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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  March 2, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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also today, the court hears oral case.nt on a it is the first abortion case to come before the supreme already, we've won five major states and the looks like we could win six or seven or eight or nine. this campaign moves forward to the motor city, the crescent city and beyond. host: good morning, everyone. thes wednesday, march 2, day after super tuesday and donald trump and hillary clinton racked up more wins last night. contests 17 of the 11 while hillary clinton also racked up victories in seven states. we will spend the entire three hours getting your reaction to
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super tuesday results. -- mr. trump won seven of the 11 contests. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. you can post your comments on facebook. we will get your calls in just a minute. while there is momentum for donald trump and hillary clinton after last night's super tuesday results, it is all about the delegate count. john has more on those numbers. delegates are the key to securing the nomination and super tuesday, more delegates were at stake than any other day in the primary season. democraticavailable delegates at stake yesterday. 24% of the available republican
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delegates yesterday. right,look at the far you will see the numbers, delegates gained yesterday. donald trump gained 203, ted cruz, 144, marco rubio, 71. needed toates are secure the nomination on the republican side. you can see the democratic results. hillary clinton gained 453. bernie sanders, 284. how the delegates are allocated, that is a bit complicated predominant republican side, they adopt different rules. some states are winner take all, some states delegate theirs proportionally. when comes to the proportional allocation yesterday, texas and
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virginia -- texas allocates proportionally but has a 20% threshold. if you look at the number of delegates gained, donald trump gained 20 delegates yesterday, ted cruz one texas but gain 57 delegates yesterday. the candidates gained any delegates from texas -- no -- no otherained candidates gained any delegates from texas on the republican side. on the democratic side, there is in andard 15% threshold state in order to get any of the delegates. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both gaining delegates yesterday, but hillary clinton way ahead in that superdelegate officials --
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host: let's listen to the front runner on the democratic side. hillary clinton last night talking about going forward and what she wants to do next. hillary clinton: we know we have work to do. is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. [applause] hillary clinton: we have to make america whole. what has beenl in hollowed out. "usa"]chanting hillary clinton: we have to make places,he focus re-stitched the bonds of trust and respect across our country. host: the wall street journal
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this morning, their front page, trump and clinton pile up victories. a bruising race will continue on the republican side. what do all of you think about this this morning? jerry in detroit, michigan. in morning. you are on the air. caller: good morning. host: what do you think of last night's results? secretary isnk the doing a pretty bang up job in the primaries. i can hardly wait for the michigan primaries. just the very thought of somebody as divisive as donald i'm not saying donald trump himself is a big it , but i think he appeals to the
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white people in that party with archie bunker -- the archie bunkers, if you will. what i like about secretary clinton, she seems genuine and her concern about the downtrodden. in these primaries, she will be the best. regardless of whether it's her or bernie sanders, as long as it's a democrat, i cannot andsee somebody as arrogant pompous as donald trump in the white house. host: bernie sanders says the race goes on. look at the wall street journal headline. runers plans for long despite losses. thisext chance will come
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weekend with caucuses in kansas and nebraska on saturday. on particularly maine sunday. caucuses tend to attract the most liberal, motivated voters. bridgette and illinois. what do you make of this campaign 2016? bridgette in illinois. if you look at the history of the democratic side, hillary
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a bunch of won states but has no chance of winning the general election. democrats are not known to win southern states in the general election. that's why they do not spend a lot of time thereafter the primary. the states that she actually could win in the general election last night, bernie sanders actually won. the only one he did not win was massachusetts. do not be so quick to say that all black people are behind her clinton. -- hillary clinton. when she comes north, she will have to earn our boat. she will not just easily get the black vote. democratsf all these coming in our neighborhoods and churches only around election off, paying these pastors
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and they want to pass out government cheese, that's not what any black person will get voting for these democrats. host: who do you plan to vote for? caller: i do like bernie sanders, but there is a republican i actually like. anduse of all the clamor foolishness going on on the republican side, no one is getting a chance to hear john kasich. here to make money and they make money off of showing the buffoonery. basic has a lot of valid points. -- john kasich has a lot of valid points. no longer going to blindly get my vote to democrats. look at our communities, they done nothing for us. host: have you been following c-span's road to the white house coverage? we've been covering the ohio governor, john kasich.
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caller: that's how i've been able to hear him. had anast night, he event he was at. john kasich: we are almost to march madness, down to really five. ,e all think about the final 4 now we are down to the final five. unit what they all struggle for, all fight for all season long? home-court advantage. -- have awill do that bit of home court in mississippi. [applause] kasich: and we are heading north right onto my home court come ichigan and then will tell you now, we will be donald trump in the state of ohio. -- beat donald trump in the state of ohio.
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[applause] john kasich: you know what's really happening, folks, thank you all for being here tonight -- what's happening is people do want to hear something that is positive. they do not want to spend their time watching people insult one another back and forth. they want somebody that can help rebuild the country at the federal level -- phil bryant here tonight, rebuilding at the state level. they also want somebody who can help us to get our power, money and influence back so we can solve the most serious problems that we have in our society today, the problems of education , the problems of drug abuse, the problems of poverty and the problem of loneliness right here where we live. host: john kasich in mississippi
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last night. after the results came in from super tuesday. we are getting your reaction to the states that were won by donald trump and hillary clinton. the 11sanders won 4 of states that voted yesterday. what's your reaction to the results? new york times frames it this way this morning. .ook at the lead paragraph b john is a republican in pennsylvania. what do you think? since: i haven't voted 1970 and this is the first voted sincei have 1970 and this is the first election where i'm familiar with one of the candidates.
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i am familiar with donald trump. who canote for anyone beat donald trump. i do not care if it is bernie sanders or ted cruz. anald trump is a liar, he is con man, he is everything they have accused him of. nightten to him last express outrage at fox, the former head of mexico, for using the language he used, i was in the trump marina when donald trump came into the marina there for a getaway. it was not on the casino floor, it was in the hotel lobby. that hethat same word expressed outrage over fox using. he used that same word in front of a whole group of women and children, repeatedly, he used
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that word. what upsets me worse than anything, i'm not a christian, but my father did teach sunday appeared forars these evangelical christians to theyllowing that man -- are against gambling. there is nobody that preyed off of people like donald trump. a lady in the trump plaza told me my husband was a doctor and he left me very well off and i lost every cent in this casino. i was there last weekend and that casino, the trump plaza is boarded up. he tried to take that lady's property. the mayor of atlantic city said to trump, the plaza will be
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bulldozed. that lady he tried to take her property, everybody lost their jobs, the casino was closed and will see the trump plaza come tumbling down. host: if it is hillary clinton versus donald trump, how do you vote? caller: i will definitely vote for clinton, without hesitation. duckld vote for donald before donald trump. host: pamela in maryland. democrat. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm excited, ecstatic with the outcome for hillary clinton. trump, the outcome was predicable. the chickens have come home to roost. the gop changed the primary -- as from the last time
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lot of the southern states they is in place to help romney against them now with trump because he is appealing to hatred, bigotry and segregation that still exists. he has a history of being a segregationist. supports him. clinton, her policy and platform and knowledge and experience, she speaks for me in terms of health care, education, equity and economics. start putting millions of people to work with jobs that cannot be outsourced. that's infrastructure. for the gop and all those like-minded like trump, they've been fighting against them. do you agree with this
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headline from the washington times? buries bernie? caller: she will bury him. host: we missed all that because of your phone. caller: in the general election, clinton would win, hands down. bernie would not stand a chance. most americans are not like trump. far, she is winning in the delegate count. bernie sanders says he is in it for the long haul. we will keep getting more of your phone calls, your reaction to last night's super tuesday. we will dig into texas a little bit . we know how they voted after the results last night. now, the digging begins as to why they voted.
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prize lasthe biggest night. here are the numbers from the new york times exit polling. bernie sanders -- hillary clinton won texas. the exact margin that she won the female vote in texas. bernie sanders coming much closer among men voting in texas yesterday. the only age group he won yesterday was 18-29-year-olds. hillary winning among all the older age groups. bernie sanders was much closer aong white voters and have had much larger margins with black and hispanic voters. this for ted into cruz and donald trump and marco rubio. just 45% of texas republican
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voters wanted an outsider. fewer than any other state. six inrump one more than 10 in that group, cruise dominated among the four in 10 voters. .- cruz and the trump split these voters about evenly. support for a muslim ban and deporting undocumented immigrants with substantial in texas. 44, trump 27, rubio 18. host: we will look at each state and what were the interesting numbers and the people and how they voted in each of these 12 states on super tuesday. a little more about texas.
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abby livingston is a reporter with the texas tribune. it was not just the presidential primary in the lone star state yesterday. there was also congressional primaries. walk us through -- where their were there -- challengers to these republican incumbents? guest: there was a lot of fear, but i would not say -- what was happening in texas was record turnout on the republican and democratic side. we are not because typically relevant by the time the presidential primary comes. it is hard for us to look to history to gauge how presidential turnout affects these congressional races. given that it is such an
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antiestablishment here on both -- thend hillary clinton hispanic community has an affinity for hillary clinton, it made us unsure how things were going. one incumbent that had a scary night was kevin brady, the chair of the ways and means committee in the house. .e narrowly avoided a runoff ok.others came out pretty the race was called early. culberson,ns, john , that may be it. on the democratic side -- host: what do you make of ted texas?victory there in what was his ground game like in his home state? he laid it down the mark before super tuesday saying if you
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cannot win your own state, you should get out. not spend asuz did much time in texas campaigning as we anticipated. the infrastructure was not there when you compare to his efforts in south carolina. he spent a lot of time in those estates. what is key to remember is he still has very high favorability ratings among texas republicans. it was only four years ago that he ran a brilliant senate campaign. a lot of that goodwill seemed to have held over. the big point to notice in ted cruz's texas campaign is not necessarily the statewide turnout. he did not clear 50%, which is what he needed to really do well. texas 155 delegates are broken down by congressional district and he really cleaned up.
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donald trump did not eat into the texas margins that much. ted cruz did not do that well beyond texas. host: you can follow her on twitter. john mcardle has more on congressional races yesterday. not just texas, but other states where there were primary contests for lawmakers on capitol hill. >> alabama and arkansas the two other contests where they were congressional primaries yesterday alongside the presidential primary. the headline from politico this morning, congressional incumbents survive as trump and cruz thrive. richard shelby was the closest watched among the congressional
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candidates who had primaries yesterday, the senator from alabama. he spent a large amount from his very large warchest that he has accumulated over the years. other members from alabama being in arkansase rogers -- some polling numbers from the arkansas online. beats back his challenge easily come 85% to 15%. arkansas was 76% to 24% for curtis coleman. not too many close races on the congressional level yesterday. the calendar just getting underway. host: we are under here on "washington journal." three hours getting your thoughts on last night's super tuesday results.
