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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  March 13, 2016 2:30pm-4:31pm EDT

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love hopping around. some people said it's like a great chess game. they asked ted cruz a question on waterboarding. here are people that are in like medieval times. james foley was beginning, right? a wonderful young man. so many wonderful young people, a lot of christians. christians --everybody who gets in their way, chop off their heads. we can't allow that. in our world, we cannot allow that. we shouldn't have gone there, but now we have to stop it. now we have to knock the hell out of them. [cheering] ted cruz was right here on my left. he's a nice guy, except he lies so much. senator cruz, would you think about waterboarding?
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he goes, oh man, uh, whitney go back and talk to my consultant. they are all afraid about being politically correct. then they go to meet, because he did not give an answer. he is a great debater but a lousy talker, does that make sense? [laughter] i don't know if he is a great debater. i think i beat him in all of the debates. [cheering] ted cruz, it is from three debates ago, he gave a nonanswer, which is unlike him in all fairness. they came to me. i said in front of the audience. i have more money than all of them together. i don't have a pollster. i don't want a pollster. if they were any good, they would be doing what we are doing right?
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they spent hundreds of thousands on pollsters. they came to me, what do you think about waterboarding? i said, in the middle east, they are chopping off heads, they are drowning people, they are killing people. they would kill us so quickly if they had the capability. and they are trying to get that, which is why we have to kill them, just so you understand. [cheering] if there weren't massive weaponry available today, i would say get out in rebuild our country fast. we probably spent $5 trillion in the middle east. go back 15 years. we were much better off then. if saddam hussein was in charge, the bad guy. they always say, he admires saddam hussein -- i can't stand the guy. putin said donald trump is a genius.
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but putin said good things about me. "he's a leader, a genius." they said, you admire president putin. i said no, i don't admire him. he is a strong leader, which he is. he might be bad or good, but he is a strong leader. "you said the chinese and tiananmen square, they were right." i said no, they put down a riot viciously. i did not say they were right, they were not right. they are so dishonest. if i do not have a speaker system in terms of my mouth, and twitter at @realdonaldtrump by the way. this twitter and facebook is so great. when they lie on television, i
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will do it myself, ding ding ding, press. and 12 seconds later, we have breaking news from donald trump. [laughter] i was watching cnn before. i said kasich without oil would have been nothing, boom. and all of a sudden they say, we have breaking news. in the old days it would have taken years to get word out. it's great stuff. we have to get strong and smart. they ask about torture. you have to do some warm-up because it is a lousy subject. i said, i am 100% fine with waterboarding. and it should be increased. [cheering]
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they say he wants to disobey the law's, and yes we have laws. we are too rough with their enemies -- they just chopped off 3 heads of christians who went over there to help people. they get caught, they grabbed them and chop off their heads because they are great people that are helping people. and i say to myself, and i have to defend this? we have rules and regulations and rules of engagement. they have nothing. very hard to beat somebody when you have rules and regulations at a very high level. this has never happened before. we catch one of these animals that had just chopped off 10 heads. we never know where we can try them. first of all they go to guantanamo bay. [cheering] we don't want them there. they are going to guantanamo
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bay, and that is going to be it. do you see the money we spend there? hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and we have 90 prisoners or 60 prisoners left. believe me, we can do better than that. spend hundreds of millions of dollars maintaining a place for 90 people. we can do much better. our government is so fat and disgusting. waterboarding is fine. and also, if we can go much worse than that, that is ok with me too,r ight? [cheering] they say, he may not obey the laws -- we are not allowed waterboard. waterboarding is considered -- look, torture is terrible right? but when somebody is doing what they are doing, these horrible acts, we have to fight like we have to fight. we have no choice.
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we have to expand our laws. we want to knock them so fast and so furious. the isis guy eat dinner like we do. different locations, different people, we all have dinner. can you imagine them having dinner, in each one chopped off 3 heads and drowned 70 people. and they are talking about the u.s. not wanting to allowed waterboarding, which a lot of people don't consider torture. think of it. can you imagine what these people say? how ineffective and stupid we are? there is a story that i tell, when we were strong. in 1919, should i tell the story?
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some of you have heard it. should i tell it? [cheering] it is a rough story. the media says, oh it's a terrible story. i am just telling the truth. it's in the philippines. he is sitting on a horse. they were having problems with radical islamic terrorism. whoa, i'm so shocked. this is 1919. we have to get to the bottom of it. we cannot allow people into the country that want to destroy us. we cannot do it. we cannot allow the migration of syrians into the country. we don't know who they are or where they come from. the general and the proteins --
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general in the philippines, they were having a problem. the only difference now is the weaponry. in those days, you did not have that. but you still have a tremendous problem. they catch 50 terrorists. a little different than we handle them today. today we read them their rights, blah blah blah, feed them the best food, given areas to pray. we are wonderful, stupid people okay? general pershing, a tough guy that hold the whole deal going. they catch 50 terrorists. they were doing tremendous destruction. he lined them up to be shot. knows they are guilty, they have admitted their guilt. lines 50 up to be shot. swine, pig all about, a big problem for them.
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he took 2 pigs, chop them open, took the bullets and drop them into the pigs, swish them around so that there was blood on the bullets. had his men to put the bullets into the rifle. they put the bullets into the rifle and they shot 49 men. we don't like this, but i'm just saying, we have to win. or let's just be blown up by everybody. they put bullets in the rifles and shot 49 of the 50 men dead. it was a pig-infested bullet in each one. they dunked the bodies into a mass grave and took the final bullet and gave it to the one person they decided not to shoot.
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they said here, take this bullet, go back to your people and explain what we just did. [cheering] that is not the end. want to hear the end? he went back and said what just happened -- for 28 years, there was no terrorism. [cheering] i'm not saying that is a good thing, a bad thing. this is history. this is what is going on. wheeler are going to win or lose. we cannot continue to go the way we are going now. we are either going to win or lose the battle. we have to clean it out. these are people that have horrible thoughts, visions that you wouldn't believe. interestingly, when i won in
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south carolina, just before the vote the pope said bad about me. because mexicans said something about donald trump. what he said is what the mexicans told him. we have to stop illegal immigration. they said, it's terrible what this american trump wants to do. the next day he issued such a nice statement. you can't get the pope to apologize. i felt i could win in south carolina, even though it was supposed to be cruz territory. i won in a landslide. [cheering] by the way, i won with women, men, highly educated, less than highly educated, i won with soldiers, vets, evangelicals. i won with everybody. i don't want to put the police
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at any discomfort level. they would have been very uncomfortable. the secret service guys are fantastic people. i do want to put them through a strong test. we were given credit for doing the right thing. by doing what i did, that story is all over the world. we made the rate decision under a great deal of pressure. who else would make that? go, do it, let people play in her themselves. i did not want to see that happen. the people that protested, one of them said they think they gave trump an awfully good platform. they had a lot of people there that are not really good.
