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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Buffalo New York  CSPAN  April 19, 2016 6:05am-6:51am EDT

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he iskasich is way down -- one for 32, and he is governor of that state. ted cruz is a catastrophe, he did not get 50% of his own state , he was way below. he does not represent what we need. the other thing we need to make america great is to make buffalo great again. having -- i've never done a thing like this. i've been a politician for nine months. can you believe this? it has been interesting. seriously, it takes guts to run like this. center stage. we have been number one
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virtually since i announced. not only are we going to get outside this -- this is crazy -- when he said, we are going to take the arena, they said, don't do that, it is a massive arena. look at this place. unbelievable. people know, and i've been saying it for years, we are ripped offed off -- worldwide by every single .ountry week to business with every single country that we do business with, we end up with the short end of the stick. will end here.t
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we are bringing jobs back here. >> usa! usa! you what: i will tell what ito do, i think want to do is talk for just a minute. is verythis out, and it dear to my heart. when it came down, i felt the bravest people i've ever seen, including the construction workers, every person down there, that is what new york value is about. i wrote out a little something.
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i was a to talk about new york .alues that we all know so well the values that make us love the .tate despite its problems, we left the state -- love this state. when i'm president, it will come back so fast. you watch. where do we see the values? we see the values with the new york police and firefighters. we do not get -- they do not get enough credit. we see it with the new york transit workers. you saw what they went through. we saw with families who went to , not only in parks rochesterut syracuse,
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, albany, we had 20,000 people in albany. you see tremendous spirit. restaurantin delis, freely in the whole fabric of the community. what are new york values? honesty and straight talking. people tell me, you tell it to straight, mr. trump, i think that is what we like. don't you think chuckle you see it in our work ethic. we work hard, and we proud. you see it in our family values. you see it in the energy to get things done. you hear all the time, the energy in new york state. we are filters, we have current
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-- we are builders, we have courage. great community service. that is where you cre seen it. new york values, we are on display for all to see after 9/11. this was the worst hit the our country has ever taken. worse than pearl harbor because when they attacked pearl harbor, at least that was military. this was civilian. these are great people. everyone in this room knew someone who died, or with horribly injured during that terrible day. on civilians,tack and the worst attack in the history of our country. when you think what we have done
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them, and how we have reacted, that is new york values. you are right, we are going to build that wall. believe me. we will build the wall. mexico,ld the wall in you know it, i know it, and they know it. in our darkest moments of the city, we showed the best of america. the firefighters, the police officers, and the port authority workers. all of them who ran up the stairs, knowing the end could be near. the new vaccines could happen. the stairs, and nobody came back. that is new york values. the chaplain of the new york
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city fire department, who died providing comfort and prayer to the wounded and fallen on 9/11 -- a good friend of many in this room -- he really displayed new york values, and displayed what was coming soon. the people in the towers who helped to rescue each other, and those who perished knowing that if they left earlier, they could have done out. he states, and helped other people. is new york values. the restaurant local businesses who kept shops open to help first responders -- those are really the people who have new york values. you never heard of anybody who the oppositet in
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direction. rubble, who cleared the and i was there, and watched a bit -- those people were amazing. you did not know what was going to come down. they handled it. every small act of kindness, great active courage, those are new york values. when guy like lyin ted cruz talks about new york values, those are the values we want to talk about. let me tell you a couple of things and why tomorrow is so important. gged.ystem is ri it is not for a guy like me, not
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taking money from special interests. i am selffunding -- funding my campaign. ed is a r rate system -- rigg system. i have never seen anything like it. in the case of colorado, they were supposed to vote. they say that there were no changes made. there was. people thought i was going to to create in colorado. in august, they changed the system. it took the votes away from the of colorado. they cannot get the vote to the people -- did not get the vote -- to the people of wyoming. you know, you have had it, and you say, forget it. you can take them to hotels, the delegates, on planes, whatever you are going to do. ed and corrupt.
