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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 7, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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to limit themselves to one question. the questions have been good. but maybe we can take two or three if you limit yourself to ust one. >> turkey. here are so many voices saying that nato would be better off without turkey. they're saying they're collaborating with ice siss. is fighting the kurds who are fighting ice siss. ow do you comment on that?
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>> general breed love said recently that he felt the russians were weaponizing the refugees in the situation of destabilizing europe. know nato has sent some pa trolts recently. but why did it take so long for nato to respond to such a serious security threat tot european continent when greece and turkey are members of nato?
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when it comes 20 nato's role in addressing the mige rant and refugee crisis nato's main rule has been to address the instability in the region.
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in europe, nato is normally not the first responder because this is about border control, coast guard, border controls. aid and so on tot refugees. but when we were asked, we responded. and we actually responded very quickly because germany, turkey, and greece asked nato for help. and after 48 hours we were able to make a decision to provide the ships and assistance they asked for. and 24 hours after we made a decision, the first nato ships re deployed into the agian sea. so for me this is an example of how nato can respond quickly if needed. and what we have done since is
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we have several ships there. they are doing reconnaissance, surveillance, monitoring, and sharing in real time the data they are gathering with the greek coast guard, with the turkish coast guard, and with the european union border agency and this information is useful for, for instance, the turkish coast guard when they are then turning back and intercepting the traffic of the smugglers and the illegal networks. so i think nato plays a useful role helping the local coast guards, authorities. nato is not in the business of turning back boats with refugees and mige rants. our role is to help assist
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facilitate. add to that that programs the most important thing nato is doing in the area is to create a frame work, a platform for cooperation between turkey and greece. turkey not being a member of the european union but both being a member of nato. so nato is an ideal platform for providing the necessary cooperation between turkey greece and the european union. >> there was something about raush at the beginning of that question. russia was about -- what did especially as when they were bombing alepo was of course to increase the numb of people fleeing syria. and increasing the pressure on turkey and on europe. i'm very glad -- i welcome very ch that some weeks ago the
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united states, russia, and all the actors in the region were able to reach to agreement on cessation of hostilities. and even if we have seen violations, hostilities have gone substantially down. and we have also seen that the parties have been able to meet again and start negotiations and start to find negotiated political solution in syria. that will not be easy. it will not happen very fast. there will be setbacks and disappointments. but in the long run we need a negotiated political solution so i strongly support those efforts. both to make sure that the ceasefire is holding and to make sure that they continue negotiations and the talks to find a political solution. >> i know i cheateded you before. so i lead.
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-- go ahead. >> you mentioned russia violating international law. if you could comment perhaps on greece's vile yating international law after blocking nato membership in 2008. greece has a fairly new government in place. macedonia may have a new government starting june. what role will your office play in facilitating improving relations and finally lifting this blockage of nato membership, particularly on this point you made before? i am a member of the syrian opposition, delegation to jen eva. i'm here. you already spoke about russia's role in syria and i was waiting to hear the nato's counter strategy to at least having some balance of power on the ground.
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but i will not ask that you question. my question is there have been recently been efforts by the gcc led by saudi air ba to establish the islamic coalation against isis. will nato partner if they ask with this new coalition for a direct military intervention in syria? yes or no? thank you. >> if the question was whether zrects going to conduct a military intervention into syria, the answer is no. but if the question is whether e are going to work together with the islamic coalition to counter icele the answer is yes because i welcome that islamic countries are going together to fight them. and i think it's extremely
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important that islamic countries are in the forefront. as for instance the king of jordan has underlined again and again this is not a fight between the west and the muslim world. this is a fight against terrorists, krnls, people who are responsible for violence and most of the victims are muslims. so -- and muslims are the front fighting them. and again, my main message is that we should support, help, able, train, assist, help them in many different ways to win that fight. so if you ask me whether we should help the muslim world and slim forceses, it's a strong yes. that was the last question. the first one was about the former yugoslav republic of
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macedonia. the reason i say that is that you know and i know that the problem has been ever since the nato summit in bucharest i was there as prime minister of norway, has been, that we don't have an agreement. as long as that issue is unsolved there's no way that we can solve the question of membership. so that's the short answer. >> we have time maybe for two more. in black of you over there. as a country on the eastern border of nato, we are highly appreciative of your leadership and addressing the key issues of
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reinforcing the eastern flank. how do you see this reinforcement process from a black sea perspective? a region that has multiple strategic challenges both from the east and from the south. thank you. >> through the podium. kevin with deevens 1. last week secretary carter said that the sufment was talking to nato about joining the coalition as nato for the first time which would be a change. so i'm wondering what would involve besides advise and assist? troops? special operators? hat else besides assist? >> first, the black sea's very important.
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we have seen that russia is developing what the experts called a 2 or a the or anti access capabilities and they are deploying those capabilities for instance in crimea. and we see a pattern all the way from the seas down tot black sea. and of course one of the reasonses why we are increasing our presence in the eastern part of the alliance, why we are increasing the readiness of our forces, and why we are also developing our capabilities is that nailto has to be able to overcome those a 2 ad capabilities which we also see in the black sea. our maritime presence is important. and part of the high readieness
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force we have established we also have a maritime component there. we normally speak about this big gade but there's an air component and maritime component. and that's part of our response to what we also see in the black sea. so yes we are very much aware of the challenges in the black sea. being more common more because of the russian anexation of crimea and the strong military buildup. then nato is not formally part of the coalition. but nato supports the coalition. and first of all, all nato allies provide forces. then, as i said nato supports the coalition in different ways. measures in turkey, capacity building in iraq.
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i will also add that what we do in afghanistan our biggest military effort is the fight against terror including. and we stand to go more in lybia. one issue we have discussed and during my visit to washington this week and with ash carter is the possibility of nato providing support. our surveillance plane. that is on the table now. it's going to be addressed in nato. then we will be able to provide you with a more precise answer. but support in one way or another is now an issue which is discussed. >> we promised the secretary general that we would get him out of here on time and i
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apologize to everyone whose questions we didn't get to. thank you so much. the fact that there are some questions testifies both to relevance and level of interest. and we've still managed to cover an enormous amount of ground. thank you so much for your candor and for the completeness of your answers. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen please tay in your seats as the secretary general exits the room. thank you.