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[yelling] [chanting] alright, we have to have one protester right? he's a whack job. [cheering] so we have one protester. and what, the story tomorrow? massive protest at trump rally. they won't talk about the crowd because again, they are the worst.
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we are going to strengthen our country. we are hopefully going to win ohio. [cheering] kasich is a baby. he can't be president. too many problems. letting people come into our country. just the fact that he approved nafta. the fact that he was with lehman brothers. he can't be president. it would not be a good situation. i will do such a great job, you have no idea. [cheering] a lot of people are going to be surprised. i will bring unity back. i will bring jobs back from china, from japan. i will bring our jobs back from mexico. i will bring jobs back to this country. you won't even believe it.
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we are going to start winning again. just a couple of things. second amendment, we are going to fight and not give it up. [cheering] trade deals, we are going to make some of the trade -- best trade dealers ever made. they need us more than we need them. they all say he can't be a true conservative. i'm the most conservative person in the world on the military, on the events -- they say he's not a free trader. i remember jeb bush -- he's not a conservative. and he is very low energy. he was not a nice person. not a nice
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he should have been but he wasn't. we are going to be so strong on trade. so-called conservatives, the people who don't know what is happening -- are you ok? it's easy over there, they can just put him out on the runway. free trader. but it has to be smart trade. china, we have a trade deficit with china over $500 billion. we can't have that. 500 billion and then they say he going to start a trade war. for one problem -- we would be better off with a trade war than losing $500 billion. journal -- street they both treat me terribly.
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they had a story trump has totally changed his thinking on trade. for 200 years, everyone talked about free trade and so do i, but it has to be fair trade. it has to be smart trade. friends that are manufacturers and they cannot get their product into china. wedon't charge him tax -- don't charge them anything. i have friends that are manufacturers. they can't get their products into china and when they do, they get charged a massive tax. we don't do that it is we don't know what is going on. i have carl icahn endorsing me, many great assessment. we are going to use our top -- i have carl icahn endorsing me. the great businessman. they are great negotiators and a know what's happening. they will come in -- if i put
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carl or some of the other great names -- you know some of them and frankly some of them are better than all of them -- i know so many people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we use political hacks to make dealswith china, to make with japan. we have caroline kennedy representing us in japan. and she admits, she got the job -- how did she get it? i don't know. i like her because if longer -- ivanka likes her. i want to get one of the killers. want to havedon't dinner with. some of these guys are so bad -- this beautiful young woman, you would get sick to your stomach. you would not want to have him over for dinner. you would say he's a horrible human being. he is rude, he is crude, his
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vicious. i want him negotiating for us. i have the best. some of them are very nice. not too many of them. these are our greatest negotiators in the world. we are losing our companies. pfizer is leaving. take a look at carrier. i get killed for this. very freehat's not but carrier just announced they are moving. and ford -- much bigger. but ibillion dollar plant have been talking about that for a long time and now they are doubling up. nobody in our administration talks to them and says you can't do this. you can't keep doing this. but i will do it. i don't want to use carl or any of the killers -- it's so easy. i do this stuff so well. story -- and by the
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way, i put in some of the greatest financial statements have are seen by man into the general elections commission. i reported all of my financials and the reporters are saying danette. they are really good. they were hoping. a rich guy mine is -- you he said if you would never run if you weren't very rich. tremendous cash flow -- i own the row and we had the big championship last week -- i own all of these buildings, trump tower, the bank of america building in san francisco and many tremendous assets. that is verysay simple. that is the kind of thinking we need in our country at least for a while. [applause] we are going to get the best people.
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carrier announces -- somebody had one of these crazy cell phones with the camera. they are wonderful things -- sorry, we are closing carrier after how many years. looking people -- they are devastating and you see it -- we are moving to mexico, good luck. it wasn't even a warm speech. i know this is not presidential ivanka what say you can't call carrier. that's not presidential. i went to the best schools and my uncle was top professor, a understand itnd i might not be presidential -- who cares. me a littleme at not-- they are so used to coming at me. you saw what happened with
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marco. everyone who has come at me has gone down the tubes, right? wouldn't that be great for our nation? wouldn't that be nice? i don't want to mention all the names because some of them have already called me wanting to endorse me. it's so late. that's ok. get him out of here. [applause] why is he angry? what took him so long to put up his hand customer we are almost finished. what took him so long?
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go back home to mommy. go back home to mommy. go back home. is 15 yearske he old. what's going on over here? take him back home to mom. she will lock him in his bedroom. here is what happened -- i will call up carrier, the president -- i have to do it myself. [indiscernible]
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trump"]g "trump, trump, [chanting "usa, usa, usa"] mr. trump: thank you for the
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warning, but it's much easier if the cops agree. what a great job. to think i had such an easy life, what do i need this for? do you know why i needed? because i've done great. i love this country. we are going to make our country great again. it is payback time. these guys are so fantastic. i'm going to call up carrier and i'm going to tell the head of carrier i hope you enjoy your stay in mexico. every single unit you make and send across our border, you are going to pay a 35% tax. a 35% tax. what carrier is going
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to do? they are going to call me in 24 hours because i'm not taken care of by the special interests, i'm not taken care of by the donors. we are moving back into the united states and we are going to build in the united states. 100% sure. let me just tell you. we don't win anymore but we are going to start winning. we're going to win with our wintary, we are going to with our vets and either way, is theitary, and it least expensive thing we can do because we don't want to use it. that ridiculous war. our military is going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody is going to mess with us. nobody. [applause]
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we are going to get rid of common core. we are going to repeal and replace obamacare and we are going to win. [applause] we are going to have such strong borders, you are going to be so proud of them. wall anding to have a people are coming into our country, but they are going to come in legally, legally. now, so important is this -- john kasich cannot do the job. most people don't even know how to pronounce his name. it -- john kasich -- he cannot do the job. i hope you go to the polls. fun thananything more
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a trump rally? you've got to go to the polls. i made people put up their hands and said a i swear i will go. ready? i love you all, by the way. i swear that on tuesday, i will go to the polls and vote for donald trump. thank you, everybody. you are going to get tired of winning may be.
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you are going to be so proud of your president. you, thank you ohio, thank you, dayton. i love you. thank you. ♪
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>> this is the villages in florida where senator marco rubio is about to hold a campaign rally. right now, real clear politics has donald trump with a
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double-digit lead over senator rubio, these on a combination of polls. florida is a winner take all state credit is one of five states we will be following on tuesday. the others include ohio, north carolina, illinois, and missouri. we are waiting for the next to get underway. live coverage on c-span.
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while we wait for senator rubio's rally to begin, let me tell you about the other road to the white house coverage. later today senator ted cruz will speak at an event in concorde north carolina. we plan to take you there, live, ron 4:00 a.m. eastern. tomorrow, governor john kasich campaigns in his home state of ohio.