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we will get there, and will to it much more easily than people think. dbig 1237. to that [cheering] mr. trump: when we do, we are going to get a little bit of a race. trump versus say, clinton will be the greatest voter turnout in the country, i think that is true. too.d thing for us, the more people, the better. historically, our country has been very poorly with voter turnout. a lot of people don't vote. are almost 70% from four years ago when mitt
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romney choked, and lost an i ction that should have won. they lost it, blew it. the same people, they are happy as long as they get their consulting money. we are going to win and won. they lost it, blew beat crooked hillary so badly, your spin.with ll [cheering] ,trump: let me just tell you we just had a great poll from
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fox. i consider, we will do great. you have to understand, we have not even started with crooked hillary yet. only about two months ago i said gothing, and bernie the credit. his no fan of bernie -- ideas are very bad, etc. -- but, it every week, you see, ber wins every time, and then you hear about the crooked system, crooked hillary and the crooked system. the pundits say, bernie has no chance. why does he have no chance? the system is rigged. we will clean it up. [applause]
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trump: in the case of the democrats, they have super. in our case, it is worse. it is more sinister, harder to see. it is actually worse. we had millions of people who came to vote for trump. they're not really voting for me, they are voting for what we want. you know what we want. great trade deals, a strong military, to take care of our vets, to beat isis, and stop playing games. we want to repeal and replace obamacare. protect the second end commono a
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core and bring education locally to buffalo and all the local communities. it will be so much better. bordersto have strong where people come in -- they legally. wall!thethe build the wall! vote buildand, we that wall -- will build that wall. stage with'm on
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these guys -- we started out with 17 people. i get a kick. people say, donald trump did not lose, you get it down to 12, seven -- give me a break. have won far more states than anyone else. not even close. on -- is going to be interesting what happens. the 1237, ito hit .elieve new york is looking great, but you have to go vote. pennsylvania, rhode island,
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maryland. we are looking so good. indiana will be great. you will get out to california -- we will get out to california. i am working so hard. my son says, dad, why are you doing this? honestly, we can do something so special. people turn this country around, make the greatest trade deals we have ever made. strong, soso powerful, so rich. you will be so proud of our country again. we will not be the dummy anymore. first of all, they all said, you cannot build a wall -- china will a wall 2000 years ago. 2000 years ago, the great wall of china.
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this is the great wall of trump, i guess. spirit the people of buffalo have. [cheering] [applause] trump: i have to tell you, see all the cameras -- every night, they put us on. they like it live. like itht, i would not so life, so we could really talk, folks. these are the most honest. let me tell you. by the way, wouldn't it be interesting if ted cruz came in third tomorrow. honestly, i never thought i was going to see him as one of the
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last three people. i never thought it was going to happen. i could name the other ones, but i won't do it. it's not expect to see -- honestly, i did not expect to see either of these two. that is ok. talkedthe debates, i had about the wall, and a couple participants came up to me, and said, you know, you're not going to build a wall. i said, why not tackle tommie notwe can't -- i said, why t? tell me why we can't. you know wh how beautiful that is, concrete going up. wall.l be a real
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they say, you cannot build a wall. i told them about the great wall of china. i say, over there, you are 12,000 miles to have ae have -- here, we thousand miles. when i can build 6000 you did in the middle of manhattan, on the hudson river, i can guarantee you, this is easy by comparison. environmentale overts i had to get, all the world, they said, you will never get the approvals, i got
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the approvals. $1 million, and $10ed it into more than billion. some of the greatest assets all over the world -- i had to file the papers. many great businessman supported me. by the way, we would use these people to negotiate. these are the best negotiated in the world. all the papers are filed. built the great
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company -- the first time i did a filing. i'm saying this. of thing,e kind -- thetening things out kind of thing our country needs. i had so many assets. i found this on television. of course, you cannot believe it 100%. i thought, this is impossible. story -- they said, now for a commercial. . have been watching for a week i said, please, don't let there
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.e a negative trump ad they said, we will be right trump ad.ump ad, off.d, get the televisions ads.e tell you, 55,000 kasich, noto john him.alks about 55,000 ads, and we will win new york state.