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what do you think about donald trump and hillary clinton? ted cruz says it is a two horse race. he thinks because of his wins in texas and alaska and oklahoma that he should continue on. and will continue on. marco rubio scoring in minnesota. emily in california. republican. good morning to you. caller: an exciting night. is, like ang on sting from the democrats, they put democrats to vote for republicans and that is a crazy way to have an election. else wants to vote, you decide who is going to be the republican nominee. on hillarymment clinton.
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and donald trump. they are in their 70's. hillary clinton is under investigation by the fbi. we can recall when bill clinton was getting all this money from chinese -- the chinese. john wang went into the commerce department and he was sent by intelligence, military intelligence in china. he is a spying and helping china. for the clintons. that's why she is being investigated. donald trump goes on about immigrants, but he went to communist czechoslovakia to get a wife. she took 12 years before she became an american citizen. before sheldren
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became a citizen. and then, he was talking about jeb bush's wife, who immediately became a citizen and left the country. as far as his business, i would like to see him put aside his business and not let his children run it because his mind on his businesses instead of the presidency. we need somebody who has experience and he needs to focus. int: deborah is a democrat virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i am what you call one of those reagan democrats. last night, i cast my vote for sanders and virginia. i agree with the caller from illinois. a lot of democrats are frustrated. ifould vote republican
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somebody like john kasich was the nominee. as far as donald trump, i agree in regards to things like the trade agreement. like -- the thing turning me up to donald trump, a con artist. he sounds like democrats from the 1860's. host: you voted in the primary and virginia yesterday for bernie sanders. if it is hillary clinton versus donald trump, how do you vote? caller: i will hold my breath and vote for hillary. host: what do you mean hold your breath? caller: she does not excite me. i think the turnout is going to be low.
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there was excitement in 2008. some of that moved on to 2012. she does not excite me. like 1990's -- host: your comment echoed in the numbers. democratic turnout down 22% from 2008. marleau in columbia, south carolina. independent. caller: good morning. how are you? it was an exciting night. knewe democratic side, you hillary was going to win the states she said she was going to win. i'm surprised sanders won as many states as he won. i don't think he can mount much of a challenge the rest of the way. willompetition for clinton prove well in the fall.
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the republicans are getting exactly what they asked for. , thethe last eight years way they were obstructionists for obama the whole time he's been in office -- what i mean by that, not just policy wise, you have donald trump with the irthers and his friends saying crazy things, not one republican quelmanything to the anger out there. donald trump is just an outfit. they created this monster, he stepped into that void they created. host: the republican leader spoke out yesterday. and mitch mcconnell
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both condemning white supremacist groups saying any candidate of the republican party who wants the nomination needs to clearly disavow in association with those types of .roups that is what the house speaker had to say and it was backed up by the senate majority leader. donald trump last night in his news conference at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right as the texas primary was closing had this to say about disavowing david duke and the kkk. donald trump: when chris gave me the honor of joining the campaign, he said you have a movement. we spoke today in kentucky. 20,000 people inside this massive convention center and it was incredible.
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every place we are speaking come if we have tony thousand people -- 10,000 people, it is a small group. chris said this is like something i've never seen. a lot of the press has said the same thing. i'm just honored by it. when chris joined, we had a news conference. i said i disavow. right after the program we are talking about and i thought it was clear -- we are talking about groups, groups, groups. i have to know the name of the group. come i put out a tweet and put out on facebook that i totally disavow. everybody knew that, but the press refused to look at that. today on abc with george stephanopoulos. how many times are you supposed to disavow? host: the sound just went out.
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there with his news conference after winning seven of the 11 contests. seven oflinton getting those estates and bernie sanders winning four. here's how usa today puts it. what do all of you think about this? brand in indianapolis. republican. -- brent. caller: how are you today? host: good morning. i want to start off by ronald reagan, one of the best presidents this country has ever seen, at one time was a democrat. and went theund right direction.
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, different things happen and you do what you have to do in life. as far as the kkk goes, that is absurd. donald trump has denied that midnight it clearly. -- denied it clearly. he has nothing against african-americans or women. he mentioned last night in one of his speeches that he is a uniter. he is a uniter. he wants to provide jobs for everybody, he wants to get fair with china, india, mexico. that is obvious. he's been saying that all along. that will create jobs. he wants to put up a wall on the border, which i think is a good idea. eroin, tooo much hair
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many illegal aliens, whether mexicansuslims or or they are piling and from all over the country, the u.s. cannot support the world. you have to come in legally and once you get here, you come in legally and fulfill the american dream. this.let me ask you donald trump also after he said said he would get along with paul ryan and the rest of the republicans on capitol hill because if he doesn't, they will pay a price. do you agree? caller: paul is a very wise man. use also a republican. -- he is also a republican. paul will getnd along fine and unite.
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they will do the right thing for america. host: the washington times editorial board critical of the speaker of the house and the republicans yesterday. cheap shot at the donald. huntingk has been open season on donald trump, police of their public in treating party have been playing a game --can you top this republican shooting party have been playing a game of can you top this. you should look for actual targets and work on his aim.
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tom in wisconsin. the state of the speaker. democrat. good morning. what do you think of the super tuesday results? caller: i'm just so disillusioned with all these people come i'm almost embarrassed. it's almost a circus. and all thearrogant republicans are homophobic, so you are in for that one. close down factories, he knows nothing. blind leading the blind. angry disillusioned and at ignorant people. i hope hillary wins. it will be hilarious and these are publicans will be so mad -- these republicans will be so mad.
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hillary clinton night was looking forward to the contest coming up. .he spoke about the republicans john mcardle has a little bit about upcoming contests. there are a lot over the next few weeks. >> these candidates cannot take a break. they're right back on the trail on saturday. louisiana,tucky, maine, nebraska all take place on saturday. candidates can barely catch their breath before sunday. the puerto rico republican primary takes place. we get into next tuesday's primary, the hawaiian republican caucus, idaho and mississippi.
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debate in democratic flint, michigan. where hillary clinton and bernie sanders have said they will be on thursday of next week. republicans debating in miami. that sets up the very big day on the primary calendar, march 15. florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina and ohio are in play on the republican side. florida and ohio, two of the winner take all delegate states on the republican primary calendar. candidate this try to reach that to win thete number nomination.
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march 15, a big day for candidates no matter what party they belong to. host: this is how the wall street journal puts it. every republican nominee has won florida since the state started holding primaries in 1956. romney's campaign back on track and propelled him to the 2012 nomination. would seem to have an advantage on the ground. pat in wilmington, delaware. independent. ?hat do you think jack u
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caller: i'm not surprised at the voting last night. the poles had shown it was going to go that way. sandersping bernie would win more states to be more competitive against hillary. even surprised that cruz got as much as he did. host: what does that mean for how you plan to vote in the general election? caller: that is my quandary. cut my hand off before i would pull any lever for hillary clinton. when someone calls in and says they support her, i am shocked. she is a liar. she gets by that. look at all the times she's been caught. getting off a plane and dodging bullets. when they finally confronted
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her, she said i misremembered. her lies go back, her husband was a liar. saysa caller calls in and she will look out for the country -- if you look at her past, she has never looked out for anyone but herself. host: nate in edinburg, indiana. republican. caller: good morning. a word for my fellow republicans and conservatives. if you are thinking about jumping on the trump scam wagon, here's a couple things to consider. how can we make a case against scandalwith her e-mail if our own candidate is in the middle of court battles for scamming americans for tens of thousands of dollars? host: you talking about trump
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university? caller: yes. i understand the anger in the united states. you know what? a decision made in anger is seldom a good one. duty andeed to do our choose a good, solid candidate. me tell our viewers an update on that. the suit against trump can advance. fraud allegation against donald trump's education program can move forward.
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that will go forward. we will keep getting your thoughts here this morning about super tuesday, the road to the white house as it continues. many more contests coming up this weekend and heading into march 15 when there are some big ones on that day. want to believe in some other news this morning and what is happening in washington. running is on the phone is a supreme court corresponded with reuters to talk about a court hearing today, and abortion case. what is the case before the court? guest: this case is a challenge an abortion provider to
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provisions of a texas law passed in 2013. doctorshem requires providing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. the facility to have hospital grade facilities. provisions taken together, the abortion providers say that is a new burden under supreme court precedent which violates the ordinance right -- host: who will be making the argument before the court today? guest: a lawyer representing the centers for reproductive rights --l be arguing in favor of host: you have a headline here come impact of texas clinic law before the supreme court. you've written about the
7:46 am
by they being employed pro-choice side. what are they saying and how is the other side arguing against the claim? guest: one of the issues in the , how many clinics have closed in texas over the years and why. providers point out that before the law was passed, there was 41 clinics and now there are only 19. there will be even fewer if the supreme court was to uphold the law. texas said there are other reasons why the clinics might have closed down. this will get to the issue of how restrictive these provisions are. laws is trying to say the is not as impactful as the other
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side says it is. host: when was the last time the court took on an abortion case? guest: 2007 when the court upheld the ban on partial birth abortions. to a case froml 1992 when the court upheld roe versus wade. that is when they came up with this undue burden standard which is what the court will be deciding today. host: during those cases, justice scalia was on the court. world, what scalia will be the impact of him not being there? guest: potentially a big impact. the conservative wing of the court is short a member. result texas best split, which4-4
7:48 am
would be kennedy on the swing vote. that would leave the law in place in texas, which would be a win for texas. it would not set a national precedent that would force other states to do the same thing, necessarily. way,nnedy goes the other it could be a 5-3 ruling against texas. is a splitere for-four, to the justices still write opinions? guest: no. , the court4-4 split just puts out a brief, one sentence decision, disposing of the case. it just says the lower court ruling is confirmed by an
7:49 am
equally divided court. host: lawrence hurley with reuters. the court hears the oral arguments for this case. thank you for your time. in other supreme court is, president obama host the top leaders of the senate yesterday, having harry reid and patrick leahy over. as well as mitch mcconnell and the chairman of the judiciary committee. .hey met at the white house this cussing filling scalia's seat -- discussing filling , to no avail. this is from the washington post t.
7:50 am
key democrats think grassley can be persuaded or ashamed to take up an obama nomination in the coming months. -- shamed to take up an obama nomination in the coming months. is this the legacy he wants? the senator from iowa responded that is how some people act when they do not get their own way. child tantrums are not appropriate for the senate. that is the latest on the fight over replacing the late justice antonin scalia. scalia remembered at a memorial service.
7:51 am
we covered that yesterday. go to for more on that. tommy in a grin, ohio. democrat. thank you for waiting. -- akron, ohio. caller: good morning. i have a comment and a quick question about washington journal when i'm finished come if i may. pointed to the millennials who may not remember this and the people who have the pantsuit crush on hillary. stateswinning four showing winning the white house is not a foregone conclusion -- when bill and hillary left the white house, they literally looted the white house. they took furniture, china,
7:52 am
artwork. the staff had to count the silverware when these guys left. when confronted about this, they denied, denied, denied. then come the court orders came and the pressure came. hillary started her run for senate in new york that they finally complied and started returning these items. you cannot trust them to come into your house, the people's house without nailing everything down, how can you trust her on the big issues? host: you are a democrat. caller: yes. i voted democrat since carter. except for 1980, i voted for john anderson. host: who will you vote for? caller: i will write in bernie, if i'm allowed to. i will not vote if it is hillary. host: what if it is hillary
7:53 am
clinton versus donald trump in a general election? caller: i will not vote. host: you will just stay at home? will vote for everything else, but i will not vote for a republican like donald trump and never hillary. host: let's hear from an independent. gary in cumberland, rhode island. caller: how are you? host: good morning. caller: good morning. i'm very disappointed in america right now. putting donald trump in the lead. the government is trying to get apple to create software to break into a phone. sayshole republican party they are constitutionalists, that is unconstitutional. donald trump said he would tell apple to do it, to find the constitution.
