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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 22, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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country. we started with 17 candidates, well-qualified candidates who sought our nomination. we are not on to three candidates. along the way, there have been days where we have heard and seen things that candidates have said that have made us cringe. and sometimes they make us want to reach for our televisions and use the parental block. sometimes, they even made us wonder why we are working so hard when it seems our efforts are misrepresented and criticized by so many, but all we are trying to do is make a difference. i know that some of these things have been hurtful. but as republicans, we know that we are strong. we know that we are positive about our opportunities and our future.
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we see the best in our party, in our country, and we understand the republican party is made up of hundreds of thousands of volunteers that believe in the greatness of what you do and what our party does, and what america is about. just like you and just like me. we understand that we are a helpful party that truly believes that our country is a proud, beacon of hope and opportunity for every individual, not just in our country but around the world. but we can sometimes get caught up watching media about our republican party. we get caught up in what is being said about whom and by whom, and we wonder, we wonder as a party how we can ever come together again. how we will ever be united again, but we will. we will be united. to make this happen, i have a little bit of advice.
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just change the channel. stop watching and really start listening to what the democrats want to do to our country, to our military and values. to the future of our children, to our freedom, to our america. after listening to the democrats, if you need motivation to unite our party, just think of the possibility of hillary clinton or bernie sanders becoming commander in chief of the greatest country in the world, because that will unite each of us. [applause] >> think of the military under hillary clinton. a military that will be under someone who has no problem lying to families. our men and women in uniform would have a commander in chief, who as serving as secretary of
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state has had one failing policy after another. when she was given the choice to enter if she regretted any decisions, she did not take that opportunity to look internally, she blamed and placed the blame directly on the failures of barack obama. she was simply giving him advice. that is not true leadership. our military men and women deserve better. and the bottom line, they would have a commander in chief that they could not trust or respect. who would be unworthy of their salute. so what does the economy look like under hillary clinton? people who create jobs would be punished. taxes would rise, spending would rise, inflation would rise, and people who were successful would be taxed out of existence.
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coal industries would be destroyed -- whole industries would be destroyed as we watch people continue to lose jobs. what was the health care system look like? how about socialized medicine on steroids. the damage that obamacare has done would be like the common cold compared to what hillary clinton would do to doctors, medicine, the economy, and destroy even further the relationships we have between our doctors and families. what does american values look like under hillary clinton? as she panders to everybody ck, the onlyting blo one she has not worked for is our precious unborn, probably because they cannot vote for her. haveed parenthood would free reign and more public
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funding to continue the war on the unborn. ethics, integrity, that would be taught in history class, because with hillary in charge, those qualities, principles and character of our country would become history. with hillary clinton's appointment to the supreme court, they could take away our second amendment rights and rewrite the constitution. with hillary clinton, we can count on the barack obama tour that would continue for another four years. that is what awaits america we not do our job and that is to fully support our nominee and unite behind our nominee. our party is at a crossroads, we will either be distracted by the noise, or focused on defeating the enemy. as for me, i choose to be focused on defeating hillary clinton. together, working with women's
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groups across the country, we are registering women to vote republican in november. we are reaching out and inviting individuals to be part of the solution to save our country. thanks to our political team we have been able to identify great women prospects in every state. working with all of you, we will get these individuals registered to vote in november, because women will not automatically vote for hillary clinton because she says she is pro-women. she thinks because she said constantly because she is pro-women and keeps repeating it, that somehow that makes it the truth. the truth is, when you are pro-woman, you are paying women the same as men and that is something that she has not done as secretary of state or in the senate. the truth is, it is about saying
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no to tens of thousands of dollars coming from saudi arabia, kuwait, and other countries that commit atrocities against women, like six discrimination and the violation of human rights. it is about calling barack obama -- the truth is, being pro-woman means setting an example and being a leader that women can trust. with republicans, hillary clinton fails miserably with trust and honesty. not because of what we are saying, but because of her own personal actions, her inability to tell the truth, and her allies and willingness -- lies and willingness to put our
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national security at risk with her private servers. being pro-woman means telling the mothers, grandmothers, and others the truth about what happened in benghazi. to this day, she still has failed to do that and instead of looking at them and telling the truth, she blames those families for misunderstanding the lies she told them. time wew members, every walk into any group, anytime we talk to any individual or the media, no matter what we are asked, we should take the opportunity to talk about with the democrats and hillary clinton have in store for the country. i do not know who will be our nominee in cleveland, but i know one thing. who ever he is, that person is better for my children, grandchildren, this country, then hillary clinton could ever
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be. that is why i am staying focused, staying focused on defeating hillary clinton and saving america, on restoring our freedom, making sure that the country is better for our next generation. our candidate will be smarter, more qualified, and better equipped to lead the country to greatness than hillary clinton. you to join me, so together we are part of a leadership team that unifies the party. i am asking you to join me and be part of a team that keeps the party focused on the job at hand, defeating hillary clinton and taking back the white house. together, we will be part of a team that continues to reelect senators and house members. join me on the leadership team that will save america for our children, grandchildren, and the next generation. worlds in showing the
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that america is still that bright shining city on the hill. may god always bless our military men and families, and may god always bless our united states of america. godspeed on our journey together. and god bless. [applause] >> thank you. i would like to call on our treasurer, tony. >> good morning. saying that our position is strong today. we have about $16 million on hand and only $1.8 million of debt. we are also on target to remain financially strong throughout the election cycle and through
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the end of the year. on december 31 this year, we project to have over $6 million in the bank and no debt. we are in an open election that none of us could have imagined. the financial world calls an event like this, a black swan event. for those who know swans, they are never black, they are always white. xcept, oncence -- e in a million years, a black swan pops up. essence of the work is that the world is impacted by events that are rare and difficult to predict. the implication for markets and politics are compelling and have to be taken seriously. the 2016 presidential primary
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process is a black swan event. open convention's don't ever occur, until they do. to give you an idea of the last republican open convention, it was 1948. i am glad to report, that because of the finance that is put in place, the rnc is managing the financial implications of this black swan event. we have been good stewards of the money raised. we are not overextended. we are living within our means. we are managing the financial disruptions that may be caused -- excuse me, that we may not have a candidate prior to the convention. the staff has done a terrific job. they have met or exceeded metrics every month. there is every indication that they will continue to hit metrics. the financial dislocation has
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come about because there is a delay in revenue coming about because of the delay of a presidential candidate. as you know, historically we have had a presumptive nominee some time in april. at that time, we would sign a fund-raising agreement and the floodgates would open up. in a normal election year, that would open in may. that floodgates will probably not open until august. the delay will have only one major impact, it will cause a delay in deploying the majority of the field staff to the totleground states from a, august. other than that the budget has not been materially impacted. strategiesline, the put into place is fully operational, except the delay in the deployment of field staff.
