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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 6, 2016 1:54am-4:01am EST

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mr. trump: and your fire departments and everything. they are going to try to let another few hundred people come right up here. i said don't worry about it, we are not going to have any problems. ok? so, we are going to fill it in the end it is great. withnow, the ones i work most when i go to a site are fire marshals. they're the most important people, because they are the ones that let us back. you take a look today, here is a day -- in all fairness to you, right now i'm supposed to be at the catalog world golf championships at trump national, and i'm here. [applause] mr. trump: i am here. and i just left kansas, and hopefully we will do well in kansas, and kentucky. and you know i have a list. look at this, new hampshire, we won. south carolina, we won. nevada, we won in a massive landslide.
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that was supposed to be for lyin' ted cruz. he holds up the bible and then he puts it down and he lies. i don't like that. and that is why i am waiting virtually every category with the evangelicals who i love -- i am winning virtually every category with the evangelicals who i love. pastor paula white was so great. and you know, jerry falwell, junior, from liberty university was so great to me. he doesn't endorse people, but he felt this was important. and remember, every one of the candidates goes to liberty. when he endorsed me that was a great thing. so we won nevada big. we won georgia in a landslide. we won tennessee really big, we won alabama in a massive landslide. we won -- vermont was
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incredible. vermont, everybody thought that would be marco. marco didn't even show up. by the way, he doesn't show up to vote for the senate, so why the hell should he show up to vermont? yeah? we won virginia, we won arkansas, we won massachusetts. [applause] mr. trump: many polls have come out that i easily beat hillary clinton. you don't hear that on television. you hear these dishonest pundits. well, trump wins the general election, we will beat her so badly. we will be hurt so badly -- beat her so badly. i used to listen to jeb bush and he would say donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton, and i would say why can't you beat me?
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right? he got nothing. low-energy. low-energy. and there's people on television fighting me, saying, we have to stop donald trump. he is not going to beat hillary clinton. they work for jeb bush. they work for jeb bush. people, why don't they just say they work for jeb bush? they were terrible. i see it all the time. the one person that hillary doesn't want to run against, i will tell you this, is donald trump. that i can tell you. [applause] mr. trump: that i can tell you. and it's amazing, i watched the other day where little marco is going, "well, donald will not win." i don't think he will come close to winning his own state. how would you like to be this? i'm 21 points up. and i love florida. truly my second home. i'm here all the time.
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as you know, all the time. i love this area, by the way. but i am here all the time. i've done many jobs in miami with george perez and michael desert. we have had great success. we have many buildings in miami. a lot of stuff. and it has been great. and in jupiter we did a great job. and in west palm beach we did a big job. and many more. in fact tonight we are having a news conference, hopefully it will be a victory conference in west palm beach. hopefully it will be a victory conference in west palm beach. of all the places i could pick i picked florida. i love florida. we all love florida. i hear these people talk about the general election. the general election is important and i'm going the one
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-- i'm the one who's going to be there. but i will tell you this. the one person she does not want to run against is trump. she got a dose. folks, i'm beating her in many polls and i haven't even started yet. i haven't started with her yet. only once. four weeks ago she said something about me being sexist. remember? i will tell you, the press treated me very unfairly, because right after she said that i attacked her and bill, and bill, we came up with the word, true word, "enabler." you know what and a blu-ray is? and we talked about bill and i said, you mean to tell me i am bad but her husband is ok? maybe one of
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the worst in the history of politics. this was a disaster for them. i guarantee you, they had one of the worst weekends of their life. this was not a friendly weekend they had sitting together at home wherever they are at home if they are together. so here's the story, here's the story. we can't play games. our country is in deep trouble. we have to beat her. it looks like she is going to make it. bernie is gone. regardless. bernie had his time. he had his time in the sun, and i see this so often with politicians. they blow it. what happens, he had his time in the sun, he was doing great, and then they asked him the question about e-mails a month and a half ago. and he said, i'm tired of discussing it. i said bye-bye bernie. you just blew the election. and i was right. andwhen i attacked hillary,
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people don't realize this, that the press gave me a zero. you know and understand, they are the most dishonest human beings on earth. they are disgusting dishonest human beings. not all of them. actually, amazingly, because i'm no fan of the new york times, i had a front-page story today on the new york times. it was a phenomenal story, i couldn't believe it. [applause] mr. trump: get them out of here. get them out! we had an amazing, amazing story on the front page. i am going to have to be nicer to the new york times, you know?
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today was amazing because somebody said there has been nothing like this happening with this movement in the united states for over 100 years, could you imagine? over 100 years. the matter where we go, we have the biggest audiences, the biggest crowds by far. i must tell you, bernie was second, a distant second, but bernie was second. where are these people? come on, get them out fast. we want speed! oh look, there he is. little wiseguy. little wiseguy. a lot of guts, a lot of guts. i wonder who sent him in. you know, they are sending that men, by the way. but i love my protesters. because these guys never move it the cameras. i call my wife,
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she did a great job. by the way, has she done a great job lately or what? wouldn't she be a great and beautiful first lady? and she is very smart and she has a big heart. she has a great heart. but i love my protesters. i go home and say how did you like the crowd? she'll say, i did not see it. i'll say, what do you mean you didn't see it? i heard it. when you know this crowd you know there is a lot of people. can you imagine where we have over 10,000 people not come in today? but i promise i'm going to come back. none of you can come here when i come back. i know you got here at 6:00 in the morning, many of you. so, pretty amazing. but we are going to come back. but can you imagine? i go home and i say, did you see the size of that crowd?