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>> president obama travels to chicago to talk to students at the university of chicago law school about the supreme court and the judicial system live at 3:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> this morning the army's acting secretary and chief of staff brief lawmakers on the services readiness. live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. then live at 10:00 on c-span consumer financial protection bureau richard cord ray testifies. >> this queek on c-span, the supreme court cases that shaped our history come to life with
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the c-span series landmark cases. our 12-part series explores real life stories and constitutional dramas. >> this is a story of presidential power and limit during times of war. it puts before the court central themes about conditions unto which presidents during times of emergencies can do things. and the limits that congress and the court can place on it. >> he said the cases come to be accepted by the culture. >> it was a sweeping decision. it isolated the u.s. as one of only four nations of 195 across the globe that allow abortion for any reason after feetal viability and yet it has not settled the issue at all. >> tonight we'll look at the case of baker v. car the case that established the right of
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federal courts to review edistricting issues. >> yesterday, donald trump spoke to supporters at a campaign rally in new york less than two weeks before that state's primary. he is introduced by his daughter. this is about 50 minutes. ivanka: good evening, new york. it is very, very, very nice to be at home. i'm excited tonight to introduce my father. [cheers and applause] there's a lot of things that make donald trump special to me as a parent and as a mentor.
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but the most important is the strength of his character. as young girl growing up, my father always told me that i could do anything that i would set my mind to. he meant it. he's employed tens of thousands of people over the years and he's inspired them to do extraordinary things. many of those people live and work right here in new york where my father himself was born. [cheers and applause] where he raised me and my siblings and where he's lived his entire life. my father has the strength to make hard decisions and to motivate those around him to achieve the impossible. he leads by example and will utwork anyone in any room. my father has also succeeded at the highest level in a vast number of industries because the common denominator is him, his vision, his passion, his work
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ethic and his absolute refusal to take no for an answer. cheers and applause] we have seen this time and time again right here in new york more times than i can list tonight. we saw it when he took over wollman rink in central park, a project that had failed by almost a decades that failed to get built. and then he completed in under three minutes and under budget. [cheers and applause] we saw this time and time again as he built tower after tower in new york city. many breaking global records for their height and scale and forever altered and beautified the most beautiful cityscape in the world. and we saw this most recently when the city asked him to complete and operate the ferry point golf course, a project hat had spanned over two
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decades and multiple administrations. within one year, the project was opening and garnering top reviews and accolades from the toughest critics in the world. and most importantly, it's finally being enjoyed by the eople of new york. his great success here in new york and around the globe has been the result of his bold vision and tenacious spirit. he is a brilliant negotiator and dealmaker and countless times i've stood by his side and watched him do deals that were seemingly impossible to get done. that determination will make him a strong and very importantly a ighly effective president. cheers and applause]
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whether it's negotiating tough new trade deals that will bring jobs back to america or cutting taxes for the middle-class and for businesses, to restore our economic vitality, my father as he's done his whole life will work tire lesley and he'll work tire lesley for the people of this country. self-funding his campaign means that he's not beholden to anyone other than you. this will enable him to have the independence to make the right decision for this country, the hard decisions for this country and he will put america first. i consider myself incredibly fortunate to have learned from the best both as a parent and as an entrepreneur. thank you. thank you. my father is a man who is deeply grounded in tradition and he raised my siblings and myself and all of my sub lings are here -- siblings are here tonight.
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right over there. [cheers and applause] eric, don, laura, vanessa, baron and tiffany are at home but i'm sure they're watching. he taught us that we have a responsibility to do good and to make a positive ontribution. so i have a one-week old son named theodore who is at home tonight. and i will tell you, it was not easy to leave him for so much as a minute to be here. but it was incredibly important to me that i did because i believe that the importance of this election and setting our country on the right path for the current and future is more important now more than ever. i can tell you firsthand that there's no better first to have in your corner when you're facing tough decisions or tough opponents.
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my father is battle tested. he's a doer. he has a track record for effectiveness and he has a long track record of winning. as president, my father will make america great again. cheers and applause] now, we have a little video and then the man himself is going come out. thank you, everyone. thank you, new york. we love you. [cheers and applause] >> enter donald trump.
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>> really want the world wrestling federation atmosphere in the oval office. >> serious of proposals of trump's plan do create problems. >> he's feeding ammunition to the other party. >> visceral and populace and angry at politicians. >> donald trump's son invites you to go on the >>. >> he's incredibly quick, grateful. he likes to get things done. he can gut through red tape. he's an amazing man. we've seen a lot of negotiators and there's no one better than he is. he would be an amazing' this country. he's passionate about it. he doesn't need to set this in his life to do. this he's got an amazing company and he's doing it. and he's actually very -- >> i'm hispanic and we vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump, we love you! we love you! on the way to the white house! [cheers and applause]
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mr. trump: thank you. that's the first time they've ver done that. that's the first time. amazing. amazing. it's all morph into one big beautiful package. and the package is called you but maybe it's in the form of me, the beautiful package that we're going to do. and you're going to be so proud. and you're going to be so happy and you're going to win again. we're going to start winning so much. we're going to win. we're going to win our trade. we're going to win our healthcare. we're going to win with the military, hopefully you don't have to use it. we're going to win with our vets. we're going to win with our wounded warriors, the greatest people of all. they're incredible. we're going to win. we're going to win. we're going take back our jobs
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from china and japan and mexico. we're going to bring them back. we're going to bring them back! cheers and applause] we're going to do it ogether. >> i remember him telling me when i was a little girl, ivanka, if you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as ell be thinking big. he has the strength to make hard decisions and motivate those around him to achieve the impossible. it is my pleasure to introduce to you today, a man who i have loved and respected my entire life, my father, donald j. trump. 'all ready for this mr. trump:
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thank you, thank you, everybody. unbelievable. nbelievable.
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[crowd chanting "trump"] thank you so much. crowd chanting "u.s.a."] thank you, everybody. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. first of all, it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. [cheers and applause] we love new york. we love new york and we are all together going to make america great again, folks. cheers and applause] so i was driving over from manhattan and i passed queens -- i love queens. do we have a lot of queens -- i love -- i grew up in queens. i grew up in queens.
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and i used to play -- you know, i used to get here at like 2:00 in the morning to play a round of golf at bethpage. you all know what i mean, right? but i love this city and i love this country. and we are going to start winning again with our country because we don't win. we never win. we never ever, ever win anymore. we don't win with our military. we don't win on trade. we don't win on healthcare. we don't win on anything. we are going to start winning again, folks. cheers and applause] so in coming up, i said to myself and i said to some of the people when we were in the car. i said i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting my own money in, right? and all of these people that are running for office they're like
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off the trough, they take money in from all the special interest where they can't make proper transactions for you. and that's going to stop. t's going to stop. you look -- you look -- you look t what's happening -- i love you too. i love these people! these are my people! man! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "trump"] i've got so many family members here today. look at that! boy, oh, boy, my sons and my daughter. id ivanka do a good job? you know, she had a baby like five days ago. so she did a good job. so i should not say ivanka, you're fired, right? i promise. i promise. i promise.
