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tv   Libertarian Party National Convention  CSPAN  May 29, 2016 9:45am-12:01pm EDT

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about the legacy of the vietnam war. live to orlando florida where the libertarian party is holding its national convention.
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>> good morning, libertarians. >> [applause] it is 9:45. the libertarian national convention will come back to order. first item on the agenda, the credentials committee reports. >> good morning. thank you mr. chairman. we have sent to the secretary a
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list of names of voting members of the convention and their alternates who have been registered up until 9:12 this morning. there are 911 delegates. .6 alternates a total of 931 votes. form equals 373 and majority is for 66, two thirds is 621, and 815.s i move the revised role of delegates submitted be the official role of voting members of this convention. all those in favor of that motion please say i. opposed say no. >> thank you. additionally, we have a -- thens to the lifts
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lists from states and the credentials committee has found these people eligible to vote. i move that chad carlton be added as a missouri delegate, emily church as a missouri alternate, ashley lewandowski as a kansas delegate and marcus lopez as a live data -- as a nevada delegate. been moved and seconded to add those names to the delegation list. , opposedvor say aye say no. they are added. >> thank you mr. chairman.
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>> information as far as the total number of delegates right now, people eligible to cast the vote with the additions that we made. does the secretary have that?
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we will be working on that point of information. i want to make a quick announcement while the secretary is finding out about that point of information. the georgia delegation has a very limited amount of 2016 commemorative lapel pins. they feature the torch eagle and the 2016 date. there are only 200 of them in existence. they are available at the georgia delegation in the center, right in front of the forra row, 15 each, two $25. you can only get them here.
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>> the updated number from the database of people credentialed to vote is 997. [applause] >> if you are in the halls, try and get to your delegation seats because there are points of information.
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i'm going to start recognizing people at microphones when i can see the microphones which is getting harder than it used to be. microphone two, point of information, in order to maintain core um, what do delegates need to do when they leave? ,n order to maintain quorum they need to check out with the credentials desk. to keepd to check out our number accurate for people who are here. thank you. you leave the convention, check out at the credentials desk. the next order of business for this convention is the election for president of the united states of america. [applause] >> point of personal privilege
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microphone number three. oklahoma, we of back in the back of the hall could not hear what you just said because there -- because of the noise from the delegation. could you repeat what you said? >> i think so. can we have a little bit of order? next order said the of business for this convention is the election -- the nomination -- prior to that, when you are leaving convention, when you are going home, make sure to stop at the credentials desk and check out so we do not .ose quorum we will proceed to a vote for the office of the president of the united states. [applause] >> point of order.
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>> the secretary is printing the ballots and they are not printed yet. when they are printed i will let you know and delegation chairs should approach the secretary's assistance desk. point of order microphone two. wilford, texas. i thought it was brought up earlier that we have no method to check out for this convention. is that correct? can.parently, we >> ok. >> are there any other privileged motions? while we are waiting, is rebecca paddock in the room. come on up. i would like to bring up ms. paddock from texas to address you for two minutes with your
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indulgence. [applause] >> thank you mr. chairman. i am appear because i need your help. sayseterans association that 22 vets a day commit suicide. that is on average. there is a peak during holidays and this weekend is one of those holidays. memorial day. toorial day is set aside remember those folks who gave their lives in service to this country. the veterans that are alive today are spending this weekend thinking about their friends who died in their arms. it is a tough weekend for vets. >> [applause] this is where i need your help.
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this is a horrible weekend for vets. vetsu have friends who are , take the time to send them a -- send them a text, send them an e-mail, and help me prevent suicide. no suicides 2016. thank you for your time and attention. >> while the secretary is printing out the ballots, the a b people could bring up the glendale video on the screen. >> ♪
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it promotes the ideal of the coalition worldwide. [indiscernible]
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the war on drugs is actually still an issue. >> in the history of the drug
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wars -- [indiscernible] >> two of the most important companies you've ever heard of made marijuana. for his effort, he got 24 months of hard labor. he was never healthy when he got out of prison.
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[indiscernible] >> one of the greatest senators of all time almost died of cancer taking medication of marijuana. -- there was goal a lot of very progressive
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.reatment in the industry we would find out what other options could've been. >> we can no longer tolerate the devastation that we are wreaking upon ourselves by electing the wrong people to positions of power. we want to change things. send us your video, you can be a part of that. we will be dedicated to the video clips from around the world of people who -- [indiscernible] we are making it through here
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. this is huge. regain. insanity and >> governments not the answer. less.d it is up to the people. to take our country back. corruptions everywhere. [applause] >> the secretary has confirmed that ballots are available for the presidential election state delegation chairs.
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approach the secretary assistance table stage left. microphone two. microphone two, please. texas, may i make thaty short announcement will be of interest to the body? >> go ahead. onmy son has a petition "let liberty debate." i think it would be appropriate for the body to support that so please check out "let liberty debate" on ask thend like to goodyear and jennifer gibson go to the left side of the stage when they get a chance.
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i also want to thank two libertarians this morning. this morning, a pedestrian was hit in a hit and run accident outside the hotel and was given medical assistance and first aid by mr. tim molin and dr. mark. [applause] >> it illustrates to me we are libertarians because we love people. when you need help, find a libertarian. we are a lot more reliable than the government. i would like to invite mr. goodyear up to the stage.
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he has some trashy needs to dispose of. >> my fiance didn't want to come up you. she has stage fright. i am a 13 day old libertarian. [applause] i left the republican party for a reason. we will never go back. we will stay with this party. we will fight for this party and we will win. [applause] >> this is my voter registration card for the republican party in arizona. legislative district 21. i am done with the republican party. this is the party. this is our party. we will win. stand together, libertarians. unite.
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[applause] if anyone else has some unnecessary republican or democratic voter registration cards that they want to get rid of, please come see me after. microphone number three. >> there are many people watching on television who would like to know more about us. could you tell the public how they could find out more about libertarian parties? >> thank you mr. star from california. if the american people want to find out more, they should visit or call one 800 collect us. 800 -- 1-800-elect us. i see the delegation chairs are gathering the ballots.
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have something i want to read to you that is a little bit on a down note. i just need to find it in my e-mail. while we were gathered here in a great libertarian from the state of arizona, my delegation, mr. powell gamel, passed away. we can go with the yeah until you hear the rest of the sentence. was a many time candidate for the libertarian party of arizona. he was a friend to the arizona libertarian party. if you will indulge me for just my e-maili will find from my state chair, mr. kill ski is actually in front of me.
