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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  March 12, 2016 4:42pm-5:46pm EST

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>> donald trump in ohio just outside of dayton. he discussed foreign policy and cut about the cancellation of the campaign event in chicago friday night. ohio holds its primary tuesday. this is just over one hour. ♪
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♪ cheering]
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>> the best. the best. position. in his thank you all very much. cheering] what a good guy. i love ohio. , i love in ohio cincinnati. i had a great experience early on. i bought it with my father and
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it worked out well. i ran the job myself. i was very young. i bought it for this and i sold it for this. it is like getting a home run your first time at bat. i always have a great feeling for ohio. the people are amazing people. cheering] i don't know if the media is getting this. hanger.a full this is a big hangar. we figured the crowd would be ok. we have so many thousands of people extra we had to put them in the runway. they never want to capture that.
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it is fantastic. let's address it. i love you too. amazing. this is amazing. let's address yesterday. so, look. inhad a tremendous rally chicago planned. 25,000 people. the arena was seeding 11,000. we registered more than 25,000. cheering] that's ok. you are loyal but that's ok. it was very interesting. these were great people like yourselves. people that want to make america great again. that is all it is. arenaere pouring into the
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. all of a sudden a planned attack came out of nowhere by people that were professional people. they are all printed. they have a marco who made them. done via a group. all professionally done. a disgrace if you want to know the truth. we were able to let a lot of them know don't go. likeuld have had a problem you would not have the. they would have wiped them out and that would not have been good. we made a decision. i hated to do this. it would have been easier to go. i didn't want to see anybody hurt. we have people that are so amazing, it is not necessarily loyal to me, it is loyal to the country. cheers]
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the usa is right. they are loyal to the country. they want great security. they want great military. they want a border. they want a wall. [cheers] [crowd chanting] build that wall, build that wall, build that wall! mr. trump: we are going to build the wall folks. don't worry. who is going to pay for the wall? mexico!d] mr. trump: do we have a good time? i watched -- i shouldn't say it.
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lyin'hed little marco and ted cruz. he holds up that bible then he puts it down and lies. even rubio says he is a liar. i have the evangelical vote. i've had great support from jerry falwell junior, sarah palin. we have such unbelievable support. i have the evangelical vote. i won in south carolina. he was supposed to win in south carolina. we got the evangelicals. they don't like liars. [applause] so, anyway. just as i'm watching this, they said at our rallies we would never have anything like that.
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they don't have any people at their rallies folks. [laughter] [applause] they had this hangar, they would have people in that corner office. and don't call it a town hall meeting. they say town hall meetings. why don't you have more town hall meetings. because i have too many people. anyway. [applause] i would like to have a couple of town hall meetings but we would have to turn away how many people? 44,000? so, what happened yesterday was incredible. we dealt with law enforcement. .e love our police secret service, great, the whole group.
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it was determined if we go in it could cause bad vibes. they want me to tell my people please be nice. my people are nice. the people who came their personae's. , thatople that were there were invited there, thousands and thousands, they caused no problems. they were taunted and harassed by these people, some represented bernie, our communist fan. boo.d] there werethe reason no hillary people, they have no fervor. bernie should get up and say to his people stop. not me. trump, he should
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get up this morning and tell his people to be nice. my people are nice. they are great. my people are great. my people are great. so here is the story. we get up and make the decision. people in the audience were devastated. some of them got eight hours early. they are standing there for eight hours like you. raise your hand. we love you. don't worry. i will sign autographs. don't let them rip you away from that. anyways. what happens is everybody was fine and behaving. what they have done on the other side,, one of these groups. these are bad people.
