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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  June 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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c-span does not control the cameras in the house or the senate. senate -- democrats have been sitting in in the well of the house and matter of fact we have video now. we'll take you live over to the house. it appears that jim clyburn, the assistant democratic leader, is speaking on the floor. let's see if we can hear. mr. clyburn: for one hour. isten as they sit. isten to their phrase. and this dramatically and another
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within. i'm -- inaudible] >> all rise. the speaker pro tempore: the ouse will be in order. the house will be in order. the chair wishes to entertain the prayer by the chaplain. will members please be in order for the prayer and the prayer will be offered by the chaplain, father conroy.
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chaplain conroy: let us pray, father of mercy, we give you thanks for giving us another day. bless the members of the people's house. may all their deliberations give rise to understanding. you have called us to serve this nation by your divine inspiration, may we reach the destiny you have in mind for us and may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory, amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof, pursuant to clause 1, rule 1, the journal stands approved. members will be asked to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: under clause 2 of rule 1, the chair is charged with preserving order and decorum and the proceedings of the house. the chair finds that the house is currently not in a state of order due to the presence of members in the well who are not recognized. the chair would ask members to please leave the well so the house may proceed with business and decorum. fur superintendent to clause 12-a of rule 1, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair.
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>> we have no control. we take a feed from both the house and the senate. even if we wanted to and would do, we would love to show you what is happening on the floor of the u.s. house. those cameras are controlled by the house. until order is restored there and the democrats and sit-in over the protests concerning gun violence, the house will stay in recess subject to the call of the chair as we show you tweets from a number of members. just follow that members of congress list and also the congressional reporters' list for lots of comments because the reporters are in the gallery and they are able to observe and in
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this case, you are seeing members tweeting some of their own photos out from the floor of the house. we'll keep you posted and updated. until then, we will bring you part of this morning's "washington journal." we'll show you the comments from john lewis and others that started this whole sit-in procedure. . mr. lewis: i would ask that my
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colleagues join me on the floor. for months through several sessions of congress, i wondered what would bring this body to take action, what would congress do what is right, what is just for the people of this country have been demanding and what is long overdue. they have lost hundreds and thousands of innocent people to un violence, tiny
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what has this body done? nothing. not one thing. to the turned a deaf ear blood of the innocent and the concern of our nation. we are blind to a crisis. mr. speaker. where is the heart of this body? where is our soul? where is our moral leadership? here is our courage?
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the bipartisan solutions are pushed aside. ey are beaten down and obstruction is praised. nulltown, aurora, charleston, orlando, what is the tipping point? are we blind? can we see? how many more mothers, how many more fathers need to shed tears of grief before we do something? we were elected to lead, mr. speaker. not st be headlights and taillights. we continue continue to stick our heads in the sand. deadly mass shootings are
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becoming more and more frequent. mr. speaker, this is the fight. it is not an opinion. we must remove the blinders. the time for sole ace and patience is long gone. we call on the leadership of the house to bring commonsense gun control legislation to the house floor. give us a vote. let us vote. we came here to come to do our job. we came here to work. the american people are demanding action. do we have the courage? do we have raw courage to make at least a downpayment on any gun violence in america? we can no longer wait. we can no longer be patient. so today we come to the well of the house to have the need for
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action. not next months, not next year, ut now, today. sometime you have to do something out of the ordinary. sometime you have to make a way out of no way. we have been too quiet for too long. there comes a time where you have to say something and make a little noise. where you have to move your feet. this is the time. now is the time to get in the way, the time to act is now. we will be silent no more. the time for silence is over. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman
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from connecticut, mr. larson, for two minutes. mr. larson: thank you, mr. speaker and thank my colleagues and for all of america that's listening. you just heard the soul of the united states congress speak, the soul of this nation cries out for a vote. we are gathered here on this floor today to accomplish a single goal. we implore and ask our colleagues, our colleague from georgia stood on that side to appeal to the better angels on that side of the aisle to provide us with the simple dignity that every american is calling for, a vote. and with that, i yield back to my colleague from georgia. mr. lewis: thank you, my friend, my brother for yielding. now is the time for make it
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real. we have to occupy the floor of the house. mr. larson: rise up democrats. rise up americans. this cannot sta. we will occupy this floor. e will no longer be denied a right to vote. yield to our majority whip. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until 12 noon. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> showing what you just saw from newtown to charleston, how long will it take to act. we are going to occupy the floor of the house. he is talking about action on
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gun legislation, the democrats during morning hour speeches were talking about that. as they closed morning hour they began a sit-in on the well of the floor. it has lasted since 11:30 this morning. the house is not in order and we will not be in order until you schedule a vote. no-buy is the no-fly, call. nancy pelosi called on the speaker to bring the bill forward. a week after the worst mass shooting house republicans put the n.r.a. ahead of the responsibility to keep the american people safe. the congress should not leave. no bill, no break. and it's been the chant on the house floor according to a number of reporters, including
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our own craig kaplan. we don't have video because those cameras are controlled by the house itself. i will let you know that congressman scott peters of south dakota has a couple of times within the last half hour put the proceedings there on the house floor. so if you are on twitter he is at scottpeterssd. and we are indebted to our colleagues in the media reporting from the house floor. what we are going to show you next is half an hour later, noorneerning, the house tries to gavel back in but democrats still had possession of the floor. here's a look.
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king much better use of time -- [inaudible] time and time again. we witnessed one of the most -- ardly acts inaudible]
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[inaudible] the speaker pro tempore: will members please be in order for
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the prayer by the chaplain and a prayer will be offered by the chaplain, father conroy. chaplain conroy: let us pray, father of mercy, we give you thanks for giving us another day. bless the members of the people's house. may all their deliberations give rise to understanding. you have called this -- us to serve this nation. may we reach the destiny you have in mind for us and may all that is done be for your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof, pursuant to clause rule 1, clause 1.
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members will be asked to remain standing for the pledge of aledgeance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: there needs to be order and decorum and the proceedings of the house. the chair finds that the house is currently not in a state of order due the presence of members in the well who are not recognized. the chair would ask members to .ursuant to clause 12-a
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rule 1, the house stands in recess subject to the call. >> that is congressman ted poe. this is a perry scop, scott peters is providing this and i'm not sure if this is live and only way we get a look inside the house. the cameras are controlled by the house. we are waiting for the house to gavel back in but the return of the house is in question because of the sit-in that has been staged on the house floor. connecticut democrat zphor chris murphy walked over to the house chamber to join the sit-in. a statement just a short while ago from the house democratic whip steny hoyer saying today, house democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the
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house. representatives demand a vote on legislation to address gun violence after the unspeakable slaughter of 49 innocent young people in orlando. it is unconscionable that house republicans continue to block a vote even on commonsense safeguards. part of the statement that just came out from steny hoyer. the day began, morning hour speeches actually began today at 10:00 eastern about a speech about the no-fly, no-buy bill. this coming from republican david jolly. here's what he had to say to start the day. mr. jolly: we have a nation that feels less secure and a nation
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looking to congress for answers. answers regarding our national security posture, the policies of this administration of this congress. but answers also legitimately about how to protect our communities while also protecting the constitutional privileges and due process and the second amendment. they are very legitimate questions that we cannot turn a deaf ear to. we answer to the american people and they entrust us to serve. i was in florida the weekend of the attacks and when i left florida to fly up here, i left a community that was united in grieving and united to do something about it. and i arrived to an institution as divided as ever. it is not constructive to suggest that one side of the aisle is complicit in mass attacks on our nation.