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gamel took a fall at his home and passed away on tuesday. he was a member of freedoms and his prior here was head of arizona's .icrobiology laboratory he was a congressman from 2006 2 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014. campaign, he12 -- gained fame by urging voters to not even vote and then earning nearly seven percent of the vote in a hotly contested three-way race which exceeded the difference between the other candidates. in the 2014 election, the democratic party paid for mailers supporting pals run in a cynical and misguided attempt to help their own candidate.
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in recent weeks, powell had been excited about his upcoming run for congress because not only had he run into thousand 6, and 2014, he was going to run again in 2016. he was a good and honest man. it a great example of what means to be of no compromise libertarian. we all miss his wit and charm on the campaign trail. for june 5schedule in scottsdale, arizona. >> [applause] >> i want to remind the delegation chairs that when they get there ballots, they should let their tellers vote. tellers do get to vote.
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is mr. hayes in the room? room.somewhere in the just a moment. this is your convention so i want to ask. are balloting, with the indulgence of the body, i would like to bring up somebody to speak for 20 minutes. is that ok? >> sounds like mostly yes.
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he is moving towards the stage. theuld like to bring up gentleman i had an opportunity to meet in freedom fest in 2014. he was kind enough to give me a copy of his book entitled "on hurt people and don't take their stuff." the plane flying back-and-forth and forth to libertarian party state conventions all around the country and i have stolen the title for a lot of my interviews. dr. pack oh, do you have a privilege motion? microphone two very quickly. ballots thaton the none of the above is not listed as a candidate. chair.wanted to ask the >> munn of the above is a candidate in every libertarian election ever.
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upstage him by mentioning none of the above but i would like to mention mr. met matt ---- mr. hi. .y name is matt i am a republican -- i am a recovering republican. courage to come up here and admit that to you guys but i feel like we are in a safe space. i am feeling sensitive. i am feeling like a snowflake. frankly, i am feeling a little bit used and abused. , and i'meciated feeling kind of dirty about it.
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years, i have worked within the republican party. i have actually worked for the republican national committee. years, every four gets, you would start to all of these calls and all of these letters, eventually you would get tweets and facebook -- facebook posts and it sounded awesome. republicans love to talk about liberty. promises all sorts of during the courtship process, right? they will tell you honestly, time, we, honest, this
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will defend the constitution. time, forget the last time, but this time, we are going to support your civil liberties and your freedom of speech and all of those values that we talk about all the time in recording your vote. -- you know it is not true. .ou know what they are up to you know what they want. but you still do it. you probably had a couple drinks at this point. , the future ofg this country is so important and liberty is so precious and we are in such big trouble with the growingebt, and power of the states in the intrusions of the permanent imperial presidency, we've got
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to do something. we've got to do it. you've got three cocktails and they are telling you "no really, this time i am going to do it." and the next morning, you wake up next to bob dole. over and you realize just like groundhog day, you wake up and you realize you've over andsame thing over again, hoping just may be that this time it will turn out different. but it is no different. you wake up feeling dirty and used. it feels like a one night stand because the day after an election, they never call. they don't write.
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all those facebook posts stop and all of a sudden, they are doing exactly what they did the and time you got drunk voted republican. am i wrong? [applause] >> are there any other republicans? we are in a safe place. we can admit this now. i've been a libertarian my entire life. was 13 years old, i bought an album by this band called "rush." [applause] called 2112 and i am of a certain age where you used to buy these things on this ancient thing called a record. does anyone remember records? back in the day, you would put that vinyl record on the player
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and you would read the lighter i was reading about this story about this abuse of authoritarian benevolent dictatorship that was crushing the creative soul of someone that wanted to be tree. what does it say? of i'med to the genius brand. -- of ayn rand. d wasn't know who ayn ran but i happen to see one of her books, a copy of anthem so old that atlas shrugged wasn't even listed as other books she had written. i devoured it. i sought out everything she had written. it was difficult to do because -- theseese instant
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ancient institutions called bookstores and it was hard to find a book. it was particularly hard to find a book about liberty. but eventually, i read enough that she recommended austrian economics. this point, i am 16 years old, i am reading human action and it is the worst possible way in the world to meet girls. [laughter] digging when not they are 16. that has changed. i went to grow city college and i discovered by accident that there was a professor who had studied under him at grove city and i discovered i was not the only libertarian in the entire ,niverse, that there was perhaps, dozens of us around the world. it was a revelation. compare my accidental experience
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with liberty with young people today. if you want to know what libertarianism is today, you probably saw a ron paul give a speech on youtube or maybe you are watching the convention and you google it. you don't have to wait for your professor to tell you that liberty matters. you don't have to wait for three tv networks are used to tell you what to think to tell you that there was an alternative from the two-party duopoly the republicans and the democrats, that constantly dictated from the top down what it is that we were allowed to believe, what it is we were allowed to stand for. today, you can just google it. this is why we speak of the libertarian moment. this is why things are different today in a fundamental way because nobody gets to tell us what to believe anymore.
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[applause] you are young person today, you live in a radically libertarian world. you choose everything, you curate your friends, you choose your job, if you don't like your boss, you ditch him and find another job online. if you don't like what mainstream media is telling you, you curate knowledge and information for multiple sources the a or friends on twitter. you choose everything. you even curate your institutions in a way that wasn't possible when i was a kid. this is why the republican party is collapsing before our very eyes. why a third-party could be viable on the national stage for the first time in my
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lifetime. [applause] let me suggest to you that the challenge we have as abuse republicans, as lifetime libertarians, as liberty party activists, is to understand just how big are potential community gets. we are no longer a cadre of people meeting in basements reading the foot hook -- the footnotes from human actions. we are speaking to millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of eyeballs across all nations, across all government barriers, in a way that suggests for the first time liberty could be the majority in the united states.
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[applause] >> we've got to think about things differently. that theo appreciate political spectrum that you and i were taught in high school, you know the one, where on the far right you have fascism which is nativist and authoritarian and a really bad thing and on the far left, you have socialism and communism which is, according to your professor wasn't nearly so bad but that they, this idea state would wither away was naive and hopeless. it felt better what it -- it felt better but it wasn't so good. that never made sense to me because in reality, all of those evil isms, fascism, socialism, communism, any form of authoritarianism, it all belongs on one side of the spectrum. we have no better representations of that today
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then a republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton. can we even tell the difference? on the other side, it is liberty. community. people coming together to solve problems through voluntary cooperation and doing things none of us could have done by ourselves altogether. matt.e is . am a republican but i am thinking about this liberty thing. i am thinking about the moments where we might come together as a community and appreciate that liberty is not just about freedom. a responsibility that we all see when we look in the mirror in the morning. you are worried about the future
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of your country. you are worried that not enough threat oferstand the big governments, the potential of freedom to solve problems. we've got to come together. voluntary cooperation. do things we've never done before. this because ultimately, i believe that all of us should be free as long as we don't hurt people or take their stuff. thank you very much. [applause] >> can we have a wrong of applause -- a round of applause? [applause] >> microphone two, please.