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these are people that don't want to see our country be great again. i am telling you that. we can get along with people. we are going to unify the country. our president has divided this country so badly. he has been -- the great divider. when he got elected i said i don't think he is going to be a good president. who knows. i wished he were. i wish i didn't have to do this. but we have to. we have no choice. when you look at the iran deal, the horrible trade deals, our jobs are being sucked away. it is unbelievable what is happening. our military can't beat isis. it is being depleted. our veterans are being treated horribly. our border is a piece of swiss cheese, people come pouring
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across. let me tell you. at the top of that we have a divided country. we have black and white, and every other thing. everybody hates everybody. even in congress. you look at washington politicians, they hate each other. the democrats hate the republicans. liberals hate the conservatives. we have got to change our thinking. if there is a group out there just throw them the hell out. [crowd cheers] [crowd chanting] mr. trump: we cannot let our
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first amendments -- we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us. we can't let it happen. we have a right to speak. we are law abiding people. we are people who work very hard. we have built this country and made this country great. and we are all together. we want to get along with everybody. when they have organized wiseguys, we have to fight back. [applause] mr. trump: do you have anybody? hello. i love the protesters.
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they will not show. the media is the most dishonest group of people i have ever met. they will say today donald trump had a small crowd, a smattering of people. they don't say it was so big it was bursting out of the biggest hangar i have ever seen. they will say a small crowd or a representative crowd was there. we have these everywhere. we have a amazing people in this country. i'm so impressed with the people of our country. we are going to start making apple products in the united states. not in china. when the carrier air conditioner says they are leaving the united states, 1400 people because they ,re going to build in mexico
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and nabisco is leaving chicago because they are one to build in mexico, not going to happen with me. we are going to keep our businesses here. [crowd cheers] mr. trump: let me talk about your governor. do you mind? i want to tell you. it's a boring subject but we will talk about him anyway. he was the managing director of lehman brothers, one of the great catastrophes in the history of this world. almost brought down the world. -- john kasich was a managing director. he was there with the people making these horrible decisions. he voted for nafta and you forgot. ooing] b mr. trump: nafta has destroyed new england.
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you have fought for years and years. you will never recover completely from it. we are bringing those businesses back. so, putting the vote in my opinion, anyone who puts their hand up for nafta, it wiped out states. it wiped out new england. it has taken years and years. you look at those factories. they are made into senior citizen housing. but we need jobs. ,ur jobs are going to china japan, mexico. our jobs are going to vietnam. we are losing our jobs, our manufacturing. it is losing no matter health care trade. think of it.
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right? great military, but we have a problem. our military can't beat isis. we could not them out in 2 days -- knock them out in 2 days. we are politically correct warriors. we can attack the oil because it's going to go into the environment and effect the carbon footprint. do you believe this? i have been saying for four years to hit the oil. i have been saying it for years. i also said it don't get into iraq you are going to destabilize the middle east,. i said, don't go into iraq. it turned out that in all fairness they did not have weapons of mass destruction's. i'm not saying i knew that. we have destabilized the middle east. all of the things that you see now, that was one of the worst decisions ever made. obama made it worse.
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[crowd booing] when he got out, instead of slowly getting out and not saying when keeping some soldiers. he announces a date. "we are going to be leaving by such and such a date." the other side is looking at this, i can't believe you gave us the date. it must be some kind of a wiseguy move, right? it wasn't. he moved out that date. they'll just go back. he said, we are sending 50 soldiers in. and then you say, why can't we be unpredictable in war? these dishonest people say, what would you do about isis? i don't want to lay out my plans. i wanted to knock the crap out of the oil.
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[cheering] but i do want to say it, i want to surprise the enemy. i want a surprise, unpredictability. general douglas macarthur, i have great respect for him and general george patton. do you know what they are doing now? spinningsitting -- are in their graves as we announce every single move. we announce a few months ago, we are sending us 50 soldiers. number one, that's not even a good announcement. these are very elite people, very talented. they right now have a target on the back because of the announcement. why not just send them in and keep your mouth shut and just relax? [crowd booing] [cheering] let me just go over couple things with kasich in we will be done. he is not the right guy to the president. he is not tough enough, he is not sharp enough. in my opinion, maybe he wins
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ohio, maybe he doesn't. [crowd booing] weak on illegal immigration. he's totally in favor of amnesty, which you cannot be in favor of. look folks, either we have a country or we don't. he is very weak on the immigration and he wants amnesty. he has wanted it always. everything that you have right now -- your industries that have not been taken out of ohio, here is what we have to do. we have to protect your coal industry, which is getting decimated. hed we have to protect te steel industry. your governor is in favor of the transpacific partnership, which is a disaster. [crowd booing] i'm telling you it is a disaster. i was so strong in the debate on it.