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so i love this. you know, somebody else would say, that's a tough crowd. it is with a heart. we love this crowd. we love you people. we love you. we love -- so here's what we're doing. on june 16 -- i came down the escalator with milania. and i took a big breath. it was all about orders. it was all about all sorts of things. but today it's sad but it's also bout our military. we can't beat isis. e're going to knock the hell out of isis, believe me. cheers and applause] can you imagine what our great generals, general george patton, general douglas macarthur, can you imagine what they'd be
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saying if they saw what's going on with what we're doing and the way we fight? we don't fight like people from long island. we don't fight like people from ew york. so we're going to rebuild our military. it's totally depleted. you know it. we know it. they don't like talking about it. we are going to rebuild our military. it's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody is going to mess with us. obody. and very, very important, we're going to take care of our vets. our vets are not takenare of. so our country owes now, $19 trillion. we owe trillions to china. we owe trillions to japan.
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the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. it's going to change around. it is going to change quickly. we are going to renegotiate our trade deals. the in the case of china, $500 billion trade deficit every single year. it's going to end. mexico, i love the mexican people. i love hispanics. i love hispanics. they're unbelievable people. we have now $58 billion trade deficit with mexico and our businesses are sadly leaving our country, going to other countries. they're leaving our jobs in long island. you know it better than almost anybody. our companies are being uprooted, taken out. they're moving to mexico. they're moving to other
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countries. everybody is looking for jobs. and you know what, we're going to end the practice. we're going to keep our companies here. and we're bringing companies back to the united states. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "build a wall"] we are going to have a strong border. we are going to build the wall. it will be a real wall. a real wall. are you ready? are you ready? are you ready? who is going to pay for the wall? audience: mexico!
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mr. trump: who? audience: mexico! mr. trump: these politicians say you can't get mexico to pay. when we're losing $3 billion in trade deficits. folks, how easy is that? it's going to happen. it's going to happen, 100%. it's going happen. go ahead. [crowd chanting "build a wall"] ah, it never changes. hey, new york is called new ork. it never ever, ever will hange.
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so what's happened and very strongly what's happened. we are going to have those strong borders. and just like you saw last week. the border patrol, 1,600 people, endorsed donald trump for president. and i didn't even ask. the first time they've ever done it. they've never endorsed anybody for president. but they want to have strong borders. and you know what, i thought to myself, has anybody heard the snake? has anyone heard of it? have you heard? should we do it? should we do it? all right. the main thing -- can you hear me all the way in the back? can you hear me? can anybody not hear me clearly?
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all right. i want to thank my brother, my cousins, my nephews, my beautiful daughter-in-laws, my son, wonderful ivanka as you know. they all dime see this -- i mean, they can't even believe t. you know -- you know, lyin' ted cruz came together. he couldn't draw 100 people. 100 people. i'm telling you. in fact, it was a big headline today in the "new york post." he couldn't draw 100 people. now, do you remember -- do you emember -- do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good, like we're no good. audience: boo!
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and i started talking to him about the world trade center, the bravery, the incredible bravery of everybody, our police, our firemen, our everybody. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting u.s.a."] better believe it. better believe it. so i looked at him and started talking about our incredible police, our incredible firefighters -- cheers and applause] our incredible people, our unbelievable construction workers. who could have done that? who could have rebuilt that wall? there was never anything like it in this country. the worst attack in the history of the united states, the bravery that was shown was incredible. we all lived through it. we all know people that died.
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and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred -- with hatred of new york. so folks, i think you can forget about him. you can forget about him. [crowd chanting "lyin' ed"] he is lyin' ted. but you have to spell it right. it's l-y-i-n' ted. the bible held high. e puts it down and then he lies. you know, the wonderful thing, he lies like crazy but most of the time, i win the evangelical vote. the evangelicals, the christians
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like donald trump. i'm a straight shooter. i shoot straight. like new yorkers, we shoot straight. you have another one running. he was in favor of nafta. do you remember that? kasich. kasich. he is now -- he is now, 0-32 except he won his state. he's like 1-33. and he's just -- he won't leave. and that's ok. you know what, he's a nice guy. let him keep going. it's ok. it's all right. it's ok. but both of them and this is so serious, both of them, we have a deal under negotiation being negotiated by president obama which you immediately know it's got to be a bad deal. audience: boo! a bad deal. don't forget obama negotiated the iran deal, one of the worst deals ever, ever, ever
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negotiated. so what we have -- thank you, darling. i love -- screaming "love," "i love you trump", "i love you trump." i love you. love you. i do. so both of them want t.p.p. which is transpacific partnership. it is a disastrous deal. it's going to suck the blood out of new york. it's going to suck the blood out of our country. both of them want it to happen. i'm going to fight it. i'm going to stop it. i'm not going to let it happen. we have enough bad deals. this deal would be atastrophic. so look, let me -- let me just tell you a couple of things. so we have to bring our jobs ack to this country.
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we have to stop making horrible trade deals. we have the greatest business people in the world in the united states. i know many of them. i know the good ones, the bad ones, the overrated ones -- i know -- and the underrated ones that are phenomenal. we are going bring this greatest business minds. we're going to take our new trade deals with china, with japan, with mexico, with all of these countries that are ripping us like nobody's ever, ever been ripped before, ever. so i talk about different deals. ford is building a huge plant, $2.5 billion. nobody does -- maybe we don't buy fords anymore. who knows? right? they're building in mexico a $2.5 billion plant. it started in mexico. nobody found out what's happening. nobody did anything. they just announced they're going to double down and build more in mexico.
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we want them to stay here. we want them in this country. now, you heard about nabisco. they're going to mexico. you hear about many, many companies, they're moving. recently carrier air conditioners, we won't buy carriers anymore, folks. they announced that they're leaving the united states. they fired 1,400 people a lot of people. they've been there for a long time. they're moving to mexico. so here's what we do. should i tell you what we do? are you ready? my wife and my daughter always say, darling and dad, please be more presidential. but i want to make this call yself. if i'm president we call 77 carrier. can you imagine calling them up? who quares. we say listen i hope you enjoy
4:46 am
your new plant. i'm sure it's going to be beautiful. wonderful place. a little hot but that's ok. but just so you understand you lote go of 1400 and 1750 from what i hear, great great people. and they're right now unemployed in the united states as you make your air condition rs. so here's whatsdz going to happen. they're paid off with campaign contributions. so even if they do they're not going to do anything about it. so we say, and i say, i hope you enjoy your beautiful new plant in mexico. but every single time you make an air conditioning unit and send it across our now very, very powerful and strong border you're going to pay a 35% tax on that unit.