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that staff will be deployed as soon as the convention is over. you can be assured that the financial integrity of the error and see -- rnc will remain sound. now we will turn to a comparison between the rnc and the enzi -- dnc. national parties must find their conventions. through february, we have raised $11 million of the $12 million we needed to find the convention. thannc has raised less $3.5 million for their convention, so how will they come up with a remaining $9 million? debt and6.8 million of the cash they have as of february. we have $60 million of cash on hand and we have only used $1.8 million of our line of credit.
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we will be approving a budget that will show that we will be debt free by the end of the year with over $6 million in cash. i want to thank the staff run by bob owens. we are a fast moving financial landscape and bob and his team are doing a great job anticipating and responding to changes. the division directors are able making on them with decisions, knowing that the information they get it accurate and timely. [applause] >> thank you, tony. six years of great service, it has been remarkable. i would like to call on our general consul for his report. john? john: thank you. i keep expecting to hear the
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chairman's voice on the intercom, saying, this is your captain speaking. i have turned on the seatbelt sign, because we are experiencing unexpected turbulence. [laughter] indeed inre interesting times and as we begin our approach to the convention, i would remind you that the primary season, the last primary are on june 7. but that will not be the end. it is not even the beginning of the end. it is the end of the beginning, because there are certain things you need to do once the primary is over. as soon as your delegation has been elected, you need to elect the convention delegation chairman and members of the convention committees,
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credentials, and roles -- rules. once delegates have been elected and committees have been selected, you need to certify delegates to the secretary. and we are going to do this through a website, a secure website. room?re you in the she is on that side. she will be contacting your state to give you instructions on how to login and certify delegates online. the deadline for certification is june 13. so, as soon as you get instructions, please follow them and a certified delegate. a couple of other items. chairman ash will give a formal report from the business yesterday, but i have to tell
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you, i have been feeling around in my pocket and i have not found any change. [laughter] the committee was overwhelmingly of the view yesterday that here we are less than 90 days from the time of the convention rules committee meeting, to draft rules, that it is inappropriate for the standing committee to make further changes and recommendations for changes, to the convention. a lot of questions. you saw the video earlier about convention facts, i urge you to go to the website if you have questions about your delegation or about the process. and please call the office, call me, we will be happy to respond to questions and make sure that
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you understand the process, so you can explain it to your delegates, to your media, to your constituents. is aly, i want to say, it tremendous honor and pleasure to serve as general counsel with the chairman. [applause] is -- it is also a pleasure and honor to service general counsel with you, my fellow republican volunteers. i recognize that all of us are volunteers and we all our representatives of the grassroots. together, as volunteers, and together united, and together we can accomplish what lincoln said, we shall nobly save the last best hope on earth. thank you. >> thank you, john.
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i want to call upon our chief of staff, katie walsh, who has done a fantastic job managing our meetings. she has been fabulous. katie walsh. [applause] katie: thank you. i want to take one minute so that together we can congratulate the chairman on being named one of the most influential people of the world. [applause] katie: we happen to have copies of the magazine for lunch i must say that you can hear about the remarks from paul ryan. it is hard to believe, but after all of the work on rules, raising money, and party offices across the country, we are less than 100 is away from the convention in cleveland. i want to echo what is expected.
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we are focused on preparing for a convention. the playing field is level and all stakeholders are treated fairly, that is that we what we have done. the process of selecting delegates has also attracted much attention. we leave it up to your state to make the rules for how delegates are chosen, because we believe in empowering the. we have never been a top-down, so there is no reason the delicate process should be different. whatever happens in cleveland, we will unify behind the nominee. me,ow, if you will indulge
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i get to do the best part of my job -- brag about the staff. i want to highlight the incredible strides we have made in building a national party in preparing like never before for the ballot. the chairman and our communications director have been tireless about getting on television and clarifying the process. we are always sure to see one of them on television. the only thing on cable more often than these guys is law and order. matt has been up to his usual work, getting those awards. the convention facts video that you just saw, they did an amazing job of laying out the process and it has gotten wide distribution. i encourage you to send it to friends and family. staffers for new african-american outreach and
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hispanic outreach. both of them have been building bridges in those communities. i cannot say enough about the research team. if you see a piece on hillary clinton in any publication, this team has something to do with it. i am not sure of any other person in the country who is dedicated to defeating hillary clinton like raj. our digital team continues outstanding work. at this time, we have -- we had just five digital staffers, today we have more. they have revolutionized the way that we handle digital communication in our party and we are grateful for their commitment. so much of what they do every day will help us communicate with the voters we have had trouble reaching. and i want to thank our data and tech team. what they have done to build a data technology infrastructure, supporting our candidates, it is truly impressive. i want to give a shout out to
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some members. tirelesslyraveled around the country and campaign. ed. and chris carr. he is second to none. [applause] i want to make sure that people understand the incredible amount of work they do, from the regional director, to nick working these guys are five days a week and travel every weekend for training around the country. i urge you to follow them on twitter. you will see for yourself, they are training new people seven days a week. we should all be grateful for their commitment to make sure that staff is ready. our legal team has been carefully navigating the process like never before. i want to thank john and his team for their hard work in
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making sure that we are asking everything about the rules. is the team in finance breaking records. [applause] raised $135ve million this ipo, a record-breaking number for the end of march. to raise that kind of money during a cycle with so much uncertainty and a 17 candidates, that takes an equitable amount of work. and theteful to cara chairman for the tireless efforts. on the topic of money, as we navigate this season, i want to make sure that we realized how far we have come. at this point in 2012, we had for political staff on the ground. we have 203 on the ground now. we also have 2200 leadership fellows, a program that did not exist in 2012.