7:54 am
-- defying the constitution. host: the wall street journal agrees with you. the fbi does not want merely one phone. the fbi on capitol hill , thefying yesterday argument they want access to this phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. fbi error led to loss of data in rampage. you can go to if
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you've been following this issue and you want to watch that hearing from capitol hill yesterday. we will get back to more of your phone calls. john mcardle has more on super tuesday. >> donald trump the big winner on super tuesday. one of his top surrogates, new jersey governor chris christie. donald trump getting the endorsement from chris christie. consternation and anger inside his christie's home state of new jersey. newspaperssey issuing a joint editorial in the wake of his crew his these -- in the wake of chris christie's endorsement. that editorial calling on chris christie to resign. what an embarrassment, what an
7:56 am
utter disgrace come we are fed up with governor chris christie's arrogance, sarcasm,sm, hypocrisy, long neglect of the state to pursue his own selfish agenda. we are disgusted with his endorsement of donald trump after he spent months on the campaign trail trashing him, calling him unqualified. of the state, we write it is time for christie to do his non-neglected constituents a favor and resign as governor. citizens should initiate a recall effort of the governor. the usa today and their story about that joint editorial noting chris christie spent 261 days out of the state last year traveling for his presidential bid. traveling again to endorse donald trump.
7:57 am
one of the other opinion pieces that came out against chris christie yesterday was from jennifer rubin. her piece entitled chris christie is now ruined. a lot of concern about that endorsement. it was just five days old. host: we are getting your reaction to campaign 2016. including this newspapers in new jersey calling on chris christie to step down. what do you think about all of this? super tuesday was yesterday. donald trump and hillary clinton picked up some big wins. as the washington times says, , ah super tuesday behind us rapidfire sequence of 16 contests over the span of 15 days expected to test whether any of the candidates can hang with the front runner, donald trump. joe in colorado. republican.
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none of the above for me. if you look at everything, marco rubio is right. donald trump is a con artist, but so was marco rubio, ted cruz and any other politician. they tell you one thing and do another. you are looking to put a businessman in office, think about this. donald trump is in the little league's compared to warren buffett. why are we even talking to this guy? host: who is your candidate, then? caller: john kasich is about the only guy who doesn't speak up the attitude he is delivering is not what the anger is. haveu have anger, you will the same thing that put hitler in power. i want to see warren buffett. he is a moderate, he is down the
7:59 am
middle. he is more successful than most. host: the washington post editorial board also worried saying mr.d trump trump, the likely republican nominee, would be a disastrous president on foreign policy. distortedildly assessment of the risks and rewards that the u.s. engages with the world. host: let's hear from alan in cedar hill, missouri. independent. let's hear from you. caller: my name is alan.
8:00 am
independent because i think you should vote for who you would like to have win. that is what i can see because and took carson and kasich, brought them down to the bottom, the only two republicans i thought were halfway decent. -- i am getting kind of nervous here. host: that is ok, alan. who would you vote for? caller: i would vote for bernie sanders. host: ok. caller: i would never vote for clinton. i am like the rest of them. i think she has a shady past. i would vote for bernie sanders. our vote has not come up in missouri yet. the scary thing is, the way our
8:01 am
state works, if i voted for a democrat and hillary was the winner, my vote would go for her, and i would rather vote for trump than hillary clinton. caller: all right, alan. thank you for calling in. we're at the top of the hour this morning and will continue on the "washington journal" for another two hours to get your reaction to super tuesday. the phone numbers on your screen. what do you think this means going forward? we have other contests coming up. winner take all states. that will be big for the contest. -mancruz says it is a two race on the republican side, and marco rubio says he will stay in it until march 15, when his state of florida will be voting. hillary clinton wins 11 contest. bernie sanders wins four.
8:02 am
senator sanders says he will stay in it for the long haul and he will continue to look on to some of the contest, as well as michigan, when that state votes. stephanie, you are up next. a republican in florida. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i just wanted to call in. i was not surprised about the results from the super tuesday win. i am a child support -- trump supporter. rubio and his stance about how he is going to take florida -- i am in the panhandle, and i wear my trump t-shirt out, and everyone on the street stephanie. there is huge trump support in our area. of thelike the rest
8:03 am
country -- we see trump as a uniter, not a divider. i am part of the group that has been disenchanted with the republican party over the last few years. they have moved away from the center and the things that i personally support and believe. thep -- this whole thing on abortion stance, and pulling money away from planned parenthood -- planned parenthood does a lot of good in florida. abortionall portion is . a lot of it is women's health care, disease control, giving out birth control to women that cannot afford it. we need institutions like this. we need people to be smart about thanks. trump is the smart guy. he is going to make good, smart decisions based on what is going to be helpful to the overall, our country. not someone who is going to stick to the weight of republican party -- the way the republican party is dying.
8:04 am
20% of the democrats have crossed over and are now trump supporters because they see something is happening in this country. we are tired of politicians. we want someone who is going to get in there and help us. i think trump is the guy for us. host: stephanie, you mentioned planned parenthood. you said you were disenchanted with the republicans up here. what are some of the other issues they have chosen to fight against or not fight against that you disagree with? caller: the overall opinion of my generation of the republican party is that conservatives are --yourobic, or anti- choice -- any choice, gay marriage -- the republican party, myself, and my generation, we are a much more inclusive party. obviously, we are not these sigoted, horrible, anti- group
8:05 am
that the republican party has leaned too. the whole thing about donald trump and the kkk is so ridiculous, and so silly. it is the other side. the republican party -- there are two sides. there is the old, conservative republican party, and there is the new, more moderate, which my generation tends to lean towards. they are upset and frustrated. i believe a lot of the propaganda is not coming from democrats, but staunch, conservative republicans, who see donald trump as a threat to the party, when actually is the best thing that ever happened to the party. host: you will be interested in this -- c-span three today -- bioethics of field tissue research -- the house, -- the house energy and commerce committee, marsha blackburn, announced the first hearing of the select investigative panel on infant lives.
8:06 am
it will be held today. we have coverage on c-span3. this was the select committee created, and marsha blackburn is heading it up, to look into planned parenthood, and what they are doing, and how they use federal money. this is the first hearing today, 10:00 a.m. eastern time, c-span3 , for those of you following this issue. in bismarck, north dakota. good morning to you. caller: good morning, how are you? host: doing fine. what you think about campaign 2016? caller: i have not gotten a chance to vote yet, but bernie has got my vote. host: ok, why is that? the earlynce at least 1990's, he is in bringing people together. that is it. he can get something done. not: let me ask you, why hillary clinton?
8:07 am
caller: i guess she does not move me as much. this economic injustice that bernie is fighting against, it is not a single issue. issue, andbrella until you take care of that, you will not be able to take care of anything else. host: let's listen to what the vermont senator had to say yesterday after the results from super tuesday came in. [video clip] senator sanders: we want to win in every part of the country, that goes without saying, but it does say something and means something to me, the people that know me best, before i was elected, new me as mayor, new me as the congressman, voted so strongly to put me in the white house. thank you so much. [laughter] -- [applause]
8:08 am
senator sanders: this campaign, as i think all of you know -- this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. [applause] senator sanders: it is about making our great country the nation that we know it has the potential to be. about dealing with some unpleasant truths that exist in america today, and having the guts to confront those truths. host: bernie sanders last night after super-tuesday results came in, and john mcardle with more from bernie sanders campaign.
8:09 am
john: greta, we have been digging into the exit poll numbers to's -- to figure out how candidates won. bernie sanders winning four states, with his closest margin in oklahoma. you can see this map from the "new york times." in green, here are the counties bernie sanders won. on the right, where hillary clinton won, individual counties -- oklahoma city and just outside of tulsa. abc news has been digging into how the candidates won their individual states, and abc news writes about bernie sanders victory in oklahoma, he won 22%, enoughs 66% to to edge of hillary clinton's edge on democratic voters. bernie sanders got three quarters of voters under the age of 35. member, this is the oldest
8:10 am
candidate in the race. he would be 75 years and old -- 75 years old on the day he took the oath of office. clinton's advantage in that group was nine. as in most other states, honesty and trustworthiness were a problem for clinton in oklahoma, however far fewer said she was honest and trustworthy, then said the same about sanders. among the three in 10 voters that focused on honesty, sanders beat clinton three to one. what you take a look at the "new york times" put together in massachusetts where hillary clinton won. the state was seen as a must when from bernie sanders, and it slips away. it says
8:11 am
host: and she received more than $4 million from residents, almost three times as much as sanders. let's go to florida. sherry is an an independent. caller: good morning, greta. thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. caller: i watched last night, and i am straight up for trump. everyone i know is for trump. the way i see it, if he is elected, he is not going to be the one making all the decisions. advisers,g to have
8:12 am
professionals -- people that know how to run a country. so, i do not understand what everybody is so scared about. i am not real keen on all of the, little, kitty stuff -- the elementary stuff going back and forth. it, kind of, aggravates me. another thing, trump university, trump did not run that. he gave his name. somebody else ran it. he just gave it the brand for the university. i researched it. host: i'llhost: take, -- host: ok, sherry. caller: i think donald trump is the best answer we have right now with the state our country is in. host: ok. that is sherry, an independent in florida. you're not going to vote for your senator, marco rubio? hello -- hell no.