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we filled up dallas. you know, mark cuban, the dallas mavericks are a wonderful team. they have a beautiful stadium. i said, you know what, that would be good. we took it over on thursday, filled it up on monday. 20,000 people, nobody knew. the reason they didn't know, the reporters don't want to report it. they don't want to say. they had a case where bernie -- it's unbelievable. the only time they moved the camera, if there is a protester up, because it is a negative thing -- you know what i will tell you what, we have a thing going on here that is incredible. there hasn't been anything like it. the biggest story in politics, which really isn't talked about as much as it should be is voter turnout during the primaries. 50% up, 60% up, in some cases 100%. there it is cameras. look up there at the protester camera. [applause]
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]u.s.a.hat clamoring [crowd chants "u.s.a"] mr. trump: u.s.a. are the trumpet rallies the greatest? you know what, when little marco has a rally and they get 300 people, 200 people, it is fine. not knocking it. that is sort of a normal thing.
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situation, a normal this is not a normal situation. so it has been an amazing period of time for me. you know, on i took a deep june 16, breath. this is something that is not so easy. i came down the escalator, i said let's go, we have to straighten out -- get out of here, get out, out! [booing] -- mr. trump: go home to mommy.
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[applause] mr. trump: so why is it that that young lady can use filthy disgusting language, and they won't report that? and if i say some thing that's not even there, i end up on the front page of every paper in the world. the you think that is fair? she is disgusting. she is disgusting. it reminds me of this last weekend, the former president of mexico, the chant a fox -- president of mexico, vicente fox --we will build the wall come a don't worry. we will build the wall, don't worry. who's going to pay for the wall?
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>> mexico! donald trump: we have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion. these politicians, lying ted cruz and little marco rubio -- he never shows up anywhere, what does he do with all his free time? he has the highest delete quincy record in the united states senate and many many years. that is not who you want representing florida. that is not the deal you made. i went all over the beach, all these things. and i have to listen to this guy, a total lightweight, saying, "donald trump is con." i filed financial pay sheer that -- financial papers saying i am worth over $10 billion.
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some of the greatest assets in the world. trump tower, bank of america, all of this stuff, on of this stuff -- don't worry, get them out. they don't have much of a boys. and then i have to listen to this lightweight say i'm a con man, nobody has ever called me a con man before. that's a horrible thing. then when i hit him back, they say donald trump was really rough. but let me tell you, did i kill him in the debate the other night? one of the announcers said donald got to his head. he was really opt. me, we won every single poll. almost 70%. drudge had as at almost 70%.
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look, we need greatness. we don't need mediocrity. we don't need it. we don't need up phonies. we do not need politicians, all talk, no action. get them out! is this fun? i love it! i love it! those cameras turning up there. look at them. they are like pretzels. they are like pretzels. good, get them out. go home. you're lucky. you're lucky it's not 10 years ago. 10 years ago it would have been a much tougher situation for him. you know. it's different. you know, you know, speaking of that, they talk
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and all ofboarding these different things, right? and we have to obey the laws. dohave to obey the laws, but you think isis is obeying the laws? i say it to very strongly. [crowd billing] booing]d i wish we had some real protesters. remember when those protesters came up and took the microphone from a bernie sanders? what did he do? he retreated. he was back here. they took over the microphone. i promise, i'm representing you. the police did a good job. thank you police, we love you.
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we love you! they don't play games. the police in this country, believe me, the police are not treated fairly. one act, which was a mistake, or somebody is a bad apple, and it is played in the news all the time. we have to give more credit to our police, folks. and we have to stick with them. so then on top of everything else and everyone else. we have mitt romney. in the last election. i never thought he was a smart guy, and i keep wondering. i see he is with the steve forbes today. me down at $4.5 billion net worth. i'm not complaining. but it is much more than that. i should be happy, and i am happy to what difference does it make?
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that i couldn't understand, why are the four numbers a much lower than the value of what i built? how about this idiot gets up, my father gave me $200 million -- 200 million? i only wish. because we'd own the world. but i like this better. this is much better. but i got a call from my brother and sister. two great people. i love them. and they said, why don't you correct him? that is so ridiculous. in fact they said, if he gave you 200 million, please let us know about it, we would like a chunk of it. i started off with very little. i started off with great knowledge because i had a father who was a great guy. i had a father, who if had seen the iran deal, and so we gave them $150 million, and you know where they are spending that money? buying airbus jets.
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118 airbus jets. they are spending it all over europe, spending it in russia buying missiles. right? they're spending it in russia buying missiles. ayers spending it with everybody but the good old usa. to happengoing anymore, folks. it is not going to happen. and we should have never agreed to negotiation. remember the art of the deal and all that stuff? we should have never agreed to negotiate. ago, they should have released our listeners. -- our prisoners. we should have never ever agreed to negotiate. one of the dumbest deals i have ever seen. they added somebody from the washington post. i would have gone in very easily. they would have said that is not presidential. let me not be presidential. or when of my great representatives. you heard about all of these, carl icahn and the great business people.
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and/or sing me. many of the greats. we are going to use them to negotiate our trade deal. these are the greatest negotiators in the world, these are the greatest business people in the world. they don't want anything, they don't give campaign contributions and say, now appoint me to chief negotiator against china. china is so smart, and mexico is so smart. if you look at japan, the deals they made are so smart. saudi arabia, they protect saudi -- we protect saudi arabia. before the deal went down, they were making $1 billion per day and we protect them for peanuts. it's all going to change. it's all going to change. it's all going to change. and it's going to go fast. used to say, and somebody in the big papers love this.
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my father used to say to me, "you are too tough, you have to take your lumps out." that was the expression he used. he would say donald, you are too tough, take it easy. he would say take the lumps out. somebody protesting back there ? get them out a here! get them out of here! don't hurt him. don't hurt them. get out of here. get out of here. yeah. sure. sure, man. you had your five seconds of fame. don't hurt him. when i say don't hurt them, and the press will say, trump is getting soft. when i say get him out, then they go, it was terrible the way he talked.