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i'm talking about the general election. state has a chance. michigan, you know what they did in ?lorida chuckl florida was rigged also. the ex governor, jeb bush, nice guy -- now, he is a nice guy, before, not a nice guy. marco rubio, one of them was going to win florida. madethey did was they the state winner take all. then, they had a problem because the polls came out, and it said, trump will win. they said, this is a disaster, what we do?
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all state winner take that i was supposed to be taken advantage of. on it by aby -- w landslide, and we got 99 delegates. [cheering] mr. trump: just remember, we will win. it could be that we have to go longer, i don't think so. i'm seeing numbers that are compelling. , our country will become so strong and so powerful again, and you will be so proud of your president, but i don't care about that. you will be so proud of your country once again.
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>> usa! trump: there is no place that is better or more fun or safer than a trump rally. nowhere. [cheers and applause] trump: we are losing a lot of business. let's talk about businesses. you guys are being decimated. i tell you, let me handle it, we're going to make it so strong, so powerful, nobody is ever messing with us. we are taking care of our vets, all of that. but let's talk jobs because in buffalo, we have to talk jobs. in indiana. in pennsylvania, i was just in pittsburgh. i had an unbelievable crowd. they need jobs.
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our jobs are going to mexico. you saw what happened with carrier air conditioner, right? so, they get announced. now, nabisco is gone. mexico. plant,he $2.5 billion mexico. it is becoming a mini china, ripping off the united states. i am angry at the leaders of mexico. i am angry at the leaders of the united states for being so stupid. to allow this to happen. the other day -- and i could substitute many, many names, but we will use this. with carrier air-conditioning, i bought many over the years. i'm not buying them anymore. they announced, they are laying off -- and it was done with a cell phone. thatf the foks downstairs was getting fired, they are covering this mid-level guy. and he was nasty.
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he said, you are going to be in mexico and they have been there for 30 years in some cases. and now they are gone. they moved to mexico and they think they are going to make air-conditioners and sell them back to the united states with no tax, with no consequences, with no problems. it is not going to happen, folks. it is not going to happen. if they want to go there, that is great. but there are going to be consequences. and i said this before, but it is so obvious -- there are only so many things you can say, but i have said this before. and again, it could apply to hundreds of different companies. i say to my wife, you know, i want to make this go on. but she says, you need to act more presidential. i don't really want to act more presidential until we win. do we agree, folks? [cheers and applause] trump: more presidential is easier than working working
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working like i do. my daughter ivanka came up to me in the last debate. we love ivanka, right? we love them all. we have good kids. [cheers and applause] my daughter says, dad the presidential. ys, bee sa presidential. i said, wait a minute. we have won every debate. i said, this is too easy. we are doing great. but here is the story. i am going to say to my family. carrier. call can you imagine the president of the united states calling the head of an air-conditioning company. an the head of air-conditioning company that does not do right by us. i like this stuff. i am really natural added, i am
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really good at it. so, here's the conversation. if any one of these people -- ted cruz, kasich, they are all controlled by their lobbyists. they are all controlled by special interests. these are not stupid people. hillary is controlled by special interests. when their donors or lobbyists call, they are not going to do what is right for you. i have not taken any money. i have turned down -- jeb bush had the biggest fund. i think it was $148 million. can you believe it? $140 million. you might as well throw it right out the window. it is a waste. the way, do you see what the consultants are saying. they can retire. they have made millions and millions of dollars, but they lost. here is the story. oracle's big two, or i will have somebody call -- -- i will call or i will speak to, or i will have somebody call,
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but i want to do it myself. , i will say, congratulations on your move to mexico. i hope you have many years of good health and happiness and great productivity, but here is the story. the ratevery single ker-conditioning unit you mad that you want to send across our now a very powerful border -- whereby the way, the border patrol, 16,500 people endorsed me last weekend they have never done that before. [cheers and applause] where sheriff joe a rpaio, a great guy, endorsed me last month from osama and there is nobody better or tougher or more fair at the border than he is. every unit you,