4:47 am
and here's what's going to happen. if it's not me if it's somebody else or how about hillary -- how bad is hillary? how bad? how bad is hillary? how bad. so if it's hillary, or if it's cruise -- it can't be cruz. by the way, i will bea hillary so badly in the general election you heard the other day members of her team were caught saying the one person she doesn't want to run against is trump. believe me, it will be fun. it will be fun. and we haven't started on her yet. the obble time i really started on her was two months ago. and believe me her and bill had a bad evening. believe me, that was a bad evening. but i haven't started.
4:48 am
if it's hillary -- i don't know it's going to be hillary. maybe she's not going to be allowed to run. maybe she will be defeelted. i don't know what's going on. but with the e-mail scandal maybe something's going to happen. so here's what's going to happen. so if it's hillary, or if it's cruz, or if it's nebraska -- any politician, they will call their lobbyists, who has like cruz written on -- it's like emblazend on to his forehead. cruz, i can take care of anything. they will see them, any politician. they will say you can't do that. they gave you millions of dollars when you ran for president. they gave you millions of dollars when you ran for senate. these are good people. you can't do it. but see here's the deal. i don't get money from nebraska. so i self-fund so i can do
4:49 am
what's right for you. i'm going to do what's right for you. so with carrier, as an example -- and i could useford or hundreds and hundreds. i tell carrier that. they will call me back and they will put a little pressure but it's no pressure works on me. but i will tell you why. what they're going to do is i will say no. you don't understand. it's a 35% tax. they're going to say mr. president, we've decided not to leave the united states. that's what it is. so simplele. it is so simple. so here's what's happening. i've been a pretty good -- i have a lot of fans here we've been fans together, friends together. and they've known me for a long time. a poll came out that's through the roof. my standing in new york. you know what makes me happiest? when the people that know me best -- and boy do you know me well.
4:50 am
but when the people that know me the best think so much that we have poll numbers nobody can believe. so we're going to do great. in two weeks from yesterday go vote because we have momentum, we have a movement, and we're going to turn this country around so fast, so fast. so you have to get out and vote. so i've been calling a lot of shots right. i wrote a book in 2000 and in 2000 i talked about osama bin laden. two years before the world trade center. nobody even understands that. every once in a while one of these will say that's amazing. trump was talking about him before. we have to know what we're talking about. i've been talking about take the oil for what five years?
4:51 am
you know who has the oil now? isis has the oil. iran has the oil. because our politicians are iven competent. they don't know what the he will they're doing. and it's so unfair because the press is so dirty. the press is so bad. they're terrible. look at them. they are terrible. now they're terrible people. and by the way, we have 15,000 people, we have another 5,000 outside. they're never going to show it. they're never going to show it. you'll go home to your families tonight. you'll say it was unbelievable. and your wife or your husband will say darling were there many people there? and you know why? because they watched it on
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television. it's all live. i'm always making these live speeches it's crazy. i would love to do it like the other guys. nobody covers them they could just go over and over. but nobody shows up. you'll go home and your wife or husband will say were there many people there? because the cameras never want to scan the audiences because they're so big and so incredible. and by the way, we have some people. i want to thank -- before i read this i want to thank your police and your chief. he was here. [cheers and applause] i want to thank big joe from nass ah. you know big joe. right? where is joe? he's around here. i want to thank steve. i want to thank all of the
4:53 am
incredible politicians we have. we have half of the world is here tonight. but i want to thank all of the blitcal leaders. we have the greatest leaders. in new york state. we have leaders that say we're not going to put up with this stuff any longer. and that's what they're saying. so i thank them for being here. so i've called a lot of shots and i've gotten credit pretty much for calling a lot of shots. i have an instinctnd i do have a good i stiveraget for it. and we have a thing called the migration. we have illegal immigrants pouring into our country. we don't know what's happening. that will stop. but we have the migration and people coming in by the thousands with no documentation, with no paperwork. we don't know where they come from. we don't know who they are. you watch what happens. it could be isis. i hope it's not. but you watch what happens. you see what happened in paris, you see what happened in
4:54 am
california with the two people, two young people got married, they worked they shot 14 people killed them. they became radicalized. and we're not going to put up ith it, folks. so this was written by the greatal green, it was a song. and i thought it was great. now, when you think of this and when you listen to the words, remember what i'm saying. when you listen to the words you have to think about people ouring into the country. out of 17,000 people i think we'll have one that are headlines tomorrow. that's all right.
4:55 am
forget them. you can't hear them anyway. that's ok, folks. forget it. don't worry about it. that's all right. ready? are we ready? or doupt to let them go a little further? you want them out? all right. get them out. et them out, please. don't hurt the person. don't hurt the person. o not hurt the person. don't hurt them.
4:56 am
is a trump rally the greatest? s it the greatest? all right. good. et them out. all right. they're gone. you know what it is? i'll tell you. and be very gentle, very, very gentle. you know identify done it all ways. when i'm like this they say
4:57 am
trump is getting weaker when i'm tough they say he's too tough. ok. ok. let's go. are you ready? so here ts story. you think of this in terms of the people coming into the country especially coming in from syria. we don't know where they are, we don't know who they are, we don't know how they're getting in. they're all over the place. believe me it's going to be a problem. you think of this. all right? this is called the snake. on her way to work one morning down the path along the lake a tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake. his pretty kwlord skin had been all frosted with the due, oh well she cried i'll take you in and i'm take care of you. take me in oh tender woman, take
4:58 am
me in for heaven's sake. take me in for heaven woman. sighed the broken snake. she wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk and then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk. now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived she found that pretty snake she had taken in finally finally had been revived. take me in oh tender woman take me in for heaven sake. take me in for heaven woman sighed the broken snake. now she clutched him to her bosom. you're so beautiful she cried. but if i hadn't brought you in by now heaven's you might have died. now she's stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed him and held him tight. but instead of saying thank you, hat snake gave her a bite.
4:59 am
take me in oh tender woman. take me many for heaven's sake. take me in oh tender woman sighed the broken snake. i saved you cried the woman and you bit me heaven's why? you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. oh shut up silly woman said the rep tile with a grin. you damn well knew i was a snake before you took me in. believe me, folks. believe me. believe me. our e all understand country has to start getting tough. we have to be individual lint.