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did i do well in that debate? [cheering] did i? you know, i actually like debating the other way better. but they all came to me, even my daughter ivanka, dad, you're the smartest one up there, but you have to act presidential. do you mind if i take off my coat? the weather is so beautiful. [cheering] [chanting] dad, you: ivanka said have to act presidential. but don't fall for it when they attack you. and i said to myself, here is the problem. you have little marco saying all sorts of things. which were not true, by the way.
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i was getting ready to grab him. when he was choking like a dog, i was getting ready to take that hand and hold him up. i thought he was going down with chris christie, who endorsed him, by the way. ben carson yesterday endorsed me. [cheering] it's interesting, i got a call from a couple of great people, strong evangelicals. they said, we were teetering on you a little bit. we were sort of there, but maybe we weren't going to get there. as soon as ben carson endorsed you, we are there. we are with you 100%. coal industry, all these industries are under siege. the epa, they are a disaster
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what they are doing. and what they are doing to ohio, more so than most, they are incomplete disaster. we're going to change things around. the transpacific partnership is going to destroy your auto industry in ohio. they are going to take it away from you, just like a bunch of babies. not going to happen if i am president, okay? not gooing to happen. it is a horrible trade agreement, doesn't get any worse. you have 12 countries, all of whom want to rip our heart art. you have china, which is not a part of it, but wants to be a part of it at a later date. they are watching every move. the documents is 6-7000 pages long. it is too complicated and too vague. each country knows every word of that document. our congressmen and our senators have never even looked at it or read it. we don't know what the hell it says.
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we should not do it. the most important weapon that they have to kill our industry and to destroy us on trade is monetary manipulation. evaluation of their currencies. -- devaluation of their currencies. the greatest master is china. mexico is getting good at it. japan is a global professional. what they are doing with the yen and what they are doing to us with cars is incredible. it has to stop. you go over to los angeles. you see those boats, the biggest ships you have ever seen loaded up with cars from japan. nascar, they endorsed trump. trump! [cheering] in many of the drivers, we have such great people up there, including the young hot rookie, chase elliott. and his father bill. a great group. they get it. they are really smart people. we have to keep our industry.
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your governor wants to do tpp. you have to take it away. he has to take that support away. ohio is a target of tpp. you will lose your auto industry entirely. you have to get it stopped. with all of that said, you have a governor that honestly, if you didn't hit oil, ohio would be a disaster right now. you got lucky he was sitting on top of oil, folks. like saudi arabia got lucky. by the way, we protect saudi arabia. they are making $1 million a date, they pay us peanuts. like we are indentured servants. they pay us peanuts. they make $1 million a date. --$1 billion a day. now that the oil is down, you have big problems coming. in the u.s., you have the largest increase in a budget.
