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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  April 17, 2016 8:58pm-9:36pm EDT

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♪ transferencer free or to give us your cup -- four free transcripts or to give us your comments, visit q& these are also available as podcasts. >> bechtel corporation issued a statement in response to this book, our employees consistently deliver our projects collaboratively, ethically come a transparently and responsively for the benefit of our customers and the communities where we work and live. none of this is reflected in which contains," serious errors and misrepresentation. it goes on to say bechtel had no
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involvement with building the infrastructure for the vietnam war, constructing the palace and u.s. embassy in iraq or the pollard spy case and those another claims in the book are entirely false as is the underlying premise of the book. the entire statement is posted on c-span's website or the q&a series. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. come it up morning, supreme court reporter for usa today richard wolf reviews the oral , and thein the case director and senior fellow of migration policy reviews u.s. policy programs onto immigration trends and deferred action programs and we will be live outside the supreme court building talking about -- talking with people. be sure to watch washington journal beginning life monday and
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>> during this week's question time prime minister david cameron responded to questions about the panama papers. this is just under 40 minutes. speaker: questions for the prime minister. wendy: thank you mr. speaker. i visited to the manufacturing of the tower of london. with my right honorable friend agree with me that these businesses can in personal increase in personal tax allowances that came in this month shows that unlike labor, we on this side of the house are fostering enterprise and believe
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in enabling hard-working people? me join hern: let in congratulating the firm that she mentioned. it is small and medium-sized businesses that will be providing most of the jobs of the future. we want those people to keep more of their own money to spend as they choose. by 2018,ll have gained paying about a thousand pounds less per taxpayer. we'll is taken about 4 million people off the tax rolls entirely. corbyn: thank you mr. speaker. i am sure the whole house will join me in mourning the death today of the dramatist arnold wechsler. one of the great playwrights of this country. one of the angry young man of the 1950's. he asked we change the face of
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our country. the european commission announced new proposals on country by country tax reporting. so that companies must declare where they make their profits in the eu and in blacklisted tax havens. conservative mep's vote against this. can the prime minister now assure us that conservatives will support the new proposal? i join theon: gentleman in mourning the loss of the famous playwright. let me also welcome the country by country tax reporting byposal put forward commissioner jonathan hill appointed by this government.
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this is very much based on the work that we've been doing leading the collaboration between countries in terms of making sure that we share tax information. this discussed on monday, is gone much farther under this government than under any previous government. corbyn: the proposals were put forward by the government. why did the conservative mep's vote against them? there seems to be a disconnect here. the panama papers exposed to the scandalous situation where wealthy individuals seem to believe that corporation tax and other taxes are something optional. as the member for rutland pointed out, it is only for low achievers apparently. the tax gap is 34 billion pounds, why then is he cutting hmr see staff by 20% and coming down tax offices which
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loses the expertise of people to close that tax gap? glad he: i'm g to paying ourn taxes. i thought his tax return was a metaphor for labor policy. it tax return was late and was on costed. he's absolutely right to identify the tax gap and that is why we closed off loopholes in the last parliament equivalent of 12 billion pounds. we aim to close loopholes in this parliament equivalent to 16 billion pounds. so that hmr see is taking very strong action backed by this government legislated by this house and i think i am right to 2010 we have put more than a billion pounds into hmr say to increase its
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capabilities. thisifference between either the house and the right honorable gentleman is that we believe it is setting low tax rates and encouraging people to pay them and it is working. corbyn: i am grateful to the prime minister for growing -- and drawing attention to my own tax return. it was all in my own handwriting. more tax thand some companies owned by people that he might know quite well. the prime minister is and cutting taxes, he is cutting down on tax collectors. helps to fundted our nhs and all the other services. that nhseported doesn't have the necessary
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resources to tackle offshore tax disclosures. the government is committed to taking 400 million pounds out of .mr sees budget will he commit to reversing that cut so that we can collect the taxes? rather like his tax return, his figures are not entirely accurate. in the summer budget, we gave an tackle taxng to noncompliance. this will enable the agency to $7.2 billion in we are brought in more than 2 billion pounds from offshore tax invaders. we should try to bring some consensus to this issue. for years in this country labor governments at conservative governments had an attitude to the crown dependencies and the overseas territories that their