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that will be alive tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three. again, waiting for senator marco rubio to appear at this event in florida. it should be getting started, shortly.
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as matches, florida is one of five states holding primaries on tuesday.
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many of the candidates are trying to sway undecided voters before they with several campaign ads. here is a look at some of those while we wait. >> ohio has changed the world from small steps, to jointly. we have reached for the heavens and we have found the light. greateat state has done things. in the face of a national recession, we turn ohio around. ways of doingold things. we balanced budgets, and created over 400,000 new jobs in when you rise to a challenge, we shall america how it is done. ohio, let's do it again. i am john kasich, and i approve this message. >> one candidate has spent his life defending our freedom. only one candidate has a record of supreme court victory. he understand what is at stake for all of us in this election.
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as president, we can trust ted cruz to connect our rights and defend the constitution. he always has. >> i am ted cruz, and i approve this message. >> i am donald trump, and i approve this message. >> when marco rubio was speaker of the house, he was in charge of deciding how much coverage jackson hospital would see. he faxed a letter saying they needed to hire him as a consultant. marcospital secretly paid thousand dollars, and they got millions. another dishonest politician. >> the republican who exposed donald trump as a fraud, and who is closest to being trapped in florida. marco rubio, bottom line, hillary clinton crushes trump. orflorida, a vote for cruise k-6 is a vote for trump. it is time to stop trump and
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elected president we will be proud of. marco rubio. florida, make it happen. conservative solutions pack is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> i went to an ivy league school. i very highly educated. i have the best words. [expletive} [expletive} [expletive} [expletive} ] when trump declared bankruptcy, workers lost their jobs. yet the facts. >> we can get back to the
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villages in florida. we understand senator marco rubio arrived with his campaign rally, and it will begin shortly. this is live coverage on c-span.
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>> this event is taking some time to get started here in florida so we will take you about some other road to the white house coverage. cruz isday senator ted
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speaking at an event in concorde north carolina, and we will take you there live around 4:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow, jo bonner john kasich campaigns in his home state of ohio. he will be joined by the ohio senator rob portman. that will be here on c-span three. we are waiting for senator marco rubio to appear at this event in florida. it should be getting started shortly. >> we continue to wait for
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senator marco rubio. the state primaries tuesday.
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why we wait for him to show up, here is more on that contest from today's washington journal. . now that is coming home to roost. many republicans turned off. is that a fair assessment? >> that is what some people are saying. he has had some really good rallies the last week or so, in spite of the bad publicity. the polls are narrowing a bit for him, and of course he won the washington caucus yesterday. -- pulsar all over the map
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lls all over the map. perhaps he did not campaign as well as he should have, but everybody knows this -- his name. ohio supporters are looking for john kasich to win. they telling supporters to vote for senator rubio in florida? guest: not really, but there are a lot of doing that. the strategy is one for the rubio campaign of locking the trust train and the same would be true for the cruise campaign, even though that has not gotten a big presence here. it is all about them blocking strategy now, keeping trump from garnering more delegates. it is the tv ads. this headline,ed
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how damaging, if at all, are those images to donald trump moving into today primary? >> that is a great question, given that our republican voters are a little bit older, and whether they will be worrying about this continuing on, and with their opinions are about and he hates that is going on around this whole campaign. there will actually be people who are very offended by the fact that the protesters do not reflect and respect a basic of the american constitutional, which is freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. i think we will have to wait and see. i am sure that it is affecting people. it might help rubio a bit, but on the other hand, the idea of
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of speech for all is a very strong opinion as well along florida republicans. host: we have been asking our viewers and listeners about the time magazine coverage of the death of nancy reagan. an influential cultural figure in her own right, and a devoted keeper of her husband's flame, both ronald and nancy reagan have passed into history. increasingly, the same can be said about the party they took such care in shaping. would you agree or disagree with that sentiment? guest: i have heard that the last couple of days. many of the younger generation, and even people who are looking at the growing demographic diversity of the country are saying that things have moved on, times are different. parties will fall behind.
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it is true in florida that the fastest-growing group are those who are choosing no party affiliation. but it is also true that we have people have switched over to vote in the upcoming presidential primary than with democrats. it is a tool to us time. clearly the younger part of the parties understand times are different. everyone will always respect and love the reagans, but you have to move on. i want to share this statement by senator bernie sanders. he has been the target of the blame in the trump campaign. this is how he responded. violence isthe words and actions that supported on the part of supporters.
3:23 pm
he said recently he wanted to punch someone in the face. just a few days ago a female reporter was currently supported by his campaign manager. trump must do now. provoking violence and make it clear to his supporters that people who attend his rallies or protests should not be assaulted, shall be punched, should not be kicked. in america, people have a right to attend a political rally without fear of physical harm. that is from senator bernie sanders. your reaction? guest: i think it is very clear that people are disturbed by the language that is being used on the stump. promote -- provoke people who aren't white house levels of anger into physical violence which their emotions are just out of control. that is the danger. on the one hand we are very
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happy about the expansion of the electorate this season. more and more people are voting. the other hand, the emotional level which can turn into anger is also escalating. it is a problem because we are not anywhere near the conventions yes. there is worry about that. also, particularly among people with children, it is a little bit scary that you are hearing this kind of language on a campaign trail from a presidential candidate. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> i love this group. i did it myself earlier, but all you the chair of the veterans campaign. it is doubly great for me to be with you. what i want to do right now is introduce a gentleman, and he will introduce his team. he is a leader in the candidate. teams led for a long time
3:25 pm
rubio for sumter county. he is been indispensable in bringing this today. i would like you to give war welcome to john . [applause] john.m welcome to [applause] >> it is a beautiful day in the villages, and you're making it even better. i want to thank so many do, who have worked so hard, whether it is knocking on doors and making phone calls, and those of you working the polls, we are not done. we still need to work the polls on election day. we need volunteers. you see that young lady back there? she would love to have as many volunteers as possible on election day. do not get out of here without giving her your name. it has been a great experience. we are thrilled to see all of you here. i want to be able to thank all
3:26 pm
of our wonderful volunteers and i would ask, if you would, each, in yourde way, i would like to thank our wonderfulll of the benefits that he has given to this great nation. we certainly have bountiful blessings that we share. i would also like to thank him military,urage of our our police officers, and our firefighters who helped to protect our freedoms. thoseo pray, lord, that of our representatives that we , give themrve us wisdom, and a true sense of service to the people. and lord, please look down on each and every one of us are today as we go through daily lives and through our journey. we ask all of these things in your name, amen.
3:27 pm
thank you. please remain standing. pledge ofn me in the allegiance, which few people in the world can say in freedom and liberty. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands. one nation, under god, with indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. play ball, sit down. [laughter] right now i would introduce guys that went around doing some things we don't talk about.
