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  Donald Trump Press Conference in Marshalltown Iowa  CSPAN  January 26, 2016 9:43pm-10:11pm EST

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.linton to get underway an announcement just made that the former secretary of state hillary clinton has run late because of that road conditions and iowa. the crowd is being treated to free pizza. we will have live coverage when she begins right here on c-span. c-span's campaign 2016 is taking you on the road of the white house for the iowa caucuses. our live coverage begins at 7:00 on c-span and c-span2, we will bring you live caucus coverage, taking your phone calls, tweets and texts. we will take you to the republican caucus on c-span and the democratic caucus on c-span2. c-span andstay with join in on the conversation on c-span radio and at reporterstrump told -- reporters tuesday he will not
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participate in thursday night's debate hosted by fox news. the announcement came during a news conference receiving a kid can rally he was holding in marshalltown, iowa. he also received the endorsement of a sheriff. this is 25 minutes. [no audio] >> thank you. i remember being in iowa for
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years ago and helping another person running for president. i got to know iowa, the people and what a great state this is, great people, it personifies what america is all about. i am here to endorse the great and it is just easy to endorse him, because everything i believe in, he is doing and he is going to do it when he becomes president. i met donald six months ago in ,hoenix, introduced him then and introduced them 30 days ago back in phoenix and it is my privilege and honor to help him, to endorse him today for president of the united states. thank you very much. donald trump: i want to thank
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sheriff joe. this is a man me talk about believesborders, who in borders and getting his endorsement means a lot to me. he has wanted to do this for quite some time. the world andg at seen a lot of bad things happening, and he is the kind of guy we want on our team. smart andh, strong, he has done an amazing job. he has a great following of people who absolutely love him. joe, i would like to really thank you. thank you very much. questions. >> are you making any deals? donald trump: no deals. sarah palin never asked me for anything. we got a tremendous endorsement
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from liberty university. he is a terrific man, respected by everybody. i will tell you that what was so beautiful about it, no deals. joe did not say that, sarah did not say that. we do not make deals, not what fox, not with anybody. we do not make deals. the country needs someone who knows what they are doing, because we are a country that does not know what they are doing. when you look at the iran deal, when you look at the bowe bergdahl deal, we are addressed. we do not know what we are doing as a country and it is a problem. >> they have said anyone but trump. donald trump: that is ok. that is their opinion. i am pro-life. all i can tell you is this, i am pro-life.
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i have been pro-life for a long time. what did i say? you did not read it. read the full statement of what i said. read the full statement. no, you are not reading the full statement. get it out and read it. i remember this very well. he was a friend of mine. read the full statement. look, they have their choice. they will do what they have to do. i am pro-life, they can do what they have to do. >> they are questioning your values. donald trump: i question ted cruz. i do not even think, based on things i have learned over the past few days, many lawyers are coming up saying he does not have a right to run. he cannot run because he was born in canada. because of the fact that he was born on canadian soil, he cannot run for president. the first thing that is going to
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happen if he got the nomination, which i do not think will happen, but if he ever did, the first thing that is going to happen if the democrats are going to sue because there is a very real question as to whether he is able to run or entitled to run. as you know, it is not a settled matter which is a big problem. other people have come back and said this is a settled matter and he does not have the right to run. i think i am convincing them. every poll says i am ahead. we will see what happens. i have bonded with the people of iowa. i have bonded. the evangelicals, when i get the endorsement from the phenomenal man from liberty university, when jerry called up, i was so happy to get the endorsement. theve really bonded with evangelicals, tea party and the
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people of iowa. we will see what happens. who is that? [indiscernible] --ald trump: i do not think i think everybody knows about me. >> your pro-life position on , what do you think of this issue? donald trump: i do not want to talk about that right now. i think everyone knows my views. fox news is playing games. there are going to make a fortune. i told fox they should give money to the wounded voyeurs. i do not think megyn kelly is good at what she does. i think they can do a lot better than megyn kelly. i probably won't bother doing the today. i see they have picked me as number one, not only number one,
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but number one by far. i will have something else and i look where we will raise money for veterans and the wounded voyeurs. we will do something simultaneously during the debate. i did not like the fact that they sent out press releases talking about putin and playing games. i do not want games being played. when they sent of that press release, and i thought these people were playing games. most likely, i will not be doing the debate. is that with me, you are dealing with someone that is different. they cannot toy with me like they do everyone else. let them have their debate and let's see how they do with the ratings. i told him, give money to the wounded voyeurs, the veterans because they are going to make a fortune. now let's see how many people watch.