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35-36% in the budget of ohio. you can't rely on oil because the price is so low. you better be careful. i have been seeing signs. ohio is in trouble because of the price of oil. made a lot of money with oil. you were lucky as hell. a lot of places are cutting, but they don't have the oil factor. arabia, if you look at all these countries -- nobody richer relatively than saudi arabia. they make $1 million a day. -- $1 billion a day. just toyou $1 million turn over a button on these ships. you turn on one of the engines, $1 million down the drain. we spent billions of dollars protecting wealthy countries. we are not a wealthy country. we own $19 trillion. -- we owe $19 trillion. our country is weak, soft, we
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have leadership that is pathetic. it has to change, folks. [cheering] this whole thing of torture -- nobody wants torture. but we are dealing with people that are animals. people in the middle east that chop off heads, that drowned the people of the time in heavy steel cages. they drop them in the water, usually the ocean, wherever they can find, and drop them in the water. they hold them for one hour, then put them back all dead. then they put another 50 in. we are dealing with animals. the question was asked, they went to ted cruz on my left. by the way, i have been in the center of every debate from the beginning. [cheering] before.ver did this
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i never debated before. i do get credit. said, you wiseguys know the amazing thing about trump? he is not a politician. he has only done this for eight months and is killing everybody. [cheering] i like that. i still believe in competence over experience. and yet i have great experience. i have been dealing on the other side of the equation for a long time. nobody knows politicians better than i do. nobody knows about all the things like taxes, which a are a disaster. but pacs and funding. i hate to say this, i was very establishment nine months ago. i dealt from that side. then i saw how stupid everybody was, the stupid decisions. i said, i'm going to become very antiestablishment, and i said i'm going to win. [cheering] said, dostablishment
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you believe this, trump is running? he is so funding his campaign, he doesn't want our money. we can't control him, we have to fight him. [cheering] because i know it has to be done. just to finish on torture, i love hopping around. some people said it's like a great chess game. they asked ted cruz a question on waterboarding. here are people that are in like medieval times. james foley was beginning, right? a wonderful young man. so many wonderful young people, a lot of christians. christians --everybody who gets in their way, chop off their heads. we can't allow that. in our world, we cannot allow that. we shouldn't have gone there,
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but now we have to stop it. now we have to knock the hell out of them. [cheering] ted cruz was right here on my left. he's a nice guy, except he lies so much. senator cruz, would you think about waterboarding? he goes, oh man, uh, whitney go back and talk to my consultant. they are all afraid about being politically correct. then they go to meet, because he did not give an answer. he is a great debater but a lousy talker, does that make sense? [laughter] greatt know if he is a debater. i think i beat him in all of the debates. [cheering] ted cruz, it is from three debates ago, he gave a
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nonanswer, which is unlike him in all fairness. they came to me. i said in front of the audience. i have more money than all of them together. i don't have a pollster. i don't want a pollster. good, theye any would be doing what we are doing right? they spent hundreds of thousands on pollsters. they came to me, what do you think about waterboarding? east,, in the middle they are chopping off heads, they are drowning people, they are killing people. they would kill us so quickly if they had the capability. and they are trying to get that, which is why we have to kill them, just so you understand. [cheering] if there weren't massive weaponry available today, i would say get out in rebuild our
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country fast. we probably spent $5 trillion in the middle east. go back 15 years. we were much better off then. if saddam hussein was in charge, the bad guy. they always say, he admires saddam hussein -- i can't stand the guy. putin said donald trump is a genius. but putin said good things about me. genius."eader, a they said, you admire president putin. i said no, i don't admire him. he is a strong leader, which he is. he might be bad or good, but he is a strong leader. "you said the chinese and tiananmen square, they were right." i said no, they put down a riot viciously. i did not say they were right, they were not right. they are so dishonest.
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if i do not have a speaker , andm in terms of my mouth twitter at @realdonaldtrump by the way. this twitter and facebook is so great. when they lie on television, i will do it myself, ding ding d ing, press. and 12 seconds later, we have breaking news from donald trump. [laughter] i was watching cnn before. i said kasich without oil would have been nothing, boom. and all of a sudden they say, we have breaking news. in the old days it would have taken years to get word out. it's great stuff. we have to get strong and smart. they ask about torture.
