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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> c-span's road to the white house coverage continuings tonight as hillary clinton is in marshalltown, iowa. all of this ahead of next monday's iowa caucuses. campaign 2016, live, monday february 1, beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern both on c-span and c-span2. we'll bring you live precaucus coverage, taking your phone call, tweets, and texts. at 8:00 p.m. eastern we'll take you live to a republican caucus on c span, and a democratic
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caucus on c-span2. all of that next monday night. us from new york is the jg editor and publisher of the ,ation magazine, katrina heuvel good morning. who did you support? guest: we endorsed bernie sanders, for the third time in the nation's 103rd history, wayne forrest in the primaries in 1980 eight, jesse jackson. in 2008, barack obama. we believeecause this country is facing extraordinary challenges and that bernie sanders, by putting power, theof inequality of a rate economic system at the heart of his campaign and calling as he says
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for a political revolution, calling on millions of people to join him in a movement, to take back this country from big tanks and big pharma, from insurance companies, to take it back and invent bold ideas which are not with whether it is medicare for all, expanding social security, dismantling the he is a true realist in the sense of understanding we cannot make the bold transformational changes the country demands at this time until we dismantle the rate economic system. the existential crisis of our time. he has put it at the forefront of his agenda. it is an inequality that pervades our system. if you about how bernie's anders 2.5unning, collecting
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million small donations from people around this country, he has also liberated and freed to advance a boulder agenda. can he make it on cap -- happened on day one? of course not. he is a realist or he understands the political system is broken. but it is the ability and the attempt to repair the broken political system in advance these ideas, not tomorrow but over a time with the power of people and movements as the wind on his back to animate us. theever happens in campaign, bernie sanders has reformed the politics of 2016 and i believe he has put senator clinton -- secretary of state clinton to be able to candidate. he has changed what we think is possible. is something powerful about the possibilities of america, even with the corroded political system we confront and read about day today. host: in part of the
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endorsement, the editors write that voters can trust sanders because he does not oh his political career to the status quo. -- host: that last point, is that hillary clinton you are referring to? guest: it also makes clear that secretary of state clinton is certainly an experience candidate, someone of grit and character who has really spoken forcefully about core issues close to her hard, voting rights, women's rights, but she is someone who has had a hard time in these last debates, though it did not happen last night at the iowa form, for example, in explaining her speaking fees from goldman sachs and a slew of other investment banks.
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the money that has gone to the clinton foundation, there are conflicts of interest there that concern us. she has said she will not unilaterally this on the money race, the fundraising race. at the same time, she is build hasrray of super pac's and brought in a lot of big money. i do think that eyes glaze over sometimes when we talk about this, but the way one finances campaign is not necessarily over determine how you lead but it limits. that is why in this city where we have it of its financing system to match, we have seen in the last couple of years it be council transform for more progressive, something we have been fighting for four years. a progressive mayor, women of color who have never imagined running without public
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financing. we need to think hard about what is that politicians sit in the calling rooms for more hours a day then they sit in conference rooms. i think it is corrosive and bernie sanders is running a campaign of integrity out -- and .ften hissy -- and authenticity there was a poll showing he has the support of 74% among 18-29-year-olds. he is also 50% among independents. that is interesting. i think it is the authenticity and the integrity and the ability to speak in truth telling ways, unencumbered why the big money, willing to take on the entrenched special notrest that have so moved only young people but millions around the country who, by the way, we're done a great disservice by much of the mainstream media in the last month. bernie sanders announced april 30 of the past year. this past summer, he had 25,000 people in rallies across the , sotry, but the media