3:28 pm
but what he did very well that i'm going to talk about in adition to the is that he was senior adviser to three secretaries of the veterans administration. he really understands the veterans administration and what an important role in half and taking care of our veterans and their families. saidber, abraham lincoln the wife and their children. now, rudy grisham -- where's rudy? rudy, i'm not going to waste anymore time on him hear. please welcome rudy grisham. [applause] >> first of all, i would like to thank each and every one of you. i went one of those old green berets from the 60's -- [applause] >> but i have been very fortunate. everyone talks about ronald
3:29 pm
reagan. i sure the senator a photo of me having dinner with ronald reagan. very future post -- very few of us are fortunate enough. i have served several president, and i want to share something with you for veterans. this is so important. as a senior advisor, appointed by a president. by the way, we were appointed by president, he can fire you the next day. you have no job security. well, at the v.a., i worked with three v.a. secretaries. what senator marcos did, you have to remember this. i see so many people talking about the v.a., and they do not know what they're talking about. one of the big problems is, i was an scs, senior executive service. i was equivalent to a general officer. but there is a problem that the v.a.. people, thereer
3:30 pm
ones that are high up are also scs is. you know can the truth of the matter is, the president -- not even a president can fire an scs they are career employees. this, the majority of the employees are very good. i was there for eight years in washington dc, every day. i can say this. percentage, if the secretary, and i have seen my boss so furious at some of those guys, that they cannot fire them. the senator did something that a lot of politicians did not see. it is so significant. he changed the law. scshanged the law where an does not have job security. if they do something wrong, the secretary of the v.a. can fire them. that has never happened in v.a. history. [applause]
3:31 pm
that is so important, because a lot of people do not know what they're talking about. i was there for eight years. one other thing, i will share this. if you know special forces, we are always kind of in a gray area. but i know who the rich people were. i know who support our veterans. one of my closest friends, i was just talking to his brother in special forces. no one did more for the veterans than ross perot. the other fellow, never heard of him. we have a very interesting program for you. you're going to see a little bit of history here. i've been guys, who friends with for a long time, he was actually the past president
3:32 pm
of the p.o.w. association. i am tied in with all these guys , and i remember when mr. trump was talking about the losers. p.o.w.. you will learn to things. we have one guest that will be out, but right now i would like to bring up by old round and a p.o.w.. you think they are called losers? tom, come here. let's give him a hand. [applause] stand up. let's give him a hand. [applause] >> i can feel the energy in this room of a loss of like-minded people, and not just your marital or background that i feel. background that i
3:33 pm
feel targeted your page reason. two, hear a guy like this and you do not know. i consider myself the 24%. i went the guys shot down in the war in 1972. my eyes i see the real heroes is those who were there for eight, years. it is not the experience of it is what i brought from the experience. i always talk about the things that i learned. they are things you all believe in, that make our country great. our freedom. just try having it taken away from you even for a day. i guess if you are in the hospital, you understand what that is like. [laughter] there is at least a doorknob on the inside. the point being, those are the things that really hit me, the
3:34 pm
importance of our freedom, and how you get there. who is your leader? that what we're talking about today. it was our next leader going to be. we don't need somebody like is ready, fire, aim, and you do not know where the -- the shell is going to go. my point is, all of us who have been leaders, that is the measure i use in this election with all of the various republicans. i finally had to sit back and say which one of these guys would i trust?
3:35 pm
that's the other operative word in leadership. who would i trust to either follow or fly on my wing, because i was an air force guy. i will tell you, i would not rubiote to follow marco to hell and back because i know the quality of his character. [applause] and the integrity, and the trust did if you are following a guy you will trust, he will not take you to a place where you have to watch your back i can sit here and badmouth the current administration, but i want. i think you all know what it is. we have to get a commander in chief that it is not just running country. the real important part is protecting the country's
3:36 pm
security. that is where it starts. they have done a poor job, and i'm not quite sure some of my fellow republicans will do the right job. i suspect all of you here have gone to various websites like i did to learn about the candidate, and what their policies were behind all the bumper stickers that we hear. i was impressed with marcos website because you can drill down and find things and there is a bring back there. and that is another thing about a leader. he needs someone who's intelligent, with things on his feet. he knows where he is aiming and you know where the bullet is going to land. for all those reasons that is why i am so orting marco rubio to be the next president. if i could figure out a way to become a florida resident i down hereably vote
3:37 pm
that i would be called a democrat. [laughter] but seriously, if you have not already voted, go vote. talk to your friends to vote, because it is one of our fundamental rights. it is not the bill of rights, but it is something to think about. it is sad, the more of our population are not more engaged in the cross and -- in a process, because it is our freedom. whatelieve me, i know taken away freedom means. leader, a man with integrity, and a person you can look in the, and figure out where they are coming from. whether i need to put my back to termsll and just measured when i talk to the person. it has been a pleasure to speak with you. there is more fortunate people behind me.
3:38 pm
i will let rudy to the next introduction. of youru for all service, because we all serve some way in our country, whether you are in the military, integer, a first responder, or just working. those politicians need our taxes. [laughter] [applause] now, my whole life, i love these guys. i want to just show them. our veterans, right here. given a hand. [applause] our veterans. come on. [applause] >> the years, one of my closest rooms beside all is a gentleman named patch waters.
3:39 pm
and i have known had for a long, long time. names the most famous last there is, patton. little bit you a about him. he is very humble, down to earth. he came all the way from south carolina. he became passionate because he did not appreciate other people talking about his family. , you're going to look at him and you're going to left, because he looks just like his grandfather. it is like we had george right here. he is going to share a few things. i did have him do something. you are going to see something in a few minutes, and i told him to do this very i asked him to bring his grandfathers lutes, the last one seems more before he dies. i hope he doesn't is not, we
3:40 pm
will put the boots in the air. but i want you guys to meet him. he is going to share something else, why he is very passionate about this, other than being parsons grandson. and he travels all over europe, all over the world at world war ii functions and speaks on behalf of the family. but there was a little secret that he is going to share with you, that he has shared with very few people. and you will understand in a second why he is so passionate. i will give you a hint. his father was a four-star general. but i want you to listen real careful to what he says. ladies and gentlemen, one of my dearest friends, pat water patton. [applause] and here are the boot. [applause]
3:41 pm
>> good afternoon. you will have been so very patient, and i will try to expedite what you're really waiting for, and i do not blame you for waiting for him. i just spent some time with him. i enjoy patton's grandson. becausename is waters, first born. -- west general patton's firstborn. i want to tell you a little but about what my dad experienced when one of our other candidates expressed a few about a prisoner of war. the capsbook here at here foof a "loser." my dad was not a loser.