8:13 am
neither without governor. neither will governor scott. he will be voting for trump. host: you think so? caller: i know so. host: david in mechanicsville, pennsylvania. hi, david. caller: good morning. thank you for having me on, and thank you for "washington journal." it is nice we are able to get out and speak out to the american people. i have several thoughts. first of all, every clinton coming out, i think it -- about hillary clinton coming out, i think it was yesterday, how she is concerned about education -- whether she is elected or not, she is going to give an education to the american people of how she can be guilty of 230-some counts -- felony counts for her e-mails that were top-secret. you know, she should be in jail, to the of trying to head
8:14 am
white house, and also, bernie sanders, he is a lot more honest. leasta socialist, but at he is a lot more honest with the american people. this criticism of governor christie, maybe they should go back to 1992 and see how my days and how much bill clinton spent 20 was governor and he was out campaigning -- spent when he was governor and how much he was out campaigning as well. hillary clinton is definitely not honest. the clintons have a long history of dishonesty. back when clinton was running again in 1996, he had gotten money to the dnc. thee was somebody up in chinese military that gave more money than they personally owned to the dnc, and that is when there was a lot of information
8:15 am
stolen from 70 valley, and it anderiously reappeared, when the chinese were stealing top-secret, the clintons were looking the other way to get more money for his reelection campaign. host: ok. pennsylvania. let's listen to the former secretary of state. a little more from her from her victory speech yesterday in florida. clinton: now, it is clear tonight that the stakes in the selection have never been higher, and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side, has never been lower. america between us and them is wrong, and we are not going to let it work. [applause] know, whetheryou
8:16 am
we like it or not, we are all in this together, my friends, and we all have to do our part, but unfortunately, too many of those with the most wealth and the most power in the country today, seem to have forgot that basic truth about america. host: some reaction on twitter to the democratic contest -- c-span democrats as the difference between hillary and bernie speaking is so start -- words direct from the heart rote recital of campaign slogans. also on twitter, jodi says america is not ready for bernie sanders. he will lead, but he needs with the people to get into the revolution. we won't yet. john, brooklyn. what do you think? for taking myyou call. i appreciate it. on super tuesday, i have to say i definitely think that hillary
8:17 am
is more qualified to be president as compared to bernie sanders overall with experience, demeanor, and able to lead the country moving forward, to continue barack obama's successes in the last eight years in the country. aso, i just wanted to say little bit about the republicans. i am really amazed that john kasich is not also tied with donald trump, since they are both speaking middle of the road things. the only thing i am a little concerned with with donald trump is if he is going to make america great again, and he is going to have all the smartest people around him to make decisions -- well, if he gave his name to trump university, well, he surely did not select the best people, or gave his name to run trump university, and led that situation into a court case. i am fearful for america that he
8:18 am
is going to be selecting the best people to help him run the country, when people around him have been making decisions that are not very helpful to his businesses. so, that is one concern that republicans should watch out for. host: ok. caller: thank you so much. host: let's get another voice in. daniel. wordsworth, ohio. independent. good morning. caller: hi, wadsworth. host: wadsworth, ok. let me ask you about your ohio governor there. caller: i had a problem for him trying to cut teachers and state workers pensions. i worked for the democratic party. i want to tell you something, first of all, i believe hillary -- the government is corrupt, and they need to vote these people out of the government,
8:19 am
and i am surprised even the news does not investigate more. everybody knows the government is corrupt. it is a monument to inefficient management. the few things i heard from clinton -- she is the central, -- deceitful, dishonest. she has to go along, get along, even if it is wrong mentality, and all she is doing is persecuting the poor, with the democrats have known to do from day one. also, for years, i was involved in democratic party. host: daniel, who are you going to vote for? caller: honestly, you need to vote them all out. let trump in there. they are supposed be working for the people, not for themselves. host: so, daniel, you think donald trump will come to washington and shake things up. that is a we have heard from
8:20 am
other people. caller: i think that is what this government needs. the government is corrupt. everyone knows it. you, yourself, personally, you feel your government is honest, this fo, deceitful -- deceptive folk, deceitful? host: we know you do not. you are sharing that. any concern about the way down trump has talked, the words he uses -- could he say anything, and it does not matter to you? caller: no, it does matter, and ithink he needs to calm down, and i think he is on the defensive. anything he says, anything he does, they will throw it out there, and stuff. i believe people need to vote american first, not race, not gay, not religion. they want to talk religion -- you know, you have the baptists voting for hillary for gay
8:21 am
rights, well, let's bring out the bible and what the bible clearly states about gay rights, and lying, and everything else. host: margaret, south carolina. a republican. it is your turn. go ahead. i am a republican, but i completely support bernie sanders. the republican party, contrary to someone you spoke to a couple callerss ago, had -- ago, has not abandoned conservatives. that is right much you they are. if the republican party put up a candidate that was actually a moderate, they could take this selection in a heartbeat, but they don't. they keep going farther and farther to the right. people who are under, let's say 60, for example, have no interest in that. that is not where our beliefs are. host: so, margaret, you are republican --you voted in the
8:22 am
south carolina primary and you voted for bernie sanders. caller: y yes, didid. host: what if he does not get the nomination and it is hillary clinton versus donald trump --what will you do? caller: i will vote for hillary clinton because donald trump is a danger to this country. host: ok. why do you say that? you heard his words. he has repeatedly said i can go to times square, and you people would support me. and a cheer. -- they cheer. people get beat up at rallies for being black and speaking their mind. how is that someone we want to lead our country? margaret, who would you prefer on the republican side? caller: k sick. --kasich. host: john kasich. it would seem he does not have a chance here. his delegate count is low.
8:23 am
between teddates cruz and marco rubio, and you like? , rubio.of those two i think ted cruz is too dangerous, and too religious for the office. host: let's listen to senator rubio. [video clip] since thursday, i have been inundated with calls from people joining our effort. to join our .com. marcorubio what is at stake is not just the future of america, but the future of the conservative movement. 36 years ago ronald reagan defined conservativism for a generation. it is not a coincidence that so many young americans my age and a few years older are all people who believe in the american
8:24 am
dream, and the conservative message. [applause] senator rubio: because we are the children of the reagan revolution. [applause] senator rubio: we believe in free enterprise. we believe in a strong national defense. we believe in a limited government. we believe in the constitution of the united states. senator marco rubio in florida yesterday. he is hoping to win his home state when it is winner take all, along with three other states, for the republicans. we're talking about the road ahead and the road for the white house. march 1, 2016 -- super tuesday. the phone numbers are on your screen. theevious caller mentioned violence that has happened that
8:25 am
donald trump events. this is from "the washington post." the secret service is investigating what happened with that photographer at a donald trump event recently. defended thet performance, saying the single-minded decision was to protect trump. bet: an investigation will happening with that photographer and the secret service. margaret. south carolina, republican. did we already chat with you? caller: we did. host: let me move on to get some other voices. greg, in indianapolis. a democrat. caller: how are you doing? let me make a couple of facts first -- ronald reagan was a union buster. i am from the midwest.
8:26 am
steel mills in gary, in pittsburgh, in ohio -- he was a union buster. that is fact number one. host: ok. caller: fact number two, i do not care what clinton did because in the 1990's, i was living large. there was nothing wrong with clinton in the 1990's. i don't care what he did. hillary clinton, i am for her, for one thing, but i would like to see hillary and john kasich on the same ticket. that is my comment. host: ok, greg. here is what victor has to say about the democratic race. michael in alexandria, virginia, another super tuesday state. michael, you are an independent. did you vote? caller: for bernie.
8:27 am
ima 76-year-old veteran in the army. i had an experience with the trump business empire i would like to relate. host: ok. caller: he talks about this trust of our government and distrust of our political system. trump does not reveal his true self. he is a good showman, and he pulls the wool over the eyes of the public with that showmanship. i served along with an iraq nurse, and she was a attained the rank of major, and she is partially handicapped. her fiance was severely ill. she saw help from the trump
8:28 am
empire by taking a seminar that promised riches, and the summoner -- seminar requires somebody to accompany her. she turned to me and i accompanied her to the seminar. she was told to make money, use other people's money. of theally, the core program was flipping real estate , and the process involved jumping on distressed properties ad flipping them, and giving pittance to the property owner. , butlks about doing good he left a lot of people in the dust. michael, how did you vote yesterday -- we missed that part when you started talking. caller: i voted for bernie.
8:29 am
he does speak with honesty. has been very good through his years in the government, congress. he is an honest man. host: hillary clinton won virginia, around 64%, to bernie 35 percent. on twitter shelton,nn, washington. a republican -- good morning to you. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning. i watch politics very closely, and i have watched c-span's 19shington journal" about years -- a couple of quick comments. can i make a without being cut off? host: you sure can. caller: the last time i called a
8:30 am
gallon the back room answered the phone, answered -- asked for hungme and zip code, and up. i wish c-span would get back to ift they used to be --ask you are a democrat or republican, not try to censor you by asking what you will say -- maybe it should be a recorder to possibly remind the caller that if you turn on your television set, you will be disconnected. host: ok. caller: a comment i would like to make about the primaries is i support donald trump wholeheartedly, not because i am republican -- go figure, they put a socialist center -- senator in congress.
8:31 am
cruise job said -- this is a "the people will not buy communism, but if you sell them socialism incrementally, they will wake up in a communism world." communist i do not know how people could support bernie sanders. rubio want to say about is look up his real estate dealings. straight,k he was a above-board conservative, until recently, in the last week, you see his total immaturity in front of the mice -- microphone, insulting donald trump's physical characteristics. look up his real estate dealings. he did something similar to what president obama did, renumber, with tony resto, who is in prison for racketeering. rubio did the same thing -- he bought a piece of property for
8:32 am
$156,000, sold it for $346,000. he bought it for $156,000 from a lobbyist. that is a behind the scenes, corrupt pay off. that is why i would never vote for rubio. host: let me ask what i would ask a previous caller --does donald trump's language concern you. says a bully was hitting me, and i hit back. does his language concern you --can he say anything? a momentike i said ago, he is not a perfect candidate. he is the best of the crowd, of all of them, left and right. it does concern me when he swears. if you listen to him when he is in a one-on-one interview, calmly sitting down, listening to a journalist, he is completely different -- his attitude, his tone, and the things he says. he seems to wander from that
8:33 am
when he is in a big rally and he wants to entertain a crowd. when he gets involved in this "get him out of here" when people are protesting, do you ever see conservatives go to a democratic rally and protest? you don't. there are plenty of things he does that i do not advocate. i have heard through googling that he is for keeping the mandate for obamacare. he has said he wants to repeal it, but he says he thinks the mandate is ok. those two points are incompatible. yes, i do have questions about donald trump, but my basic consensus is if you look at the candidates -- ted cruz is a hard fighter. i think you make a great president, too. host: i have to get some other voices in. mike, ohio. democrat. good morning to you. what you think about the
8:34 am
democratic and republican races here? mike, good morning, ohio? me go on to alan, eastlake, ohio. hi, alan. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. a romani am 57, raised catholic, receive holy communion, i still think donald trump should probably be the president. i see the other parties -- the ladylicans as the church party, and the democrats as the welfare party. the mccroskey talking about more and more programs -- the democrats keep talking about more and more programs. republicans have been talking about their church-lady parties, and everything is ronald reagan. let ronald reagan rest in his grave. it is just ridiculous listen to these people. be the trump is going to
8:35 am
best chance to unify these bickering parties. you know, i just do not understand it. i think he is going to be our best that. yesterday, ben sasso from nebraska was on the morning show , and he does not have this or that, but i e-mailed back, and i said i am roman catholic. definesis alan, and i what the principles are -- not you. that is what these guys just don't get. you can say anything you want about trump. we don't care. i think trump makes a goof of himself when he talks with name-calling, and that, but i will let them get away with it. i am going to let him get away with it. so, these people getting on, they are trying to openly, on the news, undermine the voters. -- in, bernie sanders
8:36 am
mean, bernie sanders is not going to get the nomination, but i could vote for him instead. i can go from one to the other. i could consider myself an independent. the last time i voted democrat for president was jimmy carter when i was about 18. people think differently. they need to understand this. host: that is alan. independent. eastlake, ohio. by the way, alan brought up ben nebraska, he warned he may leave the republican party over donald trump. keep dialing. i want to go to the news desk with john mcardle. john: voters in super tuesday states will get a bit of a reprieve for a while from all of the ads they have been seeing on the television, at least until the general election, but numbers coming out about the money spent on ads in super tuesday states.
