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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 6:25am-7:01am EDT

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rally with senator bernie .anders in brooklyn and >> our live coverage continues in the new york state primary. join us for candidate speeches. taking it on the road to the white house on taste, c-span radio, >> republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke at a campaign rally in hartford, connecticut new york state holds its pregnan presidential primaries soon. this is about 30 minutes.
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♪ mr. trump: hello, folks. hello. [applause] amazing. who loves hartford, connecticut? everybody. thank you, everybody. it is an honor to be here. a lot of people. people pouring in from outside. it is great. an honor to be with so many -- wow, look at this. i want to thank you. we have phenomenal poll numbers in connecticut. [applause] we are going to bring back your economy, jobs to connecticut. we are going to bring them back.
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it is sad what is happening. our jobs are being sent to mexico, all over the place. everyplace but our nation and we are not going to let it happen anymore. we are not going to let it happen anymore. remember that. you heard it here first. with our competitors, the people i run against, i'm self funding. i come on my dime. when these other guys come up, it is a different route. just so you understand, they are controlled by the special interests, lobbyists. they are totally controlled by people who put up their money. no good. we have had it. we've now had it. this all began in june and i came down the escalator.
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i talked about illegal immigration. nobody would be talking about that if i did not bring it up. i talked about the wall -- the wall. you better believe it. [cheering] mr. trump: we are going to build a wall. and mexico is going to pay for the wall. ok? i will tell you that. just like you are standing here, 10,000 people at least, just like you standing here, mexico will pay for the wall. they understand it, you understand it. we are going to have strong borders and we are going to stop drugs from pouring in. by the way, pouring in -- i was just backstage at a reporter was telling me how heroin is poisoning our youth. we are going to stop it. we cannot let it go on like this. i came down the escalator and i said, you know what, this is
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something i have to do. running for president -- not easy, not easy. although, i'm enjoying it. we are having a good, good time. i love you, too. i love this guy. i love this guy whoever he is. so, i talked about trade, immigration, a lot of things. my focus was trade and illegal immigration. my focus was trade and illegal immigration.
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what happened is it took off. who would have thought this is happening now? we are leading in the polls by a lot. lyin' ted cruz has gone way down. whoa. he's gone down. kasich was in favor of nafta. nafta has killed connecticut. it has killed hartford. it has killed big parts of our country. you cannot have people and you cannot vote for people who voted in favor of nafta. it is no good. it is no good. so, i started off with illegal immigration and trade. let me tell you -- let's talk trade because connecticut more than anything else -- boy, do you need jobs. we need jobs. we are going to bring jobs back in. we are not going to be the dummies that lose all of our jobs. we are going to be the smart ones. there is one of the dummies.
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get him out of here. get him out. there is nothing more fun than a trump rally. nothing. get him out. all right. alright. look. do we love our country? [cheering] are we going to take our country back? are we not going to be this stupid people anymore? we are led by people who are grossly incompetent. they don't know what they are doing. militarily, we cannot beat isis. we have people that have no clue. that is going to end, folks, it is going to end. it is going to end right after this election.
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it is going to end. let me tell you, when i came down, i said you know what we have to do? go ahead. usa, you better believe it. [chanting "usa"] [applause] when i came down -- i have been doing this up in new york. i was on long island yesterday. i just left upstate new york. it is being devastated by job loss. i know hartford very well. i love connecticut. i know we have problems. we lost general electric. how do you lose general electric? [booing]
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i mean, it does not help you folks much. at least we lost them to the united states. that's one of the few. this does not help you too much, but you cannot lose general electric. i don't know what happened. i will say this -- if i were governor, i would not be losing general electric. that i can tell you, that i can tell you. so, since 2000, i said give me some stats because i want to have accurate -- this is right out of the book. since 2000, the number of foods stamp recipients in hartford county, connecticut has increased by 54,000 people. it is an increase of 150%. we need jobs, we need jobs. the economy of the state of connecticut has experienced absolute devastation having to do with manufacturing.
