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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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means to be an educator in america. i think we should be protected from that kind of activity. along social and economic lines, we see that segregation. donenk giving what we have in our local area -- we have a schools by choice program which offer different language immersion and specific tracks of study and are put in failing schools and what would happen is, it takes a feelings, integrates it, and then you also other lines of study being seen by children who might not have seen that and show interest in it as well. parent, i want to say and i
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have heard former callers talking about education in a way that breaks my heart. the world is laughing at us and if we want to remain a great nation, we have to to invest in our children's education, because they are not keeping up with the children in china and india and the rest of the industrialized world. we have one political party in this nation that wants to cannibalize on our education system to balance budgets. it has to stop. our children are feeling the effects of their inability to raise taxes, to raise revenue. it is a serious situation and i am tired of my daughter's future being pawned off because a republican does not have the spine to tax american money where it lies. guest: one of the important points he makes is we live in a global economy and one of our
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main competitive advantages in the global economics is a well-educated workforce. if we don't have a well-educated workforce, we lose the advantage because we will not be able to compete by saying bring your jobs to america where you can work for lower wages. you can manufacture things anywhere and ship them anywhere, but a well-educated work force is our competitive advantage and as the caller just mentioned, if we lose that advantage, he will be in a bad position. he also mentioned what appeared to be racially neutral in the face of strategies that end up with increased segregation. have problems and america, the eeoc just released ever worked showing in the tech industry, there is significant discrimination. one company was shown in calling
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back when they knew the race of the individual, a 20% chance of where if call back they did not know the race, there was 860% chance of getting a call back or an interview. as the caller indicated, a well-educated workforce is critical. host: i did want to ask you. you are a supporter of hillary clinton. to get your thoughts on this inspector general report that we talked with our viewers about, that clinton broke e-mail security roles. this audit that says she disregarded policy. what is your reaction? guest: she hasn't knowledged that a predator practice would have been -- that a better practice would have been not to have the server. breaking rules and regulations, other former secretaries did the same thing. that is being investigated and
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they are taking positions as we speak. host: the one thing they did not do was have a private server and one of our callers expressed concern that having a private cerner -- private server, one of the reasons do that is to hide information. guest: that investigation is going on, but in terms of what her reaction is, a better practice would have been to not have done that. if she cannot defend it, i'm not going to. host: congressman bob [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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>> bernie sanders will not contest democratic presidential primary results in kentucky. hillary clinton wins that state.
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>> once again, we're live in san jose, california, we're waiting for the rally to get under way with hillary clinton supporters. live coverage when it starts. we will also open our phone lines, take your phone calls as this rally comes to an end. while we wait, a discussion now on the republican budget and spending bills in congress from this morning's "washington journal." host: covers been bruce westermann joins us now, a republican from arkansas, a
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member of the house natural resources committee -- national resources committee and aimed at addressing puerto rico's debt crisis. some conservative groups have worried that this legislation is going to leave taxpayers on the hook for puerto rico's bills. guest: it does the opposite and if we look ahead, we got into a situation with article four, section three of the country to sharon, that congress has the authority to make rules and regulations regarding territories. in a democratic government, you have checks and balances and congress is a check and balance for puerto rico, which is a territory. we have an obligation to address this issue and it is a time sensitive issue. they are already defaulting on this with a $200 billion payment coming up in july. we have to get a control board
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in place to go down and assess -- and assist. bill is nothing in the that says we will pay any federal tax dollars to bail out puerto rico. host: this is not a bailout, that term they were quick to push out, but some concern among conservative groups that this is injecting congress into markets and congress deciding who wins and who loses. guest: if this were aiming his ability or a state government, -- aiming disability, the state government would be doing what congress is doing now. puerto rico is not a state, it is a territory and according to the constitution, it is congress's responsibility to have checks and balances over the government of puerto rico with his company will you manage its debt. has noto rico which
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been able to manage its debt. they are about $32,000 a person in debt. the u.s. does not have the means to go in and bail puerto rico out. the last thing we need to be doing is paying for debt with more debt. as we -- guest: it is closer to $116 billion. host: we want to invite our viewers to join in. numbers are as usual for democrats, republicans and independents. phone lines are open if you want to call in, now.
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july 1, puerto rico faces a deadline to repay some $200 billion in debt. is this bill going to get to the floor of the house and will the senate move before july 1? guest: my understanding is that we will get back on the bill when we get back from recess, two weeks from now. one thing i learned is you cannot predict what the senate is going to do. host: let's talk about the overall u.s. budget. the house missed a deadline to come up with a budget. why, and what is the path forward? an april 15d deadline, then a may 15 deadline. we can still pass a budget. we passed a budget out of the , that just does not seem to be the support on the
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aoor, and it all spans over $30 billion issue, most of it is alitary spending, it is trillion dollar number. host: what side are you on? guest: my preference would be billion, but the way the budget process works in multiple budgets are all floor and you vote for the ones you like and the ones with the most votes is the one that wins, so i would vote for the rac budget which is a more conservative -- budget.udget -- rsc having if there and the framework are doing the appropriations process, i think is something necessary that we need to do. ahead with the appropriations process and they
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are writing to the 1070 number. it will be think 1067 or 1070 that gets funded. our budgets important? guest: if you follow them, they are. that is one thing we need to do work on in congress, established budget, follow budget, we are never going to be able to address our own debt crisis if we don't start following budgets and appropriating to those budgets and not busting budget caps. where our budget is now is lower than where it was several years ago. a johns an issue with boehner budget that went $30 billion above what we were scheduled to the at in 40. embarrassing for him not to be able to move forward with the budget now that he is speaker of the house?
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what has he said in the republican conference? one thing he has done, he has had an open process. athas explained where we are , the importance of passing a budget, but it comes down to how many people will vote to pass a budget. we will have to ask him if he is disappointed. host: 30 minutes left in our show. taking your calls and questions. we will start with james in wisconsin, an independent. i live close to paul ryan's district. of states favor filing bankruptcy, if this is going to follow? favor thecongressman idea of states filing bankruptcy? congress is supposed to regulate territories.
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getdid they let puerto rico into this situation in the first place? guest: the answer is no. states have jurisdiction over municipalities that file bankruptcy. op-ed. an my state of arkansas is the only state to default on its bond. we have a precedent for if a bills andot pay their it is not a pretty precedent what happens. the state issued a lot of highway bonds, had natural disasters, found themselves after the stock crash. they default it on their bonds.
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1949 before we were able to issue another bond. this took a hard toll on the state. they put into act a balanced budget act. legislature,tate we were experiencing the peak of the financial downturn. we were running surpluses because we were disciplined and not spending more than we took in. we need that discipline here. the state and the territory are two different entities. we want to show viewers the piece you wrote is in the "washington post."
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puerto rico is the canary in the u.s. debt mine. thecan check it out on "washington post" website. richard, good morning. caller: good morning. guest: good morning. caller: you are not my congressman, you are a little north -- i am a little north of you. i am 61, laid off. i have sold my home and everything i own. my wife and i are living in a --. therey there are jobs out and you are saving these other territories and everything else. you say there are jobs out there . if i made what i made 20 years ago. i don't have 20 years left in me to get where i was last year. this is pathetic.
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i have a question, can i stay on the line after i asked? host: go ahead with your question. how many panels are you on or do you even know? on three.m you raise a good point about the kind of jobs available now. we had the lowest participation rate we have had forever in this country. i meet with people all the time. they are not able to find the good paying jobs they need. just the job, but some thing they can have to build families and communities.