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make and you send across that border, you are going to pay a 35% tax on that unit. [cheers and applause] sump: and as sure as you are tanding or sitting. look, everybody is standing. you can sit down, but standing is better, more respectful. i will tell you what is going to happen. i will get a call the next day from everybody. you know, the lobbyists, they never gave me any money. i don't need this. i am working for you, folks. i don't need this. i am working for you. we're going to make america great again. that is what i want to do. what kind of a legacy? is that the coolest legacy. the is a most as good as owning the buffalo bills, right? [cheers and applause] so, here's what happens. i will say, forget them. the head of carrier is going to call up and say, mr. president,
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will you change your mind? i will say, absolutely not. hundred percent. i will be ready to hang up and he will say, mr. president, we are not going to move or leave the united states, 100%, folks. 100%. watchingen corporate inversion and i have been watching what has been going on with these companies leaving the united states. the politicians do not even know what is happening. it is happening far faster the -- than anybody can even discuss. they ought to do headlines matter because there is nothing worse. we've got to stop it. i have been watching for four years. politicians negotiating. they are not good. they are bought and paid for by special interests that want to see these things happen. what is going to happen is they will never, ever come to the conclusion and how simple a
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conclusion. now with ford, carrier, and nabisco. nabisco is moving out of chicago and they are moving where? to mexico. no more oreos. no more. so, here is the story. we negotiate tough. number one, we have to work with our companies to keep them where they are. most importantly, we have to keep them in the united states. let's get them to move to buffalo, right? [cheers and applause] but we are going to have and we are going to attract so much business. we right now, have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion a year, not including rll of the drugs that pou8r across the border and poison our youth. we are going to stop this when we let our border patrol people go to work and when we build the
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wall. we're going to stop the drugs from going to buffalo and destroying our youth. so, the conservatives, they would say -- like jeb bush used to get up. he is not a conservative. who cares? i am a conservative, but i am a free treater. -- a free trader. you can only do this if you have good people representing your interests. either one of those situations is not acceptable. ok? it is not acceptable. so, we are going to have the toughest, the smartest, the sharpest business people in the world negotiating our trade deals. let me tell you. the dishonest press. the world's most dishonest people. they cover it wrong all the time. it was asked to me about nato. what do you think about nato? by willked on cnn
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blitzer. and i said, here is the story. number one, nato is obsolete. number two, the countries in nato are not paying their fair share. they take advantage of us. they are not paying. we are protecting these and they take advantage of us and who and with my friends, elected officials, activists. they have to pay up, folks. many of these countries are very rich rich. and i want to pay up them to pay all the to link with delinquency that they owe. they are taking advantage of us because they have no respect for our leaders. they will have respect for us. we are going to be very soon at $21 trillion and they will have great respect for us. we will have a better relationship than our president obama has right now and they will be even.
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now, we as you know, protect japan. we protect germany. we protect south korea. we protect saudi arabia. and you know what? we are dying with these deals. they are terrible. these are monster, monster companies and countries. these of the biggest companies in the biggest countries in terms of economics. why are we doing this? in south korea -- and i have buildings in south korea and have great respect for south korea and japan and germany and saudi arabia -- we are protecting them. they have to pay us, folks. this is not from years ago. they have to take care of us. we have to straighten out our country. they have to take care of us. and i want to keep doing it. i want to keep doing it. i want to keep it going. what, you know what? they will be
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laughing at us. my have friends in germany, japan, saudi arabia, and south korea. every time you order a television set, you order it from south korea. they are unbelievably successful countries. they have to help about. if we didn't take care of saudi arabia, they would not be there for six months. ,efore the oil went down., saudi arabia was making $1 billion a day. we are losing a fortune every single month. they have to pay up, folks. and we want to get along with everybody, ok? they've got to pay up.
