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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 6, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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because they have no clue of what needs to be done. for the moment. that should be better, to give lessons in london and not here. [applause] they remind me of rats fleeing a sinking ship. johnson abandons it. forl farage wants more time himself and his family to spend his european salary apparently. so the leave leaders leave for the moment. britain man standing in will be that will happen. it will be like in the time of margaret thatcher only the woman is capable to manage a divided tory party as we see it today. women will rescue britain.
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surprise was the reaction of the european council to this clinical earthquake. the only reaction i have heard from the council was that we should not change anything. that is just a question of implementing the existing policies. i find it irresponsible. i don't think you understand what is happening. it is not only a brexit referendum. was a that there referendum in denmark, negative. one in the netherlands, negative. what are you waiting for? for the next referendum in france? in italy? thatwill you recognize this type of european union of today, you cannot defend it anymore. [applause]
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reformed andto be a new vision should be projected to the citizens of europe. the truth is that the european citizens are not against europe they are against this europe. is that i'm that asking myself why commissioners in paris have not published this earlier. from april. 82% want more european action to fight terrorism. more european action to fight unemployment. more european action to fight tax fraud. action on thee issue of migration. peoplef the 15 questions
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are asking for more european action. not less. europe has is that become what? it has become an expert on this legislation on the exact measures and the color of a package of cigarettes. we have become experts on deciding the amount of flushing water in the toilet. and also the subsidies that a local football club can receive from local government. what they want as citizens and that is what the european parliament tells us. a europeanant migration policy to tackle those actions. to tackle terrorism. that he european government. to defend the euro. to defend the borders.
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that is what the citizens are asking for. the problem is the inconvenient more of the same will not get us out of this crisis. that is burying our heads in the sand. people want to work on another europe. doing isare sleepwalking towards a disaster. there were 27 other referenda in the near future. so let us not be naive. the real problem is that he is right when he says it is intergovernmental is in. a loose federation of nationstates based on the unanimity cannot work. that is the reality of today. and you don't recognize it until now. we're going to do our homework.
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parliament will be ready. in october. on theglobal plan based way forward. not talking about federalism and implementation. all of these other buzzwords. that are in the center of our discussions. we are going to simply go back to the ideas of our founding fathers. that is what we have to do. it is that challenge now or .ever i think the union will change or it will die. [applause] >> i've been confused by your
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statements. are you aware of how british parliamentary democracy works? the leaders of the main parties were all supporters of the you. the people voted the other way. when you say the brexit side has no plan. the brexit side is not the government. the government has to change to allow a new prime minister to work out a plan to carry through the plan. you are missing the point of what an referendum actually is. >> i was absolutely not pointing the finger to the citizens of britain. it is their right to decide what i have decided. i was pointing the fingers to your leaders in britain. to mr.nigel farage johnson who are leaving the political scene and have no clue
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how it has to go in the future. fact to leaving the country. with markets in turmoil. that is my criticism. the citizens are right but your political leaders are not. >> i leave mr. for origin mr. johnson they have received enough of our attention. me to have behaved like children. building a wooden tower and then knocking it down. that is childish play. children can do that the
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politicians should not be doing it. to declare that we need a further action for reflection. come up with anything specific. not saying what we should be reflecting upon. after the failed referenda on the european constitution in france. we said we needed time for reflection. the ones in the european council and the european parliament. they certainly change their attitudes. the previous speaker is correct. things wet change
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will all be jointly responsible for that. after greece we're going to have send greece and spain through the ringer. with more sanctions. for not doing what the european union wants them to do. he wants more sanctions for spain and portugal. it is carried on. you will have member states going their own way. despite the protests of european citizens. wrong to say it should not
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be discussed in the national parliaments. that is undemocratic. people'sonfirming beliefs about the undemocratic nature of the eu would you say things like that. let's just leave aside the changes in the constitution. different groupings coming and going. we don't need a new convention. people are fed up. the question is what can we do now right now. for the member states of the european union to stand and to think in terms of dividing a european humanitarian aid. emergency programs. this would send a message to those who have suffered most
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from the debt crisis in recent years. that we are trying to do something for them. immediate introduction of the minimum wage above the threshold. and we need equal pay for equal work. we can do that without changing the european treaties. these of things we need to do now. we can alleviate people's fears of becoming poor. the refugees coming into our countries. these are things we have to do now. give the union their lives back. there are many things we can do now if nothing else can be done by the commission. make a statement now for the young people. say to them even if the uk's there's going to be a redistribution in the european budget so that there is more assistance for young people to make them get jobs so they can
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enjoy more in the country. to make it possible for them to have better training in the european union. instead of being the sacrificial lambs. [applause] do you appreciate that you've spoken here about disgruntled voters? babel was built on a bed of straw. the two foundations we hear all the time. freedom of movement and the eurozone. and yet the italian banks are on the verge of an extra bailout. it cannot work. the big issue here is contagion.
