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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 15, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> the campaign continues with the primaries taking place with the swing states. live coverage and your reactions at 7:00 and we will take you on the road to the white house. >> susan and dana testified about water in flint and will and questions tomorrow there is a hearing on self-driving cars and the
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carctor of the self driving program. c-span three.on c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span radio. >> marco rubio spoke to supporters in his home state. primary voters go to the polls tomorrow. event, senator rubio was interrupted by a protester.
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gentlemen, pat patton. so, a lot of people do not quite have all of this together. i wanted to tell you a little bit about my dad and the disappointment i experienced when another candidate expressed here of a "loser."
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my dad was not a loser. he forged from the boot of italy to poland, and then marched to handle for, germany, where he was shot the last few days of the war, but he did recover. my dad was not a loser. he was a winner, and he went on to serve his country 35 years, four stars, and if you think he did not have a heart time, i invite you to look at this book. the print is tiny, because they did not know when they were going to get free they were not losers.
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all of the prisoners of war were phenomenal people. my dad was one of those. why am i looking at marco? look at what marco is. there is integrity, there is knowledge, and there is commitment. what i think our country needs is so much commitment to making it stay as good as it is and senator rubio is certainly qualified in that regard. he has been there, he knows how the system works, and he is willing to sacrifice his life. my grandfather would often say the greatest thing you can do is sacrifice your life for your country. you are not to meet the man who is willing to make that sacrifice in i brought these foods to spur him on. maybe he will take the to washington and change people's directions.
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[laughter] these foods are a reminder of why grandfather, general patton. when it comes to america, and we have to keep marching forward. every great generation has marched forward. we have to do stop the backslide. we must continue the fight to keep our freedom and make america the greatest ice in the world it is the greatest place. i travel all over the world, and i'm so proud to say i am an end. even when he come back to new york at a stand in that line to check in, it is great to be home. we have today with us, the most qualified and greatest possible candidate we could have. senator marco rubio, soon to be president of the united states of america. let's hear it for marco. [applause] senator rubio: thank you.
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thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. these are nice boots, or to the -- are they not? and historic. i worsen boots a few weeks ago, they may one of them. these are nicer. this is great. first of all, thank you. i am honored to be in the presence of these incredible heroes and men who have served our country in uniform and kept us safe and one of them is my brother who was in the army, certain special forces. also, these other men who are fantastic, and their testimony on behalf of the is powerful, uplifting, and i'm grateful to them. i am grateful to be with all of you on the eve of the election. what is this election about? most elections are a choice between a political party and another political party.
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>> and marco rubio trying to steal my girlfriend. she doesn't look at me the same way anymore. [chanting marco, marco] >> is trying to steal my girlfriend red that is the truth. [chanting marco, marco] >> he will probably steal yours too. senator rubio: i didn't even win new hampshire. [laughter] [applause]
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senator rubio: that is all right. [laughter] i am sorry. i am still looking for the hidden camera. [laughter] [applause] senator rubio: so anyway -- [laughter] most of these elections are a choice between candidates or a political party. but this election is really a referendum. it is a referendum on america and its identity. it is a referendum on our nation and people. we need to go one step further.
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this is a referendum on what it means to be a conservative, a republican, a conservative in the 21st century. [applause] senator rubio: conservatism was defined for me growing up. i grew up in an era where is ronald reagan was the president of the united states. and it is not a coincidence that you have multiple people in their 40's and 50's and leading the conservative movement. last night, nikki haley spoke at a dinner. she is fantastic. [applause] susana martinez in new mexico,
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bobby jindal, the list goes on and on. why are there so many young leaders in the conservative movement? because who is the up-and-coming young liberal leader? bernie sanders. yeah. [laughter] we all have in common that we grow in the era of ronald reagan, where ronald reagan defined for us what it meant to be a conservative. what was ronald reagan? he was a leader who understood we had challenges in this country. he became president after jimmy carter. we had challenges in this country. but he did not go to americans and say i know you're upset at the direction of our country and i'll link you even angrier and i will make you even more frustrated, so you will vote for me. he did not do that. he said i know you're frustrated and i know you're angry and this is what is causing your anger
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and frustration, and here's how we're going to fix it. and when we fix it, america is going to be better than it has ever been. that was conservatism. [applause] senator rubio: and he defined a movement for a generation, and it worked. it turns this country around. it is for the phrase morning in america came from. it had an impact on entire generation, and i can say in full confidence that if he had not one election, the soviet union might exist still and the world would be in a different place. that is the impact of the election in 1980. now we are being asked what it means to be a conservative. there are troubling trends. for small, there are those that believe that conservatism is an attitude, how angry can you get? how offensive can you be? how long can you be? -- speak? that is not conservatives isn't. conservatism is a set of fronts. has served this country for two
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centuries. it is limited government. it is not supposed to be involved in every aspect of our country. [applause] senator rubio: the principle that we have a constitution that defines the powers of government and limits than. a constitution guarantees government exists not to decide our rights, but to protect them. [applause] senator rubio: the principal larry free economy and free enterprise. the idea that our economy works best when individuals have the economic freedom to go out and put their dreams into action. and the principles of a strong national defense. not because we want war, but because we do not. because history has taught as a painful lesson time and again.
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that weakness is an enemy of peace and strength as an ally of peace. these principles, backed by real ideas, that is what conservative means. when our nation has been in trouble for over two centuries, it has largely been when it has abandoned those principles, as it has done over the last several years under the current president. and now a lot of americans are hurting. i understand they are. you know i understand americans are frustrated at hurting? because they are members of my family. these are people i know, not just things i read about in a book or a magazine article. i have people in my family who are firefighters, teachers, nurses, and a live paycheck to paycheck. they live paycheck to paycheck. if their car breaks down next weekend is not under warranty they are in a lot of trouble. if the refrigerator stops working and they have to buy a new one, they have big problems. if air-conditioning goes under and they have to buy a new unit, i do not know how they will do it. they are in big trouble. they struggle every day.