5:00 am
we have to be individual lint. we have to be smart. we have to know that there's all sorts of traps out there. we don't want more world trade centers. we don't want planes flying into the pentagon. we don't want planes flying in wherever that other plane was going and we all think we know the white house. we had some really brave people in all of those planes but some brave people took down that plane. we don't want -- right? rave brave people. you'd better believe it. n their honor. so we're going to be smart. we're going to be tough. we're going to be individual lint. we're not going to be politically correct all the time. politically correct. i love you, too. i don't say that often to goys
5:01 am
but i love that guy right over there. so we're going to do a lot of things if i win. we're going to take our budget. we're going to make it good. we're going to make sure that our nation that is we're friends with -- japan, germany, south korea, and many, many nations. saudi arabia, some nations. we pay for their military. we take care of their military. it's all fine. but you know what folks? we have 19 trillion in debt we're going to 21 in debt very soon because of a horrible budget made three months ago called the omnibus budget which lets everybody come into our country, which is a disaster, which helps obama care which by the way we're going to repeal and replace with something great.
5:02 am
so we're going to bring back our country. we're going to make our country strong again, respected again. we're going to use our finest people, we're going to use our brightest minds. we're going to make great deals and transactions. we're going to have apple computer and companies like that many, many companies. they're going to start making their product not in china but in the u.s.a., folks. that's where they're going to make their product. 100%. 00%. so here is the story. here is the story in a nutshell. you're going to look at this night in two years, in four years, in 12 years in 20 years and you're going to say this was a great evening. this was an evening. this was an evening where for
5:03 am
the first time we heard somebody say that we're not going to be a scape gothe and stupid people any more. we're not going to allow the world to continue to rip us off. we're going to get along great with the world. but we're not going to let it happen any more. we're going to say -- and i say it now -- america first. america first. it will happen too, folks. and it will happen fast. so here's the story. you're going to remember this evening and hopefully every single person in this room and people that you know that aren't in this room next tuesday next tuesday meaning -- meaning in 12
5:04 am
days -- you're going to go out and vote and you're going to say it was the most important vote that you've ever cast. you're going to be proud of your country again. you're going to be proud of your president again. we are going to start winning. we are going to win with our military. we're going to kick the he will out of isis. we are going to win with our veterans. we are going to win with health care. we are going to get rid of common core and we're bringing our education locally. we're going to have local education. we are going to protect and cherish our second amendment hich is under seige. and we are going to have strong borders. we are going to have our country back. and we are going to have the wall. so let me just tell you, let me
5:05 am
just tell you. we are going to start winning gain, folks. it's going to happen. it's going to happen. it's going to happen. so remember this evening. you go out and vote. i can only tell you you will be so plowed so happy. we are going to win win win. we're going to make america great again. i love you. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. ♪
5:06 am
5:07 am
5:08 am
5:09 am
>> hillary clinton made a campaign stop at carnegie mellon university in pittsburgh three weeks before the pennsylvania primaries. after a tour of campus, she talked to supporters. this is just under 40 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage mayor bill peduto, rich fitzgerald, the allegheny county executive, and hillary clinton. >> â this is my fight song, take back my life song â â
5:10 am
>> wow. what a crowd. we are so fortunate to have hillary clinton here today to talk about her future for america. >> secretary clinton has been somebody who has been breaking down barriers her whole life and will continue to do that. she is somebody with a great heart and also with the smarts to move this country forward and
5:11 am
get things done. >> on april 26, western pennsylvania is going to be clinton country. >> while there are other candidates out there talking about building walls, we know that pittsburgh -- >> we know that pittsburgh is the city of bridges. >> and secretary clinton is
5:12 am
somebody who builds bridges. >> and to introduce the next president of the united states is our great mayor, who builds bridges as well, mayor eduto. >> it is so great to be at carnegie mellon. hello, pittsburgh. right outside, the rolling hills. an you feel the hills? >> how about it? hall of famer franco harris. he knows what backing a champion means. our secretary is a proud alumni of carnegie mellon university.
5:13 am
i gave it a couple years and it did not work out. there were so many great times that i remember on the stage. the clash played in 1982. we had a historical moment in pittsburgh. think about pittsburgh in the 1980's. it was so much different than it is today. we were looking at economic collapse. we were looked at around the world as a city that had lived its time and a city that had died. if you see it today and the way it has come back, you understand that is hope when you invest in people and you have a vision of where to go. when you understand that what unites us makes us stronger and what divides us makes us weak. when you are not afraid to look at challenges and you address them. that is how pittsburgh came back. that is why mayors across the
5:14 am
country, the progressive mayors across this country, are backing hillary clinton. because she understands our ast. she knows where we are at, and she has a vision for our future and america for all. it is my honor to introduce the next president of the united states, secretary hillary clinton. ms. clinton: thank you. thank you. thank you so much. wow.
5:15 am
i am thrilled to be here at arnegie mellon university. and to be in this great american city, as the mayor so rightly aid. a city that has not only built bridges but roads into the future, demonstrating absolutely that you can have resilience if you are resourceful, if you do ot give up, you keep working together. we can make it here in ittsburgh and america. ms. clinton: come out of a tradition of american progressiveism that believes with all our hearts that we are one country, one people, one future. and we have to work with each other, lift each other up. we have to respect each other.
5:16 am
we have to demonstrate by what we do, that our diverse city is an asset. ms. clinton: it makes us the luckiest nation in the world to have the talent, the dreams, the aspirations, of countless people. what i want to do, if i am so fortunate as to be president, is knocked down every barrier that stands in the way of any american being able to fulfill his or her god-given potential. every american deserves the building blocks of a personal future that will help us build america's future. i have been very clear in this
5:17 am
ampaign. i take a backseat to nobody. ms. clinton: when it comes to being a progressive, but i do believe that if you are a progressive, you need to make progress. you need to get things done. you need to bring people together. that is what i intend to do. i think there are three big tests the next president has to eet. and if you think about it, you are actually doing a big job interview. you want to know, who are these people running for president? where do they come from? what do they believe? what have they done in the past? what have they not just said, but what have they accomplished? ms. clinton: and can we count on them, can we count on them to stand up for americans and
5:18 am
america? so here are these tests. number one, can the next president actually deliver results that make differences, positive differences, in the lives of americans of all ages? you have to be able to ask that. one of the ways you look is, what have you gone already? who have you helped? who have you fought for? who have you taken on? who have you stood up against? the second test is, can you keep us safe and continue to lead the world on behalf of american values? the third is, can you unify america? can you bring us together, end the divisiveness that has become all too common in our olitics?