3:42 pm
italyged from the boot of to poland, and then marched to germany, where he was shot the last few days of the war, but he did recover. my dad was not a loser. he was a winner, and he went on to serve his country 35 years, four stars, and if you think he did not have a heart time, i invite you to look at this book. the print is tiny, because they did not know when they were going to get free they were not losers. all of the prisoners of war were phenomenal people. my dad was one of those. why am i looking at marco? look at what marco is. there is integrity, there is
3:43 pm
knowledge, and there is commitment. needs think our country is so much commitment to making andtay as good as it is senator rubio is certainly qualified in that regard. he has been there, he knows how the system works, and he is willing to sacrifice his life. my grandfather would often say the greatest thing you can do is sacrifice your life for your country. you are not to meet the man who is willing to make that sacrifice in i brought these foods to spur him on. maybe he will take the to washington and change people's directions. [laughter] these foods are a reminder of why grandfather, general patton. when it comes to america, and we have to keep marching forward. every great generation has marched forward. we have to do stop the backslide. we must continue the fight to
3:44 pm
keep our freedom and make america the greatest ice in the is the greatest place. i travel all over the world, and i'm so proud to say i am an end. even when he come back to new york at a stand in that line to check in, it is great to be home. we have today with us, the most qualified and greatest possible candidate we could have. senator marco rubio, soon to be president of the united states of america. let's hear it for marco. [applause] senator rubio: thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you.
3:45 pm
thank you. these are nice boots, or to the -- are they not? and historic. i worsen boots a few weeks ago, they may one of them. these are nicer. this is great. first of all, thank you. i am honored to be in the presence of these incredible heroes and men who have served our country in uniform and kept us safe and one of them is my brother who was in the army, certain special forces. also, these other men who are fantastic, and their testimony on behalf of the is powerful, uplifting, and i'm grateful to them. i am grateful to be with all of you on the eve of the election. what is this election about? elections are a choice between a political party and another political party. >> and marco rubio trying to
3:46 pm
steal my girlfriend. she doesn't look at me the same way anymore. marco, marco] is trying to steal my girlfriend red that is the truth. chanting marco, marco] >> he will probably steal yours too. senator rubio: i didn't even win new hampshire. [laughter] [applause]
3:47 pm
senator rubio: that is all right. [laughter] i am sorry. i am still looking for the hidden camera. [laughter] [applause] senator rubio: so anyway -- [laughter] are af these elections choice between candidates or a political party. but this election is really a referendum. it is a referendum on america and its identity. it is a referendum on our nation and people. we need to go one step further. this is a referendum on what it means to be a conservative, a
3:48 pm
republican, a conservative in the 21st century. [applause] senator rubio: conservatism was defined for me growing up. i grew up in an era where is theld reagan was president of the united states. and it is not a coincidence that you have multiple people in their 40's and 50's and leading the conservative movement. last night, nikki haley spoke at a dinner. she is fantastic. [applause] susana martinez in mexico bobby new mexico, bobby jindal, the list goes on and on. why are there so many young leaders in the conservative movement? because who is the up-and-coming young liberal leader?
3:49 pm
bernie sanders. yeah. [laughter] in common that we grow in the era of ronald reagan, where ronald reagan defined for us what it meant to be a conservative. what was ronald reagan? he was a leader who understood we had challenges in this country. he became president after jimmy carter. we had challenges in this country. but he did not go to americans and say i know you're upset at the direction of our country and i'll link you even angrier and i will make you even more frustrated, so you will vote for me. he did not do that. he said i know you're frustrated and i know you're angry and this is what is causing your anger and frustration, and here's how we're going to fix it. and when we fix it, america is going to be better than it has ever been. that was conservatism. [applause] senator rubio: and he defined a movement for a generation, and
3:50 pm
it worked. it turns this country around. it is for the phrase morning in america came from. it had an impact on entire generation, and i can say in full confidence that if he had not one election, the soviet union might exist still and the world would be in a different place. that is the impact of the .lection in 1980 now we are being asked what it means to be a conservative. there are troubling trends. for small, there are those that believe that conservatism is an attitude, how angry can you get? how offensive can you be? how long can you be? -- speak? that is not conservatives isn't. conservatism is a set of fronts. has served this country for two centuries. it is limited government. it is not supposed to be involved in every aspect of our country. [applause]
3:51 pm
senator rubio: the principle that we have a constitution that defines the powers of government and limits than. a constitution guarantees government exists not to decide our rights, but to protect them. [applause] the principal larry free economy and free enterprise. the idea that our economy works best when individuals have the economic freedom to go out and put their dreams into action. and the principles of a strong national defense. not because we want war, but because we do not. because history has taught as a painful lesson time and again. that weakness is an enemy of peace and strength as an ally of peace. these principles, backed by real ideas, that is what conservative means. when our nation has been in trouble for over two centuries, it has largely been when it has abandoned those principles, as
3:52 pm
it has done over the last several years under the current president. and now a lot of americans are hurting. i understand they are. you know i understand americans are frustrated at hurting? because they are members of my family. these are people i know, not just things i read about in a book or a magazine article. whove people in my family are firefighters, teachers, nurses, and a live paycheck to paycheck. they live paycheck to paycheck. if their car breaks down next weekend is not under warranty they are in a lot of trouble. if the refrigerator stops working and they have to buy a new one, they have big problems. goes underitioning and they have to buy a new unit, i do not know how they will do it. they are in big trouble. they struggle every day. these are professional jobs. they went to school to be a nurse. they went to the economy to be a firefighter. they went to school to be a teacher, and they are struggling. . know people are frustrated
3:53 pm
i know people are angry. he worked really hard, they pay their taxes, they pay the mortgage on time, and they know someone else's gaming the system. someone else has decided i will not pay my mortgage at all, then the date will work with me to lower the payments. but they make their payments every month and the bank will not work with them. [applause] they know someone who has decided i will act like if i have social anxiety, so i can get long-term disability, even though i'm not disabled, they will pay me to stay home and i will make some extra money under the table in cash. they are gaming the system. [applause] and they get frustrated, and they say enough is enough. that is where leadership matters. that is where leadership steps forward and saying you have a right to be angry about all of that. we will fix it. what we see instead is a new brand of leadership which is no leadership at all. which says to people get angry, get even angrier, and let's take it out on these, and if
3:54 pm
everybody -- and it is everybody else's fault. the result is we are now a nation where people he's each other. we are now a nation where we are no longer apparently capable of activating seriously public holocene without immediately concluding that the person who disagrees with you is evil. [applause] senator rubio: this cannot continue. we really want to live in a country where americans hate each other? where people are capable of talking through an issue? this is why we have elections. other countries fight some awards over the stuff other countries the political leaders in jail when they lose election for political retribution. thing that the worst is a to happen as they run a nasty commercial about you. i'm passionate about my beliefs as anybody else. there is no one wanting president or any office in this country more passionate about the things i believe it when i him.
3:55 pm
but i was a human being, as a christian, as a fellow american and saying that just because you do not worry with me on the tax rate does not make you a bad person. just because you do not agree with me on helping the military should be does not make you evil. there has to be room for us to disagree on these things, to debate them. that's why we have elections. we continue on the road we are on right now, we will fracture at the seams. we are images on television we have not seen on this country -- in this country since 1960. images that make us look like a third world country. some of these are professional disruptors. i do not know what was going on with this gentleman. [laughter] i thought it was a practical joke. [laughter] senator rubio: but some are professional disruptors, they are hired and paid to be rude and nasty.