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>> thank you mr. chair. i am state assemblyman john miller. i would like to thank for bringing to light the alarming rate our veterans are committing suicide. we areather here and being covered by various national and international news outlets, the one thing i do not see anywhere, where are the colors for our great country? why are they not being displayed in this hall? i don't necessarily have a way to answer the gentleman's point information. the convention oversight committee has done the setup for the hall and those were design decisions i delegated out and it is what it is. >> thank you. >> microphone two. >> i would like to make a motion to suspend the rules.
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i am rachel mill from north carolina. motion to suspend the rule to consider a resolution see. >> for five minutes? can you read your resolution? it has been brought to my attention the point of order is not in order at this time. you have to wait for in between a vote. >> thank you. >> any other points of information? does everybody have the ballots? do all state delegation chairs have the ballot? if anyone doesn't, you have to come get it. daniel. ok. .hey need to come up would the delegation chairs for
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south dakota and louisiana please go to the secretaries assistant desk to pick up the balloting packet. >> point of order. >> microphone number three. >> mr. chair, isn't the motion to suspend the rules always in order? >> not during balloting. during the taking of a vote it is not in order. >> delegation chairs throughout the day, if you turn in tallies, make sure you write down a copy of the numbers that you turned in. when we display them on the screen, that gives you a way to double check that we have accurately recorded what you turned in. please keep copies of all the numbers that you turn in.
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thank you. >> with the indulgence of the of the body, i would like to bring up a candidate for nevada state senate to strict seven, kimberly shang to address the delegates. >> good morning everyone. i hope everyone is awake and excited. like he said, kimberly shang from nevada running for state senate. now, when i was younger, a few decades ago, i won't tell you how long that is because it is impolite to ask a lady her age. but i was a very introverted child.
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i couldn't wait to get home after marching band practice to open a book and listen to music. eventually, along the way came a great invention called facebook. for an introvert like me, that didn't want to speak to people, facebook was amazing. of the best things for politics is facebook, so i would get on there and debate all the time. at 1.i became a democrat who had one single issue just like most of america and i would fight for that issue. one day, i voted to get gay .arriage because as a homosexual, i thought this was an issue i wanted to fight for. the supreme court gave me my right to marry. [applause] eventually, after i got not marry anddid
10:30 am
still am not married and that is not an invitation, i am just trying to make a point. i like that, i'm not ready to shackle myself just yet. i realized there was something missing. that the wars were still happening, we were still in debt and there was a hollowness. i got disillusioned and i didn't want to deal with politics. one day iran into a group of people i told -- that told me iout libertarianism and thought wow, it didn't matter what your position or issue was. there was something about it, there was freedom, there was liberty. all of a sudden, i had something else to talk about on facebook and so i've go around talk -- typing that all of my former democrat friends and i found out they didn't want freedom or
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liberty. out i was typing it to them and that's why they didn't understand. i went to the nevada libertarian party. run as a stateto senator because i figured the best way to spread liberty and freedom is to actually enact legislation that would give people freedom and liberty because action is the best way to show people. you can tell them and type of them all you want. but they need to see it and feel it. for such an introverted person who is becoming more of a next extrovert, i think all of us need to step out. it doesn't matter who you are, we all need to step out in some way because at this point in am tired for talking and it's time for action. [applause]
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>> thank you, miss shang. i have a point of information given to me off of the floor. i am aware there is at least one delegation that is waiting to begin voting until the names of the candidates are shown on the screen. as a technical matter, that is not possible at this time. secretary's screen is dedicated to tallying the ballots of the people who have turned the men -- turned them in. i would be happy to read the names and i would ask the delegation chairs who need the names for their delegates to write them down. does everyone have a pen and a paper? good. first ballot for president has on it dr. mark alan feldman.
10:33 am
gary johnson. john a mcafee. kevin mccormick. darrell perry. austin peterson. leave writings. no it has not been written on the form, none of the above. i announced mr. -- i asked mr. kenneth a varley to find his delegation chair. arizona is stage right. microphone number two. >> point of information. is there a more efficient and secure way of voting than writing on index cards and turning him into a person? >> maybe.
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but this is the way we do it. is block chain a thing that works? maybe we will look into that for the next time. microphone number one. no. >> not yet. >> any other points of information? >> i have a point of information. >> bobby scott, delegation chair of vermont. none my understanding that -- >> order please, need your the woman from vermont. >> i have not checked the bylaws, it was my understanding that no. is always support -- no is always a choice. >> it is not on the -- it has not been printed. it is an error in the ballot votesbut we will accept
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for none of the above like we do in every election. >> microphone number one. go ahead. >> the michigan delegation in the chair of michigan expressly had any believe that ohio hijacked that truck that was blocking for michigan. we don't believe it. it may be true, but we don't believe it. ic microphone number four. >> nathan gray vote. from the colorado delegation. do we have to use the white notecards that we were given by oursecretary, or can we use own ballots if the delegation chair allows for it? be delegation chair is allowed to use whatever balloting method the delegation chair chooses, but the ballot
10:36 am
form that needs to be turned into the secretary is the yellow form distributed. >> thank you. >> if the av guys have a picture that was provided to them of dr. feldman and mr. mullen. if they could pop it up on the screen. i don't know if they have that queued up. to, was there someone seeking to be recognized? i guess not. libertarians helping somebody. [applause] if you want to go up and thank dr. feldman personally for helping out, he is right there. right behind alabama. [applause] >> microphone number two.
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>> i'm a delegate from colorado. either point of information. i had a question, will all the candidates, even the ones that don't reach the threshold have their name read off or put on the screen at all? >> they will not. the only candidates whose names i read out are those who met the threshold. thank you. was a candidate for president? >> i voted form. the secretary to count writings. i believe we do. informationints of or privileged motions? >> microphone number two, please. mcmillan from new york.
10:38 am
a little bit of historical information. conventions, the first when i attended in 1979, the flags were not displayed on the stage. during the 80's and into the 90's, they were. and convention during the 1990's , a delegate from california pointed out that libertarians pledge allegiance to principles and not necessarily to flags. so it all due respect to our veterans, i would just like to make that statement. >> thank you for the point of information, sir. microphone number one. i have an announcement from the libertarian party of connecticut. we have a couple of bumper stickers we designed that would like others to use. , theays legalize pot
10:39 am
others is fight fire with water. vote libertarian. if you contact us, we will hook you up with some. libertarian party of connecticut. contact theke to connecticut delegation, they are stage center on the right-hand side. >> we had them on her website but we had to redo it. thank you. hayes find his way to the right of my stage at some point? any other points of information or announcements at this time?