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so i have a middle ground. i say get him out, and if it was too tough i say, don't hurt him. don't hurt them. don't hurt them. this way i don't get criticized by the press. my father had a great way and he was a good negotiator. he loaned me a small amount of money when i started. 1979, 1980. and i built it in a great fortune. he used to say, son, take the lumps out. you are too tough, you make too many enemies. me with enemies? didn't he do a great job with me? look at romney, the guy can't even breathe. he did one of the worst jobs in the history of politics, he should have won his election. if he devoted the energy and time to winning his election against obama four years ago, we wouldn't be wasting time here today.
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this guy was a disaster. ok? you know, i always hate second-guessers. there's something about second-guessers. and i said this, romney came to see me and he begged me for my support. and what did i do? i said, drop to your knees. drop to your knees. but if i did, he would have. i'm telling you. steve forbes is his friend. they say i made 400 million. and now i know why, it is over 10 million, but now i know why. he is meeting with romney over deals. i am telling you, we have something going. this thing we have is so special. they are railing against us, they have never seen -- the
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establishment is a disaster. the republican establishment, they don't know what they are doing. the only reason i mention this is the fact we need this time to get rid of our $19 trillion in debt, to get rid of our tremendous deficit with every single country we do business with. why should we be protecting saudi arabia for practically nothing? they would not exist if it wasn't for us. every time i -- ordered thousands of television sets, thousands, i ordered them from south korea. get them out! get them out! see, these are bad people.
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you know the funny thing? we all come, we all want strong security, we won a strong weitary, we want borders, want to education, we want good health care. i tell you, we are going to get rid of obamacare so fast. we want to have a good life for our families and ourselves, and we all want that whether you are democrat or republican. and these people, what is going on? it is really ridiculous. it is really ridiculous. it is really ridiculous. so, let's go back to my father. right? so my father would always say, take the lumps out. and he would always go like this the lumps out.
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i will be the negotiator. we're supposed to have john kerry do it, what a disaster john kerry was. here is what we do, we take the lumps out. before my father gave me this lesson, i would have said, "i want those prisoners back now." it would have taken a long time, probably would have gotten it. now we say the prisoners are with you. you don't want them, we want them. going to make for a better negotiation. the persians are great negotiators. they will call you within 20 hours and say very nicely, congratulations, you have your prisoners. now we have our prisoners back. this was four years ago before we start. i would have said, i would have walked in, i would have said,
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"we're not giving you the $150 billion. do you understand me?" "we're not giving you the $150 billion." i went to the wharton school of finance. my father is still a better teacher. they were great, but he is the best. now i go in differently. now we say we have no money, we have $19 trillion, the horrible omnibus deal we signed. can you believe that deal? it is going to bring us up to $20 trillion. we don't have $150 billion. we got our prisoners back four years ago and now we are giving them $150 billion. that is not 80% sure, 95%, 100%, we get the prisoners back and we get the money, we are never going to give them the money.
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i feel so badly we give them $150 billion. if i do win, we don't get that money back, but i will find a way to get that money back. i will find out a way. i will find it. new thing is this. the new thing is, how do we stop trump? everybody's trying to figure out how to stop trump. get out of here. out!
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[applause] -- wd chin chain "trump" anding "u.s.a."] donald trump: you know, we have a divided country, folks. we have a terrible president, who happens to be african-ameri
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can. there has never been a greater division. the hatred. the animosity. i will bring people together. together,ng people you watch. we are going to bring people together. we are going to bring our jobs back from china and all of these other countries that have taken our jobs. and mexico. and we are going to bring people together, folks. we are going to bring them together. [indiscernible chanting] mr. trump: ok. it is sort of exciting, isn't it? sort of exciting. in all fairness. all right, look.
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we are going to bring people together. ,e are going to bring jobs back we're going to bring a lot of things and unify the country because our country is terribly divided. in so many ways our country is divided. so we want to be -- shouting] trump: you have to say it is exciting, though, right? [applause] this is not your normal, low-key rally that nobody cares about. look at all those cameras back there. do you know how many cameras you have for other people? like maybe none. look at all of that. and i love the way they can twist and turn to get into those little corners.
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where the protesters are. tellse for us, when i them, please turn your camera and show this massive crowd. they would never do it. they would never do it. go ahead, turn the cameras, folks. turn the cameras. see that, they don't even move, they don't even move. honestly, they are disgusting. we had a thing, not so long ago. near massachusetts. say i will say, tom brady loves me. if tom brady loves you and you don't win massachusetts by a landslide, you're not doing a good job. i love tom brady. we had something where we had 12,000 people. bernie sanders had 3000 people at a different site. the next day they talked about how big the crowds were for bernie sanders.
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i said that is not fair, that is really unfair. ?ll right, are you ready can the protesters stopped for a couple of seconds that we can talk your? just a couple of seconds? minutes and then you can protest again. because i am so proud of selling out this place. this is crazy. by the way, we have to say this. we really solid out twice. because the people who we had to turn away as more than we sold. likew, the move by guys choker mitt. usually if someone is a choker, it never changes. right? if you look at secretary kerry, he choked on the iran deal.
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he choked. room ald have left that couple of times, walked away, doubled up the sanctions and made a better deal. but he did not do that. he was afraid to leave the room. he was a choker. that we don't want chokers. we don't want chokers. when i see what chris christie did to your no-show senator at the debate before last, when chris grilled him -- and chris endorsed me, which i love. [applause] mr. trump: but chris christie, i never saw anything like it, little marco is right next to me and chris christie is going him like a good prosecutor. and chris is grilling and grilling him. oh, we have somebody else. what is it? we need a doctor. do we have a doctor? a woman fainted.