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between technology and digital, we have spent millions more dollars than we had in 2012. do not let anybody tell you that we have not completely revolutionized how we go about elections. we have. now for the folks that make this happen. contactor, thank you, thank you. everybody in this room is in all of how you make a list -- awe of how you make this look. we are grateful. and i want to take a minute to thank the chairman's office. i cannot possibly tell you how much easier you folks make my job. these individuals work harder than anybody in the building and they are always making sure that the chairman and myself, have everything we need to secure the victory in november. i would be remiss if i did not
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think our chief operating is an absolute blessing. i cannot imagine doing this job without his leadership. ultimately, it is our chairman who is at the top of the rnc. whether it is his leadership or his vision for the party, he is the one responsible for the success of our party more than anybody else. we are setting a goal in it for a political organization and i cannot be prouder of the people we have on board. inhave the right team to win november. thank you very much. [applause] >> excellent. good job. ok, we will move on to the business end of our meeting. i want to call upon our national committeewoman from oklahoma to give her report. >> thank you. pursuant to rule 10 82, the
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standing committee met this week to consider all resolutions submitted. copies of the resolutions have been distributed and are before all members at this time. mr. chairman, i want to take this moment to thank the rnc members who submitted resolutions and to thank members of the committee who came together to consider these resolutions, which touch on a variety of important issues. and i want to thank justin, the chief counsel, who helped us with as many details of the committee's we recommend for adoption 10 resolutions. they are my resolution concerning timing of u.s. supreme court justice selection. resolution calling for support of sanctions against iran's
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missile program. resolution reaffirming strong support for the republic of china and taiwan. resolution calling for inquiries into the benghazi attack to be sustained and for the responsible parties to be held accountable. resolution supporting republican unlawfulight against actions on immigration. resolution condemning hillary clinton for the use of a secret e-mail server as secretary of state and calling for her to be held accountable. resolution in support of criminal justice reform. resolution in support of regulation freedom amendment. resolution honoring supreme court justice, antonin scalia a. . and resolution honoring the life of nancy reagan. in the interest of time, i
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request that the rules be suspended. >> no objection. we will vote on the resolutions as a whole. myolyn: this concludes report and i recommend the resolutions have been adopted. >> is there any discussion? those in favor, say aye. those opposed to say no. the ayes have it. we move on to ron kaufman for his report on the budget. met the budget committee wednesday. we are pleased to report the rnc had the best first-quarter in fund raising in history. we did that by spending $5.3 million and we projected. we have $60 million cash on hand. we adjusted -- $16 million cash
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on hand fo. unanimouslyommittee of $9 million. we will have no debt at the end of the year. the executive committee passed the budget unanimously. this budget supports the largest field force of the history of the party and with the biggest investment in digital data and technology ever. i would like to move that we adopt the budget as amended. >> do i hear a second? john fry. any discussion? those in favor, say aye. the ayes have it. doyle: the contest committee held its first meeting yesterday morning. we reviewed the contest process
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which is detailed in rules 21 through 25. the role of a committee is quasijudicial. in this role, we discussed the need to refrain from any -- ♪ mr. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you.
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boy.y, oh this is great. do we love delaware? do we love it? yes? when i left the office i asked for a couple of things. i said, number one, i spent a fortune in delaware. nobody does that, right? it is a great place. i said to my people, we do a lot of business in delaware. that means taxes and everything. how many entities do we have registered in delaware, like companies? i figured they would say maybe two or three. 378. so we have 378 entities registered in the state of delaware. meaning i pay you a lot of money. i don't feel at all guilty. i don't know. they might be off by a couple, but that is about it.
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theyad about 12 minutes to get me the answer. it is a lot. good that is good. all right? all right. it is a great place. great people. done an unbelievable job very hello, folks. hello. thank you. still can't believe, 378. here is the bad news. we will get through this because we are going to fix it. we're going to fix it fast. real median household income in delaware has declined by more than $10,000. since 2000. no good, right? i'm doing my share. itsware lost 1/3 of
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manufacturing jobs since china enter the world trade organization in 2001. this region of the state also lost 1/3 of its manufacturing jobs to china. lying ted cruz supports chinese currency cheating. think of it. he voted against an amendment to try and block currency cheating by china and ted cruz voted against it and it is the single biggest 11 that china and other have against us for destroying our businesses. this guy voted against it. it is almost impossible to vote agnst it if you love our country. you know what happened? somebody got to him and said we want you to vote against it because some company or country did not want it and this is what we have running for office.
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we are going to end it. i actually had to have that one check. how can you vote against that he voted. lying ted cruz. delaware was hit hard by closures of its auto manufacturing plants over the years, including chrysler and gm plants. support thesich transpacific partnership which will absolutely kill the auto industry in the country. i am against it. i have been fighting it. which voted for nafta, has cleaned our clock four years. transpacific partnership is worse than that. it is going to be worse. we have got to stop it. we have got to stop it. obama wants it. if obama wants it, you know it
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is no good. man. i hate to do it. it is so negative, right? but it does not matter. if i become president, we're going to turn it around. we are going to make great trade deals. we are going to bring our job and keep the jobs that we have here. believe me. the number of food stamp recipients in this county has increased sixfold. that is a lot. since 2000. 6000 food stamp recipients, you have 36,000. we have to get going. we will get it changed. delaware voters are concerned about the possible intake of syrian refugees. is that unbelievable?
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the state has seen large increases in its foreign-born population. we don't even know where they come from. we don't know where they come from, who they are. they are totally undocumented. we have seen a large intake. with the problems we have, we have seen a large intake. remember when they said it was 3000, then 6000? i said it was going to be a lot more like 200,000. i was right. we are taking in tens of thousands of people. we all have hearts and we want to take care of that, but we don't know where these people are coming from. they have no documents, totally undocumented. we have enough problems in our country. have $19 trillion in debt. we have the southern border which is like a piece of swiss cheese and we will talk about it. we will build the wall, yes. we will build the wall.
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build the wall. build the wall. [chanting "build the wall"] we will build it. who is going to pay for it? 100%. are we having a good time? we have a great time considering the subject header is no good. look at all those hats. make america great again. knowwe say that, you somebody, a reporter -- by the way, the world's most dishonest people back there. looking all the cameras going. they are dishonest. not all of them, but most of them.
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said,ight, bill o'reilly because there is a movement, no matter where we go, there are more people pouring in. look at this place. that is a lot of people. bill o'reilly on fox said last night that what has happened with trump is one of the biggest political events that he is ever seen. i will go a step further. he actually said it is the biggest medical event that he has seen in his lifetime -- biggest political event that he has seen in his lifetime. guy, a pro and an amazing tough and smart. he does not always treat me great, but that is ok. said that biggest political event that he is ever seen in his lifetime. there is tell you that something going on that is incredible. we go to alabama, we had 35,000
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people and we won alabama, we won arkansas, we won florida, and we won south carolina. and we won new hampshire and we won connecticut and we won so much. why did we win two days ago with record numbers in new york? you know what is nice about winning new york? really, and not just the fact that it is big and we won almost every delegate. we won by a massive amount. we had 62%. when you think of it, you have three people running, it is almost impossible to break 50 and we got 62%. it really is. you know what is nice about winning new york? those people know me well. you don't know me as well. you just take my money with all the taxes. i have known delaware for a long time and it is a great place. we are going to get rid of the bad stuff that we talk about her
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we're going to get rid of it. we have to do that also at a federal level. you cannot allow policy that allows china and mexico and youn and vietnam and india, can't allow policy that allows these businesses to be ripped out of your state like candy from a baby. like candy from a baby. it will end and we will talk about it. what is nice about new york is they know me the best. i grew up in new york and i have been in new york a long time and i have been very public. i have been well vetted. if i sneeze, it is a big story. they know me well. to win by that kind of a margin is not just the size of new york, but even a person from another state called me and said the nicest part, they know you so well in new york, and for you to win by this massive number, a record-setting number, is really a great tribute. i never thought it that way.
