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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Des Moines Iowa  CSPAN  January 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:31pm EST

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has been effective. and open up opportunities for others. >> thank you for clarifying that. do you mind if we grab a picture? mr. santorum: there you go. ok. >> thank you. mr. santorum: appreciate your vote. let's do a little gaggle. just a couple of questions the reporters have. year,pared 2012 and this the dynamics. mr. santorum: it is like running a marathon and breathing through a swizzle stick. there is no oxygen. there is no media coverage.
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do, it is, are you going to donald trump's thing? i spent time laying out a compelling vision of the country. you are right. there are twice as many this time. is in the business of selling papers and getting eyeballs for their tv program. if you have someone that is entertaining, you will cover that person. you will have everyone else in a race with that person. >> you have practically moved here over the last five years. mr. santorum: i do not know. spent about 3.5 years after i left. >> we are going to go live to iowa for a rally with donald
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trump, skipping the republican debate to hold what he calls a special event to benefit veterans organizations. live at drake university, where rand paul held an event earlier, we are waiting for donald trump to take the podium. mr. santorum: we have some substantive things. but you are going to talk about who said what. trump and his antics. what the media is focused on made it hard to break through. another issue is the separation of the candidates. , you willsh strongly have a candidate that finished strong in iowa that was never on a primetime stage. that should not happen. it should not happen because the thea should not be culling
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field based on something that has no relationship to how well someone will do in an election. i said that from the beginning. years agodence four about how that happened. yet, it was ignored. these are people people are interested in. that is who we want to show. it is not about giving the american public a look at all the candidates. it is who will get us the best ratings. that is not how a political debate should be structured. >> in 2012, you got a lot of support. talked about how the electorate has changed. mr. santorum: the major concerns is the supreme court decision. outt of people got the wind sails and are
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advocating for something less than in the past. second, there is donald trump. someone who is not good on the issues but has a lot of money. that is who they are lining up behind, whether they are right on the issues are not. , i do not ultimately feel that will be a successful strategy. thank you. hello, ladies. how are you? can we get out of the way of the food bar? i do not want to be accused of people -- preventing people from getting food. take one. even with a packers jersey. >> this is our band. mr. santorum: congratulations.
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>> he has hydrocephalus and a little tumor. >> it has really been a problem. >> you are amazing. mr. santorum: thank you. hopefully it helped. we will pray for him. amen. amen. you are not alone. god bless you. thank you. >> thank you so much. mr. santorum: do you want to do pictures? >> can i get a selfie? you are, like, my favorite person. mr. santorum: are you going to caucus for me? >> i will. mr. santorum: speak for me at caucus? >> i do not know about that. mr. santorum: come on. if you get up in front of a caucus and say, i have never done this before. , but i thinkervous
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this guy is such a great guy, i'm going to do it, you get the room. >> that makes a lot of sense. you got my vote. mr. santorum: thank you. appreciate it. >> are you guys altogether? all right.m: are you voting? >> of course. mr. santorum: all right. thank you. appreciate your help. we should do it away from the backlight. there you go. appreciate your help. let's go this way. all right. thank you. come on, guys. thank you. else?y that is it? ok.
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>> what are you going to do about the monetary system? mr. santorum: change the standard of the federal reserve to include just interest on keeping interest rates down. not be concerned about limits. >> i wonder what you think about the syrian immigration crisis? mr. santorum: i was on fox news with that the other day. we had the highest percentage of people who agreed with my percentage on syrian refugees, which is we should not accept anybody. we cannot do adequate background checks and should not be relocating people out of the region. we should put them in the region so that, when isis leaves, they can reclaim it. how are you doing, sir? rick santorum. nice to see you. all right. how are you?
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good. >> how is it going? you on thursday on your way to d.c. mr. santorum: i had my contacts out. i appreciate your vote. thank you. he did flip-flop. mic on.ave your mr. santorum: i got it. is a chance not to settle. i want you to know that i respect and admire you. mr. santorum: thank you. you can quietly vote for me at the caucus. that way, you do not have to go to confessional. thank you very much. hey, guys.
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how are you? here you go. ♪ what are you waiting for ♪ ♪yeah right now ♪ ♪ right now ♪ come on, it's everything ♪
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moment ♪at magic ♪ right now right here and now ♪ right now ♪ tell me, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪
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♪ blue jean baby, l.a. lady, things just for the band ♪ pretty eyes, pirate's mind, you married a music man ♪ you must have seen , dancing in the sand.