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a woman fainted. we love people that faint. only faint.s are you ok, darling? take your time. take your time. [crowd chanting "trump"]
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>> we love you, trump! [applause] donald trump: those are the people we love. she's been here for seven hours. get better. we'll send you flowers. you're going to be fine. we love you. those are the people we love, right? those are great people. they love our country, will tell
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you that. so we have a lot of decisions to be made. so now i hear the new way of stopping trump -- oh, that's -- you know what, those flowers are for me? here's what i want you to do, run up and catch that woman and give those flowers to that woman. i love that. ow you doing, man? that's nice. that's nice. so in the times today and in many other newspapers they're sort of starting to give up about trump. if we win florida, believe me, it's over. if we win -- [cheers and applause] and we're going win and you're
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going to have a great president and you're going to have a great, great country and you're going to feel so proud of your country again. you're not going to be embarrassed with sergeant berdall. we get berdall -- we get a dirty rotten trader, four people, five people, six people probably died trying to find them. so we get berdall and they get five of the biggest killers that they've been wanting for years. that's no trade, folks. we're not going to make deals like that, folks. we don't make deals like that. as far as the waterboarding is concerned, we have to stay within the laws. we have to stay within the laws. hey, who here thinks that's sys who chops off heads, who drouns people in a cage, who here
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thinks that's sys stays within the laws, right? we're like a bunch of babies. but we're going to stay within the laws. but you know what we're going to do, we're going to have those laws broadened because we're playing with two sets of rules, their rules and our rules. and those laws are going to be broadened. it's embarrassing to see what's happening. we fight -- oh, waterboarding is so bad. it's so bad. it's so horrible. waterboarding is such a terrible thing. we're going increase it. think about it. waterboarding is such a terrible thing. now you have isis celebrating the fact that they cut off the heads of 30 christians, right? you think they obey the laws? the laws? i told this story and some people said it wasn't
2:35 am
necessarily true. it's a rough story. should i tell it or not? already. remember they asked me to tell it. so it's not my fault. but in the old days when we were strong and respected, we had a shing. named general per hey, general patton, how long do you think isis would last with e great george patton or general macarthur? they had a problem with terrorism, radical islamic terrorism, ok? they had a big, big problem. tremendous atrocities were being committed. and general per shing and his group were sent out to solve the problem. and they caught 50 terrorists and they took those terrorists and they stood them up all 50 and they took the bullets and
2:36 am
they cut open two bigs and they drogged the bullets into the pig's they took the blood. they took the bullets. they shot 49 of the bullets loaded up with pig fat and pig blood which is not something that -- not nice, not politically correct. i don't think they would allow that today, do you agree? they shot 49 of the 50 terrorists. and the final terrorist just before he was going to be shot, they went up to him. they said, here, take this bullet. this bullet was meant to you and he hardly wanted to touch it. take this bullet. it was meant for you. go back and tell your people, there will be no more terrorism. for 28 years there was no more terrorism. for 28 years there was no more terrorism.
2:37 am
philippines. the 28 years thereg, was no more terrorism. we can be babies. we can be foolish. we have to be strong. we have to be smart. when paris happened -- that attack in paris where the press was calling the leaders the mastermind. and the kids we're losing our kids because they're fighting for isis. he's not a maer mind. i call him guy with the dirty hat. remember the white hat? i call him the hat. so they sent people in because paris, by the way has the toughest guns laws in the world. france has the toughest gun laws in the world. only the bad guys have the guns. now if a few of you like that guy with his hand up, a few of you had guns wrapped around your
2:38 am
hips and you were in that room and you had bull wills going in the opposite direction, i guarantee there wouldn't have been 130 people killed. many of the people in the hop right now. so we have to totally protect our second amendment, folks. we have to do it. we have to protect our second eam. -- eam. in california, when you had the radicalized woman come over and radicalize probably the young man -- now they're radicalized and they go in and they kill their fellow workers. workers that gave them baby showers and parties. workers that they knew and workers from what i hear they liked. they went in and killed 14 of them. others in the hospital will never ever be the same. they wanted in, boom, boom,
2:39 am
boom, boom. the five military people that were killed in a gun-free zone, think of it -- in a gun-free zone in a military base. why do we have gun-free zones. that means you would never let your soldiers have guns. and all these guys that complain about guns like michael bloomberg, used to be a friend of mine, by the way. no, no -- like many of them, they're complaining about guns. so here's what you do -- tell them immediately to take the guns away from their bodyguards right now. take the guns away from their bodyguards. and let's see how they feel walking around certain places, ok? let's see if they're happy. i don't think they're going to be too happy. so we're going to protect our second amendment me more than anybody else up here, we're going to protect our second amendment.
2:40 am
[applause] we are going to get rid of common core. we are going to bring our education locally with love, unlike jeb bush he used to say that people come in as an ack of love. oh, there's no act of love. so we're going to get rid -- we're going to get rid of a lot of things. we're getting rid of obamacare. we're playing it, ok? we're going to get rid of common core. the0 countries in education united states is rated number 30. you have denmark, sweden, norway, chind others. they're the best. and yet in terms of cost per
2:41 am
pupil, we're number one by far. number two doesn't even exist it's so far down. here's what's happened with the campaign. so when number one is caught and you have back -- third-world nations with better educational systems than our country that we love. we can't have -- you know, we talk about the american dream. people can't have the american dream unless they get educated. so remember, the most expensive, the at least for the buck, right? now, my campaign let's talk. i've spent theles amount of money and i'm number one by a lot. i'm killing everybody. wouldn't that be nice? wouldn't that be nice. new hampshire which was a great stay. we're going stop heroi, n from
2:42 am
coming. that's all over the country. but in new hampshire they have an unbelievable thing. but in new hampshire, i spent $2 million and i was number one in the landslide. do we agree? even those people would say i don't know what's happening. i was number one and i spent very little. omebody else spent $48 million [crowd chanting "u.s.a."] donald trump: so i spent in new hampshire very, very little
2:43 am
money and somebody spent $48 million and went at the bottom of the pack. wouldn't you want to be with me and let's spend the best. i'm building a hotel now on pennsylvania avenue and washington. i do it because i do it. that's what i do. but i've going to from general services, g.s.a., very professional people by the way if i didn't get it i probably wouldn't be saying that but that's ok. >> one of the most heavily bid -- contested in the history of the g.s.a. you know, it's on pennsylvania avenue right between the white house and the capital building. the most incredible buildings. they gave it to trump for two reasons. i have the best statement you've ever seen. they have to make sure it's done. >> and that love the project.