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lavished its attention on donald trump, that it did not pay attention to bernie sanders. notuld argue that it was until bernie sanders essentially began to compete with hillary clinton clinton in the fundraising area in the last he broken evenk or brought in more money through small donations, that the media said, wait a minute, maybe he is the real deal and there is a viability factor here. media measuredur the candidate's viability by how much money they raised i think is rotten. donation, someone is not as mortgaged to the powerful interests that dominate our country at this time of staggering inequality. guest this morning is the editor and publisher of nation magazine. talking about their endorsement of bernie sanders and other issues in 2016. if you want to ask questions --
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of hillary clinton, you talked about making deals to get things will notashington bring the change so desperately needed. -- in order to get his agenda done? guest: it would not be the bottom line in how he would lead her he spoke forcefully at the iowa for him about how he led in the veteran affairs committee p or he worked effectively with the leading mccain, member of the republican party. he has worked across the aisle with republican house members. areas where you can, not make compromise, you do not lead with compromise, but you find areas of common ground whether on criminal justice reform or surveillance. there are some areas where you
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have in republicans and democrats make, but to leave that way in this time when i would argue in the republican party has become an x -- an obstructionist party and not a governing party, it seems to me not the most effective way. bernie sanders is saying he would find ways to work, but he would also take it to the states and the cities and he would mobilize people, millions of people, to be the wind at his act so you may not pass something tomorrow but your building something. obama ran a very, yes, we can campaign. all the power to him. i do not know why he changed argue, buts some may he essentially went inside the beltway when he went into the white house. he dismantled organizing for america, which could have been a kind of vehicle to continue mobilizing the people and the movements outside beltway,
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having an inside-out died strategy that would leverage more effectively what he was trying to do. so i think bernie sanders is learning from that lesson, but it is his nature. he is someone who over the years has been part of move its and has understood the power of having people power and not money power at his back. host: before you go to calls, is endorsement an indictment in any way of the obama administration? progressives have a mixed set of views about the obama administration. there is not one obama administration. i think today about when president obama wisely and mainly his executive power to bend solitary confinement in federal prisons. in the last couple of years, president obama has seemed more liberated from his mantra of finding common ground with republicans to widely use to enact a set
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of really progressive and independent and effective measures. the problem with president obama in the first couple of years was he went in trying to find common ground because he was essentially elevated as a public and the figure democratic convention in 2004, speaking about there is no red state, ground, fine, let's find where you can. give it a couple of weeks and when mitch mcconnell says the day you are inaugurated that republicans first by already or second priority is to take you down, i think you give it a couple of weeks and then you find a different governing strategy, but i think the president in these last couple of years has found a strong areasg and there are where he has not been as bold and there is always that, but it is not that. it is essentially saying that hillary clinton is a candidate in many ways of continuity at a time of extraordinary change.
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if i could, we talked to little about foreign policy p or i was struck that the cnn poll out yesterday showed hillary clinton leading by wide margins in her command of foreign policy. few is one of the endorsements that tries to draw out a distinction that is hugely important. experience is a mixed blessing. we have heard a lot about how secretary of state hillary clinton voted for the war authorization in iraq, a vote which senator edward kennedy once said was the most important vote. he voted against the war, that he had ever made in his time in the end it. that he apologized for the vote, but it does not seem he learned the lessons. he pushed for a regime change in libya, leading to a failed date in libya appeared it has become a failed state, she has pushed
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to topple a side syria. she has lobbied hard to arm syrian rebels, which i think is counter productive. and she has called for a no-fly zone in syria. she has been more of a cold warrior than any of the candidates. she is hawkish. i think the majority of a millions seek diplomacy first foreign policy. war is the last resort. she spoke of that last night in but i feel, it is said to point out, that her record has not shown that. it has and others in the administration, most admirably john kerry, who has truly pushed for diplomacy first when it comes to syria. callers.'s hear from independent line, you are our guests, go ahead. caller: good morning. i like that bernie wants to focus on domestic policy.
