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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 14, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am EDT

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the voting rights act and making sure that everybody can participate fully in our democracy, at a moment when many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, in the senate, have said, we want the american people to decide who fills the supreme court vacancy . now, i'm a little skeptical about that, but let's assume that that's really your view of the world. if you don't want to do your job once the president send up the person and give the opportunity to be heard before the senate and the american people because you claim you want the american people to decide who that nominee is through the vehicle
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of the presidential election, then let's make sure that all of america kl participate in that process. that means let's remove any obstacles toll voting in every community. but we haven't seen a hearing in the house or the senate. i mean, i just don't understand. no hearing on supreme court nomination. no hearing on the voting rights act when the supreme court told us, go fix it. what exactly is going on. the american people are wondering. you see a lot of frustration out there directed at washington because oftentimes there are so many critical issues that we simply fail to deal with. i'm just hopeful today that as
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occasion tomorrow of these two american heroes being honored, representative johnson and representative lewis, that we can get back to doing the business of the american people in the spirit of service that they themselves have displayed through their life's work and deal with something some central to our democracy, which is the right to vote in an unfettered faction. and i yield back. mrs. beatty: thank you so much. you have given us a lot to reflect on tonight. you have given us the roll call of president after president has re-authorized the voting act. and as i was listening to you,
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uncommon there is an difficult nominator that we have a black man as president of these united states. and i want to stand here and say eloquently pect how my colleague walked us through the history, shared with us how 51 years ago, our colleague, john lewis, was putting his life at risk with other great leaders as a very young black man. it was because he understood what was at stake. he was probably ahead of his time. but when you think about that,
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everyone in this chamber wants to have that experience. and i can remember a year ago, almost today, that i took that journey to selma, alabama. took that journey where congressman john lewis, i took that journey with some of my colleagues on other side of the aisle who stood there and locked and latched hands and talked about how we should overcome. and for a moment, congressman jeff fridays, it gave me that hope that i came here for. that hope that one person would make a difference and change the lives of us. and wasn't 48 hours that we came back to this institution, to this house floor, and all of that was washed away.
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it was back to business as usual. no hearing, whether it's a budget hearing for funds to fund things from our infrastructure, things to educate and take care of our infants and children. mental health that we have all come to an agreement, with all the things that have happened during the time you and i have been here, congressman jeff fridays, the number of lives that have been lost. i think about the emmanuel nine nd we talk about that common ology and putting more money into mental health. the president puts it in the budget and we can't get a hearing. why does our work continue?
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our work continues, because it is so important for us as african-americans to make sure we protect those who are most at risk. mr. speaker, we have a huge job to to do. 46 members strong. and while we focus on the lives of american-americans and african-american communities, we stand here and fight of all children, of all ethnicity and that's what which do because we care. as i stand here today and reflect on congressman jeffries' have of the lives that en loss, it may me recall, i
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decided to write an editorial to my local newspaper and it was published. and mr. speaker, i would like to enter into the record, because that editorial was entitled, work toll improve the voting rights. t sounds like i was sitting in 1955. that gives me great concern. when i think about our topic tonight, our work continues and what matters in the african-american community. i think we've answered it tonight, whether it was from congressman john larson who is not a member of the caucus or al black representative johnson or representative lewis, we stand here as member of the
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congressional black caucus because we are the conscious of the black caucus. how much time is remaining? the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman has 13 minutes left. mrs. beatty: as i listened to you talk about the rich history and what we're dealing with today, i think about you serving on the judiciary committee and i think about how how as members of congress and members of the congressional black caucus, we oven talk about our broken prison system. we often talk about what happens top young children who go to college and then find themselves in that pipeline of education to
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prison. d like to ask you how do you think the decrease in black voters will affect that broken system? mr. jeffries: it's a great question and i look at it in two ways. first when you think of mass phenomenon inas a recognition of the fact that america imprisons more people than any other country in the world. and increasingly, we have become a country that overincarcerates and undereducates. as a result, we have lost generations of young people, disproportionately african-american and latino. 1971, president nixon declared publicly that drug abuse was
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public enemy number one and ere were less than 350,000 people incarpeted in america. that was the starting. and we have 2.3 million people incarcerated in america. and a significant number of those folks, approximately 50% at the federal level and similar numbers at the state level have nonviolent drug offenses and yet every single one of those people who have been incarcerated in america have lost the right to vote. some, permanently. some, temporarily with an opportunity to perhaps recover it. t more than a million people
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currently incarcerated. from the african-american community. and so our system is broken. our democracy is in need of adjustment. not an ere is understanding that the absence of refraining from participating in that democracy through exercising the franchise yields consequences that public policy makers will choose either intentionally or through benign neglect to allow things like mass incarceration to overwhelm a community, then we are going to continue to see things happen which are not in the best
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interests of america. and so electoral participation matters. certainly to the african-american community. the other thing we have got to look at in the context in the right to vote and there is some bipartisan support, senator rand paul on the other side of the capitol, has been very visionary this regard, that disenfranchising people who have been incarcerated in america, paid their debt to society, have moved on with their life, but to permanently restrict them, even in some cases where the conviction was for a misdemeanor offense, is un-american.
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ut someville used this type of disenfranchisement related to the industrial complex overwhelmed because of mass stop eration, to gain american democracy. we have to put everything on the table in terms of our effort to fix our broken criminal justice system which i'm pleased to date in the house on the house judiciary committee has been bipartisan in nature. but we have to take an expansive approach to repairing the damage that has been done over more than 40 years of a failed war on drugs, with millions upon millions upon millions of people
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stamped with a criminal record. i believe an excess of 65 million people during that time period disproportionately, african-americans and latinos. so it's one of one of many issues that are on the table that hopefully will result in folks understanding that the stakes are high as it relates to who represents you and the vehicle is just to participate. that's the great majesty of our democracy as it was conceived by the founders and those the government of the people, by the people and for the people through electoral participation. mrs. beatty: thank you so much, mr. jeff fridays.
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i pause -- jeff freest and you are absolutely right, the vehicle, the power of casting that he vote. the power of making a difference. i think one of the things, mr. speaker, that is so significant about the congressional black caucus, that's our history. it is our for fortitude toll give up. fight and not we have members of the congressional black caucus who were there during that time when u think about members like congressman john lewis. when you think about members like john conyers. john conyers, a black man, who will go down in history as the
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ongest-serving man in this congress. just think about it. a man who shares an office for almost two decades with rosa parks. the modern civil rights leader, who decided that she was going to sit down that day because she realized one person could make a difference. so, mr. speaker, we have gone through our whole history of the voting rights act. we have gone through the sections of the constitution. we have gone through what the supreme court has done. and yet, we can't get the re authorization of our voting rights act. o, mr. speaker, i say this
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we are holding field hearings so we can collect the information to come back here and tell you that the vehicle for american people rks that vehicle is the ball will the box. mr. speaker, as i stand here today, we have resolved, members of the congressional black caucus don't come just to complain and put issues out there, we are scholars. we like hearing that we are the conscience of the congress. but we are the scholars. we are howard and motherhouse and spelman and harvard and princeton and yale. we are the whole spectrum of this america that you and i serve. so i ask you today, mr. speaker,
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to consider that when we stand up the next time on this house floor, while members are sitting down, we are sitting down because i think you and congressman jeffries and all the rest of my colleagues in this chamber, we have an obligation to do more. innocent lives are being taken and there'something we can do about it. we could start with something that's been bipartisan. congressman jeffries mentioned it a number of times. and that is something as simple as passing a voting rightact. that would make a difference. i guess my question is, what are we afraid of? are we afraid if we increase the number of these who have been disenfranchised, those who have
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been discriminated ainst, that they will actually vote? they will actually have a voice to make a difference in the way they live and this wonderful america? i am asking you to go to your republican colleagues and ask them to stand with us that we can leave a great legacy in history. because history will be written when the first black president leaves these united states, we will read of all the wonderful things that president barack obama did. but we will also have those who will write part of that history .f us failing to do our job and i will reflect back on this day, when congressman jeffries and i stood at this congressial black caucus special ordehour and we said,
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the work continues, and why it matters in african-american communities that we vote. thank you, mr. speaker, and i yid back the rest of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the entlelady yields back. under the spieger's announced policy of january -- under the speak ears announced policy of january 6, 2015rks the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, for 30
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minutes. mr. gohmert spst it is always an honor to speak on this hallow floor. mr. gohmert: it is always an honor to speak on this hallowed floor. a report was made earlier today entitled "house poised to condemn isis for genocide on christians and other communities." it says the house is poised tole pass a bill that the claires that isis is committing genocide against christians and other religious minorities in the middle east putting even more pressure on the obama administration to do the same ahead of a deadline late they are week. the resolution passed the house foreign affairs committee with unanimous support and is expected to house the -- expected to pass the house with bipartisan backing. the resolution comes to a vote monday evening, just days after the release of a graphic new report by the knights of
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columbus and in defense of christians on isis atrocities. the report made the case that the terror campaign against christians and other minorities in syria, iraq, and other parts of the middle east is in fact genocide. quote, when isis systematically targets christians, yazidis, and other ethnic and religious minorities for ex--- ex-termings, this is not only a grave -- for ex-termings, this is not only a -- ex-termination this is not only a grave injustices be genocide. we must call the violence by its proper name, genocide. the resolution will be voted on aed of the congressionally mandated march 17 deadline for secretary of state john kerry and the white house to make a decision on whether to make such a declaration. the measure san effort to force the administration's hand on the issue. as the administration has so far
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declined to take an official position. ote, christians yazidis, and other beleaguered minority groups can find hope in this new transpartisan excue men call alliance against isis' barbaric onslaught, fortenberry, co-chair of the religious minorities of the middle east caucus and represents america's largest yazidi community. -- community said in the statement. so the measure received the backing of the house republican leadership. pall ryan calling on -- calling on the obama administration to take action in light of recent attacks against christians. the article goes on, from, indicates that it's rare for congress to make a genocide determination but in addition to the genocide
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resolution, the house is expected to vote on a measure creating an international tribunal to try isis members accused of atrocities. mr. speaker, it is pleasing to report that this house congressional resolution 75 expressing the sense of congress that the atrocities perpetrated isil, the islamic state and it's used different names, isil, isis, against religious and ethnic minorities in iraq and syria include war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. 393 yeas and zero nays. it's deeply troubling that although this house in a bipartisan way could vote 393
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for this resolution and zero gainst that secretary of state john kerry and president barack obama are having trouble deciding what they should do. is it possible they might just notice that in the house of representatives we came together what isis and said has been doing is genocide. for heaven's sake, for the sake of the christians, the yazidis, the jews in the area. is it too much to ask that this united states administration take notice that there is a genocide going on?