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these are professional jobs. they went to school to be a nurse. they went to the economy to be a firefighter. they went to school to be a teacher, and they are struggling. i know people are frustrated. i know people are angry. he worked really hard, they pay their taxes, they pay the mortgage on time, and they know someone else's gaming the system. someone else has decided i will not pay my mortgage at all, then the date will work with me to lower the payments. but they make their payments every month and the bank will not work with them. [applause] they know someone who has decided i will act like if i have social anxiety, so i can get long-term disability, even though i'm not disabled, they will pay me to stay home and i will make some extra money under the table in cash. they are gaming the system. [applause] and they get frustrated, and they say enough is enough. that is where leadership matters. that is where leadership steps forward and saying you have a
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right to be angry about all of that. we will fix it. what we see instead is a new brand of leadership which is no leadership at all. which says to people get angry, get even angrier, and let's take it out on these, and if everybody -- and it is everybody else's fault. the result is we are now a nation where people he's each other. we are now a nation where we are no longer apparently capable of activating seriously public holocene without immediately concluding that the person who disagrees with you is evil. [applause] senator rubio: this cannot continue. we really want to live in a country where americans hate each other? where people are capable of talking through an issue? this is why we have elections. other countries fight some awards over the stuff other countries the political leaders in jail when they lose election for political retribution. in america, the worst thing that is a to happen as they run a nasty commercial about you. i'm passionate about my beliefs
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as anybody else. there is no one wanting president or any office in this country more passionate about the things i believe it when i him. but i was a human being, as a christian, as a fellow american and saying that just because you do not worry with me on the tax rate does not make you a bad person. just because you do not agree with me on helping the military should be does not make you evil. there has to be room for us to disagree on these things, to debate them. that's why we have elections. we continue on the road we are on right now, we will fracture at the seams. we are images on television we have not seen on this country -- in this country since 1960. images that make us look like a third world country. some of these are professional disruptors. i do not know what was going on with this gentleman. [laughter]
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i thought it was a practical joke. [laughter] senator rubio: but some are professional disruptors, they are hired and paid to be rude and nasty. i'm not excusing that. but you have a lead contender for president telling someone in the audience to punch someone in the face, i will pay your legal bills. that is wrong if our kids did it, that is disastrous president doesn't, as words of a president have consequences. [applause] senator rubio: they have consequences. they have consequences. we have to get rid of this idea that just because you are polite and makes you politically correct. political correctness is a term that gets thrown around very loosely. truth such a be spoken, yet be willing to speak to you but you can speak truth in a dignified manner. i believe that is critical when it comes to becoming president of the united states, because your words have consequences. when your candidate your words have consequences. the responsibility of the presidency is extraordinary. you do not have the luxury of
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saying anything you want, or anything that comes to mind. whether that is true in society, it is most of all true in a position of that importance. i'm here to tell you i'm running for president because while i know we have real challenges, i believe we can solve every single one of them. we have to do it. it will happen on its own. we have waited too long to do it, but we can do it. americans have proven for over two centuries that we can do anything. for over two centuries americans have proven that no challenges
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to big for us. we put a man on the moon. we have liberated nations. we won two world war, we cured diseases. we invented the internet. not al gore, but america. [applause] senator rubio: we can do anything. there is nothing we cannot do if we set our minds to it. but we have to do it now, because we're running out of time. [applause] and that is fine here to ask you for your vote. when i'm president of the united states we will return to follow the constitution. the constitution cannot mean whatever you want it to mean. if the constitution means whatever you want it to mean it means nothing at all. it means nothing. the constitution means whatever the people in charge of that moment means, it is a meaningless document. you become a nation of men instead of a nation of laws. [applause] the constitution means what it originally meant, and you want to change the constitution you have to get as amended through the amendment process on article five. i would love to see term limits
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on congress in the constitution. [applause] but you cannot have a president that has my ideas are so good, i am so why, that all you going to ignore the constitution. my ideas supersede the constitution. that is what we have now. we have a president that ignores the first amendment, or wants to. he has no right to that she believes in no right to live out the teaching of your faith. when i president, we will follow it. [applause] and that means that people will have a test to show right to say nasty things about it, and you will have the right to live out your faith in every aspect of your life and business. we will support the second amendment, saying only constitutional right to protect your families from terrorists, what have you. [applause]
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we will respect the 10th amendment that says that government power resides largely in the state, and the reason why it should decide largely in the state -- [applause] senator rubio: and the reason why he should reside largely in the state is because the states are closer to you than the federal government is. if you have a problem with a state law, you know your legislators. i see some great state legislators. senator rubio: he is a great friend of mine and a great legislature. we served together. trust me, people found us. at they did not like something that was going on, we heard from them. try to find a bureaucrat at the department of education. go and find someone at any federal division, they are so far removed. the federal government was never
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supposed to be this big, this involves. we will follow the 10 commitment and return power to the states. [applause] senator rubio: i am going to prove it. on my first day in office, i am going to prove it. i am going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional, executive orders. [applause] senator rubio: the second thing is, we need to get away from the idea that creating jobs. i love hearing politicians say, i created 3 million jobs when i was governor. and then they say, no, private sectors. the private sector creates jobs. if you are living in the villages, that probably means you are pretty successful.
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you know, and even if you were an employee summer, the government did not create that job, the private sector does. how does it create the job? it is not some magical formula. someone had access to money, are owed it, someone lent it to them, invested in them, they saved it, max out their credit cards, used their life savings, someone got a hold of some money and they said, with this money, instead of buying bars of gold or leaving it in the bank, with this money, i am going to start a business and the business works. they take the money they made from the business, and they say, i believe so much in this business, i am going to grow it. they start businesses, hire people and that is what struck the economy. what is our job in the government? to make america the easiest place in the world for people to do that. that is our job. [applause] senator rubio: when i am president, what i am going to do is support policies that make it easier or the private sectors to
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create jobs. that is why i have a serious plan to fix the tax code. it is a disastrous mess. when you go on my website, it is not talking points, it is a real plan. federal regulation kills jobs. every penny you have to spend complying with federal regulations is a penny you cannot spend too higher. that is why i have a real plan to balance the budget. that is why i have a plan to save social security and medicare. [applause] senator rubio: we talk about this -- talked about this at the debate. my mother is on social security and medicare, and i've told people, if it is bad for my mom, i am against it. here is the great news, we do not have to make any changes to my mom's social security and medicare. anyone 55 or older, nothing has to change other than to make it better.
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i want to be honest with people, we need to stop lying to 45-year-olds like myself. our social security one all at the same as my parents. it will be bankrupt or we will have reformed it. right now, according to current laws, i am supposed to retire when i am 67, that is 20 years away. i will have to retire at 68 instead. if i was in the senate, i would be one of the youngest people there. [laughter] senator rubio: instead of 67, someone who is 20 something years away from retirement will have to retire at 68. if i made a lot of money because i was able to get a pair of general patton's boots and i keep them, let's make a lot of money, my social security check will not grow as fast. medicare, for me, could be the option of taking my medicare money to buy into a private plan that i like better.
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that already exists. it is called medicare advantage. it works well for a lot of people. is that too much to ask of my kids who are 10, 8, 16, 18 and you don't even know what medicare is? is that too much to ask for me in exchange for these programs? my mom cannot go out and get another job. she cannot begin working at 85 years of age. it would change her benefits. if we do not do anything, there will become a day when that will happen because the program is running out of money because for
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years, they have stole money out of it. they were using the money to fund everything else, and now they find themselves in the sticks. you have two workers for every person who has retired and the mass does not add up. this is reckless. this is driving a debt that we will be for young americans over $23 trillion. it is immoral. usually, in america, we do not usually touch this issue without them running the commercials. marco rubio's got to take away our social security and medicaid or it no i am not. you know the people who are going to take it away? the people with her eyes closed. [applause] senator rubio: i wish we could. you deserve better than that. you deserve better than that. again, it is an issue i approach personally through the eyes of my mother who is in this program. we are not doing her a favor. that is her money.