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simply because some of us have grave concerns about the proposal that two years have been offered that we believe is flawed in recognizing constitutional protections. but it is also not acceptable to embrace inaction and that is true on my side of the aisle as well. i have voted against the democratic proposal in committee for a couple of years and here's why and this is important for the american people to understand, if you are on a watch list, you should not be able to buy a gun. but if you are wrongfully on that and law abiding citizen, your constitutional protections should be provided for. you see when an individual is not allowed to purchase a firearm, the 7, 8, 9 classes of individuals they are all post ajudication and received a due process hearing, adjudicated through a court of mental competence or militarily discharged.
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post ajudication is when the ban has been implemented. the if you are on the watch list, you are banned. but let's lead on our side of the aisle and lead as a body and figure this out together. last week i circulated a proposal, i didn't introduce it, and i said help me make this better. last night with some changes based on input with my colleagues, i introduced h.r. 5544 and accepts the proposal no-fly, no-buy. if you are on a watch list you shouldn't be able to purchase a firearm. under my election if you are denied, you must be informed that you were denied because you are on a watch list. you are entitled a due process hearing within 30 days by a judge, not by a political appointee within the department of justice. the government must demonstrate 51-49 burden why you should be
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prohibited. and if they can do that, you are prohibited if they cannot satisfy that burdenen. importantly, the individuals entitled to all unclassified information against them. the hearing is private to protect the privacy of the individual and interest of government. as a result of circulating that i added a provision if a terror investigation has been closed and someone has been removed from the watch list and later go to purchase a firearm, the f.b.i. should be notified. that is reasonable. that is h.r. 5544 and i ask for your consideration and help make it better. the terrorist strike in orlando struck at the heart of america and yes it struck in the name of isis, a terrorist who proclaimed he was doing it in the name of radical islam. those were his words. but it struck at the heart of lgbt community who for generation fighting for freedom
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and saw that attacked. all americans feel less safe now. let's inject some radical common sense into this debate. we can ensure no-fly, no-buy by ensuring due process and the second amendment and take the context of november, the narrative of the campaign out of this, we can actually get this done. let's listen to 85% of the americans who diss approve of the job we're doing rather than going home, let's go home saying we solved it together. folks, if h.r. 5544 is not something you can support, let's talk about how to improve it. to my friends on the left, the proposal you have had for two years, add due process, real due process, you will get the support. you will get support on our side of the aisle if you add due process. to my friend on my side of the
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aisle, let's lead on this issue. the american people are begging for leadership. there is a community that is broken and in the wake of orlando. let's honor those who were lost and do right by the surviving families. let's do something. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady ms. clark.husetts, ms. clark: we have come to the floor today to demand action. we have come to the floor with john lewis. when john lewis speaks the conscience of our congress, america listens. as the barbaric details of the massacre of people dancing at the pulse nightclub were released, i grieved for those lost. i thought about them dancing and how humans are the only species
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that dance. maybe that's because dancing is a celebration of spirit. whether you love the waltz, the square dancing, disco or raves, dancing connects us. and for the lgbt community, the dance floor is often the place where acceptance and belonging come together. and while the massacre of 49 people would have been horrifying and shocking wherever it happened, it happened on the dance floor at a gay club, a place of refuge where fear and intimidation give way to joy, acceptance and belonging was transformed by hate into a grow tesk barrel. many of our sactuaries have been violated by gun violence. it is a grizzly routine. first graders and their teachers
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shot in their elementary school. students and professors shot in their college classrooms. parishoners shot, social workers and disabled clients shot at a holiday party, our colleague shot meeting with constituents. neighborhood, sidewalks and parks are transformed into blood-soaked memorials. over the last 12 years, gun violence has claimed more american lives than war, aids and illegal drug overdoses combined. since newtown tens of thousands of lives have been lost. yet the number of bills that have been debated and passed by this congress to help prevent such death, zero. inaction is a choice. inaction is costing lives. and today i am asking that this
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house have a vote, that we perform our basic responsibilities, not only as members of congress, but as members of a community and debate and vote on two commonsense measures to curb gun violence. i'm asking for a vote on expanding background checks and preventing suspected terrorists from being able to buy a gun. the debate wages on, on cable news, in our living rooms twitter feeds and facebook, why can't the debate happen here? there is no one solution to end gun violence or even reduce it, but we have to try. this absoluteist approach that we can't even vote on commonsense measures to help protect our families leave us in a deadly arms race with ourselves. why is a vote so paralyzing? is it special interests?
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is it fear? does the house leadership really believe that our constitution and our liberties are so fragile that we have to tolerate carnage like we see in orlando, like we see in the streets of chicago rather than risk a vote? these two proposals have widespread support from the american people. whatever your position on the substance of the bill, let's vote. let's put it out there for people to judge. the american people get it. they understand we can protect our constitutional rights and to take reasonable steps to reduce gun violence. the american people understand that the two are in fact combat -- compatible under a robust democracy not mutually exclusive. millions of americans are at home and worried and frustrated by this silence on this deadly
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epidemic. without action, moments of silence cease to honor the victims, survivors and families that have been devastated by gun violence. moments of silence should be where action begins. sadly in this congress, it's the only action that is taken. no more silence. i urge the speaker before he sends members home for the 4th of july, have us vote on these two proposals. there is no holiday from gun violence for ordinary americans. our communities and our democracy deserve a vote. so our children can dance again in freedom and safety. i yield back.
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mr. thompson: mr. speaker, thousands of americans lose their lives every year across communities of all sizes to a terrible epidemic and that is substance abuse. it steals lives, steals futures, tears aparts families. i rise to commend the efforts of a constituent of mine, dennis hindle who lives in elk county in pennsylvania's 5th congressional district. he is the owner of laurel media and after seeing the effects of opioid abuse, the commonwealth of pennsylvania and areas such s elk county, dennis was compelled to act. he set up a telephone hotline to fight back against drug use in
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communities across the region. the hotline is anonymous, strictly confidential and being administered by the municipal drug task force. he is offering $1,000 for any information that leads to an . se -- arrest or conviction in addition to the hotline, he is organizing a series of anti-drug meetings across the area. the latest meeting in the community of ridgeway drew a crowd of 300 people all interested in taking their town back. just like so many other areas of our nation, communities across 5th congressional district have suffered as a result of this drug epidemic. elk county is ranked ninth in pennsylvania. while further west, crawford county has seen overdose deaths doubled in the past four years. i'm proud of the efforts of the
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people of those across the 5th congressional district who are fighting back against drugs. i'm proud of the package passed recently in this house which will make grant funding available to states and local governments for the creation of opyode reduction programs, reeighths a task force and cares for babies who are born opoid addicted and dependent. i know we can win this battle. thank you, mr. speaker. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. the slaughter in orlando struck me with special impact. the massacre of patrons of a gay nightclub focused deliberately on the lgbt community came at a time of unparalleled progress
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capped by marriage equality. it was jarring. even though the struggle continues in places like north carolina, these killings came at a time of amazing progress and hope. but horrific episodes of gun violence are personal for me and not just because of the carnage of multiple shootings and murders. shootings in oregon in shopping centers and schools, mass shootings in high schools, springfield community college in roseburg, many presidential visits. the gun violence started with me with a senseless freak death from a single shot from a high school friend from a passing car. it's personal, i saw this single shot devastate family, friends and classmates. my own brother took his life with a handgun.
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people with handguns almost always succeed. after each horrific event, my hope and those of millions of other americans are raised again. maybe this time it will be different. if the slaughter of 20 innocent first graders could not give spineless politicians the power to stand up. at sandy hook, those 20 children and six teachers struck a cord remains. ns. it laid the foundation to help focus the relentless outspoken efforts of president obama and his entire administration in dealing with each little elements of gun safety that was within their power.