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those are the kinds of living wage jobs we need to have. issues that are critical to addressing our debt problem, creating an environment where job creators can do what they do best and create the jobs that will allow people to earn those kinds of wages and have the lifestyles they are accustomed to. caller: no one out there is going to hire a 61-year-old man. it is not going to happen. i am not going to go back to work for eight dollars an hour. i cannot even live on it. this is ridiculous. you guys get on these committees. you are not doing it for free. you get extra money for every committee you are on. no, we are paid the same salary. there is no extra pay for however many hours you work or overtime, or anything like that. if you left it up to the department of labor, maybe they
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would suggest more pay for congressman. we do not get lifetime retirement either. thomas, good morning. caller: time and time again asked ifco has been they want to become a stay. they have turned it down. to bail theseg people out, or do this, it is to make therto rico decision they want their independence, give them their sovereignty and let them be their own country, or become a state. it is the same thing with the district of columbia. columbia,ct of everywhere i work in this country, i have to pay income tax. not pay a city income tax because you make me take care of the district of
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columbia. it is time for the district of columbia to have their own financial asking for income tax and so forth. arkansas, we don't have city income taxes. that is where i pay my state and local taxes. candistrict of columbia raise taxes. congress has given them that ability to raise them. it is somewhat similar to aid territory and congress has constitutional authority over the district of columbia. host: would you be in favor of either becoming a stay? guest: no. host: why? guest: if you look of the financial situation in puerto rico, they are not in position to become a sovereign state. d.c., look at washington, it was set up not to be a state, the district of
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columbia where the federal government means. i will stick with the constitution on that. bailout for puerto rico, there is no bailout. no federal funds are going to pet -- going to puerto rico out of this bill that is being passed and will be brought up before the full house. to have the oversight committee in place are coming from puerto rico. no federal funds being spent on puerto rico. owings mills, maryland, angel is a democrat. caller: good morning. because -- in regards to the education question we were talking about. i am a veteran, 30 years old. i graduated with honors. i was educated through the for free,tes army
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essentially, and was given a degree for going through that course from george washington university. , even in the united states army, only half of the people and into that program graduate? some of the high school students i went to high school with could been successful through that program. how can we extend something like that into the high school education system? the caller referring to ,he gao report we talked about increasing segregation financial and racial segregation in k-12 schools. i was not familiar with the previous discussion. i not sure she is talking about, -- i don't have any comment
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on that right now. that was the head democrat on the education committee. he is with us for the next 20 minutes or so. andy is up next. good morning. back to puerto rico's restructuring. i watched while they were trying to figure out what they were doing in puerto rico. they were concerned about the diverse makeup of the committee they are fixing to form. think about possibly starting to -- a credit line to them
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is income. is money i don't have and i should not spend. how is that income? i would not want them as a stay. good night. we have enough stars. why mess up the flag? makeuptalking about the of the committee, that is part outlined in the bill. it would be a seven-member panel, four members would be picked from republican nominations. there would be three other members who would be from a pool from me minority leader in the house and senate and one at large.
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host: paul ryan has made a start in finding a solution in puerto rico, but it is only a start. one concern they express is creditor's rights will get trampled in this process. they write bondholders who own the government obligation bonds and credit obligations must be clearly recognized as they go through this restructuring. it could enable the control board to pay off other stakeholders. concerned about that? congressman mcclintock offered an amendment on that in committee. committee.n in
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others say the language is clear. it doesn't change the priority of bondholders. congressman mcclintock's amendment would have clarified that more. it did not make it into the bill. what i have read in the language, it does allow the priorities on bondholders. democrat, good morning. you made a remark about the labor department, demanding overtime pay for people who work over 40 hours. not even working 40 hours and making over 100 grand. thank you. have a great day. i would contest that
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about working over 40 hours into it i get that in and about three or four days. when i get home, the weekends are dizzy. busy. our weekends mean you travel around the district, meeting with constituents. i don't want people to have a misconception about members of congress not working hard because they are the hardest working people i have met. years inent 20 plus the private sector working 60 or 70 hours a week as an engineer. i know what hard work is. host: who are you meeting with next week? dayt: there is a memorial day event in my hometown on monday. i will get home tonight and be at an event in little rock air force base tomorrow. we have a film hearing for a committee i am on in maine next
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week. other meetings in the district. 25th year wedding anniversary next wednesday. i look forward to having time with my wife. charles, independents. good morning. caller: good morning. your budget is always for the military. what about --. you are not doing anything for us. you guys dress better, you better, have better health care than the people of this country. when are you going to get your priorities straight and start working for us? we are working for the people of this country. the $30 billion we were talking about on the military that is
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being contested, that is a tiny part of our budget that is over $3 trillion. at where the major spending is, the number one place is social security. have medicare, medicaid, social welfare programs. mandatory spending makes up two thirds of what we spend. if we don't do something with mandatory spending, we will never balance the budget. host: what is one thing you
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would do on the mandatory side if you were in charge of the budget process? social security is our number one expenditure and it is going bankrupt. this is an issue that should have been addressed many years ago. every time the clock ticks, it gets worse. away withant to do social security. we want to preserve it for future generations. i am 48 years old. andhe time people my age younger retire, social security will be in trouble. same thing with medicare. debt in 2025he becomes the single largest expenditure in the federal government. do with $1we could trillion if we were not paying it in interest on the debt. we needed 15 billion to make the highway trust fund.
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these are issues not being talked about enough. it is not that we want to do away with these. tallahassee, florida, shirley is a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for everything you do. c-span had your colleague, congressman scott on. why c-span is reflecting this segregation with the congress people coming on. we are a nation that needs to have their perspective qualified in the context of conversation and that studio just had , this maneterans walking in past him, about a budget. people, the congress
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people are supposed to represent the whole united states of america. aat is the reason we have two-term president obama. statesbridge the united heart, to say somehow now, we cannot have our congress people come on and talk to each other in the quality we should have rather than someone party perspective that comes with, every morning on c-span. us toare you looking for have more members of both parties on at the same time? i promise you. we try to do that. bothr: you should have congress people come on and give the view of the budget and the needs of this nation. here it is. you just talked about segregation and yet you are doing it. members to come on together. we do have segments where they come on together and want to
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talk about issues they are working on. is a member on the other side of the aisle that you find yourself working with often in congress? is there one member you have a joint issue on? guest: there are several members that i have gotten to be friends with. host: what are the issues you have worked with them on? guest: as far as legislative issues, i have not sponsored bills with them. part of this is about making relationships and getting to know people. i have started a working force caucus, i am cochairing that. with a democratic member from georgia to promote working force working for-
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history across the country. we were able to get a forest act into the energy bill yesterday. this is something i am excited about. we can find a lot of ground to work together on. patrick, south carolina. .ank is waiting caller: years ago, the marine corps had a training base on vazquezs island -- island. protesters had all of that stuff moved off. that was pumping billions of dollars into the economy. host: we lost hank.
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i wasn't sure if he had a question or what he was going to. host: we will go to jack. give me my full two minutes. i would like about half an hour. i need to refute this big time. representative -- congress is rated one in 10 approval rating. approvesperson in 10 of you. after your analysis of our budget problem of our national debt problem, i see why. the first thing you guys do is the moan our national debt. we have to do something about it. the next thing, you have to turn to entitlements. no we don't. we have to turn to our sinking empire and wars because that is where all of this debt came from.
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stay on the line if you were a few me. ,t comes from the fact you guys particularly in 2002, decided to go to thethat discretionary budget while you were planning two criminal wars and raising the national defense bill by a factor of two. has discretionary budget its funding mechanism. that is income taxes and corporate taxes. mandatoryement and side has its income, the fica taxes. surpluse been in huge for the last 20 or 30 years. security,, social what they have added to the debt toinfinitesimal compared what you have done on the discretionary side.