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now she is in me, always with me , tiny dancer in my hand ♪ ♪ jesus freaks out in the street , handing tickets out for god ♪ turning back, she just laughs ♪ ♪ the boulevard is not that bad ♪ man, he makes his stand in the auditorium ♪ on she sings the songs
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, the words she knows, the tune, she hums ♪ ♪ how it feels so real, lying only you,no one near, and you can hear me when i say softly, slowly ♪ dancer ♪ closer, tiny ♪ count the headlights on the highway ♪ lay me down in sheets of linen ♪ you had a busy day today ♪
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♪ hold me closer, tiny dancer ♪ count the headlights on the highway ♪ linenme down in sheets of ♪ ♪ you had a busy day today ♪ blue jean baby, l.a. lady ♪ band ♪ just for the pirate's mind,
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you married a music man ♪ you must have seen her ♪ sand ♪ng in the me, always with hand ♪y dancer in my ♪ real ♪w it feels so gentlemen, take your seats. the program will begin momentarily. slowly ♪ i say softly,
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♪ hold me closer, tiny dancer count the headlights on the highway ♪ down in sheets of linen ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states -- mr. donald j trump. >> ♪ i have no stories to be told ♪ ♪ but i am going to make your head burn ♪ [applause] wow.rump: that is so nice. thank you.
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there is a vet. we love our vets. thank you, everybody. sit down please. hours to put24 this together. it was very quick. we have some special people and we will hear from some of them. i do not want to be here, i have to be honest. i wanted to be five minutes away. we have enjoyed that. the online polls have gone well, with the debate. but you have to speak up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you have to speak up for your rights. [applause] mr. trump: you have to do it. whether you like it or not, that is what our country has to do. as an example, iran. the way they have been treating us, it is one of the worst deals i have ever seen negotiated under any circumstances. up for ourselves
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as people and for our country when we are being mistreated. remember that. [applause] mr. trump: i have to go a step further and say fox has been extremely nice in the last number of hours, actually. [laughter] mr. trump: they have wanted me there and say, how about now? hasn't it already started? we actually thought we would let them start. be -- wanted to be 15 minutes into the hour. this is like the academy awards. [applause] are told we have more cameras than they do by quite a bit. and you know what? that is really in honor of our vets. but they have been very nice. they wanted me to go and
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apologize. once this started, there was nothing i could do. i do not know. is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing? who the hell knows? and yous for our vets, will like it because we raised over $5 million in one day. [applause] mr. trump: so that is not so bad. my whole theme is "make america great again." that is what we are going to do. we would not have been here if not for our vets, and they are being mistreated. illegal immigrants are treated ourer in many cases, than vets. once this ball started rolling, we could not stop it. the house is packed, and this
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took place in less than 24 hours. not do listen, i will the debates out of respect for myself. it would just be wrong. i love iowa. i did not know we would raise $5 million. we actually raised close to $6 million, to be totally honest. and a lot more to come. we set up a site, they have raised the most $5,000 just today. this money will continue to pour in. we have some incredible people. i want to call out the folks that give a lot of the money. we will have someone come up to speak who is an incredible speaker. more importantly, who really understands what vets are going through. first, we have to talk about people who made a lot of money. if they had not made a lot of money, they would not even be
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here for the vets. the military has more guts than you do, right? carl icahn gave $500,000. one quick phone call. [applause] mr. trump: a great builder in new york gave $100,000. [applause] mr. trump: donald trump, another great builder in new york, now a politician -- i cannot stand this. i do not want to be called a politician. donald trump gave $1 million. [applause] mr. trump: the fisher family of new york gave $75,000. [applause] mr. trump: howard lauber, $100,000. [applause]
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mr. trump: a very good friend of , wants very good person to be anonymous the first time in his life -- i said, can you do me a favor? give me a million bucks for this. forid, it is further v -- the vets. he wanted to be anonymous. he has changed. you know who i'm talking about. yes? [chanting] trump!p! trump! mr. trump: it is too crazy.
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rallies.otests at my we have thousands of people outside trying to get in. we set up cameras, screens, everything. -- i love theu protesters in the big arenas because the cameras never move. they are always on my face. honey, standife -- up. she has to suffer through this. [applause] home -- ando, i go it is always on. it is not like the other politicians -- nobody covering them. i said, how did i do? she said, you are great. how many people were there? 21,000. in alabama, we had 35,000 people.