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and though the administration is not doing much of anything about it, is it too much to ask that this administration at least ? ll it what it is that this house on both sides of the aisle unanimously said the same thing. is it too much to ask, even if you're not going to fight the genocide, at least call it what it is. then that will embolden others with courage to stand up and fight more fearlessly, is that too much to ask? i hope and pray not, mr. speaker. in the meantime, what we find here at home, while we're still having the administration struggle over whether to call genocide, genocide, we have a eport from i.c.e., the
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immigration customs enforce, i.c.e., it's revealed that 124 illegal immigrant criminals released from jail by the obama administration since 2010 have been subsequently charged with murder. center for immigration studies report on the data from i.c.e. to the senate judiciary committee added that the committee is not releasing the names of these masses of murder suspects. quote, the criminal aliens released by i.c.e. in these years, who had already been convicted of thousands of crimes, are as responsible for a significant crime spree in erica communities, including 124 new homicides after the thousands of crimes they've already committed.
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before i.c.e. released them. inexplicably, i.c.e. is choosing to release some criminal aliens multiple times, said the report written by c.i.s.'s respected director of policy studies, jessica vaughan. she added that 75% were release dude to court orders or because their countries wouldn't take them back. what's more, her report said at in 2014 i.c.e. released 30,558 criminal aliens. that's illegal immigrants in the united states who committed have al atrocities, who been convicted already then they ere released of 92,347 crimes. wow.
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as the world suffers as this administration cannot determine whether or not to call the genocide of christians and other minority groups genocide, at the same time, it's been hard at work out of those thousands, tens of thousands of aliens who have committed criminal -- committed over 92,000 criminal acts against americans here in this country, the administration has been hard at work and deported 3%. f the tens of thousands of aliens illegally here who committed over 92,000 crimes and this administration has deported 3%. so much for protecting americans against all enemies foreign and
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omestic. article from paul bedard. lateest shocking review of obama's immigration policy, the list doesn't include those released by 300 so-called sanction tu area cities and those in custody. he said 30 jailens were charged with murder during that period. associated with 250 different communities in the united states with the most clustered in new york, california and texas. i would incertificate, mr. speaker, those who are not
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california, new york and texas, you cannot think for a minute that this is not already in your state. if you haven't heard about it, it's coming. memo about the subsequent crimes released, illegalses to the judiciary chairman chuck grassley, i said the jailens were charged with 135 homicide-related crimes, subsequent dr for my liberal friends, it means after released from i.c.e. custody. a total of 39 convictions have resulted from homicide-related charges. , two prior to i.c.e.eleased by i.c.e.,
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released them knowing that they had homicide-related convictions and they were released to kill again upon the american public, though they violated our laws to get here, they violated our laws to stay here. this administration has seen their release upon the american public, further. i.c.e., there are 156 criminal jailens that were released at twice by i.c.e. since 2013. between them, these criminals had 1,776 convictions. that kind of sounds patriotic. since 2013. i.c.e. has released 1,776
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riminals, with 1,776 convictions before their release in 2013, including burglary, larceny and all those things that hurt america. another article, also says, only a tiny percentage of the released criminals have been removed and reseffed the due process and remain at large without supervision while they await hearings. they are permitted to take advantage of this inefficient processing even though they are more likely to re-offend than they are to be granted legal status. some had multiple zip codes in the i.c.e. system and it
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includes more zip codes than the criminal jailens charged with murder through 2014. three more charged were 2015 and i.c.e. did not report their zip codes. and there are jailens released and that was in the other article. goes on to say isis previously disclosed that 75% of the homicidal criminal jailens were released due to court orders, most of those would be at gration judges who sit the discretion of the attorney general of the united states. o perhaps people can let our
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attorney general know that they would like our attorney general to pick some immigration judges who might actually enforce our law instead of forego the law so criminal jailens can commit more crimes against americans. and i know, i understand, there is so much going on, it's difficult to deal with these issues at the same time and the administration is struggling whether or not to say that the genocide going on in the middle east of christians and other minorities is actually genocide and taking so much blame power. even in here 393-0, the administration just can't decide if it really might be genocide
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or not. and in a separate communication, i.c.e. provided a list of the countries uncooperative and accepted their deported citizens. afghanistan, cape verdey, china, ba, gam bya, ghana, india, an, iraq, ivory coast, morocco, ll yeah, outh sudan, zimbabwe, gee, cuba? it's a real shame that as this administration that it was going to do for cuba and didn't bring this issue up. oh, by the way, the criminal
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yalens that had you come into our country are coming back to our country because these are your citizens, like it or not. apparently, i guess maybe with all the concentration of whether genocide is genocide, they weren't able to bring it to cuba or china. in afghanistan, one of my muslim friends, who is a great leader there in afghanistan, pointed out a few years ago, when he was talking about the leverage thalt united states has and should use to get afghanistan to do the right thing by its people and by the united states, i say, well, why do you think this was a visit in afghanistan. and i said why do you think we
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have much leverage? he said, this is a few years ago . he said you know what our budget? i didn't know. he said around $12 billion. dune how much of that the united states provides? he says we provide $1.5 billion and you provide most of the rest of it. he said you have plenty of leverage. but this administration and maybe they are so flustered in trying to decide that isis want to wipe chris taps and israel off the map ap trying to decide if that is a genocide, so they haven't had time to notice that we have massive leverage to get them to do the right thing and take back their criminal yaleens
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hat are in country i will yell your e 12 delsh 12th of budget. but again, i know this administration doesn't want to offend people that are killing american citizens. i get that. especially being that sensitive. algeria, commine -- china, india , iran, mr. speaker, i just can't help but wonder that before the president authorized 100 to $150 billion going to iran, if maybe it occurred in someone's mind, you know what? i'm going to save some american lives by forcing iran to take
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back the criminal jailens from ran that are not lawful if ily here in the united states. i wonder if anybody thought about it? did they think about it and send the message and maybe it didn't get to john kerry and didn't think about it on their own. gee. we know iran has said we are going to spend billions of dollars on weapons system and on terror groups. they said we are going to spend money on all these things. did it occur that that's bad enough that you are giving money that is going to be used to kill americans, jews, christians and terrorized the world, maybe if you could have helped american citizens and before we release
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it, you are going -- and never mind that they will violated the agreement over and over, but you, iran, are going to step back the criminal aliens that are killing and terrorizing americans in our country illegally. did anybody think of that? that is incredible. emcans are suffering. and then we get this report that, 61 s from immigrants and their children live in the united states. 3 million or so are here legally. but worth noting that the number of immigrants and their children
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grew six times faster than our nation's population between 1970 and 2015. since 1970 to 2015, our united ates population has grown by 59%. that's a good healthy growth. percentage ime, the of immigration growth has been ort number of immigrants in the united states, first generation that is, everybody here native americans weren't native one time, but first generation immigrants that imgrated in with children, that number has grown by 35 % over that same period.
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-- 353% over that same period. the number of immigrants and minor children from 1970 has othing been short of astonishing. it grew 358%. where as before thatd -- it grew from 55,000 immigrants to 1.75 million immigrants. that's just in georgia. so the immigrant level grew by 20 times faster, 25 times faster than the overall state population. o thank god for immigration. thank god for legal immigration, that is. ut when we abandon the rule of
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law and don't give ourselves time toll welcome legal immigrants into this country and educate them, there is a reason they have to be educated and they are supposed to learn our language and supposed to learn some history, because there is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with the right to vote. you need to understand how you say what ben franklin was a republic, madam, if you can keep it. you can't keep a republic if you don't educate people who are coming in and foreign to the idea of the responsibilities of maintaining a republic. you don't keep it. you can't keep it. and on the wave of that came hannon, orial from dan
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member of the european parliament. he spent the last summer in a whose tell in italy. and talks about the migrants hat came in and he says i have seen refugee columns before and they team to be made up of women and children. but the boat people landed in the coast guard, 80% were young men, young men, who i noticed took outs smartphones and looked for wifi and tell their relatives how good it was. he said migrants are treated as refugees and there's an implicit assumption that their displacement is our fault.
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in the weirdly narcissistic sense of the west, they're blamed for intervening in libya but not in syria but the lads i worked with in italy were from countries we never bombed except with aid money. mr. speaker, it's time we look seriously at the oath every member of congress, the senate, the president, the vice president, everybody in elected federal office takes. we are supposed to defend this constitution. that means we are to provide for the common defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic. and it's high time we took that more seriously. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas size? mr. fwomeert: i move that we do now hereby adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: thank you.
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the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. tomo >> up next, donald trump campaigns in ohio and then john kasich holds a campaign in his home state. after that, ted cruz talk to supporters in north carolina. later, senator marco rubio campaign in florida.