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i am going to stay on the line. is in hiscongressman first term, elected 2014, representing the fourth district of arkansas. guest: i appreciate your concern. 68% of spending is on the mandatory side. 32% is on the discretionary side. -- spending sending is on the discretionary side. social welfare and entitlement programs -- and entitlement is not a bad thing. all of those programs are on the mandatory side of bending. you could cut the military budget out and you would still have not solved our debt problem. the problem is we are working on 32% of the total spending when we are working on discretionary spending and we have to do something about the other 68% of the spending.
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if we look on the mandatory side, these programs are all in trouble. you talk about excess funds and social security, we are at a point when the amount being paid out in social security is more than what is being paid in if you take the interest from the social security trust fund plus what is being paid in, we are slightly positive on social security. in 2020, that goes away. we pay out more on social security than what we take in. that is why the congressional office says by 2034 it will be insolvent. ' approval rating is higher than what the caller said. according to the latest approval .ating, 18% 78% disapprove.
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time for one or two more calls before congress comes in. john is in hawaii. go ahead. what are your thoughts on a constitutional convention? our rights are being infringed, anyways. over the a constitutional convention -- what are your thoughts? host: on what topics pacific league? topic specifically? caller: our rights being infringed upon, say. host: which one are you most concerned about? caller: our second and fourth amendment, possibly our fifth. would you propose a new
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amendment or doing away with amendments we have got? it seems the amendments are being infringed upon in certain ways. guest: we need to follow the law that we have got. we are not following the constitution we have got. i don't know what good it would do to change the cot duchenne. ae country has a right to be -- to have a constitution. regardless what i think about it, we may be some -- we may be
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2016] >> how are we doing, san jose? [cheers and applause] how are you feeling? are we voting for hillary? reready for hillary? all right. with that in mind, with that in mind, i know i'm the only person standing in your way. so let me respect your time. i have a couple quick things i want to say. a couple quick things i need to say. the last time i was -- last time we were in san jose i was with another clinton. [cheers and applause] former president. and, you know, it was interesting, i was listening to all the speakers that were out
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here a minute ago and i'm quite serious about this. because last time i was here, your husband made a point, madam secretary, that needs to be made over and over and over again. about what makes us great. and the point he was making, that's one of the points, but he made a point, i'll try to paraphrase. he said, you know, you think about everything that's going on around the world, nations and people literally being torn apart, because of racial and religious and ethnic controversies that have fueled fanaticism, that have fueled terror. you have to think about where you are right now. in san jose. [cheers and applause] in one of the most diverse cities, in the one of the most diverse counties -- in one of the most diverse counties, in the most diverse state, california. [cheers and applause] in the world's most diverse democracy. [cheers and applause] now, here's the point he was making. and here's the point i want to
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make. it's a contrasting point. the world looks to us. looks to every one of you to see that it's possible to live together, to advance together and prosper together across every conceivable and imaginable difference. that's what makes us great. what makes us great is we don't tolerate our diversity here in california. we celebrate our diversity in california. [cheers and applause] that's a value and a contrasting value in this campaign. that's a value at risk. hillary clinton understands we are all better off when we're all better off. she understands, she understands what dr. king talked so evocktively about, right, that we're all bound together by a web of mutuality, we're all in this together. so, it's in that spirit that i'm here, that i'm honored all
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of you are here, and it's in that spirit i will briefly introduce to you the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] very briefly. mr. newsom: very briefly, very briefly. we have someone here, we have someone here who believes in equal pay for equal work. [cheers and applause] we have here a candidate for president that believes in comprehensive immigration reform. not building walls. we have someone here who believes in a supreme court that will overturn citizens united. we actually have someone here who believes in science. [cheers and applause] limate change is not a hoax. we have someone here that
5:47 pm
understands that a great society does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon. [cheers and applause] and very briefly, we have someone here who does not believe the following, does not believe in banning all muslims from the united states. [cheers and applause] that does not believe in building walls, but believes in building bridges. [cheers and applause] and someone, someone -- listen to me closely here. someone who will never be caught saying he is excited or in this case she is excited about millions and millions of people losing their homes and ending out on the streets and sidewalks so he can make more money. you will never hear that from hillary clinton. shame on donald trump. we have a progressive who is pragmatic, we have a dreamer
5:48 pm
and a doer, we have someone who gets it and gets it done, we have someone that you should be proud of, someone who's been a change maker all her life. [cheers and applause] and so my message to you in conclusion is the following, you got work to do. we've got work to do. we got a primary in a few days. we've got to step up, we've got to step in, we've got to share our voice and we have got to make sure she has wind on her back as she moves towards that convention by winning this primary on june 7. ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for the next president of the united states, hillary rod ham clinton! [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: thank you, san
5:49 pm
jose! wow. i am so, so excited about being here. i can't tell you how wonderful it is to be in this city where, as the lieutenant governor just said, is a city all about the future. all about the future of the economy, the future of our society, how we are going to be stronger together. and i want to thank gavin newsom for being here and for his lifetime of service to this state. and i can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone who is a progressive, who likes to get things done, just like me, standing on this stage. i want to thank the mayor. thank you for being here, mayor! [cheers and applause] want to thank larry stone, the
5:50 pm
assesser here in the county, all the elected officials. but mostly i want to thank you. i want to thank each and every one of you for being here. [cheers and applause] now, you know, when you run for office and particularly when you run for president, you always come and tell big crowds like this, this is the most important election, don't you? you hear that. i happen to think every election is important. but you know what? this is the most important election. [cheers and applause] because we've got some big decisions to make as a country. and there could not be a starker difference than there is between me and now as of today the republican nominee, donald trump. you know, i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i have run. we have run a campaign on issues about the future.
5:51 pm
we both want universal health care coverage. we both want to make college affordable within the reach of every young person who wants to go to a public college or university. we both want to rein in and prevent what happened in the great recession with the misdeeds of wall street from ever happening again. .e are on the same page [cheers and applause] so, we're going to be coming together as a unified democratic party. to make our case against donald trump. because we, senator sanders and i, our supporters together have so much more in common than we do with donald trump! [cheers and applause]
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people say to me,woman, you talk about trump a lot. and i do and i'll tell you why. because what he is saying is dangerous and divisive. what he is saying is harmful to our future and our country. our president, president obama, is -- [cheers and applause] -- is in japan today meeting with our closest allies, and when he came out of the meeting and went to the formal press conference that ends events like that, he said, he reported that the leaders of our friends are, i quote, rattled, rattled by what donald trump is saying. and what he is promoting. and what he stands for. well, i'll tell you what, the best way to reassure ourselves and the rest of the world is to
5:53 pm
make sure that donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white house! cheers and applause] you know, it was bad enough in he started his campaign his very first hour criticizing and insulting immigrants. you know, he called immigrants rapists, murderers, criminals. it was disgraceful. and then he went on to insult women, to insult john mccain, a war hero, to insult, to make fun of a man with a disability, to denigrate muslims. honest to goodness, there's nobody left by the time he gets finished with criticizing everybody he can. that is no way to run for president of the united states! cheers and applause]
5:54 pm
i'm telling you, i am so looking forward to debating donald trump, i can't wait! cheers and applause] because here's what we're going to talk about. what is our positive vision? i have ideas about how to create more good jobs with rising incomes, we're going to invest in infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our water systems. [cheers and applause] we are going to finish the job of connecting up america so everybody has access to affordable internet connection! [cheers and applause] we are going to make things in america again by incentivizing advanced manufacturing. you know, here in california you are inventing the future.