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by the way, we get bigger crowds by far. much bigger than bernie. though he is second. we get the biggest crowds. she said, they never show the crowd. i realized, they never turned the camera. i said, i figured maybe they are fixed. they cannot turn around. the only way you find out they are not fixed, they are like pretzels, is when you have a protester. you can have a protester up at the top, and they turn. but they do not want to show a crowd. we have a rich guy from new york who has become a little reclusive. $1 million. great guy. we have another unbelievable guy , one of the great men of our country in terms of business and talent. perlmutter, $1
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million. [applause] cafaro fromj florida, and a fantastic man from cleveland. $55,000. another friend of mine, one of the most brilliant men you will ever meet, phenomenal poker player. he does not do it for a living. you cannot make a deal with this guy and come out on top. in fact, i am thinking about him for china. how about him negotiating with china? [applause] mr. trump: you know, china this year in trade, will make over $500 billion in terms of our trade deficit. $500 billion. that is no partnership. , but we a free trader
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have to use our heads. we use political hacks to negotiate with the chinese. i deal with them all the time. they buy my apartments for millions. i love them. i am not blaming the chinese. i am not angry at them. i am angry at our politicians because we have people that are incompetent running our country. why should we be losing, in trade deficits, $500 billion a year? if i took a guy like this and , mr. and mrs.rge phil ruffin, come on up. [applause] mr. trump: come up. [applause] he has never had anything -- it is like
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everything he touches turns to gold. you put a piece of land in las vegas. $110 million. forold it a few years later $1.43 billion. when he gives a million, it is like ten cents, but still very important. say a couple of words. [applause] >> thank you. i would like to introduce my wife, alexandra. donald and i have been friends for some 18 years and business partners. , i said if you run for president, i will give you $1 million. $1l, he ran, i gave him million. he sent it back. he said, i cannot take your money. in any case, he is a great man.
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happy.m very my wife and i will donate $1 million to your charity. [applause] mr. trump: he actually sent me a million dollars and said, there is 10 or 20 more if you need it. i sent it back. i am self funding my own campaign, right? but all my life, i made money. i have always been good at making money. all my life, i did well. my father always said, everything he touches turns to gold. that is why i used the same expression. but he always said, everything he touches turns to gold. i turned all this money down. they are calling and calling.
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being number one, they want to control you. they want to give you money. remember i give you $5 million? all my life, i am turning down millions. i was in iowa at a different location. we had 4000 people. i said, listen. i do not feel good about turning down money. my whole life, i have been greedy, greedy, greedy. but now i want to be greedy for the united states. [applause] mr. trump: i will grab all that money. i will be greedy for the united states. but i always feel guilty. the crowd is lovely. we have the most incredible people in the country in iowa. the cover of time magazine this week is a cover story. there it is. hold that up. they have the back of my head
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with a massive crowd in front of me. they are covering the story. i did not even know they were doing the story. they are talking about the movement. is actually a movement. what is happening is, i said to the crowd, let me ask you this one thing. could i take all this money? i am turning away so much money. could i take all this money? no.yone went crazy, no, nok, there was one guy in the back of the room -- a crooked looking guy -- and he said, it is ok to take it. i do not know what to do with that guy. i feel a little bit foolish not taking the money. but you look at a guy like jeb bush. low-energy. extremely low. he is debating right now. maybe he is doing great. probably looking for me.
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has anyone seen trump? where is he? [applause] mr. trump: $120 million. people i know like him, killers. they put up $8 million. they are lobbyists, special interests. they are not doing that for their health. i know most of the lobbyists. i was on the other side seven months ago. i was a big giver. i know these people. i said, believe me. in $6 million, $1 million, $5 million, they want something for it. when you see these horrible deals being made, the politicians are that stupid. you say, how is it possible that iran just got $150 billion from
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this country? one of the dumbest deals ever. 114r first purchase is airbus jets. not boeing. then we have france. they go to russia and thereby missiles. people say the clock does not -- we did not get our hostages back. they have $150 billion. sets a bad tone for kidnapping. who would believe what is going on? when you see that airbus gets our jets and russia gets the missiles, which they are not -- andd to be ordering other things from russia, everyone is getting the money but us.
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when you say, that is such a stupid deal, how can anybody be so stupid? the reason is politicians are being taken care of by special interests that have interest with airbus, with russia and missiles, with all of these people that are taking that $150 billion. by the way, we have mike huckabee sitting here. get up. [applause] mr. trump: great guy. santorum. where is rick? [applause] fellas, come up here for a second. -- just sonderstand you understand, these two are not in that category. they would never do a thing like that. [applause]
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stand up here. mrs. huckabee. and rick's daughter. stand up. [chanting "u.s.a."] mr. trump: they would never have done a thing like that. when you see a deal that is bad, they are not bad for politicians. they are bad for the country. that is why i do not take anything. we will do what is right for the country. thank you. i want to ask rick and like to say a few words. i heard they did very well, these two. how did they do? if you did poorly, you would go back and be depressed. say a few words. [applause]
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thank you.m: over here so i am not photographed with the trump sign. i am supporting another candidate for president. [laughter] does not meanthat we cannot work together when it comes to helping our veterans. i are here mike and tonight. i grew up on a v.a. grounds. my mom and dad worked for the veterans administration for 40 years. i heard my parents talk about how the system has been degraded over time. it used to be the best health care system in the world. we have an obligation to do something to make sure our veterans have the best possible health care in the world. [applause] mr. santorum: and we can give
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them that by allowing any veteran to go to any hospital in their community and get the care they need when they need it. [applause] we also have to say to our veterans and privatetion, let the sector take care of this stuff. a lot of the money raised tonight goes to that. ets a day commit suicide. vets a day commit suicide. let's take all that money and the veteransaking administration a center of experts to deal with ptsd and deal with our vets and their mental health program -- problems. i appreciate all those folks who raised money.