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we have secretary clinton running for president who has put a spotlight on gun safety throughout her campaign in a way up affic safety ended cutting deaths and injuries in half with education, research, enforcement and policy changes large and small that had the effect of saving hundreds of thousands of lives. we can do this with gun violence
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. agenda of simple approaches have been taken in other parts of the world and it's made a ifference. sometimes in politics we can feel an issue crest and i think we are watching it now. this week we have a simple single powerful little symbol. the legislation would prevent people that we think are too dangerous to allow them to buy a ticket to fly a plane should not be allowed to buy an assault weapon. today, my colleagues and i are here supporting the notion that if there's no bill to vote on, there should be no congressional break demanding at least to
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allow us to vote on the floor of the house the same way there was some action in the senate that gave people hope. let's do our part this morning to raise public awareness, to build momentum to make america safer. we shouldn't go home for the 4th of july break without at least another small step forward. we owe it to the memory of tens of thousands who died needlessly from gun violence and owe it to the tens of thousands of lives that we can save. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, for five minutes. ms. ros-lehtinen: the situation in venezuela is deteriorating very quickly. in venezuela, the people are running out of medicine and food and experiencing electricity
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shortages and the regime cannot provide basic goods for the people. time is ticking. it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when venezuela implodes due to the destructive policies and the united states cannot watch this train wreck occur before our very eyes. responsible countries in latin must stand up and be a voice for those suffering in venezuela. last week, 15 countries from the region signed a joint statement that has respect for the venezuelan constitution and called on responsible nations to guarantee due process and human rights. this is a good first step and i applaud those countries but more needs to be done. the organization of american states will have a meeting to discuss this crisis and i know that there are some who are advocating for dialogue.
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but we have tried dialogue before and it was unsuccessful. as medura came up with delays and obstacles to prevent a solution. we can't allow the charade of a dialogue as a stalling tactic. a referendum must occur this year. the people demand it. because if it doesn't, next year he can step aside and hand over power to his vice president and the same abusive regime continues while not addressing any of the underlying problems. and if a dialogue does occur, all sectors of the venezuelan opposition must be at the table. that is only fair, but it cannot happen if some of them are in jail and a precondition to any dialogue must include the release of all political prisoners. the regime could show a good faith effort by doing this, but instead it continues to go the
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other direction and continues to go backwards. postponing the appeal of political prisoner indefinitely after it was scheduled to occur just two days ago. with this repression, its corruption, its disastrous economic policies, the administration is running the economy into the ground and riots are occurring on a daily basis and according to one recent study, 87% of the people of venezuela say they don't have enough money to buy enough food. this travesty is unsustainable and the regime must be held accountable to the people. tomorrow at the o.a.s., i hope to see they stand up for itself and stop allowing itself to be nullified by the regime's lies and hold his feet to the fire.
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humanitarian aid must be allowed to get through to the people and the referendum must be held this year. let the venezuelan people have their say and finally put an end to this suffering. in september of last year, mr. speaker, i joined 19 of my colleagues in sending a bipartisan letter to secretary kerry and secretary lew, urging the administration to enforce a bill that i passed with senator marco rubio, the venezuelan defense of civil society act and apply sanctions to regime officials in response to the unjust sentencing of a venezuelan activist lopez. what justification do you have for not carrying out in implementing these sanctions for this miscarriage of justice and what is the dollar amount of the assets of the individuals whom you have sanctioned? the state department has pulled
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some visas but i asked the state department can you tell us how many visas the state department has pulled and who are these individuals? last week at the o.a.s. meeting in the dominican republic, secretary kerry stated that venezuela should follow its own constitution and hold fair and free referendum. and lastly, mr. speaker, me did youra said he is ready to change ambassadors. this would be a big mistake because it looks like we are legitimizing this regime. i hope the state department will not nominate someone to be ambassador of venezuela and we need to do more to help the suffering people of venezuela. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes mr. cicilline for five minutes. mr. cicilline: the mass shooting that took place on june 12 in
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orlando is a stark reminder of the responsibility that we have to reduce gun violence in this country. this monsstrouse attack on the lgbt community in a place of refuge and empowerment requires us to act. the shooter in orlando used an assault rifle that is virtually identical used by mass killers in san bernandino, aurora and sandy hook elementary school. that is no -- out of the eight high profile mass shootings that have taken place, seven involved the use of an assault weapon. a number of people shot increases by 153% and the number f people killed increases by 163%, these are weapons of war to kill as many as possible. they belong on the battlefield and i will continue to reinstate the assault weapons ban.
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this morning i want to talk about two proposals that the speaker should bring up for an immediate vote, no-fly, no buy and universal background checks. this is really possible. if you are too dangerous to fly on an airplane, but you are too dangerous to buy a gun. someone who is on the f.b.i. terrorist watch list, too dangerous to get on a plane can walk into any gun store pass a background check and walk out with an assault weapon. in fact, from 2004 until 2014, more than 2000 suspected terrorists bought firearms legally in this country and they are going to continue doing so until we stop them. until 9/11, bombs were the weapons of choice, looking to strike the united states. but in the 15 years since then, 95% of terror deaths that took place in the united states resulted from gunfire. it's impossible, impossible to
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understand that house republicans have now voted 13 mes to block the no-fly, no-buy proposal to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists in this country. why? what are they afraid of? we will stop a terrorist that could buy an assault weapon? bring the floor today. let the american people hold us accountable for where we stand. this should be a no brainers. 80% of americans believe we should stop suspected terrorists and a background check on every firearm sale to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. ills are pay-go a background check on every gun sale. this is one of the single most important and effective steps that we can take to reduce gun violence. right now anyone can get on the
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internet or gun show without a background check. two of every five firearm transactions today are conducted without a background check. it's too easy for a criminal, domestic abuser, terrorist or someone with a serious mental illness to buy a gun. and every day background checks block 171 attempted purchases by felons, 48 attempted purchases by domestic abusers and 19 attempts to purchase by fugitives. it's critical we strengthen the background system to keep more dangerous individuals from acquiring these deadly weapons. bring the act to the floor today. mr. speaker, we held a moment of silence last week for the victims in orlando. all of us have kept the victims and the people of orlando in our thoughts and prayers, but the best way to honor the lives lost in this horrific tragedy is to do something to prevent it from happening to others. a moment of silence is not
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enough. we need a moment of sustained action in this chamber and we need it today. mr. speaker, it will be an insult to the victims of this shooting and their families and every victim in this country if we continue to do nothing to prevent future tragedies. we need to vote on these critical issues. bring these bills to the floor today nothing is more important than stopping the bloodshed and ensuring the safety and security of our constituents and with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. weber, for five minutes. mr. weber: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to speak in support of h. con. res. 129. to do so, let me share a story about a constituent of mine, who is a holocaust survivor. she was 11 years old when the german ss nazis marched into her
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town and gathered her and her family up. she was separated right away from her family and she did not appear jewish to the german soldiers, so when she was asked her name she said it is weber, which is my name which is the way they would have pronounced it. the soldier thought she wasn't jewish. she ran into the forest and hid in barns and other places until the end of the war. she spent the years of that war hungry and frightened, but somehow managed to survive. she was liberated by the russians at the war's end. she is now in her 90's and living in my district in her home in galveston, texas. mr. speaker, she is in need of 24-hour care to remain in her
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home. unfortunately with the high -- the cost of high providers' care running low to keep her in her home, she is unable to stay there. doesn't look like. she lives on social security, but fortunately, the claims conference has been able to assist her through providing funding by the german government for 25 regular hours a week and some exceptional hours a week provided on her increasing health care needs. additionally, the jewish community of houston, through the generosity of a private fund which assists holocaust survivors through case management efforts has also been able to provide up to 59 hours a week of home care above that which the german government has funded. as of june 1, 2016, mr. speaker,
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as of june 1, the jewish family in houston has not been able to continue this level of care. she and other constituents of mine who are holocaust victims would all greatly benefit from increased funding which is included in house concurrent resolution 129 asking the german government to provide that funding for that very home care. is would ensure that those holocaust survivors are able to remain in their homes with dignity for the remaining few years of their life. h. con. res. 129 passed with bipartisan support, i might add, in the house last week. i encourage our counterparts in the senate to pass this legislation swiftly. mr. speaker, you know i'm right. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlelady from connecticut, ms. delauro,
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or five minutes. ms. delauro: thank you, mr. speaker, i'm rosa delauro from the state of connecticut and represent the 3rd congressional district. so proud to join with my colleagues on the issue of what do we do in the united states ongress, the body that deliberates major issues of the day. the body that is entrusted by the people who puts their faith and trust in their elected representatives to do right, to do right by the american people. yes.