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we know that. i did not have to get a report to tell you that. i could have told you that. there were 307,000 people employed in manufacturing. now there are 159,000. it has been cut in half. if i'm elected president, we are bringing our companies back and we're bringing our jobs back. [applause] there has been a cut -- this is terrible -- there has been a cut of 30% in connecticut manufacturing jobs since only the year 2000. by the way, incidentally, that happens to be the year china entered the world trade. that is really when it came in.
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you know what? no good. cruz, lyin' ted cruz. do you know who that is? cruz. he supports currency cheating by china because what they have done by devaluing their currency constantly -- which they are not supposed to be doing -- it makes it impossible for our companies to compete with chinese companies. we are going to stop it. cruz wants it to go want because somebody probably representing interest in china says this is what we want. let me tell you, folks, i'm self funding. they are not. they are being funded by companies, countries. they are going to go where the money is, not where you are. remember that, believe me. i have been on the other side of that equation for a long time.
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i have been a politician -- i hate saying it for nine months, but we are doing pretty well, right? [cheering] the labor force in connecticut today is 10,000 people smaller than it was in 2011. that is a lot of people. we are heading in the wrong direction. i can go on and on. ted cruz in connecticut, no good. median household income way, way down. folks, we need a change but not an obama change. we don't need hillary clinton , who is a disaster. we don't need hillary clinton. hillary clinton is a joke. hillary clinton -- [cheering] hillary clinton -- nothing about trade, she knows nothing about
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business except getting business and money into her own account , using what she has got to get it in. remember when she said she was poor and had no money and she had tens of millions of dollars? she is a liar, wouldn't you say? [cheers] i don't know if we can use the same term. you only have one lyin' ted. i don't think we can use the same term for hillary. but look, hillary clinton is not going to bring jobs back to this country. wall street owns hillary clinton. wall street, remember. on that i agree with bernie sanders -- i agree twice. i agree there. i'm no fan of bernie sanders. i agree with hiim on two things -- hillary cannot do it. i agree with him on something very important. he feels our foreign trade deals
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are a disaster. he cannot do anything about it. he does not understand. basically, he is a communist. what the heck? are we going to have a communist? we going to have a communist? the system is rigged. the top republicans said donald, can you stop saying that? i'm telling the truth, i don't care. we are changing the system. all of these bosses have picked delegates -- i'm leading by hundreds with delegates. i'm leading by millions with votes. hillary clinton said i have more votes than trump. i have been running against 17 people. she is running against one, ok? if i was running against four or five, i would have millions of more votes than hillary clinton. what is happening to the republican party is amazing because millions and millions of
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people are coming in that did not come in four years ago with romney who let us down. he choked. he choked. he was gagging. we have a lot of athletes. you know the gag? he was gagging. we have millions of people right now, millions more coming into the republican party. it's up 70%. in terms of votes, the democrats are down 35%. think of it. [cheering] the republicans want to play cute with us. if i don't make it, you were going to have millions of people who are not going to vote because they are tired of the republicans, the politicians.
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all talk, no action. they have totally had it. you can have millions of people that are not going to vote and hopefully that is all. they are very, very angry and disenfranchised. we have a rigged system on top of it. despite that, we can get there before the convention. i think we do. [cheering] so, i built a great business and i filed my papers. these are the most dishonest human beings you will ever meet, the reporters. [booing] the most dishonest. the media, the media. the most dishonest. [booing]
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the one thing i like about the protesters, i call them agitators because most of them are paid. we don't have any in hartford, but i will say this -- i will put them in different corners because the only time the cameras will show these massive crowds, the only time is when there is trouble. meaning a little bit of a protester that raises their hand and says something. i want to tell you that. they don't tell the story. they don't tell the story. [booing] you know, it is funny. i've have the biggest crowds. last night or the night before, bernie sanders in new york, they said he has 27,000. believe me, that was not 27.
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when trump has a crowd, they will say, we are here with donald trump. they don't report what is going on. look, some are honest, but they don't report the kind of crowds -- they don't record, report it. bernie always has big crowds. i have much bigger crowd than he does. they don't want to report it. we have a movement going on the likes of which nobody has ever seen in this country. [cheering] [chanting "usa"] people are fed up. they are disgusted.