5:19 am
so when i think about producing results, i think about my grandfather, who came with his family as a young immigrant to northeast pennsylvania, to scranton. i think about how he went to work in the scranton mills when he was still a teenager. he worked there his entire ife. and he built a good, middle-class life in those times or his three sons. and then, his sons went to college. enn state. ms. clinton: and when they got
5:20 am
out of college -- i know, it is a little up the road -- when they got out of college, they had a better future. my dad was a small businessman. my mom had a tough upbringing, but she got through it, and she showed resilience and grit that was such a great example to me. every one of us has a story. your own families, you have seen the struggles. maybe not in your time, but in the prior generation. what has been so extraordinary about america, this amazing experiment, is that we delivered. we were not perfect, and we had a lot of problems to overcome. but we delivered and we never gave up. nd we just kept going. yes, sometimes, we fell short of our own dreams. but that did not stop us.
5:21 am
so what i want you to understand, as i looked out at all of you, particularly those of you in front of me, this election is much more about your futures than anything else. it is about what kind of country will be waiting for you as you make your decisions over the next years and what kind of world will be out there. i want you to imagine with me what we can build together. imagine an economy that creates enough good paying jobs for every american to feel that he or she counts, to have the purpose and dignity that comes with a good job, with a rising ncome. ms. clinton: imagine that we put millions of americans to work again, fixing our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our port, ur airports.
5:22 am
not only what we can see, but what we cannot see. no person in america should ever drink water contaminated by lead r anything else. ms. clinton: imagine that we, once again, become a manufacturing engine of the world, that we are building what the world needs, what is creating our future. i was just over at the robotics institute. ms. clinton: and i saw the extraordinary work they are doing in medicine, in anufacturing, in the kind of home care delivery that will be part of our future because of the work done at this great university by the faculty, by the students. ms. clinton: i want us, once again, to believe that we can
5:23 am
make the future by making the goods that we can then export around the world. i know we can do this because not only at the robotics institute but in many places across our country, i have seen that future. i know what we can accomplish. but we have to make sure our tax code rewards that kind of work. we invest in research again at the level that we should from he federal government. ms. clinton: so that is why, for both infrastructure and manufacturing, i have laid out very specific plans on how to do this. we need an infrastructure bank that can continue to fund the kind of work that needs to be done in our country and, in manufacturing, i have a $10 billion plan that will invest in the kind of inventions and productivity that can come right out of this great university and put people to work. ms. clinton: and i want you to
5:24 am
oin me in one of the great goals that has ever been set by human beings. and that is to combat climate change and begin to reverse the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. ms. clinton: i care passionately about this because i actually listen to the scientists. s. clinton: and when you ask the republicans who are running, you know they all say, they all say, well, i am not a scientist. i bet carnegie mellon could help teach them about climate change and what it means for our
5:25 am
country. but it is not only because we face this existential threat, but there are economic opportunities if we put our heads together and work to create them. in 2009, president obama and i ad to crash one of the conferences and stalk the chinese and indians that said they could not meet with us because they were on the way to the airport. on the way to the airport? the meeting is not over. we sent out scouts to the convention center. word came back that they are way in the back having a secret meeting. the president and i said, well, i think we would like to attend. o off we went.
5:26 am
ms. clinton: they had been dodging and avoiding us for days. so we marched up to them and the security guards were saying, no, no, no, and president obama and i kept smiling, hi, hi. the room was covered with curtains and you could not see who was in there. the president pushed through the security guard's arm and i ducked under the security guard's arm. we g into the room, and the president said, we have been looking for you. we pulled up chairs and sat down and said, let's reach some agreement so we can start to move the world towards actually facing up to dealing with and reversing the effects of reenhouse gas emissions.
5:27 am
ms. clinton: and that is why i was thrilled when 195 countries signed the agreement in paris. my opponent said, that was not good enough. do not let perfect be the enemy of good. we got 195 countries on board. ms. clinton: so now, here is our challenge. some country is going to be the 21st century clean energy superpower. as things stand right now, it will be germany, china, or us. i want it to be us, and i want carnegie mellon to help lead the way. ms. clinton: i have set two big goals. i want to have a north american climate agreement. we need to be working with canada and mexico as we redo our grid. we need to be understanding how
5:28 am
we are going to challenge states, on top of clean power plants, to go even further. i said, let's have half a billion more solar panels deployed by the end of my first term, and enough clean energy to power every home by the end of my second term. these are jobs that have to be done in pennsylvania and across the united states. and these are opportunities for s. i really challenge all of you to think about what each of you can do to contribute to our efforts to take on what is the 21st century global challenge. i believe that, as we move forward with these big opportunities, we have to do more for small businesses, especially to help young people start their small businesses, follow their dreams.
5:29 am
ms. clinton: i have been told, and i believe it to be true that carnegie mellon has the best return on federal dollar research money coming to any higher-end research institution n the country. ms. clinton: and one of the reasons is because you have made it easier for faculty and grad students and maybe even undergrads to start businesses. i want to unleash that. i want to see millions of new american small businesses. that is where most of the new jobs will come from. so i want to open up opportunities for you. i also want our economy to be fairer. imagine that people who work full-time get paid a minimum wage that does not end up in poverty at the end of the ear. ms. clinton: and imagined,
5:30 am
imagine, that finally, women get equal pay for the work we o. ms. clinton: this is not just a women's issue. it is a family issue. if you have a wife or a mother or a sister or a daughter who is working and they are not being paid fairly and equally, when they go to the store, when they are in the supermarket checkout line, the cashier does not say, ok. you only have to pay $.78 on the dollar. or if you are an african-american woman, you only have to pay $.68 on the dollar. if you are a latino woman, you only have to pay $.58 on the ollar.
5:31 am
last time i checked, there was no woman's discount for failing to get equal pay in the first place. ms. clinton: now, everything i just said, the republicans are against. every single thing. you know, i am proud that we brought the issues to the democratic primary. as far as i can tell, republicans have run insult-oriented campaigns. but make no doubt about it. they will do everything they can to take back the white house. if they get the white house plus the republican congress, we will not recognize our country. his is one of the most consequential elections. we have to build on the progress president obama has made, and we
5:32 am
have to go further. ms. clinton: and here is one of those inconvenient facts you might want to share with your epublican friends. our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. ms. clinton: i mean, we do not have to go back to ancient history. during the 1990's under my husband's presidency -- ms. clinton: at the end of eight years, we had 23 million new jobs, and income went up for everybody, not just people on the top. middle-class families, working families, poor families. the median family income went up 17% in those eight years.