8:37 am
all the candidates combined spent about $23 million on tv advertising in super-tuesday states, according to this nbc news story that came out. forces spending about $2 million in southern states, with bigger dollar amounts in georgia, tennessee, and ted cruz's home state of texas, which he carried. rubio and his allies have spent about 500,000. pro-trunk forces -- pro-trump forces spent about $1.1 million. one other thing i wanted to bring up -- one of your tweets that you read was from didi fredericks asking what to make of the surging gop voters versus the drop-off on the democratic side. all a lot of speculation about that on the democratic side of the aisle, and in news reports looking at voter rolls.
8:38 am
here is a story from "the tulsa world," picked up in papers in massachusetts and around the country -- the headline -- "amid donald trump surge, nearly 20,000 massachusetts voters quit democratic party." secretary of state william gavin said more than 16,300 democrats have shifted party affiliation and become independent voters since january 1. 3500 more shifted to the ahead of superty tuesday. those numbers certainly being watched now and through the primary season as the candidates look ahead. host: we turn back to get your calls about what you are hearing about what happened yesterday. say hillaryk times" clinton and donald trump were feasting as 12 states voted.
8:39 am
john. ohio. republican. share your thoughts. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i was a donald trump supporter. city.n vacation in panama i have satellite here, and i have been really listening close to what everybody was saying. they are all good. i listen to rand paul. i said wow. i listened to all of the other candidates, but what stood out was ted cruz, it and i think america forgot who she is. minds have people's been clouded, and we should get back to the basics to make america -- well, she is great, but to make a greater than what she is. i did some research. i have no vested interest in this book at all. i happened to pick it up and read it. it is called "the 5000-year week
8:40 am
leak." it is a book about america in the past, and the principles that make it so great. i think we should get back to those principles. host: and john, you think ted cruz represents those principles. caller: i really do. the prince was that make america great -- that our founding fathers put in place when america was born. host: ok. let's listen to senator ted cruz in texas, in his home state, last night. [video clip] senator cruz: we are blessed with a deep, talented, honorable field. for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to consider coming together, uniting. [applause] senator cruz: for those that have supported other candidates,
8:41 am
we welcome you on our team, standing united as one. [applause] senator cruz: that is the only way to beat donald trump. [applause] head-to-head, our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly. [applause] senator cruz: but for that to happen, we must come together. republican primary voters in upcoming states, you, too, have a choice. in our nation's darkest hours, fdr told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. what ourus to ask not country can do for us, but to ask what we can do for our country. [applause]
8:42 am
americacruz: of shouldn't have a -- america shouldn't have a president whose words when make you embarrassed if you're -- would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. [applause] presidentuz: our should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. [applause] senator cruz: we can nominate a washington dealmaker, profane and vulgar, who has a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain. or we can nominate a proven .onservative host: that was the senator from texas yesterday after he racked up three wins, and "the wall
8:43 am
street journal" says after those -horseted cruz sees a two race. what the article reports -- oklahoma, one of the state ted cruz won, has one of the highest portions of evangelical voters that make up about 40% of its population, according to exit polls. backedwhite evangelicals mr. cruz on tuesday, compared to 33% supported mr. trump. host: take a look at the results. on, to the next state ted cruz won -- he also won
8:44 am
oklahoma, as we said, and there are the results. he talked -- topped donald trump by five percentage points. senator marco rubio just trailing donald trump with 25% of the vote in that state. in alaska, where the former governor sarah palin endorsed donald trump, senator ted cruz got the late win. they called that early this morning. 36% of the vote for tense -- ted cruz. 33% for donald trump. 50% for florida senator marco rubio. center -- florida senator marco rubio. washington, d.c.. caller: i tell you what, archie bunker used to say meatheads. -- anybody that would support donald trump, that is what you got. i mean, it just apples me that
8:45 am
anybody -- baffles me that anybody would put their support behind that guy. i mean, that guy, he has had a failed football team, a failed airline, four bankruptcy. i'm in, what is he going to do, change the tax laws that will benefit him? i get a kick out of everybody that says he is a great businessman. come on, are you kidding me? about tedsay this cruz -- david brooks of "the new york times," you know, when he was solicitor general of texas, a guy got caught taking a calculator out of a walmart. it was the first time he was arrested, but he got charged under multiple offender. anyway, he ended up spending six years in jail, and ted cruz took that all the way to the supreme court, and he lost. i want to remind the american
8:46 am
people, when all of the first responders of the world trade center -- when they needed funding, you know, for the health care, the evangelical ted cruz, the compassionate conservative, he voted against -- he voted against taking care of those responders. host: all right, tony. lori. missouri. independent. caller: how are you doing? host: doing fine. caller: i am voting for donald trump. i think he will get things done. that hepeople can guess is, yes, rough around the edges, but if you listen to rubio, and mostly, if you listen to ted cruz, they are very practiced in what they say. they sound like they may have been preachers kids -- they are so well practiced. donald trump isn't. he is who he is.
8:47 am
you may not like everything he does or he says, but he is honest, and that is really important. they all said they would stand behind him. now that he is winning, i feel like they are acting like spoiled brats. they want to win, and they are going to get down and dirty, and i mean dirty. i think it is going against the republican party rather than helping the republican party. they do need to stand together, they do need to unite. host: you think when republicans criticize donald trump, it makes the support for him even stronger? caller: yes, yes i do, because it makes them look childish. host: and donald trump has not looked childish to you? oh, yes, he has, but donald trump is donald trump. he is not a practiced person. he has not done this before.
8:48 am
he is learning as he goes. last night was a good example, i think. he acted very reserved, very presidential. he even, to ted cruz. -- complemented ted cruz. host: lori, it sounds like you have higher standards for politicians than you do for donald trump, because it is his first time doing this, as you say. caller: i think i do at this point, because they should -- yes, yes i do. they are practiced. he isn't. i think they do not give him any credit at all. all of theithstand accusations he has withstood, he can do anything. he has fought -- it seems like the media from the get-go was on him constantly, and they will continue to be, but he has stood strong and firm. host: that is lori.
8:49 am
an independent in missouri. dave is a republican in salisbury, indiana. go ahead, dave. caller: thank you for taking my call. first, i think the success you are saying with a donald trump is the result of the american people fed up with the shape the country is in, and politicians saying one thing, and doing another. i think people are rallying behind someone that is not a politician, because of the ship the country is in. host: ok, let's listen to john mcardle at the news desk. he has some data on what voters in virginia had to say yesterday during super tuesday, when they voted. john: yeah, greta, we have been diving into the exit poll numbers, trying to figure out know theafter we
8:50 am
results -- we know how they voted. in virginia, perhaps not surprising, looking at the results, experiencing a big key, especially on the democratic side of the aisle -- whether the candidate has experience or is considered an outsider. on the democratic side, hillary clinton was up 90% among voters who thought she had the right expense, and up 42% among voters that thought the candidate needs to have expansion politics to be present in the united states. tromp, on the other hand, was picked by 47% among those in virginia who want a candidate from outside of the establishment. rubio was ahead by 30% among those who prioritize experience. this trend held nationally. this from npr, looking at their takeaways from the night, and on this issue of experience versus outsider, they noted in their peace, in early exit polls, 84% of democratic voters say they
8:51 am
wanted a candidate with experience, and 46% said they wanted an outsider. meanwhile, 46% of republican voters wanted experience, compared with 50% that wanted an outsider. across all states, the first 86% wantedst, 74% to a candidate with expense. given that -- expense. notes it istat, npr not a surprise that clinton and trump had such strong nights. host: ok, and as we approach the top of the hour, we're going to continue here on "washington journal" with your calls on super tuesday results and the road to the white house. would you think about what happened last night and what it means for your candidate going forward? these are thoughts from twitter -- judy b. says i think democratic turnout is low because most democrats like both
8:52 am
candidates in their primary. i myself almost didn't attend my caucus. "thea look at the story in washington times," clinton can't count on gaining sanders hard-core supporters. in st. louis, missouri. a democrat. go ahead. caller: good morning. you are for taking my call, and thank you for c-span. bet. you state, missouri is a red
8:53 am
st. louis is a big, blue blob, but there are lots of republicans in st. louis. i am going to cast my vote for bernie sanders. that being said, last night -- six of us, three couples, went out to dinner, and there was lively discussion about the super tuesday elections. are five of the six of us life-long republicans. here is what surprises me -- one, one of those individuals is solidly for trump. two of the couples who are like-long republicans, are disgusted with him -- life-long as, are disgusted with him, and they surprised me when they told me they are going to vote for bernie. that might just be an anti-hillary vote. here are my thoughts on where this thing is going -- it looks pretty clear that the clinton
8:54 am
machine is going to ultimately be victorious. hillary will be the democratic nominee. it looks like donald trump has fractured republican party, and will be the republican nominee, despite any efforts on their part at the convention to remove him. the consensus at the dinner table last night is that hillary will win, she will be a one-term president, and she will not be able to govern. she will essentially be a third obama term, and face an even more obstructionist congress than president obama. it is not a pretty picture. that is what everybody at the table -- those at the table thought she could beat donald trump in a general election matchup? the reason --nd the reason everybody thinks that is because donald trump doesn't
8:55 am
have the math. half of the republicans cannot stand the guy, for one. host: what if he gets people that have never voted to turn out and vote for him -- what bernie sanders supporters go to him -- what if he gets independents? interesting is an take on that -- i have four kids all in their 30's. they are all solidly behind tonie, and have all vowed not vote if hillary wins the nomination. i think that will work in trump 's favor. i think it will depress the youth vote when hillary gets the nomination, but, if you look at the demographics, donald trump just simply does not have the math. working class win white men, between 40 and 70, and hillary is going to win everything else. host: i heard you. let me throw this headline at lindsey graham, who as
8:56 am
you know, ran for president, republican of south carolina, who has not had a good friendship, if you will, with ted cruz on capitol hill --him and john mccain have been critical of ted cruz's stance on many of the issues, he said yesterday the republicans may have to rally around ted cruz in order to get donald trump out of this race. caller: i don't see it happening. i think trump and christie are already a ticket. -- you know,rtain i was never very impressed with donald trump, even when he had a tv show, but i have got to give it to this guy. there is a certain billions to his nastiness. -- brilliance to his nastiness. host: let me go to michael next, owings mills, maryland. independent color. you are on the air. -- independent caller. you are on the of. caller: good morning. first time caller.
