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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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her daughter just got married. [applause] but she do not know what you would have done without the affordable care act for her treatment and insurance. we cannot repeal it, and we cannot start over. we have to build on it, make it work, and get us to 100%. it is a lot easier to get from 90% to 100% then to go from 0% to 100%. [applause] i want to thank all the teachers, the retired teachers who are here tonight.
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[applause] i am so proud to have your endorsement, and i will be your partner. we will work together for education for our kids. we need to take into account for the child's needs. i have the most heartbreaking conversations about teachers as i traveled across the state. teachers have raised their hands in my meetings and they have said it has been below zero. a teacher was saying this, and a little kid comes to school with a t-shirt on. i know that his family is having such a hard time, we try to help. teachers do not believe that their job is to impart knowledge, academic knowledge. the teachers i know believe that their job is to lift that each child, to give every single child a chance to live up to their god-given potential. [applause] here are some things i think would help. we need early childhood education. zero years old to five years old. this would help prepare so many more kids to be successful when they got to school.
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we need more wraparound services in school. we need to get nurses back in schools. we need social workers, we need people to deal with the problems that kids are bringing to school. [applause] and we need to make college affordable again for every young person in america. [applause] i have a plan to do that. i have laid out my plan. i have told you how much and -- it would cost. i want debt free tuition. here is the difference. i want anybody who cannot afford it to be able to have tuition without borrowing anything. i do not believe giving free
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college to donald trump's youngest child is in the best interest of all the hard-working americans who need help. [applause] i think we can do it in a sustainable way by, number one, asking the colleges and universities to take a look hard look at what they are charging. because of all you do is have a big glut of free money, the costs are going to keep going up because there is no incentive to rein them in. colleges and universities need to understand they cannot just dump everything on tuition. we have to live away from that. we also have to get states -- i want a partnership with state. i wanted to quit building prisons and start putting money back into education, including higher education. [applause] and i believe, i believe it is important that you are going to college, and you are getting
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this debt free tuition, to work 10 hours a week. make sure you make a contribution, so you feel like you're invested in this. and then when you get out, if you have debt, i believe we should let you refinance your debt and save thousands of dollars, give that payment down, get it off with an interest rate, given as a percentage of your income. that will make it affordable for people who have debt right now to be able to get out from under it. [applause] there is a lot of work for us to do here. i am very committed to fighting hard on all of these fronts here at home. there is another big group of issues i disagree fundamentally with the republicans over. they want to take away everybody's rights. humans rights, civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, workers rights, voting rights. that is ripping out the progress we have made.
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i will tell you where i stand. i support a woman's right to make her own choices about health care. [applause] i support planned parenthood and will fight against this being defunded. [applause] i support marriage equality, and i will work against discrimination against the lgbt community. [applause] i support voting runs, and i will work to overturn citizens united, and get the corrupt money out of politics. i support unions and workers rights. they built the american middle class, and they are important to our future. i support criminal justice reform, and i will work to try to heal the blows that we have seen between our races and people across our country. we have to end the era of mass
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incarceration and provide second chances and more opportunity. [applause] i will defend social security against privatization, the biggest wall street giveaway yet to the republicans have proposed. i will fix the v.a., but i will not let the republicans privatize the v.a. and take away the guarantee of health care for american veterans. [applause] and i will fight for common sense gun safety measures against the gun lobby. [applause] you know, this morning in ames, iowa, i was endorsed by gabby giffords and her wonderful husband mark kelly. i will tell you, the courage and
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commitment of those two wonderful americans is so overwhelming. to see it in person. to see this woman, who i knew before she was shot in the head, while meeting with her constituents in the parking lot of a shopping center, and others who were there to meet with her. a little nine-year-old girl who had come to meet her congress member was killed. and mark kelly, who served our nation 25 years in the military. served as an astronaut on the space shuttle. he said i'm not political, i was never involved in that, i just served my country. he said we cannot go on like this. this is wrong. 90 people on average a day died from gun violence in america. that is 33,000 people a year. homicide, suicide, terrible, avoidable actions. common sense gun reform, like background checks, closing loopholes, not letting people on the no-fly list by guns in
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america. if they are too dangerous to fly, they should not have a gun, for heavens sake. these proposals are supported by 92% of americans, and 82% of gun owners. i have been talking to gun owners. they say i have been thinking about it, they just want you to do it so it does not interfere with my rights. i say absolutely. you have rights. it has to be done, in accordance with the constitution. but don't you think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that? more than 2 million purchases
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have been prohibitive because of the brady act that was passed while my husband was president. [applause] i hope you will consider this as an important issue because there are just too many people dying. we cannot stop every death, i am not claiming that, but we ought to try. i think we can. let me say i final word about safety here at home. i was a senator on 9/11, i feel passionately about defending our country, keeping us safe from terrorists and others who wish us harm. i laid out a plan on how i would do that. a how i would defeat isis, however make sure that we lead a coalition of air power to help back up the arabs and the kurds who have to do the fighting, because i will not send american combat troops back to syria or iran. [applause] we also have to take them on, preventing their foreign fighters, there for 20, and take them on online.