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i think at this time in our country, we need to concentrate on taking care of americans right now and get out of all these aren't of theirs business. he doeseard bernie say not want an american military stationed in the middle east. i've heard him say there will be boots on the ground' in middle east. could you tell me about his record particularly regarding israel? i believe the second week -- secretary clinton is owned by aipac. moved towardave what one might call a j street position. i hope you would check out j street, which we reformed a few years ago as an important aipac, which does not represent the majority of americans use in the country. j street's former consistent with those views. i believe bernie sanders would
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be an interventionist president. he does not believe americans should be deployed, no boots on the ground. have a request has not called for boots on the ground but he is less interventionist. he believes we do best by rebuilding at home and leading by example. says,not for what he policing the world. america should not alone police the world to we should not be policing the world. he is also someone who has fought very hard against these corporate trade agreements, something hillary clinton has come to very late and i think those agreements have also ravaged the working class in this country, asked her in jobs overseas. he has fought that consistency -- consistently for his close to 30 years in congress. he has adopted a different position toward syria, calling for diplomacy and postponing a decision around the transition away from assad. campaign, the clinton has attacked bernie sanders for calling for a more intensive
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normalization with iran, that the nuclear deal is one of the more important diplomatic achievements of the obama administration second term. it should not be seen in isolation. it should be in as an opening to iran that should engage the region more effectively. iran has to be part of the syrian diplomatic talks, for example. sanders is arnie strong believer in rebuilding the middle class and rebuilding america and see strength in that, not strength in military ventures abroad. host: from richmond, virginia, on our republican line. caller: i wanted to say i think, i believe that this is pretty much the general election when you talk about anderson hillary clinton. -- sanders and hillary clinton. i feel like, i just wanted to bring to your attention, it just it is the media
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versus the internet right now. i do not know if anyone has noticed, but it seems like the internet has definitely been backing bernie. when you look at the media, and you look at how the town hall went yesterday, it seems like they are doing whatever they can to cover hillary. i think whatever happens will be a blueprint on everything. it seems like if hillary wins the primary, i feel like democracy will kind of be mocked . i just feel like the us tablets meant only does whatever they can to get hillary in. i feel like if hillary wins, there will be kind of a resistance. it hopefully will not be too bad, but i would see people protesting. i could see another type of occupy wall street happening. i get that right now it is between bernie and donald trump, and i think the establishment,
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democrat and republican are the same entities. they kind of want to get hillary in there. your: let me unpack question because you have 45 really interesting things owing on their or the media, what is establishment today, the question of hillary versus bernie, bernie versus trump. first of all, as i said earlier, mainstream media for the most part has done a great disservice to this administration in this campaign. donald trump as a reality tv show's use with the endless, obsessive coverage, to a large extent, has pumped him up. really ignoring bernie sanders for so long, and, i would argue, until the first democratic debate, the excessive coverage, there is a legitimate amount of
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coverage but the excessive coverage of hillary clinton's e-mails. the real problem in this country is not when the republicans go on about liberal buys in media. it is often that we have a corporatized media rigged against dublin interest and democracy. it elevates since alicia -- since insatiable list -- it elevates sensationalist. what is the establishment? i will throw out some names people may or may not recognize here at john mccoy or david rock eller. on the top ofple the council on foreign relations. they all went to the same club. and democratic national committees, the parties, are no longer really the establishment. the koch brothers will spend more in this election, close to $1 billion in the republican party. there is a fracturing and in that comes the ability for the
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internet to lift of a candidate like bernie anderson and social media played a very important role in its fundraising and shows the hour to get around the gate keepers and small donation fundraising and bring people to his rallies. the organizing needed for presidential campaign can also be done through the internet here one thing is the enormous amount of money so going to what i would call the media complex, the advertisements on tv. tv are keeping alive a lot of local media around the country, which is kind of that. i don't know. what we saw last night in iowa and what we have seen with the democratic debates, a race to the top on economic populist issues, i would submit largely because bernie sanders has really driven the agenda and pushed issues like climate change and inequality onto the radar in ways you might not have otherwise been, that is in stark
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contrast to what we witnessed in the republican debates, which have become stark displays of intolerance, and xenophobia. in that, i think you have a real difference between the two parties. the republicans becoming ever more extremist and never allow people to equate donald trump and bernie sanders. one is a demagogue and the other is a serious candidate with serious solutions to the country's albums. from south carolina, democrats line. caller: good morning. i have been a very big fan of yours, but i will have to disagree with you and the nation today. i believe hillary is the right choice. bernie sanders is a great guy with a lot of good ideas, but he is not electable. we have to get real here.
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also, i disagree with you on foreign policy. it was hillary clinton that got iran to the negotiation table. she formed a coalition and sanctions. that is what brought iran in. that is now affecting oil. you your youngll people are for bernie, but you have got to remember when populations are stressed, which ours is right now due to the economic situation, they tend to make that decisions. that is what is happening in the bernie sanders phenomenon. you will notice it is young people. not to put a sports analogy on is what they talk about with experience and the quarterback in the super bowl. the person that has been there before tends to be able to get good results. host: thank you.
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guest: i have a column in the washington post, just posted about an hour ago, which takes on the idea of bernie sanders as a candidate of the heart, and secretary of state clinton as a candidate of the head. one is experienced in one is not. i think experience, as i said earlier, there is also a matter of judgment. look atwe have got to some of the disasters this country has faced in the of thee last decade, whether it is the financial crisis, the pollution of bigger and bigger money in the system, foreign policy, and wonder if the established candidate, the establishment are the ones we need to turn to. they have had their time. we are a big 10. next issue is that we of all kinds of letters. we have columns at the supporting hillary clinton. our veteran columnist is a supporter of hillary clinton.