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you really know in your heart of hearts that you need the european union supported trade in this article union. >> i did not talk about the tower of babel. i talked about the very poor behavior of some of the leaders in the united kingdom who have played with wooden blocks and then knocks it down. the european union is not a toy that you can kick gets the wall. and then jump around and laughing what you are destroyed. [applause] >> i don't know boris johnson personally. i do know nigel farage. surprised atly
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their behavior. shirked hist he has responsibility. i expected it. the situation is a lot more crucial in on more serious than some of you seem to think. one thing was surprising in the last few days. this brexit decision in the u.k. that when thetime eu was defeated there was an emotional discussion of the european union. that was the first time. you can see that in the reports. people breaking down in tears. they talk about how painful everything has been and the way that people itself. is the first time we've seen that level of emotion in the u.k.. what will happen now is up to
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probably the new governments in the u.k.. the eu asked the 27 member states to have to assert its rights and take into account what the u.k. wants. the demonstrations that took place at the retail level. a quite right. our doors need to still be opened. for the u.k.. we need to open them. what can we do. link with those that have been in the u.k. now. the people that are against the brexit decision. there's a lot of talk about neo-nationalism. they could simply wanted to fan the flames of concerns.
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and scared. the fact that they are scared. they want to contribute to them. they want to keep them burning. we need to look at other policies. favor of ain different way forward. in london this is an empire of rich people and delete people. what about the people that have nothing. where are they. what is there goal in london. people are seeing that. we've got to provide a response to these people that have been left out the cold. and not leave it all up to the nationalists. and the populists.
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we need to look at what we can do with the financial markets how we can regulate them. how to mitigate them. we need a new deal. can have that people their lives improved. we've hardly talked about this in the past. we need binding social standards throughout europe. we need these things. particularly when you see that in countries that the eu the social security system is breaking up. they are falling apart. what really concerns me is to see how well the people that are that come out of it very well. they've made ordinary person's vote against their own interests.
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despise people like nigel who usend marine le pen .rdinary people it is rabble rousing. the group in poland. they have worked very well together in the past. we've got to change the eu. you can only do that if you want to defend the eu. that is the only chance to stem the tide of this rabble rousing and neo-nationalism.
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>> >> thank you very much. you seem to be a bit because you seem to be saying that the eu was a distraction in favor of rich people but they are very rich people at the top. that thederstand people who voted to leave predominately were in fact those people have hardest by the european union. they had to bear the economic burden. the people who don't have jobs. who don't have prospects. they are seeing their living standards.
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it is a construction for a very rich people at the top. the goldman sachs in this world. >> any responsibility for what has happened in london restaurant the british government. not just the current government but a number of proceeding governments as well. antagonism among ordinary people. the social benefits in the u.k.
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will be curtailed.
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people thought that this is finally happening. a full-scale black uprising. and they panicked. mobs of white men armed with pistols and clubs went downtown and marched to the scene of the shootout and began shooting beating every black person they could find. massacred6 riots that dozens of african-americans. also the role of federal troops stationed near the city. author and journalist walter isaacson offers an argument on benjamin franklin's innovations and passion for science as an example of what he called america's national character. his view wason: that small businesses would be the backbone of the new economy. one of the things he created was the leather apron.
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they made a set of rules and maxims for how to be a good startup entrepreneur and innovator. 10:00.ay morning at mcgovern: in the music of our children to we are told that to everything there is a season at a time to every purpose under heaven. for america, the time has come at last a. nixon: you know that every politicians promise has a price. the taxpayer pays the bill. the american people are not going to be taken in by any scheme where the government takes money with one hand and then takes it away with the other.
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>> donald trump speaks to supporters in raleigh north carolina. he is joined by senator bob corker who has been mentioned as a possible running mate. decidingabout the fbi not to recommend charges against hillary clinton. donald trump: i love you north carolina. unbelievable. it is incredible thing. rate but we are still happy to be together. totally rigged. what a system. on, and we will be talking about it but a great
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friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody, senator bob corker. come on up, bob. [applause] bob corker: i just came to visit. something to tell you . the rallies i have back home aren't quite like this. this is pretty cool. this is unbelievable. we had a pretty remarkable day today. it says a lot about a person to meet their family. kids if time with their
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you will. involved in. ivanka and eric. the people who've worked in the trump organization for 25 or 30 years. the respect they have for the person they have worked for. lawfather and the father in that they have. to see how he treats the persons around him. so many times people become caricatures of what the media makes of them. all too often after the race is over people realize they never really got to know the person. some once told me it's not who you know in life, it's how you know them. i had the incredible privilege today to spend time with this man and his family.
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to spend time with those in know him so well. i figured out the reason that because him so much is [applause] ("trump!") i'm setting up his time. taking up his time. mucheason you love him so is because he loves you and he wants the best for you. here is the republican nominee for president, donald trump. [applause] trump: he is a great person. i have to tell you a few things. the numbers just came out.
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were doing very well in the polls. [applause] very very well. out anders just came during the primary system the republicans, i wonder why, 62%. the democrats were down 21%. you a little bit about what is going on. what you witnessed today and over the last week. bill clinton going to the airplane which just happened to be there. i wonder how long he waited.
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and then to have what happened everybody essentially thought she was guilty. it turned out we are not going to press charges. it is really amazing. we have a rigged system. i used to say that during the primaries. i won north carolina big league because of you. [laughter] [applause] [applause] not only did the republican party go way up from what was four years ago but donald trump in the history of the primaries with 17 people running. i got almost 14 million votes.
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more than anybody in the history of the republican primary. more than ronald reagan. more than the bushes. more than richard nixon. more than dwight eisenhower. he won the second world war. we have the highest vote count in the history of the republican party. that was such a big thing for me. 37 states. i just got stronger and stronger. i think we are stronger now than ever before. we are fighting a very dishonest media. to have a protester? do we have a protester? [applause] we love our protesters don't we?