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i just wanted to get over 50%. great people in new york. i went over the state and i new york state very well. rochester,acuse and we want to long island, we went all over. suffolk county. it is horrible what is going on. it is the same everywhere. i always ask for these things. this stuff. i asked for it and say the statisticians, they get it out of books, government books, and i say give me the information. i have done many speeches in many places over the last couple of months and it is always the same. the manufacturing jobs are being stolen. our jobs are being taken. we are losing on every front. there is nothing good.
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our country does not win anymore. whether it is delaware or whether it is syracuse, new york, or whether it is albany -- we had 21,000 people in albany show up. incredible people and in a great arena. we had 21,000 people. we have thousands and thousands of people show up at every stop and it is always the same. i say get me the information and if the information was good, i would like to read it. it is always the same. the jobs are being stripped. the factories are closing. some of thesegh communities and you go from the airport to a venue like this and you see all of the closures. you can see it. a thriving place 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and it has been stripped. we are not going to let it happen anymore. we are not going to be the dummies. we are not going to be the dummies. it is terrible.
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i even said when they gave me the statistics, i said, what do i need them for? i have a good memory. a great memory. all i have to do is get up and say manufacturing down 30%. it is the same thing everywhere. in some cases, you have to say local politics and local isiticians, but the megadeal what is happening with our country. our leadership is terrible. our leadership is incompetent. we don't know what we are doing. there really is no leadership. you have a president, he goes to cuba and watches a game and a big tragedy happens, watches the end of the game. he lands in cuba -- no. he lands in cuba and there's nobody to greet him. here is the difference. no problem with cuba, by the way. it is time to make a deal. i would like to see a better deal.
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you land in cuba and no one is there. in the history of air force one, which is pretty long, it is probably the first time the plane landed with no one there. there was not the head of state, castro, anybody, and then he goes the saudi arabia and same thing happens. the big leaders are not there to greet him at the plane. you know what i would do? if i said, how are we doing? who is here to greet me? i am on the air force one. we don't have anyone to greet you, mr. president. here is what i do. pilot, go back to washington. go back to washington. and i love the cuban people and i love the saudi's. go ahead. let's have some fun. it's friday. let's have some fun.
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let's have some fun. i have all the time in the world. lots of it. great people. great people in this country. andre going to have apple we are going to have companies, you watch. they're going to start making their products in our country. you watch. you watch. fix the system. you have these guys that talk about free trade. look what free-trade has done to our country. no matter where i go, no matter where i go, look at what has happened with free-trade. i believe in free trade, but i don't believe in being stupid. i don't believe in these deals. a are so bad. we have to make great deals. we have a lot of time. i told the story a couple of
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times. he is so honored by it. a friend of mine is dying. he is very sick. he is the toughest guy and has always been the toughest guy. successful. he made himself successful. he just made himself. he is a good person, but really a tough person and i like him. he is a winner and he gets sick. he was supposed to be dead year ago. he has good genetics or something. we speak to the doctors and say, how is he doing? we can't believe it. he is alive a year longer than he is supposed to be. i call him every couple of days. how are you doing? i'm all right. in a way, it reminds me of our country. our country has been so abused for so long by incompetent politicians, by horrible deals, by horrible deals.
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we have potentially the greatest military in the world, but it is being decimated with cuts and problems. we don't take care of our fats. we lose on everything will front -- every single front. and then we make trade deals that are hard to believe. is itnd of mine said how possible to make a deal like that? they must be stupid. they are not stupid. they get major campaign contributions. they are paid off with campaign contributions. it is sad. it reminds me of my friend. this country, it keeps going. the debt keeps getting larger. now we are up to $19 billion. they signed a horrible budget deal three months ago, which funds the syrians coming in. it takes care of a limo -- care of illegal immigration coming
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in. care of obamacare, which is a disaster. we will repeal it and replace it. it reminds me of my friend. how great our country is that our country can be abused by politicians who are so corrupt or incompetent that we continue to go along. we are sitting on a big bubble and we had better get going fast because it is not going to be pretty. it will be like no other. we had better get going fast or -- get going fast. thank you. we love our country. the thing we have in common is we love our country, right? [chanting "u.s.a."] we do.
4:51 pm
it is amazing. my family asked me, why are you doing this? where are you going tomorrow? i get up at 5:00 and i travel to a state far away and then i go to another one and another one and then i come home. i should be home at 1:00 in the morning and i get up at 6:00 the next day. my daughter yvonne cup -- ivanka said what you do that? i said it is simple. i love this country. this country has been so good to me. i would rather not do it. i wish we had somebody to was so good, i don't care of it as a republican or a democrat. if we had a great president who is a democrat -- we need a great president. we need a great, great president because we are really in trouble. my wife,h, and i told i wish we had a great president. i'm a republican.
4:52 pm
i'm a conservative. you know they say -- jeb bush. he said, he is not a conservative. why? because i don't want to have free-trade if it is stupid trade. it is stupid trade. free trade is fine. we get outsmarted because we do not use our best and finest. you saw when i won. carl icahn was there. we have the smartest people in the world on our side. we don't use them. we use political hacks. we use people with no ability whatsoever to negotiate massive deals bigger than any business deal you could ever do. company is small compare to trade deals. we use political hacks to negotiate the biggest deals in the world against china, where they use people that are the smartest and the toughest. high energy. remember when i said low energy?
4:53 pm
they are very high energy. they come in waves as negotiators. i have made a lot of money negotiating against china. you can be china. you have to be smart, you have to be sharp. the largest bank of the world is a tenet of mine from china in a building in manhattan. the mexican government, the people, they are great. i am not angry at mexico for ripping us off, which they are doing both at the border and on trade. i'm not angry at china. i am not angry at japan. japan sends cars by the million. you know what we give them? practically nothing. ever hear the words trade imbalance? it is like this. it has got to end. i'm not angry at japan. i'm not angry at vietnam and india, all these countries. you ever call upon your credit card?
4:54 pm
you want to find out about your credit card. you were talking to a person from india. how does that work? where are you from? i was not checking on my card, i was finding out if this was true. i called up under the guise of checking my car. where are you from? we are from india. thank you very much. that is all i need. india is a great place. i am not upset with other leaders. i am upset with our leaders for being so stupid. so stupid. the middle class that built this , which i am really into the middle class. these people, you are tired and you are disgusted. you are tired and you are disgusted. people are working longer hours. they are working harder and in many cases they are working a second job as they never did
4:55 pm
before. it is supposed to be the other way. you do a good job and you take it easy. they are now working harder and they make less money than they made 18 years ago. wages are less than they were 18 years ago. then people say, donald, there is a lot of anger at your rallies. they are not angry people. they are angry at what is happening. there are actually happy people. they are great people. carolina, nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, but she backed somebody else, who i'd be very badly. the lieutenant governor back to me and the governor backed somebody else and i said, i want the lieutenant governor, right? but nikki haley made a speech.
