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tv   Medal of Honor Ceremony  CSPAN  March 6, 2016 1:30am-1:55am EST

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people have voted for him. senator rubio: i don't mean to take you on this, but i want to be clear. i have been sitting here for five minutes, and the questions have all been about donald trump. that is the reason why. [cheering] [applause] ms. bash: that is fair, but he is the front runner. and you have been making your point about donald trump. senator rubio: even before he was the front runner, donald would offend someone personally, would make fun of a disabled reporter, or attack a woman journalist, and would dominate the news coverage. of course he is going to get attention. i'm not complaining about it. the reason we're talking about is -- the other night at the debate, over half the questions i was asked were about my opinion of donald trump -- i'm running for president because i think the country needs to re-embrace the constitution, re-embrace free enterprise, and re-embrace strong national
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defense. [applause] ms. bash: we have some questions from twitter. lisa asks this question, how are your children responding to your campaign? do they understand how important and serious this is? before you answer that, i want to put my mom hat on. you are the proud father of four. i'm the mother of a four-year-old son. i'm having a hard time letting him watch the news because things have gotten so vulgar, i don't want him to think it is ok to act like that. how do you feel as a father and a presence of candidate about how low things have gone? senator rubio: this is related to the real question. i'm glad you asked.
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my kids are on the campaign trail with me a lot. every day i woke up, i was glad they were there. not just because they are my kids, but they remind me, this is what this is about. you are literally trying to decide what the country will look like when they are my age, a little younger. god has blessed my family. he has protected us. they have handled it extremely well. i do not think that we have had a negative moment on the campaign with them. but i believe that is because god has protected and shielded us. he has done that for us, and for others as well. [applause] senator rubio: for me, it is a daily reminder that what we are fighting for is deciding what america will look like in 10 years. yes, i don't want us to have a president that we would constantly have to be explaining to our kids, look, that is what
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the president did, but you should not. i don't want that. [applause] senator rubio: we actually had a president like that not long ago. it was really bad. ms. bash: i will leave that one alone. the rhetoric has been -- i understand you are saying that you are trying to answer him and some of the things he is saying, i cannot explain to my kids talking about hand and things like that -- [booing] senator rubio: i will be more than happy to answer another donald trump question. donald trump may have grown up the way he did, with a lot of money, and going to boarding school. where i grew up, if someone is punching someone in the face, eventually someone will have to stand up and punch them back. [applause] [cheering] ms. bash: i want to ask you another question from twitter. it is on the supreme court. do you think president obama should appoint a justice to scotus? senator rubio: no, absolutely not. i agree with joe biden when he said in 1992, we should not be
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nominating justices in an election year. much less in the 8th year of this president. the supreme court can have 8 justices. there is no magic number nine. and this president is completely unaccountable. he will be nominating someone for basically a lifetime appointment, and we cannot hold it against him. there will be an election in november. god willing, we will nominate and elect a conservative. that conservative will elect, i hope, someone more like justice scalia that the nominees we have -- scalia, then the kind of nominees we have gotten out of this president. [applause] ms. bash: you think all candidates now, republican and democrats, should pledge to not nominate a supreme court justice in the last year of their term? senator rubio: i would do that now. that has been the practice for the last 80 years in our country.
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it goes back to the point i made. this is a lifetime appointment. you cannot, unless this person who gets elected murder someone, it will be very difficult to remove them from the court. bottom line, when the balance of the court is at stake -- barack obama will not be held accountable for it by the electorate. [applause] ms. bash: it is about something that donald trump said, but about an important issue, torture. you were standing next to him in the debate, when he reversed his opinion. he says, he understands the united states is bound by laws and treaties and will not allow officials to disobey those laws. what you think is the most important position of a president on the issue of torture? [crowd cheering and yelling]
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rubio: the most important issue -- the most important job of president is to be commander in chief. a commander-in-chief will never ask the armed forces of the united states to do something that would violate the rules of war. but i want to be clear about interrogation. we have to understand, this is not about torture. no one is asking for torture. but you cannot use the same interrogation techniques on a terrorist, than on the criminal. when you are interrogating a criminal, you try to gather information to try them. when you are interrogating a terrorist, you are trying to prevent a future terrorist attack. about information for a trial. and so, i don't talk about interrogation techniques. when you do talk about interrogation techniques, terrorists practice how to evade telling the truth. we are going to interrogate terrorists. right now, that is not even an issue because president obama does not send them anywhere.