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all of those years she worked at kmart, a made in las vegas, every two weeks in a dictator, it is her money, but they already spent it. we had to figure out how to save us of this never happens again. well, guess what? i know think having to retire one year later that i was planning to retire is asking too much of me. [applause] marco rubio: you want to fully rebuild your economy, fully utilize your energy resources. every crazy if we don't fully utilize that? we have call. we can use that responsibly. we have been blessed with oil
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you want to soil, biofuels, wind -- this is nuts if we don't fully utilize all of them. what about nuclear energy? very clean and very cheap. we do it better than anyone in the world. marc[applause] get rid of obama care, repeal it and replace it with my plan that puts you in charge. [applause] rubio: we will go back and limited government, embrace free enterprise. here is one thing the president needs to spend most of their time on, keeping us safe. the world is a dangerous place. i talked about reagan a moment ago and the cold war. the cold war was a dangerous time. we did not know it at the time, but it was balanced out because the soviet union and the u.s. had enough weapons to destroy all life on this planet, 10 times over. guess what?
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either one of them wanted to die, so we never used it and they never used it and we do through it. now, we have people who want to die. now we have people who love death more than we love life. we have a big problem. you have a crazy, sociopathic lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. this guy is not just weird, he is crazy. but he has nuclear warheads and long-range missiles and he is the son of a dictator. they are predictable people. we have never been punished, turned down for a date, they were never put in timeout by their parents. i have no idea how this can will react under stress, but he has nuclear weapons. the chinese communist party is under control. they are massively building up their military. guys, they are catching up to us in their technology because they steal it, and then, they make a little bit better. and then you have got blood reputation sowing instability -- and then you got vladimir putin
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sowing instability. it is easy to be a strong leader when you control the courts, when you control the press, when your elections are rigged. it is easy to be a strong leader when you have all of that. he is not a strong leader. [applause] marco rubio: they are not strong leaders. they are authoritarians. they are not accountable to anybody. he is taking advantage of obama's weakness. so, he sows instability in the middle east and in europe. then you have iran, governed by the ayatollah. he is not a king, he is a religious figure that believes his calling is to trigger an a apocalypse. that is what he believes his role in the world is. here's the problem. we just gave him $150 billion so he could buy or build a nuclear
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weapon monday. radical jihadists are spreading across the world. they are apocalyptic too. they are a sunni movement, but they are spreading everywhere. what has this president done in the face of all of this? he is getting our military -- he is gutting our military. i would have no problem with him golfing if he rebuilds our military. that is a strong word -- gutting our military. we will then have the smallest army since the end of world war ii. we will soon have the smallest navy we have had in 100 years. we will soon have the smallest airports we have ever had, ever. the smallest air force we have ever had. the average age of an air force plane is 27 years old, which means the people flying the planes are younger than the planes. not a good sign. andre gutting our military by the way, republicans cooperated in this when they passed the stupid sequester i voted against, which does
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nothing to balance our budget. defense spending is not because of our debt, but it is leaving us vulnerable and weakened. it is so unfair to our men and women in uniform. we are asking them to go into harm way -- we still are. we are asking american servicemen and women to step into harm's way, but now they have to do it with less equipment, less training hours, and less people alongside them. there are rules of engagement that put their lives and increased danger. that is why i is very clear. if you left me president, we will undertake a reagan-style rebuilding of the united states military. [applause] marco rubio: when i am
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president, we will have a real war on terror. i don't like war. we are a peaceful people. i don't want war. who wants more? i have young kids. that means one of them might have to fight in it. i don't want more, but if you don't defeat the enemies of peace, you are going to have war. an isis and radical islam is enemy of peace. there is no negotiation with them. [applause] marco rubio: two to three radical islam we are going to have to work with muslims to do defeat radicalto islam, we are going to have to work with muslims to do it -- muslims who hate them too. the president of egypt is a muslim and he is ready to fight them. we are america. we need to lead on this stuff. they need to provide troops, people on the ground to fight, but we need to get engaged. we are the leader of the free world and if we do, we can defeat isis. the best intelligence agencies
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in the world are going to find them and the rebuilt military is going to destroy them. what happens if we capture one of these killers alive? they are not getting a lawyer, they do not have the right to remain silent. they are going to guantanamo. [applause] marco rubio: we need to be an ally to our allies. look at what is happened with israel. first of all, i believe israel is a nation with a special-purpose. it was founded as a homeland for the jewish people after the holocaust so that never again whether not be a place for jewish people to live in peace. i also believe geopolitically it makes sense to be israel's ally. why? because the middle east is the most. unstable region in the world. there is one pro-american free enterprise democracy in the middle east, the state of israel. [applause]
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marco rubio: today we have a president who treats the state of israel and his prime minister with less respect than he gives the ayatollah and iran. that is why when the issue came up with donald trump and he said, i want to be neutral to work out a deal with the palestinians and the israelis -- i don't know if he realizes this or not. i don't think he is instinctively anti-israel. how are you going to work out a deal with the palestinian authority who teaches four-year-old kids that it is a glorious thing to kill jews? how are you going to reach a peaceful agreement with a palestinian authority's press thisses in english condemn violence a little bit, but in arabic, they are celebrating these people as great martyrs, as great martyrs who have done a great thing. they are encouraging people and inciting them to violence. i wish it was possible, but it isn't. when you force israel into a negotiation, you are weakening israel. donald trump may not take a side, but i am going to take a
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side. i am going to be on israel's side when i am president of the united states. [applause] marco rubio: and the world is going to know we are on israel's side the first day in office. after i am done repealing all of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders, i will repeal his deal with iran. i will cancel it. [applause] marco rubio: and by the way, as part of our national security, we need to take care of our veterans again. i speak about this everywhere i go. as a senator from florida, literally, one out of four calls to my office -- one out of four constituent calls -- is a veteran having a hassle with the veterans administration. before everything i am about to say, i want to recognize that there are good people at the va. theerere are. they care about our veterans,
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they are just frustrated. they know that while they are working hard, there are offices at the va who are not doing a good job and nobody is held accountable. in addition to the relay stories we get calling us, today, calls to the va suicide hotline, they go to voicemail. figure two voicemail. about a week ago, a veteran took his life. voicemail.essage on they happened to have called him back the day after he took his life. nobody has been held accountable for this. nobody has been fired. they have the power to fire them now because a year and a half ago i passed a law with jeff lled the vaa accountability act. that gives them the power to fire senior executives at the va who are not doing a good job. you're not using it. when i'm president, someone will be held accountable for that kind of thing. they will be fired. [applause] and while we are
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figuring all of this out, veterans are suffering. you have a va hospital in central florida that is years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget. nobody can fix it. when i am president, our veterans will be able to take their benefits to any hospital or any doctor they want to go see. it is their benefits. [applause] marco rubio: let me answer this one more thing. one of the things i have learned on the campaign trail, i probably knew this before too, but a lot of our veterans don't stop serving when they come home. if you go to any fire station america, you will run into veterans. if you go to any police department, he will run into veterans. how many veterans come home? they come home and become police officers. they keep serving. you read the press today and it is all of this anti-police
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stuff. watch the video from us for a night in chicago. you know who had to deal with the hassle from those protesters and all the ugliness? the police department. people want to go home to their kids at night. one hai saw a video that had onf them with their head cracked open. we were in virginia a couple sundays ago and in the news was the story that three police officers had been shot the day before and one had died. the one who had died, it was her first day on the job. she was a marine reservist. i think we should always stop police officers and firefighters and first responders for what they do for our country. [applause] marco rubio: as you can see, there is a lot of work to be done. we have problems. we can solve them all. growing up, i said this in the debate other night, my
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grandfather was a huge influence on our lives. he lived with us for the first 13 years of our lives. porchld sit on the and smoke one of those three cigars that he would like to and we smoked a couple together. i have had to cut back -- well, i have given them up. my wife hates them. [laughter] marco rubio: she doesn't let me smoke inside or outside the house. i see some people clapping. that is un-american. [laughter] marco rubio: anyway, it is the hardest smell to get rid of. never mind. [laughter] marco rubio: somebody said, you can get it off your breath if you drink rum. well, okay. yeah.ith me villages, -- come live in the villages, yeah. ing on the porch
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and he told me one story that stuck with me. he was a great storyteller. when he was young, one of his first jobs was as a lector at a cigar factory in cuba. they did not have tv or radio at the turn of the century. the way you get it workers entertained for the monotony of the work is they would hire someone who knew how to read -- a big deal back then. ew people to read. my grandfather did. they would hire some of his in the front and read. first, they would read newspapers and then they would read novels. he learned to be a great storyteller. the way he described this stuck with me. he said, i was born in 1899. he lived south side a air force base. there were many warplanes in the sky all the time. there were planes all round always.