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we are not a monolith, just as the progressive left is not a monolith. there are people in the community who would agree with you. i do not. i also think this is a moment in our political time where i would say it is like never say never. who would've thought nine months ago, he was it two or 3%. he is now at 30%. i think you can dismiss the enthusiasm of the young. but, look at some of the polls where he is in a match of a donald trump. we are not want to put too much on that poll. in the recent, he is doing well among independents. is also the interesting measure that democrats are comfortable of both candidates. i would say that there are openings we have not seen. opening came bernie sanders. it is not just him. this is a movement moment in america. whether this climate justice, the fight for 15 minimum wage. in. black lives matter. dreamers.
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fight for women's reproductive rights and economic security. all of that is percolating in an opening space. by one keyng to end question seat in iowa. can he translate that enthusiasm among the young into organizing an arcane system of 681 precincts, where he have to show up showdown, stay around? it will be a measure. a lot of these young people have got to bernie sanders rallies. that is not a piece of cake. they have had to wait long lines. the actual rally is not a nirvana concert. sermon about what is going on. the troubles in this country. host: blow me ask you about being from new york and the
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former mayor michael bloomberg. about beingk you from new york. guest: i counterpart editor of national review. the trump manifesto of essays. the party is in a panic. the establishment, again, has trump eric to donald donald kurt -- ted cruz is the movement activist. he get pushed out of iowa with sarah palin's endorsement. all caps the people are looking at what happens. it was earlier in the season that people thought donald trump might launch a third-party independent run. you know, i think that bloomberg has played with this idea before. the idea of two billionaires
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running is a statement and our democracy. i'm not a fan of mayor bloomberg. the nation did a special issue two years ago called the gilded city. looking at the extraordinary inequality in the city. mayor bloomberg had no interest in tackling inequality. in tackling the problems of our prison systems. mayor deblasio came into that situation. he is having a tough time. he is failing many of his progressive promises. so, mayor bloomberg on the gun control issue and on the environment has put forward good ideas. run a political campaign as a third-party candidate is extraordinarily difficult. i would like to see political reform. bloomberg has the money. he could probably supplant and overcome some of those obstacles. it is tough. i think he is making noises.
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i do not think he will jump. host: let's hear from jonathan in new york. go ahead. caller: hello. welcome. forie sanders is known being a democratic socialist. when americans here socialism, their eyes glaze over. they think of hitler and josef stalin. socialismo me that plays an important role in the united states. like social security and medicare public schools. all that stuff. the coast guard. somebody things. it seems to be the capitalist industries that we have a problem with. like the pharmaceutical industry. a fossil fuel industry. private airlines. things like that. guest: absolutely. there's a long tradition to be retrieved in our own great of democratic socialism. the post office. public libraries.
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public parks. public goods. social security. medicare for all. what interests me is that bernie , as he is essentially laid out what democratic socialism means to him. it might be an unreconstructed new deal. there is a great tradition of that. in addition, i was struck by a register having a poll showing 46% of democratic goers have a positive view of socialism. there is a previous poll of democratic primary voters. , this --er generation we fix it in student debt, watching home-equity wiped out, or pensions, they certainly know it capitalism means they heard the right con obama's socialist so long, they might think it is not too bad. they do not want to make light
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of it. there's no question that democratic socialism as a tradition in this country -- bernie sanders needs to lift that up. erik fodder wrote an open letter to them published a month or two ago. he said enough with the denmark. i have no problem with denmark. ideasu please route your and the radical democratic ideas of your own country? i think bernie has moved in that direction. host: our guest is the editor in public or -- publisher of the nation. our next caller is charlie from kentucky. go ahead. that seems to me like senator sanders wants to expand the government. i would get with the government does now. he was to expand infrastructure. they can you get the snow off the streets. make our health system a one payer system. look at what they have done with the veterans administration.