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>> campaign 2016 continues on tuesday with primary sticking place in missouri, illinois and swing states, ohio, north carolina and florida. live coverage of the election results, candidate speeches and reaction begins at 7 p.m. eastern. taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio and >> campaigning in ohio, donald trump spoke about trade, border security and the iran nuclear deal. he is introduced by new jersey governor and former gop presidential candidate chris christie. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the governor of the state of new jersey, chris christie. and the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump. [cheering] ♪
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[applause] gov. christie: good evening, ohio. my name is chris christie and i'm happy to tell you that tomorrow you will make ohio trump country. [cheering] america needs a strong leader to restore our hope and our strength and there is only one man to do it and that is donald trump. america needs someone in the white house who knows how to create jobs because he has done it and that man is donald trump. america needs a leader who will restore our military and have
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the backs of the men and the women in the army, and that is donald trump. america needs a leader who the rest of the world will respect because he is going to make america great again. that is donald trump. what you have to put up with here in ohio. higher spending from government. we don't need bigger sales taxes. we don't need that in washington. we need someone who will make government smaller, smarter and working for you, not the other way around, and that is donald trump. tomorrow, tomorrow, we need each and every one of you. your family, your friends, the people you work with, your neighbors to get out to the polls and make sure you vote for the person who will make america great again. donald j. trump.
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it is so great to see such a great crowd here today. we want you to go home after this, get some sleep, get up tomorrow morning, get to the polls and make america great again with donald trump. gentlemen, it is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [applause] mr. trump: wow, thank you. thank you, chris. so great. i got a call a couple of weeks ago from chris christie and he said i really think what has happened. it is something special. whether it is momentum or whatever, we have something going that people have not seen before. it is really a drive. honestly, they are talking about one of the greatest things they have seen on political history. it has been on the cover of
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"time," every newspaper. it is really something special. we are going to make our country so much better. it is going to be great again and it is going to happen quickly. [applause] to -- ist wanted changed my plans a little bit. we are doing great in florida, great in illinois. missouri, i think we will have a tremendous day. i have to come out here and explain a couple of things because what is going on -- i don't know if you read "the art of the deal," but i worked ofor a long time in ohio. it was in cincinnati. it was a great success. it was a horrible job. it was a mess. i took it over, i fixed it. i come out here all the time. i bought it for x and sold it for x.
9:54 pm
after that, the job did not do too well but we were gone. usually we hold but this time we did not. it gave me an unbelievable feeling for the people of ohio. i have stayed here, work here, and i like thove the people of ohio. it was really one of my first big jobs. 1164 units and we bought it from the fha for nothing and sold it for a lot of money. it is like if you are a baseball player and you get that first hit, or if you are a golfer. it gave me a great confidence and i have always loved this place. i just wanted to tell you that, folks. thank you, thank you. began very strongly in june. june 16, to be exact. i said to my wife, we have to do this. this is something we have to do.
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our country is being so badly led, led into this horrible deal with iran. this deal will repay $350 bil lion. we get nothing. we should have never started negotiating the deal until we got our prisoners back. [applause] they never once walked, did anything. constantly, you would see back in iran, people dancing in the streets before the deal was done. they are dancing, calling us all stupid. the deal was a joke. it was a joke. it was one of the worst negotiated transaction of any kind i have ever seen. they could have walked, they could have gone in and said before we start, we need our prisoners back. this would be 3.5, four years ago. they would have said no. the persians being great
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negotiators. and then, we get up and walk and we go out and doubled up the sanctions. within 24 hours, they would call back and say we are giving you back the prisoners. then, we go in a second time and say, listen, we have a problem. we owe $19 trillion. we cannot give you the $150 billion back. cannot do it. i tell that story. some of the media who, by the way, are the most dishonest people on earth. the worst. [applause] [booing] mr. trump: boo. so true. so true. crowdlook at his massive in this big hangar. we set this up like, what, 15 hours ago, right?
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just look, because i wanted to come up. this is a place i want to win. this is going to do it. ohio is going to make america great again. [applause] cannot make america great again. can't do it. he can do it. 't do it. if you didn't hit oil, you would have had a disaster. this would have been as bad as any of them. you got lucky. oil has now gone way down but yet your budget has gone up 35% more than any other state in the united states. that means you will have a big problem. it has are even talked about. two days ago, i was in cleveland. it was unbelievable. like, 25,000 people. just before i went on, one of the managers of the arena came over. patrick and raymond park, they
9:58 pm
own it. they do a beautiful job. he said it is so sad. right over there, edencorp going to mexico. ford going to mexico. he pointed to other places and i said, wow, that is sad. that is what is happening, folks. with me, it will not happen anymore. we will not be the dummies anymore. we are not going to be the dummies anymore. [applause] you are losing your job, your income, your factories. they are going to china, going to mexico. japan is killing us with the cars. now it is vietnam, india, everybody. we don't make good deals anymore. we don't win anymore. where do we win? we lose on trade, the military. we cannot beat isis. we can't beat isis>
9:59 pm
. here we have a military and cannot beat isis> we. we all know how to win anymore. it is not in our culture anymore. the old expression, to the victor belong the spoils. i did not want to go in. you are going to destabilize the entire middle east and they went into iraq and it was a mistake. now, obama gets out. the way he got out was so bad. he puts out a date. the enemy says, wow. they cannot believe it. he pushes out a date. bad thing to do. in all fairness, we should not have been there but we should me troops some trutoop behind. iran is taking over iraq. iraq as the second largest oil reserves in the world. the iran deal -- i used to say
10:00 pm
one of the greatest deals i have ever seen was the iran deal, but actually, the greatest deal i have seen is just now. iran is taking over iraq. second largest oil reserves in the world. that is the greatest deal. they have been fighting with the q forever and they go 10 feet one-way, 10 feet the other way and then they rest. then they go again. for years and years, they fought. but they were the same. they were equal military strength. saddam hussein would drop gas. they would complain, they would drop gas. this went on forever. and then we obliterated one of the two powers. to me, it was obvious. i said, don't do it. now, iran is taking over iraq. iran is going in with yemen. they don't want yemen, but they like the long, big, beautiful border that separates yemen from saudi arabia. i've been pretty good with these
10:01 pm
predictions. when i wrote a book in the year 2000, i mentioned in the book osama bin laden. everybody said don't forget that was a year and a half before the world trade center came down. everybody said, i don't believe it. an announcer in the morning said, wait a minute. trump was talking about osama bin laden before he knocked down the world trade center. the guy said no way and they looked at the book. that is what i did. we had to take them out. we had opportunities to take him out. i'm good on the prognostication. wholeago, i did this crazy political thing. we have been supporters and friends for a long time. i said take the oil. i did not want to be there, but now we are. if you are going to leave, take the oil, take the oil. i kept saying that and they said
10:02 pm
you cannot take the oil. what a terrible thing. this is a sovereign country. a country that was blown off the face of the earth. you have the leaders that were left behind were totally corrupt. [applause] horrible. horrible. these were corrupt people. that is what happened with isis. they would not include these people and isis turned out to be a lot tougher and smarter than the people we chose. they did not include them. who has the oil? iran has the oil and isis. what do we have? we spent years there. $2 trillion in costs. thousands of lives, wounded warriors who we love all over the place. what do we have? we have nothing. if our leaders would have gone away, tell them to go away to
10:03 pm
the beach and sun themselves for four years, we hav would have been better off. saddam hussein was not a good person. who cares? he was great at killing terrorists. he would kill terrorists. now iraq is harvard university for terrorists. that is what they do. they kill. we don't do -- they develop terrorists all over the place now. it is far worse than before we started. in the meantime, we have our country. it is crumbling. you look at our airports, hospitals, roads and highways, the bridges are falling down. you look at our schools. our country is falling apart. we have become third world in many respects. qatar, someubai, of these places and you land at
10:04 pm
airports. you say, oh, man, look at this airport. and they were showing me this beautiful airport. i said akbar -- nice guy. i get along with everybody. they were showing me, the head of the airline -- this is this and this is that. we have spas for the people. i said this is beautiful. he said, no, no, this is just a temporary. the real airport is being built over there. i get back on my plane and land in laguardia with potholes all over them. we are becoming third world. here is a story. it is so important to vote tomorrow. you got to vote. if you have a headache -- [applause] if you are dying, i mean, if you
10:05 pm
are dying -- if you just went to your doctor, although that would cost too much because of obamacare. replacingealing and obamacare. [applause] but if you go to your doctor and he tells you it is over, it is just done. you are done. you are going to be dead in three weeks. doesn't matter. get out tomorrow and vote. think about your children, your family. get out tomorrow and vote, ok? you got to do it. it is a movement like they have not seen. i tell you what, the cover of "time" four times, take a look. that is what they are writing. the single biggest story in politics today in the world is what is happening, of all things, to the republican party. we had a party that was
10:06 pm
obsolete. mitt romney could not run for dog catcher. this guy was a disaster. haved a party that should one the last election. i backed mccain, he lost. i backed romney, he lost. i said this time we are going to do it ourselves, folks. we are going to do it right. [applause] we got to do it right. so, the biggest story in politics worldwide, it is all over the world, is what is happening with the republican party. here is the story -- i have won 16 states. i think we will have a great day tomorrow. [applause] closest is youis get out and vote. i think we will have a phenomenal day. florida is looking fantastic. florida is really looking -- a senator that does not show up
10:07 pm
to vote. how would you like to have a senator that does not show up to vote? you cannot have that either but florida is looking really fantastic. they have a little bit of the same characteristics. you have rubio who does not vote. and your governor is absentee. he goes -- listen to this because i know. i still work. i have a job. so, your governor kasich, if you look at him -- i'm being totally impartial. he goes to new hampshire, he is living in new hampshire. where's chris? even more than chris christie, he was there. right? even more. i hated to do that, but i had to make my point. he goes to new hampshire. he lives there. he loses badly. he gets killed. i win in a landslide.