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going time i get the cameras to turn. the only time we get those cameras to turn. this is really great. get him out. thank you. take it easy. if i can speak to these people for a little while, what do we want? good education, a strong military, we want the wall on the border. we want to keep our jobs in north carolina. [applause] we want to keep our jobs in north carolina. look at what is going on folks.
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to build the wall. who's going to pay for the wall? "mexico!") you better believe it. they will be happy to pay. if the wrong person like hillary crooked hillary clinton asks, they won't. but she is never going to ask. leftok for jobs that have north carolina and gone down to mexico. it is a disgrace. it is a disgrace what has happened. going to stop it will not happen any longer. we're losing our jobs. we are losing our manufacturing. stop theing to nonsense that is going on. it is so easy to stop. we will stop it so fast your
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heads will spin. remember that. your heads will spin. we will talk a little bit about trade later on. we are going to knock the hell out of isis. [applause] we have a president who was out campaigning for crooked hillary clinton. working one home isis where the threat is getting worse and worse. he should be working on trade. he should be working on the borders. people are flowing into our country from lots of places. syria, no more. they are not coming. they have no documentation, no paperwork. who knows?
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we can't take any more chances. we can't take any more chances. if you look at crooked hillary, she wants to increase the immigrants coming in from syria again. they could be isis. this could be the all time great trojan horse. you know the story of the trojan horse. person has done in orlando. just take a look. one person. look at the horror of what that one person dead in our country. in the gay community. the lgbt community. billy can fathom what took place. one bad apple. we have many people coming in. it just takes a small percentage
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but there is something going on. guess what? we have a leader that doesn't even want to discuss the name of the problem. the problem is radical islamic terrorism. it is a problem. [applause] ("trump!") donald trump: we've got hillary clinton who is ineffective and she will never be able to do the job. her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on these e-mails. who would do it? look at her judgment. her judgment is horrible. who said that about hillary?
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bernie sanders said her judgment is bad. whether it is isis, trade, it is going to be four more years of the same thing. the last thing we need is laster clinton or the thing we need is another obama in the white house. we have $19 trillion in debt. soon to be $21 trillion. the debt has doubled under obama. it has doubled. on a mess and it is got a be taken care of. at way gets taken care of least that aspect of it. we are going to bring jobs back to north carolina. we are going to bring jobs back to our country. it is going to the america
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first. not all these other countries that don't give a dam about us. it is going to be america first. america, america first. [applause] ("usa!!") donald trump: we got a person in the white house is having a lot of problems. it is like a carnival act. a lot of fun. we need a president who bring us back. a president who is not going to be divisive.
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a president who's going to take care of the african-american community. remember that. obama is all talk and no action. president that is going to create jobs for hispanics who don't have jobs now. we need a president who's going to turn our country around and hillary clinton will be even worse than obama. i brought up something last night. i heard they were flying down on air force one. air force one is a very old billing 747. it sucks up a lot of gas. a lot of fuel. the fuel bill. you turn on those engines is a lot of money. campaigning with the
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plane of the united states? why is he allowed to come down on that very expensive plane? he talks about the carbon footprint. he wants to solve the carbon footprint. 747ets on an old boeing that is spewing stuff into the air. he gets her on the plane and then he says we will fight for the environment. gets back onto the boeing 747 goes back to washington. the greatest was what he wanted to play golf in hawaii. 747. takes the he is played more rounds than just about the people who play professionally on the pga tour.
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plane and fly's to hawaii, he is there for a long time. golf, golf, golf. more and more. how to po our country is going to hell. isis is laughing at us. they are chopping off heads. they're drowning people in steel cages. he is out there playing golf with just about as long a trip as you can make from washington. after a long extended vacation he gets back on the plane and flies back and lands and stress talking about the environment. give me a break. give me a break. [applause] we need unity in the republican party. i have to be honest, i think i
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win without the unity. but we need unity. for the most part we happened. likeve some great people bob corker who just came up. so he senators and congressmen. we need real unity. the unity have to get support. win probably i will do better without the kind of support we are talking about because that is why i'm here in the first place. [applause] the convention is going to be terrific. we had great speakers. some of the people that want to speak. many i've made so many enemies by saying i can't let you do it. we want people who love our country and want to be there.
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if they don't love the party, they should be there. d not be there. we have to defend our country. defense is always important. we have to build up our military. we are going to take care of our veterans like you wouldn't believe. our veterans are being mistreated horribly. our greatest people. we have a plan that has received universal fantastic reviews. i am the only one who can do it. i made a speech. i said let's raise some money for the veterans. we raised $5.6 million for veterans. gave $1 million. i could just given a speech and left.
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the press came down and said you should have given here. we have to check them out. raised five point $6 million for the veterans. i am so proud of it. i have received more accolades from the veterans groups that never got money before. in one case $1.1 million. all of these groups. it was so beautiful to see. we have received accolades. this is a movement. this is not like a normal situation. look at the size of this room. there are thousands of people and it was raining and windy.
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but the people came out anyway. now you know it is my hair because any hair they can withstand that win. it is my hair. the pilot said sir i would wait about 10 or 20 minutes. no we are not going to g.ep these people waiting peri d we are to make america great again. i will tell you i'm so proud of what is happening. it is a movement. like nobody has ever seen before. o'reilly, a good i am on tonight.
