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tv   Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Waterloo Iowa  CSPAN  January 24, 2016 5:00am-7:01am EST

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we are seeing young people struggling with student loans and the foreign policy that leaves us confused and scared. a growing number of americans say we do not recognize the country anymore. since do not seem to be getting any better in our lives, our country, in the world. there are real doubts about what kind of country we are about to leave to our children. here is the hard truths, we are on the road to decline, because in 2008, america elected a president who was not interested in fixing the problems of america. we elected a president who wanted to change america. to become more like the rest of the world. that is why he undermines the constitution, what his success with attacking second amendment and religious liberties, and issuing executive orders that violate the constitution. this is why they have tried to take over our schools with common core, and why we have broken foreign policy.
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we have a president who sees america as arrogant, apologizes for america, reduces the military, guts it. he has betrayed allies like israel. [applause] sen. rubio: the result is the anger and frustration that people feel now. people have a right to be angry, frustrated. it is not just the democrats, but both political parties. never, in our history, has washington been more out of touch than it is now. i want to stop here and say that in washington, right now, there being buried in the snow. federal agencies were not able to work all day yesterday issuing new regulations. [applause] sen. rubio: apparently, barack obama's executive order pen has frozen. [laughter] sen. rubio: this is the best thing that has happened to the republic in a while. the entire republican
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leadership, when i ran, told me i couldn't. we ran, we won. i wanted the next senator from florida to be one who could stand up to this agenda and offer an alternative. that is why i chose to run for president now. the same people came out, the same leaders of the party, who said who said, "you cannot run." there have been $25 million of attack ads run against me. money.not grass roots those are big checks, by people who thought i needed to wait in line, we might turn. this is not a time for patience. after seven years of obama, it is a time for urgency. [applause]
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sen. rubio: if we get the selection wrong, there may be no turning around for america. but, here is the good news. the good news, and i know it is hard to believe, given all the problems we have, but here's the good news. if we get this election right, america can be greater than it has ever been. we can be more prosperous than we have ever been. [applause] sen. rubio: it begins by letting electing a president that didn't just read about the things we go through, but someone who understands it personally. hillary clinton cannot lecture me about student loans. i had a student loan, three years ago, that was over $100,000. i only paid off because i wrote a book called, "american son." now available on paperback. [laughter] sen. rubio: she can't lecture me about living paycheck to
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paycheck. i lived paycheck to paycheck. she cannot lecture me about how hard it is for working families. my wife and i are raising four children right now. [applause] sen. rubio: and we know, firsthand, how hard it is to ensure they grow with the values we want to teach them, not the values that the media and popular culture is trying to ram down our throats. [applause] sen. rubio: the next president needs to be somebody that understands these things, who is equally frustrated with the direction of the country. that is why i want your vote. being frustrated about the direction of america alone is not enough. the next president, needs to tell you, before their president, exactly what they're going to do about it.
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i will to you exactly what i'm going to do. i will take the oath of office, which means i will place the left hand on the bible and my right hand in the air in swear to protect and uphold the constitution. unlike barack obama, i mean it. [applause] sen. rubio: we will defend the second amendment, not undermine. we will protect the religious liberties of all americans. [applause] sen. rubio: i will go to the oval office and repeal every single one of his executive orders. every single one. [applause] sen. rubio: these crazy epa rules will be gone on my first day in office. [applause] sen. rubio: any work being done by federal agencies who oppose common core in the schools, it stops. [applause]
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sen. rubio: this ridiculous and dangerous deal with iran is canceled. my first day in office. i will support a convention of the states so we can get term limits on congress and judges. [applause] sen. rubio: and, a balanced budget amendment so we can put the budget under control once and for all. [applause] sen. rubio: we will embrace free enterprise, reduce taxes, scale back regulations, utilize the energy resources in america. we will make it the best place in the world to create better paying jobs and restore the economy. [applause]
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sen. rubio: when i am president, we get rid of obamacare. [applause] sen. rubio: by the way, i'm the only one running for president that has ever done anything meaningful against obamacare. in 2009, they created a bailout fund where your tax money was used to bailout the insurance companies. we got rid of the bailout and saved taxpayers $2 billion. [applause] sen. rubio: people are saying it is terrible, it will lead to the collapse of obamacare. yes, i hope it will. [applause] sen. rubio: when i am president, we will repeal obamacare and put you in charge of your health care and health insurance. [applause] sen. rubio: an issue that is
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talked a lot about is immigration. i tell you this with full confidence: there has never been a candidate that understands the issue more personally than i do. my father was an immigrant, my brother was an immigrant. my grandparents were immigrants. my wife's family are immigrants. i live in a community of immigrants. i understand every aspect of this issue, the good, the bad, the ugly. i will tell you three things. first, this is about keeping isis out of america. [applause] sen. rubio: it is outrageous the democratic candidates from the senate will tell us how she voted on the syrian refugees from a few days ago. if we do not know why you're coming for 100% certainty, you will not get into the united states of america when i am president. [applause] sen. rubio: the second, as the son of an immigrant, i can tell you that immigration law is not anti-immigrant. it is not. this is what sovereign nations do.
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we will hire 20,000 new border agents and finish the 700 miles of fencing and walls the experts tell us we need. we will have mandatory e-verify. we will have a tracking system to make sure those with visas do not overstay. only after we have done that will be do anything else could it will not be amnesty. i do not support amnesty. there are consequences for violating immigration laws. if your criminal alien, you can and should be immediately reported-- you are a criminal alien, you can and should be immediately deported. [applause] sen. rubio: if you violate that, as a city, you will lose federal funding. [applause] sen. rubio: last, but not least,
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the most important thing the federal government does, it keeps us safe. the world is a dangerous place. there's a lunatic and north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese have hacked our computers and built up their military. putin is creating aggression all over the world. iran will get $100 million, and isis is beheading people. with this growing danger, they are cutting the military. they're not spending enough on the military. this is the most of printing the federal government is supposed to do. we are about to have the smallest army we have had since the end of world war ii. we are have got to have the smallest and 80 we've had in 100 years-- smallest navy we've had in 100 years and the oldest airplanes in our history. there are people running as republicans who have voted to spend even less, budgets that brag about how they cut defense.
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when i am president of the united states, we're not cutting defense spending. we're rebuilding the u.s. military. the world is a safer and better place when we are the strongest military in the world. [applause] sen. rubio: when i am president, we will have a real war on terror. not a series of speeches and half measures. here's what it will be like. the best intelligence agency in the world is going to tell us who the terrorists are and where they are. the best military in the world is going to destroy these terrorists. if we capture any of these people a lot, they are not getting a lawyer or their miranda rights. they get a one-way ticket to guantanamo. [applause]
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sen. rubio: in guantanamo, we will find out everything they know. everything they know. we're going to keep america safe. [applause] sen. rubio: so, in closing, let me say that i know we face some extraordinary challenges in america today. some people are pessimistic about the system, because we are the road to decline. if we stay on the road, we will have to explain to our children why they are the first americans in history to inherit a diminished country from their parents. but this is about taking things in a different direction, one that will allow us to make this nation greater and more prosperous than it ever has been. that is why it is so important, and that is what we do here in new hampshire. we cannot afford to allow hillary clinton to win, or bernie sanders, for that matter. i think he is a great candidate for president of norway. [laughter]
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sen. rubio: i have nothing against norway. i don't want to be called anti-norwegian. i have nothing against norway. we have a great candidate for you, bernie sanders. [laughter] sen. rubio: billy clinton is disqualified. she stored personal information on her blackberry. it is exposed to north korea, china, and she lies to the victims of benghazi. [applause] sen. rubio: she cannot the president of the united states-- be president of the united states. every day, her campaign attacked me, because they know if i'm the nominee, i will beat her.
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they don't want to run against me. i cannot wait to run against her. we cannot just elect any republican. it has to be someone committed to undoing the obama agenda. this is not a choice between parties. this is a generational choice about what type of country we will be in the 21st century. we can either be greater than we have ever been or the first-generation to leave our children worse off than themselves. this is no different than what the generations before us had to do. for 200 years, each generation made the right choice. i am moved by this cost. america is not just the country i was born in. it changed the history of my family.