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so, we are going to have something that is very special. i used to be a big contributor i used to be one of the bosses in a certain way. i was a member of the establishment. nobody knows the game better than i do, believe me. i know the game so well. i can go to lobbyists and they have "cruz" stamped on their foreheads. i can handle anything. you give these guys billions of dollars and they go and they produce the vote. the vote very well could be bad for the country, but it is good for the company or the country they are representing. we can do that anymore, folks. when you see some of these horrible deals -- i have a friend who is a very smart guy and he said to me, i can't believe they approved this deal. a certain deal, it does not matter. a certain senator was in charge of it. he is not stupid at all. he is smart. he was contacted by special interests and lobbyists and told
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to do this. he was given millions of dollars and was told to do this. adverse to the country, but it is damn good for him because they will be around for years and years and years, essentially taking care of him. i never thought of it that way because there is no way a deal like this could be made. those days -- that is not going to happen. so, here is the story. [cheers and applause] trump: so important. havee way, we are going to better relationships with all of these ripoff countries. you look at china, they are building military fortresses in the south china sea. you look at what all of these countries are doing, and how they take advantage of us. we are going to have tough, smart trade deals, really smart trade deals. if you want a deal with china, they send their stuff to us, no tax, no nothing.
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if you want to do business in china, it is virtually impossible to get your product in and if you do, they tax you. free trade. this is stupid, stupid, stupid trade. it is not going to happen. tomorrow is a big big day. because the thing i like most -- i hope it turns out this way. we have these massive polls. i don't like massive polls for one reason. going on movement like they have nothing in this country. "time" magazine covered it many times. all of the newspapers and as much as the media treats me unfairly, they do it probably -- there has probably never been anything like this. we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama. we filled up maverick stadium in dallas. you are going to leave here and say, that was a great event.
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but more importantly tomorrow, you are going to vote. you're going to make sure all of your friends are going to go vote. [cheers and applause] trump: and you are going to remember. you are going to remember, you are going to remember this evening. you are going to remember more importantly, tomorrow to vote. you are going to look back in four years, in 12 years, in 25 years and say, "that is the greatest single vote i have ever cast." because at that point on, as soon as we beat hillary clinton, we are going to start as a country winning again. we are going to win on trade. isis, going to win with we are going to knock the hell out of them fast. [cheers and applause] trump: we are going to rebuild our military. we are going to win with our
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military. we are going to make our military so strong and so powerful, you are going to be proud again. the vets have given me such support. the military has given me such support. what is happening with our military is a disgrace. so, we are going to win with our military. nobody is going to mess with us. we're going to take care of our vets. we are going to win on the borders. we are going to win with health care. we are going to win with common core ending and bringing it back local. [cheers and applause] trump: we are going to take care of our second amendment. if we had guns on the other side of the room in los angeles with bullets flying the other way, or in paris, the toughest hadlaws in the world, they bullets with guns firing the other way, you would not have had 130 people absolutely
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decimated and killed and hundreds of people in the hospital. it would have been a whole different story. so, we are going to take care of our second amendment. and folks, you are going to look back and see, we are going to start winning, winning, winning. and this is the last big speech i am making in new york, so we can set it the way we want. we are going to win at every element at what we are doing. we are going to win with the military and with everything. we are going to win so much you are going to get tired of winning. you are going to be saying from buffalo, please, please, we don't want any more business. we are making too much money. the matter what you do, we don't want to win anymore and i'm going to say, sorry. we're going to keep winning. we are going to win, win win. we are going to make america great again!
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america first, folks! america first! thank you, buffalo! thank you, buffalo! we love you, buffalo! thank you! [cheers and applause] ♪
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