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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Milford New Hampshire  CSPAN  February 3, 2016 4:21am-4:35am EST

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donald trump: nationally, i am leaving every poll. honestly, other than iowa. i'm leading the states, leading here tremendously. but every single national poll, i am leaving. and just about every state poll, i am leading. i spent the least and i have the best result. [applause] donald trump: isn't that nice? others like jeb and a couple of others have spent the most, and they have the worst result. how can you put them in charge? think of this. we have a school system. we are getting rid of common core, by the way. [applause] donald trump: education in the united states is the most expensive per people in the entire world. right?
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the most expensive in the entire world, and there is no second place because it is so much lower it is ridiculous. china, denmark, sweden, these are like the top four or five places for education. we are number 30. i used to say 28. we just went up two notches. we are now 30 in the world. byband the most per-pupil far and have the worst education by far. we are now number 30 and spend the most. when it be nice if they did like trump, where i spend the least and have the best results? [applause] donald trump: wouldn't that be good? so important. that is what i mean. our budget. they said we are working on the budget and we think within 25 years, we can balance the budget. i said, 25 years? these are serious people. they said 25 years to balance the budget. i'm talking about doing it
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relatively weekly. we will have a better country. we will get rid of the waste, fraud, abuse, all of the waste, the disgusting waste and the frog. you look at the veterans administration. take a look at what is happening in phoenix, arizona. it is one of the great formula scams you have ever seen. the veterans administration. we are going to take such good care of them. what is going on is unbelievable. we are going to make our country so strong and solid. i said the other day we are going to make our country rich again, and woman said that does not sound nice. i say we cannot be great unless we are rich. we are a debtor nation. that horrible budget i told you about is worth $2 trillion. that takes care of our border. that takes care of the syrian refugees who we are never going to let in. i have a big heart, but we are never letting them in. we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. it's not going to happen. [applause] donald trump: it's not going to
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happen. and anybody that comes in, i want everybody to know we have to send them back. we cannot take chances. we can't afford to make mistakes like that. we have the two people that were radicalized, probably she radicalized him, the married couple. oh, great, who in california killed 14 people with many badly injured in the hospital. we did not know this. we did not know anything about it. we had paris with a have the toughest gun laws in the world, because we are going to preserve our second amendment. we are not going to touch the second amendment unless we are going to make it stronger. [applause] donald trump: so paris has the toughest gun laws in the world, right? the toughest in the world. you can't have a gun. unless you are a bad guy, no problem. these disgusting thugs walk into
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various places and start shooting people. move over, boom. 130 dead. many so gravely injured that they are going to be dying. they are dying now. other people are going to live a life of hell because they are so horribly injured. if we had a few people in this room, i can look at them. that guy right there, he's mean. if we had a few of the people, you, you. let me pick a woman. you. and if somebody had a gun on their belt or somebody had a gun wrapped around her ankle, and those bullets started coming at you or you see they were going folks, you shoot them, that is our form of protection. [applause]
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donald trump: you wouldn't have the carnage you had there. how about the military base? five great young soldiers. a gun free zone. one of the soldiers is a world-class marksman, one of the best in the world. they are all top of the line soldiers. takeare told to disarm, their guns, put them 200 yards away. a whack job walks in. these five rate, beautiful soldiers. tough, smart, tremendous future. this whack job walks in and blows them away, kills all five of them. that was it. because you know what? when these crazy people see "gun free zone," that is like saying candy to a baby. that is candy to a baby. we are going to protect our second amendment. we are going to protect ourselves. we are not touching our second amendment. it is under siege.