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pros of about the government. you want to make it bigger so there's more corrosion. you bring up the koch brothers, tom stier. there is big money on both sides. my final point is that in response -- my response to you notion of climate change is that if i got in the farm pickup a rock, there's possibly a shellfish and it. the climate is constantly changing. guest: first of all. welcome. my husband is from kentucky. theknow, let's look at crisis, the disaster in flint, michigan. that is not a case of too big government. that is a case of government failing to invest in clean water, clean air. it is a corrupted government. it is an unaccountable government with emergency managers. it is the example of what happens when the government cuts costs and does a disservice, a
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real this service to people. it is also about race. bernie sanders is talking about taking back the government that has been captured by lobbyists and big banks. cleaning it up and making it work for the common good. allidea of his medicare for . medicare has been one of the greatest achievements in the country's history. the veterans medical care has worked brilliantly for years. faced a crisis because of corruption and lack of accountability. also the lack of accountability comes because most republicans, not all cut funds for monitoring. for accountability. then, you get the special interests. bernie sanders plan for medicare for all would do one interesting thing. at the monument, we have seven health care lobbyist for every member of congress. , we wantre lobbyists
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to help them find other jobs. they would be out of a job if universal health care became the law the land. it is not overnight. aca inforget that in the 2017. states had the ability to pilate a single-payer medicare fraud plan. you could see beginning of that with a president who is in support of such efforts. and not dismantling obamacare. that is not happening. senators has sanders said no way. he wants to change, but not dismantle. twitter talks about martin o'malley asking you if you believe that he should drop out. host: i want to get your general impressions of him and his campaign. guest: i did an interview with governor o'malley a few months ago. he has really moved to speak eloquently about inequality. really passionately. first and foremost about immigrant rights.
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but the horse of immigrant detention. he was very forthright and smart about a plan to deal with puerto rico's debt crisis. he has called out donald trump in ways that other democrats have not. the nation has given him attention. we believe he has been a good force. gained traction is something for political scientists and historians to study. i think that in iowa although he said last night that he will stand strong and calling his supporters here i think it is important for him to make a decision about what he might tell his supporters to do. his supporters support for sanders or clinton will be very important. i will not call on anyone to drop out. i wish more people would run. i'm excited. i wish more young people -- not just participate in movements,
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but also run for office. we need allies inside. i'm very excited about many in the state. she ran a great race. she was in the 19th congressional district. a great anticorruption trust busting inequality fighting candidate. in washington state, i believe in the seventh district and extraordinary stander -- senator from ella. she is running. these are great women, great candidates. we have themore in, ability both with the movements outside, with the energy outside, and the candidates inside to make some real change. that is another reason bernie sanders is exciting. he is really someone who understands that strategy. host: nick from florida. you are up. caller: hello. good morning. thank you for c-span. i love the opportunity to follow up after she makes comments. i will vote for either bernie or
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hillary. preferably bernie. don't forget to was not going to mention this. medicare has a 3% administrative cost. compared to the private industry of 17%. i am a believer in medicare for all. system of campaign contributions is the root of evil in american politics. without changing that, we do not change much. i thought that donald trump and bernie sanders seems like they will possibly bring nonvoting types in. more interested in politics. maybe possibly convert the nonvoting types into voters. they are entertaining. perhaps donald trump is more entertaining than bernie. there something about the entertainment value of these not talked think is
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about. i wonder to what extent that might scare some establishment types on both sides. maybe donald trump could undergo a transformation. a metamorphosis and possibly redeem himself in some way for the things that he has done in that may not necessarily been for the public good. host: we will leave it there and let our guest respond. that in termsink of bernie sanders what we are witnessing is what you're saying which is that he is bringing out people who have not voted is bringing up people who are not interested in politics because they thought it was distasteful or corroded. his message is reaching people so, it feels also look towards a general direction, will be critical is his enthusiasm to get people out to vote. our voting numbers from the midterms have declined. also, this idea of a wave election which could mean a down
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ballot. congress, senate, you have more voters out. that is a good thing. donald trump is a shock jock. he is reality tv. he is ugly and his entertainment value. him, i see less of a chance of really converting those people to voting. i might be wrong. there is a sense that people are coming for a reality show. bernie sanders, i will be honest, i don't think he is that entertaining. i think useful of substance. he is passionate. he cares. he has integrity. , it is ald trump reality show. people like to watch it and then go do something else. i'm not sure. there's no question that you're seeing these huge rallies. you're seeing great enthusiasm. i do not know where the donald trump phenomenon is going.
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it is so much me, me, me. what he said the other day that even if he shot someone and 5th avenue, no one would leave him. he would have all the supporters. then, the most insidious thing is the way he space about deporting immigrants. this is just anti-american. i do not know what he brings. i see a lot of poison. however, he does speak in a way the kind of republican financial bigwigs crazy. thealks about -- unpatriotic corporations shipping jobs overseas. i suspect his copies have done so to. he talks about it. you know, he appeals to people. will they vote? that is the question. there is a lot of organizing going on. bernie has younger voters.