10:40 am
without objection, while we are balloting, i would like to introduce the next governor of the state of indiana, mr. rex l. .- bell [applause] >> greetings and salutations fellow libertarians. it is a great honor to be up here. i am theentioned, libertarian candidate for the great state of indiana. year, we that this have the greatest opportunity ever to advance libertarianism because of all these great with thembined inability of the old parties to
10:41 am
field any sane candidates. this is not my first run. i've run for office seven times before, everywhere from county counsel to u.s. representative. i have received over 30% of the vote in many of those races in two-way races. in 2010, i ran for the indiana house of representatives. i was able to garner nearly 21% of the vote in a three-way race against a republican and a democrat. [applause] ballot access news reported this is the first time it happened and 85 years so i take a lot of writing that. and it also gives me a lot of hope. it was just 13% away from a winning total in a three-way race. the three were a race i'm in this year contains a homophobe
10:42 am
republican and a wishy-washy democrat. i think our chances are very good. [applause] while i was running for those offices, i was also the wayne county chair. while i was the wayne county chair, we have managed to win eight races in wayne county. these are partisan races where we elected libertarians to office. my wife susan sitting in the to thee has been elected hagerstown council court judge four times. [applause] we don't just do it once. that we arecan see not just messing around. we are very serious about this. my campaign committee has come .p with a strategic plan as frugal as they are, they say we need $100,000 to run an
10:43 am
effective campaign. they told me my duty is to raise that money. so everybody please stay seated. is get oneke to do person to write me a check for $100,000, how simple would that be? barring that, i would also accept $100 from a thousand of you, i would accept a thousand dollars from 100 of you. $10,000 fromcept 10 of you. i am very libertarian that way. i am not stuck on any one single issue. , i'm libertarian enough to accept anything from any of you that would like to contribute. there is a donut button there. you can find me on facebook.
10:44 am
you can also go to sti which is a book that i wrote about libertarianism. it's normally $11 and $.21. forave it on convention so $10. any help you could give, i'd appreciate you taking the time. let's get him this fall. [applause] >> are there any other announcements or points of information? microphone number two. hoosier delegate from georgia would like to request that if anyone is aware of where the georgian marker sign is, that it could be returned right in front of the camera. kids, don't hurt people and don't take their stuff.
10:45 am
could the wisconsin delegation chair please come to the secretary's assistance table stage left. >> i have a point of order please. >> microphone number two. >> this is karen and harlow's from colorado. not being on the tally sheet. i'd like to know why this couldn't have been corrected or handwritten question mark isn't it required by our bylaws that it be on the tally sheet? thet is required and in interest of time, the ruling of the chair is that you just write it in and counsel -- count of the votes so that we don't have to take the time of reprint the ballots. >> how would we feel of an actual named cala best candidate was at -- omitted?
10:46 am
it will be corrected for future ballots. >> thank you. thisile we continue balloting process, does anyone have any objection if we bring in mr. simmons, the congress candidate for massachusetts backup because i didn't get a chance to listen to his speech. is that ok? thomas simmons. thank you for letting me come back up here today. massachusetts. were herew if you yesterday, i'm running for congress in the first district of massachusetts. one thing we didn't get to talk about yesterday when i was up here, for 18 years i have been a college professor of economics and business. years, my life has been trying to instill the principles
10:47 am
of market economics into young minds coming at the classroom who come in not having a background in economics whatsoever. .ne of the issues we find and if you speak to any teacher the college level, they will confirm this. one of the issues we are constantly dealing with is that students enter our classroom and we make a reference to a astorical event, we make reference to a geographical location, we make it reference to a percent or fraction and we get a blank stare. this has been happening and getting worse as i have been teaching as a teacher. everyone of these students as to why they did not come to college with the body of knowledge everyone of us take why -- ted, , youing to the teachers
10:48 am
get the same exact answer all the time. they did not teach us that because we had to teach to the test. we had to learn how to take standardized test. , weidn't learn how to think learned how to fill in a bubble answer. behind started this nonsense. efforts to tie school funding where the federal government takes your taxes and dangles it back to you at the state level and says if you take -- take the right standardized test, then you do well, you'll get your money back, has destroyed and is continuing to destroy public education inhe united states. [applause]
10:49 am
government has no role in telling states and school districts what to teach, how to teach it, and how to -- and to hold money ran some so that teachers heads -- hands are tied and students are learning to fill in bubbles and take tests instead of learning how to think critically. opponent richard neal, the incumbent for 26 years is one of the strongest proponents of holding federal money hostage to standardized test. teacher, i will tell you this has got to stop. when i defeat him, the first thing i will seek to do is and common core in this country. [applause] >> thank you, mr. simmons.
10:50 am
are there any other points of information or people seeking to be recognized at this time? microphone number one. >> point of personal privilege. partyountry and this loves music. we don't have a theme song. so i'm going to play it for you. if you'd like it, maybe we can adopt it as a semi-official tune. ♪
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[applause] >> liberty in our lifetime. >> thank you, sir. i wish all privileged motions were that entertaining. [laughter] [applause] >> if there are delegations that of not submitted their votes to the secretary, please work on getting those in as soon as possible. the faster we turn the men, the faster we count them, the faster we count them, the faster we announce them. the faster we announce them, the faster we get to work on electing a libertarian president. [applause]
10:52 am
10:53 am
>> microphone number two. >> point of personal privilege. >> order, please. anyone has a banquet tickets for tonight that you will not be attending, i have a list of people who would like to attend but were not able to afford one. contact me at the utah table or see me around. >> thank you, mr. marshall.
10:54 am
i would like to bring onto the stage, miss donna dawn running for the state of congress -- for congress in the state of indiana. [applause] >> at 211 degrees, water is hot. at 212 degrees, water boils. boiling water produces steam. locomotive.wer a one extra degree makes all the difference. we are that extra degree. [applause] hello everyone, my name is donna and i'm running for u.s. congress in indiana's first district. better known as the region. i don't want to talk to you
10:55 am
today about what i would do as a libertarian in congress. we all want the same thing. minimum government, maximum freedom. i want to discuss how we are going to get there. i did not get into politics, politics got into me. it is a fact that the two old parties are not what they say. and people are angry, and rightfully so. the democrats don't care about free speech anymore than the republicans care about free enterprise. sayinge both too busy that each other's candidate is evil and corrupt. what our country -- when art country was founded, we took on what was at that time, the most powerful country in the world and we can and we must do it again. if we want to take our country back. revolutions happen because people come together and they
10:56 am
act. and they do something. a small group of colonists, the sons of liberty, came together in secret to start the fire of our revolution. excuse me. our revolution is much bigger than the american revolution. we are in this fight together. we must face our fears. we must be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a future for our children and our grandchildren. each of us can take our own path to get there. as long as we are headed to the same destination. liberty is the great cause that makes all other causes possible. politicians no longer control the voters, that is when they are most afraid.
