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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Redding California  CSPAN  June 6, 2016 1:15am-2:25am EDT

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take a look at criminal justice from a to z. we want to end the militarization of local police departments. there is a lot of work to do and i look forward to working with you to make those improvements. thank you. ok, thank you very much. [chanting: bernie] >> now, republican presidential candidate donald trump. he spoke there as well as new mexico, new jersey, and getting ready for presidential -- presidential primaries. one hour.little over ♪
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mr. trump: this is amazing. redding, we love redding. everybody.ery much, i think it's 104 degrees. is everybody ok? if anyone not feeling well, come up here, we have plenty of water to share. this is hot out. i want to thank you all. they got some very bad news, the worst jobs report in 6 1/2 years, ok? it is going the wrong way. they are playing games. it's going the wrong way. they had a labor participation rate, it fell to 62.6%, which is one of the worst in many, many, many years.
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so we know what we're doing. we are going to turn it around and make america great again, we're going to bring back our jobs, bring back our jobs and bring it back fast. so you remember the 1237 and they said, maybe at the convention and i said we are going to reach it easy. who would have thought we reached it before hillary clinton. she can't close the deal. she can't close it. she's working hard and can't close it with bernie. good old bernie. we love our bernie. don't we? i tell you what, what a mess she's in. and the people with bernie don't want to vote for her and they want to vote for trump. you saw that poll. just came out. because whether you like bernie or not, he's right about one thing, trade is a disaster for our country.
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one thing he is right about. the trade deals that our country makes is an absolute disaster. hello. look at all those people over there. this is crazy. wow! i wish these camera guys would spin it around. they are so dishonest, 100 something degrees out here to have this number of people. are we happy to be here? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: on june 7, you have to get out and vote, because you know, we are setting records. we have already broken the record, in all fairness. i like that cap. he has the same cap i have on. you like that, right? hunters, the n.r.a., they gave me the endorsement. you saw that. great, great people. wayne and chris, they are great people. they gave me the earliest endorsement i think they have ever given to anybody. national rifle association.
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folks, we are going to protect your 2nd amendment. we will protect your 2nd amendment. believe me. i love you, too. nice guy over there. big strong guy. i love you. so, look, we have had an incredible period of time june 16 we started and it's been an amazing ride. all over the world they are talking about it, it's a movement. they said they have never seen anything like it. the biggest crowds of anybody by far. the other night, bernie had 3,000 and i had 17,000. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and they talked about me, donald trump made a speech, blah blah blah. never mentioned the number of people and bernie has had a massive crowd of 3,000 people. i tell you what, the press is so biased against us, but i believe we have the numbers. i really believe it. you know, they used to call it the silent majority, now i think we are going to call it the
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noisy majority. folks.ot silent anymore, we're not silent. see in san jose, we had an amazing crowd. it was packed and it was incredible and at the basketball game, which is that area, the san francisco game, and we had some crowd. it was absolutely incredible. and it was a love fest inside, no problems whatsoever. we went on and spoke and had a good time for an hour and i said i want to get you guys so you could see the warriors, who won. but i wanted to get them out and i said we don't want to get out. we had an amazing time. that was it and we wrapped up and everybody was cheering forever and they walked out and they get accosted by a bunch of thugs burning the american flag, burning the american flag.
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you know what they are? they're thugs. yeah. build that wall. you're right. [crowd chanting build that wall] mr. trump: we are going to build the wall, folks. don't even think about it. you saw -- i have a lot of endorsements and paul ryan just endorsed me and mitch mcconnell, and everybody. but we have tremendous support. when you think that in the history of our party, more votes than anybody that has ever done this before. think of it. more than dwight eisenhower. i mean he won the second world war, more than ronald reagan who we all love, more than anybody and we have a lot of endorsements and very popular within the party and polls are coming out showing we are doing well and winning. the fox poll came out a few days
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ago and we are winning by flee -- three points. we're beating hillary. did you see that phony speech she made yesterday. and people think, oh, did she speak well. she has a teleprompter here and there. did you ever notice? bump bump. bump bump. donald trump is a bad man. do you notice, donald trump is a bad man. donald trump has a bad tone. we need a tough tone in this country. we don't need this kind of stuff anymore. she said, i don't like the tone of donald trump, that was a while ago. she said i don't like his tone. and i'm saying to myself, they are chopping off people's heads and killing us at the border. our country's a mess. we have the worst jobs report in 6 1/2 years.