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when i was growing up, that did not happen. remember the days after 9/11, there were no airplanes in the sky. airplanes did not exist when he was a kid. certainly not in cuba. flyid not even airplanes and one night, and the summer of 1969, he watched on television as a human being, a man, stepped foot on the moon. when he was a boy, he grew up looking at the moon as this far away thing. to watch a human being stepped foot on the moon was extraordinary and in tactful, but what he took away from it was, americans can do anything. put a man on the moon. what can these people not do? that is the impact he took from it. [applause] that is who we are. that is who we have always been. i believe that is still who we
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are. we're still the descendents of go-getters, every single one of us. if you are un-american, you are the descendent of a go-getter, of someone who refused to accept the circumstances of their birth and came to america in search of a better life, in search of fulfilling their opportunity. iyou are a descendent of immigrant. you are the direct descendent of someone who lived somewhere else and said, i refuse to live in a place that is holding me back because god has given me the potential to be more. i will go somewhere where they allow me to be the person i was meant to be. [applause] marco rubio: or you are the descendent of pilgrims and settlers, of people who left the old country to come here because they were persecuted, or because they wanted more. you are the descendents of pioneers, of people who did not know what was west, but they went west. they settled land no one had ever lived on before. or, you are the descendents of
12:47 am
slaves, of people who overcame the most evil institution imaginable. that is the blood that runs in our veins as a people. we are not a stagnant society. we are literally the descendents of go-getters. it is in our dna. that is one of the reasons that makes us such an upwardly mobile and vibrant country. that has not changed. what has changed is every major institution in society has failed us. our political parties have failed us. instead of becoming a place to pursue public policy, they have become machines for perpetual reelection. our political process has failed us. as to becoming a place people go to serve the people, it becomes a place where people go to be served by the people, who are more interested in keeping the title than making a difference. does not matter what happens to social security and medicare -- it is never the right time to do with it because it could cost me my nec next election.
12:48 am
we have been failed by the media, who today covers politics as entertainment, instead of as a serious discourse. [applause] i promise you this. i promise you this, if i stand here right now and hurl a personal insult against my opponents, i will get a ton of coverage from those cameras. but if i don't, only a handful of people will find out this event ever happened. okay? we have been failed by higher stagnant higher education system that is a monopoly, by colleges and universities who are the only ones allowed to award degrees. they did it the same way they did 60 years ago. we graduate young americans with a degree and they can't find a job. the worst part of it is, they borrowed money to pay for the degree. so, now they have thousands of dollars of student loans. the only job they can get they
12:49 am
anyways,e gotten without the degree. we have been failed by the big businesses we celebrated, the captains of industry. everyday we find of a cheated someone, they lied about something, they lied to the stockholders, they lie to their investors, they took multimillion dollar bonuses other company was going in the tank. we have been failed by everyone and people have lost confidence in all of our institutions and it leads to anger and frustration. that is why leadership matters. leadership does not come to you and say, yes, let's be angry. leadership says, yes we have problems. we have also got answers. we also have solutions and the solution does not lie in one person. i always get uncomfortable people come to me and say, i put all my faith in you. i am a man. you cut me, i will bleed. you heard me, i will feel pain. i make mistakes, ask my wife. [laughter] marco rubio: we put our
12:50 am
confidence in a system of a republic that says "we the people govern ourselves by allowing our fellow citizens to serve for a brief period of time in public office." and then they are supposed to come home and allow someone else to do it. a system ofaith in laws where we don't always agree on everything, but we have a way to work through them. we have elections and replace people who do bad jobs. we vote on a set of principles and ideals. we don't always get it right, but we always have a way to fix it. that is what we put our faith in. we put our real faith in our lives and communities. we know the biggest impact we will ever have is the job we have as a husband and wife, as a mother and a father. we put our faith in the fact that the real america is not our government. america is not a government. america is a country, made up of people who every single day are making a difference. when a volunteer today at sunday school, they made a difference. when they get up tomorrow
12:51 am
morning at 7:00 a.m. and they open up the door to the business that employs 10 people, they made a difference. when tomorrow afternoon, they leave work one hour early to give their next-door neighbor a ride to the doctor's office because they can drive themselves -- the government did not ask them to do it -- they made a difference. when they take $10 a month and contribute to a charity, not because of the tax break, because their faith teaches them that caring for one another is how we serve the lord, they make a difference. when you visit the crisis pregnancy center that i saw in south carolina, for these heroic women who will never have a book written about them, will never have an article written about them, you will never have a movie made about them, are saving lives by convincing young girls not to give up on a life. they are making a difference. [applause] marco rubio: that is what we place our faith in. this is who we have always been. this is who we must remain.
12:52 am
this election is as much as that that as anything else. every country in the world, you go to latin america, you go to the third world, they are bedeviled the leaders who stand up and say, i am going to be a strong leader, i am going to solve all of your problems. give me power and i will make her life better. it always ends in disaster, always. our founders knew better. they did not want that kind of system. they wanted us to have a system in which government was small and limited in the power within that government divided because they didn't trust people. because they didn't trust what men and women do when given power, especially absolute power. to now we are being asked abandon that by society at large and by politics today and we shouldn't. we will regret it if we do. instead, i ask you in this usction to embrace what made great to begin with, to embrace leaders who understand what the proper role of government is, to
12:53 am
embrace leaders who do not ask you to give them a vote for fear and hopelessness, but to instead vote for them on the basis of how great our country can be if we do what needs to be done. i believe with all of my heart that if we do what we need to do, we have a chance to lead this country better than it has ever been. the 21st century is made for us. there are hundreds of millions of people on this planet who can afford to buy things from us now. i am talking about people who were starving a decade ago. i am talking about people who two decades ago were literally eating, drinking water out of puddles. now, they drive cars. now, they own homes. now, they take vacations. and now they buy things that stores. because after communism fell, free enterprise broke out around the world and it lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty into prosperity and they want to buy things from us. they want to trade with us.