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in connecticut, gun homicides in 2013 were 71. 2014, 56. it went down. 2015, 79. probably one of the most searing events in the united states of of ica was the massacre sandy , of babies at hook. that isn't to say that in every city in this country children are not -- children are dying every day. since sandy hook, one american child is killed every day.
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these are our children. almost 100,000 have died by gun violence since sandy hook. but what i would like to you wash what we heard today is speak -- yes, we talk about statistics and we talk about percentages, but what's important is to know about the flesh and blood behind those numbers. 29, a sandy hook, rachel, teacher's aide, dawn, the principal of sandy high school, 30, a e, 52, lauren, teacher, mary sherlock, 56, school psychologist.
12:57 pm
and victoria lee soto, 27, a children in id her a closet and i know because she's a constituent, her family because fers every day of her loss, she shielded these babies and she lost her life. and who are these babies? charlotte, six years old. six. , seven, olivia, seven, dylan, six, katherine hubbard, six.
12:58 pm
chase seven, jesse lewis, six, anna green six. james, grace mcdonald seven, and marie parker, six, jack pinto, six. noah, six, caroline, six. , six.a, six, benjamin alison, six. we all have children, we have grandchildren and i won't forget that day because my grandchildren at that time were five, six, seven and eight years old. and i have to steal myself to be away from them because when i
12:59 pm
looked at them, i began to cry, because it can be anyone's child, anyone's grandchild that will lose their life, one child every single day is killed by gun violence in the united states of america. they leave families, they leave siblings who are unable to even cope with the sense of loss and these families have tried to channel their grief by the newtown promise, why are we here today? we are here today to say, universal background checks, no-fly, no-buy. it's as simple as that. and as my colleague from rhode island said, we should ban assault weapons. we should ban them. that's what occurred at sandy hook and several other
1:00 pm
tragedies. the american people sent us here to vote. that's what you have done. demand that this congress vote on this issue, debate it and vote. and people can be free to vote whatever way they choose to but our constitution says we vote on these issues. we should not be denied those children all over america, the adults should not be forgotten, they should be remembereded and that this body allowed to vote on their behalf. and i yield back. connecticut's rosa delauro from the house floor, one a number of democrats and a republican calling on house leadership to bring forward gun legislation. she mentioned the so-called no fly, no buy legislation that's been proposed, and that has caused the house to go into recess because of the sit-in
1:01 pm
that's under way now on the house floor that began at about 11:30 eastern this morning. here on c-span we're waiting for the house to gavel back in. when that will be, we don't know. the house controls the floor schedule, obviously, and the cameras in the house and the audio as well. what we'll do here is open up our phone lines to get your thoughts on what you're seeing today or not seeing. what your thoughts are on gun legislation in congress. this action in the house happening just a couple of days after the senate failed to move forward on four gun control amendments. the -- yesterday, a bipartisan group announced another effort and the effort led by senator collins of maine apparently will get a vote in the senate this week. but here's how to weigh in with your comments. for republicans, the number to all is 202-748-8921. democrats, it's 202-748-8920. and all others, to amend the internal revenue code of 1986 to permit individuals eligible for indian health service assistance to qualify for health savings accounts -- and ll others, 202-748-8922.
1:02 pm
we're @cspan and if you want to ost your comments on facebook. the sit-in began at 11:30. the house came back at noon to try legislative work. their trying to move forward on the spending. the 2017 financial services bill but that was quickly delayed as well. we'll show that to you in just a bit. we're unable to show you video from the house floor because, again, those cameras with controlled by the house. we wanted to show you a periscope video that was shot by scott peerns, -- peters, congressman from california. we'll roll that and let you look. >> known to be apparent, what lies can you get done at a machine gun? that must be our mission so we will not leave the floor of this house until this congress
1:03 pm
akes action. otherwise, why are we here? why are we here? moments of silence? let's not be silent any longer. let's follow -- >> hear, hear. [applause] [inaudible] >> vote! >> the public needs to know why we stand and sit in this well of the people's house. chaplain began today's proceedings with thanks to god for this day. we stand -- by d that periscope video
1:04 pm
congressman peters of california, kind of a gray area in terms of house rules for videotaping on the floor. there have been plenty of photos. just to update you, that sit-in on the house floor over gun legislation continues by democrats and we're appreciative of our own capitol hill producer crig kaplan watching from the gallery. senator durbin has joined house democrats at their house floor sit-in on gun violence. appreciative of our colleagues in the congressional media today. john bresnahan of "politico" tweeting probably 60 to 70 democrats on the house floor. leadership aides watching them. susan, chief washington correspondent of "the examiner." they plan to sit in the house well, quote, the entire day until they get a vote on gun control. we have not heard word from house leaders on when they plan
1:05 pm
to gavel back in, what the next step will be. we'll keep you posted, obviously, and bring you live gavel-to-gavel coverage. until then, let's get back to -- let's get to your calls and hear from easton, ohio, first up. it's patrick. good afternoon. caller: hello, sir. how are you doing today? host: doing fine. thank you. patrick, go ahead with your comments. caller: i just started really getting into this and, you know, i'm born and raised in chicago and there's been a lot of gun violence in chicago. and it's just kind of crazy it's just taking all of this time now before, like, a gun law is passed. and i'm even a convicted felon but never had a gun in my life. and i believe in a no fly, no buy. it should be mandatory, period. i believe if anyone that we feel uncomfortable with having a weapon shouldn't have one. that's just point blank.