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our labor participation rate, you are talking about decades of a disaster. people are making less money now than they made 18 years ago and working harder. and i'm supposed to have a nice tone. oh, hello, everybody. how's everything. we are going to bring back our jobs. we are going to take our country back. we are going to run it properly, folks. and you are going to be proud of your country again. and you know they do research.
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[crowd chanting u.s.a. u.s.a. u.s.a.] mr. trump: i like that. i like that. so california, good place. i'm going to play heavy in california. i think we can win it. i mean we get crowds like this all over the place and didn't give you a hangar. they don't give hangars anymore. but it's amazing the kind of reception that we have. and every magazine and every newspaper whether they like us or not and i say folks, i'm a messenger. am i doing a good job? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: it's incredible what's happened. and people are saying it's the most incredible political phenomenon. one of the pundits told me the other day and said you know, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose, the job you've done is so incredible. you came from nowhere and never did this before and fighting 17 governors and senators and professional politicians, i have been fighting them all my life and i like fighting, but you have been fighting these people and week after week you are down to 16, you are down to 14, you are down to 9, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. and they said it hasn't been anything like it. it doesn't matter whether we win or lose. it will be in the history books forever. they said it never happened. it would never happen.
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bill o'reilly the single biggest single political phenomenon he's ever seen in his life. and i'm saying what the hell are we talking about? we have to win. we have to win. we didn't come this far to lose. we are going to play california because i think hillary is pathetic and should be in jail for what she did with her emails. she should be in jail. she should be in jail. she should be in jail. she should be in jail for what she did with those emails. she wants to play a little tough. you know, she polls it, every word she said was polled. i don't have teleprompters. it's called up here and memory and called other things. and i speak from here and from the heart, ok, because that's what we need.
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and every single thing she said yesterday was polled and her people wrote it out and don't see the teleprompters. she's makes it like, oh, saying that. they said oh, they didn't know that. she's reading the script and read a line and phony audience. have the phony audience and the guy in the back going now and they clap. and these pundits -- if i ever did that, i would be run out of town. believe me. they would get it. but for hillary, it's ok. what she said was so many lies. like he wants japan to get nuclear weapons. i don't want them to get nuclear weapons. i want them to pay us the kind of money we have to have so we don't lose money protecting japan and germany and saudi arabia. we have to do this. and south korea. i mean we are protecting south korea from the maniac in the
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north and we're protecting them. he actually said -- you know i said this. said, would you mind having negotiations with north korea. no problem. who the hell cares. i'm not going there. but you have a negotiation. they said we will never talk. we will never talk. how stupid are these people? they have been selling our country down the tube. they have been spending money, who knows if the talks work, maybe they will, maybe they won't. they probably will, if you want to know the truth. and putin said donald trump is a genius and next great leader of the united states. applause]n trump: they wanted me to
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disavow what he said. how dare you call me a genius. how dare you call me a genius, vladimir. wouldn't it be nice we would get along with russia. i'm not talking about weakness. i know about negotiating. hillary clinton is a weak person. she is totally scripted. she is totally scripted. she is a thief and she should be in jail for what she did to our national security. i mean the only problem is i would like to run against her, if you want to know the truth. but, she should be. what she has done is terrible. so, look, we have -- i can't believe it. look at all the people out there trying to get in. hello everybody! look at that! look at those people. look at that. look at all those people. they couldn't have pulled these fences a little bit further out? you don't want them to come in. you have enough people here. that's the way life works. life is vicious. so when we talk about the different attributes, you look at the word tone, but i'll use a different word, bernie sanders said that hillary clinton has
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bad judgment. she has bad judgment. you know, we are in a cyberworld. this is now a cyberworld. russia is knocking us off. china is knocking us off. they are stealing so much. what china's doing with our intellectual property, stealing billions. we aren't doing anything about it, during her regime. you look at what's going on. here is hillary all loused up with a simple email system and asked why did she do it? i understand why she did it, because she's a thief. i get why she did it. but talk about judgment, how do you have a president with that kind of bad judgment. she could have used the government stuff. she could have taken the government server, assume everyone is listening. every time i pick up a phone. you sue their ass off if they
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are, and if you can find them -- and drop a little lawsuit on them and make them pay. but you know what? for her to do what she did puts our country at risk. she's secretary of state. she's got people like uma, anthony weiner, wife of anthony weiner, how would you like anthony weiner to be having these secrets. guess what, she tells anthony weiner everything there is. i know anthony weiner. i don't want him knowing anything. and i never ever want him to tweet me. does anybody want him to tweet? she's married to anthony weiner and goes home -- that's the way life works. she goes home. she tells him everything. who the hell wants that?