8:57 am
i believe this stage is called the silly season -- these candidates are making lofty promises. down trump wants to build a wall, so forth, and so on. what they are forgetting is once they become commander-in-chief, they have to be with congress to get a lot of their agenda done, and as we saw over the last seven years, nothing will happen if congress is not on board. the american people need to be mindful of that when picking the next candidate, someone who is middle of the road. you cannot go far left or far right. it is not going to work and you are seeing that right now. host: michael, who is your candidate, then? caller: i have not decided yet -- i'm still weighing my options, and i can tell you who i am not voting for, ted cruz. i wish he was out. host: wisconsin. john. a democrat. good morning. go ahead. caller: hi, how are you? host: doing well, sir.
8:58 am
what you think of last night's results and going forward? caller: here is one of the questions the media has not answered -- one of the questions is hillary mentioned if she became president she would consider bernie as her vice president, and nobody has really jumped on that. you have those two people in office at the same time -- now you have a force that nobody can deal with. you know, i like bernie, but the only thing about bernie that i have a problem with is where was he years ago? we need a candidate like him years ago. you know, right now, hillary has done all the homework from a community activist on, and she is the person with all of the experience. that is all i have to say. host: so, do you think it is her turn, so to speak? caller: yes, i feel it is her turn. i felt bad for hillary, because
8:59 am
i was for hillary before obama came on the scene. he spoke such a good -- put up such a good program, he kind of wiped her out. i feel she deserves a chance. she has worked for it. she has always been with the people. not to mention her background, as far as her schooling, her experience -- everything else. she deserves it. it is our time. host: all right, john. take a look at frank bruni's column in "the new york times." realized last night as we watch the results coming in, that we were not just saying greater clarity in a messy race for the white house -- a first ever major party female president nominee.
9:00 am
and he warns against are trying the same tactics as donald trump that his republican rivals have an trying, going down to his level and attacking him the way he has attacked his challengers. it is the top of the hour here this morning. 9:00 a.m. through time. on hereoing to continue with your thoughts on super tuesday. hillary clinton and donald trump, carried the day. with
9:01 am
seven wins for each of them in the 12 states that voted. senator ted cruz and senator marco rubio on the republican side vying for second. ted cruz was able to get three wins under his belt. marco rubio had a win in minnesota. sanders 14 of the contest last night and says he is looking forward to the ones coming up. march 5, marked -- march 8, march 15, all big contests or both parties. joann a, independent, welcome to the conversation. go ahead. good morning. i'm a bernie sanders supporter. really, the republican party is the one that's created this frankenstein since -- called donald trump. since the 1960's you've had a mass exit this of southern democrats to the republican party due to his civil rights movement.
9:02 am
they been anti-minority, anti-just, anti-gay, about everything, and they've created this monster. they pander to this low -- i don't know anywhere to say it -- people and base of counted on them to get them reelected all the time. is going for base this monster, basically, that they have created. it is a sad thing to watch. it really is a tragedy to watch. but it makes you wonder about how people think, you know? their reasoning when they come up for these decisions. i'm sorry, i'm very nervous. don't bet's all right, nervous. let me ask you some questions. you are an independent. how did you vote in the last two election cycles? obama. i voted but that's because i'm really more of a green party person. i have voted green in local
9:03 am
elections and such. i have voted green in national elections before. i am very impressed with bernie sanders because i think that he is idealistic and we need someone who is idealistic like that. somehow he that doesn't -- that he wants to just give everything away to everybody, that's absurd. he's got a way to pay for everything. the egalitarian? why not have health care for everybody? what is the problem with that? only the privileged, the rich should get good quality care and the heck with the poor? sorry, i just don't understand the thoughts in our country where it is all about the rich and everybody else can go to hack in a handbag, basically. host: all right. conrad, florida, republican line. how do you pronounce that? caller: no,, florida.
9:04 am
thank you. two comments i want to make. one gentleman saying that whoever is elected having to go to congress to get anything done -- the only reason i am bearing with trump is because trump knows how to play the game. if he goes to washington like he is, with two armored trucks, he can get anything he wants done. if you don't have no money, you ain't getting nothing done. he has money and knows how to play the game. you will get more out of trump than anybody else. he don't come in big. number two, the republican party hasn't done anything for the to 30 years. i agree with that young lady who just called in. they created this. if they took care of the republican party and the people, they wouldn't have to deal with donald trump now. it's too late. it's over. he's not coming in begging and buying. eyeing got no money.
9:05 am
he's not getting anything done. host: conrad, let me show our viewers what donald trump had to say about washington yesterday. statesthese are amazing and we will probably get a lot more. in fact we are projected to have some pretty good additional numbers. but i will say this. look, we have expanded the republican party. when you look at what happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in -- they came from the democratic party, the democrats, longtime democrats that were never going to switch and they all switched and they were independents. we have actually expanded the party. look at the number of votes we had in that area. for example. 390 something -- 390,000 votes? almost 800,000. the democrats went down. there is much less enthusiasm
9:06 am
for the democrats. i am a unifier. i know that people will find that hard to believe, but believe me. once we get this finished i'm hillaryter one person, clinton, on the assumption that she is allowed to run. host: donald trump yesterday as texas closed its primary. he also in that news conference said that he would get along with lawmakers like speaker paul ryan and, if he doesn't, they will pay a big price. we are getting your thoughts on all of this this morning. we will keep going with your phone calls here. first john mcardle with a little bit more on super tuesday. here are some lawmakers responding to donald trump's victories in primaries across united dates last night. the democratic side
9:07 am
of the aisle, congressman alan grayson tweeted last night -- lieu is a congressman from california, democrat -- host: and then a tweet from keith ellison -- host: it wasn't just democrats responding to his victories last night. here is congressman justin a mosh being quoted yesterday by "inson magazine." saying some ways he's a bigger threat to limited government and hillary clinton.
9:08 am
a republican congressman from florida -- "which head of state does he remind me of? the late hugo chavez. never trump." a lot of the pushback on the republican side of the aisle was ramped up went ben sasse of nebraska put out his statements on facebook about donald trump, talking about his concerns about donald trump and republican support. that he could eventually abandon the republican party if he embraces the politics of donald trump. some of washington responding back. add to that that the congressman, just in a mosh, mash, has-- justin a mos
9:09 am
endorsed senator ted cruz, part of the tea party movement on capitol hill. let's go to robert in baltimore. robert, democrat, you were on the air. good morning. good morning. caller: yes, yes. host: what are your thoughts? a bernie'm definitely supporter. i'm honestly kind of appalled at some of the common piece. it's outrageous how little information some of these are. i'm concerned why people are pandering to trump and this whole frankenstein that the republicans have built. to me it doesn't make any sense. nervous that there
9:10 am
is so much energy on the republican side of the race? that it hillary clinton or bernie sanders is the nominee, there is so much in 20 republican side that many more people come out to vote? caller: yes, it does -- caller: yes, it does make me worry a lot. some of these people who need little to no information to make their assumption that he can win ? it doesn't make any sense to me. if you actually read information and are an informed person, a human being, you can read up on bernie sanders and see why he's the best candidate for the regular person. trump and all these other persons just trained -- just pander to the millionaires and billionaires. it doesn't really -- i don't see the connection they have with trump. it doesn't make any sense. last point, here's
9:11 am
one more viewer -- "no puppets in the white house." hi, mark. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: good. what do you think about this race for the white house? caller: i think that it is very immature. i'm a vietnam that. i'm 64 years old. we finally have health care for the poor. we had some of the best health care, brent paid, food stamps. a lot of people used it right. and hadeople at gm wives with four children who were separating. but they are not really separated. they messed up and took what they could. let's get to the point. bernie sanders is running on a
9:12 am
campaign where free college and going to happen. living wage, $15 per hour, like waitresses and stuff? do you know what that would do to the menus of these places? it would rocket it sky high. middle class could not afford to eat there. it would put these businesses -- they would be bankrupt. people would lose their jobs like crazy. this free education that he's running on ain't going to happen. he can't make wall street pay for it. point.e hear your gerald, republican line, what do you want to say? we're listening. rubio, ted cruz, marco next to donalds trump. he should be the president. i think.
9:13 am
hillary clinton should be in prison. she should be prosecuted and locked up. otherwise you should let -- open the jails up and let everybody out of there. host: michael, good morning, democratic line. caller: good morning. host: what do you make of the six newspapers saying that chris christie should step down? he should. he does a lot of things for attention. i want to say that the reason obama -- the reason you have donald trump is because we have obama. this country is built on hate. look at what he's preaching. he preaches hate. a lot of people think that the reason because this country is
9:14 am
bad is all the blacks coming over here, taking our jobs, doing this and that. this is what you see. i want the world to look at -- when you talk about fighting muslims? you have a guy running for president saying -- don't let these muslims in our country. this country is built on hate. this is why you are seeing donald trump winning. because a lot of people -- i don't understand it. why wasn't it so great when fighting bush had it, two wars? now everything is so bad. unemployment is down. i think like nine attempts when he came in? if you listen and you think you don't see any good in this country, the only thing you hear is what's so bad. what's so bad. right, that's michael
9:15 am
in trenton, new jersey. timothy, independent line, taking your calls this morning on "the washington journal" about the road to the white house. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm an independent. i think the donald trump has too many ideals. bernie sanders has too many ideals. a congress is going to be deadlock. knowing trump he's going to veto a lot. to be like how the president had to come to springfield, illinois just to get things rolling and when he left it was the same old thing and what will happen is bernie -- donald trump will the president. was timothy.t hollywood, florida. nancy, republican line. who is your candidate? caller: thank you very much.
9:16 am
it's very important, what i'm going to say. all my life i be for republican. i say because republican party is divide us. they want divide us. they want we, the people collect the president, not the republican party. that's what i'm saying. not trump. he's outside. not trump, he's coming with the true. but republican party want to keep the same old things all the time. host: all right, nancy. ralph, you are on the air. caller: the united states of america got their greatest independence after the industrial revolution. when you have anybody that is divisive and calls people on the
9:17 am
name and dignify's them as they are an object where violence is more prevalent -- that's why am voting for hillary. not because she has the greatest campaign, but it's that divisive miss where you are going to put people back in slavery. build a wall around all the border, that's a jail. ok, ralph. hope mills, dell. what are your thoughts this morning? weler: it's pretty sad, what have all come to. everyone wants to blame the republicans for donald trump being there today, but let's can back to the beginning. i mean, everybody said that clinton did a good job. he left off -- he lived off of reagan and then it went downhill. you go from reagan into george bush, where the democrats didn't let him do anything. obama said -- we are going to do a great job and the republicans helped with that.
9:18 am
they both caused what they got today. i ran one of the biggest businesses in vermont. on a quick to say which one. you know what? that's a mistake, too. when someone calls as meatheads because we are independent, all of a sudden we are lower edge of it? i will take them on, one-on-one, any debate, any day. right nowandidates and put them in the place. you know what? i wasn't going to vote for donald trump, i was against him. but with what happened yesterday , guess what? i am going to vote for donald trump. you know what? i want both parties out there and i want a clean slate ring this country back to what it should be. they both embarrass this country. i think he's smart enough businessman after watching him last night. a piece to the business end of this and put the good politician next to him?