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new technologies, new research every single year. well, let's make those products in america again! [cheers and applause] and let's agree to fight climate change which donald trump calls a chinese hoax, honestly, you know, you heard all the republicans when they were running. part of the reason the republicans have ended up with donald trump is because they could never criticize him about issues because they basically agree with him about issues, right? so, when the republicans were asked, well, what do you think about climate change, they always said, oh, i don't know, i'm not a scientist. well, they can go to san jose state and find a scientist and figure out all about climate change. cheers and applause] one of the ways we're going to combat climate change is by investing in and creating jobs
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n clean, renewable energy! [cheers and applause] i have said -- set two big goals. i want us to deploy a half billion more solar panels by the end of my first term. [cheers and applause] and enough clean energy to power every home in america by the end of my second term. [cheers and applause] that will not only put the united states in the lead on dealing with climate change, but it will also create a new economy because think about this, some country is going to be the clean energy superpower, it's either going to be china, germany or us. i want it to be us, don't you? [cheers and applause] and when you think about millions of jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing and clean energy, these are jobs that can't be outsourced. these are jobs that have to be done in california and across
5:57 pm
america. now, what does donald trump propose me? proposes to build a wall. -- propose? he proposes to build a wall. a wall. now, honestly, we've been trying to figure out about that wall. we figure it would cost about $25 billion. now, think of what else we could use $25 billion for. we could build 1,500 new elementary schools so kids have a chance to go to a modern, good elementary school. for ld pay for college 300,000 veterans if we did that. [cheers and applause] so there's a lot that we will have to talk about when we finally get to stand on that stage together. and the other thing about trump's policies is, he doesn't give you specifics. have you noticed that? it's a pretty much a top line, top of the water sort of proposal. and yet one thing we do know, when it comes to tax policies,
5:58 pm
he has two ideas. one, he wants to have billionaires get even lower taxes. his tax plan is written by a billionaire for billionaires. best i can tell. and he doesn't want you to see his taxes. those are his two principles when it comes to taxes. now, i disagree with that. number one, i think we should tax the wealthy. they have not been paying their fair share to support america. [cheers and applause] and number two, my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. and the only two years that donald trump has released, he had to release to get a casino, so he had to come up with his income tax return. the only two years he's released he paid zero in federal income tax. zero. and yet he goes around saying he wants to build up the
5:59 pm
military, make it the strongest in the world. well, it is the strongest in the world. and i will keep it the strongest in the world. but he won't pay a penny to make that happen. [applause] so anybody who's ever been nominated by a major party has had to come up with their tax returns. we're going to talk about they've day. because either he paid no taxes or he's paid very little. the only way to find out which it is is for him to release. either he's as wealthy as he claims or maybe he's not, the only way to find out is for him to release. maybe he's really charitable, or maybe he's not. only way to find out is for him to release. so, the time to release his tax returns! cheers and applause] the other thing is, the other thing is, you never hear donald trump talk about education. he never says anything about it, as best as i've heard. here's where i stand.
6:00 pm
we need early childhood education so every single child is well prepared to succeed in school. we need to be a partner with our teachers to help them do the job that we expect them to do on behalf of our kids. we need to make community college free so that you can get the additional training, skills, and education to get a job. we need more technical education through high school programs, community college programs, business support, union supported apprenticeships, we need to have more ways for people to get the skills that will be competitive for themselves and their families. i'm excited about that. nobody works harder than americans. nobody. nobody in the world works harder than americans. and we're going to make it possible for every young person,
6:01 pm
and maybe not so young person, to get the skills that will enable that person to have a good job with a rising income. education is a part of that. that's why i want you to have debt free tuition. you won't have to borrow a penny to go to a public college or university. and we have a plan to help you pay down and pay off your debt so you're not burdened by your student debt which is such a problem. so i think what i'm proposing will help to grow the economy. i've got to tell you, it's just a historic fact, the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. [applause] and you know you don't have to go back to the beginning of the republic. go back to the 1990's. after eight years, 23 million
6:02 pm
new jobs, and incomes went up for everybody, not just those at the top, middle class families, working families, poor families. more people lifted out of poverty than any time in recent history. we were on the right track. we even had a balanced budget and a surplus. we could have paid down the national debt. so what happens? i'll tell you what happens. the republicans came back and slashed taxes on the wealthy, took their eyes off the mortgage and finance markets, and you know what happened. the worst financial crisis since the great recession. and it is true as gavin was saying. there's some video that surfaced where donald trump is actually rooting, rooting for a housing collapse. because he says, well, i'll be able to make a lot of money. con artist.
6:03 pm
five million homes were lost. a lot of homes right here in california and where i just was in nevada. think of the heart break. think of the suffering and disappointment. we know a lot about donald trump. he roots for himself, not for you. he wants a good result for himself. he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. that is not -- that is not the kind of person who should be the president of the united states of america. we cannot let that happen. and you know, when it comes to health care, he wants to do away with the affordable care act. i'll tell you, i want to make it better. i want to improve it. i want to get the costs down. before there was something called obamacare, there was something called hillarycare, i am committed to do -- to doing this.
6:04 pm
and we're going to get prescription drug costs down and there's two other issues we're going to address. mental health and addiction. there is just too much suffering. people with mental health are not getting the treatment they deserve to get. and there still is a stigma. we've got to stop this. people who have diabetes should get treated just like people who have depression should get treated. and we've got to do more, we've got to do more to move people who are addicted onto the path for treatment and recovery, not onto the path for jail or prison. hat is not the right decision. so i am looking forward to debating jobs, the economy, taxes, education, health care. and i'm also looking forward to debating what is one of the most
6:05 pm
important parts of your decision when you vote. that is voting for someone who is both president and commander n chief. look, i understand why president obama was in that meeting and trying to field all the questions and concerns from leaders around the world. because look at what trump has said in recent days. he's attacked our closest ally, great britain. he has praised the dangerous dictator of north korea. now this is a little funny, though. e praised kim jong unand the north korean -- kim jong un, and the north korean ambassador came out yesterday and said they don't want to talk to donald trump. i don't attribute a lot of good sense to that regime but that's probably the right decision. trump is even -- has even suggested that it's fine with
6:06 pm
him if more countries get nuclear weapons, for heaven's sake. for 70-plus years, republicans and democrats, we have been trying to keep nuclear weapons out of more countries' hands and certainly out of more terrorists' hands. it's one of the most serious risks we face. you can't talk about nuclear weapons like, you know, it's a walk in the park. he's even said he'd use nuclear weapons against isis, which is not even a state. he wants to return to torture, he wants to pull out of nato he, wants to ban all muslims. i mean, really. i could see why president obama said his counterparts were rattled. they're watching this. when you make these absurd, outrageous statement, that's not just heard in the big hall where you talk. that's heard around the world. you know, people who count on the united states are -- our steadiness, our strength, our stability, they look to who is
6:07 pm
running for president. they look to who is president. a lot of places, it is the beacon that keeps them going, trying to figure out what is america doing. what is the american president saying. you think about the recent presidents we've had. we may have disagreed and had really serious differences, right? that's part of the american d.n.a. but i remember after 9/11, george w. push went to an islamic community center. remember that? and basically said, we are going to go after those who attacked us, but we're not going to be attacking each other. and president obama has worked so hard to reach out to people everywhere. and you know, it matters who is sitting in that situation room. i spent a lot of hours there. i spent a lot of hours -- [cheers and applause]
6:08 pm
i'll just give you one example. it's a famous example. it's whether or not the president would go after lane based on the evidence, the intelligence -- after bin laden based on the evidence, the intelligence that we had, and i was part of the small group assessing this intelligence. we work sod hard because i personally having been a senator from new york on 9/11, having gone to ground zero 24 hours after we were attacked, i wanted to do anything i could to bring lane to justice. -- to bring bin laud ton justice. we had to evaluate this intelligence, with this -- was this funny looking big building a place where the most wanted terrorist in the world could be hiding out? we all went through it over and over again. it came down to three choices. don't do anything because it's just not strong enough to act on. it's ok but we don't want to
6:09 pm
risk special forces to so let's use a missile to take this place out. or, it's the best chance we've had to get him so let's send in a seal team. and then the president went around the room, around the table, and asked everybody what we recommended. and people who i deeply respect, we were not all in agreement. some people said no. shouldn't do it. some people said it's not worth the risk of a special forces team going in, but if we think it's good enough, take the missile strike. i was among those who said no, we have to find out. if we do a missile streakwell never find out. we'll never know. so we all gave our advice. but then that moment comes. this is what you need to think about. where the president gets up and says he's going to go think about this. because ultimately, you can have all the advisor, all the people
6:10 pm
who are experts. but the president has to make the decision. and you know he came back, and he said, yeah, we're going to go with the sale team and we all held our breath that day when the attack occurred. we were all just under the most intense stress. there were a lot of -- there was a lot of planning. people had done everything they could. the military was superb, thinking through every possible contingency, but things happen. one of those helicopters clipped the barbed wire on top of the wall and went down. but everything had been thought through. he was den was found, killed, his body was brought across the border and he was identified. and -- [cheers and applause] no president wants to seek out those kinds of situations, but
6:11 pm
every president faces those hard choices. we need a president who can be steady and strong and i promise you i will take good care of our men and women in uniform and i will protect our country and elp to lead the world. now, finally, let me say this. there's a lot of other issues that trump has staked out. and i want you to know where i stand in comparison. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [cheers and applause] and i will defend planned parenthood against the partisan attacks. i will defend marriage equality and work to end discrimination against the lgbt community. i will defend voting rights and
6:12 pm
appoint supreme court justices that will overturn citizens united. i will defend labor unions and the right to organize and argain collectively. i will fight for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. and i will stand up to the gun lobby and work to get common sense gun safety reform. now, i can't do any of this without your help. i want to unify the democratic party and i want to unify the nited states of america. i will go anywhere, to meet with anyone to find common ground. i will also stand my ground. but we've got to bring this country together.