3:56 pm
i'm not excusing that. but you have a lead contender for president telling someone in the audience to punch someone in the face, i will pay your legal bills. that is wrong if our kids did it, that is disastrous president doesn't, as words of a president have consequences. [applause] senator rubio: they have consequences. they have consequences. we have to get rid of this idea that just because you are polite and makes you politically correct. political correctness is a term that gets thrown around very loosely. truth such a be spoken, yet be willing to speak to you but you can speak truth in a dignified manner. i believe that is critical when it comes to becoming president of the united states, because your words have consequences. when your candidate your words have consequences. the responsibility of the presidency is extraordinary.
3:57 pm
you do not have the luxury of saying anything you want, or anything that comes to mind. whether that is true in society, it is most of all true in a position of that importance. i'm here to tell you i'm running for president because while i know we have real challenges, i believe we can solve every single one of them. we have to do it. it will happen on its own. we have waited too long to do it, but we can do it. americans have proven for over two centuries that we can do anything. for over two centuries americans have proven that no challenges to big for us. we put a man on the moon. we have liberated nations. we won two world war, we cured diseases. we invented the internet. not al gore, but america. [applause] senator rubio: we can do anything. there is nothing we cannot do if we set our minds to it. but we have to do it now, because we're running out of time. [applause]
3:58 pm
and that is fine here to ask you for your vote. when i'm president of the united states we will return to follow the constitution. the constitution cannot mean whatever you want it to mean. if the constitution means whatever you want it to mean it means nothing at all. it means nothing. the constitution means whatever the people in charge of that moment means, it is a meaningless document. you become a nation of men instead of a nation of laws. [applause] the constitution means what it originally meant, and you want to change the constitution you have to get as amended through the amendment process on article five. i would love to see term limits on congress in the constitution. [applause] but you cannot have a president that has my ideas are so good, i am so why, that all you going to ignore the constitution.
3:59 pm
my ideas supersede the constitution. that is what we have now. we have a president that ignores the first amendment, or wants to. to that sheght believes in no right to live out the teaching of your faith. when i president, we will follow it [applause] . [applause] and that means that people will have a test to show right to say nasty things about it, and you will have the right to live out your faith in every aspect of your life and business. support the second amendment, saying only constitutional right to protect your families from terrorists, what have you. [applause] will respect the 10th amendment that says that government power resides largely in the state, and the reason why it should decide largely in the state -- [applause]
4:00 pm
and the reason why he should reside largely in the state is because the states are closer to you than the federal government is. if you have a problem with a state law, you know your legislators. senator rubio: he is a great friend of mine and a great legislature. we served together. trust me, people found us. at they did not like something that was going on, we heard from them. try to find a bureaucrat at the department of education. go and find someone at any federal division, they are so far removed. the federal government was never supposed to be this big, this involves. we will follow the 10 commitment and return power to the states. [applause] i am going to prove it. on my first day in office, i am going to prove it.
4:01 pm
i am going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional, executive orders. [applause] senator rubio: the second thing is, we need to get away from the jobs.hat creating i love hearing politicians say, i created 3 million jobs when i was governor. and then they say, no, private sectors. the private sector creates jobs. if you are living in the villages, that probably means you are pretty successful. you know, and even if you were an employee summer, the government did not create that job, the private sector does. how does it create the job? it is not some magical formula.
4:02 pm
someone had access to money, are owed it, someone lent it to them, invested in them, they saved it, max out their credit cards, used their life savings, someone got a hold of some money and they said, with this money, instead of buying bars of gold or leaving it in the bank, with this money, i am going to start a business and the business works. they take the money they made from the business, and they say, i believe so much in this business, i am going to grow it. they start businesses, hire people and that is what struck the economy. what is our job in the government? to make america the easiest place in the world for people to do that. that is our job. [applause] when i ambio: president, what i am going to do is support policies that make it easier or the private sectors to create jobs. that is why i have a serious plan to fix the tax code. it is a disastrous mess.
4:03 pm
when you go on my website, it is not talking points, it is a real plan. federal regulation kills jobs. every penny you have to spend complying with federal regulations is a penny you cannot spend too higher. that is why i have a real plan to balance the budget. that is why i have a plan to save social security and medicare. [applause] senator rubio: we talk about this -- talked about this at the debate. my mother is on social security and medicare, and i've told people, if it is bad for my mom, i am against it. here is the great news, we do not have to make any changes to my mom's social security and medicare. older, nothing has to change other than to make it better. i want to be honest with people, we need to stop lying to 45-year-olds like myself. our social security one all at the same as my parents. it will be bankrupt or we will
4:04 pm
have reformed it. right now, according to current laws, i am supposed to retire when i am 67, that is 20 years away. retire at 68o ar instead. if i was in the senate, i would be one of the youngest people there. [laughter] instead of 67, someone who is 20 something years away from retirement will have to retire at 68. if i made a lot of money because i was able to get a pair of general patton's boots and i keep them, let's make amount of a lot of money, my social security check will not grow as fast. me, could be the option of taking my medicare money to buy into a private plan
4:05 pm
that i like better. that already exists. it is called medicare advantage. it works well for a lot of people. is that too much to ask of my kids who are 10, 8, 16, 18 and you don't even know what medicare is? is? is that too much to ask for me in exchange for these programs? my mom cannot go out and get another job. she cannot begin working at 85 years of age. it would change her benefits. if we do not do anything, there will become a day when that will happen because the program is running out of money because for years, they have stole money out of it. they were using the money to fund everything else, and now they find themselves in the sticks. have two workers for every person who has retired and the mass does not add up. this is reckless. this is driving a debt that we
4:06 pm
will be for young americans over $23 trillion. it is immoral. usually, in america, we do not usually touch this issue without them running the commercials. marco rubio's got to take away our social security and medicaid or it no i am not. you know the people who are going to take it away? the people with her eyes closed. [applause] senator rubio: i wish we could. you deserve better than that. you deserve better than that. again, it is an issue i approach personally through the eyes of my mother who is in this program. we are not doing her a favor. that is her money. all of those years she worked at vegas,a made in las every two weeks in a dictator, there was a little thing in her stub that said, we took your money out and we will give it
4:07 pm
back to you when you retire. it is her money. they are spending it. now we need to figure out how we are going to save it so it never happens again. we will ask something from my generation. i think having to retire one to isefore i'm supposed not too much to ask after what my parents did for me and my family. [applause] senator rubio: you want to rebuild your economy, use your energy resources. we have coal, we can use that responsibly. we have been blessed with oil, fully use it. he went to use solar, biofuels, wind energy, renewables, let's nuits them, but this is ts if we do not use our resources.