10:08 pm
i love the people of new hampshire. they gave me my first big victory and it was early on. everybody wants to win iowa so they can win new hampshire, i won new hampshire. we go to south carolina. i'm not supposed to win that because it is heavily evangelical, but i'm a great christian and i understand evangelicals. an evangelical is smart and they don't want to remember -- lying ted cruz. he is lying ted cruz. he walks in with his nonsense, his phony stuff. he lifts the bible up high and says here i am, i'm lying ted cruz and then he starts lying for the whole night. he knows what your position is. he tells people of the opposite. what he did to ben carson, who just endorse me by the way. [applause] great got.
10:09 pm
uy. in iowa, ben was doing really well and i was. ted cruz said that ben carson just quit the race and the voting was not close to ending. right after the race ended, he called him and apologized. give me a break. i don't know if ben has forgotten that were forgiven that. ben endorsed me a couple of days ago. you know who else endorsed me was sheriff joe. you know you are tough on the borders if he endorses you. we have sheriff joe. we have sarah palin who endorsed. jerry falwell, jr. from liberty university -- so great. he really helped me with evangelicals. we go to south carolina and that is going to be ted cruz country.
10:10 pm
that is lying ted cruz country. we go and everybody says he is going to win. who wins? trump. who gets the military, the vets -- because when they are leaving, they do the polls. i owwon with the military, the vets, evangelicals, everybody. i won with women, men. i won with highly educated. i won with less than highly educated. we won with every single category. it has been great. same thing with nevada. i win with nevada in a landslide. the big thing is this -- i say hello to the people that work at the polling booths. a woman comes up to me in new hampshire and she says you know what, i have been doing this for 40 years. in 40 years, we used to have three people, another four people. it was very light. i looked at the lines.
10:11 pm
they were five blocks long. we have taken in millions and millions and millions of people within the republican party. they came out from the democrats. they came as the independents. the thing i'm most proud of -- i see it when i sign and shake cans with people -- every 20th person says, you know, i have never, ever voted before. we are talking about 40-year-old people. are you going to vote? have you never voted before? thank you. that is so cool. who has never voted before? wow. and you are all voting, right? i'm telling you. they just said it on one of the stations coming in. it is a phenomena and it is phenomenal. so many people. they said i never wanted to vote
10:12 pm
because i have never seen anybody i wanted to vote for. we have the democrats and we are up millions and millions of votes. it is interesting. i watched lying ted a little while ago and he was saying i'm the only 1 -- he is a good debater but he cannot talk -- he says on the only one who can beat trump. i beat him five times. it is like a professional debate artist. i have won every debate. i don't understand it. they do the drudge, polls after the debates. after every single debate, time magazine, drudge, they do polls. i think i have won every single one. really. lying ted goes, i have to tell you, i'm the only one who can stop trump. nobody else.
10:13 pm
i have beaten him five times. and then i said to myself, is anybody going to speak up? nobody does. at the debate, he says i have been him five times. and i said, yeah, but i have been you 15 times. [applause] i don't know. he is lying ted. so important. we have so many different problems. i want to read you something because i love it. we need security. we need borders. we are going to build a wall. the wall will be built. [applause] built,l is going to be 100%. build that wall, build that wall, build that wall. [chanting] it is going to be built.
10:14 pm
who's going to pay for the wall? mexico. 100%. we have a trade deficit with mexico, folks. they used to say you cannot build a wall and then i said the great wall of china is 13,000 miles long, much bigger, and it was built 2000 years ago. why can't we? day, i hear these guys saying we're going to build a wall. my wife heard it and she said i think they just said that. then, they say, you cannot get mexico to pay for the wall. ok, remember this -- anybody in the audience can do it. almost everybody in the audience is smarter than the people running our country. [applause]
10:15 pm
this, remember this. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. a lot of money. it is going to be like the old post office. under budget, ahead of schedule -- it is going to be a great. the thing i do best is build. we are going to build it. it is going to cost $10 billion. that looks pretty good. that is up there. they don't build them like they used to. it is going to be right up there. probably higher than that. 45-50 feet. here is the story. you are never going to be able to get mexico to pay 100%. no way, these are the people of running against. we have a trade deficit with mexico. $58 billion, right? the wall is going to cost $10
10:16 pm
billion. they are going to pay for the wall. ,hen you have $58 billion and you want $10 billion to pay for the wall -- there are various ways they can do it and i'm not pushy. they are going to pay for the wall. so easy, so easy. you probably saw the other day vicente fox, the ex-president. what did he do? he threw out the "f" bomb. if i did that, i would get the electric chair. they would say it is the electric chair. nobody even talked about it. what he did was good because he said there was no way we are going to pay for the you know what wall. vicente. there is no way -- really angry and arrogant. i love the people of mexico. i have thousands of employees.
10:17 pm
thepanics -- iwi win in poles with hispanics in addition to every other group because i will bring jobs back. i'm bringing the jobs back. i'm bringing them back from china, from mexico. i'm bringing jobs back. vicente fox, the good and the bad, he said there is no way we are going to pay for the you know what wall and angry. i said we have made progress because he used to say there is no way we are going to build a wall. now, he accepts it is going to be built. that is good. [applause] now, we will just make a little deal and you will pay otherwise we are going to have a little problem. don't forget, the $58 billion a year does not include all the drugs that are pouring across and poisoning arour youth. the one thing i said to the people of new hampshire because
10:18 pm
they were so good to me and the victory was so conclusive. it was my first victory as a politician. some people give me credit. they said it is a phenomenon and he has never done it before. it is like common sense. that is why we have these crowds. that is why it is a movement because it is a movement. when i go to dallas, 21,000 people. we just left north carolina where i think we are going to do great. we had a room that held 2000 people. it was set up quickly. they had between 9000 and 10,000 people outside listening. we had to send them away. there is something going on. ok, ok. here's the story -- we are going to do things that the country is not used to doing. it is called we are going to win. it is very simple -- win. to want to read you this because i love it. some of you may have heard it. i love doing it, i love reading it. it was written by al wilson a
10:19 pm
long time ago. it was actually a song. i think it is great. we have a tremendous problem with terrorism and a tremendous problem -- i don't know if you agree with me -- but we cannot let people into our country that we don't know who they are, what they are doing, where they are. they have no paperwork cleared we cannot d. we cannot do it. we can build in syria and build a safe zone. states toget gulf pay so much money that they would not believe it. we are paying for everything. people think we spend a lot on our military. we spend a lot taking care of all of these rich countries that do not reimburse us properly. i love south korea. i love japan, but japan, if we get attacked, japan does not have to do anything. if japan gets attacked, we just started world war iii. what kind of deals are these?
10:20 pm
don't worry. when we talk about terror and terrorism -- remember this poem. we talked about the wrong people coming into our country, right? we cannot allow it. i love you. look at this crowd. i love you. [applause] this is amazing. ok, are you ready? this is called "the snake." morning,y to work one down the path along the lake, a tenderhearted woman saw a poor, half frozen snake. her pretty colored skin had been off roster with the dew. oh, well, she cried, i will take you in and i will take care of you. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake. sighed the broken snake. she wrapped him up and then laid
10:21 pm
him by the fireside with honey and some milk. now she hurried home from work at night. as soon it she arrived, she found that pretty snake she had taken in had been revived. he was happy. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake, sighed the broken snake. now she clutched him to her bosom. you are so beautiful, she cried. if i had not run you in by now, evans, you might have died. now she stroked his pretty skin and then kissed him and held him tight. instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake.
10:22 pm
take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed that vicious snake. i save you, cried the woman, and you bit me, why? you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. oh, shut up, silly woman. , said the reptile with a grin. you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. [applause] right? right? [cheering] [chanting "usa"] usa.rump: usa,
10:23 pm
so, we don't know what we are doing, folks, and we have to learn. we are going to make america great again. we are going to do a few things. the main thing i want you to do tonight is go home, go to sleep, get a good rest, go out tomorrow. you have to beat kasich. he is not going to be a great president. he is not going to be strong. he is weak on the orders. when he was a congressman, he signed nafta and it destroyed ohio. now he wants to sign ppp. that is going to be worse. i have studied it so carefully. that is going to be worse for ohio. it will take all of your car business out. the car business is going to be destroyed by tpp and he wants it. nobody knows why he wants it, including himself. maybe one of his lobbyists are
10:24 pm
demanding it. may be the special interests from the cars or something are demanding it. may be one of the other countries that are going to benefit are demanding it. who knows? it is absolutely crazy. then don't even talk about monetary manipulation. it is 6000 pages long. it is 12 countries at least. we are going to make trade agreements. boom, boom. do them with individual countries that deserve it. don't do it with a mass group. you watch. china, they are watching. they are not in the agreement now but they are watching and they will come in through the back door at a later date and take it over and will continue to laugh at how stupid our country and how stupid our leaders are.
10:25 pm
it will not happen if on the i'm the leader. it won't happen. [applause] i love china. i love mexico. it is all great. their leaders are too smart for our leaders. bank of china. think of china. trade deficit. $500 billion. i'm a commonsense person and i would like to think on the commonsense person. i'm very conservative on the military, with the veterans. the veterans will be taken care of, folks. better than ever before by a factor of 10. i'm very conservative on the border. nobody remember sheriff joe. i'm conservative on health care. the second amendment, we will keep our second amendment. when it comes to trade, i love free-trade.