2:44 am
we'll employ a lot of people. and they made the decision and they broled it down. great companies. but you heard of every one of them. >> they choice in the obama administration that. can you imagine that? which tells you two things. number one i have a great statement and a great concept. it will be one of the great hotels of the world. so we start at construction. we're two years of ahead of conversation. we're opening up in september before the election. isn't that great? so listen to this. so we're under budget and two years ahead of schedule. wouldn't we love to have the country that could do that? you ever see these. you ever see these products that we have whether there was 1,000%
2:45 am
many times -- that doesn't happen with me. you know, we have contractors in this country that bid on these government jobs . they are so rich, you have no idea. they are so rich, they make so much money they take the money from government. that's not going to happen with me. ly star a new set of procedures where that stuff doesn't happen, folks. it won't happen. if i don't win, i'm living on ennsylvania avenue anyway. all right? [applause] so now -- to now the new group is trying to stop trying and that's going to make a lot of people happy. >> and they actually mentioned that if that happens that it would almost be a revolution, i mean, it would be. because the last thing that you people are going to take is
2:46 am
having a light weight like a marco rubio. having a guy like this or lying ted cruz or some poll tigs. we can't have it anymore. i really -- i'm talking about steers, serious, serious problems. so now, what they're doing, you know what, we may not be able to stop. you've got to get out to vote, folks. got to. [applause] now remember this -- it's tuesday the 15th. so it's not this tuesday. it's the following tuesday. it's tuesday the 15th. if you don't feel good and fetch you can't walk, have somebody lift you up. i'll pay for it. i'll get an ambulance. but listen. here's what you have to do. so it's not tuesday.
2:47 am
it's the following tuesday. over. in florida, it's if we win flee and ohio it's really over, ok? and i think we have a good chance. now, in florida, you can early vote. right? you can go out and you can vote early. so go and do it. go vote. you've got -- ok. wathe. let's do a pledge. who likes to be in this room? [cheers and applause] ok. i've never done this before. n i have a pledge or a swearing, raise your right hand. do solemnly swear that i i no matter how i feel, no matter what the conditions if there are
2:48 am
circumstances or whatever. that's good enough. we'll vote on or before the 12th for donald j. trump for president! thank you. ow i know. don't forget. you swore. bad things happen if you live up in. you know, they used to call it the silent majority and i was sort of using that tag and some people didn't like that name because for whatever reason it thought of bad connotations, ok? we're not the silent majority. we're the really noisy majority, right?
2:49 am
so now what they're trying to do the accomplishment. and they had the wrong mess and lost whoreably and made a full out of themselves. >> their messages that could be good. their messages that could be good. but let me just tell you, so now what they're thinking offer doing because they don't think they can stop us, all right? maybe they can. hey, look, my life is ok. i mean, a lot of people say why are you doing this, you have such a great lie. you have a wonderful family. i'm doing it because this country was so great to be. it's payback time, folks. it's payback. so now what these absolute naive people, what they want to do.
2:50 am
they want to start a third party. remember, i did the pledge that idn't do that. thank you. that's all right. get him out. get him out of here. don't a pledge but they honor anything. they want to start a third party. and they want to put a couple of clowns in there that we won't be able to beat hillary. this woman, just think it. we lost the great my sister is a high judge. and she meet justice skill yeah. she said he was a van. we lost. this is what happens in life, nobody every talked about him. it wasn't going to be him.
2:51 am
you have people that thought they were going to be believing. >> and all of a sudden heafs great job, a brilliant judge had so many qualities and a brilliant judge. that's what we want to replace with as close to him as we can get. i gave some names of conservative judges. >> this is where it doesn't work for them. it's called the supreme court. let's say they picked a cup of republicans but they'll put in a cup of republicans. and these rebounds will take off 3% of the vote. and now hillary goes in. we're going to have to replace four-termver the next including judge scalia. can you imagine what will happen if if that happens? >> i don't know if thee they've
2:52 am
got to put on good conservative brillyants judges, right? if a hillary gets in or whoever -- i don't know how she could can run. but let's assume she'll run. don't forget you have a statute of limitations. let's assume that she runs and do you know what she would do with the supreme court. that she'll do over the next four years including ant all this work not to appoint the judge. that would go to hillary if she wins. when the republicans want to play games -- look this establishment group headed by mitt romney who's not a smartman man, i'm telling you. and steve forings, i finally found out why they never gave me
2:53 am
he right number in spots magazine. their but i don't care. er i don't care. remember this, if they do that, folks, number one they're doing it to you. >> they're doing it to you. they're doing it to the movement. take a look at time magazine four weeks ago, the foast ncredible story i've ever had. that the people in wlove each other. we have a great country. we have a country where apple is going to start making their iphones like that in our country. believe me when i get finished. believe me. >> we have a great country but we have leadership that's almost as nonexistent. we have incompetent leaders. when ha happens. 'm going to give you one
2:54 am
carrier -- i bought a lot of carrier cafe. they announced that they're moving to new mexico, north carolina. >> somebody had the cell phone going taking the pictures. and 1400 jobs are gone. like magic. probably a mid level guy. i'm sorry but we're moving to fecks co. nd i said that's terrible. 40-building. i love mexico. i have thousands of hispanics that work for me. i love the hispanics. i love you. i love you. i love you. but i have thousands of hispanics that work for me. and they're great people. remember, in nevada i won the
2:55 am
hispanics. >> we have these games that they call them the elite. half of them can't type their shoes. and they say donald trump is not a free trader. ut it has to be smart. we can't have trade while $588 mexico. here's what we do. weapon tell the car your -- and i want to do it myself but they're all going say it's not presidential campaign. maybe i'll do it again anyway. let them stay that. ut i'll get carl icahn or phil russman. here's what happenings. we call up carrier and we say i'd like to congratulate you on your move to mexico.