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this is not right. it's not right. general petraeus has suffered greatly and many people suffered far less than what hillary clinton did. to me, as the woman just said, but she got away with it. it looks like she got away with it -- unless i win. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and everything will be fair, but we are going to have an attorney general and the attorney general is going to take a look and see, because you know there's a five year or six-year statute of limitations. so she really is running for some very important reasons for herself. look, when somebody does something so wrong as that, they have to pay the consequences. she put our nation in difficulty. did you see her i.t. specialist, he's taking the fifth. the word is he's ratting her out
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like you wouldn't believe it, but they want to try and favor, that's not the way the government is supposed to work. they aren't supposed to be trying to save her but supposed to be doing the right thing. but the press never lets up and it never follows that story. it never follows the real story. so do you remember in iowa, i made a speech. and i said let's raise some money for our vets. you know? and i figured we would raise half a million, two million. we end up raising almost $6 million. and i got bad publicity. can you imagine? this can only happen to me. believe me. i have more calls and more emails and more tweets at -- #realdonaldtrump. cnn and fox says donald trump, i'm sitting there tweeting, bing bing bing. tweeting.g there
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they say, donald trump has issued a major statement. you know we have like almost 9 million on twitter. and similar number on facebook. on instagram, a million and a half and soon going to be 20 million people. that's like owning the "new york times" without the lawsuits. no, it's pretty good. tell meopponents, they this. and then they say, you shouldn't -- my opponents, they have three people, they said you shouldn't use your twitter. i say why? i said like in golf, a hitter, don't use your driver. we use anything you have to do to win. we are going to win. we are going to win. we raise almost $6 million and of dishonest press, not all them, they aref
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so dishonest, if i would have done nothing, it would have been fine. i said let's raise some money for the vets. i'm glad i did it. i got more thank u.s. from the vets. we gave to many, many groups. they wake up and get $100,000 in the mail, $250,000. one of them got $1.1 million and they are great. they are great people and they appreciated it. so they appreciate it, it's fine. but they put the negative spin on everything. no matter what we do -- you know it's funny. the "new york times" puts me on -- what? -- medic. medic. you just take it easy, darling. it's hot out here, right. right over here, medic. right over here. we love you. we love you. some of these people got here five, six hours ago.