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let's put some of that money towards helping our men and women who are suffering the most. god bless you and thank you for being here tonight. [applause] mr. huckabee: i figure you are going to get the photograph anyway. i might as well stand here and be done with it. rick santorum,-- donald trump and i may be competitors in a presidential are, but tonight, we colleagues helping the people who let us breathe the free air we breathe, the veterans of the united states of america. [applause]
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[chanting "u.s.a."] huckabee: in my mind, i was huring you say open -- "go, ck, go." the easy thing for donald trump to do is ignore anyone who cares about veterans. he is not the kind of guy. i want to say thank you for asking rick santorum and me come. for reasons i do not understand, the others are not here. some of them have a slot at 8:00. i have nothing to do at 8:00. but it says something about him that he would bring us here to his own event because bigger then the election is the fact that we would not have free elections in this country if not
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for the people that stood between bullets and bombs and our freedoms. thank you. [applause] i am done and i will turn it back to donald trump. september 2005, a good friend of mine who teaches at the joe robertson high school in little rock, arkansas did something pretty extraordinary on the first at school. she had all the desks in her classroom removed. every desk taken out. the kids came in for first cochrane, said ms. where is our tasks -- desk? she said, you do not get one until you tell me how you earn it. they said, i guess we get good grades.
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she said, that will not earn you a desk. another said, we will behave. she said, you will behave. second period, same thing. by now, kids are calling their parents and saying she has lost her mind. news organizations from little joe started coming up to robertson high school to figure out what happened to this teacher who snapped because she is taking all the desks out of her classroom. last period of the day, kids asked the same question. where are the desks? she said, you have to tell me how you earn it. none of them did. she said, i guess i am going to have to expand it to you. she walked over to the door of her classroom. she opened the door. u.s. veterans wearing their
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uniforms from various wars walked in carrying a desk. they brought those desks in and lined them up in rows. saidey did, martha cochran , kids, you do not have to earn your desk because these guys already did. that is why you have a school desk. that is why you have an education. and that is why you have the united states of america. god bless you and thank you. [applause] [chanting "u.s.a."] two amazing people. i have gotten to know them very well, being on the trail, as they say.
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very happy with what is going on on the trail. i have had an amazing period of time. i usually like to get up and do polls. mike said, why do you keep doing those? i said, because they are so good. we have had amazing polls in iowa. we are leading by substantial margins in iowa and every single state. we are leaving every national poll. [applause] mr. trump: people are tired and they are sick of what is going on in our country, how our military is being decimated. seen example tonight, you the kind of amazing love. veterans are the most amazing people. we will take care of our veterans. i'm going to introduce somebody
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who will speak for a little while. he will introduce a couple of his friends. has become alding famous person. she should be more famous because he is more courageous than i am. i am financially courageous, but the other stuff, i am not so good. he spent 12 years in the united states army in the third special forces. grew up at fort bragg, north carolina. he has combat deployments to iraq and afghanistan. during his career with the third special forces group, the best, he worked as a special forces operator with the sniper to attachment and is a sniper instructor. he is a world-class marksman.
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he does special forces, advanced urban combat, not easy. advanced sniper, special forces qualifications courses and airborne assault. john's awards and badges include the silver star, bronze star, purple heart, combat infantry badge, air force air assault. anticipated in numerous battles during his department. most famous of all was the valley, whichk was a really tough one. the victory was brilliant, but tremendous courage -- carnage. which you can read about in the new book "no way out." john lost a leg. he is an amazing guy.
9:45 pm
i heard him speak once before and was so impressed, i asked him to come over and say a few words. john wayne. come on. [applause] >> thank you very much. i tell you what, i feel taller gettingt reynolds introduced by donald trump. i'm going to keep talking. a moving target is harder to hit. military, we call this everybody going to sleep. want to thank you for coming out. i am not here for politics. i'm here for people. i do not care if you are republican or democrat.
9:46 pm
i care about america. i have known donald trump junior for a while. he has never asked me for one thing politically. but he has seen me in his hotel when i was in las vegas. i was in the restaurant. -- he was trump eating with willie robertson. really cool guy. mr. trump left. my table andext to talked to me for almost an hour. just genuinely wanted to say hi and let me know he cared about my service. so i am here for people as great as he is. i hate that many people get a bad rap. a story i know that no one knows and his wife, a long time ago, they broke down.