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tax affairs were a matter for them. and their compliance affairs were a matter for them. and their transparency was a matter for them. this government has changed that. we've got the overseas territory and the crown dependencies around the table and we've said you've got to have registers of ownership you have got to collaborate with the u.k. government you've got to make sure that people don't hide their taxes and it is happening. he should welcome the fact that huge progress has been made raising taxes, sorting out the overseas territories and crown dependencies, closing the tax gap, getting to businesses to play more, all things that never happened under labor. jeremy corbyn: i think the prime minister for that outburst. the only problem is that the redbook states that hmr see spending will fall by 2020. in regard to u.k. crown dependencies and overseas territories, only two days ago the prime minister said that he
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had agreed they would provide u.k. law enforcement for tax agencies with full accents -- access on the beneficial ownership of companies. there seems to be some confusion here. the chief minister of jersey said this was in response to a need for information without delay when terrorist activities are involved. i welcome his commitment to fighting terrorism but his jersey and all the other dependencies actually going to provide beneficial ownership information are not? david cameron: the short answer is yes they are. that is what is such a big breakthrough. i accepted they are not going as far as us because we are publishing a register of beneficial ownership that will happen in june. we will be among the only countries in the world to do so. what the overseas territories and crown dependencies are doing is making sure we have full access to registers of beneficial ownership to make
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sure that people aren't elevating or avoiding their taxes. in the interest of giving full answers to his questions, let me give him the figures for the hmrc.time equivalents in it is not how much money you spend on an organization, it is how many people you can actually have out there collecting the taxes. and making sure the forms are properly filled in. the prime mr. is quite right. the number of people out there collected taxes is important. so why has he laid also a staff so that they can't like this taxes? 2013, the private's are demanded that the cloak of secrecy by creating a public register of beneficial ownership
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and information. will he now make it clear that the beneficial ownership register will be an absolutely public document transparent for all to see who really owns these companies and whether they are paying their taxes or not? david cameron: for the united kingdom, we've taken the unprecedented step never done by labor or conservatives of an open and beneficial ownership register. they have to give full access to the registers of beneficial ownership. we did not choose the option of forcing them to have a public register because we believe that that was the case, we get into the situation he spoke about where some of them might have walked away from this corporation altogether. that is the point. are we going to be able to access the information? yes. to pursue taxe invaders? yes. did any of these things happen
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under a labor government? no. corbyn: the problem is it is not a public register. he is only offering us a private register that some people can say. thes quite interesting that premier of the cayman islands is apparently celebrating his victory over the prime minister is he is saying the information certainly will not be available publicly or available directly by any u.k. or non-cayman islands agency. the prime minister is supposed to be chasing down takes invaders and tax avoiders. he is supposed to be bringing it all into the open. if you cannot even persuade the premier of the cayman islands or jersey to open up their books, where is the tough talk bringing the information we need to collect the taxes that should pay for the services that people need? david cameron: i think he is
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misunderstanding what i said. it is an absolute first in terms of an energy -- a register of beneficial ownership that is public. the british one will be public. it goes to a question asked by the right honorable member. other companies have dealings with britain that they have to declare their properties and to the properties they own which will remove a huge veil of secrecy over the ownership of london properties. i am not saying we have completed all this work. we have more tax information exchange, or information about beneficial ownership, or chasing down tax invaders, and all of these things are things that have happened under this government. the truth is he is running to catch up because labor did nothing in 13 years. >> my constituents whose
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daughter jane was tragically wedered while out on bail are trying to save nine women's refuges. does the prime minister agree lancasterat labor ron should prioritize the victims of domestic violence? david cameron: my honorable friend does raise a very moving case. i know the whole house would wish to join me in sending our sincere condolences to mr. and mrs. clark. in terms of making sure we stop violence against women and girls, nobody should be living in fear of these crimes. that is what we have committed 80 million pounds to tackle violence against women and girls. this does include funding for refuges and other accommodations. it obviously helps in local councils make the right decisions.
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>> the united kingdom and dependencies collectively sit at the top of the financial secrecy index of the tax justice network. since the leaking of the panama papers, france has put panama on a blacklist of him, operative -- uncooperative countries. doneif british authorities specifically in relation to panama? did david cameron: in terms of who ofat the top of the pyramid secrecy, it is unfair to say that about the crown dependencies. they are going to cooperate with the three things we asked them to do. access to registers of beneficial ownership.