9:19 am
we are all going to win because we have all lost right now. are kind ofght, you echoing what kathleen parker had to say in her column this morning for "the washington host: about 5000 milligrams last
9:20 am
night, super tuesday was the biggest day on the primary calendar, but it is free from your on out. here's a look ahead at the primaries and caucuses coming up saturday, march 5. kansas, louisiana, maine, kentucky, the brassica. -- nebraska. night of sleep, the candidates will go for the voters again on the democratic side. maine on sunday. puerto rico has republican primary. that takes us to march 8. next tuesday, the hawaiian republican caucus will take place. michigan has its primary that they. mississippi has a primary that they. other dates to keep in mind on the calendar, democratic debate are happening in flint, michigan on sunday.
9:21 am
all the republican candidate said that they would be at thursday's debate in miami, florida. that is all ahead of the next huge tuesday day. missouri, north carolina, and ohio all have their contest. they will begin the winner take all contests in florida and ohio, where the candidates can rack up huge numbers of delegates. it's not just winning states, it's winning delegates to get the nomination. to the whited house coverage will continue to these next contests. go to for the details of our coverage -- but continue through these next contests. .o to you can find the latest delegate count, how much the candidates won by, there is lots of
9:22 am
information there on greg, republican line. what do you think about this race so far? caller: well, i think that the , as the previous caller stated, the reason we have trump is is people are sick and tired of these bribes and these ought politicians -- these bought politicians that have been running this country and what's going on. people are grasping at any other option up there right now. right now it happens to be trump. before the election started i knew that jeb which would get in the race. i knew i would not get rid -- i would not vote for him. you have to get rid of these royal families. everyone talks about how nasty the campaign has gotten. well, these people up there are a bunch of snakes. as soon as you turn around they
9:23 am
put a steel blade in your blood -- in your back. everybody be as nasty as they want to each other. that's certainly how they are anyway. i'm tired of it, so are a lot of them american people. -- the american people. .e have a huge debt if trump gets in there, hopefully he can do some thing about that. act: how do you want him to , if he became president, towards these lawmakers? caller: well, you know, hey, look. if he's straightforward and tells people exactly what he's thinking and calls them out when he needs to be called out, then so be it. part of the problem is the congress. that's just a fact. we can't get anything done, it doesn't matter who the president is. to me, putting a president in
9:24 am
there, everybody needs to focus on who they are going to put in there for congress. if he calls them out when they need to be called out, i'm all for it. he doesn't have to defend anybody else's money or any of that krapp. i have to say, it's a little refreshing. host: greg, have you voted in the past? caller: yes. host: did you vote for mitt romney? caller: i did not support mitt romney in 2012. my vote was wasted after he got nominated. know, it's really hard. i don't understand, we have such great talent, so many great people in this country, the people that we put up for president? it's maddening. trump is an unknown. i don't know what this guy's
9:25 am
going to do. but i know what these other guys are going to do. that's not where i think of country should be headed. host: you are willing to roll the dice on someone you don't know, who is unpredictable to that's right. i decide, democrat or republican, i know it they think . ted cruz is a little bit too far right for me. --e of those evangelical evangelicals are the most judgmental people i've ever met. we don't need that. thank you. that was gregt, in virginia, republican. independent line, georgia. good morning. caller: how are you doing today? host: i'm doing great. how are you? caller: i'm doing fine. the whole candidacy of bernie , people like me are so
9:26 am
fed up with the representation that we get. like the caller said before me -- they are like wolves in sheep's clothing. they come out and want to get your vote, but then when they forback they vote themselves, they don't help us. way, vote the same nothing's going to change. for me i voted for bernie sanders yesterday, but if he doesn't get the nomination, i'm going to vote for trump, because i want a change. money deciding who gets to run. i'm so sick and tired of it. i want to do what i can. want to see the establishment stop controlling who gets to run. we don't get to decide. i was looking at one return of .illary clinton, only 1%
9:27 am
people calling the race? how is that possible? it seems like it's rigged for those in the establishment for the democratic and republican party, both. forre not stupid if we vote trump, we have to send a message. host: look at the number from georgia, the democratic riemer. 71% in georgia boarded for hillary clinton. exactly. that's because she's already awful lot of officials. i mean, rubio has called arnold con, but the biggest con is the clintons. host: there he go, she is saying that she will switch to donald trump if it hillary clinton is nominated over bernie sanders. democratic line, good morning. caller: good morning. good morning.
9:28 am
host: what are your thoughts? technically supporting bernie sanders, but really i'm a donald trump supporter. i would never vote hillary clinton. handle theot even secretary of state position. what makes anybody feel she could handle the white house? host: why do you say she couldn't handle it? caller: look at the shape we are in. look at what she's done. we are fighting all over the world. we are toppling governments that shouldn't have been toppled. she -- like, the democrats right now are moving back. we have to control all the countries of the world, that's latin america is about. host: did you vote for her husband? caller: most certainly. host: you did? caller: yes. host: when did you decide you
9:29 am
would not vote for her? did you vote for her in 2008? caller: yes. host: this time around, when did you decide and why you would not vote for hillary clinton? host: idisk -- caller: i decided what -- i decided when she took the secretary of eight position. i wasn't up on the political realm until probably about two months ago, when i started watching some stuff. bernie sanders is for the little person. for me. i spent 36 years working in a hospital. ok? trying to raise a family, trying to do all that. as far as being the mainstream middle-class, we are being clobbered. donald trump has the same appeal that theause it's time mainstream politicians, with their big pack money in their big lobbyists -- you can promise
9:30 am
us anything as you are running, but as soon as you get into office and you accept money from those packs and those lobbyists and that? they own you. you, do you ask think that washington is listening? i think that the republican party is really stupid. you know? they want to stray -- they want to stay mainstream, evangelist, whatever they used to stand for. the country has changed. we need jobs. we need our borders safe. quited our industry to giving all the tax breaks to the wealthy and then taking their countries to mexico and china. my husband lost three andfacturing jobs to mexico china. all right, we have to
9:31 am
leave it there. gary, republican line, give us your take. to see the results last night, i think trump will be good for the country so far is doing his job, which is protecting the people of the united states, rebuilding the military and everything else. i think he's smart enough to rely on the professionals, especially the generals. they didn't get those four stars on their jet -- on their shoulders just through popularity. host: you are confident that donald trump would surround himself with qualified people in his administration? caller: that's right. with the smart remarks that he makes and so forth. what about -- she was supposed to release to his foreign-policy advisers are. talk about the names, the ideologies he's had in his administration.
9:32 am
we haven't heard that yet. does that concern you? that, again?was i wasn't following. host: that's all right. he was supposed released the names of the people he would pick to be a part of his administration. well, i didn't follow that part. let me comment on the border. i think they should quit referring to illegal aliens as immigrants and call them what they are, illegal immigrants. is like a leaking water tank. we need to put a wall across there. fix the border and fix the immigration thing. host: ok, all right. let me go on to jill in ohio. jill, it's your turn. good morning. caller: hi, good morning, thank you, how are you? host: doing well. caller: you have been busy.
9:33 am
host: yes. caller: i wanted to call in and support a caller who was a few callers ago. i'm a registered independent in ohio, so i won't be able to vote in the primary, because you are not allowed to vote in the primary. but if i could, i would vote for trump. i am pretty upset with the republicans. i used to be a republican, but i switched to independent. thet of it is because bigwigs, you know, i hear this whitman,people, meg whatever her name is from hewlett-packard, they want to start up something so that they can diver trump. divert trump. that's why people don't like the establishment. there is so many people with big money that feel like they can, you know, make things happen or
9:34 am
contested primary or convention. i'm also in the restaurant is. if bernie sanders gets in, or hillary clinton, and they want to raise the minimum wage, they are going to put out the restaurant business -- you might just -- might as well close down every restaurant except for big-name chains. host: it is 9:30 a.m. here on the east coast, 6:30 on the west. we are continuing with your thoughts on super tuesday results, the contest going forward, the front runners. donald trump and hillary clinton picking up more wins last night in the 12 states that voted. on the topic of hillary clinton being the front runner, one story that viewers might have missed in all of the super tuesday excitement is that hillary clinton took questions
9:35 am
from her traveling press corps for the first time in 88 days. hillary clinton, a candidate known for ignoring her press corps, she travels on a separate charter from the press that follow her around. the story goes to the questions that were thrown at her during that brief exchange with the press yesterday at a coffee shop in minnesota. one of the questions was -- how would she do? did bernie sanders have a path forward? will she call on him to drop out? do trump's comments disqualify him? will donald trump be the eventual nominee? she said to the press corps -- it has turned into a kind of one upmanship and insulting, and i don't think that that's appropriate in a presidential campaign." one of the things that she wasn't asked about, but something that has come up with her campaign is the release of
9:36 am
transcripts of her speeches that she made to wall street groups, including goldman sachs. this is an issue that one of our facebook followers brought up in the comments today. that clinton will you lose the feminists. when her transcripts were released, when it is discovered that she is a republican, we will get used to saying president trump." hillary clinton has been called upon to release those transcripts of those speeches. certainly an issue that you will likely be hearing about as the campaign moves into its next phase. host: our viewers can follow along and join the conversation .n facebook, as well as twitter there are the phone lines. we will continue with more of your calls as well. this, reacting to a viewer earlier -- "pretty much every sensible viewer wants change, but most of us want a change for
9:37 am
the better, not change for the worse. what do you think? caller: well, i think i was a and i've lostt interest in the democrats lately because they have left us in the dark in illinois. jobs are gone, coal mines are shutting down. i think that donald trump is right. we need something to protect our borders from north korea, russia, and israel. they are going to come over here and bring a dirty bomb. and then what? ok, james, arkansas, republican. you are on. i looked at the race today with trump and his antics. i've always been a democrat in the past. i feel like the democratic
9:38 am
party, you know, with obama and everything over the past eight years, they have left us high and dry. trump, i see him as an executive. he's been an executive. he knows how to surround himself with good people. he knows how to lead. put his industry -- he's in a whole lot of different areas with his company. the things that he does. he understands how to communicate with people, how to work with people. i feel like mr. trump will take our country -- i remember a little while back that the first lady had made a statement about being proud to be an american again because barack obama had been elected president. everybody got wrapped up in the novelty of the first african-american president. which is a great thing and i'm real proud for that. but i don't feel that he's done is a good job as
9:39 am
commander-in-chief. i feel that mr. trump has the ability, youthe know, in his mind, to handle the scope of the presidency. i'm just really excited for the future. james, you have always voted democrat? caller: yes, ma'am, though with president clinton than i voted democrat until john mccain. and he for john mccain, lost. i've been with the republican party ever since. let me ask you this, can donald trump say anything and you will continue to support him? caller: no, ma'am. i was not on board with the whole shoot somebody mess that he came out with. he gets out there with those kinds of statements. but i think that when all this is done he will pull it back a little bit. i think he's the right man for the job. senator cruz is a trained
9:40 am
politician. he's there and he says all the right things. he plays it very close to the sleeve. he makes a big point not to say the wrong things. mr. trump doesn't get into any of that. he says from his heart what's on his mind and he tells the truth. maureen, somers point, independent collar, you are on the air. the republican party was aiming at smearing the front runner. also, the democratic party front runner is being investigated by the federal bureau of investigation. do these parties have any respect for us? thefront runner in republican party is the front runner because people voted for him. why would somebody be put up as a democratic person for president who has been investigated by the federal bureau of investigation?