10:57 am
believeding fathers that people who governed over us our servants of and accountable to the people. it is the people who control the power, not the politicians or political parties. it is time we take that power back. [applause] >> the authority of the people as deferred by the constitution has been indoor long enough. this is why we must come away from this convention united. we won't agree on everything, but we can agree that our candidate, whoever it may be, are better than anything the republicans or democrats can come up with. [applause] i would like to close with my favorite quote from margaret mead. never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
10:58 am
dunn you, my name is donna and him running for congress in indiana district one. [applause] miss dunn.u, i want to ask you guys to do something that's a little bit unorthodox. everyone who is here as a delegate or alternate of this convention please stand up. all right. everyone who has been to conventions, please stay standing. thank you, first-timers. everyone who has been to three conventions, please stay standing.
10:59 am
everyone who has been to four conventions, please stay standing. fiveone who has been to national conventions, please stay standing. has been to six conventions, please stay standing. [applause] to sevenwho has been national conventions, please stay standing. [applause] eightne who has been to national conventions, please stay standing. nineone who has been to national conventions, please stay standing. 10ryone who has been to national conventions, please stay standing. [applause] can we take it to 11? [applause]
11:00 am
what about 12? [applause] lucky number 13. 14. [applause] >> 15. 16. [applause] 17. 18. [applause] and correct, but is gary johnson the last man standing? no, there is more than one. ? where we had now, 18? let's go to 19.
11:01 am
are you guys both still standing at 19? i have no idea. [laughter] how about 20? are you still at 20? oh gosh, i cannot figure this out anymore. thank these people have -- who have been with us so long. thank them. [applause] it is their work and dedication that has allowed us to be here today. >> mr. chairman, if we have some we have someone that is
11:02 am
ready to come to the mic. >> all right. i will take care of that. thank you, daniel. up to theke to bring stage a close personal friend, somebody that i got to know very well when i lived in the state of colorado and was my share of that party. a candidate that i did love and respect for. she is running for u.s. senate in the state of colorado and is former chair of the libertarian party of colorado. i would like to welcome to the lily williams. [applause] >> good morning my fellow friends. i am living the american dream.
11:03 am
i'm a girl from communist china. i'm running for u.s. senate today in colorado. [applause] where i come from, you don't want to ever go there to live like the way i did. where the government tells you what to read, how much to be, what to wear, what are approved hairstyles. speeches,e approved and what kind of events you should do. and how many people should share one bathroom. and i had to eat rat meat.
11:04 am
i don't know have you ever tried that -- it you have ever tried that, but it is not much meat. [laughter] i fear foro tell you bed, unlimited government. i fear my children will not have the same opportunity to achieve their american dream. that is why i'm running for u.s. senate. i hate to say the country i love -- see the country i love becoming more like the country i left. [applause] in colorado, the birthplace of the libertarian party. michael bennet voted 92% of
11:05 am
the time with obama and his party leadership. five republican candidates, each of them after his issues. i am the nominee for the libertarian party. be in my first debate next thursday night. my message is universal, my university -- my message is freedom, prosperity, and america's dream. i work in a home running a small
11:06 am
business and raising three children. i came to this country without speaking english like the way i do today. [applause] i only had $100 are owed in my pocket. -- borrowed in mice pocket. -- in my pocket. [applause] i need your help my libertarian friends. so many libertarian hearts beating here in this room. i need each of you to go to my let's take over washington and stop this mad government. thank you.
11:07 am
[applause] >> is there anyone seeking to be recognized? mr. chairman. >> is that microphone three? please identify themselves. >> once again, people are watching this and they may want to know how to get a hold of the libertarian party i just did not write down what you stated before. could you kindly say it again? >> i am always happy to help the gentleman from california. libertarian party, if you would you find out more about
11:08 am
the libertarian party, you can you can also follow us on lpnational.@ you can also find us on facebook. we are everywhere. microphone three, go ahead sir. >> i have a brief announcement. for those who choose not to go presidential banquet this evening, there is a pizza banquet being held in the lobby. [applause] at 8:00 p.m.. bring your pizza money and we will discuss how we can get liberty to average americans in the working poor. which delegations have not turned in their vote at this
11:09 am
time? go ahead. talk to the secretary for just one minute. but before i do, i would like to bring someone up on the stage to speak to you for about five minutes. thes put five minutes on clock, please. i want to bring up a man who i first met when i was 12 years old. father took me to libertarian party meetings and i was just a kid. and i read david bergman's libertarianism in one lesson because it was on my father's bookshelf. and i became a libertarian. i've never been anything else and i never will be. one of the people who showed me
11:10 am
how awesome libertarianism is was a gentleman i first met when i was 12 and that party meeting who is still active today. i would like to bring to the stage mr. ernie hancock. [applause] >> this message is for the young people. months -- young once. i wanted to share something with but when he died, i was not going to be able to tell him. give me a second. we fought so hard as the young
11:11 am
people did here, and i does want you to know that we have been dealing with young people from when i was young to now. because i always understood that it was always, always generation next. the nextgeneration, innovation, the next technology, the next way to be able to communicate our passion and our philosophy with many people all over the planet from your bedroom on your laptop. i want to do share with young people. i was inspired by when you had all the people stand up and how many conventions they had gone to, and i wanted -- i looked and i thought there as well over half of you that were not here in the early 90's and saw what a desolate place libertarianism was in this country. it was a lot of great material, but it was not disseminated.