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he is releasing them from guantanamo. who will be interrogate? when i president, they are going to guantanamo, and we will find out everything they know. ms. bash: this is another twitter question. this is from steve. he wants to know, how will your faith figure into your presidency? senator rubio: my faith is the biggest influence on my life. [applause] senator rubio: by the way, i think that is something that people should be proud of. i'm a christian. i cannot impose my faith on anyone. my faith is the free gift of salvation. that you have to willingly accept. my faith teaches me this, in order to serve the lord, i have to serve others. democrats would say, the only way to care about people is more government. i believe in free enterprise. and the reason why, i know that free enterprise allows people who are struggling to find a better job and a better life. does the government have a role to play?
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yes. not as a lifestyle, but as a way to get people back on their feet so they can find a good job and never depend on the government again. my faith influences me to believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of our laws. [applause] ms. bash: a political question. in a week and a half, as you know, is the florida primary. a crucial test to your campaign. governor kasich said if he does not win his home state of ohio, he will drop out. what do you think?
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senator rubio: i will win my state. you will find out march 15 in florida. i have experience of beating people who bridger themselves as one thing, and find out they are someone else. ms. bash: one person who will not be on the ballot is jeb bush. i know you two have spoken. have you asked him for an endorsement? would you like to have his endorsement? senator rubio: i would like to have as many endorsements as i can get because i would like to unify the party. i don't discuss private conversations. no matter what happens in the campaign, i said throughout the campaign repeatedly that i had tremendous admiration for jeb bush, that i believe he was the greatest governor in florida history, though rick scott is a great governor too. and i will always have respect for him. by the same court -- quirk of faith, we were running at the same time. i did not run for president to stop jeb bush. i ran for president because i believe america's greatest days lie ahead, if we do what needs to be done right now in 2016. [applause] ms. bash: this is another question from twitter -- to all candidates, the best answer gets his vote. senator rubio: no pressure. where does he live? [laughter]
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ms. bash: what is your plan to unite the country as president? i.e. racial police trust. senator rubio: the police in our country are the finest police. they are among the finest people in the country. they are. the other day we were reminded. in virginia, a week ago, three police officers were shot. one of them was a marine reserve. she was on her first day on the job, and she died. so we have tremendous admiration and respect for our police officers. i thank god every day for what they do for our families. i also think, in this country, putting aside the police department issue, yes, there are a significant amount of americans who live in a majority minority community, and feel like they are logged out of the -- locked out of the american dream. it's a significant amount of the population that feels like they are being left behind, we will confront it. we will confront it with free enterprise.
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it is the only economic model and no world where you can put somebody up without putting others down. i believe free enterprise works because i have lived it. my parents would have never been able to achieve, for our family, what they achieved in america anywhere else on the planet. almost anywhere else in the world, your future is decided by whether or not your parents are the right people, connected to the right people. not in america. that is not who we have been and who we will be. i think that this is best for all americans, irrespective of background. in the end, all of this hyphenation stuff, that's fine, but we are all americans. if i am president of the united states, i will be president for all americans. [applause] ms. bash: one final question. on a personal level, what has been the most surprising part of this campaign. it is grueling. you are sitting here with the flu. how have you embraced this in a way that maybe you didn't think you would? senator rubio: i told you one of the surprising parts. i could have never imagined that the front runner of the republican nomination would be
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someone who refuses to stand with israel, support planned parenthood. all of these other positions that donald trump has taken. that aside, i knew this already, but this campaign reminded me. america is not a government, america is a nation at the people. this very morning, people went to work, opened their business, volunteered in the community, they are going about their lives irrespective of who the president will be. our government is messed up, but the american people are greater than they have ever been. what they need is a chance. this campaign has confirmed that. [applause] senator rubio: i was in south carolina, and i went to a pregnancy crisis center. you have never heard of this place. it is not in a magazine, they don't have movies made about them. these people every day are saving lives. young people are coming into this crisis center scared to
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death, thinking of ending an unborn life, and these people, through ministry, the word of god, are changing their decisions, saving lives. there are now people in this program whose lives were saved by this program. that is america. [applause] ms. bash: senator, thank you. thank you so much. announcer: senator ted cruz was declared the kansas republican caucus winner. meanwhile, donald trump was the coming fouruisiana percentage points of ahead of ted cruz who was in second place there.