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will they vote? will they come out? host: from georgia. independent line. go ahead. caller: hello. i'm an independent. i am a black female of 58 years old. bernie does bring some authenticity if you can believe him. hillary, it ish almost like the democrats have quarantined her. we as americans cannot make our own judgments. , i'm sos donald trump glad he is there. it is because he is doing what the republicans have always done. use fear. he is just on steroids.
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i'm glad to see he is out there doing that. boldnesshe has the that i wish on the democratic side that we really did have. i have seen her how she does that. and her foreign policy is atrocious. let me speak for myself, as a black female, i am not locked into the democratic party. i cannot be herded. i resent the fact that she feels like when she speaks obama's name, that all black people will fall in line with this misinformation. we are not monolithic. we do not all think the same. guest: that is important. we ended upeasons doing this burning endorsement , wehat over one year ago called for contested primaries.
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we deserve a clash of ideas. we do have a range of candidates vying for the votes of people. if your member, over a year ago, it was an inevitable factor that hillary clinton would be the nominee. that is not good. that is not healthy. so, we wanted to challenge that. did we know bernie sanders a year ago would run? we did not. there was an elizabeth warren campaign that did not come together. bernie sanders coming in has really changed politics 2016. he is one in many ways by elevating issues that countries need to hear. i also take to heart what you said about no monoliths. i think there was this narrative that african-american voters
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would come out unified for hillary clinton. i think that is a disservice to the african-american community. they have a range of interests and politics. they are always talking about south carolina being a firewall for clinton. saying that the african-american community will save her. bernie sanders has not really introduced himself yet. he is not a brand name in the way that hillary clinton is. he is also speaking to issues that have appeal a many, including african-americans. host: with the endorsement, can you tell us about the process of how it came about. who was involved and who was there. was it a unanimous effort? guest: we have an editorial board that meant -- met in october. at the end of this past year, the editorial staff of the nation met. we met to discuss this.
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there was more discussion in early january. i speak that to the editorial board. it was close to unanimous decision that this was the correct thing to do. there were a few key editors. joan walsh, our terrific national affairs correspondent. magazine with the larger editorial board decision. we also had interplay with readers and social media. and that is how the decision was made. it was also something we have been covering bernie sanders for close to 30 years. his issues and have animated many of the nation. candidate to find a whose principles and value issues so closely sink and the right moment. , it was that that led us. from arkansas.
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republican line. thank you for waiting. caller: good morning. bernie and the young people, neither one are stupid. bernie knows that if he gives them free college and pays off their school debt, gives them a lot of free medicine, he is going to get their vote. what he is not telling them is end, when they get run out of other people's money, it will look like russia in the 50's and 60's. they will have empty fields and stores. there were be a lot of dead people. just like russia. -- youas george soros did not mention him with the koch brothers. guest: i am happy to mention that. first of all, this is the richest country in the world. bernie sanders, last night, spoke to something that i think is a great idea of our time.
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it is not new. it used to be called the coping tax. it is now legislation in congress. it is essentially tax wall street to rebuild main street. there is a small speculation tax on trade, on currency speculation that could be retrieved and used to do public investment in this country. so, i think that to talk to a squandering money on debt, college debt, or on health care is wrong, there are good deficit and not good deficits. clear that we would need a deficit with our text her. investment in the future of the country is the greatest thing you can do. made a joke that he was less of a socialist than dwight eisenhower, the republican president. at 90%.he rich is bernie sanders is not talking about that.
6:47 pm
we have the funds, if our priorities are correct, to make the correct decisions. in terms of tom starr and george soros, is a false equivalent. they are billionaires. by no means have they pumped the kind of money into our political system that the koch brothers have. -- there not done it is an idea that the koch brothers are strategic. one thing we find about the koch ,rothers is that they are essentially making a good business investment with their money. buying themselves out through deregulation, which is a huge issue for them. they are buying themselves out of a lot of criminal cases. their companies have been involved in some of the biggest cases -- environmental pollution -- in those arenas. it is a business decision for them. their work on criminal justice reform.
