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  Marco Rubio Campaign Rally in Atlanta Georgia  CSPAN  February 29, 2016 9:49pm-10:01pm EST

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in mr. trump was endorsed by nascar's chief executive and several nascar drivers leading into the gop super tuesday contest. mr. trump: you people are amazing. i love you. i love georgia. here is the story.
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we have 7005 hundred people in the room. outside, we have 12,000 people. [applause] : we set up the speakers. would anyone like to give some of the people outside your position? please raise your hand. i'm only kidding. we have a lot of good news today. cnn just came out with a poll. trump, 49%. [applause] mr. trump: a rubio, 16%. ted cruz, 15%. 10% and john kasich, 6%.
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we are at 49%, can you believe it? [applause] mr. trump: we got the endorsement of senator sessions. and we have sarah palin and so many incredible people. junior.lwell we are winning every level with evangelicals. maybe that is one of the reasons we've had such help what the evangelicals, the tea party people, we are winning with old, young, highly educated. [applause] trump: we are winning with a little less than highly educated , which is ok. and we're winning with the veterans. we're winning with the military. >> we are mourning with everybody. are winning with
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everybody. it has been so much fun. i have a special treat. i love nascar. do we love nascar? an endorsement a little while ago and my son is very friendly with the folks and nascar. how good is brian france? and honestly, brian france, there's no one like this man. and the family is so incredible. some of the nascar folks came over here because they are endorsing donald trump. can you believe it? [applause] if the people that like and watch nascar vote for donald trump, they can cancel the election right now.
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nobody can win. [applause] mr. trump: i will bring them up owner oflly but the the whole deal, the big guy, brian france. come on up. [applause] mr. trump: he's getting pretty dapper. brian, we love you. do you want to say a few words? >> i've known donald for over 20 hiss and you know about winning in business and success. he wins with his family. he does. you leave on one other thing, any of his children you would be proud to have as her family. that how i measure a winner, how someone raises their family. [applause] greatump: one of the
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drivers of the world in history, the great bill elliott. come on, bill. [applause] mr. trump: we love bill. >> i don't know what to say. for what he can do for our country, i'm all for it. we need a change, that's all there is to it. i think he's the man for the job. trump: do these guys have guts. i want to go about 60, that's enough.
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we have ryan newman. ryan. [applause] come on up here, ryan. mr. trump: we have david reagan. david, come in. and bill and his incredible wife had a son. upsete sun -- will you be if he turns out greater than you? to be thrilled. that's a good father. chase elliott. the hottest young driver in the world. [applause]
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>> i'm just happy to be here. this is a great demand. i think he's the guy who can do some great things for us. thank you. [applause] >> [chanting] trump. : they just said keep the wall going. we are going to keep the wall going, believe me. it has been an amazing time. that is justing
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incredible. these are incredible people, incredible athletes. in the job brian has done is legendary. i just could not be happy or that we are here. i just want to discuss a few of the things. tomorrow is a really big day. we have to get out and vote. you know, i don't want your money. i don't even want brian's money. brian is good for some money but i don't want ryan's money. i want everybody. talking about a movement. i said what are you talking about. where is david? andid such an amazing story
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he's talking about a movement. this is not like me. this isn't about me, it's about all of us. i'm just the messenger. they had said i've gone calls from a lot of the biggest writers. they are terrible. good. them are 80% are bad. 40% are disgusting. i will tell you one more time, andill talk about the wall not getting ripped off in trade and taking care of our veterans.
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[applause] : that means nobody will say i gave you a contribution and you have to the pharmaceutical industry or you have to help me with something. bidding, we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world. i mean drugs like to make you better. if you go to get some drugs that are local pharmacy, the government is paying a similar amount of money. we would say billions and billions of dollars. all of these guys i'm running against are all taking care of by the pharmaceutical industry, by all the industries. it's a bad system
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we could save as much as $300 billion. that gets to be big money. fraud, waste and abuse in the system are incredible. we will take care of social security. are getting. we're going to cut the waste and fraud and abuse. we will save your social security without cuts. mark my words. [applause] i deal with these people. i've met with politicians all my life. i have gotten zone changes. doing a hundred and 14 projects all over the world. i have dealt with politicians. worldwide.