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that is more than we get out of some states of america. like delaware. we should be tough on all of those who facilitate lack of transparency. but we should be accurate in the way that we do it. as for what we are doing about the panama papers, we have a cross agency review to get to the bottom of all the relevant information. it would usually be helped if the newspapers and other investigative journalist now share this information with tax inspectors so we can get to the bottom of it. his final question on blacklists, we are happy to youort blacklists but shouldn't draw up a blacklist solely on the basis of a territory having a low tax rate. that is not the right approach. that is the approach the french of sometimes taken in the past. this government has done more than any previous one. have been specifically
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investigating benefit fraud have been300 hmrc systematically investigating tax evasion. surely we should care equally about people abusing the tax system and those abusing the benefit system. why has this government had 10 times more staff dealing with the poorest in society then with the superrich innovating their taxes? cameron: he sound entirely bogus. dwp is to make sure people receive their benefits. ispredominant job of hmrc to make sure people pay their taxes. all of those people are making sure that taxes are paid.
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many farmers in south hereford share are still awaiting their payments from the rural agency. nearly four months after they would do. this follows the failure of the rpa website. causing great personal and financial distress and threatens the future of foreign businesses. will the prime minister be willing to meet with farmers on this issue and press rpa to make these payments? cameron: i have met with the farmers. i continue to have meetings with farming organizations. i know there have been problems with the payments. that some figures are 80 7% of all claims have been paid. i believe that the figures for
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hereford share are in line with the national average. that is why we have a financial hardship process. we may hardship payments amounting to more than 7 million pounds. douglas carswell: if the british people vote to leave the european union, will the prime minister remain in office ?uestion ma david cameron: yes. no carmichael. : the european union is not just the world's biggest single market but a source of foreign direct investment. an excellent platform for supply chains to thrive and prosper. to get the skills that they need
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.n innovation that they need many other high-tech companies. cameron: i well remember my visit there with my honorable friend where they showed me the world's first bicycle that was printed on a 3-d printer. trydn't get on a given a but it did look like it would carry someone of my weight. the biggest single market is 500 million people. that is a great market for our businesses in our services and increasingly the market in the supply chain is getting more integrated. that is why we should think very carefully before separating ourselves from it. brain tumors are the biggest cancer killers of children and people under 40. despite this research into them receives only 1% of the uk's national budget.
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this has been the subject of debate monday in westminster. so that thenister minister answering that debate may be able to bring some long overdue good news of change in this area? i'm very happy to do exactly as he said. it is an important issue. like 1.7 in something billion pounds a year in health research. there is always this question when it comes to cancer research. the spending has gone up by one third over the last parliament. is it was a question whether that is fairly distributed among the very different types of cancer. greene: concerns about the future of our steel industry. the energy intensive manufacturing.
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we still have significant manufacturing but it is had been held up by green taxes and emissions targets. what more can my right honorable friend to do to help energy intensive industries? david cameron: my honorable friend raises an important point. the changes we are making will have an impact. example of the steps we can take. there was excellent debate yesterday in the house about this issue. we need to work about everything we can do on procurement. we can make sure that we are taking action against something and we are. we need to make sure we reduce the energy cost where he cap. we stand by to work with any potential purchaser of the works will safeguard steel jobs in other parts of the country to see how we can help on a commercial basis. i am satisfied we are doing everything we can. we cannot totally booked the global trend of this massive overcapacity and steel. the massive decline in prices.
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but those of the key areas. stephen timms: research by the suntrust shows the turning schools into academies doesn't necessarily improve them. thousands of excellent primary schools, parents want them to continue to be maintained by the local authorities. why are ministers planning to overrule parents and force those schools to become academies? i think all the evidence shows that academies work. let me give the house of commons the evidence. those schools that converted into academies 88% of them are either outstanding or good schools. if you look at the sponsored academies often failing schools, if you listen to, look at what happened with the schools that were failing, sponsored by academies, you see on average a 10% improvement over the first
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two years. all the evidence is the results are better, the freedoms lead to and weather problems intervention happens far more quickly with academies. million more's children in good or outstanding schools. and i say let's finish the job. huddleston: the prime minister has met many great people. but he has yet to meet the asparagus man. overcome that to omission by joining me in beauchamp for the upcoming british asparagus festival which starts on st. george's day and supports are fantastic farming industry? david cameron: i am happy to say that my honorable friend is only one constituency away. we share the same railway line. so if there is an opportunity
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for some great british asparagus i would be happy to join them. cai i take the prime minister back to his response to the honorable member? was a truly dreadful case. women's refuges are facing an absolute crisis. the changes that the government proposes to make the housing benefits and forced the closure of women's refuges. he needs urgently to look again at these changes. exempt,e makes refuges they will be closing up and down the country. cameron: what i would say to the honorable lady is that what we did in the last parliament with rape crisis centers, we are doing the same type of thing with these refuges. the 80 million pounds of funding is there. we have written to local authorities to make clear that
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this money is available to make sure that refuges are there. gilbert: the national autistic society launched its biggest awareness campaign. called too much information. the research shows that 50% of autistic people and their families don't even go out in public because they are afraid of what people think. will the prime minister meet with me and the charities to discuss how the government can support this campaign and how we can help tackle the central problem for so many families through this campaign and government action? cameron: let me patriot to my honorable friend who has been campaigning on this issue for many years. including the landmark legislation that went through in the last parliament. we've been working with the autistic alliance and have invested funding.