11:12 am
we are having meet ups where you actually had to meet up and call people to comment -- come. webpages, liberty nexus. the reason was that whenever you came here, you found all these great activism around the country sharing these ideas of all the cool things you can june -- do and change the minds of your friends and neighbors. and change a culture with freedom just by being an example. libertyof the spear of on this planet is in his room. [applause] and across the country. as young activists, when it came to an opportunity, and a lot of you probably know that i and the one that created the ron paul revolution logo. what people do not
11:13 am
understand, they go ernie how did you know? i like how the hell do not know? how to do not know what a powerful message libertarianism is? as libertarians, we understood this type of message was going to penetrate the psyche of a planet. have an entire generation. this is not geographical. this is generational. so when i talk to the young people here, i just want you to be encouraged. we did not have e-mail accounts. we did not have webpages. there was no twitter or facebook. and by the way, there is going to be a new decentralized internet. when that does without censorship, without surveillance, where people are able to access themselves freely, without repercussions and getting paid for whistleblowing. it is over man. upse young people have grown with this understanding of all
11:14 am
freedom of expression without the control of the mainstream media. the media that is so last century. they don't get it. and we have the biggest arrow in our quiver, bigger than anyone else's, it is just the truth. [applause] i have been to a lot of conventions. they have a lot of things that we do. over 10 years ago, we started freedoms unix and anticipation of 2600 and 1998, my wife and i got involved when we're pregnant with our first child, because he knew how bad things are getting. so what can we do? by the time our kids are our age 20's, it is going to be bad. and we are going to have to have a foundation of the ready. but when was that?
11:15 am
my children are now 26 to 30. it was always 2016 in our minds. by the time we started, i've my 11th grandchild coming. i am in man. i'm in for the long haul. i have great-grandchildren, great children, because you brought them up for a love of liberty and just being left alone. as a talk show host, they always are they can spheres? i go i will tell you they are. there are those who just want to be left alone. that justare those won't leave them alone. which one are you? as you grow up with these simple poppers stick her -- bumper s.icker understanding spiri your children, your generation, your communities just go up at
11:16 am
the right filter to look at bs is coming from. you be good neighbor, to be good example. i wanted to tell -- i was looking for to telling him how inspired i was by this convention. more so than any other that i've been to. was, it had that national debate on c-span. and a such a variety beautiful tapestry of representation of libertarian party. regardless of who wins, that tapestry represented so well that for the first time in arizona history that i can remember, there was not a note to vote. and we are famous that. to share thated
11:17 am
with you and let the young people no, no matter what the frustrations are in this election cycle, no matter what you come up against, it is just beginning. [applause] >> i would like the delegation behind --line up -- i'm trying to think of the easiest microphone to line up behind. microphone one. >> i would like to ask the body to consider that the libertarian party acquire a mascot. i would like to propose dobby from the harry bod potter series,
11:18 am
. who says that dobby has no master. has comea free elf who to help his friends. by random order, district of columbia will be first. i would like them to line up in front of microphone one. then we will move in alphabetical order after washington dc. please do that now and be prepared to read off your vote totals for president.
11:19 am
[indiscernible] >> all right. is the d.c. delegation chair at microphone one? district of columbia. taxation without representation. the belly of the beast. this bond of satan. of satan.wn hopefully we can find the d.c. delegation chair and get them to microphone want to read their announcement. he is coming. he is moving. everyone let him get through. we are going to get this done. >> sorry.
11:20 am
our chair without getting a beer. perfectly comfortable in the libertarian party. why did you not get me a beer? microphone one, please identify sub. then the delegate from district of columbia. the only jurisdiction in this country that still suffers under the yoke of taxation without representation. the district of columbia has three modes -- votes for the only lp presidential candidate ever to be positive for by three major networks, three votes for governor gary johnson. go identify yourself. >> florida. >> thank you. >> brett larson from georgia.
11:21 am
the great state of georgia casar 31 votes as follows. dr. mark feldman five. governor gary johnson nine. mr. john mcafee, eight. mr. gerald perry, four. and mr. austin peterson, five. >> go-ahead. >> alone. ha. probably representing the state of hawaii, as you can tell. our votes are as follows. gary johnson, four. austin peterson, one. that is it. >> thank you. >> go-ahead. >> representing the great state of idaho. we are known for more than our
11:22 am
potatoes. we're the gem state because our state is rich with resources. which is probably what the federal government still retains over 60% of our land. we probably cast our ballots as follows. also peterson, one. and the next president of the united states, six. >> the gentleman from indiana. >> the great state of illinois where we send our governor to prison. cast our votes as follows.
11:23 am
there'll perry, one. john mcafee, three. austin peterson, four. and gary johnson, 19. [applause] chairman of the state of indiana. found 34d to have people willing to not be at the indianapolis 500 today. there is more than racecars in indiana. there is more than corn in indiana. feldman, one. darrell perry, too. john mcafee, four. austin peterson, nine. gary johnson, 18.
11:24 am
[applause] >> iowa. state of iowa chair. our liberties we prize, our rights we will maintain. the beautiful state of i am a following boat. mark feldman, too. gary johnson, three. john mcafee, one. kevin mccormick, one. also peterson, three. -- austin peterson, three. >> kansas. state votes for gary johnson, too. austin peterson, too. darrell perry, one. >> thank you. kentucky. commonwealth of kentucky.
11:25 am
in kentucky we have an unbridled spirit. and more barrels of bourbon and people. [applause] we have our priorities straight. my pleasure to announce our vote. governor johnson, seven. mr. mcafee, three. dr. mark alan feldman, one. >> thank you. louisiana. >> louisiana, the host of the next national convention and the most beautiful state and the world. we cast our vote as follows. ronald johnson, four. austin peterson, eight.
11:26 am
>> maine. the land of liberty, lobsters, and all the above. two garyur ballots for johnson. five, peterson. we arearyland registering libertarians at an incredible rate. and we welcome each and every one of them as we grow. the delegates of the free state of maryland cast their votes for gary johnson, 10. dr. mark alan feldman, four. darrell parry, 2. four also peterson. >> massachusetts where the american revolution began in the battles concorde, lexington.
11:27 am
in 1783 reviews the glories american tradition of judicial activism to abolish slavery in our state flatly cast threeobably boats for john mcafee and eight votes for gary johnson. >> michigan. the great state of michigan surrounded by beautiful water but whose incompetent government has made the city of flint a national disgrace. and to secretary of state, she who will not be named to prevented us from having a candidate on the ballot in 2012 cast fibers for mr. mcafee. 2 for mr. feldman. one for mr. peterson. one for mr. perry. and 15 for gary johnson. [applause] >> minnesota. >> hello everybody.
11:28 am
our license plate says 10,000 lakes. but we really have 10,000 taxes. , and 10,000ations infringements on our rights. that is changing soon. we proudly say to votes for perry. 2 for peterson. and five for johnson. thank you. >> the state of mississippi. >> mr. chairman. the great state of mississippi, birthplace of the blues. resilient citizens represented been tainted by a collection of both the republican and democratic parties of our state. we are proud to host of the first libertarian debate of the 2016 season at the world-class -- we are proud to bring our eight delegates to this convention and we cast our ballots in this manner. one for mr. mcafee. one for mr. peterson.