4:08 pm
we do a better than anyone in the world. you want to reintegrate free enterprise, get rid of obamacare with my plan that puts you in charge. [applause] senator rubio: we are going to go back and limited government, re-embrace free enterprise. here is the one thing president needs to spend his or her time on, keeping us safe. the world is a dangerous place. i spoke of reagan a moment ago and the cold war, that was a dangerous time. we did not know it at the time, but it was actually balancing out because the soviet union and the united states had enough weapons to destroy all life on the planet, 10 times over, but neither one of them wanted to die. the sylvia did not want to die and we never did wanted to die, so no one use them. now they have people that want to die. now we have people that love death more than we love life. we have a big problem. you have a crazy sociopathic
4:09 pm
lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. he is not just weird, he is crazy. he has nuclear warhead and long-range missiles. he is the son of a dictator. they have never been punished, never been turned down for a date, never been told no. they were never put in timeout by the parents. i have no idea how this guys going to react under stress. the chinese communist party is out of control. they are taking over the most important ship embargo in the world. they are massively building up their military and catching up to us with technology. they steal hours and make it a little bit better. then you have vladimir putin creating instability in the middle east. the leading candidate in the republican party, donald trump, said he is a strong leader. it is easy to be a strong leader when elections are rigged, when you control the press, yes, it is easy to be a strong leader and you have all of that. [applause] senator rubio: there is no
4:10 pm
strength about him. he is authoritarian the kids he is not accountable to anybody. ofis taking advantage obama's weakness. byy had iran governed radical figures. he is a religious figure, not taking who believes his calling soto trigger an apocalypse this messianic figure is his role. jihadists are only spreading across the world. isis has affiliates in over one dozen countries. they are apocalyptic. they are spreading everywhere. what has this president done in the face of all of it? he is getting our military. who said golf?
4:11 pm
[laughter] i would have nor rubio: problem with him golfing if you rebuild our military. we will soon have the smallest army by the end. we will soon have the smallest navy have had in 100 years. we will soon have the smallest air force we have ever had, ever. the smallest air force we have ever had. the average age of an air force plane is 27 years old, which means the people flying the plane's are younger than the planes. not a good sign. we are gutting our military. in thisans cooperated when they passed the stupid sequester which i voted against. it is leaving us vulnerable and weekend. it is so unfair to our men and women in uniform. we are asking them to go into harms way, we still are. we are still asking american
4:12 pm
servicemen and women to step into harms way, but that now the -- but now they have to deal with less equipment and less people alongside them. this puts their lives in increased danger. that is why i am very clear with everyone. if you elect me president, we are going to undertake a reagan style rebuilding of the united states military. [applause] senator rubio: when i am president, we are going to have a real war on terror. i do not like war. i do not want war. we are a peaceful people. i have young kids. that means one of them may have to fight in it. i do not want war. i have to tell you, if you do not defeat the enemies, you will have four and isis and radical
4:13 pm
islam is an enemy of peace. there is no negotiation with them. [applause] there is not. defeat radical islam, we are going to have to work with muslims to do it, muslims that hate them as well. the king of jordan is a muslim. he is ready to fight them. [applause] senator rubio: the president of egypt is a muslim and he is ready to fight them, but we need to lead on this stuff. they need to provide troops, people on the ground to fight isis, but we need to get engaged. we are the leader of the free worlds and if we do, we can defeat isis. the best intelligence agencies and the world are going to find them in the rebuilt military is going to destroy them. what happens if we catch one of them alive? they are not getting a lawyer in the right to remain silent, they are going to guantanamo. [applause]
4:14 pm
senator rubio: we need to be an ally against war. look is wha what happened to is. it was founded as a homeland for the jewish people after the holocaust so that never again but they're not be a place for jewish people to live in peace, a jewish state. i also believe geopolitically it makes sense to be there ally, because while the middle east is the most unstable region of the world, there is one pro-american, free enterprise democracy in the middle east, the state of israel. [applause] senator rubio: today, we have a president who treats the state of israel and its prime minister with less respect than what he gives iran. that is why at the other day at the debate, when the issue came up in donald trump said he wanted to remain neutral, i do
4:15 pm
not know if you this or not, i do not think he is anti-israel, but his policy is. how are you going to work out a deal with the palestinian authority who teaches four-year-old kids that it is glorious to kill jewish people. ? aw are you going to reach thee agreement, with celebration of these people as great martyrs who have done a great thing, encouraging people and inciting them with violence or it i wish it was possible, but it is not. when you force israel into a negotiation that has no chance of achieving peace, you are weakening israel. i am going to be on israel's side when i am president of the united states. [applause] the world is: going to know we are on israel's side i first say in office, because after i am done repealing all of barack obama's
4:16 pm
unconstitutional executive orders, the next thing i'm going deal withepeal his iran. i am going to cancel it. [applause] by the way, as part of our national security, we need to take care of our veterans. i speak about this everywhere i go. as a senator from florida, literally, one out of four calls to my office, is a veteran having a hassle with the veterans administration. i want to recognize this, there are really good people at the veterans administration. i have met them. they are good. a lot of them are veterans and they care about veterans. they are frustrated because they know while they are working hard, there are bosses at the v.a. that are not doing a good job and no one is held accountable. in addition to the real-life stories we get calling in, today, calls to 58 suicide hotline go to voicemail. they go to voicemail.
4:17 pm
about one week ago, a veteran took his life. he had left a message on voicemail and they called them, they happen to: a day after he took his life. no one has been held accountable for that. no one has been fired. they have the power to fire them now, because a year and half ago i passed a law along with jeff miller, a congressman from florida, the v.a. accountability act which gave the v.a. secretary the power to fire senior executives at the v.a. that were not doing a good job and they are not using it. they're not firing anyone. when i am president, someone will be held accountable for that kind of thing and they will be fired. [applause] while we are: figuring all of this out, veterans are suffering. you have a va hospital in central florida years behind schedule, millions of dollars over budget, no one knows what is going on and no one can fix it. that is an outrage. when i am president, our
4:18 pm
veterans will be able to take the benefits to any hospital and doctor they want to go see. it is their benefits. [applause] senator rubio: let me answer this, because one of the things i have learned on the campaign trail, a lot of our veterans do not stop serving when they come home. if you go to any fire station in america, you're going to run into veterans. if you go into any police share's apartment, you will run into veterans. they come home and they become police officers. they keep serving. you read the press today and it is all this anti-police stuff. watch the videos of last night in chicago. you know who had to deal with the hassle those protesters and the ugliness? the police department. chicago police department and people with families at home and to go home to their kids. one of them had their head cracked open with some thoughts.
4:19 pm
--thubngs. they are dealing with this every day. a story of three police officers being shot, one of them died. it was her first a on the job. she was a marine reserve. and think should stop the police officers and firefighters and first responders for what they do for our country. [applause] senator rubio: as you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. we have problems. we can solve them all. i remember growing up, i said this of the debate the other night, my grandfather was a huge influence on our life or it he lived for us the first 13 years of my life before he passed away, and he would sit on the porch of our home in las vegas and he would always sit on the porch and smoked one of those three cigars he likes to, and we smoked a couple together.