5:33 am
and the median african american income went up 33% because there were so many jobs. and we ended up with a balanced budget and surplus. hard to beat that record. will tell you what. the republicans, you give them credit for consistency. they are consistently wrong when it comes to the economy. ms. clinton: so in comes george w. bush. i was in the senate, representing new york. i stood up on the senate floor and said, they do not want to take us back before the clinton years. they want to take us back before franklin roosevelt, before teddy roosevelt. they were slashing taxes. they were absolutely taking their eyes off the financial markets and the mortgage markets. and we know what happened -- the
5:34 am
worst financial crisis since the great depression. i do not think president obama gets the credit he deserves for taking us out of the debt the republicans put us in. ms. clinton: so beware. they are peddling the same economic snake oil. trickle down economics all over again. well, we are not going to let them get away with it. because it may be uncomfortable for them, but we have history, the facts, and common sense on ur side. that is why i want us to build on the progress we have made but go further. the key to the economy i imagine we can create is education. i think we have to start with early childhood education.
5:35 am
ms. clinton: when i got out of law school, i went to work for the children's defense fund. and working for children and giving children a chance and evening the odds for every child is at the core of what i believe we must do. for me, making sure that every kid has a chance to fulfill that potential is critical to our economy, critical to our democracy. and that is why we need universal pre-k and help kids so that, when they get to school, they are prepared and ready to actually learn. and when we are looking at elementary and secondary education, i want to be a good partner with our nation's public school teachers. i want to give them the support hat they need.
5:36 am
s. clinton: you know, before i came out here, i had the incredible honor of meeting a family, the family of a young high school student from here in pittsburgh, who went to woodlands high school. her name was kaylee macdonald. and i met the family because kaylee had been an ardent supporter of mine. she came to meet me in pittsburgh when she was a little girl. it was her dream to someday go into politics herself. tragically, kaylee had a disease that was not properly treated in the very beginning. and she passed away just a few days ago. and the school actually called off school because she was the kind of young woman that everybody knew and everybody liked. she was popular, but she also was kind to the kids who were not.
5:37 am
for teachers told her parents, her grandparents, her little brother, that they were sure that kaylee would have realized her dream. i want to just mention her because she will not be able to fulfill those dreams for the kind of world, the kind of ountry, she wanted to see. every one of us can do our part. for those of us in education, it is such an important role, and i want to be a good partner. and i want to give young people the chance to be able to afford to go to college without drowning in debt. every single young person. s. clinton: i know we can do
5:38 am
this because right now, it is just not fair. to many kids are being shut out. they start, but they never finish. they never graduate. not because they are not able. they cannot afford it. if they get out, they often end up with huge debt. how many of you have student debt? yeah. exactly. well, i want you to be able to get out from under it. here is what i want to do. in addition to having debt free tuition for people going to college, if you come out with debt, i want you to be able to refinance that debt to save thousands of dollars, to get it down, the way you can refinance a mortgage or a car payment. ms. clinton: and we are going to revamp the entire student aid industry because i want more people to have the chance i did.
5:39 am
when i got out of law school and went to work for the children's defense fund, i made very little money. i did not care. i wanted to do that work. but i was fortunate because i was in a plan where i could pay back my debt as a percentage of my income. even though i was only making $14,000 a year, i could afford to rent a place. i want you to have that chance. then i want to end your debt after a certain number of years. maybe 20 years, you are done, even if you have unpaid debt head of you. ms. clinton: and we are going to get the harassing bill collectors out of your life. we are going to end the practice of the government making money off of kids who go to school. we are going to continue to work on the affordable care act and make sure we get the cost down and expand the opportunities
5:40 am
under it and take on high prescription drug costs. ms. clinton: now, again, everything i just said, republicans do not agree with. they also want to limit our rights, all of our rights. i want you to know where i stand. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. ms. clinton: and i will defend pland parenthood against the partisan attacks the republicans ave been throwing at them. ms. clinton: and i will defend marriage equality and end discrimination against the lgbt
5:41 am
community. i will defend voting rights, which are under attack by states across our union. ms. clinton: and i will do everything i can to either reverse or pass a constitutional amendment to absolutely end citizens united and its corruption on our political ystem. ms. clinton: you know, a lot of people say they are against it. i take this personally. it was about me. it was one of the many, many, many attacks the right wing has waged against me by this group, citizens united. and they were, you know, once again, making stuff up about me, running pretend documentaries about me. they were told they could not do t.
5:42 am
so they appealed and the supreme court said of course speech equals money so the more money you have the more speech you have. somehow i don't think that was part of the logic behind the first amendment. so i think this is truly one of he worst decisions ever in our history. we're also going to brork hard on a range of issues the republicans are also against. i do not believe we should privatize social security. we ought to extend the life of the social security trust fund. we should fix the problems with the veteranses administration not privatize it. we should keep working for comprehensive immigration reform ith a path to citizenship.
5:43 am
and we should bring the country together to stand up to the gun lobby to get common-sense gun afety reforms. so we have a big agenda. and it's important when we imagine that future we want for you to think ok who can deliver? before there was something scald obama care there was something called hillary care. right? i have been in the trenching fighting for opportunity, justice, fairness, equality my antire adult life. and i am proud to continue that fight because it is at the core of who we are as americans. so we need to stand up and make sure our voices and our votes count. and the second test is can you keep us safe? and here you have to recognize
5:44 am
you're voting for a president and a commander in chief. national security. national security is not an after thought. it is a core responsibility of the presidency. that we do ential everything that we can to lead the world, to bring it together, to further our interests a vance our values and keep us safe at home. i was part of the biggest counter terror quism decision in the last decades the decision to go after bin laden. and as a senator from new york i wanted to bring him to justice. and so i advised it want to go forward. but it want had to make the decision. and president obama made the ight decision.
5:45 am
now, finally, the third test is can you bring us together? and boy do we need that right now. when i listen to the rhetoric coming out of donald trump's it is deeply disturbing, because it is intended to set people against one another. it is intended to insight prejudice and paranoia. it is even intended to incite violence as we have seen. it is so contrary to who we are and who we must be if we are going to own the future. and i intend por our country to own the future. to make the future. o be the future. so let me tell you, i will go anywhere any time meet with anyone to find common ground.