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you have to do some warm-up because it is a lousy subject. i said, i am 100% fine with waterboarding. and it should be increased. [cheering] they say he wants to disobey the law's, and yes we have laws. we are too rough with their enemies -- they just chopped off 3 heads of christians who went over there to help people. they get caught, they grabbed them and chop off their heads because they are great people that are helping people. and i say to myself, and i have to defend this? hwe have rules and regulations and rules of engagement. they have nothing. very hard to beat somebody when you have rules and regulations
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at a very high level. this has never happened before. we catch one of these animals that had just chopped off 10 heads. we never know where we can try them. first of all they go to guantanamo bay. [cheering] we don't want them there. they are going to guantanamo bay, and that is going to be it. do you see the money we spend there? hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and we have 90 prisoners or 60 prisoners left. believe me, we can do better than that. spend hundreds of millions of dollars maintaining a place for 90 people. we can do much better. our government is so fat and disgusting. waterboarding is fine. and also, if we can go much worse than that, that is ok with me too,r ight? [cheering] say, he may not obey the
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laws -- we are not allowed waterboard. waterboarding is considered -- look, torture is terrible right? but when somebody is doing what they are doing, these horrible acts, we have to fight like we have to fight. we have no choice. we have to expand our laws. we want to knock them so fast and so furious. the isis guy eat dinner like we do. different locations, different people, we all have dinner. can you imagine them having dinner, in each one chopped off 3 heads and drowned 70 people. and they are talking about the u.s. not wanting to allowed waterboarding, which a lot of people don't consider torture. think of it. can you imagine what these
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people say? how ineffective and stupid we are? there is a story that i tell, when we were strong. in 1919, should i tell the story? some of you have heard it. should i tell it? [cheering] it is a rough story. the media says, oh it's a terrible story. i am just telling the truth. it's in the philippines. he is sitting on a horse. they were having problems with radical islamic terrorism. whoa, i'm so shocked. this is 1919. have to get to the bottom of
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it. we cannot allow people into the country that want to destroy us. we cannot do it. we cannot allow the migration of syrians into the country. we don't know who they are or where they come from. the general and the proteins -- general in the philippines, they were having a problem. the only difference now is the weaponry. in those days, you did not have that. but you still have a tremendous problem. they catch 50 terrorists. a little different than we handle them today. today we read them their rights, blah blah blah, feed them the best food, given areas to pray. we are wonderful, stupid people okay? pershing, a tough guy going.ld the whole deal
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they catch 50 terrorists. they were doing tremendous destruction. he lined them up to be shot. knows they are guilty, they have admitted their guilt. lines 50 up to be shot. swine, pig all about, a big problem for them. he took 2 pigs, chop them open, took the bullets and drop them into the pigs, swish them around so that there was blood on the bullets. had his men to put the bullets into the rifle. they put the bullets into the rifle and they shot 49 men. we don't like this, but i'm just saying, we have to win. blown up byt be
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everybody. they put bullets in the rifles and shot 49 of the 50 men dead. bullet inig-infested each one. they dunked the bodies into a mass grave and took the final bullet and gave it to the one person they decided not to shoot. they said here, take this bullet, go back to your people and explain what we just did. [cheering] that is not the end. want to hear the end? he went back and said what just happened -- for 28 years, there was no terrorism. [cheering] i'm not saying that is a good thing, a bad thing. this is history. this is what is going on.
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wheeler are going to win or lose. we cannot continue to go the way we are going now. we are either going to win or lose the battle. we have to clean it out. these are people that have horrible thoughts, visions that you wouldn't believe. interestingly, when i won in south carolina, just before the vote the pope said bad about me. said somethings about donald trump. what he said is what the mexicans told him. we have to stop illegal immigration. they said, it's terrible what this american trump wants to do. the next day he issued such a nice statement. you can't get the pope to apologize. i felt i could win in south carolina, even though it was supposed to be cruz territory.
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i won in a landslide. [cheering] by the way, i won with women, men, highly educated, less than highly educated, i won with soldiers, vets, evangelicals. i won with everybody. i don't want to put the police at any discomfort level. they would have been very uncomfortable. the secret service guys are fantastic people. i do want to put them through a strong test. we were given credit for doing the right thing. by doing what i did, that story is all over the world. we made the rate decision under a great deal of pressure. who else would make that?