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[crowd chanting trump] mr. trump: she ok? we want to make sure she's ok. she was here for five hours, they say. five hours, some of them here for seven, eight hours. hi. oh, we love you. are you ok, honey? give her a hand everybody. give her a hand. [applause] mr. trump: that's great. she's tougher than all of us. and look at the medics and the police, what a great job they do, right? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: e.m.t.'s. give them a hand, by the way. great job. thank you, darling. she looks like she's in good
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shape. thank you very much. that's true, the police, the medics, the firemen, the women. the job they do and aren't appreciated. they are going to be appreciated, folks. is she good? everything good? that's good. that's good. thank you, honey. so we're going to do things that haven't been done in a long time. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win anymore. even a report that you see, it was like a bombshell expected
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100,000 jobs, 200,000 jobs. turns out to be 38,000 jobs. they are bad jobs. people say we don't have good jobs. our good jobs are moving to mexico along with the companies that are moving there. they are moving to china where china is making all our products and devaluing their currency. i had a meeting today and must have had 50 chinese people. people from china or formerly from china. and cnn was there, jake tapper was there and we had an amazing time, they couldn't believe it. and john dickerson, also a good guy, he was there from cbs and they looked outside and said who are all those people. they are endorsing trump. endorsingrom china, trump. and nobody could believe it. and i don't believe the chinese government and i don't blame the mexican believe the
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government. i want our government to be smart. i want our government to get away with the kind of things they get away with. but we have leaders that don't have a clue. and hillary clinton's at the top of the list. she's incompetent. first of all, she's always got problems, whitewater, impeachment, lie, he didn't have sex with that woman. two months later, he's well, he didn't. he's -- these are lying people. we don't need another four years of the clintons. it's a mess. it's a mess. so what we're going to do is we are going to have a strong temperment, not that weak temperment. i don't like his temperment. i don't like his tone. there is nobody better with a better temperment. forve a temperment winning. ok? and we are going to start winning for you. temperment is very important. it's very, very important. but we need strength.
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we don't need these weak people. they talk about, well, i think his temperment isn't good. i guess they do polls. they say how can we get trump. i believe i have the greatest temperment there is and the temperment that this country needs at this time. i could slough it off and say, i'm a wonderful person. we need a tough temperment. school.eard about a scammed. don'tstory but they want to talk about it. why aren't they being sued? it is a big story. temperament is an important word. we need toughness in tone. we need toughness in temperament. i really mean this.
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i think that hillary clinton is unfit to lead our country, certainly at this time. i think she is unfit. she does not have what it takes. you will go through four more years. i call her obama lite. i think it is going to be at least as bad and maybe worse. think of what i said. they are scamming us with cyber. we are living in a cyber world. here she is all screwed up with her e-mails. she does not know what the hell is going on. who would be so stupid to do what she did with her e-mails? i mean, who would be so stupid? so, we are going to turn this country around. we are going to do things that are going to make you proud of your president, but more importantly, so proud of your country again. because you know, when people
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say -- i deal with all these countries. i have so many deals. they laughed. they laugh at us. they say, what is going on? they don't believe it. even the people from china this morning. you'll see, i think it will be on cnn. probably on cbs. you'll see. they will say, mr. trump is right. they cannot believe what they get away with. i have the largest bank in the world from china, the largest bank in the world, massive bank, a tenant in one of my buildings. i know the people. i mean, they are sort of friends of mine. they tell me, we don't believe we get away with it. i don't know if they know i will be revealing this, but they say, we can't believe we get away with it. so we are going to turn it around. now, a couple of things. we need strong borders. we need that or we don't have a strong country. 16,500 border patrol agents
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two weeks ago endorsing me. have ever they endorsed a presidential candidate. what a perfect group to ask, as opposed to some consultant that wants to suck you dry with fees. they know less than that beautiful woman standing there. they know less, ok? all they know is how to get fees. i said, let me ask you, how important is the wall? not that i'm going back, because i am not, but i feel better about it because they say mr. trump is vital, especially in terms of stopping the drug traffic going to the borders. but a real wall. you ever seen the wall they have? they take a pogo stick and go right over the wall. they actually build a ramp and they go over with a car loaded with drugs. not going to be any ramps with my wall. it will be a serious wall. it will be a real deal wall. it will be way up there. it will be a big, beautiful
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wall. and you know what? someday they may name it after trump, but i would rather have a statue in washington, d.c. let's do a real good job. so look, we are going to build that wall. mexico is going to pay for that wall. we have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. $58 billion. that does not include the drugs pouring across the border, and yet we have companies moving into mexico. they just took the world golf championship out of miami and brought it into mexico. the people of miami are furious. they brought it into mexico. they signed like a six-year deal with mexico. they take everything. they take everything, because we allow it to happen. but we are not going to allow it. carrier airample of
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conditioning. we won indiana big. remember, that was going to be a firewall. it was a firewall. it was a firewall for me. i won in a landslide. thank you bobby knight. others, by the way. we had incredible support. so many people came out. and they supported me. i knew i was going to win indiana. they kept saying we are going to win indiana. let me tell you what i think. and nobody else. let's say ted cruz won. he would not be here right now. let's say somebody else one. they would not be here right now. they always give up in california as a republican because they say you can't win. i think we can win. i think we can win. so we are going after california. we are going after the state of washington. we are going after places that no other republican goes after because we have a little bit of a tighter path. we have a few states where if we do not win them, it is over. whereas democrats can lose numerous states and they win. we have a tighter path. i am not your typical person.