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they are playing now with bullets. they are playing with magazines. they are playing with a lot. we are going to protect our second amendment. remember that. [cheers and applause] when this all began on june 16 coming down the escalator, it was all about border protection. speaking of border protection, and coulter, she has been such a great help to me. where is our ann? ann, where are you? stand up. she is standing up. [laughter] donald trump: she is so great. "audios, amigo." bestseller. she is so great. she has been so supportive of us. she wants border security. she wants people to come into the country legally. they have to come in through a process. but there is nobody stronger on
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the subject. i love the book. i read the book. go out and buy the book, everybody. great person. [applause] donald trump: she is a great person. when i started this whole deal, i talked about that. i talked about obamacare, repealing it. i talked about the military. i talked about the vets. i talked about social security because we are going to save our social security. i talked about trade like nobody else can talk about trade. when crowe icon endorses me and many of the best business people in the world want to endorse me, i say don't bother, nobody knows who you are. it is true. not like the great scott brown. nobody knows who they are, but they are the best business people in the world. when they endorse me, i talk about trade. china is making a fortune off of us. we cannot do it. vietnam, japan, mexico, both at the border and was trained. you have to see what is moving.
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nabisco is moving the big player from chicago to mexico. four is building one of the biggest auto plants in the world in mexico. what are we doing? we are bringing back our jobs. now we have a case for corporate inversion where companies used to move from here to florida or from here to texas or from texas to hear. now we have a problem. now we have companies. they don't want to move to florida or texas. they don't want to move to new hampshire. boy, have you taken a beating? you talk about companies leaving. you are a prime example. what they have done to you is incredible. we are going to bring them back. we are going to make it so they come back. now we have corporate inversion where companies like pfizer, great companies are moving outside of the united states because taxes are too high. , my bill, i put in
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tax policy. big cuts for the middle class. the middle class in this country has been decimated. big, big cuts for business. [applause] donald trump: we are the highest taxed nation in the world. big, big cuts right now, and it is going to pass. it is going to go through. i get things done. idea what followed -- i deal with politicians all my life. we will get it passed. i used to talk about that. when we had that horrible event in paris, and we had the horrible events, as you know, in california, and many other how herbal in events -- horrible events, i brought up the fact we have to start talking seriously about radical islamic terrorism. we have got to talk about it! liked it, and it was just what happened with illegal immigration.
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i said it. two weeks later, now they are all trained to be tougher than me. nobody can be tougher than me, by the way. they are all trying to be tougher than me. now i talk about the whole situation. there is such hatred out there. when people are flying airplanes into the world trade center, when people are doing all of these acts all over the world, and i have friends that are muslim. they call me and say you have done a great service. there was tremendous hatred. you cannot solve a problem like that unless you start talking about it. we have a president that will not even discuss it or talk about it or use the word. he won't say "radical islamic terrorism." it is real. it is a problem. you can't solve a problem unless you're going to be able to talk about it. we have had tremendous -- [cheers and applause] i took a lot of
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heat, and now everybody is saying thank you so much and it is under discussion. it is a big, big problem. you know what? we are going to get it solved. one way or the other, we are going to get itself. we can no longer be the stupid country. we can no longer be the country led by incompetent people. we can no longer be the country that takes sergeant bergdahl, a dirty rotten traitor, and take him and swap him for five of the biggest killers they have in the middle east, that they have coveted and wanted for at least nine years. think of it. we get bergdahl, and they get these five killers that are already back on the battlefield trying to kill everything in front of them, including us. we are not making deals like that anymore, folks. we are not making deals like that. [applause]
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donald trump: just to finish off, you have to see the cover of "time" magazine last week. amazing cover. amazing writer. i never spoke to him. i do better when i don't speak to the writers. when i speak to them, they kill me. bring that appear. -- bring that up here. throw it. weak arm. that's ok. you have to go out and get this magazine. this talk about our movement, it is a movement. this talks about the movement. in the old days, they would have said silent majority. it is really the noisy majority. people are angry. they are upset. they cannot believe this stuff is happening. we are going to make our country so strong. we are going to make it so just. we are going to have a big heart. we are going to take care of people.
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we have to take care of people. there are people that cannot take care of themselves. we are going to help people. but we are going to make our country so good. we are going to start winning. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win with our military. we are going to win with our veterans. we are going to win with every single thing we touch. we are going to win against china and trade. we are going to win against mexico at the border and with trade. we are going to win against japan where they send us millions of cars and we cannot send anything of value back to them. we are going to start winning again. we are going to win so much. and we are going to make our country -- we are going to make this great, great country even greater. we are going to make america great again. i love you all. [cheers and applause]