11:29 am
and six for the next president of the united states, gary johnson. misery. missouri. route 24 delegates that wanted to be shown this weekend. two real liberty and real freedom. and i think we got it. we cast our votes in the following. mark alan feldman, one. gary johnson, seven. john mcafee, one. kevin mccormick, one. darrell parry, one. austin peterson, 12. >> mr. fellows from montana. montana has the highest vote
11:30 am
totals represented for a 3.3% in the history of the lp. the great state of montana cathodes photostat -- as follows. gary johnson one-vote. john mcafee, two votes. darrell perry, one vote. an austin peterson, two votes for a total of seven delegates. thank you very much. >> nebraska. nebraska, the state with more cattle than people. and as of last thursday, nebraska is now the second state with a libertarian state
11:31 am
senator. [applause] nebraska probably cast to votes for gary johnson. and six votes for the next president of the united states, often peterson. -- austin peterson. >> nevada. i'm chairman of the libertarian party of nevada. the great state of nevada, silver state, the freest state in the nation. vote.udly place our one vote for also peterson.
11:32 am
and 11 votes for the next president of the united states , governor gary johnson. new hampshire. new hampshire is the freest state in the union. new hampshire was the last state to elect a libertarian state representative and soon we hope to make it again. new hampshire is the landing zone for the free state project. come to new hampshire and live free. because of the fine activism of libertarians, we are actually repealing laws we repealed one third of our homeschool laws and
11:33 am
we are the first date to get out of real id. we were peeled laws of small breweries. if you call 911 because someone is sick, the police were not arrested for being involved in that activity. that was libertarianism. has eightconstitution articles protecting private property. we have an expensive way to conscience. and it was a right to revolution. we also have jury nullification and a whole bunch of other stuff. because new hampshire has the highest per capita of libertarians, we will survive the zombie apocalypse. new hampshire cast its votes as follows. for austin peterson, one. gary johnson, one. john mcafee, too. darrell parry, five.
11:34 am
>> new jersey. >> high. . from new jersey and we are sorry. smileate where you cannot in your drivers license photo but i mean why would you? statest densely populated with quite a dense population, the garden state, but chances are you are not zoned for one. with the worst property tax and new jersey cast their votes as follows. we have two for feldman. nine for johnson. five for mcafee. three forrry and peterson. >> new mexico. from new mexico were gary
11:35 am
johnson made some kind of history. and the birthplace of the atomic bomb. please excuse me for stepping to the microphone to early. i don't understand alphabetical order. i want to public school. [laughter] for two forballots darrell parry. and 11 for gary johnson. thank you. >> new york. >> thank you mr. chairman. the great empire state of new and is the land of taxes government giveaways, local corruption, and the rising libertarian party. it's probably to announce that we have one vote for dr. feldman. three for john mcafee. three for darrell parry.
11:36 am
16 for austin peterson. and the 16 for gary johnson. [applause] >> north carolina. delegation chair from north carolina. come to north carolina, we assure you we have enough bathrooms for everybody. one for darrell parry. one for kevin mccormick. two for john mcafee. three for austin peterson. for for feldman. -- 44 feldman. four feldman. and 18 for gary johnson. [applause] >> north dakota. north dakota the frozen
11:37 am
wasteland status proud to be down here in the sunny florida. we are also very proud of all of our presidential candidates who i think it done amazing job. i would like to give them a hand. the latter was the winner. -- no matter who is the winner. because of falling but one for johnson, two for mcafee. and two for peterson. >> ohio. >> ohio we are first in flight. home of the right brothers. we cast our votes as follows. john mcafee, three. feldman, eight. peterson, nine. gary johnson, 21. >> oklahoma. >> greetings from oklahoma. a state ranking number one in
11:38 am
the incarceration of nonviolent women. answering the question why aren't there more women in the party? votesbably cast six reflecting our diversity and independence as follows. one for darrell parry. one for mark alan feldman. one for also peterson. and two for gary johnson. >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, home to the liberty bell. home to the delegation that is the answer to life, the university, and everything. loud forproud and libertarian candidate in 2016. and as we vote to change history, we voted as follows. gary johnson, 16. darrell parry, 12.
11:39 am
austin peterson, six. john mcafee, four. feldman, three. we had one abstention and that is all. >> rhode island. when we get home tuesday morning the last ever want to do one thing. turn off your computer. and gaugee streets, the politics, make a person appear to america about liberty. bluefly on facebook and twitter. get involved in your community. in the balance carrying -- voluntary and that we are. take it personal. gary johnson, three.
11:40 am
11:41 am
>> i'm proud to be represented delegates from the free republic of texas. which has qualities and blessings for numerous stars. which i might add the stars at night are big and bright. we cast our votes as follows. darrell parry, too. mark feldman, seven. austin peterson, 10. john mcafee, 15. and gary johnson, 20. -- 26. >> utah. i was elected mayor of big water utility 2001. at the first openly gay mayor in utah.
11:42 am
utah is the beehive state and the headquarters of the church you described, the mormons. at this point usually do standup comedy, but today i want to speak to all of his across america who are aware latter day saints. are you tired of voting for the lesser two evils? do you believe in the doctrine of free agency? are you concerned that america is losing its freedom? do you wonder if the constitution is hanging at the -- by thread? we invite you to look at the libertarian party. we are raising the title of liberty. come join us. utah proudly cast his vote as follows. feldman, one. johnson, too. mcafee, too. peterson, too.
11:43 am
and one vote for ron paul. [applause] >> vermont. the big metal state of vermont read the second amendment is her gun permit. we cast levers for john mcafee. -- three vote for john mcafee. >> virginia. >> i'm representing the beautiful and historic commonwealth of virginia. home to many libertarian legends including dr. jim work, bill read past, and robert jarvis. to dce anddoorstep we are ready to take that dam door down. [applause]
11:44 am
we cast our vote as follows. dr. mark feldman, one. darrell parry, too. john mcafee, 2. austin peterson, six. and gary johnson, 19. [applause] >> mr. brown. did you say none of the above had one? or was it a no vote? thank you. it was an abstention. washington. >> chairperson, libertarian party of washington. from a state that in four short years has gone from zero to
11:45 am
feeling 32 candidates this year in 2016. mr. trainer for the hall, can you tell them where there's candidates are standing right now? there is a good portion right there. >> go ahead mr. trainer. >> from the state that is regularly beating the top two primary and has elected five libertarians last year alone. they truly evergreen state. our very titles are as follows. mark feldman, 1. austin peterson, three. john mcafee, 10. governor gary johnson, 13. thank you very much. [applause] >> west virginia. >> thank you mr. chairman.