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my parents came there with nothing kid working as a bartender and a maid, with no money, no connections, no higher education, they were able to own a home, retire with dignity, leave their children better off than themselves. this could only be possible here. this is the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and that was not an accident. we are the greatest nation because of what the people that came before us did. for 200 years, each generation confronted their challenges and embrace opportunity. that is what your grandparents did, your great great parents did-- great grandparents did. now is the time to embrace the greatest generation, and when i am president, we will. [applause] sen. rubio: as bad as things seem, we on the verge of doing what needs to be done. when i am president, we will. when i am president, we are going to re-embraced all of the things that made america great, and we are going to apply them to the challenges of the new century. and i promise this, if we do that, we won't just save the american dream, we will expand it to reach more people and change more lives than ever before. our children will be the freest, most prosperous americans that ever lived. the 21st century won't be just as good as the 20th century, we can make it a new american century. [applause] sen. rubio: i'm asking you for your vote. a bunch of other people are too. one in every six republicans are running for president. [laughter] sen. rubio: i saw the ballot. i'm asking for your vote.
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if you nominate me, we will beat hillary clinton. we will undo the damage barack obama has done to america and usher in the greatest era in our history. i will unite this country, not divide you against each other. i will cut taxes for the people to protest against me, too. i will work every day to get -- to make america safe.
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you will always be proud that you supported me. we will leave america for our children as great as our parents left it for us, the greatest nation in history. thank you. [applause] >> we have a question. hold on. microphone.
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>> hello. i have a two-part question. the first part is really quick. what happens when bert and ernie have a baby? you get a bernie. [laughter] >> that's a joke. would you support bernie sanders' plan to tax co2? sen. rubio: no. we do not have a tax problem. we have over taxation in this country. these people are obsessed with taxes. concussions in football, let's put a tax on concussions. they are tax-crazy. tax this, tax that. do you know why businesses are leaving america? because we are one of the most tax crazy environments in the world. we will reduce taxes and embrace free enterprise. we will make poor people richer without having to make rich people poorer. [applause]
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rubio: that is why we are going to get rid of taxes when i am president. senator, for coming out. i am wondering, specifically which taxes should we cut to allow businesses to grow? sen. rubio: the personal rate can be as big as 39.5%. the first thing i am going to do is ensure that all businesses in america are taxed no more than 25%, no matter how you are organized. that will make us globally competitive. you will immediately be able to expense everything in your business. under my tax plan, you will be able to write off expenses right
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away. third, we will bring some of the money back, the $2 trillion overseas, by moving to a territorial taxation system. we have $2 trillion of american corporate money overseas. that's the size of the russian economy. we will bring that back. we will not have a back tax, a value-added tax like in europe and canada. we will not. and we will not, as some others support, and internet -- have an internet sales tax. [applause] sen. rubio: 10,000 jurisdictions across america are not going to be breathing down your neck to collect a sales tax. you should not be forced to collect sales tax in new jersey
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or any state in america. [applause] how would yout, address poverty, in africa? sen. rubio: it is important for us to be engaged in world issues. i would remind everyone, america has already done more than anyone else. peoplethe most generous on this planet. america has only done more than anybody else, both are taxpayer and individuals. where the most generous people on this planet. people are alive in africa today because we have funded hiv medications that have kept people alive. ultimately, it is up to those countries to decide they want to embrace economic models that allow them to be prosperous. we can help within limits, but their destiny is in their hands. our priority is to keep america
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stronger than it has ever been. [applause] >> senator rubio, i don't understand why somebody people consider you establishment. this is the label you have been given. you are the one who can defeat hillary. [applause] >> can you explain why you are the wind whose -- the one who should win the nomination? sen. rubio: i ran against the entire republican leadership in
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the senate. even now, i am not complaining, i am pointing it out, i'm not complaining about this, there has been $25 million spent attacking me. that did not come from $50 checks. those were multimillion dollar checks. they told me i cannot run, have not been there long enough. every time we listen to people in washington who tell us who we should nominate, we lose. i will beat hillary clinton, because the issues she talks about, i have lived. she cannot lecture me about these things. she cannot lecture me about student loans. i had one. she cannot lecture me about people who are struggling to make it. my parents never made a lot of money. that is why believe in free enterprise. it is the best way to help people climb up, stand on their feet. she cannot lecture anyone on national security. she is disqualified from being commander-in-chief. [applause] sen. rubio: and so, we will win the election if i am the
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nominee. i will beat hillary clinton. they know that. i know that. that is why i cannot wait, god willing, to be the leader of this country. we will turn this country away from the disaster of barack obama. [applause] >> i am a child. my parents are going to pass the station down to my generation. you touched on a lot of issues, and i want to know what you felt was the most pressing, and how you are going to fix it. sen. rubio: i didn't get your name? >> caitlin clark. i am 11. [applause]
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sen. rubio: i have four children. having a standup today makes me miss them. my oldest daughter is 15, my nexus 13, my boys are 10 years old and eight years old. it is hard to be away for my kids. i will never get these years back that i'm away. i will tell you why i am running. i wanted to inherit a country as special as the one given to me. america changed the history of my family. when my father was nine, he went to work and never back-to-school. he worked for the next 70 years of his life. the first word my father learned was written phonetically, "i am looking for work." he would say that in broken english.
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they struggled for the first few years. he became a bartender in miami beach. my mom was a cashier, unmade, a stock clerk. they never became rich or famous. they never made a lot of money. they were able to own a home and retired with dignity. they lived to see all four children better than themselves, and there is no other place in the world where this could of happened. anywhere else on the planet, and i would not be standing here today. most places so you can only be what your parents were. that is good news if your parents are wealthy and connected to my parents, thanks to god, happened to wind up in the one place on earth where that is not true. i want you, when you are my age,
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to live in a country that still does that. i want you, and my children, and that generation, to inherit a country not just as good as the one that welcome to my parents, but one that is better. we are losing that. we are losing that. every country in the world has rich people. we celebrate financial success. but what makes us special are the firefighters, nurses, teachers. [applause] sen. rubio: the veterans. [applause] sen. rubio: when you become a firefighter, you will not get rich being a firefighter. your goal is to own a home, raise your family, afford patriots season-tickets. [laughter] sen. rubio: to retire with dignity. that is the american dream. we are losing it because our president is taking us more like the rest of the world. what countries the people come here to get away from. there is no way in the world i can stand by, after everything america has done for me, and watch that happen. my kids deserve a country as good as the one my parents left for me. i will fight every day to make sure that happens.
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>> with that, senator, we will wrap it up. sen. rubio: thank you. [applause] >> they keep. gov. bush: thank you very much. hey, dad. hey, w. how are you doing? [laughter] gov. bush: i appreciate all of your hard work on behalf of the conservative cause. fitm. something you take very
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seriously. and now, on my journey for the last nine months, i have loved campaigning. i love interacting with people that are concerned about the future of the country, not latched onto the big personalities, they are interested in how we might reserve social security, create an environment where people's lives will get better. how we will make america safer, stronger, for your. i have learned a lot being a candidate. and i look forward to the next two weeks. we need a proven leader to be the president of the united states. one month and a half ago, i went to the citadel in south carolina. i was asked to give a speech about the role of america in the world. there was an elite group of young men, the majority of whom would serve in the military, the marines, navy, the army. we did about 25 push-ups, which i barely got done. situps, calisthenics. then, they said, "let's go right. -- go run." they asked me questions. " will you have my back in the military?"
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"will you support the troops?" "what is the role of america in the world?" "will we get back in the game?" my answer was yes, i will back up the troops could i have 11 middle of honor recipient supporting me. admirals and generals are supporting me, because they want a leader that restores the role of america in the world. i laid out what we needed to do. we need to rebuild the military. the army needs to get back to 490,000 troops rather than 420,000, a devestating number. this president talks about how you are not behind his leading from behind angle, as if we are just another vote in the united nations, that you are a warmonger, and occupier.