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there is more than needs to be done in terms of helping families with autistic children and raising the profile and understanding of what being autistic is all about. i think she is absolutely right to do that. let me put in a plug for the dog in the night which i think is still available at the whitehall theatre. it is actually excellent. lucas: authorities in peru and el salvador and panama have raided offices of the firm's seizing documents and computer equipment. but no one has knocked on the door of the law firm here in the u.k.. recognizing the operational interdependence of our agencies, is the prime minister share my concern that as we speak documents are no doubt being shredded and databases being wiped clean undermining the opportunity to bring further
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potential wrongdoing to light? david cameron: the honorable lady makes an important point. we need to make sure that all the evidence coming out of panama is properly investigated. that is why we set up a special cross agency team including the national crime agency and other relevant bodies to make sure we get to the bottom of what happened. but she is right to reference the fact that these organizations are operating independent. it would be quite wrong for a minister or prime minister to order an investigator into a particular building in a particular way. that is not a rubicon that we want across in this house. c andw are the hmr let them get on with the job. andrew griffith: the tragic death of aisha jane smith. she was 21 months old when she was stamped on her mother so violently that punctured her heart. the pathologist said her body
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resembled a car crash victim. aisha had been known to social services since the day she was born. they knew about the violent boyfriends and the domestic violence. they saw the door kicked in. they smelled the cannabis. they saw the bruises and cuts. they saw the fingerprints on her little files. and they did nothing. the prime minister will understand that people invert want to know how this could have happened. they are concerned to know that the serious case review had on its battle people that are involved in the organizations being investigated. will the prime minister look at what we can do to make this and other serious case reviews more independent so that we can make sure that no other child suffers the death of aisha jane smith? i think myon: honorable friend is absolutely right to raise this. in the work that we all do we get to hear about some hideous and horrific incident. but anyone watching television
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that night and seeing the description of what get to hear about incidences. anybody case review and i will look at that. there are criticisms about the way these are done and we must get on with the review to get to the bottom of what went wrong. over 7000re currently who need
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for the organ donation throughout the united kingdom? minister: i have looked and not came in favor. we made a lot of moves to make opting in easier and there are different records, in terms of how they do. my personal position is that this is something we should support and they can vote on whether they want to go down a welsh track. let's make opting in work better. started a walk to -- to raise awareness.
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wish him well in the journey and commit the government to upholding the values of the olympic truce? work wish him well for the he has done and he leaves a bit lordshole in the house of and we wish him a good walk and a speedy return. have. speaker, we experienced doctors and they are dismayed about the assessment with women. as the prime minister is a feminist leading a progressive says, will thehe reverse this injustice that has no place in 2016?
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it was a backhanded contractt and the a 13% pay rise and restricts hours. it gives greater guarantees about levels of pay and i think ist people will see that it very pro-women. >> thank you. from200,000 migrants came the european union in a time where we have figures and we claim to maintain control of the borders. have we withdrawn from a free movement of people?
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>> the truth is that the economic migrants who come do not have a right to come to the united kingdom. they are not nationals. they are nationals of turkey. none of them have a right and this is important and it is important that we send the information to households to see the truth. this is a classic story that we hear and britain has borders and we will keep our borders. the university of sporting excellence. there was an international from majordal sporting competitions and the anti-doping agency, can you tell me what further action can be
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taken? quite see his right to raise this issue and they made advances. are going to be looking at corruption and sport and bring new codes and we hope there is a question about whether doping should be made a criminal offense, something we should be debating. >> what progress has been made in the clinical standards published in december of 2013? it is absolutely essential for rolling out the nhs. thatrhaps the truth is others support the decision and recognize that we should pay to butte to the doctors and nurses who work already and what we are
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access towards his the lives.will save they support the civic duty and is the minister aware of the sadness and anger that has resulted as a duty for each school for parent governors to be released? will the minister review the urgent attack? we are going to debate this later today. let me be clear that we support the governors and we think that they have a role to play. they solve the problem.


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