6:13 pm
we do not need to be divided. as lincoln said a house divided against itself cannot stand. we cannot stand this kind of hate talk and rhetoric and democrat godgery. so here is -- and demagoguery. so here is what i'm asking you. if you have already got anibal lot sent to your house, fill it in and send it in. you can still get a ballot all the way up through may 31 if you want to vote like that. and please do. if you think you might have trouble getting to the polls on june 7. and then on june 7, please, come out and vote and bring everybody you can who knows we've got to start right here in california making the future that we want to see for our country, for our children and grandchildren. if you will vote for me, california,y will -- i will work my heart out to give you the
6:14 pm
future that we deserve. thank you and god bless you. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ♪
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♪ >> hillary clinton campaigning in california today. the primary coming up on june 7.
6:17 pm
the candidates are there, bernie sanders was in ventura earlier today, it was on c-span3. we'll have that for you later on. donald trump will be in san diego tomorrow as the campaign focus on california, as the candidates focus on california, we'll have that donald trump rally in san diego live tomorrow at 5:00 eastern here on c-span as our road to the white house overage continues. now we're going to get your calls on hillary clinton's event and the campaign in general. the phone numbers, for democrats, 202-748-8920. republicans, 202-748-8921. independents and all others, 202-748-8922. @cspan.always tweet us,
6:18 pm
judy joins us from diamond point new york on the democrats line. hi, judy. caller: thanks for taking my call. i think hillary clinton should bow out of the race, she's too flawed of a candidate and donald trump has too much material on the clintons. if donald trump get into the white house it's going to be disastrous for the united states nd the entire world. host are you a trump supporter or bernie sanders? caller: i'm a bernie sanders supporter. he's the only one who can beat donald trump. host: juan joins us in san antonio, texas on the republican line. caller: thank you for having me. a couple of comments, first on social security, as bad as it sounds, there's some people that never worked in their life and i know personally, receiving
6:19 pm
social security benefits. now, i had a hard time getting mine, you know, the second issue is about a month ago there was a seven r here in my city, illegal vehicles were on that vehicle that rolled over. helicopter came, sent them to various hospitals, now i was retirement, e my less than nine months before i retired and i was laid of, lost all my benefits, needed an operation, couldn't get one because i didn't have any benefits. i was wondering if those people -- those illegal imgrants, i was wondering what kind of insurance they have. thank you very much, god bless. host: thanks for calling. to richard, next, joining thoins
6:20 pm
independent line from wilmington, north carolina. hi, richard. caller: good afternoon. i'm a retired air force fighter combat disabled vet. i just caught the end of of hillary saying she's going to take care of the military. remember ben gaw zoe. she got the ambassador and our guys killed. i don't see how she's going to take care of anybody. she should be put in prison. i hope trump wins. host: you're a trump supporter. thank you for calling. claude in portland, oregon, on the line for democrats. what did you think about hillary clinton's remarks today, claude? caller: i agree with her. i'm going to vote for her. if it comes down to it. but i'm a huge bernie supporter. i've been keeping up with him for other 10 years. he's awesome. for 10 years he's been calling on tom hartman every friday,
6:21 pm
takes over the show and answers phone calls from people all over the u.s. what other politician has guts enough to do that? he's been doing it for like 10 years. has had the same story. never changed. but if it comes down to it, i'll vote for hillary. one thing i wanted to give a little suggestion, i don't know if you guys can do this, i wonder if there's any way to do kind of like a call-in poll after all those rally, just kind of gauge the national feeling about, you know, the events. is there any way you guys can do something like that host: claude, thanks for that suggestion. in a way we're sort of doing that now, getting a chance for our viewers to call in with their thoughts on what they just heard. what their opinions are on the candidates, and all of the candidates in the race for
6:22 pm
president. the california primary coming up on june 7 and we're following the candidates there. hillary clinton, as you can see, still working the room in san jose, california. we heard from bernie sanders. he was in ventura, california, earlier. tomorrow it's donald trump in san diego, our road to the white house coverage continues from california. 5:00 eastern time for that donald trump rally in san diego. here on c-span. and this weekend, by the way, we'll be covering the libertarian convention, both days of that saturday and sunday here on c-span. back to your calls as we watch the event in san jose, california, with hillary clinton talking to supporters. ajerra joins us from colchester, vermont, on the independent line. the chair: hi. thank you for giving me a chance to talk. first of all, why people in
6:23 pm
california do not know that hillary has thousands of mistakesing bad judgment and foreign policies and then her reply is, i'm sorry, i didn't to that god knows if she was president how many more mistakes she would do, particularly in foreign policy. if she would have won the world would be in disaster. i'm not against hillary, i'm not against anybody. host: thanks for calling. jake in ohio. caller: i'm a proud republican. i may not believe in donald nor ernie and i just want to state that hillary has been known for lying however, there's many times that i disagree with both
6:24 pm
parties but feel the bern. host: thanks for calling. lines are open, the numbers on the screen. you can tweet us, @cspan. or leave us a post on our facebook page as well. let's toe gow to fernando. caller: thank youing for takinging my call. i think it's time for the democrat exparty to start supporting who seems to be our presumptive nominee, hillary clinton. i'm hugely a bernie fan. always have been since i saw him and how he speaks well about what e-- what he wans to do. i think it's time we start uniting and create this unity instead of a division leek the republicans have. just real quick, so the republicans, you know, i respect people that have their opinions, but the truth is, if we vote donald trump in as president,
6:25 pm
he's just going to create a division that someone that wants to create, that wants to allow nuclear weapons that would just be a recipe for world war iii. so we need to bolster hillary and we need to go all the way and win this election. host: thanks for calling. cleveland, ohio, on the independent line, joanne with us. caller: i have some comments, i cannot believe these people are not looking at our country for what our country is. i cannot believe that they are allowing just this whole discourse, this whole discussion, that's going on in this country and they're treating it so trivial. it is so unbelievable, the things that are being said and how you, even you, c-span, part of the media, perpetrating this is something -- as something normal in this country. it is unbelievable to me that we're allowing this man to say these things from america, a country that is made of
6:26 pm
immigrants altogether. he's talking about taking us back to the 1950's. before civil rights. before equal rights. before women's rights. before black people even existed in this country. i mean, where are we going with this? it is unbelievable to me and c-span, i've been watching you ever since you came on the air. the way you are leading this discussion, when this is an unbelievable discussion in america. host: all right, thanks for calling. to ricardo, who joins nuss hammond, indiana. democrats line. caller: how you doing? host: good. caller: the only thing i'm saying, donald trump, he's racist, he doesn't like the latino people, you know. the whole thing is, indiana like him because he won his party here.