11:46 am
my name is john buckley. i'm the delegation chair for west virginia. west virginia, the mountain state of his small state was just barely three congressional district. two years ago, we had 14 people at our state convention. this year, we have 112. [applause] i believe on a proportional basis, we have had the largest turnout for congressional district of any date in the country. we proudly have fidelity votes. emmy cast five votes for austin peterson. [applause] >> wisconsin. wisconsin, the badger state where green bay packers is not a football team but a religion. in2002, we ran a candidate
11:47 am
the libertarian party for governor. he got 10 at half percent of the vote against a sitting republican and a sitting democrat who is the attorney general. we think we can do better. asconsin cast ballot follows. darrell parry, 1. john mcafee, 2. and for the next president of the united states, governor jerry -- gary johnson, 13. >> wyoming. >> mr. chairman, wyoming cast its votes as follows. darrell parry, 1. the next president of united states, gary johnson, and 2. >> alabama. chair of the libertarian party of the great state of alabama. where our motto is we dared defend our rights we are home of
11:48 am
ballot access laws. the world's longest constitution. and of course college football. we proudly cast our vote one for austin peterson. 2 for darrell parry. 3 for john mcafee. and seven for governor gary johnson. >> alaska. delegation chairman from alaska. alaska, the largest state that is a wholly subsidiary of the oil industry caps on vote as follows. one for mark alan feldman. and five for austin peterson. >> arizona. >> good morning. i'm chairman of the arizona libertarian party. and a perennial candidate. history of a proud producing contrarians.
11:49 am
figuressuch historical as geronimo. the miranda decision came out of arizona. barry goldwater from arizona. have 22 sovereign nations within the borders of arizona. they are sovereign in name only. they are run by the dia. arizona probably casted votes as follows. although, i do have to say i'm embarrassed at this time, we .nly ze austin peterson, too. darrell parry, too. mccormick, 2. dr. mark feldman, 2. john mcafee, 7.
11:50 am
governor gary johnson, 11. >> arkansas. .> arkansas, the natural state one of only two states in the nation that produces diamonds and it is also produced the gem of clinton and huckabee. arkansas cast its votes as follows. none of the above, one vote. mark alan feldman, one vote. john mcafee, three votes. and gary johnson, for various. -- four votes. >> california. >> fellow libertarians. i'm chair of the libertarian party california. i want to use a couple of people. and a candidate for the california state assembly 42nd district in the upcoming two senate primary.
11:51 am
california has 35 candidates running in open primary for u.s. senator. we have two of them who are libertarians and they are right here. [applause] california, the golden state with a gold was stolen long ago of this -- by the socialists of sacramento has 115 votes to cast. one vote for heidi zeman. kevin mccormick, 3 votes. four votes for darrell parry. four votes for mark feldman. 21 votes for john mcafee. 33 votes for austin peterson.
11:52 am
votes for the next president of the united states, governor gary johnson. thank you. [applause] >> colorado. >> from the great state of colorado, home of willie williams. lily williams. one vote for john mcafee. one vote for derek grayson. for austin peterson. two votes for darrell parry. and 17 votes for governor gary johnson. [applause] >> connecticut. go ahead. connecticut, the constitution
11:53 am
state that has forgotten what the constitution means. home of nathan hal. a state desperately in need of being free from democrats control proudly cast for votes for austin peterson. three votes for john mcafee. three votes for gary johnson. [applause] delaware. >> hello everyone. i'm the chair of the libertarian party of delaware. i am also the candidate for congress this year in the state. i'm proud to represent the first state. delaware casts its ballot as followed. one for kevin mccormick. one for austin peterson. and one for gary johnson. [applause] >> that concludes the voting for president of the united states.
11:54 am
if the secretary can please display the results on the screen. switch to video feed two. microphone three. >> mr. chairman, could you please -- [applause] [applause] [applause] >>[johnson!]
11:55 am
>> order please. i was in the midst of recognizing microphone number three. go ahead. psy mr. chairman. but once again with everyone pay attention to the television this time. i understand you might not have written down the last point of information. the way to find the libertarian party and find out more about us if you are interested in joining a new political home go to . on g or call mark alan feldman with 58 votes. 6.27%. votes,hnson with 415 49.5 percent. votes,afee with 131
11:56 am
14.162%. kevin mccormick with nine votes, .9%. with 63 votes, 6.8%. austin peterson with 197 votes, .297%in with no candidate having achieved a majority on the first ballot, we will proceed to a second ballot. kevin mccormick will be dropped from this ballot. and we will vote again. pleaseion chairs approach the secretaries assistant table. to take five minutes, so stand at ease for five minutes. it is now five minutes until 12. we are scheduled to stop at 12.
11:57 am
who wants to stop and who was to keep on trucking? then we will continue. i will have to hand the gavel off at 12:15 so i can attend a press conference. at this point, i would like to invite the candidates from the libertarian party of washington who are running on the ballot as libertarians onto the stage and their state chairman, stephen nielsen. [applause] >> thank you sir. that is former state chairman. i handed off my gavel in april so that i could run in the state of washington. i'm not running alone. i have got 32 amazing candidates with me. several them here with me today. and washington state, the caliber of candidates that we have are so great that the party in name only, the republicans
11:58 am
are begging us to rot -- run as republicans. but you know what we are, we are libertarian. absolutely. i want to take one moment to thank everybody on the stage and everybody back at home, and washington state who is to stand torch,liberty, raise the screaming to the wind, that we are libertarians and that we are here to win for you. [applause] i would like you just hand up a microphone real fast and that all of these amazing candidates can quickly say their names and where they're from, what they're running for, because i believe in making sure that everyone has a voice for liberty. please. what a great day to be a libertarian. [applause] i'm running for state
11:59 am
legislature from spokane, washington. got 8% of the i vote against a democrat and a republican. time, i'm only running against the incumbent democrat and i'm going to take that disenfranchised voters and i'm going to sail all the way to victory. thank you. i'm from redmond, washington, raise in vancouver washington, i'm running for secretary of state in washington. we have a problem in our country. with a broken political party system. it is time for america to stand up and stick the party system. thank you. us.nd paul had i'm running for lieutenant governor washington state. of thisme to get rid duopoly that is running our political system. it is time to get the corruption of big money interests out of politics and let it be liberty
12:00 pm
and justice for all. i'm speaking to the people watching to divert libertarian this year for a freer washington manner for your united they. -- united states. get out there and get the buildup for the libertarian candidate in your area. if there is not one, get on the ballot you can. feynman to support. thank you very much. i'm running to represent all of the washington where i lived for 20 years. this is our year. this is our moment. we have an unprecedented chance to seize this country in the name of liberty. for everyone here, for everyone at home. the 48running in districts in washington. iran in 2014 and got 37% of the vote in a sling district.


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