12:54 am
and they want to be our investors, partners, collaborators, clients, and customers. it is tailor-made for us. the 21st century is about innovation. there are no more innovative people in the world than us. no one is more innovative than americans. the 21st century is made for us if we do what needs to be done. that is why i am running for president. because i want this generation to do its part. america is a special country and i know this personally because if my parents had stayed in cuba or gone to any other nation on earth, i may never have been born. they did not have me until their 40's and you have to be very optimistic about the future to have two kids in your 40's. [laughter and applause] marco rubio: but more importantly, even if i had been born, if they had gone to any other nation on earth, there is no way i would be standing on a myge in front of
12:55 am
fellow citizens, aspiring to the highest office in the land. every size i.t. that has its -- for every society that has existed, success depends on where you come from. largelyure is determined for you on the day you are born. if your parents are wealthy are powerful, you will probably be wealthy and powerful in most societies. and if they aren't, no matter how good you are or how hard you work, you are usually stuck in that station you were born into. america is different. here because we were founded on the belief that we have a god-given right to life and liberty and to pursue happiness, because we were founded on the belief that everyone has a god-given right to go as far as their talent and work will take them, america is different. it has been different number accident. we are not special by accident. this did not happen on its own. it happened because for over two centuries, each generation before us did what they had to do.
12:56 am
anyone who tells you we used to have that great and easy and now we have it hard is lying to you. there has never been an easy time in american history. we were founded after declaring independence from the most powerful empire in the world. and then we had a civil war. and then we had a first world war that was bloody. and then we had a great depression that wiped the people out. as soon as that was over, we had a second world war the minimal smallest. and we got in in one year later, it would have been lost. right after that second world war ended, we were plunged into a long and dangerous cold war. barely endedhad when we were in korea, and not soon after that in vietnam. the 60's were a difficult time. political leaders were being assassinated. the 70's saw a president resign in disgrace. disco music lines,
12:57 am
, horrible things. [laughter and applause] marco rubio: some people like disco music. i don't know, whatever. we survived it. when have we ever had it easy? when can you look back and say, that was a time where there was no problems? that has never been the case because being special is not easy. having what we have is not easy. every generation before us had to do something. every generation was called to great sacrifice, hard decisions, tough choices, and hard work. and they did it. for over two centuries, each generation before us did not fail the next. for over two centuries, he generation left at the next better off. the time has come for this generation to do its part. the moment has arrived for this generation to do what needs to be done. i will submit to you that while our challenges are significant, i think they are easier many challenges faced by some bouquet
12:58 am
before us. i think balancing our budget is easier than defeating nazi germany. fixing our tax code is easier than the cold war. repealing and replacing obamacare will not be nearly as hard as making it through the great depression. they are hard, but it is worth doing. and i want you to know what this country -- when i am president, we are going to do it. when i am president of the united states, we will confront our challenges. we will embrace our opportunities. we will try to do what each generation before us has done, and that is whatever it takes to make the next better off. and when our work is done, despite how dark things may seem now, how difficult they may be, i want you to know what history will write about us. i want you to know what history will say about you and i and those of us who are here at this moment. it will recognize that we lived in a tough time. that we lived in a time when the economy was changing and disrupting people's lives. when the world seem to be spiraling out of control.
12:59 am
our institutions were failing us and after eight years of barack obama and one crazy election, we came this close to getting it wrong. we did. we came this close to losing the promise of america. , we remembered6 who we were and what america was. and like the generations who came before us, we came to our senses and confronted our problems and resolve them. we embraced our opportunities and when our work was done, because we did what needed to be done, our children became the freest and the most prosperous americans that ever lived. and the american dream did not just survive. it reached more people and change more lives. beause we did what needed to done. the 21st century became the greatest era in american history, a new american century. this is the opportunity before us if we do what needs to be done. i am running for president so that we do it. when i am the president for the united states for the first time in eight years, you will have a
1:00 am
president who is the president for all americans. as conservative as anyone who has ever been president. a conservatism that did not two yearstart wo ago. the lights go off at inopportune times and then come back on. [laughter] marco rubio: it is a message. that has happened at a couple of events. it is one of two things. someone leaned on something on the wall, or the chinese hacked us once again. [applause] i am asbio: conservative as anyone running for president. and yet, i believe you can be a principled and strong conservative and yet be a president for all americans. because if you want to be president of the united states, you have to love the american people, all of them.
1:01 am
even the ones that don't love you back. you have to serve all of the american people, even the ones that don't like you, even those who don't vote for you, even the ones who say nasty things about you. if you don't want to do that, then become a talkshow host. if you don't want to do that, then become a blogger. but if you want to be president, you must be willing to be president for all americans. someone who tries to bring us together, not deliberately divide us. that is the kind of president i will endeavor to be every single day. and so, i am here to ask you for your boat. -- for your vote. [cheers and applause] marco rubio: i will close with this. i will close with this. five years ago i came here a couple times as an underdog running for the u.s. senate. my opponent was at the sitting governor of florida, leading me by 50 points.
1:02 am
he had 10 times as much money, he was super popular, and nobody thought we could win. but you believed in me and gave me a chance. did i you if you would go to washington and offer a clear alternative and that is what i have done for the last five years. i am honored to be your u.s. senator, but in five years i have concluded quickly that while a member of congress can help shape the agenda, only a president can set the agenda. and the only way to set the right agenda after seven years of a bad president is to have a good one. the only way to make our country stronger after seven years of a weak president is to have a strong one. that is why i chose not to run for reelection to the senate and aspire to the presidency of the united states. that is why i hope i can earn your support and your prayers so that together we can leave our children and your grandchildren and what they deserve to inherit. the single greatest nation in the history of mankind. thank you so much and god bless
1:03 am
you. [cheers and applause]
1:04 am
[indiscernible crowd chatter]
1:05 am
1:06 am
>> florida, north carolina, primarieshave tomorrow. here's a look at the republican delegate count going into the primaries tomorrow. donald trump leads the gop with 460. ted cruz is in second place with 370 delegates. that is followed by senator marco rubio and governor john kasich, who hold to their delegate counts from their primaries. win delegates are needed to the republican nomination. to find out more, go to
1:07 am
>> when i tune in on the weekend, usually it is others sharing their new releases. >> watching the nonfiction authors on booktv is the best television for readers. on c-span, the heavy longer conversation and can delve into their subjects. >> they bring you author after author after author. it is the work of the fascinating people. >> i love booktv and i am a c-span fan. c-spanng campaign 2016 takes you on the road to the white house as we followed the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> democratic presidential candidates senator bernie yanders of vermont and hillar
1:08 am
clinton were the guest speakers for the ohio democratic party legacy dinner. ohio is one of five states holding their presidential primary vote on tuesday. we begin with the introduction for senator bernie sanders. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, marcy kaptur. marcy kaptur: good evening, ohio democrats. as democrats, we are privileged to be here tonight in this festive ballroom. armie gratified that the civil intelligence steadfast campaign, hillary clinton bernie sanders are conducting for our nation.