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go, do it, let people play in her themselves. i did not want to see that happen. the people that protested, one theyem said they think gave trump an awfully good platform. theread a lot of people that are not really good. [yelling] [chanting] alright, we have to have one protester right? he's a whack job. [cheering]
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so we have one protester. and what, the story tomorrow? massive protest at trump rally. they won't talk about the crowd because again, they are the worst. we are going to strengthen our country. we are hopefully going to win ohio. [cheering] kasich is a baby. he can't be president. too many problems. letting people come into our country. just the fact that he approved nafta. the fact that he was with lehman brothers. he can't be president. it would not be a good situation.
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i will do such a great job, you have no idea. [cheering] a lot of people are going to be surprised. i will bring unity back. i will bring jobs back from china, from japan. i will bring our jobs back from mexico. i will bring jobs back to this country. you won't even believe it. we are going to start winning again. just a couple of things. second amendment, we are going to fight and not give it up. [cheering] donald trump: we are going to fight, we are not going to give up. us trade deals, they need more than we need them. [applause] donald trump: and they say, he cannot be a true conservative. i am the most conservative person in the world. on everything.
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on health care -- but they say he is not a free trader. he is not a conservative. . nice not a he should have been, but he was not. we are going to be so strong on trade. , theo-called conservatives people who do not know what is happening. are you ok? do not worry about it. it is easy over there, they can put him out on the runway. [applause] [laughter] donald trump: i am a free trader. let me tell you, it have to be smart trade. china, we have a trait -- trade deficit with china this year, over $500 billion. we cannot have that. it has been going on for years. $300 billion, $400 billion, $500
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billion. and as they say, he will solder a tray war -- he will create a trade war. we would be better off doing that man losing $500 billion. who wants to do that? yesterday, in the times, they had a big story that donald trump has totally changed on trade. 200 years everybody talks about free trade. so do i. you know what, it needs to be fair trade, smart trade, we need to do something. i have friends that are manufacturers, they cannot get their product into china. they charge for everything over there. i have friends that are absolute great manufacturers, they make a greater product and -- than anything and china. and when they do, they get charged a massive tax. we do not do that, because we do not know what is going on. those days are over.
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many of the great businessmen of the world -- we need to use our top chess players. that is what they are. the great people, the people who have made this -- there is a reason -- they are great negotiators. they want to help. they will come in. if i put carl and some of the other great names, you know them, some of them are better than all of them. i know so many people. we have the greatest negotiators and we do not use them, we use political hacks to make deals with china, japan, i mean, we have caroline kennedy representing us in japan. she admits, she got the job -- how did she get it? i do not know. [laughter] she is a lovely person. i like her because i want the -- ivanka likes her. i just do not want her trading on automobiles. i want to get one of the killers, right?
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somebody who you do not want to have dinner with. some of these guys are so bad, if you ever met them -- if this beautiful, young woman met them, you would get sick to your stomach. he would say, he is horrible. he is rude, crude, vicious, you want nothing to do with him. i want him negotiating for us. [applause] ok? i have the best. some of them are very nice, not many of them, but some of them. these are our greatest negotiators, the greatest in the world. but we are losing companies. pfizer is leaving. take a look. veryhey say, that is not -- you know, free. this was just announced. here is what i do. ford, that is bigger. 2.5 billion dollar plan, but i have been talking about that for a long time. now they are doubling up.
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it was announced three years ago. they are going to mexico. you know why, because nobody said, you cannot leave us like this. he cannot keep doing this. take it. this is so easy. i do not want to use carl, this is so easy. i do this stuff so well. so here is the story. by the way, i put in some of the greatest financial statements ever seen into the general elections commission. everybody says, you will not get financials, i reported all of them and reporters are saying, oh damon -- they were hoping. and a very rich guy told me, now i know you are rich. you better believe it. anyway, so i built a great company, very little debt, tremendous cash flow. we had a big championship last week my hundreds of acres in miami. i own all of these buildings, trump tower, the bank of america
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building in san francisco, all of these. tremendous assets. the reason i say that, very simple. because that is the kind of thinking we need in our country, at least for a wild. [applause] we need it. so, we are going to get the best people. kerry, they announced that some but he had a cell phone with a camera. these are wonderful things. he is -- some management guide is saying, we are closing after many years. they did a great job. great-looking people. it is devastating good we are moving to mexico, the luck. it was not a warm speech, it was like goodbye, we are moving to mexico. i would call, i know this isn't presidential, my daughter would say, you cannot call them, this is not presidential. you know, i was like this great student. really, i went to the best schools. my uncle was a top professor at
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m.i.t., a super genius. i know exactly, i know it will not be presidential, i say, who cares. my daughter says, act presidential credit when they came out me -- presidential. when they came out me -- at me, so far, everybody has come out me -- at me has gone down the tubes. [laughter] wouldn't that be great for the nation? think of it, i do not to mention the names, some of them have called me wanting to endorse me. ]building -- booing get him out. get him out of here. [applause] [chanting trump] >> trump! donald trump: why angry?