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they are disgusted with obamacare. they are disgusted with every single thing that is happening to us in our country. we don't win anymore. we lose that every single facet. get him out of here. out. out. [cheering] get him out. get him out. they just want to be on television for two seconds, that is all. i always say don't hurt that person, right? don't hurt that person. so, i will tell you what --
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another thing. trump rallies are among the safest places to be on earth. it's true. we don't hear that. because the people in this room love each other and they protect each other and that is what we have to do as a country. we have to protect each other and that means everything. right now, we are undivided a divided country. we have to bring our country back and be inclusive and that means everybody. but we have the safest places that you will ever be. i see it all the time. if one person raises their hand, the next day headlines -- "trump hits a protester." i love our loyal people. there are no people like our people. [cheering] so, if you look at what is
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happening to us from an economic standpoint, we have gross domestic product which is practically zero. if china had practically zero, they would have a revolution. china goes down to 7%, 8%, 9% and it is a big deal and there is turmoil. we are practically at zero, meaning we have nothing going. when i come up to hartford -- when i go up to new york state and i look at all of those empty buildings that used to have jobs, workers, great companies and those companies have left for mexico and other places -- when i see the kind of business that china is taking out -- china has had 5 -- think of it. we have a trade deficit with china of $505 billion -- a deficit. we have a deficit with mexico of $58 billion. we have a massive deficit with japan and vietnam and every
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single country virtually that we do business with. we have incompetent or crooked people making deals. we are not going to take it anymore, folks. we are not going to take it. it is over, it is over. you know -- get him out. [cheering] get him out. don't hurt him. see how nice i am? i say get him out! and then i go, don't hurt him, don't hurt him. don't hurt him. get him out. not supposed to be here. not supposed to be here.
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alright. you know, we have a first amendment right. they really impede freedom of speech and it is a disgrace. it's really a disgrace. the good news is, folks, it will not be long. it won't be long. recently, they said what do you think of nato? now, i never studied nato but it is obsolete and the united states is paying too much. yeah, get him out, thank you. get him out. get him out. you know the biggest problem with these protesters is us. they have nothing. the signs are beautifully manufactured and handed to them and they say, why are you here? why are you here? the press was saying.
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the person said, i don't know. i was told to be. why are you protesting against trump? i think so, yeah. this is such a con job being placed on the american public. it is a total and complete con job. the worst is this -- they have no voice -- they raise their voice. don't keep pointing to them because we make more noise than they do. there is no problem. we end up making the noise. the poor person does not even know why they are there. that don't have a clue. here is the story -- we are going to bring jobs back to our country. we are going to have a strong border. we are not going to let carrier air conditioning moved to mexico, make air-conditioning,
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fire 1400 people that were there for years and years. i'm a big buyer of carrier products. i will not buy them anymore. we are not going to let carrier moved to mexico. don't make any noise, folks. that is ok. just nice and easy. nice and easy. nice and easy. is this the greatest place on earth to be right here? [cheering] the greatest. get him out. when i first started this -- i used to get angry at the protesters. i would say get him out of here! and then the press would say it was horrible the way mr. trump behaved. he was so mean and nasty. the next day we had a protest
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and i said, please get him out. you know what happened? they said he is getting weaker. that was no good either. get him out. look at those cameras the way they are all turned. look at those cameras. oh, they are so dishonest. so dishonest. get him out. [booing] get him out. go home to mommy. go home. i'm telling you -- most of them don't even know why they are here. when these guys -- they don't even show it -- but when they show it, they say we don't really know why we are here. i actually feel sorry. bring back what? ok. i won't say that. i won't say that.
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so, folks, you're going to be voting very soon. very soon. [cheering] you have to promise me, you have to promise me you are going out and going to vote. thank you, thank you. i want you, i want you. we are going to get you. we are going to bring it back fast. they used to say the word silent majority. this is no longer a silent majority. this is a massive, noisy majority. we are on the cover of "time" magazine all the time. we are not going to let go.