1:09 am
it is inside our party that the greatest progress has been made for our country. and we are about america's most serious business, the election of the leader of the free world. the marine unit that sustains such significant losses in iraq in 2005. on this most awful and consequential decision of our generation, that of going to war , that has brought unending turmoil to the middle east, senator sanders and i both
1:10 am
opposed the invasion of iraq. [cheers and applause] kaptur: that is a war based on the george w. bush lie that iraq held weapons of mass destruction. history will record george w. bush proves to be the largest weapon of mass distraction. [cheers and applause] in introducing my honorable and gifted colleague with whom i have served for over two decades in congress, let me do so through the economic lens of ohio, a state now where the top 10 largest employers are largely wealthy distributors, not wealth creators. walmart is ohio's largest employer, with its shelves filled with goods manufactured outside of ohio, oftentimes offshore.
1:11 am
, and americartland must become producers again, not just consumers and distributors. you from columbus, ohio's capital city to the other ohio. meet richard hahn of lorain county ohio. who works for york international nafta.years, post he and 900 of his coworkers had their jobs outsourced to mexico. he was out of work for one year and he later found work in lorraine. safe.s. steel, and it's 600 workers, are being pink flip due to imported steel. under nafta, we were promised
1:12 am
communities negatively impacted by trade would get help to transition their workers to new jobs under what was called the north american development bank. that bank never materialized and the promise of hope for these workers were false promises. meet norma mcfadden of sandusky, ohio who worked for the dixon factory in that county. that produced school supplies and was outsourced to mexico city in 2002. workers in that plant had to retrain the replacements in mexico and for those displaced workers fortunate to find a job, their wages were cut by 1/3 to 1/2. now come with me to meet mexican citizen santiago cruz, who is
1:13 am
tong trained in toledo, ohio help our continental farmworkers improve their miserable plight, millions of them. in 2007, santiago was beaten to death in monterrey, mexico for trying to root out the corruption in mexico's farm lab or contracting. it is an understatement to say there has been no justice for farmworkers in the americas, nor has nafta ever been amended to account for the over 2 million mexican peasants uprooted from their small farms that form the exodus to our nation of undocumented human beings. nafta remains a continental sacrilege and with its victims in the immigration debate, our nation must renegotiate nafta and other trade deals that treat people like expendable chattel.
1:14 am
[cheers and applause] marco rubio: -- marcy kaptur: senator bernie sanders is an honorable man who comes from the people. he has served as a mayor of the largest city of vermont that has also endured economic hardship as a u.s. representative for 16 years and a u.s. senator for over a decade. time and again, his judgment has been proven right with the passage of time. as chairman -- [cheers and applause] as chairman of the veterans commission, senator sanders let the issue to double support for american veterans -- for their health care, their disability, for their pensions they earned and patriotic service to our nation.
1:15 am
from the first day he stepped on the house floor in 1991, senator sanders has worked to advance the economic might of our nation. it has been a grueling path. whether it was a decades-long fight to stop bad trade deals that outsourced so many of america's good jobs, or the herculean efforts bernie put forth to stop wall street's raids, or his valiant fight to reign in campaign spending in politics, or his current fight retireest 47,000 ohio from the central state teamsters fund from getting major benefits cut in their pensions. i have always known bernie understands that dimension of the challenge of america faces and yet, bernie supports the restoration of the act to separate wall street's risky speculators from prudent banking
1:16 am
to prevent financial catastrophe in the future and to enliven community banking again in states like ohio. the challenge of ohio faces is real. it stretches from the job certain neighborhoods of cleveland, dayton, to the penny wage sweatshops in mexico and wire work zones of china. bernie sanders is in this race for noble reasons. and i know his unwavering commitment to our nation's democratic ideals and to the american people, where every person counts. i know his conscience about working people from nations around the world who aspire to a better way of life. no strongerd have democratic leader for jobs in this country, for fair trade,
1:17 am
for economic progress for all. not just the privileged few. bernie sanders has been fighting the outsourcing of jobs and opportunities for over three decades. cafta, and now the proposed tpp. they have moved their big campaign donations into the halls of government in ways that are truly frightening and undermine our nation's precious endowment of representative government. bernie sanders fights our fight. it is a fight for american values and his turn for a better future for this generation and our posterity. the average income in the free enterprise region of ohio that i $7,000 less per family then it was when this century began. bernie sanders has been
1:18 am
unwavering in his dedication to out ofis unjust leveling the american way of life and in turn, our democratic values. i know bernie's courage. i know his perseverance. for the entire period of his service, he has been fighting this uphill struggle for living wage jobs and fair trade for america. [cheers and applause] marcy kaptur: my friends, good democrats, it is the political and economic test of our time, as important as america's struggle in past generations to wipe out the enslavement of bonded workers in the 19 century, or to give workers dignity through the passage of the national labor relations act in the 20th century. the american people have been entering the outsourcing of good jobs for too long. ohio alone has lost over 300,000
1:19 am
good jobs. meanwhile, america is accumulating the trade deficit . it tops $9.5 trillion of lost wages and lost wealth during from towns and boroughs across our homeland. that erosion has shaken and diminished our middle class as poverty increases. america has a budget deficit because we have a mammoth and growing trade deficit. we need more wealth creation here at home. theroad ahead to fix tattered economy will not be isy, but our beloved country capable of achieving anything we set our minds to if we were together for a common purpose. i believe bernie sanders, with his vision, his experience, his heritage, and his passionate commitment and democratic party,
1:20 am
embodies the right formula to meet this test and triumph for all of america and freedom lovers everywhere. please allow me to introduce to you, my friend and colleague, a of whose spirit has the kind judgment, and intuitiveness to lead us into the new generation. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, bernie sanders! [cheers and applause] senator sanders: let me begin. [cheers and applause]
1:21 am
byator sanders: let me begin rally ithere is a cnn have to get to at 8:00. i have to be brief. all ofbegin by thanking you in ohio for sending marcy kaptur to the united states congress. [applause] senator sanders: i have known her for decades. nobody in congress has stood up to the american worker, has opposed disastrous trade policies, more vigorously and more effectively than marcy kaptur thank you, ohio for sending her to the congress! senator sanders[cheers and appl] senator sanders: now, we just came from a great rally we held here in columbus. we had about 7000 people out. and this is similar to the rallies we have been holding all over the midwest and all over
1:22 am
this country. the american people, working tople, young people want in the political process. the democratic party has got to open the door, welcome those people in, and create a party that stands for working people in this country! [cheers and applause] senator sanders: this campaign is about ending a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. together we are going to overturn citizens united. [cheers and applause] together we are going to end republican voter suppression. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: together we are going to create a country and a
1:23 am
political system in which we ratesne of the highest of voter turnout, not one of the lowest rates. [cheers and applause] together we are economy.end the rigged [cheers and applause] senator sanders: it is not acceptable to me and to the american people that the top 1/10 of 1% now owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. [cheers and applause] maybe justders: so, maybe, the time is right to create an economy that works for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. [cheers and applause] maybe, justers:
1:24 am
