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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Buffalo New York  CSPAN  April 18, 2016 11:09pm-11:20pm EDT

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c-span3. donald trump spoke at a campaign rally in buffalo, new york. his last scheduled public event a.ore the state's timer he was introduced by the head coach of the buffalo bills. this is about one hour. announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the head coach of the buffalo bills, >> ryan. rjex ryan. [cheers and applause] >> well. i tell you what.
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look at this, man. awesome. fantastic. you know what, guys? obviously we all know i am not a politician. i am not a public speaker. i am just a football coach. thought i would do today is i think i am going to tell you a football story and this football story includes ?onald trump, ok so, donald trump is the owner of andnew jersey generals whatever that league was, u.s. fl and the funny thing is one of my coaches actually coach for mr. trumps team. a guy named chris palmer. and the ball is on the one yard line.
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the generals have two running backs. they have a big huge fullback named maurice and the other back walker.y named herschel just a guy, right. so herschel walker obviously is a great act and everything else and worries cost on, just a huge blocking back. and in typical coach fashion, the ball is on the one yard line and he says, let's trick the defense. let us give the ball to maurice carr on. he gets smashed. so there it is again. and all of a sudden the phone , yes i've the phone up sir, mr. trump. and this is what he said. the conversation went like this. he said, you know the next time you give the ball to maurice instead of herschel walker, you are fired.
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that is a true story. a true story. we're all here tonight because we all support donald trump and some things i want to say there you go. absolutely. there's so much i admire about mr. trump but one thing i really admire him is, you know what? he will say what is on his mind. and so many times you will see people, a lot of people want to say the same thing but there is a big difference. they do not have the courage to say it. they all think it but they do not have the courage to say it. and donald trump certainly has the courage to say at the end
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that is what i respect and you know what? so do the people of new york. the other thing that we all know, this man is one of the greatest businessmen obviously, you know, that we can ever remember. there is no question about that. so you know what, one of the things, though, that did we learn? when i am up to trying to introduced donald trump, what did we learnoday? he is also smart enough to give the ball to herschel walker. with that being said, it is a great honor for me to introduce donald trump. [applause] ♪
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mr. trump: well, i want to thank everybody. ?nd, what about rex what about rex? and look, here are his notes. he says he is not a speaker. i tell you what, he is a great, great touch. great football coach and i want to thank him and michelle. amazing. he won championships in new york, i think twice. he always had these teams that were brutal. a were just good. great defense. i tell you what, you are going to have a very, very good season this year.
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you watch. it is going to be great and that is because you have a great coach. in june really do. he is also a great coach. i tell you what. we are here tonight discuss lots of things with something a lot of people did not know. i bid $1 billion for the buffalo bills. i bet a billion. and i sent down a certified letter from a bank in the bank aid, donald trump will give 24-hour notice to the nfl. a billion dollars for the buffalo bills. which tells you i am a buffalo, right? had -- we hadhe two great people. you know that. they are great people. and watch, they are going to do an incredible job. the first good move was getting rex to do the job. the first great move.
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but do we have powell ready? get him out. get him out. it him out. that was quick. that was quick. but, you know, they always line up right in front of the cameras. always right in front of the camera. yet, you get him out please. this place is unbelievable. look at this. and you know what? the have 5000 people outside trying to get in but we want to start now, right? we want to start now. they will be coming in as we go along. yeah, get rid of them and make room for some of the people outside. good idea.
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say, i paid one billion -- i did one billion, all cash, for the flow bills and kerry and kim came in in and bid more. i was a little bit hurt and i thought it would come in but you have great owners. i tell you why, you talk about a business deal. business.the oil he sold his stuff at the exact perfect time and invested in the nfl. that is a great deal for me. that is a great, great thing he did. so talk about great business deals. in and by the way, the other stuff is not going in the great right direction. so they made a good deal. look at this thing. yeah, get him out. go home to mommy! goodbye.
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isn't it crazy? you know, we do all have a first amendment right and they really violate our first amendment rights, but what are you going to do? thank you, man. thank you. so to finish up, they made a great business deal. be so good.ould when oil went down, he sold like two seconds before the oil went down into invested in the nfl. with these owners and this great, great coaching you are going to have an unbelievable defense here and i am going to be rooting for the buffalo bills. believe me. believe me. and you know, besides that, we're going to bring buffalo back. we're going to bring new york back.
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we're going to bring the united states of america back! , on the way up i always do this. i have been now to syracuse. i am all over the state. and we love