6:27 pm
but over here it's all republican over here people. you know. you can look at the people that are over here, poor, buying the houses over here in indiana. you know. host: ricardo, what did you think of what hillary clinton had to say today? caller: well, i think she said something real nice you know, because, you know what, hillary clinton, they're attacking her had, you erything she know. how would i call it? call just like donald trump. donald trump, you look at how much he's going to go to war if he never wins, that's my question. i would like to know if donald trump ever went to the navy, to the marines, to the army. like george push push -- like george bush was out there. everybody was out there. he hasn't gone out there. that's my question. host: thanks for call, ricardo.
6:28 pm
in the news of course the last couple of day, estate department i.g. report on secretary of state -- former secretary of state hillary clinton's emails and this tweet from the a.p., hillary clinton says, watchdogs report won't affect her presidential bid. meanwhile, the a.p. also talking about the donald trump news conference today in north dakota. donald trump thanks north dakota for putting him over the top. says hillary clinton can't close the deal. and this tweet from cnn, talking about an interview earlier with hillary clinton. hillary clinton on her private email serber, quote, if i could go back, i'd do it differently. we will show you the donald trump news conference from bismarck, north dakota. donald trump, the a.p. declaring he has enough delegates now to win the republican nomination at the convention this summer.
6:29 pm
we'll show you that news conference from earlier today in just a few minutes. time for just a few more calls. matthew in new york on the republican line. hi, matthew. caller: how are you? host: good. caller: first off, i'd like to say we need change in this country. we need the guy who tells the truth, unlike hillary clinton, who lied about her emails, who lied about everything. she changes her standpoint on everything just to get votes. we need a man who will tell the truth like donald trump. he said -- he did not get paid millions of dollars like hillary clinton does to speak publicly. she gets paid millions to talk publicly. americans are fed up with this corrupt government and everything that it stands for. the obama administration, corrupt. what has hillary done for anybody? what has she tone for women? nothing. what has obama done? absolutely nothing for this country.
6:30 pm
we are in more debt than ever. unemployment is high. we need change. we need someone who understands business. and we need someone like donald trump. hat's all i have to say. host: thanks for calling. eddie in kentucky on the independents line. i think we lost eddie. scarlet in virginia a democratic caller. hi, scarlet. caller: hi, how are you? host: good. caller: i would just like to donald atement that trump is a racist, doesn't believe in anybody being in the united states but people who are -- who were indians evidently because he doesn't believe foreigners. and all he needs is a little black mustache and we have hitler back again. you know what hitler did for this country, exactly what donald trump is going to do. i thank you. host: thanks for calling. we'll end it there and a couple
6:31 pm
of programming notes. first, tonight, a chance to see some of the events that have taken place today shortly after 11:00 eastern time, we'll reair the hillary clinton rally from san jose. a bernie sanders rally from ventura, california. and the donald trump event from bismarck, north dakota. that's all coming up later on our program schedule here on c-span. this weekend, the libertarian convention. but coming up next, the man that the a.p. says has the dell fwat count that he needs to win the republican nomination this summer, donald trump. he appeared in bismarck, north dakota, today. we will -- i should mention that we will have him live tomorrow, 5:00 p.m. eastern time in san diego. don't want to forget that, live "road to the white house" coverage here on c-span. now again from bismarck, north dakota, from earlier today a news conference with donald trump.
6:32 pm
[applause] mr. trump: thank you very much, everybody. the folks behind us got -- behind me got us right over the top from north dakota system of north dakota made a big statement and i just really appreciate it. we will not forget it. thank you very much. i want to thank a very good friend of mine, harold hamm.
6:33 pm
i guess we can consider harold the king of energy. there's nobody like him. he knows more about it than anybody that i know. so harold, i want to thank you for your support. you've been amazing right from the beginning. my friend for a long time. been on the cover of every magazine, i think he's had as many covers as i have, maybe more, harold. congratulations and thank you for your support. ok, folks. yes, john. >> president obama today at the 7 summit ignored the time-honored tradition that politics ends at the water's edge -- [inaudible] mr. trump: is that right? he used a bad word because he knows nothing about business. when you rattle someone that's good. many of the world, as you know, many of the countries in our world, beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. so if they're rattled in a
6:34 pm
friendly way, we're going to have great relationships with these countries. if they're rat nled a friendly way, that's a good thing, john, not a bad thing. >> he went on to say you're more interested in headlines than thinking what's required to keep america safe. i'm wondering if you'd like to respond to that? mr. trump: he's a president who has done a horrible job, everybody understands that. he's a president who allowed many of those countries to take advantage of him and us unfortunately. he's got to say something. it's unusual that every time he has a press conference he's talking about me. 10 you know, it's just one of those things. i will say this. he is a man who shouldn't be really, you know, airing his difficulties. shouldn't be airing what he's airing where he is right now and i think that you're going to see it stop pretty soon. he has not done a good job. today we're giving a big speech on energy. we're going to see some amazing things happen with our country on energy. and i look fwrd to doing it.
6:35 pm
but president obama, you know you see what's happened, you see where we're going, we're a divided country. we have tremendous difficulty, tremendous problems. we're going to solve those problems, going to solve them ast. >> your campaign chairman said as you were building your v.p. list it's unlikely there would be a woman or a minority in that mix. can you confirm? mr. trump: we don't do it for any specific reason. we're looking for absolute competence. i fully expect that we will have mp women involved with not only -- i mean, i've had it with the campaign but we're going to have many women involved. i think you're going to see that and see that very strongly. so i look forward to it. and i know he was miscoated -- misquoted a couple of times. he's been misquoted a lot. we're going to have women involved at the absolute highest
6:36 pm
levels. >> during the republican primary, you repeatedly attacked your opponent for being funded by big donors. started now fundraising with a big ticket fundraiser. how do you convince your supporters that you're not going to become the pickup truck you accuse your opponent of being? mr. trump: i'm no pickup truck. we're raising money largely for the party. we're raising it for senators, congressmen, congresswomen, for a lot of people running. we want to go in and have majorities. it's very important. we have a tremendous staff of people, last night we raised in los angeles, we raised a lot of money for the party. and this is money that's going into the r.n.c. we are going to have, i think, a tremendous, we're getting thanked all over by the republican senators, by congressmen. and hopefully we're going to raise a lot of money. this is money being raised for the party.