9:47 pm
nobody would help them. a couple stopped and helped them with their vehicle. guess what they did? they paid their mortgage. do you ever hear about that? no. because they are people. genuine people. that is the movement everyone in america is getting onto. he is unapologetically american. that is what we are -- american. absolutely. greatest thing that happened to this planet in its existence. why should i ever say i am sorry for that? mr. trump says things that may not make you feel good, but it is the better thing for this great country. that is what i care about -- the better thing for this country. now, why am i here? they told me at first i only have a little time. if you know me, getting me to talk for a little bit is as easy
9:48 pm
as finding hillary clinton's e-mails. [applause] >> so i was very pleased to hear him say i could speak to you. for that, mr. trump, thank you very much. my name is john wayne walding. i am a green beret born on the fourth of july, and i am from texas. so you are welcome, america. [applause] >> you cannot write this. that is my true name, john wayne. really was born on the fourth of july. when i was 16, why did you name me that? probably going to get this great story about how he is a great american. he said it just like this -- you needed a cool name. hippie, but i'm glad he stuck with it. i did 12 years in the military, the majority of that in special
9:49 pm
forces as a green beret. people did not know that the true term for green beret is special forces. that is the navy seals and rangers and everybody else. special forces are the u.s. army green berets. one thing i did not know as a green beret while i was in, under the head of special operations, 60% of all the missions done are done by green berets. why does nobody know that? we do not write books or make movies. we do the job. a good friend of mine was chris kyle. it was always real fun when we were at a training event. you got the navy seals sniper and it is like, you suck. no, you suck. but we die the most, we get her the most. -- hurt the most.
9:50 pm
that is one of the things americans don't realize. we do our job. our motto is "quiet professionalism." there is a true different -- anderence between "quiet" "silent." the job of a green beret is we teach them to die for their country rather than us doing it. [applause] >> instead of sending 100 americans into a village to kill a bad guy, why don't we send 15 green berets in and let them do it. jfk in the 1960's actually let us have it. that is our job, and we are good at it. within 30 days of the towers falling, there were green berets in afghanistan. that is my propaganda. but ok. in afghanistan in
9:51 pm
2008 in a firefight in the battle of shock valley. we were not supposed to win. if you believe in god, that is why i believe in god. there is no reason we should be alive. 15 americans went up with afghani commandos against 200 insurgents when they had the elevated position in the mountains. after 6.5 hours, 70 they are close airstrikes, tense over stars, we won. how awesome is that? zero american lives killed. how can you be a taliban 15 americans can go kill you? i would not do it. but that is when i lost my leg. i got shot halfway through the battle. had to put a tourniquet on my
9:52 pm
leg with the help of a green beret. during the battle, it was folded halfway over and hanging by an inch of flesh. the alternative was to go into "crotch" oni said international television, and i say "groin" now. that is not the end of the story. i tell everybody, you should see the other guy. that is not the end. that is the beginning. that is the beginning of meet learning the word "can't." i cannot walk. i cannot walk without the help of a prosthetic leg. -- me tell you something
9:53 pm
that is a gut wrenching punch i hope none of you have to feel. not only as a father, but a husband and a provider for the family, when you lose that leg, insecurityinstant about, am i good enough? am i ok to make sure my family has food? can i still provide? three things is what made me get better. first and foremost is god. without him, we would be nothing , amen? the second thing is my wife and family. watching at home, i love you, sugar. that is absolutely. my wife and family making sure i have something to look forward to at the end of the day. the third thing that made me want to fight hard is you, great
9:54 pm
americans that did it. [applause] >> that absolutely get it. it is the americans that say "thank you." never underestimate the magnitude of what the two words "thank you" mean to veterans. did you do not believe me, ask someone in vietnam what it is like to come back and get spit on and called a baby killer. countryt my leg for my and got spit on, i would be homeless, single, and have an addiction problem. words, that mental validation, it says it is worth it. right? everything we do, it says it is worth it. [applause] >> i like to joke and have fun. i always say that i make one-legged look good.
9:55 pm
i do not have a face for radio. but i would be lying to you if i told you it did not suck being one like it. it sucks not being able to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. it sucks when your kids want to play soccer and you cannot do it because you have been working all day at your real job, trying to make some money. but it is worth it. why? because thank you. great americans that say thank you and send that little validation. that makes me not want to be a husband, but a loving husband. not just a father, but a loving and compassionate father. somebody who wants to be with them. not just a citizen, but a successful, productive citizen in society, somebody that wants to be with other americans and is not just want to be in the prison they call home because nobody validated their sacrifice.
9:56 pm
never underestimate the magnitude of what thank you means to veterans. [applause] >> so when i hear those two words, and someone says thank you, i say you are worth it. you are worth fighting for. this is the best country to live. god bless you. [applause] >> this is awesome. all right. so when you say thank you, i say you are worth it, and i mean it. let me tell you something else, though. 22 vets a day commit suicide. give youget back, they
9:57 pm
a shopping cart full of drugs and say, take these. a year later, i am healed. ain't growing back, i tried. everything, itd is healed. but guess what? i still hurt every single day. god, myely, i have family, and my country behind me. not everyone has that. you lose that compass. when you get out, people do not care. youybody loves you and pats on the back, but who's going to pay the bills? i challenge you to find a veteran that has a better work than and better dedication a veteran. but the insecurity built in and becomes sadness. boo-boo lip.