10:26 pm
that is good if you have smart people. but, we don't. we have the opposite. i'm trying to be nice. we have the opposite. here is the story -- we are going to have trade agreements. we are not going to have agreements where they are good for certain people. i'm cell funding my own campaign. -- self funding my own campaign. when that big plane flies trump iso, paying for it. it is expensive. made in the usa -- it is called boeing. look, i'm paying for it. i'm self funding. i don't know if i get credit for that. i have spent a lot of money on the campaign. here is a beauty -- in new hampshire, i have spent about $2.5 million
10:27 pm
. other people spent about $58 million and came in fifth or sixth. who do you want as president? nice if we can spend the least and get the best result? woulndn't that be nice? in education in the world, 30 countries, the united states is number 30, but it is number one on costs. costs per pupil. by the way, cost per pupil is not even close. we are so much higher than number two that we don't even talk about number two. we are number one on cost and the worst in terms of the education. you have norway, sweden, denmark, china. some countries that u.n. never heard of befor -- that you have never heard of before. we are going to change it
10:28 pm
around. we are not going to have -- let me tell you, i don't know if i get credit for self funding my campaign, but these guys are not stupid people. how do they make a deal so stupid? their lobbyists told them to make it. they are totally controlled by the lobbyists and special interest. when i tell carrier, that just announced they are moving, this is your president. this is not very presidential. my wife said and ivanka said -- has anybody ever heard of ivanka. they said you are doing great in the debates, but act presidential tonight. what does that mean? she said act presidential. when they come at you with things, just stand there and act presidential. i told this to the press. i can be more presidential than
10:29 pm
any president the united states has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. honest abe was seriously presidential. honest abe, i don't think i can beat him. i have never said that before. so what does that mean? that means when they come at you -- i said i cannot do that, but i did. i was proud of myself and i won that debate. , according to the polls. look, so they say, act presidential. this is not presidential. the president of the united states -- i'm more interested in having jobs in this country than i am in acting presidential. i have carl icahn, some of the greatest business people in the world. we have the best negotiators, best business people. i have carl icahn, great people. this is too easy.
10:30 pm
carrier announced they are getting rid of 1400 jobs. buy carrier air-conditioners. i used to be we had seen its, rca, ge, we don't have anything anymore. they are all made over in south korea. -- i orderedmade thousands and thousands of televisions. can we buy them in the u.s.? no weekend. here's what happens with carrier. they announced they are moving and i am not happy. because what do we get out of it? they laid off 1400 great workers .ho helped the company you see these people, they are crying, they are devastated, they had a great job. we are moving to mexico, i'm sorry. we are moving to mexico. here's what i do.
10:31 pm
i call up the head of carrier and i say very nicely and with great respect, hello this is donald trump i am the president of the united states and i am not happy about what you are doing moving carrier out of this country. president, say, mr. -- remember this, hillary does not have the strength to be president. if hillary is president, her special interests will call her, her lobbyists will call her, her fundraisers will call her, and she knows it is a betting but she will not do anything about it. if little marko gets called, 100% he will do whatever his lobbyists tell him. they will say, marco you can't do this. supported you, they give you $5 million, and he is going to say ok. he is got lobbyists.
10:32 pm
the forget, in his personal financial disclosure form -- he is going to be robin hood. he is protecting everyone from the big bad banks. but he has loans from the big bad banks. he forgot to put his loans. he forgot to put his loans in his disclosure forms. he just forgot. say to the interest rate is so low that you are practically not paying any interest. have lyinge like to ted's interest rate? so the truth is they are totally controlled 100% and you can practically go to washington, it will tell you, who is the robbie is for rubio? oh, this one, this one. with me, no lobbyists. i have contributed to everybody, i put in the greatest personal financial statement in the history of the united states
10:33 pm
.overnment, almost 100 pages an unbelievable company, tremendous cash flow. can you imagine if that was bad? you have heard from those guys, they are so upset at how good it is. i built a great company. they are devastated, they are so dishonest and disgusting. there are devastated. here's a story. because story -- only -- the recent i want to do it myself is because i love to do it myself. i will get the president on the let me just tell you something mr. president of carrier. here's the story, are you ready? this applies to forward, to nabisco who is moving to mexico and i'm not eating oreos anymore. so, here is the story. i say that it is just too easy
10:34 pm
not do it myself. i'm not supposed to be calling up companies, but i'm going to do it. the story. i'm going to tell him, congratulations on your move, i hope you build a beautiful facility. good luck with your employees, the 4000 people that were fired are all devastated and right now they are working part-time jobs because you can't get good jobs in this country. so, good luck with you, i just want to tell you one thing before i hang up. every air-conditioning unit that is made by carrier that crosses our now very strong border is going to be taxed at the rate of 35% for you per unit. all right? [applause] single one.very with the other guys, you'll get one of the lobbyists and they will forget. here's what they will say. -- i will getnt,
10:35 pm
a call within 24 hours. this isn't like, 95%. this is 100%. i will get a call and he will say mr. president, carrier has decided to stay in the united states. 100%. build a newey will plant and maybe a new factory, and maybe they will do lots of things and i don't care where they build it as long as it is in our country, right? arethey are staying, and we not going to let these other countries manipulate their currencies. these countries are manipulating their currencies, making it impossible for all of you to compete in for your company to compete. that is why you are closing up companies all over ohio. that is why the steel industry is a disaster. i will bring it back. that is why the coal industry in ohio is a disaster. i will bring your industry back.
10:36 pm
you will have clean coal whether you are in kentucky or west virginia or ohio. we are going to go back and we have technology now, and we are going to have clean coal. your call industry is dead, your steel industry is dead. your governor is totally overrated. andasn't done a thing without oil you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union, bailey me. -- believe me. so, i am going to ask you to get up tomorrow and vote. and i will tell you the bottom line. you are going to be so happy, you are going to be remembering this evening, and you are going to say this was the single greatest boat i have ever cast. you will be proud of your president. i'm you, i'm you. yourill be proud of president, so proud of your country. and we are going to start winning again.
10:37 pm
we are going to win with our military. games is going to play with us, nobody is going to mess with us. we are going to win with our vets. we are going to finally take care of our vets. we are going to win at the border, win with the second amendment, when with getting rid of common core. we are going to win with health care, we are going to terminate obamacare. we are going to have something that is so much less expensive and so much better. we are going to win, win, win. we are going to win so much you are going to be so proud of your country again. i love you ohio. you can make the difference. you can make a difference. tell your friends, both for trump. i promise you i am going to do such a great job. you are going to look back to years from now, 10 years now, 20 years from now, and his sake that was the single greatest vote i ever cast. we are bringing your business
10:38 pm
back, bringing your jobs back. i love you, ohio. thank you. [applause] ♪ campaign 2016 continues on tuesday, with primaries taking place in missouri, illinois, and swing states of ohio, with carolina, and florida. life results, your reactions, begin at 7:00 eastern. taking you to the road to the white house. ohio's primary tomorrow is a battleground for both the democrats and republicans. joining us from lummus is chrissie thompson. thank you for being up with us. chrissie: let's begin with the gop --
10:39 pm
weekend, this is already shaping up to be a close battle as john kasich fight for a win in the state's that can propel him into next few weeks. tries to swoopp up ohio's winner take all 66 delegates in addition to the 99 it looks like he will pick up in florida and really cemented his lead. on friday after the violence that broke out, some of the trump's rally in chicago, it really turned into more of a battle for the soul of the republican party. i guess what i mean by that is there are so many people saying there are two different kinds of campaigns, two different kinds of candidates that we are seeing . this is a battle to see who republicans are going to elevate.
10:40 pm
but i going to elevate someone like john kasich who is more experienced and has tried to run a relatively positive campaign, or will they elevate a candidate who many people feel is condoning some of the violence and scuffles we are seeing at rallies. the quintessential swing state. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. what they say on tuesday is very important to what voters will say nationally. host: this surprise development overnight. to campaign appearances by mitt romney with governor kasich. not an endorsement, but basically telling ohio republicans to vote for governor kasich. does it all anyway to, is there any significant to these appearances? chrissie: the biggest significance is it draws a lot of the attention. this is the first time that governor romney has appeared candidate,idential
10:41 pm
and although he is not endorsing kasich, it is a strong show of support for this effort to stop donald trump and say, john kasich has the best chance of beating him here in a while. ohio.stingly -- here in there is a finite number of reporters in the state right now. this appearance right now in columbus is going to be a chance for governor romney to draw some attention from reporters who might be covering donald trump. that has been the big issue for john kasich, being lost in the media in his own state. he is a popular governor here among republicans, that there is a question as to whether he has a chance of winning the foundation. he doesn't have a chance of winning it outright. he has to persuade people who tend to like him that he will be
10:42 pm
able to take their vote to the white house. john kasich has never lost an election in ohio. with polls showing this a dead heat between trump and kasich, whited senator cruz stop by in columbus yesterday? chrissie: super interesting. we saw from senator cruz -- , he thinks he has a chance of being the nominee and right now he has a mathematical chance of winning outright. so if he is the nominee in the fall, he will need a lot of ohio republicans on his side. that was one factor, but more specifically, senator cruz's campaign has been really open that they want this to be a one-on-one race with donald trump come was a morning and they had been campaigning in florida to get marco rubio out of the race. -- acknowledging
10:43 pm
i think we saw here in columbus was the same sort of tactic. john kasich having a real shot of the feeding donald trump makes them nervous. they would rather have a two-person race. to take a fewuz percentage points away kasich, that could cause him to suffer defeat. host: let's turn our attention to the democrats. eight years ago hillary clinton one the ohio primary. following the win last year by senator bernie sanders in michigan, polls now show that the races competitive in ohio. what can you tell us? chrissie: competitive is a good way to describe it. in some polls is five percentage --nts and as far as part apart recently as 15. honestly, we are not sure what will happen tomorrow.