6:37 pm
i think we're going to have a tremendous success. i'm also continuing to fund big portions of my campaign. >> he was also quoted as saying , you released your taxes seem to sound as if you're not going to release your taxes. mr. trump: i'm release, when we're finished with the audit, the i.r.s. has been very professional and continue to be very professional. when they finish, i've been audited for 15 years and i don't know of very many people that have been audited for 15 years. i'm audited all the time. i don't know what that's all about. the i.r.s. has been very professional. as we move along, as soon as that's finished, whenever that may be, hopefully it will be before the election. i'm fine with that. >> you do pay some federal taxes. mr. trump: i do. yes. david. >> mr. trump, in the wake of
6:38 pm
yesterday's inspector genre port about hillary clinton's emails, you said you have doubts about it. are you prepared to call on her to get out of the race so americans have more confidence in the integrity. mr. trump: i like her in the race. i want to run against her. she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal, we'll have to find out what the f.b.i. says about it. certainly it was bad judgment. i just read the report. it's devastating, the report. it's devastating. there's no reason for it. it's just, you know, skirting on the edge all the time. and you look back at her history and this is her history. it's a very, very harsh report. done really by democrats. appointed by obama, and done by democrats. so it's shocking to see it. shocking to see what she did. really more than anything else it's bad judgment. but that's up to her whether or not she wants to continue running.
6:39 pm
mr. trump: i haven't yet. i think i will. i haven't had the support of the govern i don't have of new mexico. she was on somebody else's side. i imagine she'll come over to my side. if you look at what's happened, tremendous support from all over the country. senators, conmen, governors all over the place. vast majorities, i think the approval is up to over 90%. that's tremendous from where it started. little while ago it was like 62%. but i won the elections in landslides. very important to say. you look at these elections, we go to new york, win almost 62% of the vote with three people running. we then go to pennsylvania. which is going to be, i think, a state we're going to do amazingly well.
6:40 pm
hillary clinton wants to put the coal miners out of business, want to put the steel mills out of business. i think i'll win pennsylvania easily. we have tremendous support there. maryland, connecticut, we win delaware, rhode island. and then we win, as you know, we had a tremendous, tremendous success where we went to indiana. that was incredible. bobby knight helped, but we're going to win indiana big. we're going to have tremendous successes. but you know, the thing i think i'm most proud of, not the fact that i'm watching hillary instead of hillary watching me. we were supposed to be going into july and a lot of people said it wouldn't be solved during the convention. there's going to be a new convention in august. here i am watching hilly fight and she can't close the deal. an that should be such an easy deal to close. but she's unable to close the teal. so i'm watching her. nd we'll see what happens. -- inaudible] mr. trump spb
6:41 pm
> [inaudible]. mr. trump: i'm going to have to look at it individually and i will be doing that. a number of people asked me, i will be doing that. ok. thank you. >> do you have something to say about that? mr. trump: my message is we've had tremendous support from almost everybody. even if you look at congress, the support has been incredible. and i spoke with paul ryan last night. we had a very good conversation that's moving along. he's a good man. we'll see how that all works out. just, we had a very good talk. i don't read "huffington post." was there an article? i'm sure he was misquoted but it is -- i didn't think they
6:42 pm
covered politics, do they cover politics? all right. they look at a lot of different things. we have a big problem. we have a radical islamic terrorism problem. it's a worldwide problem. not just this country. and we have to find a solution. and we have to be vigilant. we have to be tough and smart. e'll see what happens. i'd love to debate bernie. he's a dream. i said, i said last night on jimmy's show, it was a question that was posed. i said i'd love to debate him but i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. if we can raise for maybe women's health issues or something. if we can raids $10 million or $15 million for charity, which would be an appropriate amount. i understand the television business really well. it would be get high ratings. it should be in a big arena.
6:43 pm
we could have a lot of fun with it. the problem with debating bernie, he's going to lose. his system is rigged just like our system is rigged. if i didn't win by massive majorities, i wouldn't be standing here talking to you today. you know, i knocked out every opponent. you have to knock out. and bernie, unfortunately, hasn't been able to knock out. but the super delegates for the democrats, so unfair. so the problem, the biggest problem i have is that bernie is not going to win. but i'd debate him anyway if they wanted to put up money for charity. we'll see. we've had a couple of calls from the networks already. and we'll see. he's the one that suggested, let's debate. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: it's true. i'd love to debate bernie. but they have to pay a lot of money for it. look, i'm in first place. i've won, i'd say something over $10 million.
6:44 pm
>> [inaudible] mr. trump: i would love. to i love debating. every you people -- on poll, every single debate, in the online polls after every single debate, i won every single debate. moll decisions are all talk, no action. i've never debated professionally. i ran against all these people that debated professionally. but according to every single online poll after the debates, i won every single debate, by every single poll. i don't mind debating. i like to debate. the one thing was, i said to myself, i wonder how well i'll debate? guys like this great gentleman right here, one of the great oilmen of the world, we're not debaters, we're people that put people to work and do things, and a lot of good things. how many people do you have working for you? tens of thousands. that's what he does. now i'd rather debate harold but
6:45 pm
i will tell you, he may surprise you. he may do very well. but we don't do that. but somehow it worked out well for me. it worked out well for me. i love the debating process. a lot of fun. i was on center stage for every single d bait and the only time i was upset with some networks was when we had even numbers, like eight, so you had two in the middle. i insisted on having odd numbers. i think the federal government should get out of the way. the federal government is in the way. we have so much potential energy that people wouldn't even believe it. my speech today is on energy. that's exactly what it was, and is. the froth, the regulations that they have, they put the coal miners out of business. the coal mines are shut. what they've done to the coal -- what hillary clinton, she's worse than obama. she openly said, i want to put
6:46 pm
the coal miners out of business. want to put the coal mines out of business. she's saying i want to put the steel mills out of business. we're not going to have any businesses left system of hillary is, i think, i can't imagine how she could possibly do well in a place like pennsylvania. she certainly didn't do very well in west virginia. and you know, i think she made a big mistake. she's catering to certain people but i think ultimately jobs and these incredible people -- people, the miners, they're incredible people. i asked a couple of them, why don't you go into a different profession? because we love going after coal. i'll never forget the answer. you know, you think it's dangerous and you're going deep down into these incredible crevices, i say, wow. but they love doing what they do. that's what they do. it's like me, you know, i grew up, my father was in real estate, i'm in real estate, now i'm in politics. he's looking down saying what happened?
6:47 pm
but coal miners love doing what they're doing. hillary -- and it's such an important product. hillary clinton shouldn't be utting them out of business. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i want to be energy independent, yes. i want to be energy independent. and i haven't spoken to harold about that, but i would say energy independence is what we all want. we also want to sell our energy to other places that don't have the great natural resources that we have. don't forget, through modern day technology, we found out that we're sitting on energy, i'm going to be talking about it in a minute. we're sitting on energy like nobody would believe. i want to be energy independent and the answer is yes to your uestion. >> paul ryan hasn't endorsed you. what will you do to get his endorsement? mr. trump: we'll see what
6:48 pm
happens. >> you still want to ban all foreign muslims from the united states on a temporary basis. mr. trump: at this moment i'm very unhappy, when i look at the world of radical islam. we're going to find the problem and come up with a solution. obama could never come up with a solution. number one, he's incompetent and number two, the solution just is never going to be out there for him. he won't even mention, he won't even mention the words radical islamic terrorism. i have many muslim friends, they said to me, thank you. thank you. this is a problem. it's a problem that has to get solved. and we have to have turn-ins. when you see looking to do tremendous destruction, like in california with 14 people killed, they lived in a house where they had bombs all over the floor. everybody knew they were up to bad stuff. nobody reported them. people have to report when they see. o ahead. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i
6:49 pm
know, i see it. by far. i was impressed. mr. trump: and by overnment. i do, because i think ultimately coal will be very inexpensive. you've got to get rid of some of the regulations. i spoke to some of the mine owners. they were surrounded by some of their miners. and they were showing me some of the regulations where it's on a daily basis going in, checking, checking, checking. they have people that do nothing but deal with regulators. it's gotten out of control. the market forces will be whatever they are. all i can do is free up the coal which i'm going to toe teat -- going to totally do. get the companies back to work. market forces, that's something i don't want to get involved with. that's beautiful to me a market
6:50 pm
orce is a beautiful force. yes, iudible] mr. trump: would. it should be approved. i'm not saying it wouldn't be a better deal. obama would approval it or not approve it. hillary is probably not going to approve it from what i understand. but i look at it differently. i will absolutely approve it 100% but i want a better deal. here's the difference between harold hamm and myself and you, or let's say obama, who doesn't know what the hell he's doing. here's the difference. i'm going to say, folks, we're going to let you build the pipeline but give us a piece. we're going to have to use imminent domain. remember when conservatives said, eminent domain, eminent domain. their favorite project is the keystone pipeline. if you read thing to be yumets
6:51 pm
on keystone pipeline, a whole big part is eminent domain. i want the keystone pipeline but the people of the united states should be given a piece, a significant piece of the profits. right now obama would have said yes or no. and most politicians would say yes, we'll approve it or no we wouldn't. i will say yes, we absolutely will approve it, i want it built, but i want a piece of the profits because we're making it possible for it to happen through eminent domain and other things. i want a piece of the profits poth united states. that's how we'll make our country rich again. just one way out of thousands. that's how we'll make our country rich again and it's how we're going to make america great again. ou understand what i'm saying? >> [inaudible] mr. trump: this is a different pipeline? do you like the idea? do you like the idea as a reporter?