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costa mesa, 31,000 people. they hardly showed that. that was the day the kid was breaking the police car. he was probably not arrested. sheriff joe arpaio, who is tougher at the border than that? sheriff joe totally endorses me. nobody tougher than sheriff joe. i saw this. they had a couple of people protesting. they put them in jail so fast everyone else scattered in two seconds. that is the way it has to be done. we need strengthen our country. i see it. and then this democrat mayor gets up and says, i think it was donald trump. you know what i say? when we have a protester inside, which is not very often, i say
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be very gentle, please don't hurt him, take care of him. if he wants to shout -- if he punches you in the face, smile as your nose is pouring blood out of it. be very, very nice. we had a case where we had an african-american guy, who is a fan of mine, great fan, great guy. in fact, i want to find out what's going on with him. so look at my african-american over here. look at him. are you the greatest? you know what i'm talking about? ok. so we had an african-american guy at one of the rallies a month ago. we had protesters inside the arena dressed in a ku klux klan outfit, ok? they are running around dressed as ku klux klan. the place is booing and booing. this african-american gets up,
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and man, he slugs these guys. man, he slugs them. by that time, their hat was off because it got ripped off as they were running up the stairs, but this guy, a great guy, i think he was a military guy for a long time. he slugged his guy wearing the ku klux klan outfit, but by the time he got up to the top, you could not see it was a ku klux klan outfit. so when the african-american coldcocked this guy, this guide guy never knew what happened. everybody thought the african-american was against me, and it was the opposite. he was his great guy, military guy. we have tremendous african-american support. i'm going to bring jobs back to our country. we are going to bring jobs back. but when the sleazy people, these dishonest people, who never show the crowd, they never show the crowd, when they show that event, it made it look like the white guy was on my side.
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the african-american guy said, i had enough. and nobody is going to run through an arena like that, and they reversed it, and it is a disgrace, ok? let me tell you while we are on the subject, we are going to bring jobs back to this country. we need our jobs. we are going to make it very expensive for companies to fire everybody and leave. you know, your area has lost one in three manufacturing jobs over a fairly short time. that is a lot of manufacturing jobs. your crime rate is way the hell up. when i go to connecticut,
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landslide. maryland, landslide. rhode island, landslide. delaware, landslide. the week before that we had new york, super landslide. they know me in new york. they know me. we have three people running. i got 62%. i won so much that people could not believe it. way above projections, i knew i was going to win. even for you, with the people who know me do best, they give me a tremendous vote of confidence, and we won it. then you have these guys, donald trump is not at 50%. i have 12 people running against me in some of these states, right? ever notice that? donald trump. crowdhammer. mr. trump will not run. this is the finest field of talent ever assembled in the history of the republican party. that was before i ran. i listen to krauthammer say this is the finest group of talent ever assembled in the history of the republican party. i looked at my wife and said, maybe i should not run. except krauthammer does not know what he's talking about. he is overpaid.