4:56 pm
it was a response to the president's speech. she talked about us, not me. us. she said they are angry. somebody called from the press right after that speech. my lines were going crazy. they said, are you angry? and i was supposed to say no we are not angry. we are angry. we are angry at what is happening. i say this always. we are not angry people. we are reasonable people. we are angry at what is happening, but we are not angry people. we are incredible people. hard-working, incredible people. but we are angry at a system that does not allow us to achieve anything. we give all our money away. we have military deals where we protect every country. we spent many times what any country spends on the military. many, many times.
4:57 pm
you think we are spending on dover? who is here from dover? good place. i'll bet it could e a little of flipping, right -- uplifting, right? we spend on defending other countries. everyone says, the military, great. we are not spending the money. we are spending so much money defending. germany. you know we defend germany, right? nobody knows that. we defend japan. we defend south korea. we are right next to the mad men. no dummy. anyone that can take over from his father with all those till her generals, no dummy. generals, noer dummy. i think he is a little off. didn't his uncle find that out? his encore was cut up into 40 pieces because he raised his
4:58 pm
cut up- his uncle was into 40 pieces because he raised his voice. the problem is it is an economic behemoth. set, iwant a television ordered thousands of television sets a year for different projects. when i want a television, it comes from south korea. sony comes from japan. from south korea, lg, samsung, all these. we don't make televisions anymore. guy, george will, he says, why doesn't somebody say that we do have a television company in this country? is a country that you have never heard of, a company that assembles parts. the parts come from south korea. trumpsed to say donald won't run. don't worry about it. people not run. and then i read, oh, he ran.
4:59 pm
file form a. i filed for made. this is getting ridiculous. he will not file his financials. he will take advantage -- you were allowed to push it off forever. 45 have 30 days but you get day extensions as long as you want. i want to have my financials filed in 30 days. the biggest financials in history of elections. most 100 pages. i tell my accountants from washington and my lawyers, all these people expensive people. i spend a fortune. it is so complicated. taxes are way down. far, it is by simple.
5:00 pm
you don't have to use h&r block anymore. great for business, great for the middle class. lower taxes. lower taxes. -taxed nation in the world. i filed my papers. these guys, the media, it was like a feeding frenzy. it was like a feeding frenzy in of theton in front election. they wanted to say, wait a minute. look how little -- this is terrible. except my company turns out to be much bigger, much stronger. that is why you don't hear anything about it. friend of mine said when i announced i am running, because i am a private person. people don't know what i own. friend of mine says donald, you announce your running now i know you're rich because you have to file.
5:01 pm
i built a company that is phenomenal. i built some of the greatest assets in the world. i borrowed $1 million not so long ago. i borrowed $1 million and now it is worth over $10 billion. some of the great assets of the world. miami and turnberry and scotland, office buildings all over the place. very little debt, tremendous cash flow. one of the great companies. i don't say that bragging way. i say that because that is the kind of thinking our country needs at least until we get things straightened out. we need it. we need it. boy, we need it. we have people that don't have a clue. a guy like obama never employed one person in his life. he never employed a person. think of it. radical islamic terrorism. he refuses to mention the words.
5:02 pm
you see what is happening. he sees paris, he does not want to a knowledge it heard he sees what happened with the 14 people killed, many people injured in california. he does not want to a knowledge it. he will never acknowledge it. going onsomething there that is strange. why can't he say radical islamic terrorism? unless you're going to talk about it, you're not going to solve the problem. you're not going to solve it. started on june 16 when i came down the escalator with my wife and i said, wow. i looked down at trump tower and it looked like the academy awards, there was so much press. i had never seen anything like it. even here, we have a lot. look at those cameras going. they never show the crowd. knownever -- you know, you
5:03 pm
hillary, they can't talk about because her crowds are so small. with bernie, if he has a big crowd, they with double it. bernie had 25,000. he did not have 25,000. they said it was 28,000. they were not 28,000. with me, they never do it. i was in alabama. we had 35,000 people or more. they go, you don't even see it. they keep the cameras on me. i go home and they say to my wife, did you see the crowd? no. they did not showed it. the only thing i like is the phony protesters. most of them are put there. as soon as somebody raises their hand, usually with a weak voice and start shouting,
5:04 pm
because the cameras follow them. look at how big the crowd is today on a friday afternoon? with bernie, and bernie is out and i am sort of happy because i really want to run against crooked hillary. don't we want to run against crooked hillary? all the polls say that if it is donald trump against crooked hillary clinton, it will be, seriously, it will be the greatest turnout of voters in the history of the united states. i believe that. i believe it. i mean, think of this. trump against clinton. how about this? lying ted cruz? it does not work. she would beat him so badly, he would lose some many states, there is no chance. look at what happened to him this weekend. look at what happened to him
5:05 pm
this week. he lost to kasich. cruz came in third. he is so embarrassed that he walked away from the cameras. he came in third in new york. i will win new york against hillary clinton. i think i'm going to win new york. and i will win michigan and i will win pennsylvania. and of course we are going to win delaware. we know that, right? and i will win florida. we had a huge win in florida. we won by more than 20 points. i was not expecting to win florida. just to show you the system is rigged. that is why we have to win big. on tuesday, everyone has to go out and vote. we have to win big because the system is rigged. the fighters have a great expression. you have a champ that goes into a big territory but it is
5:06 pm
unfriendly. it is the home of the other fighter. no, i'm not worried. if i knock him out, there is nothing the judges can do. what we have to do is knock them out with volume of votes. right now i have millions more votes than cruz, millions more votes than kasich, i have almost 300 or delegates than cruz, even though it is a crooked system. they take him out to dinner, a send them to hotels. it is such a crooked system. it is disgusting. kasich, think of this. for 38.s one you know what his answer is i'm not leaving. .'m not leaving cruz said kasich could get out. there is no way he could win. there is only one problem.
5:07 pm
now there is no path to victory for cruz, so he should get out. they should both get out. when they get out, when they get out, we will start on hillary clinton like no one has ever seen before. nobody. we are going to have an unbelievable time. they said to some of the people in clinton's camp, who does she least want to run against? the guy said trump. look what he did. governors,enators, very capable people like ben carson, who endorsed me and is an incredible guy and smart and , the and chris christie governor of new jersey, a great but look whatuy, he did to those people one after another. boom, boom, boom.