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nobody knows politicians better than i do. i was establishment 12 months ago, right? they always love you when they take your money. now, i'm probably about as antiestablishment as god ever created. i understand the game better than anybody. i understand the system and the system is rigged. the economy is rigged, the banks are rigged. we are going to change it around. we are going to bring it back. we're going to really look -- i'm leading in delegates by a lot, but the delegate system is a disaster the way they count. it as a disaster. and not fair, not good and not good for democracy. it is not good for what we stand for. so, we are going to win it anyway.
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we are going to have our 1,237 anyway. [cheering] but i have to tell you, it is a bad system and a dangerous system because people are angry as hell about what is going on. they are angry about what is going on. here is the story -- you are going to remember this evening. you are going to go home to your wife, your boyfriend, whoever you are going on to. whatever it is, enjoy yourself, ok? you are going to say that was a great evening. you are going to go very shortly, not this tuesday but right after, you will go because new york is looking fantastically. new york is looking big, big lead. big, big poll numbers. a poll came out nationwide -- he
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is gone, but where lyin' ted cruz is like this. lyin' ted. lyin' ted. what a liar. lyin' ted. did you ever see -- he walks into a room with his bible held high. held high. lyin' ted, folks. remember what he did to ben carson? ben carson who endorsed me. and chris christie who endorsed me. but, ben carson, during the election in iowa -- during the election, he spread the word that ben carson had left the
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race and he told everybody come vote for him. right after the election, he apologized and said he did not know anything about it. he is lyin' ted, bad, but he is going like this. he is dropping like a rock in the polls. you know, when he goes back in the polls he is like a basket case. watch what happens. watch how badly we beat him and we are going to have a lot of fun doing it, folks. so here's the story. i love being with you. i have lived in this state and i know this state and i have some of the greatest friends from the state. a lot of great people in hartford. except insurance companies charge me too much money which i hate. our country does not win anymore. we don't win with military, on the borders, health care, we don't win with our second amendment, which by the way will
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be 100% protected by me. [cheering] you know what? we are going to start winning. when you cast your vote in a short period of time -- you have to promise me. does everybody promise? we are going to vote for trump. and if you are not going to vote for trump, don't bother going. we are going to turn our country around. you were going to look back in two years, four years, 20 years -- you will look at your family and friends and say that was the greatest vote i have ever cast. that is when america became great again. that is when we started winning again. that is when we won with our military. we are going to take down isis fast. that is when we started winning on trade. that is when we ended common
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core and brought our education back. you will say that was the greatest vote you ever cast because that is when america became great again. i love you. thank you all. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you all. amazing people. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. [cheering] ♪
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>>. that former president bill clinton at in your campaign rally for his wife, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> tonight at 10 ago eastern ineffective presidents giving her last speeches at the white house correspondents dinner, one of the key events each year in washington. >> i even had time to watch the oscars. i was a little disappointed in that movie, "the last emperor." i thought it was going to be about don regan. [laughter] bush has got a
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brand spanking new campaign strategy. he is moving towards the political center. distancing himself from his own party. stealing ideas from the other party. [laughter] morris finallyk found work again. >> table talk with senior white house correspondent steve toma, past president of the white house correspondents association . join us tonight at 10:00. be sure to tune in for our live coverage of this year's white onse correspondents dinner saturday, april 30 starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. this morning, -- discusses the fracking debate with the democratic presidential primary. ahead of next week's vote in new york, they state that has banned fracking. mnd later michelne blu discusses the primaries in new york state and have the
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electorate has changed since 2012. we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. ♪ host: good morning to you. today is saturday, april 16. the deadline to file your taxes is monday. what would you do to revise the tax code? the presidential candidates have their own ideas. ted cruz and donald trump taxes by $9hing trillion of the next decade. bernie sanders suggesting raising them by $3 trillion. if you make between $30,000 and $50,000 a year, we want you to call 202-748-8001.


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