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tv   Governor John Bel Edwards Delivers Commencement Address at Southern...  CSPAN  May 30, 2016 11:05pm-11:20pm EDT

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for your public service to the state of indiana, for your personal life, that's modeled by ethical standards, for the xample of your servant leadership, and for your personal christian character that is evidence to all those ho interact with you personally. bythe authority vested in me the indiana board of trustees, i the degree, ou doctor of public leadership, in pens we've vested governor with the appropriate acumen as we could, and i present this parchment of recognition. congratulations. [applause] nnouncer: louisiana governor john bel edwards spoke to the n university souther
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at new orleans. he talked about his commitment to the university and its future. this is 15 minutes. . . [applause] governor edwards: thank you. thank you, members of the class 2016, chancellor upolo, president belton, faculty, parents, friends, it's an honor to share this day of celebration with you. ukolo, my friend, thank you for your exemplary service for the southern university of new orleans and to the state of louisiana, under some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable over the last 10 years. donna and i and the state of you well in your future endeavors, and while i'm
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here, i want to issue an official statement in the name the authority of the state of louisiana, bel fically, i, john edwards, together with the citizens of this great state do hereby give special recognition to dr. victor upolo, chancellor, acknowledgment of your leadership and dedicated service university of new orleans and southern university system from 2006 to whereof, i n witness have hereunto set my hand fficially and called to be affixed this great seal of the state of louisiana, the capital, and the city of baton rouge on he 7th day of may 2016, and i sign this, and i want to give sign of ou, as a appreciation by the state of you.siana for [cheering and applause]
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before i go any further, our invocation today mentioned ordering, and so did that musical selection. if god will order our steps we ask him to, and he will order our steps in his word, but we feet. have to move our we all have to move our feet. you're going to get an opportunity here as you leave as graduates to move your feet as before.never done so congratulations. it's a great day. i'm happy to be here to celebrate with you. 1988, i graduated from west point. outdoor service. we were wearing full dress gray over white. , it was i remember raining hard, we smelled like a and the rty sheets, speaker spoke way too long. he gave a good
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speech and, in fact, it was the vice president george bush, who later, became president, but i still don't remember much of it. you m not going to keep long today. nd, in fact, i'm told at one time dr. seuss gave a commencement speech. he got up, and he said, the urpose of education is to determine fluff from stuff, and having said that, i've said enough, and he sat down. [laughter] i'm not going to be that brief, nd i'm not going to be that eloquent. to all the moms out here, omorrow is your day, but today is your day too. [cheering and applause] you have supported these graduates in good times and bad times. encouraged them to chase their dreams and today, they are catching one of those dreams. you've watched them grow into the men and women who are receiving their diplomas today while k you, moms, and
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we're at it, thank you, dads, and grandparents, because it truly takes a family. structure, topport make sure that our children are going to be successful. i know you're proud and i am proud as well. most importantly, i want to 2016.atulate the class of [cheering and applause] has paid off. know some of you have faced even more challenges, lots of day.lenges to get to this many of you are not traditional higher education students. maybe you weren't a full-time student when you started. maybe you were never a full-time student. maybe you've had to work a job, raise children. maybe you were displaced by a storm. maybe you just started later in life for whatever reason.