10:44 pm
one thing people need to remember is that one of the ways of determining likely voters is looking at whether people have voted in the past. a lot of bernie sanders supporters have never voted before. they are too young. so, we don't really know what turnout is going to look out. ohio state university is on spring break. all sorts of different factors there. bernie sanders was supposed to be defeated easily by hillary clinton in michigan, and there is some question as to whether he can pull off a similar surprise here in ohio. a blue-collar state that has traditionally supported centrist democrats. it bernie sanders were to pull off a victory here, that would really say more than just the delegates and all that, that his message is resounding in the midwest and swing states, and
10:45 pm
really that he could have a chance to be a formidable opponent not only to clinton but republicans in the fall. host: how significant was the court ruling last fall that those who are 17 turning 18 can vote in tomorrow's primary. chrissie: i don't think it is very significant. we had asked our local board of elections about how they would handle these of 17-year-olds. ,hey said they had only gotten if you look at the thousands of absentee ballots, only 50 people had requested a ballot and only 10 turned it in. there is just not that many people up for grabs. the recent they did iss is because if the state going to be close, is going to be very close. even if there are only a couple hundred or couple thousand of those students who decide to
10:46 pm
exercise the ability to vote, it certainly could make an impact. host: chrissie thompson is politics reporter for the cincinnati inquirer. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. chrissie: thank you. >> ohio governor john kasich spoke to supporters and hang -- in his home state. kasich is joined by former republican presidential candidate mitt romney at this westerville, ohio rally. [applause]
10:47 pm
mr. romney: wow, what a welcome. wow, that is quite a welcome. karen, they must know you here. john, this is your hometown, right? [applause] that is pretty impressive when the people in your town come out interview on like this. who are you going to vote for tomorrow? yeah, exactly right. boy, this is exciting. i came here to make it real clear that all of america is watching what ohio does because ohio is carrying out a bit of an interview, if you will, to see who ought to be president of the united states. you might have got to a job interview, but a few of you folks, yeah, you get all nervous and wonder what it will be like. in this case, you are the person doing the interview and the sky here is the interviewee.
10:48 pm
.nd you have done this before six years ago the people of ohio recognized that things were in real tough chick. . you had lost over 300,000 jobs. taxes were going to the roof. businesses were fleeing. so you went out and look for a chief executive. and you hire this guy and this family. [applause] mr. romney: how do you feel about your choice, pretty good? [applause] see, andy: now, you politicians run for office, they all say the same thing. they all see -- say these great things they are going to do. six days ago -- six years ago you said i want to see what you have done. so you looked at john kasich record and you saw when he was in washington that he was there and he helped balance the budget
10:49 pm
there. he was the architect to get the budget in balance. you saw that when he was in washington, that balanced budget got the economy going and made more jobs. so you said, not just a son's words, but his record, and you hire this guy. you know the story is. 400,000 new jobs, $8 billion in the hole to a $2 billion positive. business is coming back. [applause] now, they: now, right nation looks to you to do another job interview. if to see this man and see he is the person to vote for tomorrow. two things go to my mind. one is the problems we have in our country are at least as severe as the problems you had in ohio six years ago.
10:50 pm
we are not just $8 billion in deficit. we now have almost $20 trillion in debt as a nation. we have businesses that are doing this thing, they don't incorporate outside the u.s. to get away from america and take jobs away from america. you don't see wages rising in this country. you are promised that if you like your health care you can keep it, but they didn't keep that promise. you were told that your health insurance premiums would go down, $2500 a year. has anyone seen their premiums go down? that is what was afraid of. time, there is a very great prospect for the future of this country, and i say that because the world is changing and it is becoming more driven by innovation. economy, information economy, international economy,
10:51 pm
all these things will be driven by who can innovate the best and no nation compares to america when it comes to innovation and invention. and it means a lot of change. --h the light readership right leadership in washington, you are going to see the entire country come back the way ohio has come back. so, i want to make sure you guys do the right thing tomorrow and that you go out there -- we used to say in massachusetts, vote early and vote often. but i know that is not legal in i want to make sure you vote early and you get your friends to vote. tomorrow andrn out send a signal loud and clear that a man of integrity, a man with a clear track record, a man who has joined what he can do, to do the same thing for the country. please welcome the first lady of that great man, karen kasich. karen? [applause] mrs. kasich: thank you.
10:52 pm
thank you westerville, it is great to be here. thank you all, so much. i had the pleasure of introducing my husband who i have been married to for 19 years. i will tell you something. i have been proud of him over these years, always, never more proud than i had been over the last eight months watching him campaign for president of the united states of america. [applause] he has run a positive campaign, a campaign of integrity, and a campaign on the issues. mudslingingun a campaign, a campaign we recall someone names or slurs and i am so proud of that. and you know why that is? record, youe a don't need to get down anybody with other people. you can stand on your record. i couldn't be more proud of what he has done for a while.
10:53 pm
i hope you are proud to and i hope tomorrow you will join me and going out and giving ohio governor john kasich your vote for president of the united states. [applause] mr. kasich: do either of you want to say anything? [laughter] mr. kasich: well, you never
10:54 pm
know. much iyou to know how love my family. my daughters and my wife. all of us love our families, right? the most important thing in the world. [applause] mr. kasich: i want to thank senator portman. when i am president, i need smart people to work with in that is exactly what he is and we will send him back to the united states senate with an overwhelming victory here. [applause] can you imagine how much better american would have been if mitt romney had been elected president just four years ago? [applause] mr. kasich: not only is he smart, talented, effective, but
10:55 pm
look at this guy. he just looks like a president, doesn't he? we'll have to get that carried away, what about me? i'm just kidding. i'm standing here and i am looking, because we are just so close to my home and i had been in westerville for really all of my adult life. and you are our neighbors. many of you see me over at the westerville grill. i have shorts on, yet it's me, i'm running for president. you see us walk through to westerville. -- yeah, you saw me doing that ice cream over there, that's right. know, you gave me a chance to be a state senator when i was just a kid. i never thought it would happen. you sent me to congress at the age of 30. i went down there, you know, you
10:56 pm
are my neighbors, i went down there to fix things. i didn't go down there to play politics, i went down there to say there are certain things we have to do to lift our country and make sure that towns like westerville, a town like this where somebody has to stand up for us down there. so when i was in washington many years, i did fight to balance the budget because i knew it would result in a more prosperous america. i did fight to reform the pentagon so the men and women on the front lines were going to have what they needed to defend our country. and then i came home. after having balanced that budget. i was like sisyphus. i rolled that rock up the hill and all the people in washington would push it back down, and at the end of the day we got it balanced. it was the first time we have balanced the budget since
10:57 pm
strong had walked on the moon. armstrong had walked on the moon. [applause] mr. kasich: we had four straight years of balanced budgets. in times square, they tell me the debt clock was going backwards. it was coming down, ok? and i left, i came home. and i didn't want to go anywhere other than westerville. this is my home, this is where i love. this is where i lived for. [applause] and i was having a great life, and i looked at ohio, and i will tell you something. the toughest trip i had was when i went to new york to meet with the new york grading agencies and they basically told me, you might as will give it up, ohio is dead. and i said, well, you don't
10:58 pm
understand ohio, clearly. you don't know much about it. so, when i was elected, we moved fast. you remember, things were shaken all over the state. you would sit at night and watch the news. we took the formula of commonsense regulations, so we don't crush our small business people. our small business people are the heroes because they hire our kids, they are the ones who create the jobs in america. [applause] we knew that we wanted to cut taxes, and we did. tax cutsst amount of in america, for any governor in the entire united states of america, which is really cool when you think about it. then we also said we have to reform the government. right.e -- mitt is can i have it for a second?
10:59 pm
is, you have to change, you have to reform, you have to innovate here you are going to have a lot people fighting to keep you from doing it. when businesses don't innovate, they die. when government does innovate, they ring up $19 trillion worth of debt. me 50now, my mother told years ago, johnny, the day is going to come when you are going to have to look good on the other end of the phone. we shop on this. medicine is different, transportation is different. everything is different. -- and you have to move at the speed of light, the speed of business. when i go down to washington, we are going to start moving at the speed of business and we are going to send a lower power back to where we live. i want to tell you something.
11:00 pm
there are so money projects and programs i want to implement, but i am going to tell you one. our combat veterans are going to get access to health care wherever they needed. we will not have a homeless or unemployed veteran in america. [applause] mr. kasich: in we are going to work, we are going to work to uberize the federal government. i get more smartphones this way -- but listen. there is another element of this. want to send so many programs back, education and welfare and job training and infrastructure and health care, back to where we live. because that will allow us to innovate. to talk -- to change the country. to make the federal government smaller so it can do the things it is supposed to do. but, you know, to give me a chance to go down there, i will take care of it.
11:01 pm
as a ceo, and frankly, i don't care about politics, if you figure that out by now? it means nothing to me. [applause] aboutsich: i don't care polls, i don't care about focus groups, i care about listening to you when i see you in the corner. the letters you write, the e-mails i get here i hear you. you want someone who is going to call them like he sees them, or like she sees them. and i promise you like i have done, you have given me the life,ege to be in public that is what have done because you are in my minds eye. but levy also tell you something i have learned. have changed. i have changed right for president of the united states. you know why? some of theve had
11:02 pm
most emotional experiences that i have ever seen in my lifetime. people come to our town halls, of which we have done a couple hundred. i don't just stand on this stage you speak like i am doing now. we are taking questions all across america people hearing what people have to say. and they come to these rallies and somehow this feel safe. they feel safe talking about some of the greatest concerns they have. we have a bank of media people in the back and some of them when i talk to them privately say that they cannot believe what they see. about the death of a child, or people talking about their fears, about their loved ones in the military, or people who are fighting drug abuse. people come and the -- they say these things. you know what i have learned?