6:48 pm
it is interesting they are in these coalitions. one thing that became clear soon was part of their interest was to lift, find, penalties for white-collar environmental criminals. yes to take it in terms when you try to draw the equivalent between the coax and george stiers. the editor and publisher of the nation, joining us >> c-span's road to the white house coverage continues tonight tissue tonight from iowa as hillary clinton meets with supporters in marshalltown. that's live beginning at 9:30 eastern. all of this ahead of next monday's iowa caucuses, campaign 1, , live, monday, february on c spand and c-span2.
6:49 pm
we'll bring you live precaucus coverage and then at 8:00 p.m. eastern we take you live to a republican caucus here on c-span and a democratic kay cus -- caucus on c-span2. jeb bush spoke saturday at the first in the nation presidential town hall hosted by the new hampshire republican party he talked about the u.s. economy, national security issues and the nmple s.a. me ta data program. this is 35 minutes. jeb: thank you all very much. thank you, dad. how you doing. i appreciate your hard work on behalf of the conservative cause. fitm.
6:50 pm
something you take seriously. now on my journey for the last nine months, i do too. i love campaigning here. i love interacting with people that actually are concerned about the future of the country. they're not latched onto the big personalities on the stage. they're interested in someone's view about how we're going to preserve and protect social security, how we're going to create an environment where people's lives can get better. how can we -- how we can keep america safer and stronger and freer. i've learned a lot being a candidate here and i look forward to the next two weeks to be able to continue to make my case that we need a proven leader to be president of the united states. a month and a half ago, i got to go to the citadel. that's located in one of my other favorite states, south carolina. and at the citadel, i was asked to give a speech about the role of america in the world. before we did that, i went with this elite group of young men who -- all of whom, or the great majority of whom were going to serve in the military, the
6:51 pm
marine the navy, the army. and we did p.t. did about 25 pushups, which i barely got done, situps, calisthenics, i thought we were over. then say said let's go run. reran three miles. then they started asking me questions. will you have my back when i'm in the military? will you support the troops? what's the role of america in the world? are we going to get back in the ame? and the answers to all those questions quite similar was yes. i will be a command for the chief that will back up the troops. i'm proud of the fact that i have 11 medal of honor recipients supporting me. i'm proud that 30 generals and admirals are supporting my campaign pause they sense that we're on the need to be able to have a command for the chief that restores the role of america in the world. so i gave this speech and i laid out what we needed to do.
6:52 pm
we need to rebuild our military, the army needs to get back to 490,000 troop, rather than the 420,000 we're moving toward. a devastating number that will not allow us to have the ability to project force in the world. not to be the world's policemen this president constantly talks about how if you're not in favor of his nuanced, sophisticated view of leading from behind and we're all part of the community of nations as if we're just another vote in the united nations, you don't adhere to that, you're a war mnger, an occupier. that's totally false. the presidents behind me understood that. they advocated peace through strength. the way to a more stable and peaceful world is to rebuild our military and make sure we don't have to use it. we need to make sure the force levels are high. right now half of the marines stationed in the united states are not -- don't reach the level of readiness. imagine that. the navy now is half the size it was at the time of operations desert storm and two weeks ago
6:53 pm
the secretary of defense called for greater cutbacks. the air force is older than the pilots. the planes are older than the pilots that fly them. we're creating situations where more and more deployments take place where families are stretched. we have to rebuild the military. you asked our government, our federal government to do one thing, it is to keep us safe. you cannot do that by talking your way to security. you can't talk about red lines and not follow up. you can't talk about leading from behind, a notion that should be eliminated from the language of any president of the united states. you can't talk tough calling isis the j.v. team and do nothing about it. you can't call russia a regional ower and in 30 days allow them to invade ukraine. you have to back it up with the strongest, mightiest military force known to man. that is how you create security. i pledge to those cadets that is exactly what i will do. [applause]
6:54 pm
in august of this year i had a chance to go to the library to lay out a detailed plan to destroy isis. that is before the attacks on paris. that's before the tragedy of san bernadino. because, my friends, it was a problem then, too. it's easy to react to events. everybody does that. all of a sudden you see these strong men emerge when there is a problem front and center and all of a sudden national security becomes a real issue for people because they're scared. but prior to that, isis was a threat. they're a threat when they form a caliphate the size of indiana. 35,000 to 40,000 battle tested radical islamic terrorists controlling territory and hundreds of millions of dollars of resources. and so in the reagan library i laid out a strategy to deal with this threat. it means we need to arm the kurds with more sophisticated weapons directly because they're our strongest fighting force and strongest allies in iraq. [applause]