2:56 am
congratulations, i think it's wonderful. 1400 people in mexico and many more. and other divisions there. not going to happen. so here's what i tell them. i said congratulations. ier hope you employ a lot of people from mexico. here's the story, folks. every air-conditioning unit that you make that's put across the border which will be a cross border. they're not coming unless they have our permission. every single air-conditioning nite that come in and impose a 35% zack on that years. [cheers and applause] donald trump done: now, if little lion is president or if lion test is president.
2:57 am
they're going to be called by their lobbyist. they're going to be called by the special interest. they're going to be called by donors and stockholders that gave them minute. i'm putting up my own money. i don't think i get any credit. i don't think anyone sells oh, good reasonecause a to vote for me. remember what i said. all of these guys are bought and paid for, folks. all right. so they know it's bad. they don't have to go to warden or high school. so here's what's going to happen. tell io gets a call or if gets a can. they're going to say you can't do that. they contributed 50 million to your campaign. we're we're doning just want to do that.
2:58 am
i understand. >> i've terned down so much oney, i feel so foolish. i feel so foolish. my whole life has been alive of accumulation. money, money. i want more money. i don't even know -- like -- i want to bill more buildings along miami. i want to build more. and i say sometimes it's been eally -- i now, i want to be greedy for the united states of america. i'm going to be greedy. i'm going to be so greedy for you people. and we have to be rich before we can be great again. we have to get rid of our debt. we have to balance our budgets. but we're going to make care of -- these countries when they're exipped them. i'm a great messenger. they're going to love us. and they're going to help, they're going to help defray the
2:59 am
cost. you're going to see the changes made so fast. here's the story. some people would say that's not free trade. every single person in this room understands that that's the right thing to do. and they're going say we've decided that we're not moving, sir. ok? we're not moving. just so you know, i know more formulas. i know more about back taxes than any other human being that god ever created. speaking about god, i will be the greatest jobs producing event that god created. i will tell you that. and kerry won't muy. maybe they'll gorkt with their employees.
3:00 am
maybe they're going to move down to orlando. who the hell knows -- that they're going to be into the united states. so look -- we have a chance to do something monumental. there's never been anything like this. this snlt me saying it. these are these people seeing it. we have a chance to do something monument l. we don't win anymore. we can't beat isis, we don't win anymore. don't win with education. we're going to start winning again. we are going to win with the military, intelligently. we are going to buy weapons that are generals and soldiers want, not the weapons that we buy because one company is politically stronger than another. they fought an airplane that is slower, doesn't maneuver as well, and is more costly.
3:01 am
because backup and he has more political punch than the other. it's not going to happen anymore. the drug companies, they take care of all these people. then we wonder, why are we going to bed with the drug companies? senators don't want that. we're going to win like with never won before. [applause] we are going to knock the hell out of isis quickly. we're going to take care of education. the borders will no longer be swiss cheese. people will come into the country legally, legally. [applause]
3:02 am
you will remember this afternoon. two years from now, three is for now, for years from now, you will remember this was one of the great afternoons. you are going to vote for them on tuesday. i'd love for you to early vote. you all swore, you are voting for trump. you can't change. [applause] you are going to be so proud of
3:03 am
your president. i love you all, thank you very much, i will see you. thanks, i love you, thank you everybody. ♪ thank you everybody. ♪
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announcer: senator bernie in ars was the winner couple of caucuses tonight. hillary clinton had a victory in louisiana. you can find all those results online at
3:27 am
announcer: during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house. announcer: the american conservative union and held their annual conference known as cpac. attended.d cruz his remarks are about 40 minutes. ♪ [applause]
3:28 am
senator cruz: god bless cpac. donald trump is a skipping cpac. [booing] i think somebody told him that megyn kelly was going to be here. or even worse, he was told there were conservatives who would be here. [applause] even worse, he was told there were libertarians who would be here. or even worse, they told him young people would be here. [applause] none of you all have a degree from trump university? [applause] [chanting trump] [booing]
3:29 am
the men and women here are a grassroots army. the men and women here love liberty. let me tell you, as dire as things are, people are waking up all over this country. [applause] and help is on the way. this election will be about three things, jobs, liberty and security. we will start with jobs. it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place? [applause]
3:30 am
the heart of the economy is not washington dc, not new york city. it is small businesses all over this country. you want to crush the economy, hammer small businesses likely have over the past seven years. lift the boot of the federal government off the backs of businesses. if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] we will make health insurance personal, affordable, and keeping government from getting in between us and our doctors.
3:31 am
and we will pass a simple flat tax. where every american can fill out the taxes on a postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [applause] i understand that a lot of people are angry. i am angry, as well, for far too long politicians in both parties have lied to us. they make promises on the trail and they go to washington and to they do not do what they say. no issue captures that better than immigration. immigration is a law enforcement matter, a national security matter, but at its heart, this
3:32 am
is an economic matter. when you allow 12 million people to come to this country illegally, you take away millions of jobs from u.s. citizens and to drive down wages for everybody. [applause] now, in a republican primary, everybody says they oppose illegal immigration. the question to ask, in 2013, when the battle over the amnesty bill was raised, where did you stand? did you stand as far too many establishment republicans it did with the democrats pushing amnesty on millions of americans? [booing] or did you stand with millions
3:33 am
of americans, saying no, we will not have amnesty. [applause] i am told that donald trump talks a fair amount about immigration. there is a question to ask here during the gang of eight battle, where was donald? he was funding the gang of eight. he gave over $50,000 to five of the members. and last night, donald trump on stage thomas all of us to be flexible. -- on stage, promised all of us to be flexible. he said how flexible he was. flexible is code word in washington for the get ready to stick it to you. [applause]
3:34 am
have you noticed every time they are flexible in washington, it benefits giant corporations, it benefits washington and wall street and the working men and women get left in the cold. here is what we are going to do, if i am elected we are passing a flat tax, abolishing the irs, stopping amnesty, we are securing the borders and here is what will happen -- millions and millions of high paying jobs, wages coming up for everybody, young people getting 2-5 job offers. morning in america. the second critical issue in this election, freedom.