11:03 pm
i have learned there are a lot of lonely people out there. the mailman, was a great example for me. he delivered on the same mail route for 29 years. i came to find out after my mother and father lost their life and that car accident, that my dad was in every home. when the kids scored a touch on friday night, he was celebrating. when the daughter sing a solo in the choir, he was celebrating. when somebody in that family lost something or someone they dearly loved, he was crying with them. and people stood outside of that funeral home, in a big line, to tell me how much my dad had meant to them. and you know why? he was just a mailman delivering the mail, but he was delivering something else. he was delivering his love. country --h of our
11:04 pm
and why do i love westerville so much? because the strength of our country does not rest in bigwig politicians. oh, i know what ronald reagan did for us, i was there. i have read and studied in seeing the things that winston churchill did for the free world. and it was terrific and wonderful, and he got people to rise. but you know when the strength of our country is? us, our families, our neighbors, our communities, where we live. doing everything we can to remember that the lord has blessed us to do certain things and do certain things and to live a life a little bit bigger than ourselves. and not wait for someone to come riding into westerville to solve our problems, we will address our problems right here in our hometown and revive the spirit of america right here. right here. [applause]
11:05 pm
mr. kasich: i had become pretty convinced the reason i have survived, when you watch those you would say, is anybody going to call on our governor? when the debates were over you said, why don't they talk about him? but you know what? one foot in front of the other. and it is down to four. nowe are only six people out of the whole country that could be president. id you know the reason why think i have survived is not just because of the record and balancing budgets and cutting taxes. but telling people to believe in themselves. to believe that we can make a
11:06 pm
difference anyway this world works. reaching out. [applause] mr. kasich: the most underpaid people we have in our society are the teachers, the ones that work in this building. and they do it not because they make a lot of money, they do it because they believe they can change a life. nurses thate, those spend the extra time with the family, on the family that it will be ok. those doctors like my doctor, i mean, he doesn't sleep at night when he has someone he is worried about that is a patient. or when we pay attention to a widow who lost her husband who nobody calls anymore. that is changing the world. and we have got to have the confidence and knowledge to know that that is what is expected of
11:07 pm
us in this life. know, we're not going to say, i'm certainly never going to achieve that. i'm going to get up, and maybe slow my life down and pay attention to somebody else a little bit. it is going to make a difference. i want us to think about that. and i want us to think about something else. you know why they didn't call on me in the debates? you know why? the you know why they didn't talk about me after the debates were over? i want you to understand something. i am carrying a torch for you. to have a goode reputation for you. i am here to be a good role model the best i can for these kids and my daughters. iwant to tell you something, will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. [applause]
11:08 pm
mr. kasich: thank you. thank you. here is the thing that i want you to know. sometimes, i have to call them like i see them. in friday night, i turned on the television. i don't turn on the television. if i ever watch anything out
11:09 pm
here, i watch the golf channel. i don't need to be spending my time bring about what they are saying, what the pundits are saying. but friday night, the people that work with me, and i love them because they work so hard and i get the spotlight and they just work hard. they come in my room and they say i need to turn the television on. i watchedt on, and the presidential campaign rally with people slugging one another. and i looked at those images, and i thought to myself, this is not how we fix america. we don't fix america by demonizing people. we don't fix america by dividing people. anything,rica, we fix anything in life, by bringing people together. because we are stronger when we are unified.
11:10 pm
images are being shown all across this globe. and there are people saying, what has happened to america? right -- and my right? what has happened to america? i want to tell you that these problems we have today, they are serious. i understand them, i grew up in them. job insecurity, i'm not getting any interest. the bank, my money in my kids are still living at home. when are they going to get a job, was happening? we will fix it. there were much tougher times in america that today. i'm tired of people saying how terrible everything is an america. we have our challenges, but america is incredible. it is great. the world depends on us. [applause]
11:11 pm
mr. kasich: and you think about the sacrifices of earlier generations. the depression, we climbed out of it. second world war. sony lies lost. america came out of it -- so many lives were lost. america came out of it like a phoenix. there we saw the attack on 9/11. we survived that as well and we are going to win that war as well. we will win that one as well. i want you to know -- [applause] that we can fix these problems. we have to remember we are
11:12 pm
americans before we are republicans and democrats and that is the key to bringing this country together. [applause] mr. kasich: so, there is one last thing. the country is watching. ohio, we are the geographic center of gravity in every political election. now, and it will happen again when i come here so that we can beat hillary clinton this fall, ok? [applause] mr. kasich: i was going to say, i was going to say that i need you one more time. but i am going to need you to more times -- two more times.
11:13 pm
and maybe practice will make perfect. but the whole country is watching us. and the whole world is watching us. frankly, holding their breath about what we are all about. toi am asking all of you send a message around the country and send a message around the world that we have somebody who has a proven record , somebody who has been able to deliver for the people who elected him. that is part of the question in people's minds, who can i trust? there is nobody better that can make that argument that the people i grew up with, i neighbors and westerville, i am asking you as sincerely as i can, you have to get out, get everybody you know and give me a vote so i can continue to run for president of the united states. thank you all very much and god bless. [applause]
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presidential primaries are tomorrow. live coverage starting at 7:00 eastern. here's a look at the republican delegate count. tunnel trump lead to with 460. texas senator ted cruz in second place with 370 delegates. they are followed by senator marco rubio and governor john
11:23 pm
kasich. 1237 delegates are needed to win the republican presidential number nation. to find out more go to moral to the white house coverage just ahead on c-span. up next, senator ted cruz talks to supporters in north carolina. then senator marco rubio campaigns in florida. later, remarks from presidential candidates hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders at a democratic party dinner in columbus, ohio. on the next washington journal, we talked to virginia foxx about the way 16 campaign. then kathy castor going us to discuss u.s. policy towards cuba, including the obama demonstrations decision.
11:24 pm
you can join the conversation by phone or on facebook and twitter. senator ted cruz spoke at a rally in concorde, north carolina over the weekend. the texas republican is introduced by former presidential gop candidate carly fiorina, who has endorsed mr. cruz. [applause] ms. fiorina: hello, north carolina.
11:25 pm
how many of you saw the debate the other night? good. so, you know what i saw? i saw what i always see. i saw ted cruz being substantive and serious and offering real solutions and real policies for real problems that we have. donald trump, not so much. and you might have noticed that the next morning donald trump said maybe he thought we had enough debates. we shouldn't have any more debates. man up, donald. you're going to have to debate ted cruz.
11:26 pm
you know, i ran for president because i think we need a conservative in the white house. and i ran for president because i think the system, the status quo, the d.c. cartel, it works if you're big and powerful and wealthy and well connected, but doesn't work for the rest of us. and so, about two weeks ago in my home state of virginia we had a primary. and i walked into the voting booth. i saw my own name on the ballot. that was kind of cool, i got to tell you. and i hesitated, you know. i thought, maybe i'll just check the box that says carly fiorina for old time's sake. then i thought, no, no. these are serious times. and i checked the box just like i want you to check the box for ted cruz. [applause] ms. fiorina: how do we know,
11:27 pm
how do we know that ted cruz is a constitutional conservative? you know how we know that, because he has stood up and fought nine times in front of the supreme court for religious liberty, for our right to bear arms, for our right to be able to say one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. and he has won over and over and over again. i know some of you saw, maybe some of you were as surprised as i was, to see dr. ben carson endorse donald trump. now, dr. ben carson is an honorable man, i have known him a long time, but he said something interesting. he said there are two donald trumps. one in private and one in public. see, here's the thing, folks. the most important decisions a president of the united states is ever going to make are going to be made in private. so we better know what we are
11:28 pm
getting. and with ted cruz, we know what we're getting. [cheers and applause] ms. fiorina: that's really important because you know the supreme court hangs in the balance. our religious liberty hangs in the balance. our right to bear arms hangs in the balance. so we better know exactly what kind of supreme court justices are going to be nominated by our next president of the united states. i don't have a clue with donald trump. i know exactly what hillary clinton is going to nominate. we can count on ted cruz to stick to his principles and his convictions. now, you know, the establishment doesn't much like ted. and people talk about the fact that he's made a lot of enemies. let me tell you something. i started out as a secretary. to go from secretary to becoming the chief executive of
11:29 pm
the largest technology company in the world, you got to challenge a lot of status quo. you got to buck the system over and over again. so, here's what i know. when you challenge the system and the system in washington, d.c., most definitely needs challenged, when you challenge the system, you do more than ruffle feathers. you do more than break glass. you make enemies. so guess what, folks, i am proud of the enemies that ted cruz has made. ms. fiorina: we know that this nation is hurting. we know that we have to restore prosperity and possibility and opportunity to every american regardless of their circumstances. and i have looked over ted cruz's policies and his solutions and guess what, he really does understand what it takes to grow the economy. he understands that small businesses are the engine of economic growth.
11:30 pm
his simple flat tax will work. he understands that our liberty is at stake. and i know a lot about the world and know most of our allies and adversaries as well, and so i know that ted cruz understands that to keep this nation safe we must lead in the world by standing with our allies and fronting our adversaries, and i have no doubt that he will do so. [cheers and applause] here's one other thing. the only guy who can beat donald trump is ted cruz. and we need to beat donald trump because i know, listen i know donald trump voters, they are good people. they are angry, they are frustrated, but they are good people and they think somehow that donald trump is going to challenge this system. let me tell you something, folks, donald trump is this system. hillary clinton and donald trump are in fact two sides of the same coin.
11:31 pm
it's not just that they agree on too many things. yes, they do agree on too many things, but it's not just that. there are two sides of the same coin. hillary clinton has made her millions selling access and influence from inside the system and donald trump has made his billions buying people like hillary clinton off. he will never reform the system. he benefits from the system. he is the system. and that is why we have to beat him on tuesday and every day all the way to that convention. ladies and gentlemen, you know it's a beautiful day here in north carolina. this is a fun and wonderful afternoon, but you know, these are pivotal and perilous times in our nation's history. you know that you have a very important responsibility on tuesday. so i want you on tuesday to do what i did in virginia.
11:32 pm
i want you to go into that voting booth and i want you to check the box for ted cruz. because, my fellow citizens, north carolinians, and i feel like i'm home because i graduated from high school here in north carolina, it is time. it is time to take our party back. it is time to take our government back. and restore a citizen government and finally put someone in the white house who will step up and solve the festering problems whether it's eliminating the i.r.s. or making sure the v.a. actually cares for our veterans, we need someone who will help us restore a citizen government and take our government back. but most importantly of all, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to take our country back. so i want you now, i want you now to get up out of your chairs, i want you to put your
11:33 pm
hands together, i want you to clap and yell really loud and help me welcome to the stage the next president and first lady of the united states, ted and heidi cruz! [cheers and applause] ? sun coming up over new york city school bus driver in a traffic jam ?