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towill have our own event raise money for the wounded voyeurs and veterans. when they sent out the press reason -- press release a little some key ourne by person along with roger ailes, i said goodbye, ok? excuse me, just so you understand. i have done six debates. according to every single poll, i have one every single debate. i probably won the last one more than any of them. every single poll has me winning every single debate. how many debates do you have to do? the democrats are finished with the debates. everepublicans go on for and ever and ever with debates. 1%have people that have 0%, and nothing. it is time that somebody plays
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grown-up. i see a press release written by a child, what do i have to do? why do i have to make fox rich? why not make the wounded voyeurs rich? this is pretty close to your revocable. great in i love i will. i did -- i do not think iowa will care. this country needs is a dealmaker. we need someone that will make great deals with russia, china and japan. what do we get? we have deficits with these countries. we need people who know what they are doing. we do not need babies. they are not dealing with a baby. we will see. i think the opponents are wonderful people. i know a lot of them. let's see how they do in the
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debate. let's see how many people watch. let's see him many people watch. i say give money to the wounded voyeurs. --e money to the veterans wounded warriors. give money to the veterans. megyn kelly is a lightweight and she should that be in the debate. when megyn kelly did not ask me a question, i thought it was inappropriate. everyone said i won the debate. everyone said i won all of the debates. we have had six debates now, why should the networks continue to get rich on these debates? give some to the wounded voyeurs. let's see -- wounded warriors. let's see how much money fox will make. [indiscernible] donald trump: he has been a
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tremendous person in terms of deportation, but in terms of newping and creating a border. i have the toughest plan in terms of border. i am building the wall and other people are saying we want to build a wall. where had they been? we are talking about building a wall, building a strong border. thatff joe understands better than anybody because he has done a great job and has been given very little resources. i think the representation of having sheriff joe on my side it was really great, something i appreciated. >> what about on immigration matters? donald trump: we have other people. i feel we have to stop illegal immigration. when i announced i was running for president, i did this on june 16, i brought up illegal immigration. this would not even be talked about if i did not bring it up.
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right now, it is the biggest subject and it carries over to isis and all of the things that are happening with migration in syria and people coming in who we have no idea what they are. we have no idea who they are. they could be isis, we do not know it it has to stop. we are $19 trillion as a country and we have people running our country that are incompetent. they do not know what they are doing. you have to create a strong border. we need security for our country. cannot allow that to happen. your time data question mark donald trump: -- time data? donald trump: i would start right away. we have gangs in los angeles and a different places that are made up of 100% illegal immigrants. they would be gone so fast. the local police know all about it. they would be gone so fast.
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say it again. say you would build a wall, how? donald trump: my whole life, i have been dealing with politicians. politicians are fine, but now it is time to do it a lot better because these politicians have turned out to be all talk and no action. -- ally do care about they care about is getting reelected. we need to bring our country back. we are losing billions of dollars a year with trade in china. money in trade with japan. we do so much for everybody else. you look at south korea. i have friends, deals and buildings in south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line. what do we get out of all of this? congress.eak to
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>> where would you get funding? donald trump: we are losing a tremendous amount of money. we are losing so much money the cousin of the illegal immigrants, people who are in the country illegally, hundreds of billions of dollars. people do not realize that. first of all, mexico is going to pay for the wall. the reason they are going to pay, a lot of people think like the politicians, you cannot get mexico, but of course you can. they are making a fortune off of the united states. they are going to pay for plenty. i have great relationships with mexico. i have great relationships with the mexican people. hispanics,sands of and you have seen some recent polls in nevada where i am leading with hispanics. they want jobs. i am going to bring jobs back from china, japan, mexico. we are going to bring jobs back from our country.
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our country is starving for jobs. we are losing the base and manufacturing. china is devaluing its currency, making it impossible for our companies to compete. now japan is doing the same thing. japan is killing us with the yen. they are devalue in the currency. it is brutal. take a look at caterpillar. they are getting killed because politicians do not know what they are doing. tyco is moving to ireland. they are leaving the country. we have major corporations leaving the country because politicians do not know what they are doing. what about people who came here illegally but they are here now? donald trump: they have to go. 50% are stopped at the border.