5:46 am
i did it as first lady. i did it as senator. i did it as secretary of state. after we weren't successful on health care reform i got back up and said ok what can we do? you always have to look to demple what can we g. that is the progressive tradition. so i worked with democrats and republicans and we created the children's hins program and million children got health care for the first time in many instances. and when i was in the senate i worked with i think practically every republican. i worked to find that common ground. sometimes it was only a sliver of ground. but that's our obligation when we're in public life. we don't have the luxury as some do and depicktatorships or religious theocracies to say my way or no way. that's not the way a democracy is supposed to work.
5:47 am
o wo mood pro-- made progress. when i was secretary of state i helped to negotiate a nuclear arms treaty with russia to reduce the number of nuclear weapons on both sides. which remains the biggest threat, the biggest immediate threat that our world faces and we got the agreement signed. but we had to get two thirds vote in the senate. that meant i had to get 13 republicans to vote. so i started working on it. i just kept working and working and working. but ind of a dull boring necessary kind of work. you just get up every day and you think how can i push this forward an inch or two, maybe i can even get six or seven inches if i'm lucky. i got those thotes. we got that treaty. the world is safer because we
5:48 am
lowered the number of nuclear weapons in russia and the united states. so here is what i'm asking you. i'm asking you to imagine this future with me because i want your support of course in this up coming primary on april 26. but i also will want it if i'm fort enough to be the nominee in november. but i'll tell you when i really want it. i really want it when i'm sworn in as president and we all begin to work together to fix these problems. to make the future happen. so carnegie melon pittsburgh western p.a. please come support me on april 26, and i will fight for and support you for the next
5:49 am
four to eight years. thank you and god bless you. >> curg campaign 2016 c-span takes you on the road to white house. >> this morning, the army's acting secretary patrick murphy and chief of staff general mark millly briefed lawmakers on the services readiness. that's live on c-span 3. then 10 a.m. a hearing of the
5:50 am
senate banking housing and urban ffairs ke. -- commit 83. >> plit candidate and governor john casic delivered his state of the state address at the people's bank theater in ohio. this is an hour.
5:51 am
[applause] >> now that we've had the self-ie and we're one big
5:52 am
family, ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to introduce you our great governor john kasic. [applause] thank you all very much. thank you. thank you. thank you all very much. thank you. congratulations on a beautiful bayy. she didn't even cry. i want to thank you for bringing this joint legislative session to marietta. and i hope you're beginning to realize getting this out of the
5:53 am
capitol and with the folks is a good idea and i hope i will will continue for a very long time. and it's an historic day for ohio. the first permanent city. special thanks tot people of this great community marietta in wash county. the local officials, law enforcement officers, and other community leaders. and of course the staff and trustees of this beautiful people's bank. this is a phenomenal place. and all who have hetched make this year's state of the state possible. justice owe conner along with justice french. where are they? can they be recognized here? and i hope you will join me in welcoming our lieutenant governor mary taylor. where is mary? f you will please stand. and of course the orts members of my cabinet and staff have been with us tonight out all
5:54 am
over town. if the cabinet would stand for a second and be recognized. k. then finally, i wulled just like to say a word. i said to my wife. our kids are 16. they're sophomores in high school. a lot of demands on them. and they're now driving. i said to my wife if you can't make it down here, i understand. everybody will understand. you have things you have to do. so i came down here with the expectation that my wife might watch on television. but she shocked me and surprised me. love you, sweetie. if you'll stand and be recognized. karen kasic the first lady of ohio. [applause] well, tomorrow april 7 whether rk 228 years tot day that 48
5:55 am
daring advent russ first settled here in marietta. the pine niring spirit remains alive in marietta today as do a numb of their descendents. and one of them is with us this evening. nancy putnam holster, our first female governor. here is she? [applause] those first settlers couldn't have imagined at the time. but by opening the door to america's western frontier they were opening one of the most important chapters in the history of the new american nation. and think about this. in 1788, no one conceived that state that combeezpwan with those pine nir home steds would go on to be the birth place of
5:56 am
the first man who walked on the moon. it's an incredible thing when you think about that whole movement. ohio in those earliest days was a fron tier state. although it continued movinging westward ohio in some ways remains on the front tier. a pine nearing leader. agriculture, invention, industry, and inmo vasion. from its earliest begins and for generations after ohio has been a place that people wanted to be and a model to which many other states aspired. i would say that sadly over time we kind of lost that edge. after some tough times in a world that seems to be moving on without us, ohio wasn't always able to hold itself up as america's model. take for example, and we have to think about this, how troubled we were just five short years ago. our budget was busted, reserves
5:57 am
was empty and credit outlook in the tank. we had high taxes heavy handed gulation and we had lost 350,000 jobs. we were $8 billion in the hole. as you know i've done a bit of traveling in recent months. in many places, i've actually met people who have been struggling with some of the same challenges we paced right here in our beloved state. i've been grateful to be available to give them home. how we're getting back on our feet. how we've made progress all of us. and i mean all of us. by pulling together. that's the funny think about hope. it can be contagious. and the progress is giving hope not only to ohioens but to many
5:58 am
other people across our country. one thing we did is get our fiscal house in order. sometimes it would have been easier to be looser. but my judgment was we needed to remain conservative in our estimates. we went to work cutting taxes by $5 billion. more than any other state. we are stream lining regulations and mary taylor has done a great job to create the jobs frndly climate. and for those people who feel strangled by excessive regulations, you give her a call. the formula is working. fiscal responsibility common sense regulations and of course always looking to cut taxes. with the prosperity that comes from job creation and economic gretsdz we have the resources to go further and reach out to
5:59 am
those who might jorsdze wise be ignord. and we should also take nootsdz the fact that because of the prosperity and the additional resources we've been helping the meltsdzly ill the drug addicked and the working poor. when folks look today they see a state beginning to do a lot of things better. our budget is sound, and ohioens have created more than gov. kasich: over the past five years, we have improved opportunities for students in our classrooms, and we are absolutely working to make college more affordable. we're taking on the scourge of addiction, streamlining state government, and continuing to
6:00 am
chip away at taxes and regulations in ways that can continue our economic push into the future. together, all of us, republicans, democrats, across the state, we have actually lifted ohio out of the ditch. we started moving again and we are picking up speed. the state of our state is getting stronger every day, and the outlook is bright and hopeful here in the buckeye state. [cheers and applause] gov. kasich: but make no mistake -- it's not just me behind the wheel. we have all been in this together, and everyone of us are responsible for keeping ohio moving forward toward our goals. that goal is to build more speed


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