1:06 pm
it shouldn't take all of this time just for someone to pass a bill when this should have been done years ago, way before now. maybe a lot of this stuff wouldn't have transpired if this was already put into place years ago. maybe a whole lot of deaths wouldn't have occurred if this happened years ago which is kind of messed up and it's hurtful because i've lost family to gun violence and being in chicago, like, i was so used to it. i feel like a lot of -- and it's just very hurtful. host: all right, patrick, appreciate your comments. austin, texas, republican line. what do you think about what's going on the house floor? caller: i think that the democrats are completely justified in what they're doing. i think for too long in this country, gun laws have been too laxed. i'm a staunch republican, but at the same time i believe in common sense and common sense tells you that assault weapons do not make any sense in our
1:07 pm
society. they have no real purpose in our society. if you want to go hunting, you can easily use a shotgun. if you want to defend yourself, a pistol is enough. assault rifles have absolutely no place in our owe site and terrorists have absolutely no reason to have a gun. i'm sorry. i think the democrats are right on this issue. host: democrats began their sit-in on the house floor about 11:30 eastern just as morning hour speeches were wrapping up. craig caplan tweeting the house minority leader nancy pelosi is on the house floor at the gun violence sit-in. we're also keeping our eye on a periscope -- i think that's from charlie rangel that seems to be outside of the steps of the u.s. house. no one there yet. no live video, obviously, from the house floor. pittsburgh, next up. nancy, good afternoon. caller: yes. i'd like to make two points and i hope you'll give me a chance to do that. host: sure. caller: the first point is, first, hooray for them. it's about time that they have
1:08 pm
done something. it's about time we had a sit-in, and it's about time these people inside the beltway did something about it and stood up for what they believe. and my second point is, somebody signed my husband up to the n.r.a. we have gotten nothing but -- because we are hunters. we are independents, but we hunt. we agree with having guns in our homes and having guns to protect us. host: right. caller: but these n.r.a. robo calls, when you get a robo call, they start their sh peel. you hang up like any other telemarketer. you let it hang up 10, 20 seconds, you pick it up, they're still talking. if we needed an ambulance if an emergency, we cannot use our telephone until these n.r.a. robo calls are finished talking through and that should be
1:09 pm
illegal. right there is a safety risk. but the n.r.a. has so much power in this country inside the beltway that they could do that to americans. they can hold us hostage on our telephones like that. but you people that are protesting, i don't care if you're democrats, republicans, whatever, you keep sitting in. you stay on that floor until something happens. and c-span, please let us speak. please let us speak. thank you for c-span because it's the only way that people can speak is through c-span. host: thank you, nancy. we're waiting for the house to gavel back in. obviously our coverage is dependent on the house cameras being on and the house being in session. we'll show you in just a bit the house returning at noon eastern as the sit-in continued and ted poe from texas, the speaker pro tempore at the time trying to gavel in order and was not able to do that. so the house went into recess, what they call subject to the call of the chair, until they figure out what the next step is going to be. we're also keeping ourite on
1:10 pm
what -- eye out on what's called a periscope. somebody from charlie rangel's periscope. just outside the u.s. house. you're watching c-span. waiting for coverage of the u.s. house. getting your thoughts on what the democrats are doing with their sit-in on the floor and gun legislation in general. it's gwendolyn in augusta, georgia. democrats' line. caller: yes. this is gwen and thank you so much for allowing me to speak. i applaud the democrats in the house for their sit-in, to ban the assault weapons because nobody needs assault weapons to hunt with. how can you kill an animal when you've already demolished it and you have nothing to clean? so it does not sit in my mind well to think that they're using it just to hunt food to eat. they've got to be using those assault weapons to hurt and managele people, not an --
1:11 pm
mangle people, not animals. if they're doing it for fun, just for sport and not for food, then that's a bad thing, because it takes away from the evolution of the animals and being able to survive and come back year and year. so i applaud -- year after year. so i applaud the house for sitting up, standing up and doing what we need them to do to ban the assault weapon. host: let's go to our republican line, next, fort myers, florida. hello to ray. caller: how are you? great program. thank you very much for having me on. two quick points. first point is, the democrats have done their usual excellent job of deferring the argument from terrorism to guns. and it is all about radical islamic terrorism. the second point i'd like to make is this. this is the united states of america. we have a democratic system. you do not -- you do not disrupt our system with these sit-ins on the floor of the congress, and that's not
1:12 pm
getting somewhere. this is not our system. that's a banana republic system, and if i were -- if if i was the speaker of the house, i'd have the capitol police come and remove them because i think it's a wrong thing to do. we vote. we take a democratic system. that's the way you get things done. not the way they're doing it. thank you. host: thank you, ray. we'll be -- it will be interesting to see how the speaker handles it, how they plan to move forward. doubtless there are some conversations going on between house republicans and democratic leadership, i should say, and about ray's comments being against the rule. good point here from chad of fox. no filibuster in the house so democrats gun sit-in on the floor effectively serves as that. blocking debate on the financial services spending bill. an update from our capitol hill producer craig caplan. members at sit-in shouting "shame shame" after pelosi says
1:13 pm
public is being restricted from entering galleries above the house floor. two republicans spotted on the house floor during the democratic sit-in. tom price of -- tom rice of south carolina. joe barton of texas. and one more from craig caplan. a photo here of the news conference outside of the house. chris murphy, the senator from connecticut came over a short while ago and spoke to members of the house. of course, he's a former house member from connecticut. and it was one of his -- his was one of the four amendments that came up for consideration in the senate the other day. all four failing to move forward, including legislation similar to what the democrats are calling for today, this no fly, no buy legislation. live video here, perry scope video we -- periscope video we understand from charlie rangel. i'm hearing a little audio. enrique from south bridge, massachusetts. on other others line. -- on our others line.
1:14 pm
we may get word here from nancy pelosi. go ahead. caller: i'm really concerned because i'm a teacher. i work at a school. every day i wake up expecting the worse, maybe a shooting in my school. i know that sounds bad but given the laws that exist in our country, i'm very concerned and i think the democrats are doing the right thing by sitting in and preventing or, you know, sitting in and taking action. because somebody needs to take action. it doesn't matter what type of action. host: we welcome your comments, enrique. let's see if we can listen in. this is periscope video we're understand from charlie rangel's office. let's listen in. that is sometimes what you get with periscope. froze up there. we apologize about that. tried to show it to you. let's move on with calls as we wait for the u.s. house. there we go. get a live view. nancy pelosi speaking outside of the house. ms. pelosi: it's bipartisan. legislation to no fly, no buy.
1:15 pm
if you're on the terrorist list, you can't buy a gun. for sensible background checks. that's a duo agenda that we had. it was the agenda spoken to by senator chris murphy and other senators on the floor of the senate earlier this week. our members have gathered on the floor of the house in protest that we cannot even have a vote because we truly believe that if there were a vote that we would win the vote. because 85% to 90% of the american people, depending on the bill, support responsible background check legislation, which is bipartisan, and no fly, no buy legislation, which is bipartisan. so i'm honored to be here with my colleague, leader jim clyburn, congressman bobby rush who will tell us his personal story, congressman mike thompson who is the chair of r task force on gun violence
1:16 pm
prevention, elizabeth esty from connecticut, newtown, and congresswoman robin kelly who will speak about the gun violence that happens every day in our country. since orlando, probably nearly a couple hundred people, at least over 150 people have died from gun violence in the streets of our country. we want to address that issue as well as to deeply pray for those who lost their lives and their family members in orlando and all of the mass shootings before that. but also remembering those who lose their lives to gun violence every single day. with that i'm pleased to yield to the distinguished assistant to the leader, mr. jim clyburn of south carolina. mr. clyburn: thank you. thank you very much, madam leader. thank you. last friday, all of us pawsed around the country -- pawsed around the country to
1:17 pm
commemorate the first anniversary of the death of nine of my constituents. ree people survived that night. two by playing dead and one because the killer walked up to her and said, i'm going to spare with you because i want you to carry the message. now, that young man made it very clear that he was not about any foreign issue or any kind of international terrorism. he said that he was doing what he was doing in order to start a race war. now, the interesting thing about this is that young man was not eligible to own a gun. in fact, the background check had been undertaken, but as the leader said, we want reasonable , effective background checks.