maybe, it is time to end our disastrous trade policies, naft cafta, and tell corporate america that they better start investing in this country. not just in china. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: maybe, just thee, it is time to raise minimum wage in this country to wage $15 an [cheers and applause] maybe, justers: and maybe, it is time for the united and guarantee health care for all as a right. [cheers and applause] and maybe it is
1:25 am
time to take on the insurance companies and the drug companies, who are ripping off this country every single day. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and pass a medicare for all healthcare system, which will guarantee health care to all people in lower health care costs by thousands of dollars each year for middle-class families. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: and maybe it is time to address the reality that in america today we have a broken criminal justice system. [cheers and applause] senator sanders: that may have institutional racism and we are going to have to reform that broken terminal justice system and end institutional racism. [cheers and applause]
1:26 am
senator sanders: what this campaign is about is creating a political revolution. it is the understanding that no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can do it alone. that we need millions of people to jump in to the political process in the way we have never seen in recent history. the bottom line is, when we stand together as black and latino and asian-americans -- gay and straight, people born in this country or people coming to this country -- when we stand together yes, we will have the power to take on the billionaire class and yes, we will have the power to create a government
1:27 am
that works for all of us, not just the 1%. thank you all very much! [cheers and applause] [crowd shouts "bernie"] [cheers and applause]
1:28 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage former governor and u.s. senate candidate ted strickland. [cheers and applause] ted strickland: hello, ohio democrats! thank you thank you so much. thank you. i am a proud ohio democrat because we are on the side of working people. people who just want a fair shot at success. buildingo want to c middle-class life for themselves
1:29 am
and their families. i am talking about people like the steelworkers, the teachers, the small business owners. these are the kinds of people that i grew up with. these are the kinds of people i have spent my entire life fighting for. and these are the people that i will defend as the next senator m ohio! [cheers and applause] ted strickland: but you know what? wese of us in this room, know it is not always easy. when the great recession threatened to destroy the american automobile industry, ite people said, just let die. but we didn't give up. we fought for our futures. we fought for working people. adnnd thanks to senator sherrod
1:30 am
brown, ohio's congressional democrats, and president barack obama, we saved this great industry that is now providing 850,000 jobs for ohio families! [cheers and applause] just 21 months after that recovery plan past, i had the privilege of riding off the assembly line in the very first chevy cruz produced at that plant. the people who worked in that plant were really proud. people working on the assembly line, that is the side people are working on.
1:31 am
there is another side, my friends. there is the world of the millionaires and billionaires and the washington insiders and the powerful special interest groups. world that he is fighting for in washington. no wonder that senator portman said the auto rescue was a lousy deal. a lousy deal for ohio, the death of the auto industry, that would have been lousy. mass layoffs across the nation, that would've been lousy.
1:32 am
the failure to stand up for ohio. nasa, mostbout trade favored trading nation for china. congressman portman, u.s. trade representative portman and now, senator portman says yes, yes, and yes. when we were both in the house, when these job killing trade deals came up, i voted no and he voted yes. in fact, rob portman has been a cheerleader for the worst job killing trade deals that have ever been proposed. they tell me that rob portman is the best senator that china has ever had.
1:33 am
talk about retirement and senator portman thinks we should privatize social security. turn it over to wall street. what could possibly go wrong? he also would like to voucher rise medicare and let the seniors go out on their own and ago she it with the big powerful insurance companies. who thinks that is a good idea. he also wants to raise the retirement age. the me explain something because clearly the senator would have no way of knowing this. is not meant for seven decades of hard labor. my brother spent most of their
1:34 am
lives finishing concrete. and when you are still finishing concrete into your 60's, or back is spent, your fingers are gnarled, and your knees are shot. imagine telling a 66-year-old concrete finisher, woman or man, sorry, but the millionaire republican senators with a be but soft hands have decided that you are too young to retire. it is outrageous. we are not going to let that happen. issue after issue, when rob portman has been forced with a choice between the people and a
1:35 am
powerful every time, he does the wrong thing every time. portman stood with george w. overtime wagesy from american workers. he stood with paul ryan and supported the largest cuts in the pell grant of the hiss -- in the history of the program and when he had a chance to overturn citizens united he voted to protect the corporate interests who are trying to use their wealth to buy control of our country that last decision was because easy for him millions from the koch brothers and his dark money buddies have already spent millions against me. think of this.
1:36 am
thoseat it costs washington powerbrokers to buy they couldtman -- have purchased a castle. by the way, do you know the difference between rob portman and the picasso? let me tell you. everything in a skewed warped and distorted manner and the other is a .ainting ohio, i grewfrom up in a working-class family, hard work and struggle were part of our lives. people had a decent job the provided for the family and the system works.
1:37 am
people have hope and the american dream lives. that's why my agenda is to work for working people who punch the clock, who struggle to pay their bills. people trying to pay for college. people worried that retirement is a luxury they can never afford. that's what i'm going to fight for the middle class tax cuts. i will stand up for fair overtime pay and a minimum wage increase. i will work to make sure that women receive equal pay for and that women can exercise control over their own bodies. know we fight to expand pell
1:38 am
grants and make higher education affordable i will fight to reform the criminal justice system and the ever aware that america,t ohio and black lives matter. that's why i will protect the rights of workers to form a union and bargain for higher .ages let me tell you what i will not do. i will never sure my constitutional duties and insult the president of the united states by refusing to even consider a new supreme court justice even when a vacancy .ccurs
1:39 am
but senator portman is putting the interest of the washington power brokers and his own political party above his duty to ohio citizens and our country. in fairness, i think he has a next relation for his position. presidentys that the should do his job because it's the last year of his last term. logic, perhaps senator portman should just step .own now this issenator portman .he last year of your last term
1:40 am
those of us who have gathered here tonight know what is at stake in this election. heart andout ohio's ohio's soul. washington's boss and soul. that's why i am winning this race but there is a long road ahead and we cannot let up so i am asking you tonight to fight harder than you have ever thought before. fight for thend neighborhood needs health insurance. fight for the auto worker who has a job and needs to keep it. fight for the couple who has a
1:41 am
right to marry the person of their choice. go out there and fight for a clean environment. fight to make college affordable. go out there and fight for ohio because when we fight for ohio we are fighting for america and we have also got to be in the fight. >> things in german please welcome back to the stage the app chairman of the ohio and a credit party. >> i am not her, i'm sorry.
1:42 am
i am not she. we have heard from one great presidential candidate, one great senate candidate and we have another on our way. before we get to her unwanted to first of all -- i neglected to thank my beautiful wife who is here with me tonight and puts up with a lot as i do this. let me share -- this will not take very long but i think it is appropriate that we at the ohio democratic party with the national media finally in ohio actually set the record straight about one thing. if you are like me you have been watching these republican debates. help at some point it would occur to you to say who is that man from ohio and what did he do with our governor?