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and we also have to pull together in our country. that is the point i want to make. after 9/11, we had a plan. it was an informational program. if you see something suspicious, or you hear something suspicious, call somebody. call the police, call the fbi, call 911. it relied on everybody being on the same side, knowing that we were going to protect all of us against any terror attack. and we did, we got information that foiled attacks, and broke them up, and i think it worked because everybody felt like they were part of it. when you hear leading republican candidates say what they say about american muslims, here is what i want you to think. it is not only offensive, and contrary to our values, but it is dangerous. it is a dangerous position to be taking.
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[applause] all of a sudden, some americans are made to feel like they are outside of the circle. they are not wanted. their information is not needed. the oldest mosque in america is here in cedar rapids, iowa. [applause] you know people, people who are your neighbors, people who are your colleagues. we need to all be in this together. and then we have to have a coalition of nations, including muslim nations, to defeat the threat of terrorism. i've put together a coalition, i put together the coalition that imposed sanctions on iran, that drove them to the negotiating table, got the agreement that put the lid on their nuclear weapons program. i know what it takes to build a coalition, and i can tell you this -- [applause]
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it is a lot harder to build a coalition when you have people running from united they residency or insulting religion of the people we need to build a coalition. [applause] this campaign is like a job interview. you all have to decide, who is ready to be president and commander in chief on day one of january 2017. and if you will go caucus for me on monday night, if you will go stand up for me, if you will be there for me, i promise you this -- i will stand for you, i will fight for you through this campaign, and in the white house i will work my heart out for you for the kind of future of our country that we all deserve and want. thank you all, and god bless you. [applause] ♪ [crowd chatter]
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gabrielle giffords and her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly campaign for presidential candidate hillary clinton in iowa. one of their stops was as a canvassing kickoff in des
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moines, iowa. it was focused on ending gun violence. this is about 15 minutes. [applause] >> it is my honor to introduce captain mark kelly and congresswoman gabby giffords. [applause] >> thank you for coming. >> they were in ames, i will for an event earlier with hillary. honestly, in terms of leaders,
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on gun violence prevention there , are few people that have been so vocal and so committed in such fighters on this issue. thank you for the work you are doing. and for your support for hillary. we need fighters like a gabby and mark on this issue. there is so much work to do and there are so much at stake in this election. we need fighters like them, we need fighters like all of you who are going to be knocking on doors and making phone calls to make sure we elect a fighter to the white house. on gun violence prevention. hillary rodham clinton. we cannot do this without all of you. thank you for the work you are going to be doing as well today after we finish here. without further ado, i want to give it to captain kelly to get us started. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. it is great to be here in iowa. a good time of year.
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i'm glad there's not too much snow on the ground. [laughter] hopefully it will stay like that for monday. monday is a pretty big and important night. i was not very big into politics. i was just a guy from new jersey, a bald guy from new jersey who flew airplanes in the navy. a little while later i have the opportunity to serve my country as an astronaut, fly into space four times. that was really exciting. i served in the military for 25 years under republicans and democrats, and i was honored to be a serve my country. i'm not a political person, and then i met gabby, and she certainly was into politics. [laughter] that was her whole career, that was her thing. as all of you know, her political career was cut short. but both of us have been quite honored to have a second opportunity as service.