5:08 pm
now i am left with hardly two guys. there is no path. one and a half. maybe you can just say one. a half and a half. that is what o'reilly said last night. thing, he isthis competing against senators and governors at the highest level of our nation, and one by one they get knocked off. this person from obama's campaign, why think is now involved with hillary clinton, said the person she least wants to run against his trump because they don't know where he is coming from. this guy. it is true. i tell this all the time, the word unpredictable. we have to be unpredictable. our military is totally predictable. obama gets up. we will leave iraq. he gives a date. can you imagine general douglas macarthur, general george patton, hearing that the president of the united states
5:09 pm
gave an exact date? how about a few months ago, we said 50 of our finest people over to iraq and syria in the present has a news conference to announce we are sending 50 of our finest. what happens? you know what is happening? people looking for those like you would not belve, right? why does he have to talk? why does he have to say it? first of all, when you say 50 people, these are elite people. it is not enough. 50 people? but in terms of scaring somebody, in terms of scaring -- but why would he announce this? when they announce it, they have a target on their back. they are being looked for. i have friends in the military said that it was so devastating, they did not want to go.
5:10 pm
these are tough, brave soldiers. why are you announcing? because they want to have some kind of a political benefit. we have to be unpredictable. when he announced an exact date, i said that is smart because he is probably doing a little camouflage, right? it wasn't. the enemy pulls back and then we are gone and boy, did they hit us. isis formed. lots of bad things happen. hillary wanted to go to libya, right? libya has the finest oil. it is of high and it is the finest quality oil. who has the oil right now? isis. we don't even blockade that. they are taking out the oil. we are hitting other oil ports and we are hitting other oil refineries. how long have i been saying take the oil? four years, right? obama's people say that is not a plan. it's a great plan. the problem is isis has gotten
5:11 pm
very rich with the oil and with the dark banking channels, and i know so much about banking. do i know banking? i am the king. as all thest as much people in delaware about banking. do i know. they are making a lot of money off of crooked banking. they call it the dark banking circles. they are making a lot of money. they are making fortunes of money with the oil. we don't hit them. sentou ever hear we leaflets down? please leave your truck. we will be bombing your truck shortly. when i first heard that, i laughed because i thought they were kidding. they are not getting. then we don't hit the refineries because they don't want to cause environmental pollution. you have heard that too, right? can you imagine guys like george patton, that was rough and tough? if he ever heard that stuff --
5:12 pm
first, he would never be a general today because he is not politically correct. he used to slap his soldiers. if you slap a soldier, they would put him in prison for 15 years. this guy was tough. soldiers loved him. they would die for him. they did die for him. he would be right up there with him. could you imagine if they said we can't really hurt anybody, we can't do anything and we don't want to bomb the oil because we don't want the plume to go up and hurt the atmosphere. honestly, folks? we don't know what we are doing. during one of the debates when they asked line ted about waterboarding, they asked him about waterboarding and he did not want to talk about it. i understand that because it is a tough question. for me, not so tough. they asked him about waterboarding. when heever see him gets something that he is
5:13 pm
uncomfortable and he starts to stumble like a fool. that is what happened. he did not give an answer. then they took the camera. debate, i was center stage for every single debate. i didn't know if i could debate. i had never debated before professionally. a good debaters in college. he had never been interrupted. i interrupted him and he went crazy. all of these things that would happen and happen to us as a nation, it is making us look foolish. it is making us look stupid. it is going to change. if i get elected, it is going to change fast. let me just tell you. we are going to make great trade deals. you are about carrier, ford, nabisco. nabisco left chicago. -- they are
5:14 pm
building a plant in mexico. carrier announced they are laying off 1400 people and moving to mexico. it was a vicious announcement. guy said we are moving to mexico, everyone will be fired. nasty. ford, building a $2.5 billion plant from two years ago. now they are doubling up. when they do it, nobody goes to talk to them. nobody tells them of consequences. they have no consequences. here is trump. president ford, take ford, take carrier, take any of them. i liked to joke because we have fun with it. say,fe or daughter, they
5:15 pm
dad, please be more presidential. i can't. right now i have to be these people. don't worry. being presidential for me is much easier than doing this. if i was totally presidential, we have 10,000 people here or something? i would have about 300 and you would be falling asleep after 20 minutes. honestly, i probably would not be here because i was hit really hard by these 17 people. i was hit really, really hard. if i did not hit them back harder, i would not be here. i would be home watching this thing on television. there would be no crowds like this. it would be in some little conference room in a hotel someplace. right? so i hit hard. we are going to be very presidential. we are going to have our country respected again. you will be proud of your president, but more importantly you will be proud of your country. you're going to be really proud of your country. i would do the following.
5:16 pm
so carrier. this pertains to hundreds of businesses. i want to do it myself. you know, is going to be tough for me because i want to make these calls myself a but the president of the united states should not be calling in air conditioning company, right? it is so easy for me. it is so natural. i love doing it. i don't take vacations. other people go away for weeks and weeks. i learned that from my father. my father was a hard worker and he never took vacations. if you love what you do, you don't take vacations. he took one vacation and he came back early. he was going nuts. he said i was going crazy. i had to get back. that means you love your life. unlike take vacations, obama who takes a plane that flies into hawaii. think of it. he takes a boeing 747 and he hawaii to play
5:17 pm
golf and then he talks about global warming. if that person ok? everything good? we love our people, right? we love our people. [applause] those are the people we love. those are real great people, right? those are the people we love. so he flies a 747 to play golf.
5:18 pm
there a long time, two or three weeks. peoples more golf than who play professionally on the pga tour. know, youf, but you have got to get down to business, folks. here is what is going to happen. we going to tell carrier, listen, you let go of 1400 people. nabisco, the same conversation. use a recorder. same conversation. we tell them, you can't do that. you have to see them early, because if you do not see them early, you are going to move and be too late. if you see them early, different. hey, you are going to move, here is the deal. you are going to pay a 35% tax on every air conditioning unit that you send across the now very strong border, right? itry time you make a unit,
5:19 pm
is going to cost you 35% tax. here is what is going to happen. if it is lying ted cruz or if it is kasich or hillary, they are lobbyists, they are special interests, their donors will call them and say you can't do that to carrier or nabisco. you can't do that. these people gave you millions of dollars. uri. i can't do that. with me, forget. i'm self funding. i'm not taking their money. here is the story. they are going to try to have people call me. i would not even take their calls because i know what is right and wrong. we're losing our jobs. we are losing our pay. we are losing our money. we are getting killed. we are getting killed during here is what is going to happen. within 24 hours, the head of carrier is going to call the president. mr. president, we've decided to
5:20 pm
stay in the united states. or, if they have already moved and they are building their plant, i would say, enjoy your plant. every single time a unit crosses strong very powerful and border, because the wall will be ,here and agents will be there you are paying a tax. you know what will happen? one of two things. they are either coming back or we are going to make a lot of money collecting taxes. , our government has been working on this problem for five years. stopping companies from leaving. they said we will give them incentives. we will try to lower their taxes. we're the highest taxed nation in the world by far. they want to give incentives. they don't even bother talking. they just leave. they are not talking to the government.