1:18 pm
we have a big loophole in this law that because of this incident is now called the charleston loophole. and that loophole is simply this -- if within the three-day period the background check is not completed, the gun sale can be consummated. well, because wrong information was keyed in, either purposefully or by mistake, the fact of the matter is that the expiration of the three days, the background check had not been completed and it was some two days after that. but by this time, this young man was in possession of the firearm and went to emanuel a.m.e. church to carry out his threat. we want effective background checks. we want the list, the no-fly
1:19 pm
list to be honored in such a dangerous ential eople will not be able to so casually purchase firearms. i thank all those who are gathered with us today for being so effective in their pursuit of reasonable constraints on a constitutional right, the second right, just like we have reasonable constraints on the first amendment and all others. and with that i'd like to yield .o diane gross to speak >> thank you so much. thank you, representative clyburn for all your leadership. as always, leader pelosi for doing your job as a leader in making the voice of the american public heard. i'm dan gross, president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. i'm honored to be here today to
1:20 pm
respect the voice, really a growing chorus of an american public that has had enough gun violence. [applause] i'm joined here -- i have the honor of being joined here with so many people who have their own personal stories. you see some pictures behind me. just small testimony to the heartbreak and daily carnage that happens on this issue. joined not only by the brady campaign, my organization, but so many others that have come together really in an unprecedented way in the wake of the tragedy in orlando to do something about this issue. we're here on behalf of the more than 150,000 activists that have already called congress to make their voice heard on this issue and the millions more from a growing coalition of organizations lastering social media with our outrage, holding elected leaders accountable to put our
1:21 pm
interests ahead of the interests of the corporate gun lobby to disarm hate. i'm here on behalf of all of .hem to say, hell, no [applause] because of what happened in orlando, there are 49 more families that will never see their loved ones again. and republicans in congress are trying to rush home to their own families. hell, no. our nation is terrorized by easy access to guns every single day. 90 more families that will never see their loved ones again. every single day and you're trying oget out of d.c. to start your vacations -- trying to get out of d.c. to start your vacations? hell, no. >> hell, no! mr. gross: after the hate
1:22 pm
attack in orlando, brady supporters made those more than 150,000 calls, demanding a vote to stop terrorists from passing brady background checks and to expand those background checks to all gun sales. as leader pelosi said, legislation overwhelmingly supported by the american public and because of that and the heroics of senator murphy and some of his colleagues, we are now -- we got a vote in the senate and we are now turning our attention to the house. and those who continue to put the interests of the corporate gun lobby ahead of the safety of the american people, make no mistake. we're putting you on notice. we are not going away. americans are standing up to disarm hate to say enough to gun violence and demanding a vote in the house. no bill, no break. hell, no! >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break!
1:23 pm
no bill, no break! no bill, no break! mr. gross: one last point, if you want to make your voice heard along with the great leaders here along with the people that have already suffered unimagineably, along with all the activists and organizations that are out there, what you can go to is xt, call paul to 877877, and you can tell speaker ryan, no bill, no break. leader pelosi. [applause] ms. pelosi: i earlier mentioned we would be joined by congressman bobby rush. you can't be with us right now. on another occasion, i want you to hear from him directly as a person whose family has been directly affected. when he spoke on this issue to us before, i say this one quote. he said, there's no more scream, more primal, more pathetic, more shreaking than the sound of a mom who learned
1:24 pm
that her child has been shot. with that i want to yield to the distinguished chair of our gun violence prevention task force, mr. thompson of california. [applause] mr. thompson: thank you, all, for being here. especially those who are survivors and had family members lost. i know how much courage that must take to be out here. thank you for showing that courage. thank you for speaking up, trying to make sure we get something done. i can't begin to tell you how proud i am of my colleagues today. i just took a break from them. they're on the house floor making sure that our voice is heard, your voice is heard. we need a vote on these bills, and believe me, we're not asking for any radical bills to up.rought we're asking that we bring up two bills that have overwhelming support on both
1:25 pm
sides of the aisle, bipartisan measures. one that you heard about already. no fly, no buy. if you're too dangerous to get on an airplane and fly, well, then you're certainly too dangerous to be able to go buy a -- legally buy a firearm. and that should be just an absolute no-brainer. it's bipartisan. as a matter of fact, it's a republican author, peter king, who has that bill. we want that brought to the floor for a vote. the other measure is, background checks. expanding background checks so if you buy a gun through a commercial sale, you have to get a background check. to make sure that criminals and the dangerously mentally ill don't have easy and legal access to a firearm. that's not asking a lot. that bill has 186 bipartisan co-authors. that bill should be brought up to a vote and brought up right now. [applause] what is it that the republican leadership is afraid of? what is it? i want to share some numbers with you. it was three years ago that leader pelosi asked me to be
1:26 pm
the chair of this task force. three years ago. three years since sandy hook. since then 1,158 mass shootings have taken place. over 34,000 people have been killed by someone using a gun. we've had 30 moments of silence on the house floor. but the most important number yet is zero. that's how many bills this congress has had an opportunity to vote on to deal with gun violence prevention. it's shameful and it shouldn't be that way. what is it that the republican leadership is afraid of? are they more afraid of -- than those kids at sandy hook elementary school? are they more afraid than those people in the movie house in aurora? are they more afraid than the parishioners that were shot and killed in charleston? are they more afraid than the 49 people who were hiding, trying not to get shot in that
1:27 pm
club in orlando? what is it that they're afraid of? bring these bills to the floor. let the american people have a say so. let their representatives vote to help keep our communities safer. [applause] ms. pelosi: we are honored by the presence of congressman bobby rush. mr. rush: i want to thank you, madam leader. where gun a place , lence is a daily, multiple many times a day occurrence. the so bad in chicago that murder of a 3-year-old esterday is old news because
1:28 pm
of the proliferation of guns in my city. i live in a danger zone. when i pull up to the tersection, me, my constituents, if a cop pulls up beside us, there's fear. we don't know what to expect. when i drive along the expressway, we don't know what to expect. we don't know where the bullet will come from. we don't know whether or not a is g man or young woman who young but armed. , sane, ffective commonsense gun control
1:29 pm
legislation. we need the house of representatives to be the representative of the american people and not just the representatives of the n.r.a. that disappointed mothers, family members, young people, not only in chicago but throughout the nation, i'm so disappointed that they can't look to their leadership here in the congress and count on their leadership to help solve this problem, this carnage on our streets, all across this nation. to 12, more available
1:30 pm
13, 14-year-olds in this nation right now as we speak. guns are more available to them . easier to obtain than a prescription from a physician. madam speaker, madam leader, m afraid once we do pass effective gun laws, the questions i have is, what about the guns that are in the hands of the 12 and 13 and 14-year-olds? what do we do with those guns? hen is it going to stop? , the rder, the killings
1:31 pm
crime, the pain, the suffering. this is america. , was shot. i got the news. i left washington and went back to chicago. was with him for a couple days. i was on the conference mmittee, the banking conference committee but i left the committee room and went back to find out what happened.
1:32 pm
and i was -- and how he was doing. i was there and the doctor told e he would be -- that he was stabilized and he would be all right. said, well, let me go back to washington and continue to work on this conference committee. later that day i got a call that he had made a turn for the worse, so i couldn't catch a flight overnight. i stayed in my apartment waiting to catch the early flight out. went back to the hospital. the doctor announced that he
1:33 pm
ad passed. what i remember most besides this picture of my son laying in that hospital bed, swollen up twice his normal size, what i remember about that was my her mother falling on the floor of the hospital, screaming, screaming. she said, dad, dad, do something. i could not have felt more helpless. and then the awful, primal
1:34 pm
only that only a mother, a mother, only a mother could scream that primal scream. i never will forget the primal .cream of my son's mother shot down in cold blood on the streets of chicago. this primal nd scream in our nation and it's time to end it right now! cheers and applause] >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! ms. pelosi: congresswoman elizabeth esty of connecticut.