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that is totally false. the presidents behind me understood that and advocated peace through strength. the way to a more stable and peaceful world is to rebuild and make sure we don't have to use it. we need to make sure the force levels are high. right now half of the marines stationed in the united states are not -- don't reach the level of readiness. imagine that. the navy now is half the size it was at the time of operations desert storm and two weeks ago the secretary of defense called for greater
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cutbacks. the air force is older than the pilots. the planes are older than the pilots that fly them. we're creating situations where more and more deployments take place where families are stretched. we have to rebuild the military. you asked our government, our federal government to do one thing, it is to keep us safe. you cannot do that by talking your way to security. you can't talk about red lines and not follow up. you can't talk about leading from behind, a notion that should be eliminated from the language of any president of the united states. you can't talk tough calling isis the j.v. team and do nothing about it. you can't call russia a regional power and in 30 days allow them to invade ukraine. you have to back it up with the strongest, mightiest military force known to man. that is how you create security. i pledge to those cadets that is exactly what i will do. [applause] in august of this year i had a chance to go to the library to
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lay out a detailed plan to destroy isis. that is before the attacks on paris. that's before the tragedy of san bernadino. because, my friends, it was a problem then, too. it's easy to react to events. everybody does that. all of a sudden you see these strong men emerge when there is a problem front and center and all of a sudden national security becomes a real issue for people because they're scared. but prior to that, isis was a threat. they're a threat when they form a caliphate the size of indiana. 35,000 to 40,000 battle tested radical islamic terrorists controlling territory and hundreds of millions of dollars of resources. and so in the reagan library i laid out a strategy to deal with this threat. it means we need to arm the kurds with more sophisticated weapons directly because they're our strongest fighting force and strongest allies in iraq. [applause] it means we need to reestablish a relationship with the sunni
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tribal leaders that have been pushed away when we abandoned iraq. the void was filled by militia, shia militia and by isis. and the sunnies that were our partners to create a fragile but secure iraq need to get back in the game and know that the united states will be there to help them. it means we have to embed our troops that are already there, by the way, 3500 troops, inside the iraqi military to give them the training and back bone they need to ultimately create security. it means we need to get lawyers off the backs of the war fighters so they can do their job. this is not a law enforcement exercise. [applause] it means we need safe zones in syria to deal with the refugee problem. the way you solve this problem is to deal with the cause of the -- the reason why there are 4 million people uprooted from their homes. we need safe zones. today there are people starving to death because of the brutality of the assad regime and if you're a christian or a moderate muslim inside of isis
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controlled territories you're either going to be beheaded, raped, or enslaved. there needs to be safe zones for these folks who we also need a safe zone to have a sunni led force. with the arab world financing and support, a unified force, well trained to take out isis and bring about stability in syria. the no fly zone people are worried about? we need one. we need to make sure our air superiority allows us to do exactly what we need to do. to stop the barrel bombing and stop the killing and make sure that isis terrorists are looking up in the air from time to time wondering when they will be hit. no more leaflets being sent to the truck drivers. [applause] no more leaflets being sent to truck drivers saying, hey, by the way, i know you may not know this but your -- you may not know you're an enemy combatant. please change your views. don't be a truck driver to take illicit sales of diesel fuel and gasoline to, across turkey or to sell it to the assad
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regime. they know who they are. they're participating in this war. isis has declared war on us. we need to declare war on them. and as president of the united states i will do just that. [applause] this is the third anniversary of hillary clinton's testimony where she said, it doesn't make a difference on benghazi. third anniversary. well, we now know it made a big difference for hillary clinton. it made a big difference for her. when she had to testify under oath, she said that the reason why we have this threat, why benghazi occurred, was because of terrorism. even though she told the families something completely different. that she was going to go after the director of the video that they through the fog of war continued to say that that was the reason why benghazi took place. she lied to the families and told the truth to her daughter and to the president.
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shameful. shameful. we do not need hillary clinton as commander-in-chief and president of the united states. [applause] i spend most of my time in new hampshire so i get to see everybody's tv ads. there are a lot of them. i don't know how you guys -- god bless you. [laughter] i guess we don't have the car ads anymore here so maybe there is some benefit if you don't like car ads you're not going to see any for a while. but in those ads hillary clinton touts her secretary of state experience, that her experience makes her qualified to be president. well, let's talk about that. benghazi, iran, calling assad a reformer. he's killed 250,000 innocent people. the russian reset. that hasn't worked out very well. all of this is a sign of a secretary of state and a foreign policy that is reactive rather than believing that the united states leadership in the world truly matters. here's the deal.
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should i become president of the united states, the first thing i would do as president would be to announce we're moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem to show that we're back in the game in the middle east. [applause] and i will make sure that our friends know that we have their backs. that we won't be talking as much as we had over the last eight years. no. not as much talking. but they'll know that we have their back. and our enemies will fear us not to create a condition for war but to create a more stable peace. i don't believe that hillary clinton understands that. and i do. i think it's important to have someone that has a steady hand to be president of the united states in these dangerous times. if we're going to create a more stable world what are we going to do at home? here is what i believe to be true. the washington culture needs to change. i believe passionately because i had first-hand experience as governor of a state that needed to have a little bit of change as well, a little bit of disruption, a little bit of
5:39 am
turning upside down and shaken a little bit. that's what i did as governor of the state of florida. we need term limits just as we have in florida. it works. i promise you. we need it in washington, d.c. [applause] we need a line item veto power for the next president of the united states. i know how that works because i used the line item veto power to the extent that they called me veto corlione. totaling $2.5 billion. not to be the big dog on the stage and show i was all powerful but simply to say, look. government shouldn't grow faster than our ability to pay for it. that's what we should be doing s limiting government's power. elected officials when they finish their time ought to go back home. we should have a six-year lobbying ban so they don't immediately go out the back door and begin to lobby their former colleagues. this is a system no one believes works anymore. they can't balance budgets. they can't even pass a budget.
5:40 am
even when they agree they find ways not to agree. they argue about arcane amendments to bills that never get passed. it is so removed from every day life. disposable income in this country is down $2300 from the days barack obama was elected, nominated or inaugurated as president. there are 6.5 million more people living in poverty. they're talking about stuff that is completely irrelevant to the lives of people outside of washington, d.c. changing the culture is the first step to getting government back on the side of people that want to rise up and i know how to do that because i did it as governor of the state of florida. [applause] as governor, we took on the civil service system, the idea of lifetime employment that you can just basically ride it out. 40%, pay for federal workers is 40% higher than in the private sector for a lifetime job and you get a lifetime employment guarantee? no. that's not how it works.
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in florida we took on very powerful interests and changed our career civil service system so while floridians were creating 1.3 million jobs in my eight years, leading the nation seven out of eight years, the government declined by 11% in terms of the number of jobs because you could fire someone for incompetence and, guess what? government workers, most of them are good people, did better jobs because they knew they had to and they knew they wanted to and the people around them that didn't care got fired. it lifted the morale of the departments and agencies that did important work. we need that in washington, d.c. you know where it should start? the veterans administration. the department of veterans affairs. [applause] i have traveled all across this country talking to veterans organizations, to veterans, to people that have served, and it is disgraceful. it is disgraceful what we do with veterans. they serve. they sacrifice.
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their families sacrifice. they have unique challenges when they come home. and we treat them as though they don't care. they are not important. they are important. it is a definition of who we are as a nation, how we treat our veterans. and here's the deal. as president of the united states i won't take any excuses for the scandals and the corruption and the ineptitude that exists inside the department of veterans affairs. we'll start canning people. i promise you it will get better because it has to get better. no more waiting lists for veterans. lowering the waiting list and having bonuses of $140 million going out to people in management without giving veterans care where veterans die and only three people were fired. heads will roll outside that department. i promise you that. because we need to do a better job. [applause] we will make sure veterans have a card that says they can go to a private provider. i know that is such an
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unamerican idea to get consumer's choices. at a town hall meeting two days ago a daughter of a veteran, an elderly man, had to drive an hour and a half to go down to boston to a veteran clinic when her dad was having an illness. at 2:00 in the morning. there are hospitals galore in her community that could have easily taken him. it was not a veteran related disease. it was simply the gentleman was aging. why shouldn't he have a card that says i'm going to go my regional hospital or i'm going to go to my local doctor? that is the fair and right thing to do. [applause] if we change the culture in washington, then we can get about the business of changing the economy of this country to make sure that we have high, sustained economic growth. i have laid out a detailed agenda on how to do that. wonks in or all the the crowd, any besides me?