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is it was good when they take you by telephone that means you're hot. said i can't do it i'm on a plane to north carolina. how about by phone. interviews to face the nation. and meet the press. so much easier to sit home and talk on the phone. i was the world? how is the world? it is a movement. people have never seen anything like it. and we madehate me, them look pretty bad. not run.he would they said he would have fun and build his brand.
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people already know who i am. i lost the shirts because macy's was so disloyal. macy's did not like what i'm saying about illegal immigration. it's not the most profitable thing i've ever done doing this. it is nice when you don't have to care. is makinge about america great again. that is much more important. [applause] the apprentice, they said they want to renew it for two more seasons. they said that we will pay you anything. 14 seasons of the apprentice. i said to the head person at comcast, i said steve i'm going to run for president. i said i am going to run for
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president. you can't do both because of the time rules. it takes guts to do what we are all doing. it takes guts to do what i'm doing. believe me. it takes guts. it's not easy. [applause] dishonesty and not all reporters are bad. a lot of them are terrible. you get hit from 15 different directions. stuff that is very unfair. you get hit and sony different ways. it started off with 17 people. then he gets down to one. they made the right choice. am i doing a good job? [applause] i am just the messenger. i am your messenger. the message is simple.
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we going to take our country back, we're going to have everybody included. we want help african-americans. we want help hispanics and latinos. helping everybody. we will bring our country together. we've got to bring our country together. so important. when you look at what is going on with isis and they are blowing up airplanes. things that have happened since medieval times. we studied history. i love history. they are chopping off heads. that is medieval. these are animals. they have to be stopped. [applause]
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i was against the war in iraq. it was a long time ago. i was was against it. i didn't want to go to war in iraq. i think you will destabilize the middle east. who would've known this would happen? thousands of american lives and other lives lost. our young people. destroyed. of soldierssands where they are wounded. the bravest people i've ever seen. attitude.the best i work for them. they have the best attitude of ever seen. i never seen anything like it.
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they have a better attitude about life that i do. amazing people. we shouldn't have done it. we got isis on top of everything else. now we have a president who doesn't know what he's doing. he doesn't have a clue. instead of saying there with us fairly small force he announces he's going to take everybody out and they will be out by a certain date. the only thing that was surprising was the enemy did believe him because they said nobody could be that stupid to announce that we are going to be out on a certain date. then that date came and we were gone. should have been there. we should have destabilized the region. saddam hussein was a bad guy. a really bad guy. you know he did well. he killed terrorists. he did that so good.
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he then read them their rights. did not read them their rights. they were gone. today iraq is a harbor for terrorism. it is like harbor terrorists. harvard for terrorists. so sad. we're going to take care of it. we had a choice. no choice. they overplay their hand. if they didn't, we are all fools. we cannot let them get away with what they are doing right now terrorizing people. we're going to be so strong. would it be so vicious. them for a to knock loop. [applause]
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roots of notes comini wrote som. we are a country of laws. we are a country of order. other people have been so badly hurt by doing things so much less than cricket hillary clinton. crooked hillary clinton. so we people of suffered so greatly for doing so much less. does that mean that we expunge their record? we say all of you people that have been found guilty we can no rulingaccept that as a because of what we've done for her. she was so much worse than
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anybody that we are talking about. does that mean we have to exonerate everybody? we have to take back the punishments. we have a country that is supposed to be fair. when you hear what was said by the fbi director, you listen to what he said. he wasmiddle of it talking about so many different things. he calls her extremely careless. you didn't have to be careless. we are talking about serious stuff. the lifeblood of our country. the safety of our people. the laws are very explicit. stupidity is not a reason that you're going to be innocent. [applause]
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i don't happen to believe that it was stupidity. even stupidity is not a reason. what they have done. i think this makes sense. today is the best evidence ever that we've seen that our system is absolutely totally rigged. [applause] i used that term when i was running in the republican primaries. all of a sudden became a hot term. i would win louisiana. and i would find out i didn't get enough delegates. places like colorado. we would win the vote but we
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found out that we didn't get the delegates. i used the word great. rigged. if i had won by a landslide i wouldn't be standing here right now. i learned about the rigged .ystems bernie sanders started using it. everybody's talking about it. i asked a couple of political it hasn't been a thing used. think of bernie sanders. the one with the most to lose his bernie sanders because honestly he was waiting for the fbi primary. he just lost today. he lost in the fbi primary. poor bernie.
12:57 am
i feel so badly for bernie. supporters are going to be voting for donald trump because he was right. he was right about couple of things. he said the system was rigged. he is also right about trade. our trade deals are a disaster. they are killing our jobs. they are killing our families. they are killing our incomes. , and i'm this room going to fight for you, are making less money today that they made 18 years ago effectively. and they are working to jobs and set of one. this horrible stupid obamacare is a killer which is giving them part-time employment when they
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never had part-time employment in their lives. the premiums are through the roof and the deductibles are so high that you will never be able to use it unless you die a very vicious long slow death. it is going to explode in 2017 anyway. we are going to replace it before it explodes. we are going to replace it with something that is great and less expensive both for yourselves and for the country. it is a horror show. what i'm hearing about it. in texas going through obamacare. blue cross blue shield raised increase in premiums. hear that on november 1 and
12:59 am
they are going to have an increase on obamacare that is going to set this country in motion. i mean motion in a bad way. do becausewants to it is actually election changing. the numbers are bigger than texas. the numbers are astronomical. what they want to do is take those numbers and move them from november 1 two any time after the election. we are not going to let them get away with that. [applause] as i said today is the best evidence we've ever seen that our system is rigged. hillary clinton put the entire country in danger. and benghazi.