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he was the big one for the war. go into the war. go into iraq. fight like hell. lose thousands of lives. spend $2 trillion. spend $2 trillion. you know what we got? nothing. you know what we did? we gave iraq to iran. and i was against it. with that being said, we are going to build our military so powerful, so strong, nobody is going to mess with us. our military is depleted. did you see those things on fox and cnn where they had a sort of documentary on what is going on with our flyers, right? we have these great airmen. what is going on with our equipment? so said, oh i used to be proud. our f-16s, f-18s, they have the
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fighters, but they don't have parts, so they go into a plane graveyard where they dump the old planes and they are stealing parts for our fighter jets. and they are stealing parts from jetsms where the fighter are. and they are going in and taking parts because they want to be able to continue to fly. this is the united states. can you imagine them doing that? and then they spoke to these young pilots, these great guys, and said, well, what do you think? they are leaving. as soon as their term is up, they are leaving. they remember how great it was 15 years ago when they started. this is the united states, folks, and we are never going to be doing that kind of thing again if i am president, i tell you right now. i tell you right now. so we have a lot of things to do and we are going to do things the right way. hillary clinton is not a talented person. she is not a natural. she was not meant for this job. she is greedy. she is greedy as hell but, she
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does not have the talent for the job. she is not a natural for the job, and she is just not a natural talent. honestly, folks, look, beyond me, if you choose a hillary clinton, this country is going to die. it is going to die. she is not respected by other countries. she won't go. she won't last. as an example, when i said japan, look, we may have to walk, but japan, you have to pay up. you have to pay up. and if they don't pay up, we have to walk. and you know what? they will have to defend themselves. i never said nukes. that's ok. that's ok. what i'm saying is that they will have to defend themselves. right now, we have to defend them from north korea. if anything happens, we have to defend them. i say this to everybody, we defend them, but if we get attacked, japan does not have to
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help us. now think of it. that is our deal. sergeant bergdahl, we get bergdahl and they get five of the greatest killers that they have. i call him the five-for-one president. it was the same with the iran deal. we should not have even started negotiation and till we got those prisoners back. and not once did this stiff. he is a total stiff, john kerry, not once did he get up from the bargaining table and say, sorry, folks, you take care of yourself. leave the room. double up the sanctions. they would have called him within 24 hours. he gave up every single point. and by the way, the biggest loser in that deal aside from us is israel. israel is beside themselves over that deal. that deal is a disaster for israel and the middle east, because you will have countries now start to arm up and arm up big. it is a disaster. this is the president we have.
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i believe that hillary clinton is going to be worse than obama, ok? i believe she has less talent than obama. she has less natural ability than obama. much.m not saying he has because he doesn't. he has an agenda, folks. nobody could be so stupid and make deals like this guy is making. remember this. remember this. obama has been talking lately, talking about donald trump, and normally i would not want to attack the president. i would not want to say bad. i would rather not. but once he speaks, like bill clinton. now he has been very quiet lately, very quiet. you know what? he started speaking. once the attacks, we are allowed. he will go out and campaign for hillary. hillary hates obama, you know that? she has hated him for years. obama called bill clinton a racist.
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bill clinton hates obama. and i know that for a personal fact. but he hates him. hates him. the biggest surprise to me is that he made the speech at the convention for him. honestly, because he hates obama. hillary clinton can't stand obama, but now hillary will do anything he says. you know why? she does not want to go to jail. you notice? all of a sudden they were going to disassociate themselves with the president. all of a sudden anything he wants, she will do, because it seems -- let's take the word "seems" out. ok? fromare protecting her going to jail. and she does not want to anger the president by saying, i disagree with you on this trade, so she agrees with just about every single thing that he wants to do. yes, sir. no, sir. i think she should start calling him sir, ok? and that is what is happening,
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folks. we are going to have a whole different thing. remember this about obama. i always thought one thing, i never thought he'd be a good president. i thought he'd be a great healer. i thought he was going to bring the country together. i thought he was going to be a good cheerleader. he has been a disaster cheerleader. no, no, i know what she said. it's, you know, hey, a lot of people say that, by the way, but i thought it would bring the country together. he can't bring the country together. it's not there. he's divided the country. wealthy, less than wealthy, white, black, he has been the great divider. he has been a terrible president. hillary clinton will be worse, believe me. she will be worse. she is going to be worse. she has a chance of being far worse. look at the libya deal. look at it.