4:20 pm
back, no, io cut had to give them up because my wife hates them. she does not like smoking in the house. [applause] that is un-american. [laughter] senator rubio: it is like the hardest smell to get read of. of.d someone said, to get it off your breath, you can drink rum. oh, ok. [laughter] come down to the villages. [laughter] and about 10 years, i am ready. [laughter] he was sitting on the porch, and one of the stories you told me has always stuck with me. he was a great storyteller. when he was young, one of the a cigarbs he had was worker in a factory.
4:21 pm
in the early days, they had to roll them by hand. the way you cap the workers entertain, is you would hire someone to read. if you people in cuba in those days new how to read, that was my grandfather. they would read a newspaper to the workers, and then when they were finished, they would read a novel. in 1899,i was born sick rowing up as a child, we lived on the south side of an air force base in las vegas. all kinds of warplanes of the sky all the time. it is very busy. up, he said,owing that did not happen. remember the days after 9/11 and the snow airplanes? imagine growing up without airplanes. they did not even exist as a kid, certainly not in cuba even years after that.
4:22 pm
yet, one night in the summer of 1969, he watched on television, and then stepped foot on the moon. just imagine for a young boy growing up looking at the moon, far away, to watch a human being step foot on the moon was annexed ordinary thing. it was impactful. -- was an extraordinary thing. it was impactful. was,he took away from it what can these people not do? that is the impact he took from that. [applause] senator rubio: that is what we are. that is what we have always been. that is still who we are. we are still the descendents of go-getters, every single one of us. american, you are the descendent of a go-getter, the descendent of someone who refuse to accept the circumstances of their birth and came to america in search of a better life, in search of fulfilling their opportunity.
4:23 pm
you are a descendent of an immigrant, whether it is you, your parents, your great-grandparents, you are the direct descendent of someone who live to someone else and said, i refuse to live in a place that is holding me back because god has given me the potential to be more so i'm going to go somewhere where they allow me to be who i am supposed to be. [applause] senator rubio: or you are the descendent of pilgrims and settlers, of people who have left the old country to come here because they were persecuted, or because they wanted more. you are the descendents of pioneers, of people who do not know what was west but they went to west and they settled land no one had ever lived on before, or the descendents of slaves, of people who overcame the most evil institution of mashable and the segregation that followed -- and national and eccentric -- nationale and the segregation that followed.
4:24 pm
we are go-getters in our dna. that is what makes us and upwardly mobile country. what is changed is every major institution in society has failed us. our political parties have failed us. instead of a place to pursue cy, they have become machines. instead of being a place for people to serve the people, it becomes a place for people to be served by the people, who are more interested in keeping the title then making a difference. where it doesn't matter what happens to social security and medicare, it is never the right time to deal with it because it could cost you my next election. we have been failed by the media, and i know it is easy to beat up on the media. they cover politics as entertainment instead of serious discourse. [applause] senator rubio: because i promise you this, i promise you this, if
4:25 pm
i stand here right now and hurled a personal insult, i will get a ton of coverage from those cameras. if i do not, only a handful of people find out this event ever happened. ok. we have been failed by higher education, by stagnant higher education that is a monopoly. areeges and universities the only ones allowed to serve degrees without providing a job in the worst part of it is, they borrowed money to pay for the degree so now they have thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans. and that you only job he can get, they could have gotten without the degree. we have been failed by every big institution. out they havefind cheated someone. they lied about something. they lied to their stockholders, investors, took multimillion
4:26 pm
dollar bonuses while the company was going into the tank. we have been failed by everyone and people are not confident in our institutions and it leads to anger and frustration. that is why leadership matters. leadership does not come to you and say, let's be angry and angrier. leadership says, yes, we have real problems and we also have answers and solutions. the solutions do not lie in one person. i always get uncomfortable and people say, we put all of our faith in you. i am a man. you cut me, i believe. i make mistakes. ask my wife. [laughter] senator rubio: we do not put confidence in men. we put our confidence in his system, a republic that says we the people govern ourselves by loving our fellow citizens to serve for a brief. office andtime in then they're supposed to come home and let someone else to do it. a systemrselves in
4:27 pm
of faith. we get rid of people who do a bad job. we send people who would do a good job. that is what we put her faith in. we put our real faith in our lives and communities. we know that the biggest impact we will ever have is the job we have as a husband and a wife, mother and father. he put our faith in the fact that the real america is not our government. america is not a government. it is a country made up of people who every single day are making a difference. volunteering today at sunday school, they made a difference. getting up tomorrow morning and open up the door of a small business that employs 10 people, they made a difference. tomorrow afternoon, leaving work an hour early to get the next one a ride to a doctor's visit gazette elderly gentleman orlie -- because that elderly lady or gentleman cannot drive
4:28 pm
themselves. they made a difference. when they took $10 a month to contribute to their church or charity, not because of a tax break, but their faith teaches them caring for one another is how we serve the lord. when we visit the crisis pregnancy center ice on south carolina, where the cyrillic women who will never have a book written about them -- where these heroic women, who will never have a book written about them, a movie made about them, are saving lives by convincing young girls not to give up on a life. they are making a difference. [applause] that is what wer rubio: place our faith in. this is what we have always been and this is what we must remain. this election is as much about that as anything else. world, youry in the go to latin america, the third world, they are be doubled by leaders who stand up and say, i am going to be a strong leader,
4:29 pm
i will solve all of your problems. give me your life and i will solve your problems. disaster.ends in our founders knew better and did not want that kind of system. our founders wanted to have a system where government was small and the power was in the government divided because they did not trust people. they did not trust what men and women do when given power, especially absolute power and now we are being asked to abandon that by society at large and politics today, and we should not. we will regret it for a long time if we do. instead, i ask you in this election to embrace us what made us great to begin with. to embrace leaders who understand what the proper role of government is, but do not ask you to give you their vote on fear and hopelessness, but instead to vote for them on the basis of how great our country can be if we do what needs to be done, because i believe with all my heart and i hope you do as well, that if we do what we need to do, we have a chance to lead
4:30 pm
this country better than it has ever been. the 21st century is made for us. there are literally hundreds of millions of people on this planet who can afford to buy things from us now. i am talking about people who are starting a decade ago. i am talking about people that two decades ago were literally eating and drinking water out of puddles and now these people drive cars. own homes and go on vacations and buy things in the stores, because after communism fell, free enterprise broke around the world and it listed people into prosperity and they want to buy things from us and trade with us and they want to be our investors and partners and collaborators and clients and customers. it is tailor made for us. the 21st century is about innovation. there are no more integrated people on the world than us. no one is more integrated than americans.


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