3:35 am
for all of us, justice scalia's passing underscored the stakes of this election. i was blessed to know justice scalia for 20 years, i started my career at the core and clerk at the court and litigated in front of the court for over a decade. justice scalia was a lion of the law and a ferociously -- and he ferociously protective the bill of rights for all of us. [applause] his passing underscores that this election is not about just one branch of government, it is about two branches. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ruling that government can take our religious liberty away and force everyone of us to violate our faith on penalty of prison or fines. we are one liberal justice away from ordering the 10
3:36 am
commandments torn down all over this country. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court erasing the second amendment from the bill of rights. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court ordering veterans memorials torn down if they have religious symbols, torn down all over this country. and we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court making a subject to the world court of the united nations, and international law, giving away u.s. sovereigns. -- sovereignty. in the debate last week, there was a moment of clarity on this issue. hugh hewitt asked a question about religious liberty in the supreme court said and donald trump -- supreme court. and donald trump turned to me and said ted, i have known a lot more politicians than you have.
3:37 am
that is correct. he has been supporting liberal democrats for decades. when it comes to the supreme court, you need to be willing to cut a deal with the democrats, he said. let me be clear to every man and woman here, i will not come from -- compromise your religious liberties. [applause] and i will not compromise away your second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. [applause]
3:38 am
because if any president does what donald trump is saying he will do, to cut a deal with the replacement of justice scalia, then we know that that replacement will be a left-wing activist that will strip away our rights. i will give you my commitment that every justice i put on the supreme court will be a faithful person to the law, vigorously protecting the bill of rights for everyone. [applause] the third key issue in this election is about is security. for seven years, america has abandoned friends and allies and we have shown weakness and appeasement to our enemies. the world is much more dangerous because of it. in the debate last week, there is a moment of clarity in this choice.
3:39 am
donald trump said that he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. [booing] as president, i have no intention of being neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. [applause] and if you cannot tell the difference between terrorists who walk into shopping malls with dynamite to blow up women and children and to the soldiers protecting innocents, if you buy into the media and the left wing narrative of moral equivalency, then that draws into question
3:40 am
the judgment any individual would have as commander and chief. [applause] over the last seven years, we have seen the u.s. military weaken, we have seen readiness degraded and morale plummet. we have seen this happen before. we have seen a left-wing democrat do it. and then ronald reagan came into the white house. what did reagan do? he cut taxes, past reform -- passed reform, millions of small businesses grew, he used revenue to rebuild the military and we bankrupted the soviet union and won the cold war. [applause]
3:41 am
i intend to do the same thing with radical islamic terrorism. [applause] we are going to unleash incredible economic growth and rebuild the military so it remains the world's mightiest fighting force. [applause] no longer will the military be governed by political correctness. no longer will it be a top priority of the pentagon to provide gluten-free mre's. [applause] [laughter]
3:42 am
instead, we will have a commander in chief who says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. we will have a president willing to utter the words, radical islamic terrorists. [applause] and one of the most disgraceful things we have seen over the last seven years, is sending our fighting men and women into combat with rules of engagement that make it impossible for them to win or defeat the enemy and protect themselves. that is wrong, it is immoral, and on january 17, it will end. [applause] america has always been
3:43 am
reluctant to use military force. we are slow to anger. but if and when military force is required, we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy, then give the heck out. [applause] and it is the men and women gathered here, the young people, the lovers of liberty, the lovers of the constitution, that will lead that fight. [applause] it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. and i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the
3:44 am
republican party who stand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution. and who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. thank you and god bless you. [applause] [cheering] wow. they always film fox from the waist up. he is always in jeans. mr. hannity: look at this place. how are you all doing?
3:45 am
we had to bring in footballs last night. did you all enjoy the debate? senator, it is good to see you. i know that you got a lot of sleep last night. senator cruz: not much. mr. hannity: i want to talk about process and where we are with the campaign. you are second in the delegate count. it is not that big of a disparity. [applause] there is now mitt romney, he gave a speech yesterday, what did you think of it? senator cruz: i think that mitt romney is a citizen and he is entitled to express his views. he is concerned about donald trump. i come from a different place than mitt. the concern he is expressing is a concern that people have all over the country.