5:44 am
go to jeb and you'll see the full agenda to create a 4% growth strategy. i know how to do this because in florida our growth was 4.4% in eight years. we can do this. don't let anybody tell you that we should lessen the aspirations of this extraordinary country. don't let anybody tell you that the new normal is 2% growth. you just have to get used to it. here's the deal. 2% growth? means more people, interdependent, intergenerational poverty. more people stuck. 2% growth means declining income for the middle class. 2% growth means that young people will be correct in their views today, millennials, that believe that the american dream is dead. 4% growth on the other hand will lift people out of poverty, will begin to allow people to have a pay raise for the first time in a decade. will make sure that this country continues to be hopeful and optimistic. where people will embrace the unforeseen because they won't be fearful of it. they'll opt to economic opportunity over economic
5:45 am
security. that means we need a radical departure on what we have today. on day one, i will repeal all of the obama care rules that are work in progress. i will respect the constitution. i believe in the second article 2 of the constitution. i think we need a strong presidency. this president has trampled over the constitution, creating doubts and fear and divides that should not exist. that's what we need to do. [applause] growing our economy will lift our spirits but we also need to recognize that we have to win. we can talk about the conservative cause. man, i've been doing it a long time. i'm 600 years old in political years. some of you may know that. they're like dog years. 64 n remember in 19 campaigning as a 10-year-old for that guy right there when he was running for the united states senate. it was george, jeb, neil, marvin. i don't know if darla was even
5:46 am
born yet on an elephant in midland, texas. i've believed in the conservative cause my entire adult life. i have fought for the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, individual freedom that the pursuit of dreams individually in this extraordinary country will create more opportunities, more benefits than any government program ever created. i believe that in my heart and i know you do as well. [applause] but in order for that to come true, for us to embrace that again, to renew our country, we have to win. we have to win. and how are we going to do that? my belief is we'll dethat by having someone who has a proven record, who has a record of running through the fire -- running to the fire rather than cutting and running. we have a lot of politicians that are gifted now. a lot of them are running for president of the united states. we got a lot of people running for president of the united states. i hope you want someone who has a heart for people. i hope you want someone who has a spine. who will stand on principle.
5:47 am
fight for the principles we believe in. has a proven record to show it. whose ambition is service to others rather than making sure that they're going to look good for the next political possibility. we have the front running candidate for president of the united states in our party right now who's not a conservative. he isn't. he's a gifted entertainer but he's not a conservative. [applause] donald trump gave money to the clintons. bill clinton, hillary clinton, clinton foundation. donald trump said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. in less than a decade donald trump's views on the second amendment, on the cause of human life, across the board on the moral and social issues, have gone from extreme left to i don't know what. donald trump proposed less than a decade ago a tax of 14.5% on the assets of people in this
5:48 am
country. that is not conservative. donald trump believes and admires the single payor system. that is bernie sanders' position. that is not conservative. for a republican to win, we need a conservative in charge of leading the charge for the conservative party to take on hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and we have to do it in a way that draws people to our cause. i don't know about you but i am sick and tired of politicians that divide us up in our des parrot parts, that find ways to disparage people to make themselves look strong. it is not strong to insult women. it is not strong. it is not a sign of strength when you insult hispanics. it is not a sign of strength. it is not a sign of strength when you say that a p.o.w. is a loser because they got caught. john mccain is a hero.
5:49 am
[applause] it is not a sign of strength, disparaging the disabled in this country. it is not. it is a sign of deep insecurity and weakness. [applause] so you all have this incredible opportunity. maybe you consider it a responsibility. maybe it's a burden to you. i hope it isn't. you have the responsibility of reshaping this race in my mind. you certainly have the opportunity to do it if you like. do you want a president that cares for people that are stuck in poverty? do you want a president that believes that the middle class needs to get higher income? do you want president that as commander-in-chief will have a steady hand, that won't say the craziest stuff in the world to create insecurity for us and for the troops that we count on to keep us safe? you can make that choice. you have the chance to reshape the whole primary. the pundits have it all figured out. they've got it all figured out.
5:50 am
they just marvel at all this stuff and the conventional wisdom has converged. they've got it all. they're the smart people. they're not voting. you all are making this decision. i have total confidence in the wisdom and judgment of new hampshire voters that takes the time to ask the right questions, that takes the time to challenge the candidates, make them walk on the hot coals, to do it politely. you make us walk on the hot coals. i have total confidence and belief that you'll make the right choice. i humbley ask for your support and i promise you, should i be our party's nominee i will unite around common purpose and the conservative cause and i will defeat hillary clinton and we will restore america's greatness. thank you all very much. [applause] thank you, guys.
5:51 am
questions? yes, sir. mic is right behind you. >> i have a national security question to ask you. it's about a particular type of nuclear attack called electric row magnetic pulse. >> yes. >> some of your opponents in the primaries have forth rightly talked about this issue and have been pill rid in the press. >> why? >> well, they're called, if you read the "new york times" or "the washington post" -- >> i don't. >> there are references to people who talk about this particular type of nuclear attack, electric roe magnetic pulse forth rightly as wearing tin foil hats, crazies, crack pots, that kind of thing. >> got you. >> is this a serious national security issue? >> it is. i got to tell you an interesting new hampshire story because on my first, i think it was my first trip here, i went to politics and pie. in con torrid. you guys got great titles for events. i've enjoyed the, was it
5:52 am
politics and eggs. politics and pie. and the first question this lady asked me and apparently she has a -- she tries to find trick questions, you know, to see if you can trip up the candidate. she said, are you concerned bout e.m.p.? electro magnetic pulse? i would not have known that to be honest with you. i had no clue what that was 10 days before but i had just read an article about it. and if you read the articles about what this is, damn right it's an important issue. there's no tin foil problems with this. this is a huge issue. it could actually happen naturally. and the more that we're dependent upon the grid for everything, you think about today, half of the east coast is shut down. if the grid was shut down, it would just paralyze everybody in place. we are totally dependent upon the interconnectivity that exists technologically now. so it is hugely important. a surge inside the grid could destroy, just freeze us in place.
5:53 am
it would be chaotic. if it was an agressive act taken by a hostile nation it would have a dramatic impact. or by ultimately a rogue nation that believed in the apocalypse. it is a serious problem. it's one of many new challenges that we face as a nation. one of the dangers i think in politics is that we focus on the old battles. look, there are things that we, a traditional army and air force is still important. we need to maintain the traditional force structures but we also need to recognize from a national security point of view that these asymetric threats of terror are important, cyber security is hugely important. this issue of the grid and its attack, the attack on the grid is important and how we deal with the space just in terms of our capabilities which we're gutting now. i am from florida and have a special place in my heart for the space industry. it's part of our d.n.a. as a nation. but from the defense posture we are not -- we are, the gap that we have, superiority gap has
5:54 am
narrowed. the russians app chinese are totally committed to this and we hold back. so it is not a tin foil question. it's a good question and i think the next president needs to make sure he is vigilant on that subject. yes, sir? right behind you. >> governor, thanks for coming out. i'm from the neighboring state of massachusetts. >> oh, okay. you don't matter. you matter a lot sir. don't take that as a joke. march first is your primary. love to have your vote. >> looking forward to having you come down. many people feel that the greatest threat to national security is the $19 trillion national debt. >> yep. >> and can you give us some specifics on what you would do to get that under control? >> sure. t is a threat. economically, it's hard to imagine how we could restore the military strength of the country. the solution to the deficit or the debt is to reduce the
5:55 am
deficit. and the way you would do that is, first, grow the economy, create pro growth strategies as it relates to regulations and taxes, embracing the energy revolution. those three things will jump-start investment in our own country. we've had a recovery that is totally consumer driven, not capital investing. and so our wages have declined and our growth is tepid. 2% growth that is acceptable today. work force participation rates are lower. you lessen demands on government with higher growth and you increase revenue for government by higher growth. it is far better to do that than raising taxes because that is a, you know, creates a lid on economic growth. so growing the economy. secondly, we need entitlement reform and social security reform. i've laid out detailed plans to do that. that saves over 10 years hundreds of billions of dollars. if we don't do it, the growth of medicaid, medicare, obama care, and the kid care program, the schip program will grow at
5:56 am
6, 7, 8% per year far more than the revenue the government takes in and far more than any other government program. we have to reform these programs. and i've laid out detailed plans to preserve and protect social security but move to a system that is sound that won't create huge drains. similarly with medicare and medicaid. we need to do the same thing. i think states ought to run the medicaid programs. we ought to shift all of this out of washington, d.c. [applause] we need to get rid of obama care and replace it with a consumer driven private sector oriented patient centered health care insurance system that will lower costs. that's the second part. the third part is we need civil service reform. there are too many government workers. we can reduce and i promise you we'll reduce the government work force by 10% just by attrition. my plan says if you want to hire someone in a department you have to have three vacancies created. we can shrink the government but we need reform so that they
5:57 am
can embrace technology and be rewarded for a job well done but it should not be lifetime employment. that creates huge costs. then finally across the spectrum of government as much as possible beyond medicaid, education programs, the delegated authority to e.p.a., transportation programs. washington is not the place where this should take place. they should be providing this money in bloc grants back to the state. and i trust states. maybe it's because i'm a governor. i just think you have the chance to do it the right way from the beginning. you get a far better result if you just, if you didn't have all the infrastructure and all the old elements of it. if you had the ability to say if we weren't doing it this way how would we do it? that is a liberating kind of approach on policy and that's how you get the balance, get the budget to balance. and then the growth of the economy as it relates to debt begins to get smaller. we have to do this. there is no way for us to grow as a country unless we deal with the fact that government is growing far faster than our
5:58 am
ability to pay for it. yes, ma'am? [applause] >> i'm sorry. >> it's yours. you win. [question inaudible] >> i hope you're going to ask me about the student loan program. >> no. i'm going to ask how you plan to identify and root out terrorist threats and national security threats without threatening individual privacy rights. >> everybody hear the question? how do we balance our civil liberties concerns, the right of privacy in our own country, innocent citizens, and protect the homeland? well, in my mind, that's what we did with the patriot act. and the reauthorization of the patriot act was the right thing to do. i would have supported including the metadata program in it. people have no trust right now that the government is not snooping on us because, you know, you see the revelations of snowden and other things like that. there's no evidence. there is no evidence that the federal government is snooping on innocent people.