1:35 pm
ms. esty: thank you, leader pelosi, and thank you all those who gathered here today and especially to our incredible activists, the american citizen leaders who are here on the steps today to speak out about the injustice going on inside this institution, the failure of this house of representatives to act. my name is elizabeth esty. i represent connecticut's fifth district. and i heard those primal screams, bobby rush. i heard them in a fire house in sandy hook, connecticut, just after i was elected to congress. i heard those terrifying screams of those parents learning that their 20 precious first graders were never going to come home. and the parents and siblings of the six brave educators never coming home, gunned down in their classroom by someone who
1:36 pm
never should have had access to a gun. and folks, in the 3 1/2 years that i've had the honor to be in this institution, we've been denied the opportunity to have a single vote. not one vote. not once to help stop the carnage. 100,000 americans have died since sandy hook from gunshot wounds. 100,000. and if you think about my colleague, bobby rush's story, you think about the pain and grief of his family over 15 years ago and you think about that occurring, rippling out hundreds of thousands of mericans racked by grief and stunned that this institution has not acted. the time is now. it is time for us to disarm hate. it is time for us to say that if you are too dangerous to fly you are too dangerous to buy a gun.
1:37 pm
if you want to buy a gun, you have to go through a background check. it's simple and it works and it will save lives. it won't stop all deaths. nothing will. but it is our job to stand up and be counted. it is our job to do what is hard. and let me tell you in closing what is really hard. what is really hard is what mark barton does every day. mark barton's son, daniel, was gunned down that day in sandy hook, and mark barton gets up every morning. he can't be alone in his house with the rest of his family because that was his special time with his son, daniel, so he needs to leave the house. he needs to go do something else and then he goes on the road and he travels this great country and talks to other americans about how we can and we must stop the epidemic of gun violence. if he can get up every day and do that, we can do our jobs in this house of representatives.
1:38 pm
it's time for the speaker to call these bills this week and allow us a vote. thank you very much. [applause] >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! ms. pelosi: congresswoman robin kelly also of illinois. ms. kelly: hi. my name is robin kelly and represent the second district of illinois which is the chicagoland area. you already heard my colleague talk about the carnage we deal with every day, but i ask the question -- just who has to be shot and how many have to die before we do anything? it's not a colleague, gabby gifford. it's not a children in elementary school. it's not people praying in a church. blair holt on a school bus. just who is it that has to be shot or has to die before we do something about it? i stand strong with my colleagues, no vote, no break, no bill, no break. this is embarrassing, that's how i feel. i've been here a little over three years and it's
1:39 pm
embarrassing that we have not done anything. this is what i ran on, to stop the murder in the united states of america. it doesn't even feel like we're in the united states as we who people die for us to have the right to vote don't even get the right to vote in a position that we were elected to. we need your help. we need you to call that number and call paul ryan. we need you to call your elected officials in your area. we're the choir even though they need practice and rehearsal and learn new songs. we need to do that too but we need you to call. we need the calvary. we will stand strong, as maxine waters said, until hell freezes over. thank you. [applause] ms. pelosi: as we gather here on the steps of the capitol, our completion are gathered in great numbers on the floor of the house. as i said at the beginning, they still are, called together by john lewis, john larson and led by our democratic whip, mr. hoyer. they have been in and out but,
1:40 pm
again, this is an echo. we are echoing each other. what we hope to do is create and echo chamber throughout america of a repeated message of no bill, no break. give us a vote. no more minutes of silence to pay our respects, of course, but it is not a substitute nor should it be considered one for action. a moment of silence, we want a moment of truth. we want a time of action to follow it. and so you heard the numbers, the statistics, the number of people who died. the solutions that are being proposed, it's just about the decision of the speaker of the house to allow a vote on the floor of the house. again, 85% to 90% of the american people support the background checks and the no fly, no buy -- no fly, no buy legislation. again, all day we'll be there as long as it takes every day.
1:41 pm
if they adjourn, we'll be here for pro forma and we'll be here in our districts, again, establishing the echo chamber. i think it's really important to note that when our members gathered on the floor 100 strong at least earlier, the republican leadership in the house did not allow people to come into the gallery to see what was happening on the floor. this is unprecedented. unprecedent. they said, you can only come in if you have a member escorting you. of course, they were not going to allow their members to -- any republicans to escort members. this isn't about politics. it's not about elections. it's not about campaigns. it's so much bigger than that. and our members know that. that's why we have bipartisan support, that's why we have bipartisan support for the legislation that is there. and bipartisan sponsorship. so as we return to the floor, i want to thank all of the groups that dan gross of the brady
1:42 pm
campaign referenced who are working so hard at the grassroots level, so hard at the messaging level. i want to thank all of those ho set social media on fire on this issue. and, again, this is the moment of truth where everyone comes together inspired, of course, most recently by orlando but never forgetting all of the damage that went before. so we will be -- this is our -- for this moment we are here on the steps of the capitol, on the floor of the house. we will continue to be until we get a vote. president lincoln said, public sentiment is everything. the public agrees with this. the public needs to speak out on this. only then will, again, we honor our oath of office to protect and defend the american people. i thank my colleagues and i ask them to join me in thanking the groups that are here with us who have done so much in this
1:43 pm
regards. [applause] >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! ms. pelosi: my colleagues, let's go back to the floor for our -- >> ask wayne lapierre if he can vote for sensible gun laws for the united states of america. we are not in a war zone. this happens every single day all across the country. this happens seven miles from here in a mass shooting. this is not acceptable. so please ask mr. paul ryan if he would ask his boss since his constituents don't seem to matter, since human lives don't matter, green paper is more valuable than red blood. so please ask him on behalf of nardine jeffries and the district of columbia and the united states of america, please. [applause]
1:44 pm
[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> my mother was killed by gun
1:45 pm
violence 11 years ago. it cut through me. host: democrats news conference outside of the u.s. house where inside the house the democrats sit-in over gun legislation is now entering its third hour. it got under way about 11:30 eastern this morning. they're calling on house leadership to take up gun legislation. the so-called no fly, no buy bill, and the chant you heard. you see the hashtag on their podium. no bill, no break. the break they're talking about is the break before the fourth of july recess. the house, if they stick to their schedule, would break next friday for that recess. and democrats staging this sit-in, again, to call on house leaders to bring up gun legislation. here on c-span we continue to follow this and hear your thoughts, too.
1:46 pm
202-748-8921 for republicans. democrats, it's 202-748-8920. and independents and all others, 202-748-8922. and just for some perspective, covering capitol hill is steven dennis with bloomberg who tweets about nancy pelosi. i was there when pelosi turned off the cameras -- turned the cameras off on republicans demanding a vote to allow off-shore oil drilling in 2008. reporter for buzzfeed. saying speaker ryan spokesman on the sit-in, house, the -- quote, the house cannot operate without members following the rules of the institution, so the house has recessed. we'll show you as the house tried to gavel back in at noon eastern. thanks for your patience, shawn, in norfolk, virginia. go ahead. caller: thanks for having me on. first and foremost, i stand in solidarity of the house democrats. it's time for our country to
1:47 pm
stand up against gun violence. people, 49 members of the lgbtq-plus community died and it's time for us to stand up of i laugh at the speaker the house for not even wanting to bring up a vote. thanks for having me on. host: you bet. to fall river, massachusetts, and james on the republican line. caller: yes. i got two comments to make. first one is this. here in massachusetts we have very strict gun laws. host: right. caller: it's a state thing. the second one is this. we don't -- federal -- every time federal gets involved in something, they don't control it, it gets out of hand. right now we have enough control from the federal government.
