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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 16, 2016 9:00pm-9:12pm EDT

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i'm also grateful for the work across the nation. they share my deep admiration and respect for police officers everywhere stop -- four police officers everywhere. >> a democratic leader. >> i joined the republican leader in recognizing the law enforcement officers around this country. -- they have such a tough job stop and -- they have such a to have job in and i do not think we appreciate them enough oh i appreciate what the republican leaders said.
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we have shared these awful instances where men and women are killed needless late. announcer: in a sunday story in washington post, a band of exasperated republicans act of late plotting to draft in independent candidates who would keep donald trump from the white house. bill kristol is joining us here. how is your effort coming along? bill: there is a lot of support out there. we should have a choice other than he and hillary clinton or donald trump. getting a serious, credible every fouro run years, it is not so easy to do. you have two parties who set a monopoly situation there are serious people engaged in real direction -- discussions and it is not too late.
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it is a question of finding the right candidate. deadlines, the deadline for texas has passed although there may be another way together on the ballot. winky face in terms of the calendar? bill: texas and north carolina, you would probably have received. the law would probably succeed. everywhere else you can get on. other places are harder the and others stop anything can happen. you can get on a bunch of balance in july and august. early june is a real deadline thethe mitt romney's of world. someone with national credibility who might get a turn of voters, mostly republicans but not entirely false a lot of independents and democrats would ink that person would be a better president than donald trump or hillary clinton. >> we keep hearing the name it rob me. how likely is that he would run as an independent?
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bill: he has publicly said he does not one either donald trump or hillary clinton to the president. i have been critical of mitt romney at times but i would support him over the others. he is of it good character. he might do it out of patriotism. he does not need to do it but it probably would be a losing raise, he would get attacked by the i think he does think the country deserves better end i think he is looking at it. i think the senator from nebraska who has written so eloquently and powerfully and has gotten a huge response about the need for a better choices out there. he is reluctant for many reasons. maybe he will be persuaded to do it. thurber, retired senator from a,, wonderful man, has worked across the aisle strong conservative. interestingeight an
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-- an interesting candidate. on patriotism. more trouble so to speak then it is worth for short-term gain in the case of romney or colbert who are comfortably in my-retired. of all of them just think how awful it would be to go forward for the next six months with the choice being trump and clinton. >> calling this a suicide mission. weresure of there third-party conservative candidate on the ballot that would guarantee hillary's election. >> i give you that. we would not be saying that if you want worried about it. donald trump, maybe most republicans will continue to sort of acclimate to him it that is the right word. accommodate him, decide he is successful. but not knows, there could be a lot more that will come out that will cause his campaign to implode and i think it would be good to have a real conservative
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on the ellen. party's foran repealing obamacare, foreign policy, none of these are things donald trump is associated with so i think having a real conservative who might have an independent streak would be a very good thing. inbill kristol, last week your essay you said for the first time in 11 presidential cycles you will not be voting for a republican candidate. what kind of reaction have you received? >> mix. some people think i am being foolish. i have good friends and people i respect to have looked closely and think they will donald trump, better than hillary and they think the deficiencies of job are manageable and people can work around them. but i think his character falls short of the basic standard of being presidents i can't join my friends. e-mailsotten a lot of in response and i think the public and conservatives are split and want to take their
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time. take a look at how things look in september and october. if you are a normal citizen, you can keep your pattern dry so to speak and i would keep encouraging to do so. have somee to fundamental questions, are you comfortable at donald trump given his record, his character, his judgment, his temperament? are you comfortable with him as commander-in-chief? >> what you think of donald trump? l: i don't think i have anything against him, he is just a a self-promoting businessman. it was probably unpleasant to do business with and work for. that is his business and i've never given much thought to him. at the weekly standard since 1999 when he was inking of running for the reform party candidate, you can search 15 years of the weekly standard and about him. i don't think you should be
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president of the united states. >> who else is joining you in the separate to wind a viable third-party conservative candidate? bill: a lot of volunteers. a lot of conservative types. the editor of national review has written eloquently on the case against trump. it is a very ad hoc volunteer effort. there are some small organizations out there but i'm not part of those. this is very much a spontaneous decentralized effort and people say we are recruiting someone and of course we're trying to current but it is up to them. it is not as though we do not have any means to put pressure on anyone but we do not want to pressure anyone. it needs to be someone who believes it is in his hard to do it and is committed. >> how much of this is about the white house and how much is about the senate raise that could swing, putting democrats back in control next january.
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bill: i would make a case of having another one on the ballot who gives like me incentive to vote it would trickle down to the senate and house races. that is not my purpose. i assume a lot of republicans are looking at that and donors. for me it comes down to who should be in the oval office and i just think with six months to go i hate to give up on the notion it could not be someone better than hillary clinton or donald trump. bill kristol's editor of the weekly standard and his work is available online stop taking for being with us. announcer: coming up on c-span, the stop act, the proposed legislation to end campaign fund-raising by members of congress. after that, panama papers document week. and another chance to see the white house will of valor ceremony. -- medal of valor ceremony.
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announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with his hand policy issues that impact you. tuesday morning, democratic congressman joins us to discuss the latest move by the obama administration to stop bathroom laws like the one signed in north carolina as well as efforts to elect more lgbt people to congress. then stephen moore who was reportedly asked by donald trump to review's tax proposal and he will be on to discuss the elements of the plan as well as plans offered by other candidates. be sure to watch washington journal beginning live at some :00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. thehe u.s. house takes up 2017 defense program and policy build starting tuesday. the 610 alien bill passed out of committee by a 62 vote.
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live coverage begins tomorrow on c-span. secretary, we probably give 72% of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states. "fireworks" -- [fireworks] ♪ [applause] >> next, a discussion on the stop act, proposed legislation
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to ban members of congress from openly asking for campaign contributions. congressman david jolly was doing eye the sponsor, representative rick nolan of minnesota. this is one hour and 10 minutes. taunus: good morning. i have the 109th president of a press club will stop we all know it takes money to run for political office. sometimes a lot of money. convincing donors to send cash their way. david jolly was first elected in 2014. with


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