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he also had a victory in the kentucky caucuses with 35% of the vote. a all of those results online at >> i am a teacher, said the most important thing to me right now that is at issue in this election is education. 15 yearshappy with the or so lately with common core that has been happening. i would like to see that happen. i am going to vote for either bernie sanders or hillary clinton. i am happy with either of those choices. i have decided i am voting ar ted cruz because he is scholar, eloquent, and
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principled. he is the most consistent of all of the candidates so far. announcer: earlier tonight, the annual gridiron dinner was held in washington, d.c. to 1885 where politicians and reporters gather for dinner and skits. it is close to cameras but we of the arrivals on camera earlier in washington, it d.c. [indiscernible conversation]
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♪ announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every morning. morning, theorrow campaign reporter for the washington journal joins us tomorrow morning to talk about the results of this weekend's caucuses and primary. also, james thurber will be on hand to talk about his new look book.out his new and karin joins us to talk about the role of women in voting. join the discussion.
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announcer: net this year's student cam competition was one of the biggest yet. students produced documentaries using our road to the white .ouse theme the students told us the economy, education, and immigration were the hottest issues. to join in during washington journal next week when we will announce the winners and dan favorites. van favorites. favorites. announcer: net donald trump was in orlando today. 1.5 hours.
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♪ donald trump: this is beautiful, this is beautiful. i love you, i love you. [applause] it's a movement, folks. it's a movement. it's not about me, it's about you. believe me, this is a movement.
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we are not going to be this stupid country anymore, we are not going to be the stupid people anymore. we are going to be the smart country, we are going to be the smart people. we are not going to let our politicians destroy our country, we are not going to let it happen, we are not going to let it happen. and i talk about little marco rubio, he's a total disaster. he's a disaster. he's a nasty guy, says nasty things. you know, we hit him hard. we hit him hard. little nasty guy. he even complained about my hands, look at those hands, look at those hands, look at that. you know, i hit him only as a response to him. and he is looking and say, what can i say, what can i say. he says, "he's got small hands."
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i mean, give me a break, ok? myself, where did he get that from? where did that come from? the problem was i was shaking hands with people three days later and they were saying, geewhiz, you actually have large and strong hands. so i wanted to get the word out folks. i did not want to go the rest of my life everyone saying i have small hands. i have heard of worse things, but who needs it? ok? i want to thank you all, really. look at this crowd. all the way up to the rafters. all the way up. unbelievable. unbelievable. the fire marshal, we have thousands of people outside. we lost about 10,000 people. they have had to leave. but we still have thousands of people, at a think because the police are so incredible, we love our police. [applause]
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mr. trump: and your fire departments and everything. they are going to try to let another few hundred people come right up here. i said don't worry about it, we are not going to have any problems. ok? so, we are going to fill it in the end it is great. withnow, the ones i work most when i go to a site are fire marshals. they're the most important people, because they are the ones that let us back. you take a look today, here is a day -- in all fairness to you, right now i'm supposed to be at the catalog world golf championships at trump national, and i'm here. [applause] mr. trump: i am here. and i just left kansas, and hopefully we will do well in kansas, and kentucky. and you know i have a list. look at this, new hampshire, we won. south carolina, we won. nevada, we won in a massive


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