5:21 pm
even if they did, there is only one thing you can do. they are looking at all sorts of formulas. i am a free trader, but we have stupid people on our side negotiating. free trade is great, but no good for us because it has not work. host: you going to move? that's great. whenever the product comes in, you're going to pay a tax. no one is going to move. it is so simple. --y are trying to divide they are trying to divide highly sophisticated plans. corporate inversion. they don't know what the term means. we have companies that have trillions of dollars cumulatively outside of our country. the republicans and democrats agree. they want the money brought in. the government can't make a deal because we don't have a leader in obama. i would make a deal to have that
5:22 pm
money brought back within 15 minutes. i would get the democrats and the republicans into the oval office. i would have them agreeing because we need that money. you know what is happening? because they can't get their money back in, and everybody wants it to come back in but they can't make a deal, because they want that money in and they can't do it, companies are leaving to get their money. how stupid are we? ok. when i started this whole journey, and it is a journey, when i started this journey i was coming down the escalator my wife and i said, let's go. nothing i wanted to do. i love what i am doing. i love this. i made so many friends. i think i made millions of friends. we have millions of people. you know, the republican party was not exactly a hot party. we have lost so many of these
5:23 pm
presidential elections and we were getting smaller and smaller. the path is harder than the democrats for president. election, romney should have won the last election. we had a failed president they got reelected. they did not do a good job that time and they did not win the election. mccain did not have an easy road. they lost, they lost, and this time we are doing it ourselves. we're going to win. i hear a guy like kasich say i do the best against hillary clinton. not one person has hit him yet with a negative ad when they hit him with a negative ad and tell some of the problems of ohio and tell some of his history, he will get slaughtered by hillary clinton. ads and i00 negative won florida in a landslide, i
5:24 pm
won new york in a landslide, and i will win them in a general election. pennsylvania is coming up. pennsylvania is a big one and we are doing great in pennsylvania. we have a lot of great ones coming. rhode island. maryland. anyone from maryland? i was there last night. same thing. we are going to do great all over because people are tired of being pushed around. people are tired of being led by stupid people. here is what is going to happen. we're going to start winning again. you have a chance to do something great. the key is, on tuesday, you have to get out and vote. if you don't, you can talk about a movement. a great writer, he is on the other side of the planet, but that is ok. he called up and said, can i ask you a question? how does it feel? how does what feel? what you have done has never been done before in the history
5:25 pm
of america. i said to him, what have i done? in all fairness, it is on the cover of "time" magazine. i am a messenger. i am not a bad messenger, but i am a messenger. what we are doing is incredible. it has never been done before. this writer is the top guy. top of the list. he said, how does it feel? i said, how does what feel? i have not one. even if you don't win, if you get out tomorrow, what you have done will be written about for decades and decades. i said, i disagree. unless i win not only the nomination but the whole thing, i have wasted a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money. i have wasted a lot. he said, no come iran. i'm right. unless i win, we can't make the kind of changes that are so easy to make in order to make america great again.
5:26 pm
ok? we can't. i feel that way. i probably should not be saying that because to be honest, if i did not make it i would like them to write nice things, but i mean it. if i don't make it all the way, what good will it do? if i had my choice, i would have never wasted my time. they say that, but they are wrong. we have to win. you have to get out and vote. you will remember this afternoon and more importantly, that vote, and you will say that is the greatest vote you have ever cast because -- because we are going to start winning again. remember this. we are going to rebuild our military. the military is in shambles. we are going to rebuild our military and we are going to make it so big, so strong, so powerful that nobody, nobody,
5:27 pm
nobody is going to mess with us. they are not even going to talk about it. talk about being a fast finger? i did not want to go into iraq. i have been right on so many things. i wrote a book in 2000, 2 years before the world trade center came down, and i talked about osama bin laden. we should have taken him out and you would have probably still had the world trade center standing emma instead of what happened, the greatest tragedy in the history of our country, worse than pearl harbor because it was against civilians. we are going to take our military. we're going to make it so strong, so good, and hopefully we will never have to use it. no one will play with us. you have to do what russia is doing with nukes. they are building bases all over the place. we're closing everything up.
5:28 pm
probably almost more than any other time in the history of our country where we need really, really strong, quick, brilliant, powerful military. we don't have it, but we will have it soon. with the military, we are to take care of our veterans. our veterans are great people and they are not being treated properly. our veterans are not being treated properly and we are going to take care of our veterans. we are going to get rid of common core and bring education home. and we are going to terminate obamacare and have great health care. we are going to come up with great, great, and there are lots of options. obamacare is a disaster. we will protect our second amendment. and we are going to have a
5:29 pm
really, really strong border and we are going to have a wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall and we are going to let people come into our country and we want people to come into our country, but they're going to come into our country legally, right? legally. here is the story. you are going to cast that vote and four years and in 10 years and in 25 years, you will remember this day, you will tuesday, more importantly, when you cast your vote, and you will say it was the most important vote. we will start winning again. we will win with the military and knock the hell out of isis. no choice. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to take care of health care. we are going to have strong borders and we are going to make trade deals. we're going to save social security. we are going to save medicare.
5:30 pm
we are going to save medicare. we are going to bring wealth back to our country so we can afford to have social security and medicare. we're going to start winning again. we're going to win in so many ways. we are going to win, win, win. you are going to remember this time and you were going to say, that is when america became great again. and you are going to be very proud. but much more importantly, you are going to be so proud. you're going to be so proud of your country. more so than you ever were thewill tell you, i know people of this country. i have seen so many people at rallies like this and so much even larger. the people are incredible.
5:31 pm
and you are going to say make america great again. than ever before. we have a chance to be greater than ever before. but if we have to go through four more years of obama through hillary -- i don't know that our country can ever be brought back. so, i just want to thank you very much. this is an honor. go out and vote. will make america great again. thank you. i love you all. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, folks. ♪
5:32 pm
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mancket rocket man t's gonna be a long, long time till touchdown brings me round again to find i'm not the man they think i am at home. oh, no, no, no. i'm a rocket man rocket man burnin out his fuse out here alone and i think it's gonna be a long, long time till touchdown brings me round again to find i'm not the man they think i am at home oh, no, no, no
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i'm a rocket man rocket man fuseayrurning out his out here alone and i think it is going to be a long, long time. and i think it's going to be a long, long time and i think it's going to be a long, long time s going to be a long, long time and i think it's going to be a long, long time ♪
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[end of song] ♪
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road to the white house
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continues with hillary clinton tonight ahead of tuesday's primary in pennsylvania. she will talk to voters and done more in the northeast part of the state near scranton. atlary clinton will be live 7:30 p.m. eastern on our companion network c-span 2. tomorrow on c-span, her democratic opponent senator bernie sanders holds a rally in wilmington, delaware. live coverage scheduled to get underway in the afternoon at 4:00 eastern. here on c-span. ♪ >> madam secretary, we probably give 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states -- ♪
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saturday, april 23 is the anniversary of william shakespeare's death. on that day, the folder library and washington, d.c., which has largest collection of shakespeare documents and memorabilia in the world, will be hosting an event commemorating his life and his , ourt on our literature language, our politics and our history. book tv will be covering that event live. it begins at noon eastern time. afterwards, we will have a live, nationwide call-in with scholars so you can join in the conversation as well. henry folger was the president of the standard oil company and a shakespeare buff. wife spent
5:51 pm
many years and dollars collecting shakespeare melvia belial -- memorabilia. join us on saturday, april 23. live beginning at noon from the folger library for 400 years of shakespeare on book tv. >> president obama and british prime minister david cameron held a joint news conference after holding meetings in london today. ne writes that the president made an impassioned the to britain to heed prime minister's call to stay and dismissed critics of accusing the president of meddling in british affairs. speaking at a press conference, president obama told reporters power isain's amplified by the membership and the 28 nation union, not diminished. here is that news conference that is just under an hour.
