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tv   Weekly Presidential Address  CSPAN  January 9, 2016 6:20pm-6:31pm EST

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at the state level that would free, or set captives free, who are mired in poverty? governor huckabee: helping people understand the education is a critical ticket to avoiding poverty. so is marriage, a stable marriage, but that matters. family matters. make it harder to get a divorce, not easier. it is easier to get out of a contract for a used car in most states than it is to get out of the marriage. it is easier to get out of marriage than it is to get out of the contract for a used car. get it right. make it a little tougher to get in and even tougher to get out. i think that is a part of it. in the criminal justice system, our presenter used to say, and i thought it was so brilliant, and i quoted often, is what helped us change a lot of our policies in the state, we lack of a lot of people that we are mad at, rather than the ones we are really afraid of. there are people that need to be
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locked up -- we are afraid of them, they are dangerous. they need to be locked up. there are people that we lock up not makekly, it is sense, and economically, it is a disaster. for about $50 a day, you lock them up, for five dollars or six dollars day, you can keep them in community-based corrections systems that will also help them have rehab from drug and alcohol issues. in our prison system in arkansas, 88 percent of inmates were there because of a drug or alcohol issue. they were drunk or high when take committed the crime, or they committed the crime to get drunk or high. as we often say, we do not have a crime problem, we had a drug now call problem. we have to focus on the treatment of people who have addictions, and treat them as people with addictions rather than treat them as people with criminal behavior. the criminal behavior is subsequent to the addiction. [applause] speaker ryan: this is an issue that is coming full circle. in the 1990's we sort of overcompensated, so now i think
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we see the devastation that has occurred as a result of that. this -- conservatives of faith have seen how the power of redemption is so beautiful and important. but, these rules at the state and federal level have way overcompensated. this is an area where i think that there is a federal government over criminalizing things, and state laws have shown there is a way forward, that there is reform that works. this is an area where i think we can make a big difference and on a redemption -- honor redemption. we can see the redemption that occurs in our communities. if we don't figure it out in washington, but stop washington from being a part of the problem, so that our governors and localities can be part of the solution. governor huckabee: i know our time is almost gone, but let me respond to that by saying, the best way to do that is turn it loose at the state level and let them be the laboratories of democracy that they were intended to be. that is how it is supposed to work. obamacare is a failure because it was a 50 state experiment. all states are not the same.
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if we make a 50 state mistake, the whole country is messed up. let some governors take some ideas and road test them. if it doesn't work, you have not messed the whole country up in the process. if it really works, everybody wants to it. the best way to do that is not punish programs that are faith-based -- whether in the prisons or poverty system. you may have to turn the money list and completely let go of it, but there is no way to ever let these programs work if you deny people of faith from participating from of faith-based perspective. the reason is government can , give you a sandwich, but cannot give you a hug. quite frankly, what people need is the affirmation that as a human being they have worth and value, they are not expendable and disposable. [applause]
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speaker ryan: what a beautiful sentiment to end on. ladies and gentlemen, governor huckabee. governor huckabee: i appreciate it. [applause] speaker ryan: a quick picture? governor huckabee: i get to be the meat of the sandwich. [applause] >> great job. c-span takes you on the road to the white house. best access to the candidates at town hall meetings, speeches, rallies, and meet and greets. we are taking your comments on twitter, face, and by phone. again, take -- every campaign event we cover is available on her website at in his weekly address,
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president obama discusses the state of the u.s. auto industry. senator john hogan has the republican address and he talks about domestic energy production. president obama: hi everybody. seven years ago, the american auto industry was on the brink of collapse. and hundredslosing of thousands of workers were getting laid off from jobs that had been their ticket to a middle-class life. as the pain spread across the country, another one million americans would have lost our jobs in the middle of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. some said it was too late to turn things around, but i refuse to turn my back on so many of the workers that i had met. instead, i place my bet on american workers. i placed my that on american manufacturers. in exchange for help, we demanded responsibility. we said the auto industry would have to truly change. not just pretend that it did.
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we got labor and management to settle the differences, we got the industry to retool and restructure. everyone had some skin in the game. our plan was not popular, critics said that it was a road to socialism or a disaster waiting to happen. but i would make that that again any day of the week. because today, the american auto industry is back. this plan went into effect, automakers have added more than 640,000 new jobs. we have cut the detroit unemployment rate by more than half. the big three automakers are raising wages. seven years ago, auto sales had hit a 27 year low. last year, they hit an all-time high. later this month, i will visit the detroit auto show to see this progress firsthand. because i believe that every american should be proud of what our most iconic industry has done. americat unlike what has done these past seven years. a 70usinesses are now on month streak of job creation with more than 14 million new
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jobs in all. we have revamped our schools and the way we pay for college. we have made historic investments in clean energy and put ourselves on a path to look a low carbon future. we have brought more than 17 million americans into our health care system. we have seen health-care prices grow at the lowest rate in 50 years. and we have covered more than 90% of our people for the very first time. we have even cut our deficits by nearly 75% in the process. the point is, america can do anything. even in times of great challenge and change, our future is entirely up to us. while i'mn on my mind writing my final state of the union address and on tuesday i will talk about the choices we are making to set this country firmly on an even better, and brighter course for decades to come. thanks and have a great weekend. senator hogan: as we enter 2016, we need to member that we are truly blessed to live in the greatest country in the world thinks to military veterans, law
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enforcement, first responders and others to keep us safe and free. on tuesday, president obama will give his last state of the union address to the nation. he will likely itemize a list of what he believes to be his accomplishments and priorities. well he really need to hear about is how he will unleash the creativity and drive of the american people. as we look to the future, we need to recognize that the greatest strength of our country is the ingenuity, resourcefulness, productivity, work ethic, and talents of our people. as her publicans, we want to empower our great people and country to compete and win. that means reducing the regulatory burden, reforming and simple find the tax code, and getting our fiscal house in order. it means finding savings and andrms, reduce the size scope of government to make sure that we do not leave our kids and grandkids a big debt and deficit. hello, i'm senator john hogan, and i would like to talk to you
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today about how the u.s. needs to compete in the global energy arena. holiday season, consumers all the lowest price of fuel at the pump in seven years. as a result, more families hit the road to see loved ones and friends. if you like paying less for gas at the pump this year, you need to know that those prices are lower because america is producing more oil and gas and more supplies are keeping costs down. if americans want that to continue, we must take proactive steps so that our domestic industry can continue to grow. make no mistake, we are locked in a global battle to determine who will produce oil and gas in the world in the future. libby opec, russia, countries like venezuela? or will it be us, the united states? we took an important step toward winning that battle last month by lifting the four-year-old ban on oil exports. opec is fighting to defend their market share and exert their
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historical dominance over oil markets and energy prices. they're actually working to undermine our energy industry. as a consequence of president obama's nuclear agreement with iran, this state sponsor of terrorism will now be able to increase its oil exports at a moment when our moderate sunni allies and their partners feel increasingly threatened by iranian belligerents. as a result, saudi arabia has opened this big it to maintain its own levels of exports. letting your pins power base on the world stage is the fact that so much of europe depends on oil and gas from russia. gas is relying on oil and dollars to fund its brutal terrorist activities in the middle east and the on. part of defeating eiffel will include militarily denying them oil, revenues, which they are using to fund their operations. we cannot do that and ae


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