3:46 am
you know, if you look at, if you look at republicans across the country, 55% of them recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. [applause] that if donald trump is the nominee, in all likelihood, hillary clinton will win and we lose the supreme court for a generation and we are buried in debt and the jihadists continue to rise across the globe. i will say, if you're one of those 65% of republicans that recognize, cap is not the best candidate to win -- recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to win, then it is critical that we come together. last night was critical. super tuesday made clear that only one campaign has repeatedly
3:47 am
beaten donald trump and only one campaign can and will beat donald trump. mr. hannity: i want the crowd to answer with me, do you not see that of the 14 or 15 contests that have happened, that the establishment has lost 14 of the 15. did you see that? the only question i have, there seems to be an organized, well-funded effort to push this to the convention in the hopes, maybe i am reading into it, to prevent you or mr. trump from getting the nomination, because the establishment is angry you are winning? is that true? senator cruz: anytime you hear somebody talking about a brokered convention, it is the washington establishment in a frenzy. they are really frustrated because all of their candidates, all of the golden children, the
3:48 am
voters keep rejecting. [applause] senator cruz: and so they have seized on this master plan, we go to a brokered convention and the d.c. perbrokers will drop somebody in who is exactly to the liking of the establishment. if that would happen, we would have a manifest revolt on our hands across this country. [applause] and so, if you want to beat donald trump, here is how you do it. you beat him with the voters. [applause] and the key that -- to that, listen, we started with 17 candidates, so there are a lot of folks in this room that started off supporting other people. i understand that, i respect that. but the field has narrowed and now we have had this teen races,
3:49 am
and our campaign has been donald trump in five states. we beat him in iowa, texas, oklahoma, alaska, and minnesota. [applause] mr. hannity: i think that plan is rael. i think that the establishment is paying money to do it, but i want to move on to other topics. the voters have something to say about that. the one thing that have not factored in, they cannot decide for you and you will have the power to pick the people you want to be the next leader of this country and in god it is going to be you and not them, or else we would have another john mccain. senator cruz: that is exactly right. let me make a pitch to folks. if you started with another candidate, maybe you were originally with rand paul. [applause]
3:50 am
maybe you are with jeb bush or chris christie, or mike huckabee or rick santorum, or maybe you have been with marco rubio, or with john kasich. or maybe you are with carly fiorina. all of them are good, honorable people. i respect every one of them. or maybe you were with ben carson. every one of them are good, honorable people. everyone of them is 1000 times better than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. [applause] mr. hannity: here is a question. would you put those people in your cabinet if you get elected? senator cruz: absolutely. any person i mentioned would be a natural in the cabinet or as part of the leadership, if we win this race. [applause] let me speak to the supporters
3:51 am
of each of those candidates, those good and honorable people, but i do not believe they had a path to beat donald trump aired if you do not want donald trump to be the nominee, join us. we welcome you. we are building a broad and welcoming coalition of lovers of liberty, who believe in the constitution. [applause] mr. hannity: i want to get your legal background, you are from the great state of texas. you have your boots on. hillary clinton has now had somebody who pled the fifth, turning in state evidence, the person who built the server in the mom and pop shop that hillary should not have been using. from your legal expertise, do you believe that the grand jury, do you think she violated the law and a do you think that she will be the candidate? senator cruz: it is an ominous
3:52 am
development for hillary clinton. how many of you have watched things like, "goodfellas." when polly flips and goes to the feds, it is not good for fat tony. [laughter] [applause] and, i will get in so much trouble -- you know, you have a bad effect on me. mr. hannity: i know. i notice i get blamed for all of this. senator cruz: the fact that immunity has been granted for that server -- for that person who has set up the server, but now they have to spill the beans, they are asking what did secretary clinton know and when did she know it. i will say this, in the general election, we have never had a general election debate convened at leavenworth. this year might be the first. [applause]
3:53 am
mr. hannity: i hope she likes orange pantsuits. i can say it. i am a talkshow host. senator cruz: orange the new democratic blue. i'm going to give you the democratic playbook. sexist, racist, they want to poison the water and how do you deal with the
3:54 am
predictable life that are coming? ted cruz: there is this psychological term freud talked about called projection. that go through each of those. racist. the democratic party is unwilling to say the word "all lives matter." controversialcome being is ay human precious gift from god and we value everybody? and by the way, you want to talk about black lives matter aim. in 1990, there were 2200 homicides in new york city. leicester, there were 300. that is over 2000 year.
3:55 am
roughly 2000 year. murders that were prevented by the brave men and women of the nypd. thousandso talk about of black lives that have been saved because of the bravery of our police officers and all lives matter. but let me tell you, blue lives matter. and we stand with the men and women who protect us. >> i take from your answer that you fight and take the case? sen. cruz: i cannot wait to stand on that general debate stage with hillary clinton. she will very likely prattle on about income inequality. i will say, i'm glad that you raise that because it has increased dramatically under
3:56 am
your policies. i will say a sentence that has never before been said at cpac. i am not donald trump, so it will not be x-rated. i agree with bernie sanders. bernie sanders talks all the time -- mr. hannity: the liberal media is back there. that will be the quote of the day. sen. cruz: bernie sanders talks all the time about the corruption and politician how both parties get an fed with giant corporations and lobbyists and special interests is how the game is rigged. bernie is right. when he is defining the problem he is exactly right that washington is fundamentally corrupt. here is where i disagree. if the problem is that
3:57 am
government is corrupt, and the answer isn't, let's have more government. [applause] mr. hannity: senator, one of the reasons i love coming back to cpac every year is that there are so many young people here. they are our future. i am not trying to be repetitive, but want to go through it because this is how profound and deep the problems are. you have kids that graduate school and have to live with mom and dad. millions are out of the labor force, more than when barack obama became president. 50 million americans are in poverty, -- millions more than when obama can president. we have doubled the national debt.
3:58 am
median income has gone down. my question is, for all of these young people who want a future, how fast can you help them? sen. cruz: we can turn things around overnight. young people are told, accept misery, accept coming out of school drowning in student loans with no hope of a good job. malaise. democrat jimmy carter told us, this is as good as it gets. history told us that was an utter lie. we told you how as conservatives that we get young people. there is substance and style. if you sat down to design an agenda to hammer the daylights out of young people, it would be
3:59 am
hard to come up with another agenda. people come out of school with staycation and cannot find jobs. obamacare is a massive wealth transfer from young, healthy people to everybody else. $18 trillion in national debt. who is going to pay for that? we have to make the case. for young people, it's like your parents went to vegas, took out a credit card in your name, had a party, and stuck you with the bill. we have to speak the truth that this economic agenda is hammering young people. if republicans are fuddy-duddies with sticks. yeah. [laughter] mr. hannity: i thought we were going back to last night's debate about body parts. i'm kidding.
4:00 am
sen. cruz: would it kill republicans to crack a joke? mr. hannity: [as bill clinton] i make fun of bill clinton over time. there are a lot of hot chicks over there. sean, i will give an example. a couple years ago, i was traveling to california. the week before, these posters begin appearing all over town. there were posters of my town on a shirtless body. it was ripped. covered in tattoos.