9:58 pm
next comes depression. i suck at life. i cannot pay the bills. four walls become a prison. i want to punch that in the mouth. i want to punch suicide in the mouth. [applause] >> i want to speak specifically to veterans right now. if you are having a problem and life sucks because you are one leg it or no-legged, or just a civilian, because it is we're going back to civilian life, when you see that compass spinning and you do not know what to do, you need to tell torself you oh it -- owe it the fallen to live well. [applause] >> i have over 30 names
9:59 pm
embroidered in my center console. i knew every single one of those names, and they are dead now. i have to stomach that. green berets, they teach you how to deal with death, but not deal with it. that is something we do not have, a coping mechanism. time you get that call belagio.aron for you see the casket being lowered with the american flag and his wife is there with a three-month-old baby he has not met. do you say i am sorry? what do you say to that? it is impossible to make a statement to say, sorry for your loss. here is how you do that -- you live well for the fallen. if your life sucks, they win.
10:00 pm
right? that is something you cannot let happen. [applause] >> sgt. walding: you so when -- so whenever you go out there -- i got you sleeping. yeah, i got you sleeping over there. them to, you own it to live well. and that is the best middle finger that you can give to the taliban. to live well. [applause] so to remind myself every single day, i wear this ring right here as a symbol of the 22 who commit suicide every, single day. i want to bring up my great friend of mine. there we go. come on up here, sugar. [applause]
10:01 pm
sgt. walding: jake is the executive director of the 22 kill project. we want to punch 22 veterans committing suicide in the mouth. jake is going to come up and talk about this and then we are going to present a ring to mr. trump tonight. [applause] jake: so much america, john wayne. so much america. i love it. i am sorry,that brother. are wearing of these rings to bring awareness to the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. all three of us were war fighters and all three of us are
10:02 pm
brothers. this is unacceptable. we let the warriors know and their families know that they are worth it and to keep fighting the good fight. people wonder what we are the best military in the world. i will tell you why. because it is one team, one fight. we are all in it together. [applause] jake: that is why we wear these rings. this is not a fashion thing. this is a life thing. [applause] jake: so we are so proud to be and and honored to be here
10:03 pm
i tell you right now, my brothers' work, it is gold. [applause] and with that, these honor and toean so much to us highlight the fact that we lose 22 of our finest every day by their hands and together we can crush that. we can stop it. so with a that, before we do this presentation, i feel like i would be remiss if i didn't say to all of those in the audience tonight who served and family members who went through those times with them, thank you. thank you for being there and thank you for what you did.
10:04 pm
[applause] end to our vietnam veterans, welcome home -- and to -- vietname veterans veterans, welcome home, welcome home. [applause] i would like to present mr. trump with his personal honor ring that we brought to you and that we hope that you can it with pride and we make america great again together, brother.
10:05 pm
[applause] u.s.a! [applause] mr. trump: that was amazing. isn't that better than this debate that is going on right now? [applause] are allp: they sleeping. they are all sleeping. everybody. i see two of my friends in the audience and they have come to become very famous and very rich. come up. she called me and she said, there is somebody who is so
10:06 pm
amazing, you have to see this. and i watched these two incredible women, these two beautiful women, and i watched them go back and forth. crowd: trump! [indiscernible] [yelling] trump:amazing -- mr. paul amazing. trump!trump, trump, i really believed if we took them into a room and just talked to them, it would be fine. we want borders, we want the
10:07 pm
we could sit with of them for about 10 minutes, maybe, maybe they would understand. say hello. >> how are you all doing? really amazes me how people from the other camp want to, in here and mess this up. [laughter] [applause] but we all know that donald trump is going to make america great again. >> we all know that this is a rally and that it is imperative focus onget up and what donald trump talks about an vote. -- about and vote. vote for donald trump. all of them on the other
10:08 pm
side are debating. >> we have a negotiator and a job creator right here. >> that's right! and it is up to all of us to help donald trump make america great again. [applause] mr. trump: i tell you what. they are something. right? are they something. internet become an sensation. have anto sum up, we amazing country, we need strong leadership, we need passionate leadership, we need to take care of our health care, we need to take care of our borders, we need to make our military so strong, so big, so powerful,
10:09 pm
that nobody will want to mess with it. nobody, nobody, nobody will mess with it. [applause] over, and i tell this story all the time, i see these generals on talk shows and retiring and they are talking about where the enemy is and i don't want generals to talk, i want generals, and so do you have, i want generals to action. we want general george patton, we want general macarthur, we want people who were going to keep us safe. so i just say this. we are a country that doesn't win anymore. we don't win anymore. when was the last time that we won? we don't win in trade, we don't win in the military, we don't eat isis, we don't win anything, we are not good, we are just in the same place -- we don't beat sis, we don't win anything, we are not good, we are just in the
10:10 pm
same place. but we are going to get rid of obamacare and come up with a great, great, powerful, wonderful health care. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to win again. i tell you what, we are going to win again. we are going to win at every single level. we are not going to be lau of the through the rest world. they cannot believe what is happening. we send guns over to our weapons. takes them and now people come back from the middle east and they tell me, "mr. trump, they have better weapons than we do, they have the new versions, they have the best weaponry." i'm here to tell you it is not going to happen anymore. it is not going to happen. so this is a special might for me. 24started out literally hours ago, maybe less, we had no