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and plenty of other things. that shenfirmed today routinely sent classified e-mails on insecure private server that could be easily hacked by hostile and we learned that people she e-mailed were hacks, and hackedy, definitely were by these hostile actors. these were very bad, but very smart people. of a lot smarter than we have in washington, i can tell you. [applause] have a blackay male file on crooked hillary. and this alone means that she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. [applause] we now know, just
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wrote this out, we now know that she lied to the country when she said she did not send classified information on her server. she lied. she sent vast amounts of classified information, including information classified as top-secret. top-secret. ok? and this is where they said she was extremely careless. and frankly, eisai grossly incompetent. she will be such a lousy president, folks. so sad. ok, the lives of the american people were put at risk by hillary clinton, so that she could carry on her corrupt financial dealings, that is probably why she did not want people to see what the hell she was doing. she went to extraordinary
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lengths to carry out an enr on-style purge of her e-mail. 33,000 e-mails are missing, and they say she is fine? and i have always been told you cannot really get rid of an e-mail. have you heard this? we have the real super geniuses that know this stuff, and they say we cannot get rid of e-mail. we did not use them, because he did not want to use them. so, like a criminal with a guilty conscience, clinton had her lawyers delete, destroy, and wipe away forever. except, i still say there are geniuses that can find them, 30,000 e-mails. this, again, disqualifies her from service. and just think of it? i mean, how can you have this? [applause]
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mr. trump: we know now that these deletions included e-mails that were work-related. one more big, fat, beautiful lie by cricket hillary. any government employee who engages in this kind of behavior would be barred from handling classified information. again, that alone disqualifies her. and again, bernie sanders talked about bad, bad judgment. he is not happy tonight, folks. it looks like it is over for burning. e. but i have a feeling they will have a lot of people marching on philadelphia. let us see. let us see. [applause] mr. trump: i don't know about you, but i always felt that hillary clinton would escape criminal charges for her dangerous and illegal behavior. because i always knew, and i always see and it is so sad,
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that our system is in fact rigged. it is totally rigged. it is corrupt, rate, totally disgraceful. you have a statement made today at 11:00, then you have a big speech by the president, flying in on air force one with hillary clinton a few hours later. even though we have more people here than they do, but we won't say that. [applause] so, the ag met with the president before the announcement. and how about that? met with president bill clinton. how about that deal, right? he is waiting around, waiting at the airport. look, the ag is coming. let me say hello. 39 minutes. they have grandchildren, two. i hear they are beautiful. got two. now, i have eight grandchildren. and i will tell you, i can talk
1:05 am
about them. after, i say isn't she beautiful? i love the kids. but after about a minute, i can go much longer. [laughter] mr. trump: i want to get the business, for you. he did not talk about it. they talked about golf. the grandkids, i would say that takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. seriously. and i write? howright? how long can you talk? this attorney general, i have the most beautiful grandchildren you ever seen. let me show you a picture. isn't that great? let me show you another. what do you think? i think they're beautiful. [laughter] mr. trump: and they're smart and great. now, he is starting to run out of words. that is 30 seconds. [applause] [laughter] mr. trump: now he is going to talk about golf. i know more about golf and he does.
1:06 am
you cannot talk about golf that long. jeff nicholas is the greatest -- jack nicholas is the greatest, right? when is tiger woods coming back? adam scott is the greatest. phil mickelson, you can't talk much longer. a couple of minutes, ok? i don't think they went over the swing, the technique, or anything. the airplane is too small. right? [laughter] [applause] so, give the, grandchildren two minutes. give the golf three-and-a-half minutes. that is a long time to be sitting there twiddling your thumbs. what else are we going to talk about? let us talk about hillary. let us talk about hillary. did you see today? hillary announced that she may consider the attorney general,
1:07 am
i'm not casting aspersions on anybody other than hillary, of course, but she may consider the attorney general, now they are rolling on the case, to continue forward as attorney general. now, how do you make that statement when they are going to rule? number what happens. the fbi makes a recommendation, still up to the attorney general. at least according to what i saw on television, which you cannot always believe, and i find it hard to believe, but she said today we may consider the attorney general going forward. that is like a bribe, isn't it? i think it is a bribe. [applause] wins,ump: i mean, if she she will consider extending the attorney general. and you know what? i am not knocking the attorney general. how can you say that? it is a bribe.
1:08 am
i mean, the attorney general sitting there saying, you know, as i get henry off the hook, i will have four or eight more years. it is a bribe. it is a disgrace. it is a disgrace. she is laughing at the stupidity of our system. she is laughing, and so is her husband bill, laughing at what is going on. because, they have been there before, you know it, between and the she did better with cattle proportionally than people who have been with cattle who have made millions. she made millions, and you never did before. i wonder how that happened? she is cricket hillary -- crooked hillary, folks.