5:59 am
none. people say it but there is no evidence that's the case. there is evidence that the metadata program combined with other tools of the patriot act have had the ability to keep us safe. and that's the first priority as a government. they attack our freedoms, the people that are trying to attack us, they see our freedom as a vulnerability. the way you protect the freedom is use these tools with all sorts of safeguards in place. the fisa corps, making sure that you have, if there is any case where someone is violating civil liberties you bring the hammer down on people that do it knowingly or unknowingly. we can protect civil liberties and keep us safe. the challenge now though is the trust that has been broken now makes it harder. technology companies are now not cooperating with the united states government. we need to restore the trust between the government and the large technology reforms where much of the conversation in our lives go through. the terrorists now encrypt their messages and we don't have a back door means by which
6:00 am
to identify how that works. that could only happen with enhanced cooperation. other countries no longer believe that the united states is a serious partner because of the revelations of snowden so they've cut off communications. we have to restore this trust. it can't be done by law. it has to be done with a level of cooperation that will keep us safe. thank you all very much. god bless you all. i wish i could answer more questions. come to my town hall meeting. [applause] thank you.
6:01 am
thank you. >> thank you. nice to be here with -- wow, there are a lot of people here. you'd think we were getting close to a big day. are we? i want to say a couple of things and then maybe we can do a few questions. by the end of business tomorrow night i will have done 75 town hall meetings, how's that? [applause] so john mccain, if you're watching, i'm catching you. we're just going to keep plugging. it's great to be here. for all of you in this state, i think i've been described as somebody who doesn't do much pandering but i wanted to say to
6:02 am
you that this process of new hampshire is fantastic and the process of the town halls is just great. regardless of how i do here, i believe that this first in the nation primary where people really don't care if you're rich or famous or -- it doesn't matter. they want to look at you, they want to poke you, maybe take a little smell once in a while. size you up. and try to figure out whether you've got the right stuff to be president of the united states. and i tell you, i think it's a great process and the country needs to understand that this recommendation that comes out of new hampshire is really one that you've all thought carefully about. just a couple of things before i take questions. you know, i'm very positive about the future of our country.
6:03 am
i mean, i don't spend much time looking in the rearview mirror. i don't know whether you know or not -- i'm sure there's reason to celebrate -- but barack obama is only going to be president for a few more months. [applause] news,t's sort of like old though. you know, it's like i'm in this big bus, you know. it's lady antebellum's old bus. my wife says has your singing improved? but when you're in that bus -- i'm talking to the bus driver brad about how he drives it. i said do you spend much time looking at the rearview mirrors? he said really, i don't because if i want to drive this bus effectively, i don't look at what's behind us. i look through the front windshield at that car and he says you see that red car deliming up that hill? that's where i keep my eyes and
6:04 am
that's exactly where i keep my eyes. i keep it on the future. so do we have serious problems? yeah, we do. are they solveable? there's no doubt they're solveable and i actually feel as though they're easier to solve when you're sort of positive about the ability to get it done than when you're moping about where we are. why might i feel that way? what is it that i'm seeing that causes me to be optimistic about the future? well, in 1982 i was the only republican in america to defeat an incumbent democrat and i ran in 1982 in a very down time. i think we lost like 26 seats in the united states house of representatives and reagan lost his working majority but in 19 i was elected running on the reagan agenda. now, ronald reagan came in the
6:05 am
election of 1980. you remember his famous line. it's morning in america. it was morning in america and i was there and worked with ronald reagan to see this country reach new heights, new strengths, new optimism. it didn't happen overnight but it happened. and america's confidence, america's spirit and our american strength was restored because of ronald reagan and i was there to see it. i was there when ronald reagan was able to sit down with tip o'neill and be able to strengthening -- strengthen our social security program. everybody says well, they were great friends. they weren't great friends. they were a couple of irishmen who liked to have a drink. nothing unusual about that. but they decided that they were americans before they were anything else and that program was in so much trouble. they didn't fix it forever because we're going to have to
6:06 am
fix it again but they worked together to get it done. you know, i went to the soviet union as a member of the defense committee. i believe it was in early -- might have been early 1989. i met these russian generals. i can actually remember going down into a missile silo where the missile would have been aimed at us and i remember jogging into red square and having a couple of agents in -- i don't know who they were -- with trench coats trying to keep up with me as i ran into red square. and then i remember when we were in berlin and i remember getting off the bus and having these soldiers in east berlin scream at me. kind of scared me. they said get back on the bus. but you see, i also remember when the berlin wall came atumbling down. who would have ever dreamt it? and we better think about it
6:07 am
today. what an accomplishment to have seen people all over the world set free. and then it wasn't much after that that i saw us engage in the troubles in central america. and i saw things improve. and it wasn't long after that that i saw a coalition of arabs d westerners get together to shove saddam hussein out of kuwait. i was there. i was in kuwait right after it happened. i was there when the oil fields were on fire, and what a successful effort it was for the world itself to achieve success and of course i was there in 1997 because i was the chief architecture of the last time we balanced the -- architect of the last time we balanced the budget and we paid down a half a trillion dollars of the national
6:08 am
debt and we were just ruling in this country with the creation of jobs and progress. [applause] nd i was there in 2010 after being elected looking at a state that had lost 350,000 jobs, our credit was headed south, people were depressed. and we were running a 20% lower cut in potential shortfall in our operating budget in ohio. they said it couldn't be fixed. i went to new york and met with the rating agencies. they said you can't fix ohio. i said you just watch what happens in ohio. balls we're sleeping giants we've gone from 8 billion in the black. 2 billion in the and yesterday i found out that the state of ohio has created over 400,000 jobs since i've
6:09 am
been governor of ohio. so what do i think about our country? we've got conservative principles. conservative solutions. government is the last resort, not as a fist resort. the ideas that i've been saying for 25 years, that we should run this country from the bottom up, from where we live to the top up, not to the top down and i do believe that we can send welfare back to the states and we can bundle up the education program and empower school boards to be able to fix our education programs at the local level. i don't believe we can have better infrastructure if we move the transportation programs out of washington back here. i believe we can have better health care when we ship it back to the states and let the legislators figure out a better
6:10 am
and innovative way to deliver services and i do believe with tax cuts we empower you and we continue to drive america from the bottom up -- or begin to start to drive america from the bottom up. and i know we have problems with the border. i know we have to restore the strength and give hope to our seniors on social securement. i know we have to make a greater effort to have common-sense regulations and lower taxes and a path to a balanced budget to spur job creation. i know that we can do things that can fix the wage situation because in my state wages are growing faster than the national average. i-know that we can begin to contend with the problem of the rising costs of health care and higher education. a lot of issues. but you know what's fun? there's nothing more fun than putting a team together of people to fix those problems, and we will fix those problems
6:11 am
and we will drive the answer to hose problems. i got an incredible opportunity to speak to the new hampshire house, where they were on a bipartisan basis taking on the issue of drug addiction in this state. excuse me. and i had a moment to say to them about what i believe public service is all about. republicans, democrats. that was secondary that day i was in that chamber because before they were republicans and democrats, they were citizens of new hampshire. and they were going to pass this legislation overwhelming. and i told them, you know, sometimes when you get in your car and you drive home, you wonder what you got done being a public servant. well, today, you're going to
6:12 am
know what public service is really all about. because when you're driving home, thank the good lord that you are part of a body that worked together to save the -- other ung people people of all ages who face the challenges of addiction. and then when you get home, you're going to see your spouse. your spouse is going to say so another trip to that building in concord. another two-hour trip and you don't even get paid for going. what did you do today? i made a difference today. i saved a life today. i created a legacy for our family because we were part of the solution to the problem of drug addiction in new hampshire. you see, folks, we win the majority, we win the white house, we get to call the tune, we get to push our ideas, but
6:13 am
we're not going to demonize the other side because we need them. we're not going to get most of them. we're certainly not going to get all of them, but we're going to fix these problems because if i'm president of the united states, i'm going to convince them the reason they make that trek to washington is not to engage in warfare but to engage in solutions. and all these things that we see out there that are challenges, rebuilding the military, reforming the pentagon, assuming our proper place in the world. you understand this is all doable. the only thing that gets in the way is human ego, partisanship and thinking about ourselves. ou see what reagan was able to do, to get everybody to limit their game a little bit higher to serve the united states of america. i don't -- one thing i don't
6:14 am
like about this campaigning business, you have to talk too much about yourself. a lot of people that know me would say john, that's never been your problem. t as i've matured, my skills come from the lord. and maybe he gave me one skill that was unique. the ability to get people to do what they know they should do but oftentimes don't want to do. and maybe the ability to somehow pull people together is part of a movement to make our country better. somebody asked me today, a little toast masters club. i walked in door, they said you know how to speak, don't you? i said i don't know, sometimes. so why did you go into politics? to change the world.