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that is in trying to make some positive steps in how we deal with guns and gun violence in this country. we have been working hard for some common sense reforms to our laws, and making our communities safer. we have a pretty big problem. we have 15 times to 20 times the death rate from violence than any other industrialized country. unfortunately we have a certain segment of our political class that is more interested in supporting the gun lobby and powerful corporate interests than they are doing what is right to keep our families safer from gun violence. so it became very clear to us, as we looked at the records of all the candidates that are currently running for president, that there is really just one clear choice in who we need, and
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who gabby and i know is the right person for this issue, and so many other issues. that is hillary clinton. [applause] i think everybody has been watching very closely some of the candidates, some of the rhetoric out there. some of the crazy statements you hear from them. how they deal with this issue and what they say. i will tell you a little secret. a lot of those people are terrified of the gun lobby. that really worries me. we have an opportunity here over the next few days to get secretary clinton on the right course. i think about this, this whole thing, these few days as a space shuttle launch. we spent a lot of time getting a spacecraft ready for launch, and it involves an entire army of
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people. it takes months and months, even years of preparation to get to that point where you ignite the solid rocket boosters on that space shuttle and build an incredible amount of momentum to complete this mission. i think of iowa, and all of you working on this campaign as that rocket launch. [applause] so it is up to you to get going in the right direction, on two to success to make hillary our next president of the united states. [applause] now my friend and former astronaut jim lovell, commander of apollo 13 said he thought it was impossible to send people to
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the moon, that nobody would ever be going to the moon. and then he wound up going to moon himself, twice. he was also the guy who said there are three kinds of people. there are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and then there the people who wonder what happened. [applause] me and gabby, we really believe that hillary clinton is the type of person that makes things happen. [applause] my wife gabby, she served in congress for two and a half terms. she really makes things happen. one of the things she always reminds me when i watch her after five years trying to overcome this traumatic brain injury from a gunshot wound, she is reminding me each and every day to deny the acceptance of
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failure. failure does not exist. i want to introduce you to my wife, gabby giffords. [applause] >> hello iowa. [applause] great to be here today. i am here to talk to you about hillary clinton. hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby, that is why i am voting for hillary. speaking is difficult for me, but in january i want to say these two words. madame president. [applause]
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let's work together to make hillary our president. thank you very much. [applause] thank you. >> thank you, so much everybody. let's make some phone calls. captain kelly and congresswoman giffords will stick around a little bit to mix and mingle. but let's get to work. [applause] [crowd chatter]
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>> we came here to do whatever small part we can to help hillary player -- hillary.
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hillary clinton can stand up to the gun lobby. that is the one clear choice. it is very clear to us. i have done this with gabby before. with her and in helping her, i am doing a small part. it is fun to do. secretary clinton believes in science and technology.
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[crowd chatter] do i look nervous? this is fun. i had a good time earlier today. we are going to new hampshire. we are going to work hard. we will see. one day at a time. we want to do whatever we can.
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hello. how are you? you guys are brothers. [crowd chatter]
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>> how are you said -- sir? the vfw.mber of
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>> thank you for your service. >> thank you, everyone. >> thanks for working so hard. we appreciate it.
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>> thank you, everyone. [crowd chatter] next, live, your calls and comments on "washington journal. withhen newsmakers governor branstad on monday's caucuses. after that, former president bill clinton and chelsea join hillary clinton at a campaign rally in cedar rapids, iowa. a, author, on q and scott christiansen provides his thoughts on the documents that have had the greatest impact on
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the world, from the magna carta to the declaration of independence to dr. martin luther king's speech, i have a dream. to the wikileaks. >> there is a strong feeling that he is an american hero. and he is viewed as such a round the world. it does cause people to question, who controls documents -- what are these things really about that the government is collecting. c-spanght, on 8:00 p.m. and specific -- eastern and pacific. crawford,rning, jerry senior iowa advisor for hillary clinton talks about getting supporters to the iowa caucuses on monday. senator chuck grassley who has not endorsed a candidate previews the caucuses and simon at the political
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environment in the hawkeye state. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on face book ♪ host: 36 hours left before the democrats and republicans hold her caucuses in iowa. they try to seal the deal with supporters and those still on the fence. a view of downtown des moines and the final poll released last night shows a slightly for hillary clinton, within the margin of error. it's a dead heat for the democrats and a narrow lead for republican front-runner donald trump. who will show up tomorrow night? it is sunday morning, january 31. coverage continues all day here on the network.


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