11:34 pm
senator cruz: god bless the great state of north carolina. i am so honored to be here with patriots. what an incredible lineup we have had today. isn't glen beck extraordinary? i love listening to glen. every time i listen to glen i learn something. every time i listen to glen he's an educator, i love what he brings out the white board. when he walks us through the founding principles of this great nation, when he lays out the threats of progressivism. and when he stands up and speaks the truth, even though
11:35 pm
all of the mainstream media says we don't want to hear it. remember a couple years ago when glen was talking about the coming islamic cal fate -- cal fi fate, and all -- caliphate, and all the media said this guy is nuts. apparently they are pulling the stage down. but then we saw the rise of isis. we saw that speaking the truth has power. how about carly? [cheers and applause] if -- senator cruz: isn't carly amazing? to rise from humble beginnings to become c.e.o. of one of the largest and most important companies in the world. and she is an incredible voice
11:36 pm
for economic freedom. an incredible voice for conservative principles. and i got to tell you, carly fiorina keeps hillary clinton up at night. tossing and turning in her jail cell. so many who are up here today, general boykin, dr. michael brown, pastor mark harris, the benham brothers, so many incredible patriots who joined us, but the patriots who are here, the men and women of north carolina, that are ready
11:37 pm
to rise up and take our country back. the north carolina election's just two days away, given where we are i'm going to say something i have always wanted to say. gentlemen, start your engines. gentlemen, start your engines. let me tell you it, all of us are here today because we know our country's in crisis. because we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault. and because america's receded from leadership in the world. yet i'm here today with the word of hope and encouragement all across north carolina, all across this country, people are waking up. this election is going to come down to three key issues -- jobs, freedom, and security.
11:38 pm
let's talk jobs. let me talk for a minute to all the single moms who are here. who are working two or three part-time jobs, who have had your hours forcibly reduced to 28, 29 hours a week because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. let me talk to all the truck drivers, the mechanics and plumbers and electricians, the union members, all the men and women with calluses on your hands, you seeing your wages stagnating year after year. cost of living keeps going up, but somehow your wages never seem to keep pace.
11:39 pm
let me talk to all the young people, coming out of school with student loans up to your eyeballs, scared, am i going to find a job? what kind of future do i have? can i provide for my kids? and the media tells us this is as good as it gets. let me tell you, that is an utter lie. it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print a baseball company and -- cap and put that on top of it. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? the heart of our economy is not washington, d.c. and it's not new york city. the heart of our economy is small businesses all over the united states of america.
11:40 pm
if you want to kill the economy, you do what we have done the last seven years, you hammer the living day lights out of small businesses. and if you want to see the economy take off, then you lift the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small businesses. if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. we'll pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. and we will pass a simple flat tax. where every american can fill out our taxes on a postcard. and when we do that, we should abolish the i.r.s.
11:41 pm
we are going to reign in the e.p.a.. -- rein in the e.p.a. and the c.f.p.b. and the alphabet suit of federal agencies that have descended like locusts on farmers, ranchers, and small businesses. killing jobs across this country. and we are going to stop
11:42 pm
amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. and the effect of all of that is that we will see millions upon millions of high-paying jobs, we'll see wages going up for everybody. we'll see young people coming out of school having two, three, four, five job opportunities. we'll see morning in america again. morning in america. the second critical issue at
11:43 pm
the heart of this election is freedom. just a few weeks ago justice scalia's passing underscored the stake of this election. it is not one but two branches of government that hang in the balance. we are one left wing justice away from a radical five justice liberal majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. we are one liberal justice away from a supreme court that would strip away the religious liberty of every american. we are one liberal justice away from a supreme court that would effectively erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. we are one liberal supreme court justice away from the supreme court making us subject to the authority of the world court and the united nations and international law and giving up u.s. sovereignty. you know, a couple of debates ago we were asked about the supreme court and religious liberty. and donald trump turned to me and he said, ted, i've known a lot more politicians than you have. well, in that he's right. he's been supporting left wing democratic politicians for 40 years.
11:44 pm
i have no experience doing that. but donald continued, he said, ted, when it comes to the supreme court, when it comes to religious liberty, you got to be prepared to complowexrow mize. -- compromise. you got to learn to work with the democrats and go along to get along. let me be very, very clear to the men and women of north carolina, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. and i will not compromise away
11:45 pm
your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. the third critical issue in this election is security. for seven years we have seen a president that abandons and alienates our friends and allies. and that shows weakness and appeasement to our ebb mes -- enemies. again, two debates ago donald trump turned to me and he explained, if he were president he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be very, very clear, as president i will not be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the
11:46 pm
nation of israel. anybody who cannot tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, anyone who cannot tell the difference between the nation of israel and islamic terrorists who want to murder us, that raises serious questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. we have seen for seven years the united states military weakened. we have seen readiness undermined. we have seen morale of our troops plummeting. but, you know what, as a country we have seen this before. we have seen another left wing democratic president, jimmy carter, weaken and undermine
11:47 pm
the military. and in 1981 ronald reagan came into office. and what did reagan do? he passed tax reform and regulatory reform. he lifted the burdens on small businesses. we saw millions of new jobs created. it generated trillions in new revenue to the federal government. he used that money to rebuild the military, and we bankrupted the soviet union and won the cold war. i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorism. we are going to repeal obamacare, pass a flat tax, pull back the regulation, the economy will explode. we'll see millions of new jobs, trillions of new federal revenue, and we will use that revenue to rebuild this military so it remains the mightiest fighting force on the face of the planet. no longer will our military be governed by political correctness. we will have a commander in chief who stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. we'll have a president willing to utter the words, radical islamic terrorism.
11:48 pm
you know, one of the most shameful aspects of the last seven years has been a president sending our fighting men and women into combat with rules of engagement so strict that their arms are tied behind their back that they cannot fight, they cannot win, they cannot defend themselves. that is wrong. it is immoral. and mark my words, in january, 2017, it will end. america's always been reluctant to use military force.
11:49 pm
we are slow to anger. but if and when military force is needed, we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and then get the heck out! >> ted! ted! ted! ted! ted! senator cruz: we are 48 hours away from election day here in north carolina. north carolina is a battleground. right now in north carolina, donald trump and i are effectively tied.
11:50 pm
we are neck in neck here in the state of north carolina. now, let me talk for a minute to the 65% to 70% of republicans here and at home who recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate for us to nominate against hillary clinton. that donald loses to hillary clinton. if we nominate donald, hillary becomes president and we lose the supreme court for a generation. we lose the bill of rights, our kids are buried in debt, and their future is taken away. to those 65% to 70% of republicans who recognize that, i want to tell you that all across north carolina and all across this country what we are seeing is republicans coming together and uniting behind our campaign because our campaign is the only campaign that has beat yield back the balance of my time -- beaten donald trump over and over and over again
11:51 pm
and can and will beat donald trump and win this nomination. this race started with 17 republican candidates. a fantastic, diverse, dynamic, talented field. and yet in the course of the race it has narrowed. at this point there are only two candidates who have any plausible path to the 1,237 delegates it takes to become the nominee, donald trump and me. so maybe, maybe some of you-all here, maybe some of you-all at home started out supporting somebody else.
11:52 pm
maybe you started out supporting jeb bush or chris christie. maybe you started out supporting mike huckabee or rand paul or carly fiorina or ben carson. maybe you're thinking now of supporting marco rubio or john kasich. let me say, every one of those are good, honorable, decent people. they are people i like. they are people i respect. and yet none of them has any plausible path to beating donald trump and becoming the republican nominee. so if you have been supporting somebody else, let me tell you, we welcome you to our team. come join us. come on in. the water's fine. [cheers and applause] senator cruz: you know, we had two election days yesterday. we had the district of columbia and we had wyoming. now, in d.c. there were four candidates. and i got to tell you, according to washington, d.c., i am dead last. and i got to tell you, that result didn't surprise me at
11:53 pm
all. you know, if you have an election of lobbyists, they vote their interests. and they look at these candidates and say, holy cow, this cruz guy, the gravy train is ending. but you know, when you get out of washington, d.c., when you actually get to america, the reaction is just a little bit different. the state of wyoming, yesterday, we won the state of wyoming. and we won with 66% of the votes.
11:54 pm
this donald trump fellow? i see his name a lot on tv. you know what he got? 7.2%. north carolina, north carolina is going to speak to the whole country on tuesday. you-all have a platform, you have a megaphone to speak to this nation. and want to ask everyone here to vote for me on tuesday 10 times. now look, we are not democrats. i'm not suggesting voter fraud. but if everyone here gets nine other people to come out and
11:55 pm
vote on tuesday, you will have voted 10 times. let me tell you, maybe you're not old enough yet to vote, you know if you get 10 other people to come vote on tuesday, you will have voted 10 times before you turn 18. that's how we win. i want you to look at the men and women gathered here. if everyone here just gets nine other people, you are looking at gathered here today about 40,000 votes across the state
11:56 pm
of north carolina, that is enough to control the outcome of this election. the men and women here, if we stand together and every one of us brings nine others, that's how we win. and if we stand together, we will win this nomination. we will beat donald trump. we will win the general election. we will beat hillary clinton. and we will turn this country around. it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. and i am convinced the most long lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty, who stand
11:57 pm
and fight for the constitution, and who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. thank you, and god bless you! [cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> thank you guys so much for coming out today. god bless all of you. go and vote, senator ted cruz, the next president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen. tell your friends, bring your friends and vote for him. this is the fight, go out and vote. you fight at the ballot box. that's how we're going to do it. god bless you. safe travels, everyone! ??
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