10:11 pm
idea and we went out and we set up the website and i called some friends and we just cracked, the sign was just given, and we just cracked $6 million, right? $6 million! [applause] we have outside a list of the organizations and the folks that are going to be kidding this money. they are going to divided up and they are going to get a lot of money, everybody is going to get a lot of money, and they are very great, and we wanted to make sure that people are doing this and the people are so important and we have picked out some really amazing, amazing veterans organizations. has turned out to be a much different evening. i thought this would be small and i didn't even know it was going to happen and it turned out to be a phenomenal, night.nal i got to be some veterans, i got to meet john wayne and your
10:12 pm
friends, they are something, i am not going to mess with them, ok? and i want to thank my entire family. i will tell you, you've got vanessa, don, jared, success. yvonne to is going to have a have a ivanka's guide baby into cool weeks. we have a hospital lined up. we are doing great. soas saying that it would be great if she is going to have her baby and i a lot. stand up, honey, say hello. [applause] want that to happen. i want that to happen so badly. and my boy eric who has been fantastic in my staff who has been great and again, thank you, sir, for that $1 million. i will tell you what, you are a special guy, and we love it. this is been a wonderful and to an amazing evening and you
10:13 pm
veterans are amazing people. you are brave beyond comprehension. on behalf of everybody in this country, i want to thank you for the job that you do, because without you, we would not be here tonight. thank you all very much. fantastic people. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. [applause] ♪
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10:15 pm
♪ ♪ >> ♪ throw yourself through every open-door count your blessings
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we could have had it all allould have had it it all it all we could have had it all you had my heart in your hand beatlayed it to the you could have had it all you had my heart in your hand but you played it you played it
10:17 pm
you played it to the beat ♪ i saw her today at the reception class of wine -- glass of wine in her hand i knew that she was going to meet her connection you can't always get what you want get what youays want get what youays want ♪ announcer: and they are ending a little abruptly.
10:18 pm
the donald trump rally. he is raising funds for veterans. otherually brought on two republican presidential candidates, two of them who were in the earlier fox debate, rick santorum and mike huckabee. they took the stage along with some veterans and just a quick look at this article here, this " saying "theco, no-show trump dominates gop debate." jokeirst question and the of the night, unsurprisingly, was about the man who did not show, spawning to fox moderator -- responding to fox moderator, question about what kind of message it sends the people of i want to boycott the primetime debate, ted cruz
10:19 pm
vowed to make the state -- and we have a line if you are democrats, you can call 202-748-8920, the line from republicans you can call at 202-748-8921, and for iowa voters you can call 202-748-8922 . we have christopher on the line here. christopher, what do you think? i have really switched sides. you could have called me a progressive liberal. >> who did you vote for in the last election? caller: straight democrat. what really has captured me or my attention with donald trump is all of the -- what i have noticed is the special interest groups, the lobbyist, they seem to control a lot of the candidates and what they say and do, and with trump, he doesn't have any of that, and it is nice
10:20 pm
to have someone who is honest, he speaks his mind, even if i don't agree with everything. is no hiddene agenda with him and it is all straightforward. it is just -- it is great. hey, christopher, just hold on our line here, we lost our signal just a moment ago, we are going to go back to the rally. and we are going to take more phone calls. we are back to des moines, iowa. ♪ >> ♪ you get what you need i saw her today at the reception hand was her leading man
10:21 pm
she was practicing the art of deception ♪ >> and while we are here in the room, donald trump is somewhere in there. he is talking to the supporters. chris, go ahead? trump, for me, there is no hidden agenda with him. is no special interest groups backing him, pushing their agenda behind him, so you know that it is pure honesty with him. even if i don't necessarily agree with everything, i know what i am getting. interest inave any watching the main debate that he decided to not attend? caller: no. the reason that anyone honestly is even watching the debate. i started watching just because i thought it was a political
10:22 pm
circus, look at this freak show, outntially, and it turns that it was not a freak show, he was an honest guy there to truly make a difference. they can say whatever they want about how he is starting to support the veterans and that is just for political, well, not for political, but for media purposes. >> he will have your vote, christopher? caller: oh yes, he has my vote, definitely. it is kind of ironic. stuff.t is great all right, thanks for the call. we want to get a few people in here. holly calling from massachusetts for the democrats. i am a democrat no longer and i am a trump fan and he is just incredible. he is the real deal. i appreciate the fact that he didn't stand on the stage with
10:23 pm
all of those other people with the same old, same old, same old. he is fresh and he has great ideas. i really hope that he is our next president. >> is that the reason why he switched parties? caller: absolutely. absolutely. >> now we have george calling. caller: yes, this is george. i just really appreciate donald trump. i am a disabled veteran and i believe he truly loves the veterans of this country and he knows that they have fought hard and he appreciates everything that we do. a and george, there was question earlier that there was some group saying that they did not like him using veterans for political purposes. do you have the same thought? caller: no i don't, he didn't use this for any political purpose. what he said was from his heart.
