendment will be with us. they want to get rid of bullets, think of paris, think of los angeles. they had no guns. paris has the toughest gun laws in the world and france, you get caught with a gun, the only one who has guns are bad guys. they call the guy a mastermind, but he's a more on.
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the french police did a great job and our los angeles least did a phenomenal job. wouldn't it be wonderful -- this hat, he has a lousy head of hair but he's a strong guy. wouldn't it be nice if they had so -- you know what they were doing? here, 130 people because there are people that are so badly injured. these are people who gave a party in honor of their marriage. .hey gave them a party a fiance permit and
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she was radicalized and he was probably radicalized i her. people knew that they were radicalized and people in the area -- who the hell doesn't know? and they did not want to talk about it. you have to report these people. no more nonsense. they did not report them because they don't disagree with them. give me a break. we have to change. tradegoing to talk about and all of this, but after paris and california, and there will be others because they have no has totallyit changed and my poll numbers went up 10 points.
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they say people view you as a tough cookie. thisare not going to take craft. .- this crap [applause] now i talk about section. i've got the greatest guys in the world. i always talk about ford. it's not going to happen with me. ford is closing plants all over michigan. how the hell does that help us? are the people who think that is good for us? we have plants all over the place and then they're going to four willand parts -- stay in the to united states. it's very simple.
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how about nabisco announced in chicago they are going to leave and go to mexico. we are not eating oreos anymore. it's not going to happen. they are going to make a product and sell it in the united states? it's not going to happen. ofdon't get anything out anything. that iran deal was a disaster. this came to me two weeks ago. worst dealal is the i've ever seen negotiated. rack.e them a that's even better. rack -- we gave
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iran iraq. take a look. among the largest oil reserves in the world. by decapitating a iraq, not only did they , we gave themeal iraq. largest have the reserves in the world. that's even better than the original. iran isis representing doing a heck of a job. going to have deals like that with me. we are going to become rich again. we are going to become safe again and we are going to become
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strong again. [applause] and you are going to remember this moment. it's going to be an important moment for all of us. go out and vote. it is going to be your turn. it starts in february 1 with iowa. three weeks -- we've got four no matter what is going on in your life, you have to go out and vote. say trump is going to do well. moreore we can win by, the power we have because it is like a mandate. here, been an honor to be will make america great
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again, i promise. thank you. [applause] thank you, everybody. ♪ we are not done a take it, gonna take it any more ♪ ♪