9:41 am
they wouldn't do it to me. the party, the people that have the power in the party are trying to manipulate the election. because they are not listening to the people. they want everything the way they think they wanted to be, not the way the american people want it to be. i believe that that is the core of the problem. it's why this country is going downhill so fast. does that reflect enthusiasm for donald trump? me putr: -- caller: let it this way. look at the numbers. 22% were down on the democrats. the republicans surged in votes. that tells you something right there just with the numbers. the republican party is ignoring it. the democratic party seems to be ignoring it. the voters, they seem to be saying to the voters -- you are ruining everything, everything
9:42 am
that we've planned, you are ruining. host: robert, share your thoughts with us this morning. thank you forler: taking my call. i waited quite a while, but it will be worth. first of all, first of all, i'm swaying towards trump. i think he's got a lot of bull, but i hope that that will calm down before the election. i hope that he won't be elected president and then within a month or so get out of office. i hope that doesn't happen. caller: let me ask you, does he need to tone it down in a general election? >> absolutely. absolutely. host: let me ask you this, can
9:43 am
he attack hillary clinton with the same tone that he's been attacking his rivals with? he can use the same tone, that's not the chief actor to me. it's the end u.n. does, semi-slur words, things like that, the way he talked about that reporter that time, which she probably deserved it, i really don't know, i shouldn't have said that. anyway, he's got to tone down his whole attitude. but i would like to make another point. i've been a democrat all of my life because i've always considered the democratic party for the working man. and they are, to a certain extent. but all they've done to the pay to the is -- i low and i pay to the high. i'm paying to the people that need help. the many, many, many the only
9:44 am
help. the people with the money get all the tax breaks. host: i will have to leave it there so that i can go to bob. caller: i'm sick and tired of people saying -- spanish rights in this country, this is my country, they don't belong here. ship them all back. blockade the border. business inet our mexico, they will learn the hard way. starve them. they have more rights than a veteran has and i'm tired of it. we have got to get someone who has some guts to tell these people just the way it is. host: who is that? caller: politicians. politicians in this country are gutless. selling out the american public to a foreign identity, they are
9:45 am
all crooks. i want someone who is going to be honest and truthful. host: and that is? caller: trump. i voted for him yesterday. host: we will keep going with your phone calls until the house gavels in this morning. so, keep dialing and with those calls in your thoughts. we will get more calls on super tuesday after speaking with john mcardle. host: one of the questions that many watching the political world have asked is -- when the republican and democratic fields will shrink even further. politico had a story this morning asking what hillary's challenge would be and how she might let bernie sanders down easy to unite and move forward if she does become the nominee. "the hill" newspaper here in washington, d.c., noted john kasich and ben carson as two of the losers last night.
9:46 am
k-6 has an optimistic campaign but he is running out of road. in their wrapup of ben carson, they said that his share had reached double digits in only one state, alabama. there is simply no rationale for him to stay in the race." one interesting story from cnn that's out just this morning offers a path the ben carson that would include seeking the presidential nomination. operatives told cnn that they would push into drop out of the republican race and and's dad run for the u.s. senate seat how florida. it's unclear receptive he will be to that. carson did not appear to be going anywhere as of tuesday night. said that he rubio would not seek reelection for his senate seat. carson continues to show no signs of getting out of the race. that support is out very early this morning from cnn. calls.
9:47 am
marge, how do you plan to vote? caller: in the primaries? i don't plan on voting. my candidate has left the race, which was rand paul. i am leaning towards the libertarian party. i'm assuming at this point that gary johnson will be running. , everybody- listen wants change, change, change, but they keep voting for democrat and republican. we are not -- most of the kids these days, the 18-year-olds, when i was the working -- i'm retired now -- they only thought that there were two parties. they don't even know that we have a choice. i would like to suggest that everyone listening right now go to youtube and listen to a video called the jones plantation. it would probably wake up a lot of people. a 15 minute -- generally of around election time i like to post this for all
9:48 am
my friends. it's very informative. ok, all right, ron, jacksonville, how you plan to vote when your state gets to do so? ron, are you with us? jacksonville, florida. let me move on to can, pompano beach. i'm not saying that right, am i? hi, ken. morning.ood listen, i've lived in florida and i've been a registered voter for 30 years. republican here. i don't even know what marco rubio done and i'm down here in south florida with the residents. i don't really know why he's running for president. he hasn't made his mark on florida. ted cruz is way too far to the right. i think that going forward the american people -- there's a lot of good progress in this country. this guy wants to take us backwards. he's way too conservative. -- andh mcconnell and's
9:49 am
paul ryan want to stuff donald trump into the convention and steel the nomination away from him, myself and a lot of republicans should just walk away from that party and register as independents. i agree with a lot of these callers. they just want to line their pockets and go back to their own little way of doing business and controlling everything, controlling us like we are fools, like sheep, like we will vote for them and keep them in office so they can stay billionaires. i think that's why people say bernie sanders and donald trump are surging because there is a revolution going on in this country. people want to get away from what's going on here. they are controlling a washington that does nothing for the little guy. it just controls the business and lobbyists. host: howdy you plan to vote down ticket? caller: can i be honest?
9:50 am
right now i would vote only for trump or sanders. the reason i say sanders is -- i do want to see a change. i can't even understand how hillary clinton is going to get nominated with all the stuff she's done and the corruption and backdoor dealings her husband has done over the years. she would be the worst inside of washington. the corruption? in washington it would grow tremendously with hillary clinton and her husband, bill, in office there. it would be a step backwards. jennifer, independent line, michigan. hi, jennifer. caller: hi, how are you? i'm not going to take a lot of time. as an independent i would definitely vote for bernie. we talk about corruption, but it's in all parties, not just hillary. that's why they want marco rubio, he's nothing but a puppet for the republican party. if we want to be honest, a lot of things have not happened in this country because congress
9:51 am
and the senate have not let obama do his job. we need to stop focusing just on the presidential races, we need to focus on congressional and senate races, those are the people who can make the difference for us. until we do that it will be the same old same old. but let's get these crazy people out of fear. it's ridiculous what's taking place in this country. that's all i have. thank you so much. we told you about the congressional primaries yesterday. many of the incumbents who are coming survived these contests. our callers are saying we have got to focus on these races and get these politicians out. like i said, in the contest held yesterday, a lot of these incumbents survived. you can find stories on politico about that. you can find it in other places as well.
9:52 am
d.c. hi,to jerry in jerry. caller: good morning, greta. thank you for taking my call. a couple of comments. i am amazed at how people are willing to it set any comment that's made. you know, just because someone says something doesn't necessarily make it so. media is really doing the public a disservice by not pressing the candidates, whether it is trumped or whoever , with their questions. and asked trump a question he'd ever it's it to something else. he doesn't want to answer it. he flips around and they give him a pass. i think that they should be -- or are sophisticated enough to press him for details and not let him squirm. clinton oring for
9:53 am
sanders, or trump, to cruise or any of the others. i think they need to pinpoint. just because donald trump says something doesn't make it so. the public are accepting that. with no proof, you know? sure, folks are upset with what's been going on. they want change. but be careful what you ask for and wish for. ok.: back to some headlines, the texas tribune, we talked to abby about this. races --gressional incumbents stay safe. the president of the house ways and means committee will face three primary challenges and he spent heavily in the race, veering close to a potentially fatal run off before finally
9:54 am
climbing to 53% of the vote in the returns. the former state representative posted week fundraising numbers on antiestablishment sentiment carrying him into victory with a strong tea party contingent hitting almost 40%. it says that the other incumbents in the state survived as well and in alabama the headline was -- trump and clinton win big in that state. richard shelby was victorious in his primary challenge as well. let's get back to the news desk. more story i wanted to point out from just a few hours ago. trump." for donald that's the headline there. gop leaders have an impossible task in dealing with the incendiary front runner. that story talking about how
9:55 am
they are reacting to donald trump and what others in congress are doing, as he pointed out, saying that they might leave the republican party if donald trump he comes the nominee. -- ofe, donald trump course, donald trump pitching and moving last night with the thelts closer, clinching number of delegates needed to become the republican nominee. its 1237 needed to win the nomination on the republican side. donald trump winning over 200 delegates alone on super tuesday. democrats see their delegates to win the in order democratic nomination. that's unpledged delegates and superdelegates that map is different on the democratic side. than justit's more eight wins. delegate counts are the key numbers to watch host: in the contest a ahead. host:related to your headline ,bout republican leadership
9:56 am
lindsey graham -- who dropped out in south carolina -- saying that his party may have to rally around ted cruz to stop donald trump. thesey graham, no friend of senator from texas. robert in portland, oregon, a republican. hi, robert. >> in many respects i'm a republican and i've voted that way my whole life. between hillary and donald? i would not vote at all. i think the donald is a marketing genius and a businessman. it's been about nothing other than building his empire at the expense of other people. whether it be the his tenants in new jersey, where he left all of these old people and was basically a slumlord, push them out of their building, to the casinos and the strip clubs. his endgame is to get eminent domain and get more and more power for his business.
9:57 am
that's what he does. i think that it's important for people like rubio to point this out and show what he really is. not that i would vote for rubio. but it's important to see. last night, when he gave his presentation, that was a marketing ploy. it's a call -- assuming the sale. you assume the sale by acting like the president, a press conference with the vice president behind him. it's really important for people to see who this man really is. host: ok. all right, robert. let me add a little bit to what lindsey graham said. "ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. but we may be in a position where we have to rally around him to stop donald trump. and i'm not so sure that would onk." his comments came super tuesday results.
9:58 am
it came one week after graham ted -- if he killed ted -- cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, let's could convict you." go to dawn, massachusetts, an independent caller. >> i'm from new york. i grew up in an agricultural country where we have one of the best schools in the world. we have some very old fossils that i grew up with, pulling them out of the rock. a time where we were very aware of the environment and environmental science when i was young. we have spent decades dealing with big corporations involved in that industry or related industries that have caused wars and a lot of strife. the day that reagan
9:59 am
set -- we are not going to invest in alternative energy because it will take too long to develop it. he said that it would take 20 years and that was like 1980. the thing that i wanted to say was -- the difference between government and business. you know, two different things. especially in the republican party, libertarians, they keep talking as if this and should be run like a government. i mean, government should be run like a business. but government -- they are two totally different things. government is for the common good and the public good. business is for a buck. leave it there. the house is about to gavel in this morning for a morning legislative dachshund area lawmakers coming in here. right at the top of the hour, 10 a.m. eastern time. [captioning performed by the
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