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but just look at where you are today. life may have gotten in the way, you down.n't keep so just take a moment, because great s the day of celebration, you're going to be busy, but just take a moment and back, contemplate and thank god for the blessings in your life, that have allowed you to reach this point. thank him for your families. teachers. for your thank him for the faculty and suno.taff here at most of all, just thank him. you got here how or how long it took, you will alk out of these doors today following in the foot steps of a long history of trailblazing knights. you represent a new chapter in legacy.nduring it's been 10 years since the returned to new orleans after being displaced to aton rouge in the aftermath of
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hurricane katrina. dr. upolo has led this university every step of the way, and i know that recovery wasn't easy, and it certainly wasn't quick. in fact, it's only been two years since the last fema of this were moved off campus. -- i've been to this campus about five times now. the progress has been remarkable. but those things are just buildings. the real progress has been with you, the people at southern university of new orleans, and what's most important is you up.r gave you didn't give up on your school. you didn't give up on your education, and i can promise you his, as your governor, i'm not going to give up on you, i'm not going to give up on southern, on i'm not going to give up suno either. [applause] i have long believed that suno is too important not to fight and when there were threats
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f closures in the southern university system, i stood up to university's important place in this community and this state. know that there is a vital role now and in the future for a hvcu, in new orleans and that is your role, suno. suggestions to the contrary are incomprehensible to me. your education is not just your priority, it's mine. it's a priority for everybody in the state of louisiana. despite the road blocks along he way, suno has experienced tremendous growth through new and renovated buildings, teadily climbing enrollment, and one of the kind programs such as the forensic science center and the honorary for undergraduate student achievement, named for a louisiana hero and american hero, and a southern university general lieutenant
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russell el honoree. eventually, the fema trailers disappeared and in their place, incubator usiness center was built. if that isn't resiliance, i what resilience is. in addition to representing a suno, you also represent a new chapter for the reat state of louisiana, one i hope that is also resilient, one resilient as well. and there's no doubt we have challenges to overcome. we're still dealing with the largest budget deficit in the state.y of our we've seen the largest cuts to higher education in the nation atr the last eight years and the same time, the highest increases in tuition, in the eight over the last years. we continue to have the highest incarceration rate in the we should not. not eople in louisiana are
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more sinister and more criminal than people elsewhere, and we shouldn't put them in prison to a greater extent than the rest of the country. [applause] so while i'm very frank about the challenges we face as a that ii want you to know am also genuinely optimistic about the future of louisiana. and that is largely because of the bright individuals seated in of e seats right in front me. and now, we can never should never guarantee qual of outcomes in our state, but we must guarantee quality of that says that quality higher education is an graduation, and your today presents another, and i on to focus for a minute those graduating today. in addition to having the highest grade point average in class, samuel has been
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working part time for the last hree years as a research assistant at the louisiana cancer research center. because of his passion for life-saving research, he has decided to continue this work a joint arting m.d.-ph.d. program next year at the lsu health sciences center. thank you, samuel. [applause] i am delighted that you plan on staying here in louisiana, because we need you here. need all of you here. too many times, i've seen the young people of our state think they might have to leave to get a great education or have a good rewarding career. nothing could be further from the truth. opportunity, great opportunity awaits you right here in louisiana. alumnus, at suno olanda williams. the same year suno returned home to new orleans, she graduated masters, after also
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receiving her fwrut education here at suno. to be the first woman to chair as chair of the and the youngest person ever elected president of the police chief associations black caucus. under estimate the power that you have to make a real difference. your talents and fresh ideas can forge a new and better path for louisiana. and a determined spirit is one of the greatest gifts you can suno.away from it's the kind of determination that will give louisiana a future, but righter it will also help you as you chapter in your own life. and while i am confident that you're leaving here with the tools needed to be successful, i annot promise you that it's going to be easy.
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the tests of school may be behind you, but there will always be tests in life, and will be harder. and even when it may seem impossible, never ever doubt your ability to succeed, and don't let everyone convince you successful.not be so dream big. chase that dream, and catch it. i'm speaking to you today as the 56th governor of the great state of louisiana, and had i listened the political pundits, the naysayers, i would office er run for this because i wasn't supposed to win. so when i tell you, you can do nything, trust me, you can do it. if you can dream it, if you can it, you'll catch [cheering and applause] so i hope you leave here today not only with a quality ducation but with a
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determination to make a positive difference not just in your life just in the life of your amily, but in your community, in your state, and in this world in which we live. congratulations, graduates, and god bless each and every one of you. [cheering and applause] announcer: our look at 2016 commencement speeches continues as we head to massachusetts here republican governor charlie baker addressed the graduates of nichols college. he told students not to be failure, sharing his own story of how he lost his campaign rnatorial before being elected in november of last year. this is 15 minutes. governor baker: so one of the things that was interesting to me about the chance to be here today, and i did not know my friend jan


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