6:15 am
to change the world. [applause] that's not a campaign topic because i believe all of us are capable in one way or another of changing the world. part of the great m of course saic. we're -- where together, we bring healing. that's where we're here for, to make this world a little better place. st been great to be in new hampshire and i ain't leaving for quite a long time so thank you very much and let me take a few questions. how much time did i eat up? how much? ok, yes, sir, right here. you know, i've learned these town halls, if somebody's hand goes up too quick, you ignore them, but i'm going to go with up. >> governor, you're very inspirational. you speak from the heart. you have a great track record, a great resume. what do you think is going to
6:16 am
happen? governor kasich: well, we're running second now in new hampshire and all the big money and special interests -- listen, i want you to know that all of my lifetime i've really been fighting the establishment, getting people upset because i want to bring change. when you try to balance the budget -- i have my buddy tim penney here. he's a former democrat, now an independent and he and i got together with a handful of republicans and democrats to try to cut one penny out of every dollar of federal spending. ok? and we lost. by four votes. who worked against us? republicans and democrats. and hillary clinton, by the way, who was up there lobbying against it. and they all say john, how would you do against hillary? i mean, come on. she's a plumber. you can see that she's a fragile candidate. the general is -- i'm going to
6:17 am
have a ball. we have to win new hampshire in the general. you know who stopped us? the republican aprotorator who said if you vote for this, i'm going to kill the project in your district. you want special funding for something at home i'm going to kill it so they won the battle. but in 1997 they lots the war because we beat down the establishment, we balanced the budget, we cut the capital gains tax and we provided a paydown over time of a half a trillion dollars of the national debt. [applause] you see, what happens in washington is everybody has their own little thing. it's in every state house, why do you think that the mentally ill and the drug addicted get ignored? now the drug addicted we're paying attention to because they're right in our
6:18 am
neighborhood and you're demanding action. but why do you think for so long the mentally ill or development ly disabled have been ignored? because they don't have a loud voice. who gets the loud voice? all the special interests and the big money. i'm going to pull them down but i'm going to beat them when it's appropriate for all of us. i found hammers and screw drivers in the pentagon that cost tens of thousands of dollars. it was a total rip-off so i fought to change it. how do you think the defense contractors felt look -- about that? but you know, it doesn't matter. n some instances you're like sificus is. you push a rock up to the hill and as soon as you get it up. it comes back down again. you to have push it up to the top and get it all the way up there. and it can be done.
6:19 am
a lot of special interests are getting nervous about me. he's doing well in namplets, we don't have to put up with him. it's like teddy roos vet. they sent him to be president because they couldn't stand him and then after mckinley got killed he became president of the united states and flipped everything upside down. we'll see. it's in your hand but more importantly it's in the hand of the big guy. one of the buses we're riding in, the reporter says you know, we go on these other buses and people's hair is on fire and they're all uptight and people are shouting. on this bus it's zen. how can you have a campaign that's so calm and den like? you know why? because there's a lot more life to come. you give it your best and you live with the results. and we'll see. in the old spirit of what do you have to say in new hampshire,
6:20 am
you have to ask for the vote -- please vote for me! yes, sir, right here. >> thank you, governor. y name is michael. came up from connecticut. i'm a combat-wounded veteran. i was shot, took a direct hit by a -- [applause] >> took a direct hit from a suicide bomber three years ago and was in a coma for two weeks. died twice. my wife was pregnant at the time. second of all, i just wanted to say thank you to every other veteran ha -- that is here today. [applause] and, too, in the shadows are police officers who have been crapped on by the media. so thank you guys.
6:21 am
[applause] i want to -- i don't want to sit here and waste. people have important questions and stuff like that. i have questions as well. the only question i have is can i have a two-minute private conversation with you, sir? governor kasich: of course, we have colonel mom. he spent five years in the hanley hilton being beaten for five years within an inch of his life and he's here with us today. would you walk over to see him? [applause] oh, thank you. ok, next question. yes, map, right there? >> hello, good afternoon. i'm prussia mueller from new hampshire. it's a good time to ask this
6:22 am
question after this gentleman. i need to put my glasses on. mr. trump made a comment about senator john mccain's war record. quote, "he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. " do you think a possible candidate for commander in chief of the united states should make a comment like that about a veteran who fought for our country? i ask this because in my opinion, a man or woman who has fought for our country, our eat country, captured or not is a hero. [applause]
6:23 am
do you agree with mr. trump? i'm hoping you don't. governor kasich: you can't be serious asking me that question. well, look, we just heard from this man, and my friend tom mo and so many of those folks that -- do you know what they do? every year, karl mo and i -- he was beaten and couldn't even get off the airplane when he came home. i pointed him to the head of veterans affairs in ohio. he's now left that position because he says his wife waited for him. now he's got to serve his wife. so he -- it's unbelievable what he's been through. he and i would sit every year, and still do, with the families of people who have been lost, serving in the military. you know what i tell them?
6:24 am
one thing -- because i can't really share directly in their rief but i feel their grief -- is because your loved one died in the service of others, the lord promises they'll wear the biggest crowns in the world yet to come, and i believe that. and so our veterans, our police officers, anybody who puts themselves in the line of duty, it's unbelievable, isn't it? so i tried to call john mccain today. just called him out of the blue and i'm going to get john mccain, who was in the cell next to karl mo to talk sometime today. but we need to honor them. and let me tell you this, you come back and you're a veteran, you get treatment wherever you need it. period, end of story. no more screwing around with the
6:25 am
veterans administration. yes, last question. ok. >> as a student in a well-respected public school system, i'm curious as to your reasons for supporting common core. governor kasich: i don't even know what that all means but here's what i want in ohio and every state -- high standards and local control at the school board level. let me say a couple of things about k through 12. when you and i were students, kids didn't have to do as well in school and then they could graduate and get a job in a steel mill, a textile plant, a cement factory, a chemical plant -- ok, there you go. and then you could get a job there and make a decent living and your spouse could get a part-time job and be ok. those jobs don't exist enough of the time so it's now up to the local schools, the local school
6:26 am
board to begin to make sure that number one we're providing for vocational education, which we do in ohio starting in the seventh grade, but we also know that we need to begin to train our students in a much more flexible 21st-century way for the jocks of today and the jobs of tomorrow. and it's going to require a lot of change, a lot of flexibility, a lot of innovation and i'd like to punledle up -- bundle up 104 -- not like, to i will bundle up 104 federal programs into four buckets and send it back to the states. because, you see, it's not even the states that can necessarily drive what we need. it's the local school boards and the local communities and i think what we all have to realize, we have to do our job in the local schools at the local communities because it's about our children. and none of the politics or nonsense that happens at the cal level can keep us from
6:27 am
devising a curriculum and a path to learning to a path of success with skills, nothing can stand in that way. you ought to run for the school board and you have to go in there with a -- an agenda and don't stay too long. go in and fix and it get out. then you can run for city council and go fix that and then get out, ok? hey, one last thing i'll be doing tomorrow. i'm not pandering. tomorrow i'm rooting for the patriots. i'll see y'all. [applause]
6:28 am
[applause] ms. fiorina: hi. great to see you all. thank you so much. thank you. good to see all that energy after lunch. have you ever noticed how politics kind of it covered like a sport these days?