1:43 am
ohio was aeone from governor who says i have been the moderate in the adult in the room. so the word in ohio with a national media watching, is that what you have seen? >> no! >> so i will ask you a question. do you think it is moderate that our governor attacks workers even more fiercely than scott walker in wisconsin. he did that, didn't he? how about voting rights? you can literally right a law casebook on the number of voting laws passed in the last five years that were struck as unconstitutional and john kasich signed everyone. he also signed the worst
1:44 am
gerrymandered map in the history of ohio. with this governor has done to schools in our state is a disaster. elect the nextl governor on the school issue alone. under his leadership ohio schools were ranked fifth in the country and 2010 under ted strickland and now they are ranked 23rd. that is the moderate or effective, that is disqualifying. we've given away millions of dollars to for-profit charter schools that are destroying our kid's educations while wasting millions. that is not moderate. , thisonomy of our state is one of a really want to focus on are you seeing in ohio
1:45 am
miracle? no, we have seen some good things happen but i've been watching john kasich for five years take credit for the barack obama recovery as if he did it. that is all he talks about. he was against the auto deal that saved all those jobs but then john kasich has led the same trickle-down economics that never worked in washington and haven't worked here so even though we seen some benefits from the national policies from sharon brenner commerce people and our president ohio has that's in amerco. we are in our 38 consecutive month of trailing the nation's job recovery. john kasich went to michigan said i will do in michigan when it done and their recovery is better than ours. our wages are lower than they were in 1984 and it's because of
1:46 am
it trickle-down economics the regressive taxes the attacks on local government that have not about really hurt our communities while giving tax breaks. our governor has defunded planned parenthood. is that moderate? he has made us like texas when it comes to the right to choose in ohio. famous -- whyled is sit overfilled -- why is sid oberfeld famous? because he fought to the supreme court and won his case. this election is about all of the candidates on the other our, but here in ohio governor has been a moderate. important.this is so
1:47 am
i do think he will be president. i don't think he has a chance, but we need to say to every ohio when in 2018, are you -- every ohio citizen in 2018, are you tired of trickle-down economics question mark do you want to and bang the defunding of planned parenthood? i will see you when you get here. we need to get democrats running for governor who said that eight years is long enough and it is time for democrats to lead this great state. say.s all that i wanted to on to our next speaker.
1:48 am
1:49 am
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, u.s. senator brown. [applause] sen. brown: thank you ohio democrats. again -- special shout out again.
1:50 am
always a commitment to justice. elizabeth showed me pictures. up isason i bring that because she doesn't really send pictures very often to their daughter's grandfather. maybe she will start doing that more since i am saying it in front of 3000 people. already, ickland know what the forces of darkness did in 2012 in my race when they spent $40 million setting a record of negative ad spending. they have already spent $10 million, the koch brothers and their allies against strickland,
1:51 am
yet he still leads in the polls over rob portman which tells us everything. and to my friends and our , hillaryc candidates and bernie, welcome to the most important state in the union this tuesday and the most important state in the first tuesday after the first monday of november. some years ago, i guy said to me, we are sick and tired of running a race for president of ohio. hillaryu to bernie and for running a race that makes democrats proud, a race about .ssues, a race about principles watch the republican gradeschool
1:52 am
fight and watch the two adults touch -- talk issues about the future of the country and look at the difference while republicans are busy trying to disown their front runner -- or their two front runners, democrats are proud of both of hours -- both of ours. thank you to david pepper, i saw his mother here who is so proud of her son. putting in front of us those volunteers, i know how hard they work and i see them a lot over the state. andow what they did in 2012 2014. a special thanks to the weight
1:53 am
-- wait staff. [applause] as lawrence, as you know, progressive democrats we always honor hourly wage earners especially when the wait staff is paid so much less than they should be. if you visit my office in washington, you will see a sign under my name that says, this senate office was occupied by barack obama from 2005 to 2008. so all the people come by and i like to think they came by to take a picture of my son but i think they really didn't. it's a privilege to serve in the office of the senator from illinois in those years. it is also such an honor to
1:54 am
serve with the first african-american president of .he united states you watch these republican debates it's a little bit like watching a car accident. you rubberneck and you kind of have to watch these debates and you cannot believe you are wasting your time doing it. but listen to the tone and listen to what they say but look back to january 2009. our economy was in a freefall and we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month. the day that barack obama put his right hand up in january, 2009, we lost 800,000 jobs that month. the auto industry was on the verge of collapse. my zip code in 2007 head of more
1:55 am
foreclosures -- had more foreclosures than any zip code in america, if you can believe that. after the auto rescue and the recovery act and as we did dodd frank and the accord double -- 72ordable care act, we had straight months of .rivate-sector job growth gas prices are at in a store -- are at a historic low. for the first time in their lives have health insurance now. saw in the video, marriage equality is now the law of the land.
1:56 am
god less america. don't forget the auto industry. republicans voted to let the auto industry go bankrupt. somed strickland said, unnamed republicans called it a .ousy deal the current republican presidential candidate who is 0-22 in states said, this is throwing good money after bad. andescued the auto industry a new record, 17 million new cars sold in the united states. i would add that connie and i today in our jeep cherokee made in toledo and our other car in the driveway in chevy made in
1:57 am
youngstown. i speak from personal experience when i tell cedric and sheila that you cannot drive a better car anywhere in the world then one made right here in ohio. we have a long way to go. of thenot do a litany problems we still have. hard-working american still struggle. i met with a group of teamsters today and a group of auto workers who are scared to death that their pensions will suffer major cuts if congress doesn't do the right thing. all of that is so important yet, washington republicans cannot be convinced to do their jobs. iny shut down the government 2013 when they shut down congress and they are trying to shut down the supreme court in
1:58 am
2016. was think that barack obama elected to a three-year term. but think about this. barack obama sewing the second democratic president since the civil war, only the second democratic president since the civil war to have won and majority of votes in this country twice. only franken roosevelt and barack obama. there is no question that he had for theding mandate second, not four, not three and a half, not 3/5 of a term, but four. a story i have told to an number of you before. i want to repeat it. i think it is so poignant in describing donald trump thinking
1:59 am
about ted cruz and marco rubio, the cast of walker and bobby jindal who have disappeared into the trash heap of history. in january 1, 2009, the tradition of the president, he goes to the national cathedral for a prayer breakfast. there has been a prayer breakfast after every new president inaugurated since george washington. obama and the first woman ever to deliver a sermon. he said, one evening, a grandfather was teaching his young grandson but the internal battle that each of us as human beings face. he said there are two wolves struggling inside each of us. engine's,e is the anger and resentment, self pity and fear.
2:00 am
other wolf is compassion and faithfulness and hope in truth and love and reason. the old man stopped and the grandson said, which wolf wins? he said the one that wins is the one you feed. republicansh wolf have been feeding in these debates, in these rallies in chicago, in kansas city and st. louis, in cleveland and dayton. that this is the reason for donald trump. we know that republicans have dog whistled about race for 50 years. now we are shocked when donald trump starts barking. [applause]


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