1:09 am
that goingth all of on, you have obama campaigning. and this was set up a long time ago, and he knew that the fbi was going to do this, because it would've been very uncomfortable or him to campaign with her actually if they did not take a pass on crooked hillary. they take a pass, announced they are not going to press charges. lo and behold a few hours later, let us have us press conference, let us do is be together. by the way, her speech was terrible. i watched it. how boring was that speech? do we like trump better? to be like fro[applause] mr. trump: now, let me just tell you, let me just tell you, because the word temperament comes to you. she says he is a very strong
1:10 am
temperament. losingg off heads, thousands and thousands and thousands of people to the savage people, right? we need someone with a tough temperament. it is time. it is time. [applause] mr. trump: and i will tell you, ether it is on trade or military or at the border, the last person these other countries want to see as president of the united states, because i would be fighting for you not fighting for them, going to be fighting for you, is donald j. trump. the last person. [applause] so, the last one. [applause] [cheering]
1:11 am
trump, trump! mr. trump: so a very amazing prodigious man, i will not use his name but people know who i'm talking about, i was at his house. and he said donald, i thought you were totally wrong. i thought you were much too tough on china. i thought you were much too tough on japan. i thought you were much too tough on mexico. and all of these other countries that you are talking to, with respect, but i thought you were much too tough. and for a year, i have been telling people he is being too tough. i thought you were much too tough donald come on saudi arabia. much too tough. i thought you were much too tough on japan, because as you never knew before i got involved, we pay for a big
1:12 am
portion of japan's military. and i want them to help us out. this isn't 40 years ago. this is in 30 years ago. they are sending cars to us by the millions. and believe me, we don't need more iran deals done by incompetent people. we need smart people, great negotiators. and believe me, i will head up. i know what i'm doing. we have the greatest negotiators in the world, and we don't use them. we use political hacks. so, we take care of japan. and we take care of germany, and we take care of lots of places, south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between north and south korea. south korea, or a television. see if you can buy one in the united states. you know the answer is? you cannot. order many other things. see if you can buy them. who just moved to mexico from indiana, the great state of indiana that gave me another
1:13 am
victory, right? carrier. the we don't make that anymore. so, carrier is moving. by the way, i would tell the people of carrier, love you people. every time you make an air-conditioning unit and enjoy your beautiful factory, you will now send it through the strong and secure border, and you are going to pay 35% taxes. you know what? they are not leaving folks. they are not leaving. they're not going to leave. iw, hillary clinton -- and will tell you, the press does not treat it one person actually at the new york times david sanger treated it right. along with maggie. about 82% accurate. but i mention this all the time, and the press will go, donald trump once japan to go nuclear. i did not say that. you have to be prepared always in a deal to walk.
1:14 am
for instance, with a horrible deal we made with iran, the horrible deal, the incompetent deal, kerry should picked up and walked a couple of times. he should've walked when they said they will not give back our hostages, until the deal is over. and then he should've walked, doubled up the sanctions, and by the time elated back in the united states they could've turned the plane around her you would have a hostages back. instead of waiting here. [applause] mr. trump:, and he should've g, folks.other thin we gave them back $150 billion. i would've said, my father used to say, son, soft, nice and easy. good builder. he loved to build houses, i learned so much from them, and he was a great guy. love the guy, my father. he is to say son, you are too tough.
1:15 am
take the lump sum. in the old days i would've said we are not giving you the $150 billion. and they would've been angry and we would've been upset, and we would not say that that way anymore. my father taught me well. i would say fellas, and it is all fellas by the way. they have not figured out the women are smarter than the men. they will it will take about 150-200 years, and they will figure it out. then we are really in trouble can you imagine? because the persians are great negotiators, they out negotiated us. give me a favor. we have a bad budget that was just past, the omnibus budget disaster. $21 trillion in debt. we don't have the money. i am sorry. i apologize. i won't be able to pull it off. i'm not going to be a book to give you the $150 billion.
1:16 am
like, i can't do it. i want to do it, so badly. and you are right, you should get it. but we don't have the money, i am sorry. and they will go crazy. hell withve, we say him, double of the sanctions, and they will drop the $150 billion sanctions. we have great amateurs dealing for us. i have the great businessmen in the world, carl icahn. right now, i say it is $5 trillion. the government says it is $3 trillion. but it is a lot. in other areas, processes, that we want to bring back. my tax plan, which cuts taxes for everybody, and putting businesses and middle-class in particular, it cuts taxes. [applause] mr. trump: we are to bring that
1:17 am
money back and will be spent in the u.s. you have corporate inversions. you have companies leaving the united states, together money, they can't get it back. it is impossible. thecally and the taxes, only person that is really, really dumb would say send it back. so they leave the money over there. and in move the company to the money. did you ever hear of that one before? it is happening all over the place. take a look at what is going on. it is going to end. ,ne of the highest tax nations in the world we are cutting the ridiculous regulations which are destroying our businesses, destroying our businesses. [applause] mr. trump: and we are going to do it, ok. so, just to finish, because i'm so proud of what i wrote, i have to read it. i love it. i actually love writing.