6:29 am
it's like a game. my team versus your team. who is up, who is down. maybe that is because politics is become an inside game. politicians have been playing it all their lives. we have people like hillary clinton who sit inside the system, raking in millions by selling access and influence. we have people like donald trump sitting outside the system making billions by buying up people like hillary clinton. that is the game, folks. that's been what's going on for a long time. the political establishment and crony capitalism. it's not a game most of us can play, unless you win powerball. the game is not working for us anymore. this has been a country of limitless possibility for me. i have traveled and lived and worked all over the world. i have done business and charity and policy work on every continent and virtually every
6:30 am
country for decades. time team leader where it is this nation woman can start the way i did. go on one day to become the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the presidency of the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] ms. fiorina: i have to tell you along the way i have had a lot of people tell me to sit down and be quiet. settle. don't challenge the system. i have ignored that advice all my life. i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think the american people are being given that same advice. sit down, be quiet, settle, don't challenge the system. i do not think we can do that any longer. [applause]
6:31 am
ms. fiorina: we are being told to sit down and be quiet about our god, our guns, the abortion industry. we are being asked to settle. settle for problems that invested for decades. -- festered for decades. illegal immigration, spending out of control, how inability or unwillingness to care for our veterans. why are we settling for this? why are we settling for a nation that used to be a place of limitless possibility regardless of our circumstances, and yet in this nation today we have record numbers of men out of work. record numbers of women living in poverty. some people don't even of the american dream exists anymore. working families wages have stagnated for decades. meanwhile the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, the well-connected get more well-connected. crony capitalism has gone on under republicans and democrats alike.
6:32 am
why are we accepting a system of government and politics is no longer works for us? here is the truth. government has grown bigger and bigger. for 50 years under republicans and democrats alike. at the same time it has grown more inept and more corrupt. [applause] ms. fiorina: white are -- why are we settling for government is not confident enough to secure borders or figure out terrorist pledge their allegiance to isis on facebook years ago. i checked out my oldest granddaughter's new boyfriend on facebook. what do we get election after election? you are sophisticated consumers of politics. how many presidential cycles have politicians stood up here and promised you to cut government down the size, to
6:33 am
reform the tax code, to care for veterans to secure the border? we hear about the same issues election after election and yet nothing changes. they promise much and deliver little. i don't know about you but i am angry. i am frustrated. and i'm fed up. we feel we're losing power in our lives. power to control our own future. to hold the government we pay for accountable and cut it down to size. and yet all of these problems can be solved. but we have to remember who we are. ours was intended to be a citizen government. we were never supposed to have a professional political class. i will not sit down and be quiet and i don't suggest you do either. i am running for the presidency because citizens, it is time. it is time we take the future back. it is time we take our politics and our government back.
6:34 am
it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] ms. fiorina: it is why i have rolled out my blueprint to take our country back. i hope you asked me about it. these are the things we must do first to take our country back. they are not the only things we must do but the first and most important things we must do. we can get these things done together. on calling it a blueprint because amazingly i would like you to hold me accountable. i am used to being held accountable. [applause] ms. fiorina: i come from the world you do. not the political world. we know that actions speak louder than words.
6:35 am
character is a matter of what they do, not by what they say. we know that talk is cheap and that results matter. do you know you go from secretary to ceo? you produce results. over and over and over. you do what you say you are going to do. you ask people to hold you accountable. hold me accountable for this and together we can get this done and solve these problems. now, you might not admit of your -- have made up your mind who you want to support but in your heart of hearts you cannot wait to see me today hillary clinton. [applause] ms. fiorina: you know it is true. i know. it is true. you know why it is true? because you know i'm going to win. you know i'm going to win. [applause] and winning is actually very important. mrs. clinton has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should interview her.
6:36 am
the truth is she is not going to be held accountable until we have a fearless fighter who will face her down on that debate stage and remind her that although she has held many titles, she still has accomplished nothing. [applause] remind her she has gotten every single foreign-policy challenge wrong. remind her and the american people when she famously asked what difference it makes. this is what difference it makes. when our embassy is purposely attacked by terrorists and four americans are killed and the next that you stand up and lie about it to the american people, instead of saying we will seek retribution, mrs. clinton you say to every adversary and every terrorist organization in the world open season on america. that is what difference it makes, mrs. clinton. that is what difference it makes. [applause]
6:37 am
ms. fiorina: we are not going to beat mrs. clinton or whomever else they come up with. bloomberg, sanders. we will not be the ultimate insiders with another insider crony capitalist donald trump. we will not defeat them somebody who is talked a good game all their lives but never made it tough decision. a tough vote is not a tough call. we will not be able to win unless we have a fearless fighter who will throw the punches. but once we're done winning, and i will win, we have to think about what it actually takes to restore the character of this nation. to restore possibilities for every american regardless of circumstances. to cut government down to size and lead once again in the world. i will suggest to you that i'm the most qualified person to win this race and to do this job. we need a president who actually
6:38 am
understands how the economy works. how to create jobs. how to save jobs. how to protect jobs. what it takes and how jobs are destroyed. we need a leader who understands the world how it works. i have more foreign-policy experience of anybody running. i didn't do photo ops. i had private meetings with them. on business or policy or charity. i have met our friends and foes. i held the highest clearance is available to a civilian. i have been -- advised the cia, the nsa, the secretary of state, i know our military and intelligence capabilities and personnel very well. and when this nation is not meeting the world is a dangerous and tragic place. [applause]
6:39 am
carly fiorina: technology as a tool but it is also a weapon being waged against us by our enemies. we need a president to understands that. we need a president to understands leadership. leadership was about whoever had the big office or title or airplane. learned people with big offices and big titles in big egos were not leading. about the sizeot or the shape of your office. it is not about the size of your ego.
6:40 am
status -- challenges the status quo. a leader is a servant. a leaderst calling of is to unlock potential in others. -- [applause] : my highesta calling is to restore citizen government to this great nation. not sit down into be quiet and neither will you. do not sit down. do not settle. do not accept a system that does not work for us. stand with me. vote for me. sit with me. it is time to take our future back. it is time to take our government back. citizens, it is time.
6:41 am
we must take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: questions? yes, sir? >> my name is jason. i am an iraq war veteran. carly fiorina: thank you for your service. as a medicfive years and a year in baghdad policing a was sometimes brutal tactics. now, i see police at using those same tactics with the same the same way i used
6:42 am
it in iraq. -- in baghdad. what would your administration do to stop this? fiorina: thank you for your service, and what a tragedy that after this brave and veteran served that tillery clinton and barack obama declared victory in iraq, with true every troop against all the advice of the military generals. politicalo for expediency. permitting isis to gobble up territory and weaponry. now, with all due respect to mrs. clinton and barack obama climateael bloomberg, change is not our most pressing security threat. isis is. real we have examples of wrongdoing in the police force, such as we had in the police force under rahm emanuel,
6:43 am
strange how the democrats have been absolutely silent about what happened in chicago because it was a cover-up by their good friend rahm emanuel. where the cops of done the wrong ring they must be held to account and that is why i have advocated for a long time that every single cop needs to be equipped with a body camera so we can see what is going on. it is in investment that needs to be made. but i must tell you, sir, that we have to start by lifting up and honoring and respecting and valuing and listening to everyone who served, from the cup on the beta all the way to the soldier in afghanistan and i do not think we are doing a good job of that right now. while i cried for the parents of the young man who was slain in chicago and a year-long cover-up when on, i do not hear a lot of tears for the cops who
6:44 am
are assassinated in their cars on the corner. [applause] carly fiorina: i will promise you as commander-in-chief, i in, value, support, invest listen, lift up, and honor hasyone who served and served. we will reform the veterans administration so those who served as can we cared for. we will lift up and honor everyone who serves from the cop on the beat to the soldier in afghanistan. if someone is held accountable, it is because they've done -- if someone has done something wrong, they will be held accountable. let us start with our politicians. >> thank you.