1:58 am
oilknow that great libyan the world,oil in right? it is one of the fine oils in the world. you know what? isis has it. i met with the fiancee of the ambassador who was killed. yesterday, she is supporting trump, a very nice woman, and she tells me stories about hillary that are unbelievable, unbelievable, horrible stories about hillary. i said, are you sure that you are supporting me? i thought she would be on the democrat side. she said, i am supporting you, but she told me stories about hillary that are horrible, horrible. she said the ambassador was like a great guy. died, whatth they they went through was supposed to be beyond comprehension, including the other three young people. and remember the ads, the phony ads with hillary, who do you want answering your phone at 3:00 in the morning. she was sleeping.
1:59 am
she was sleeping. she was sound asleep, or who knows, but she did not answer the phone. i say she was sleeping. i say she was sleeping, because she has no energy. i say she was sleeping, all right? you know, i say was a terrible thing. and benghazi has never really been picked up like it should be picked up because the president has never picked it up. it is an honor you are here in this kind of heat. i know a number of you went down. i love you all. you're going to be so happy and so proud. you have to go out on june 7. you have got to go out. you have got to go out. you have got to vote. because we are sending a mandate. we already won, and we are now ahead by millions and millions above the people that came in second. i won't even tell you who it is. we are ahead by millions. the bigger mandate we have, the stronger the movement will be. and most important, get
2:00 am
everyone of your friends, and in november, you have to vote. i will be back. i will be back. in november, in november, you have to go and vote. let me just tell you, we are going to start winning again. we are going to win with our military. and we are going to knock the hell out of isis. and it's going to go a lot faster and a lot easier than people understand. we are going to knock the hell out of them. we are going to have strong borders. we will have the wall. we will be proud of our country again. we are going to repeal obama care. 60%, think of it, in texas, 60% blue cross blue shield. 60. it's going to be worse for other sections. and don't let them take that november 1 announcement and make it december, because that alone will destroy their chances of winning the presidency. remember, don't let that happen,
2:01 am
because they're trying to do it. they want to have a later announcement date. so we are going to start winning with so many different elements of life and our country. we will save our second amendment. hillary clinton wants to abolish it. she wants to abolish our second amendment. we are going to save our second amendment. we are going to win. we are going to win at every single level. i joke, i joke, and i have fun, but it is not a joke when we are going to win, win, win. we are going to win so much, three or four friends, great friends in the audience, and i say they're going to come see me at the white house, mr. president, sir, we are winning too much. the people of california don't want to win so damn much, mr. president. please stop this winning. we are not used to it as a country. we are used to losing all the time.
2:02 am
we can handle it. i'm going to say, i'm sorry. we are going to win, win, win. we are going to win with trade. we are going to win with military. we are going to win by getting rid of obamacare and replacing it. we are going to win at the border. we are going to get the wall. we are going to let people come into the country, and they're going to come legally. we are going to win so much and we are going to make america great again. i think they want to help everybody else. they want to help everybody but our country. we are going to have a policy of america first, make america great again. we will do it. get out on the seventh and vote,
2:03 am
and boy, you better vote in november. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. we love you. thank you. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015]
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>> our live coverage of the presidential race continues tuesday night, with primaries in six states -- california, montana, new jersey, new mexico, and north and south dakota. >> a more different vision for our country than the one between democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity, than the presumptive nominee on the republican side. >> so we are going to win for our fats. we are going to win our education, no more common goal, bring it down, bring it down, we want it local. >> we are going to win with heah care.
2:24 am
we're going to win at the border. we are going to win at trade. >> we have got to redefine what politics means in america. we need people from coast-to-coast standing up, fighting back, and demanding a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%. >> [cheers and applause] >> join us live at 9:00 p.m. eastern for election results, candidate speeches, and your reaction. then we will look ahead of the fall battleground states, taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio, and >> now, a roundtable looking at the house and senate races in 2016. from today's "washington journal," this is just over an hour. you can also catch it on we are taking a look at congressional races with two guests joining us. ua