6:55 pm
it means we need to reestablish a relationship with the sunni tribal leaders that have been pushed away when we abandoned iraq. the void was filled by militia, shia militia and by isis. and the sunnis that were our partners to create a fragile but secure iraq need to get back in the game and know that the united states will be there to help them. it means we have to embed our troops that are already there, by the way, 3500 troops, inside the iraqi military to give them the training and back bone they need to ultimately create security. it means we need to get lawyers off the backs of the war fighters so they can do their job. this is not a law enforcement exercise. [applause] it means we need safe zones in syria to deal with the refugee problem. the way you solve this problem is to deal with the cause of the -- the reason why there are 4 million people uprooted from their homes. we need safe zones. today there are people starving
6:56 pm
to death because of the brutality of the assad regime and if you're a christian or a moderate muslim inside of isis controlled territories you're either going to be beheaded, raped, or enslaved. there needs to be safe zones for these folks who we also need a safe zone to have a sunni led force. with the arab world financing and support, a unified force, well trained to take out isis and bring about stability in syria. the no fly zone people are worried about? we need one. we need to make sure our air superiority allows us to do exactly what we need to do. to stop the barrel bombing and stop the killing and make sure that isis terrorists are looking up in the air from time to time wondering when they will be hit. no more leaflets being sent to the truck drivers. [applause] no more leaflets being sent to truck drivers saying, hey, by the way, i know you may not know this but your -- you may not know you're an enemy combatant. please change your views.
6:57 pm
don't be a truck driver to take illicit sales of diesel fuel and gasoline to, across turkey or to sell it to the assad regime. they know who they are. they're participating in this war. isis has declared war on us. we need to declare war on them. and as president of the united states i will do just that. [applause] this is the third anniversary of hillary clinton's testimony where she said, it doesn't make a difference on benghazi. third anniversary. well, we now know it made a big difference for hillary clinton. it made a big difference for her. when she had to testify under oath, she said that the reason why we have this threat, why benghazi occurred, was because of terrorism. even though she told the families something completely different. that she was going to go after the director of the video that they through the fog of war continued to say that that was the reason why benghazi took place. she lied to the families and
6:58 pm
told the truth to her daughter and to the president. shameful. shameful. we do not need hillary clinton as commander-in-chief and president of the united states. [applause] i spend most of my time in new hampshire so i get to see everybody's tv ads. there are a lot of them. i don't know how you guys -- god bless you. [laughter] i guess we don't have the car ads anymore here so maybe there is some benefit if you don't like car ads you're not going to see any for a while. but in those ads hillary clinton touts her secretary of state experience, that her experience makes her qualified to be president. well, let's talk about that. benghazi, iran, calling assad a reformer. he's killed 250,000 innocent people. the russian reset. that hasn't worked out very well. all of this is a sign of a secretary of state and a foreign policy that is reactive rather than believing that the united states leadership in the world truly matters.
6:59 pm
here's the deal. should i become president of the united states, the first thing i would do as president would be to announce we're moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem to show that we're back in the game in the middle east. [applause] and i will make sure that our friends know that we have their backs. that we won't be talking as much as we had over the last eight years. no. not as much talking. but they'll know that we have their back. and our enemies will fear us not to create a condition for war but to create a more stable peace. i don't believe that hillary clinton understands that. and i do. i think it's important to have someone that has a steady hand to be president of the united states in these dangerous times. if we're going to create a more stable world what are we going to do at home? here is what i believe to be true. the washington culture needs to change. [applause] i believe passionately because i had first-hand experience as
7:00 pm
governor of a state that needed to have a little bit of change as well, a little bit of disruption, a little bit of turning upside down and shaken a little bit. that's what i did as governor of the state of florida. we need term limits just as we have in florida. it works. i promise you. we need it in washington, d.c. [applause] we need a line item veto power for the next president of the united states. i know how that works because i used the line item veto power to the extent that they called me veto corlione. totaling $2.5 billion. not to be the big dog on the stage and show i was all powerful but simply to say, look. government shouldn't grow faster than our ability to pay for it. that's what we should be doing is limiting government's power. elected officials when they finish their time ought to go back home. we should have a six-year lobbying ban so they don't immediately go out the back door and begin to lobby their former colleagues. this is a system no one believes works anymore.


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