6:45 am
and thank you for running. i am pro-life and it is not ok that we put a price tag on babies and body parts. what will you do to planned parenthood. all of youna: i hope who are here know there has not been a more outspoken advocate for life and against planned parenthood and then carly pure enough. carly furey and a i spoke at the march for life yesterday and washington, d.c., before they shut the city down. [applause] have been i know i the most effective advocate is because frequently at my events, planned parenthood protesters show up, they throw condoms at me, they shout and scream. i guess what? i am not going to be silent about this issue, either. the american people have found
6:46 am
common ground on this. although the left does not what you to know this. the majority of young people, women, men, young women and men, now understand that abortion for any reason at all after five months is wrong. theirst, we're going to get pain-capable child protection act put into law. second, everyone would let you about women's health. it is not. the democrats will not find community health centers. they do not agree to fund pregnancy centers. planned parenthood is a clinical operation. millions of dollars, contributing millions of dollars to pro-abortion candidates. ofre will not be a time funding for planned parenthood, but there will be plenty for women's health.
6:47 am
[applause] carly fiorina: yes, sir? >> ok, so the best way to stop abortion would be to educate young women with comprehensive sex education programs and republicans very often want to have abstinent programs which have been proven not to work. what would your policy be for educating people to engage in responsible sexual behavior so they won't have a pregnancy? carly fiorina: you know, one of the things i think is interesting, i don't know how many of you have ever visited a pregnancy center, but pregnancy centers are funded by private donations. they exist all over the country. and, they are providing education. all kinds of education, by the way. new fathers or
6:48 am
fathers-to-be with skills and education as they will help new mothers. it also they will provide education. look, this is an issue. perhaps i should explain. you know, most people when i first started running for office they did not believe i was pro-life. they thought oh, she is a silicon valley ceo, she must be -- she must not be pro-life. my husband frank, who i've been he is myfor 34 years, eye-candy. he is around here somewhere. but, when i met his mother, i learned that she has been -- had been told to abort him. when she is a woman of great courage and faith and she chose to bring her son into the world and he has been, was, and the joy of her life and he is been
6:49 am
the rock of her life. i was not able to have children of my own. we buried a child. isies and gentlemen, that why i am pro-life. let me say something to you. politics uses these issues to divide us. we don't have to agree on everything, but of this, the real extremes in this debate are not republican, they are democrat. , democratsho believe whose policy is that it is not a life until it is born. policy is that a 13-year-old girl must have her mother's permission to go to a tanning salon but not to have a abortion. democrats who believe it is ok clinics to be less regulated than a tattoo parlor. democrats who resist having birth control be over the
6:50 am
counter so it is cheap and widely available. extreme on this issue. hillary clinton is, but we have found common ground. groundus take the common on the pain-capable abortion act and let us go from there. not finish there, but start there. [applause] thank i had a chance to speak earlier. i am a combat-wounded vet. i wish shot and then i was hit by a suicide armor. thank you for speaking because we need more veterans and politics. i would like to know if i can get two minutes with you afterwards and my final question is, it when is the republican party going to stop attacking each other and when are they
6:51 am
going to start going after hillary clinton? in, if you need a combat-wounded vet to stand after you and go after that girl, i will be with you. [applause] carly fiorina: first of all, thank you for your service and sacrifice and heroism. who hast in this race consistently gone after hillary clinton from day one? carly fiorina. and i am going to keep doing up. i cannot speak for the republican party, all i can do is control my on behavior. you have watch me debate after debate after debate after debate take you to where the fight has to go. i hope i can spend a few interviews -- minutes with you but i have a few interviews after this. but let me say this. want to use the veterans
6:52 am
administration of an example of how much power you have, but also an example of why we cannot settle for what we are settling for anymore. theemember the scandal in veterans administration in arizona, where we learned veterans had died waiting for an appointment? bureaucrats cooked the books so nobody would find out. outraged as citizens of this great nation that we flooded congress with tweets and posts and e-mails and phone calls. because of that enormous pressure from the citizens of this great nation, this congress, this do-nothing congress, act did in three weeks. record time. a bill flew out of the house, it passed the senate 99-0. that will said we could top -- fire the top 400 executives at administration. it was precedent-shattering. firehis bill says we can
6:53 am
400 senior executives in the veterans administration. that is because of the protest you registered. sadly, we'll moved on and so did the politicians and despite all of the pretty speeches they made during that three-we. three-week time, meanwhile,ned -- $142 million in bonuses the v.a. handed out for superb performance. we have been talking about reforming the v.a. for 20 years. example of your power. so, when i say i will lift up and value and support those who serve and to those who have served, what i mean is we are actually going to get the veterans administration reform. every time i spent time with veterans i take notes, because guess what? i am going to put 15 veterans in a room and asked, had he want to
6:54 am
be served? and you will come up with a better blueprint than all of the veterans in washington dc -- then all of the politicians and washington, d.c., combined. in the meantime, i will take the lesson from your power. the items on this blueprint, ratifying simplifying the tax code, it is 73,000 pages today which means it is crushing the economic engine of growth. i think we ought to have a three-page tax cut. it isndits say impossible. there has been a plan for a three page tax code lying around for 20 years. we can get it done, just like item.xt the zero-based budgeting. that means the government needs to budget the way you do. examine every dollar. cut and a dollar. it is the only way we will get control. the way they budget now, how is it possible they spend more
6:55 am
money each year, as they have for 50 years under republicans and democrats alike we have spent my money. and yet, and yet -- they never have enough money. they never have enough money to serve veterans are secure the border. why? the money is spoken for. once you get a budget you never have to give it back, all you got to do is ask for more. we have to cut this government down to size, hold it accountable, and get control of your money. it has, by the way, they are spending our money. get thate going to done? the question is, how are we going to get that done and what does it have to do with the power of the citizens in the v.a.? i will tell you how we will get it done. -- have enormous powder but power but you do not use it. every week i will go into the white house and ask you to take out your smartphone or ipad or ec, if you have a flip phone,
6:56 am
you might want to upgrade. just a suggestion. i am going to ask you to take out your smart device of choice and i will say to you, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens, do you agree with me and is finally time to pass that 20-year-old three-page tax code? do you agree with me there is finally time to pass that bill -- languishing on the house floor. no.s one for yes, two for seriously, there is an app for citizen government. technology is a powerful tool. i am going to use it. you have enormous power but when you do not use it you lose it. yourl channel your anger, frustration, your common sense, your good judgment because we can fix every problem we have that we have got to stop by restoring citizen government in this great nation. [applause]
6:57 am
fiorina: we are out of time. i did not see the red light. all of your questions are so good. one more, wrote quick. -- really quick. onwhere do you stand lowering the maximum sentence for nonviolent crime? carly fiorina: i will try to answer this quickly. it is an important question. my husband and i buried our younger lorry to the demons of addiction. and, i know this is a grave problem here. i can remember standing in front of a judge and pleading with him not to send our daughter back to jail. he was sympathetic, i'm sure. but his hands were tied. mental illnesst and especially of addiction. we cannot criminalize them. criminal justice
6:58 am
reform which is a federal government responsibility. we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. people in\thirds of jail are therefore -- are there issues.riminal we have to advance and prevention and treatment. people are starving for money while the federal government is awash in it. take care of criminal justice reform. stand with me. vote with me. fight for me. it is time to take our government and our country back. god bless you all. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] c-span this morning,
6:59 am
washington journal is next. at 10:00, answer is senator jeanne shaheen talks about the presidential race and her states upcoming primary on newsmakers. later, attorney general loretta lynch testifies before the senate about the president's executive action on guns. journal,s washington paul singer of usa today talks about steps congress is taking to investigate hillary clinton's
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e-mails, planned parenthood, and the president's executive order on immigration. later, detroit news chad livengood has the latest on what is being done to address the water crisis in flint, michigan. ♪ good morning, it is sunday, january 24, up and down the east coast, winter storm jonas has been mobilized millions over the weekend. the winds have stopped. and now, let the digging begin. snow emergencies still in place. in politics, donald trump tells that he couldence shoot someone and not lose voters. the des moines register endorsed hillary clinton and marco rubio and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is i an independent


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