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overstay is easy to take care of. it is called management. they fly on, common, stay forever. that cannot happen. slogan, make america great. that is what is going to happen. the statement says, i am very pro-choice and i hate the concept of abortion. donald trump: exactly, why did you not read that before. excuse me. you did not read the question. -- when yourted quoted, you did not read what you just read. read it again. why did you not say when you asked the question before, that i hate the concept of abortion? no. him.ere quoting
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why did you not read my quote the way i said it? do not ask me questions like that. you are not a very good reporter. that is a cheap shot. you have a guy like ted cruz who is nervous as can be. he is a nervous wreck. i picked up 12 points in iowa on him the other day over it. a time of less than a week. i understand him. i always get along with them but i have been waiting, and finally at the last debate, he started knocking the people of new york and values. i thought it was a disgrace and a lot of people thought it was a disgrace. what is going to happen over the next amount of time, nothing is going to be easy, that he is a wreck.
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himself whether he has the legal right to run and serve as president. how can you vote for someone when you know the democrats will bring the suit? this is a cloud on title. no one knows if he can run for office. i tend to doubt it. some great constitutional lawyers say he does not have the right to search. he cannot serve as president of the united states and that is a problem. i did not like the fact that on his financial disclosure form, which is a big problem, he is going to be robin hood, protect everybody. he forgot to mention a couple of little facts, the banks. he did not put them in. why did he not put goldman sachs and? he did not put them in. he said he forgot. he also said he did not know he was a canadian citizen 15 months ago.
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he said, oh, i did not know i was. he was born in canada. he was a canadian citizen, and 15 months ago he renounced his citizenship. he was the first canadian citizen to ever be a senator in this country, a senator from texas. he was a canadian citizen. he did not know he was a canadian citizen? do you think you have good temperament? myald trump: i think temperament is great. i built a great corporation and company, but when fox sends out a press release about putin, i say let them have the debate and , will raise money for veterans and let fox play its games. i love the debates. i love debating.
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i did not know it. i never debated before. created tensr who of thousands of jobs over the years. i did not know i enjoy debating, but i enjoyed the first one, even though i thought megyn kelly was a bad moderator. she is a total lightweight. i have to tell you, i did not know i was going to enjoy the debate process. i actually love it. if you check all of the online polls that judge debates, almost said i wone poll every signal debate. that is not bad. >> is it likely you will conflict your position? donald trump: i think you can say that. it sounds like i am out, doesn't it? i have never threatened to quit. said with cnn, i think you
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should give money to the veterans. i think you should give money to the veterans. do you have a question that is legitimate? do you apologize? for not reading your words? do you apologize for not reading my words? you apologize for not reading my exact words? i did not ask that. excuse me. you quoted me and you took out the main part of the quote. do you apologize? ok, forget you. go ahead, sarah. [indiscernible] not a trump: this is cheap shot. i have had a very good life and have been a good person all my life. i am a religious person who gives money to charity. i feel you can bring up whatever you have to.
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go ahead. i will give you an answer to that sometime in the future. he says you are making his job harder. donald trump: what can i tell you? i think most people in the country agree with me having to immigration,al when we comes to -- when it comes to radical islam. when the president refuses to use the term radical islam, why, you'll have to ask him. you cannot solve a problem until you are willing to discuss the problem. you will have to ask him. say it loud because of it like everyone to hear this. have you not been able to
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-- why have ted cruz not been able to consolidate the evangelical vote? donald trump: it is because he is a nasty person. people do not like him. the senators and people he works with do not like him. i am a little bit of a rebel, but you have to get along with people. we have to rebuild our country again. $19 trillion in debt, tremendous , and the real number in jobs is not 5.2%. when someone gets up looking for a job, it is statistically taken off the rolls. we have to build up our country. to do that, you have to get along. you have to have a semblance of something. people do not like ted cruz. m.ey do not like hi the evangelicals like me better
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than ted cruz. they understand i am a christian, a good christian in the evangelicals have found that out. how about one more? i just want to make america great again. i have had a great life. i have employed thousands of people, that means education, health care. i built an unbelievable company. when i filed, all of you people ran down because you are trying to see if i was not as big as you expected, but i have one of the biggest assets in the world. i have very little debt. i say that because that is what our country needs. our country needs that kind of thinking. trillion worth of ible deal thatrr
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is adding another $2 trillion. we are spending money like a bunch of people who do not have a clue of what is happening. we have leadership that is incompetent. hear kerry saying the other day, some of the $19 billion -- $1920 is going to be spent for terror, it is interesting. supposedly i said today, spending all of this money in europe, i ran, there were 100 jets made in europe. where is boeing? when i look at the stupidity of ,ur leadership in this country
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i say, i have no choice. i love my life and i have enjoyed my life. i have a great family in a great company but i have to do this. we are going to make america great again. thank you very much. thank you. [indiscernible] [chatter] >> here is a look at some of the campaign ads being run by ted cruz.