1:18 am
he will don't realize. you know how many number one bestsellers ipad? have had. "the art of the deal," i love it. the question that really has to be asked is this, what is hillary clinton's motive? to that, i say who cares? she put is in danger. and some people say that is corrupt financially, i don't care. what her motive is, all i know she had a motive, but he is erased so many e-mails, we will never find out, ok? bill and hillary clinton rate in millions of foreign government interest and national corporations, in exchange for favors, folks. she is crooked hillary, don't you understand that? one of the most crooked politicians in history. these entities either funnel money into the clinton foundation, or paid bill clinton lavishly for speeches, paid a
1:19 am
fortune. at least 60 companies that lobbied the state department during clinton's tenure as secretary of state donated a total of $26 million to the clinton foundation. ok, $26 million. and she is dealing with these countries. bill clinton, and by the way, many of these countries treat women and want to enslave women, and they treat them horribly, and as far as the gay community, they push them off buildings, and they killed him, and they execute them. and she has tens of millions of dollars from these countries. believe me, i am better for the gay community. i am better for women, then she will ever be, on her best day. on her best day. [applause]
1:20 am
mr. trump: bill clinton was paid a fortune to deliver a speech in moscow, russia, while hillary clinton was in charge of the russian rest, another disaster. bill clinton was paid money by the chinese government, a lot, and its supporters, while hillary handled china policy. china was this time, stealing hundreds of billions of dollars in united states intellectual property. ok, folks, we could go on forever. abc news said that president clinton accepted speaking fees from numerous companies and individuals, with interest pending before hillary clinton's state department. oh, that is nice. international business concepts,
1:21 am
government corporations involved in the arms deal, approved by clinton's state department have delivered, listen to this, her state department is approving deals, have delivered between 54-141 million dollars to the clinton foundation. what is going on here? to the clinton foundation, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to the clinton family. then, when hillary left the state department, she was paid $21.6 million for speeches delivered in less than two year. that is not bad. and she is a boring speaker, terrible. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: think what i can make. man, she is a terrible speaker. she got $21.6 million for beaches. and she refuses, because bernie
1:22 am
sandersbetter than anybody, she refuses to give up the text. and i understand many of the people that are her supporters. and by the way, many are friends of mine. and they're going to own her, folks. don't forget, ice to be on the other side of the equation. i used to be established. and on june 16, i ran. he is no longer established. he doesn't need our money. that is terrible. and i put up $55 million, approximately in the primary, and won, big-league. [applause] now,'m putting up money and i'm raising money for the party. it is good, really good. we are going to take this country back from these thieves, c anrooks, and these horrible presidents. and i mean when i say that obama can take all of his time off, he
1:23 am
is all over the place and devices as an example, when he can take all of that time off to spend it with hillary clinton, with the seal of the president in front as she stands there, she does not look presidential to me, folks. i can tell you that. she does not look presidential to me. [applause] mr. trump: hillary also had reason to hide her foreign-policy disasters, and the decisions that went into them. her push for regime change in libya, egypt, and syria has been a total and complete disaster. her iraq policy has been catastrophic. she has unleashed isis across the middle east, with her bad decisions and her bad judgment. and she is going to do nothing about it, because she is a weak person. she doesn't have the strength.
1:24 am
and she does not have the temperament, believe me. [applause] mr. trump: there are going to be more of the same, folks. more of the same. in 2009, before he took office, libya was cooperating. syria was under control. iraq was seeing a reduction in violence. and i ran was being choked, absolutely choked, financially. they were dying. now, after she left, isis controls huge portions of iraq. syria and libya committing unspeakable, inhuman atrocities and try to launch attacks against the west. iran, meanwhile, has been placed on the path of nuclear weapons, and become a true power, they have become a true power in the middle east and beyond. they were not a power. we gave them power with that
1:25 am
horrible, horrible deal. so, hillary clinton's policies have spread isis and made iran the dominic islamic power -- the dominant islamic power. hillary clinton can i keep her e-mail safe. and you know what, folk? can i keep ourl country safe. can't do it. [applause] so, i want to thank the people of north carolina. it has been such an amazing, such an amazing run for me. [applause] mr. trump: such an amazing run. times, isot of good that a lot of fun, speeches, seriously. look, we need to change. not a vomiting. remember obama change?
1:26 am
i actually thought he would be a cheerleader, and he is really turned out to be a very divisive person. we need change. and i hate to use the term, but we really do need change. we need fresh, tough, bold ideas. we need people that know what they're doing. we need people that are not worried about political correctness. we cannot use that term. we can't use that term. [applause] watched obama a speech onpend a whole why he should not necessarily have to say radical islam, why he shouldn't do it. that is what the problem is, and he doesn't even know it. i don't even think he knows, honestly, i don't think he has a clue.