10:24 pm
he respects as for the job that we did. thanks, george, calling from idaho. we have carl from manassas, virginia. you watched the whole trump rally? caller: yes i did. i just wanted to see how he started out and how they started off to say some negative things about donald. you a disabled veteran and know, i voted democrat all my life and i have seen some great things going on with donald. i like what he did with john wayne tonight, john wayne and hope top really brought me, i filled it in my heart. i feel that he is some into tears about what we do is our country and what we do with our nation and all it takes is for somebody to say thank you. we give our all for america. someone saying thank you for the sacrifices that we make all of our life and the best thing the donald did tonight was to not go
10:25 pm
to that debate and say that you are wrong for trying to do the rings and call me the names that you call me and to stand up for america and to make things great because america has to be great and it has to be able to do the things that we need to do for the rest of the world. >> carl, where did you serve? >> i have served in germany, i have served in granada. 21 years in the military. if my country asked me to do it again, i would do it again. >> all right, karl, thanks for the call. thanks for the call there. we want to get a few other colors here. we have norm calling from illinois. on the republican line to norm, what do you think here? that impressesng me is the fresh approach to the whole political process. he is not doing it by script, he is just eating real. i think that that is something
10:26 pm
that even the democrats have heard tonight. and dependence and republicans are responding to this. this is his authenticity. oking were lo want this brought back to america. he is all for that and incentivizing american industry to come back and to pay a living and he wants lower taxes for the middle class people and lower-class people. a good strategy and a winning strategy and i am really excited about this election and i am really excited about the prospects that he could be nominated. >> all right, let's take a look here from some tweets. these are from reporters. talking about the first commercial break and he -- david corn was talking about the first commercial break and he says thatd matt lewis
10:27 pm
he is a you finding this to be a refreshingly good debate. and then the hill says the ted the mocks trump by calling rivals stupid, fat, and ugly, something that donald trump might have said to them if he had been there. have a clearwater, florida republican, robin is on the line. robin, what are your thoughts? caller: i does want to say that i have hope again for our country because donald trump is running. i am so excited. here is a man who doesn't have to do this. i mean, he is a billionaire. he has made all the money that he needs. but yet he is doing this for our country. i'm so excited for our country. i feel like people are so revitalized. i am so excited about the election. i'm just so happy that he is in the race and i really hope he wins and i think he did the
10:28 pm
right thing about not going through the debate. >> how do you think he will do in iowa? is going toink he be great. i think we are going to be surprised about how many people come out and vote for him. especially democrats and independents, i have talked to a lot of people who are democrats and independents who are saying that they are voting for donald trump. >> in your state of florida, big bush got a endorsement from a big newspaper today. what are your thoughts about that? caller: i am for trump. i am really excited about it. too think that he is going make america great again and i really, really am hoping that as the election gets near that we are hearing more and more from him. i am impressed with his family and with his history and, i mean, he is a businessman. this is what we have needed for years, is somebody like a businessman. we have some of you. doesn't have to do this.
10:29 pm
he is giving his own money to do this. in new york,line, sophie, what do you think? doesn't matter that donald trump didn't attend the debate? does, this is the difference between ross perot and bloomberg. if you have read he works 14 hours while eating a sandwich in his office. ands a hard-working guy this is going to increase his political capital.
10:30 pm
>> this is the last week, the weekend before the iowa caucuses. people are going to be caucusing on monday at 7:00 eastern time, and that will be the start of our coverage here on c-span and then at 8:00 eastern time, the republican caucus on c-span and also the democratic caucus, we will have that on c-span2. calling from , republican line, go ahead. caller: i am really for donald trump because i think he has got a backbone and he will stand up and fight for our country and i like how he is standing up for also forans and i am him building the wall and getting the immigrants out of here because this country is getting overtaken by immigrants and we have nothing at our trade and everything with