6:52 pm
you're not supposed to say this, but that's ok. do you like the idea? we would look at it. i'm going to look at anything. a lot of times pipelines are so much better. instead of going on trains and having all the problems caused by that, it's underground and environmentally they're bet for the many cases. but we're going to take a look at it. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: i'm not aware of that one but we'd take a look at it. my base exbias would be to approve. i want to approve for jobs and the concept of pipelines is ok if thear going from the right place to the right place. o we'll take a look at it. >> main street small businesses across america, what are the keys to economic vitality? mr. trump: two of them that are very, very important are lowest taxes. we're the highest taxed nation
6:53 pm
in the world by far. lower taxes and the other one is we're overregulating. i will tell you, i made a speech last night in front of a group. i said regulation, this surprised me, i've seen it ever since i've been doing this for like 10 months or so. and regulation is even more of a problem for people than the taxes, which surprised me. but they're both problems. we're going to -- under my plan, we're lowering taxes substantially for businesses, for middle income, for everybody. taxes are going way down. we're going to allow trillions of dollars to pour into the country that are right now outside of this country where people and companies want to bring it in, they can. we're going to get rid of the tremendous numbers of rules, regulations, probably 75% of which are absolutely terrible for our country. k. who pocahontas. is it offensive? you tell me.
6:54 pm
i'm sorry about that is that what you said? elizabeth warren. she tweets a lot about me. every once in a while i tweet. when i tweet, not that many people are watching our tweets. when -- her tweets. when i tweet, they watch. i will say this. she's a senator that's highly overrated. she's passed very little legislation. she has been a real disaster for a lot of people including the democrats who frankly can't stand her, many of the democrats. just ask hillary clinton how she likes her. i would say this, i'll debate anybody. i'd debate her. but she's done very little for massachusetts. and the beautiful thing is, when i won massachusetts with many people running against me, i got up to almost 50%. and she was fighting me. so i really think if her record was exposed, and the fact that she was a native american she said she was native american but she wasn't able to document it, she said, i have high cheekbones, i have high cheekbones, i'm a native
6:55 pm
american. she then, i don't know if you'd call it a fraud or not, she was able to get into various schools because of the fact, she applied as a native american and probably able to get other things. i think she's as native american as i am, ok. that i will tell you. but she's a woman that's been very ineffective. other than she's got a big mouth. ok. yeah, go ahead, in the back. >> women's health issues, i'm particular that a charity you'd like it to go to? mr. trump: on tuesday we'll be releasing a tremendous list of all the money we've given. with the debate, when i decided i want to do this instead of go to a particular debate with a cable network that actually has been unbelievably fair over the last few months, i have to say. but i felt i wasn't treated right. i did a speech and during the speech i said, let's see if we can raise money for the vets. we raised a lot of money.
6:56 pm
on tuesday, i think we'll have a press conference in trump tower, tuesday at probably 10:00 or 11:00. and we're going to release a full list of all the people, almost $6 million of money was raised. i started it, we weren't going to raise anything, it was just an idea that came to me. i said, let's raise some money for at the vets. one of my friends who was there, very substantial person, phil ruffin, offered a million dollars. karl icahn gave half a million. another good friend gave a million. all of a sudden we started getting a lot of money. i love seeing it. on tuesday, we're going to release a list of all the different veterans groups that got the money. close to, pretty close to $6 million worth of money. that was great. what i do -- this debate, i'd like to do something similar where they'll pay, in this case, just a payment, why should the networks have a debate by this make a fortune, sell it to sponsors, put the money in their
6:57 pm
coffers. i would much rather give and probably in this case to various groups involved with women's health issues. think it's appropriate. >> now that you've hit the magic number -- mr. trump: i'm so honored to be in north dakota. so honored by these people, they have such great sense. right? >> now you can focus on being president, what do you do in the first 100 days? mr. trump: we'll have many things to do. i'll be unwinding various executive orders, particularly those deals with the board wrer people are pouring into our country that aren't supposed to be here. we'll be unwinding that. we'll have a lot of things to do. we'll start rebuilding the military. we have no choice. it's not like, oh, gee, do you want to do it? we're going to make our military bigger, better, stronger than ever before. i say -- i saw the other day, on cnn, where the jet fighters were
6:58 pm
using parts from museums and grave yards, plane grave yards, where they're taking old parts our our fighters, and they were interviewing some of the pilots, great people. they were saying they're so embarrassed and ashamed of what's going on. this shouldn't be the united states. so we're going to rebuild our military. we're going to have the finest equipment in the world again. and nobody is going to mess with us. very simple. by the way, i'm the last person in terms of the draw, i won't have to worry about the draw. i'm the last person. i didn't want to go into iraq, unlike hillary and other people. we shouldn't have gone into iraq. it was a mistake. the way obama got us out was a tremendous mistake. we're going to have a lot of fun that first 100 days. we're going to start the process of making america great again. how about a couple more. >> [inaudible] mr. trump: one of the reasons i made a deal with the r.n.c.
6:59 pm
which to me, i think they've done a good job. but they've built over years and years staffs in every state. you can't do that if you're doing it all over the next few months. so now i just learned i got the nomination and again this was something that was going to happen, according to some people in august and some people were saying, because of the second convention which would have been ridiculous and many people said it was going to go into the july. and then we had that massive victory in indiana. won't forget the -- won't forget the people of indiana, that was a massive, massive victory. and you know, so here i'm sitting. i'm watching. i love watching hillary and bexar knee go at it. bernie has given me some great lines, which i'm use, believe me. but i will say that as far as building the infrastructure of a campaign, the r.n.c. has been doing it for many years. all over the country they have very good people. part of the benefit is we get to
7:00 pm
use those people. while i'm raising a lot of money for them, they're going to use that not only for me but for other people running for office, it's been an honor because i've met some of the people in different states. i met a big group of people last night from different states that work essentially for the r.n.c. and you can't do that over a period of just a short while. you know, we have, november is it's going to be very soon. and they are set up with great infrastructure. ok. how about one or two more? >> they called your comments cruel, irresponsible or wrong. mr. trump: a question was asked about vince forrester. i haven't known anything about it. and somebody asked me the question the other day. and i said that a lot of people are skeptical as to what happened and how he died. i know nothing about it. i don't think it's something -


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