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why is he angry? trade going to make great deals, why would anybody be upset? what took him so long to put up his hand, we are almost finished. what took him so long? [yelling] donald trump: go back home, to mommy. go back home. go back home. the guy looks like he is 15 years old. what is going on? .ake him home to mom she will lock him in his bedroom. so, folks, here is what happens. i will call of carrier, the president did i have to do it. i know it is not --
5:36 pm
[indiscernible] [booing] [chanting trump] >> trump. trump. trump. [was histling] [chanting usa]
5:37 pm
donald trump: thank you for the warning. i was ready for him, but it is easier if the cops do it. what a great job. [applause] donald trump: what a great job. had such an easy life, what do i need this for? you know why, because i have done great and i love this country. we are going to make our country great again. it is payback time. [applause] these guys are fantastic. let me tell you, i am going to call up carrier and i will tell
5:38 pm
the head of the company, enjoy your stay in mexico. every single unit you make and send across the border, you'll pay a 35% tax. 35%. [applause] donald trump: you know what they will do? they will call in 24 hours, because i am not taken care of by special interests or donors, they will call me and they will go, mr. president, we are moving back into the usa and we will build in the united states. that is what will happen, 100% true. [applause] donald trump: let me just tell you, let me just tell you. are you ready? we do not win anymore, but we will start winning. we will win with our military, we will take care of our vets. [applause] donald trump: and by the way, our military, the least expensive thing we can do
5:39 pm
because we do not want to use -- lose it, remember i am the most militaristic person here, but i was against that ridiculous war. our military will be bigger, better, stronger than ever before and nobody will mess with us. [applause] donald trump: nobody. ofare going to get rid common core and we are bringing our education back. [applause] donald trump: we are going to repeal and replace obamacare and we will win with its replacement. [applause] donald trump: we are going to have such strong borders, you're going to be so proud of them. we will have a wall and we will keep -- and we'll keep people coming in to the country, but they will come legally. [applause] importantmp: now, so is this. so important.
5:40 pm
-- john kasich cannot do the job. most people cannot pronounce his name. pretend it is a "k". he cannot do the job. i hope you go to the polls. is there anything more fun than a trump rally? [applause] donald trump: i hope you go to the polls, you need to go to the polls. the last time i made people -- i said, but of your hand -- put up your hand and swear you will go. do you want to do that? [applause] donald trump: ready? i love you all by the way. [applause] "i swear on: say, tuesday i will go and vote for donald trump." [applause] donald trump: thank you.
5:41 pm
thank you everybody. love your people. i love ohio. here is the story, we are going to win. we are going to win so much, you are going to get tired of waiting -- maybe. -- winning -- maybe. we are going to win everything. you will be so proud of your president, your country. gogo on tuesday. thank you. i love you ohio. thank you. i love you. thank you. [applause] ♪ [cheering]
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
♪ you can't believe get -- you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want sometimes try need nd, you get what you
5:44 pm
♪ her today at the reception hand s of wine in her i knew she would meet her connection footloose man a you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time you find you get what you need
5:45 pm
ohhhhh, yeah i went down to the demonstration abuse a fair share of vent oure are going to frustration , we are going to blow a fuse you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want , youf you try some time just might find you get what you