5:52 pm
president obama: prime minister cameron: good afternoon and welcome. it is great to welcome president obama on his fifth visit to the united kingdom. barack has been president for more than seven years. i have been prime minister for nearly six years. and our two countries have been working together through some of the most difficult and troubled global times. aftermath of the banking crisis, the need to revive growth and create jobs and our economies, new threats to our security of from russia in the east to the rise of islamic terrorism in the south. and, of course, huge global challenges like people and climate change. through it all, the strong and essential partnership we between our nations has never been more important. years ago less months winston churchill first described the special relationship, it was not merely an enduring expression of friendship. it was a way of working together.
5:53 pm
nations, kindred spirits who share the same values and so often the same approaches to the many issues we face. and just as for our predecessors, that has been true for u s. working toare deliver economic security, national security, or new emerging challenges kerry today, we have been discussing all three. i've economic security, we have succeeded in getting our economy is growing and creating jobs for our people. the global economy still faces serious challenges. unitedar britain and the states were the two fastest-growing major economies in the world. and we both know just how important trade deals are in driving global growth. i remain the most determined to achieve our vision of a u.s.-e.u. trade deal. we are working hard to push this forward because it would add billions to our economies and set the standards for the rest of the world to follow. on national security, together with our partners in the e.u.,
5:54 pm
we have used our economic muscle to avoid the calamity of the an iranian nuclear weapon. we have delivered sanctions against russia in response to aggression against ukraine. with secures the first ever legally binding deal on climate change. being formally signed today by over 150 governments at the united nations. and we have transformed the way militaryr aid, and our together to make progress and some of the most difficult issues of our time. for example, in east africa, we have helped to turn around the prospects for somalia. for instance, thanks to an e.u. britain, itsd by waters are no longer safe haven for pirates. in west africa, british leadership in europe secured one billion euros to help the people to defeat the outbreak of ebola with britain taking the lead in sierra leone, the united states and liberia, france and
5:55 pm
ginny. int as we made progress these areas, so there are many more that need a lot more work. there is no doubt that the situation in libya is challenging but we now finally have a government of national accord with whom we can work. while in syria and iraq we are continuing coalition efforts to defeat and a great daesh. more than 25,000 daesh fighters have been killed. with the total number of fighters now estimated to be at its lowest for about two years. the iraqi security forces are steadily pushing daesh out of its territory. r partners have liberated the large kurdish areas in the northeast and cut off the main road between raka and mosul. we also discussed the migration crisis which does not directly affect the united states. have maintained
5:56 pm
our borders and we will continue to do so but we both know the challenge this poses to our friends and allies into the continent of europe. this is the sort of challenge that can only be tackled effectively through international cooperation. nato is helping to reduce the number of migrants in the eastern mediterranean and barack and i have discussed how nato make and should be treated e.u.'s efforts in the central mediterranean. we also need to do more to break the business model of the people smugglers. together with our partners and the libyan government, we will look at whether there is more we can do to strengthen the libyan coast guard. discuss thiswill further when we meet with the leaders and hanover on monday. and this will be another opportunity to show how working together collectively we can better protect ourselves from the threats that we face. er also covered a numb of emerging challenges that it is more important than ever that we were together to identify problems and deal with the rapidly. just as we have done with ebola,
5:57 pm
we now need the same international cooperation on dealing with the zika virus. ofthe challenge antimicrobial resistance, on cyber security, and on tackling corruption. britain is holding a big summit in london lexmark -- next month. i have talked today about some of things we wanted to achieve. one of the biggest problems as if you are a country that wants to take action against corruption, you have to go all around the globe to lobby for help. so, we would like to see an international coordination center to help law enforcement agencies and investigators worked together right across different jurisdictions. if we get an international agreement this next month, both britain and america will contribute to set it up. all this work we have done together and at the same time i think we got to know each other very well. i'm honored to have barack as a friend. he has taught me the rules of basketball, beaten me a table
5:58 pm
tennis. i remember the barbecue we had at number 10 downing street. serving servicemen and women who together countries here and in the united kingdom. i've always found barack someone who gives sage advice. he is a man with a very good heart. and been a very good friend and always will be a good friend i know to the united kingdom. let me finish by saying this -- and all the areas we have discussed today, our collective power and reach is amplified by of the's never ship european union for let me be clear -- when it comes to the special relationship between our two countries, there is no greater enthusiasm for me. i am very proud to have the opportunity to be prime minister and to stand outside the white house this thing to this man, my , say that the special relationship has never been stronger. i've never felt constrained in any way and strengthening this relationship by the fact that we are in the european union. quite the reverse.
5:59 pm
we deliver for a people for all the international groups we are part of. we enhance our security to the mentorship of nato, further a prosperity through the g-7 and g-20. like those organization, britain's membership of the e.u. gives us a powerful tool to deliver on the prosperity and security that our people need and to stand up for the values that our country share. now i' think is the time to stay true to those values and to stick together with our friends and allies in europe and around the world. thank you very much. barack. president obama: as always, it is wonderful to be here in london. and to meet with my good friend david cameron. i confess i have also come back to wish her majesty, the queen, very happy 90th birthday. earlier today, michelle and i had the honor to join her majesty and his royal highness the, the duke of edinburgh as
6:00 pm
ts, were reconveyed the good wishes of the american people. i have to say i have never been driven by a duke of edinburgh before. and i can report that it was very smooth riding. as for her majesty, the clean's queen's been a source of inspiration for me. she is truly one of my favorite people. fortunate enough to reach 90, may we be as five or as she -- may we be as vibrant as she is. she is an astonishing person and a real jewel to the world and not just to the united kingdom. the alliance between the united states and the united kingdom is one of the oldest and one of the strongest the world has ever known. when the u.s.


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