1:48 pm
we don't need anymore. thank you. host: rock hill, south carolina, it's melic on the republican line as well. what do you think what's going on the house floor with the sit-in? caller: it's really disgraceful what the republicans have done over the past few years in the legislative -- the government that served the people -- the republicans aren't serving the people and their constituents. i applaud jim clyburn, which is our representative. he's a democrat and i applaud him for engaging in that sit-in and helping us out because enough is enough. the republicans needs to stand up for the n.r.a. i don't care. i am a republican. i am not a republican. host: we ask you to call on the line that best fits your political view. 202-748-8921 for republicans and 202-748-8920 for democrats. lizzi ellis tweets. i never wanted to see the day where i wanted to watch c-span and unable but here we are.
1:49 pm
we're unable to watch the house because they turned off the cameras. the speaker of the house turned off the c-span cameras so the american people cannot see the house sit-in. stonewall said, this is not the way the founders planned this. wanted to show you, too, when the house came back into session noon eastern there were 40 or so members of the democratic party, the democratic side of the house in the well speaking. you're going to see james clyburn standing there. they tried to gavel into session. ere's what happened. [inaudible] mr. clyburn: the people of ill will in our society make a much better use of time than the people of goo will. the people of ill will in our ociety has [inaudible]
1:50 pm
time and time again. last night we commemorated one of the most dastardly acts ever committed in this country. a man walked into a bible study of the church emanuel a.m.e. church. sat there for one hour. listened as they read scriptures. listened as they prayed. nd then got up and systematically assassinated ine of those people. two were playing dead.
1:51 pm
walked up to another one and aid, i'm going to let you live . [inaudible] now, this young man said that he was -- >> all rise. >> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. the chair wishes to entertain the prayer by the chaplain. will members please be in order for the prayer by the chaplain, and a prayer will be offered by the chaplain, father conroy. >> all rise. cap rain conroy: let us -- chaplain conroy: let us pray.
1:52 pm
father of mercy, we give you thanks for giving us another day. bless the members of the people's house. may all their deliberations . ve rise to understanding you have called us to serve this nation by your divine inspiration, may we reach the destiny you have in mind for us. for ay all that is done be your greater honor and glory. amen. the speaker pro tempore: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house his approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1 the journal stands approved. members will be asked to remain standing for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
1:53 pm
>> no bill, no break! no bill, no break! no bill, no break! the speaker pro tempore: under clause 2 of rule 1, the chair is charged with preserving order and decorum and the proceedings of the house. the chair finds that the house is currently not in a state of order, due to the presence of members in the well who are not recognized. the chair would ask members to please leave the well so the house may proceed with business and decorum. >> no bill, no break! the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess subject to the call of the chair. host: and that was the scene about 12:05 eastern as ted poe gaveled out, put the house in recess subject to the call of the chair, unable to begin the legislative day as democrats
1:54 pm
continue their sit-in on the house floor, calling for house republican leadership to bring forward gun legislation. again, the sit-in got under way, got started about 11:30 eastern or so. the president's weighed in. here's a tweet from president obama about john lewis. thank you, john lewis, for leading on gun violence where we need it most. we're going to take a couple more calls and then show you some of the speeches that preceded the sit-in today. speeches on gun legislation. back to calls to grace on our democrats line in dekalb, illinois. caller: hi. i just want to say, first and foremost, i want to thank the members of the house on their leadership for staging the sit-in. i think what they're doing is very important and it's very important and necessary for the american people. my second thing i wanted to say, to paul ryan, i'm so upset with what he's doing and i just really wanted to weigh in what congresswoman kelly mentioned. she said this is embarrassing
1:55 pm
and i know that we need commonsense gun legislation and it is necessary and i'm scared what will happen if we do not get it but i am more scared as to what will happen if we continue to make a mockery out of our democracy on national tv. senator murphy said it in his filibuster, the world is seeing the declining reputation of the most powerful body in the world. and i'm scared as to what will happen if we continue to do this. i stand in a fight with the democrats and i hope that we get some commonsense gun legislation soon. host: not sure what this means about the sit-in. want to show you a tweet from alex from msnbc news. the chat has ended, it appears. i'm not certain what that means. the sit-in has ended or not. arlington, virginia, and to josh on our others line. welcome. josh, hi there.
1:56 pm
go ahead. caller: hi. i think there is a point people are kind of going around, not bringing up the second amendment is not about the -- about hunting. it is actually about the ability of the american people to defend themselves against the government if the government decides they are going to try and take away the freedom of those people. and i think the assault ban would -- a ban on assault weapons would be counter to that. thank you. host: springfield, missouri, shirley next up on our democrats line. your thoughts on what you're seeing or not seeing, as the case may be, in terms of the sit-in on the house floor. caller: yes. i am in total support of this bill up for a vote, and i hope the republicans get the courage to take a vote on this. and my question is, can they recess for break before they resolve this issue?
1:57 pm
host: ok. that's shirley in springfield, missouri. and we here on c-span are taking your calls and comments. the reason is the house democrats have been in a sit-in on the house floor over gun legislation. it's been the focus of both the house and senate this week. in the case of the senate four gun-related amendments failed to move forward. two democratic amendments and two republican amendments. and today house democrats making a number of speeches. we'll show you some of those momentarily and then leading this sit-in, which began 2 1/2 hours ago. we're taking your calls and comments. we go staten island, new york. addy is on the independents line. caller: yes, sir. i have so many things to say and i know i only have a short period to say it. imagine having to beg for this legislation 100,000 people dead?
1:58 pm
20 innocent children. i am appalled at -- republicans need to wake up. they have to stop touting that n.r.a. money and do the right thing for people. i'm so disgusted. somebody has to do the right thing. and until we do it, they get nothing. they shouldn't even get paid. i'm sorry to yell but enough is enough. thank you, sir. host: all right. here's steven who's in fitzgerald, georgia, on our republican line. hi, steven. caller: hey. start with, i want to start off by this. my daughter was shot and killed in 2007. she was murdered. our president seems to think that the more people we let in the u.s. is a good force. that would be all right if we took a check on everybody. but as far as our gun rights, no. the way we handle this is, look, a thief can get a gun in a heartbeat.
1:59 pm
nobody's bringing up the fact what happens in miami, florida, every day with the gangs. nobody seems to deal with that one. so my thought is, if it we're going to have a gun law, we need to start at the point where it starts and that's in breaking and entering. i can get a gun -- i never ordered one online. i -- and my computer tells me i can't do that. go to a reputable gun dealer. host: steven, you said your daughter was killed in 2007. was it during a breaking and entering or some related crime? caller: it was -- i am not going to mention the ethnicity of the person but it was someone that shouldn't have been allowed into the u.s., let's put it that way. host: did her shooting make -- change your view on guns at all? caller: no. i'm -- because my daughter was an avid -- she loved to hunt.
2:00 pm
she loved to fish. she was that type of person. she wouldn't want her gun rights violated. d to do that would -- to me, would be a great injustice not only to her but the other people. these people, even watching the senators, you know, i'm appalled at what they're doing. there's a way to handle this. these guys are acting like children that's screaming, stay out of my sandbox. . host: arizona, good afternoon, to ray. go ahead, ray. renee, sorry. in arizona, go ahead. caller: hi. i just wanted to let you know i think a lot of this is just distraction from what's going on. guns don't hurt people, people hurt people. i was shot when i was young, by accident. the gun didn'tho


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