1:27 am
i don't think he knows what the hell is going on, ok? and you know, is a very interesting thing. but i was watching yesterday, and everybody saying isis, i sis, isis. now, you can have your definition, has to do with territory. and we can give you definition between isis and siisil. im, he says isisl. l. isil is being driven back, the jv. sure asis the jv, i hell don't want to see the varsity. do not worry. they will about a first grade precision, folks. and you know, it is a most like he does it to make people unhappy. i had so maybe will say why doesn't he say isis, forgetting
1:28 am
about definition. and actually, friends of mine say isis is actually work accurate. be so nice, don't say isil. and isil will be driven back. in the meantime, it is a disaster. it is totally a disaster. remember this, i have said it before, our military is depleted at a time when we need a strong military. we are going to win north carolina. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to get rid of these fallsools the running our country. they are fools. [applause] mr. trump: we are not going to go four more years, that even
1:29 am
the fbi today talks so horribly about, this person. to a point where you say, how can you possibly say no charges? what they said, and what he said today was so bad. here is what we are going to do. we're going to start winning again. we are going to win so much, you are going to be so sick of winning. you're going to be so angry at me. going to be so angry. [applause] mr. trump: you want to have your lieutenant governors here, your head of the supreme court here, these are great people. where are they? are they around here? stand up. come on, stand up. beautiful. these are great, great people. great reputation. i will tell you, outside of north carolina they have great reputations, ok? and you are lucky to have them. we are going to start winning again. where going to win at every level our military, take care of our vets, and we are really
1:30 am
going to take care of our vets. and it is not a question of money, is a question of competence. we are spending so much money, and it is a corrupt enterprise. the veterans administration, look at what is going on in arizona with the va, it is a corrupt enterprise. so, we are to start winning. we're going to win on the second amendment. we are not going to let people take our guns away. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to terminate common core out of washington. we're going to bring our education local, local. so, we can have our local people, who love our children and really understand our children, give them the kind of education that we want. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to repeal and replace obamacare, so quickly. so quickly. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to
1:31 am
create strong, strong borders. we're going to build our wall.we are going to stop drugs from flowing into our country, like water. it is flowing into our country like water. we are going to protect our states, going to protect our youth and others from the drugs that are flowing through. the southern border. [applause] makerump: we are going to the greatest trade deals anyone has ever made. we are going to bring our jobs back. we're going to bring manufacturing back. we are going to other countries. we are not going to let countries come in and take advantage of us, take our companies out, sell their goods with no taxes, know nothing. and then when our manufactures want to go to china and other places to sell their goods, they cannot get their into the
1:32 am
goods into the country. as the chinese say they don't want our goods, and they don't steel, aluminum. and they destroy our factories. they destroy so much. and you know what, folks? we are to do our own products, largely, again. let me tell you, and i am not for isolation, this is only if they do not behave. but they devalue their currency. the make it impossible for companies to compete. every time we start to do well, there is countries that are grandmasters, they start devaluing their currency. and our country goes from oh, i am feeling good today. two it is cheating. it is a big form of cheating. we are going to take care of our manufacturers, and we are going to start making products again. and let me tell you something. we may pay a little more for the product, but we are going to
1:33 am
have all of those jobs that make the product. in the long run, we are to be much better off. much better off. [applause] and a lot of that will come back. and again, no isolation. we are going to have fair trade, free-trade. one of these people sitting right up there, what do you do? it fariair,ll free-trade? i don't give a damn what it is. we are going to make great deals for our country, ok? we are not going to let happen what has been happening. [applause] mr. trump: folks, we're going to start winning again. you are going to be so sick of me. you are going to have the justice call me, lieutenant-governor and the governor call me, and say mr. president, the people of north carolina are sick and tired of winning.
1:34 am
you are winning too much. they are really starting to dislike you, mr. president. andi will tell the justice, i will tell the governor and lieutenant governor, i am sorry. we have to keep winning. because we are going to make america great again. i love you, north carolina. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [applause] [cheering] ♪
1:35 am
1:36 am
hard-fought 2016 primary season with historic conventions to follow the summer. >> colorado. >> florida. >> texas. announcer: as the delegates consider the first woman ever to head a major clinical party, and
1:37 am
the first non-politician in decades. watch on c-span. listen on the c-span app. orchid video on demand at you have a front row seat on c-span, all beginning on monday, july 18. >> coming up on c-span, houston press offered gun-control -- house democrats call for gun control. and director james comey on hillary clinton's primary e-mail server. and that is followed by president obama campaigning with hillary clinton in north carolina. a discussion with federal reserve board members on the discussion of clinton's decision to exit the european union. we are live for the events hosted by the wall street journal, starting at 9 a.m. eastern on c-span two.
1:38 am
>> c-span's washington journal is live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, texas republican congressman louie gohmert will react to the recommendation by the fbi that no charges brought against hillary clinton. and michigan democratic congressman brenda lawrence will talk about the flint, michigan water crisis, and the response to the orlando mass shooting, and the 2016 president will campaign. be sure to watch washington journal getting wednesday morning. join the discussion. on american history tv on c-span3, saturday afternoon at 1:50 eastern. >> memoirs you always have to be wary of, because not only are memoirs just by their genre bound to be self-serving to a degree, but they also -- most of
1:39 am
these people did not want to disclose too much. and in some cases, they may actually try to mislead people. >> historians talk about the techniques used by the cia and russian foreign intelligence service together intelligence, dating back to the cold war and how that has changed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. an examination of race relations in post-civil war memphis. >> many whites thought this is finally happening, a full-scale black uprising, and they panicked. mobs of white men, armed with pistols and clubs, slumped spontaneously downtown, march to the scene of the shootout, and begin shooting, beating every black person they could find. >> resulting in the massacre of dozens of massacres. and troops stationed near the city. and as before 9:00, walter
1:40 am
isaacson offers an argument on benjamin franklin's passion for science as an example of what he calls americans national character. >>'s view was that small businesses and startups would be the backbone of a new economy. and indeed one of the things that his group did, the leather apron club, they made a set of good and ma how to be a start entrepreneur and the road to the white house rewind. >> and in the music of our children, we are told to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. and for america, the time has come at last. >> you know that every politician's promise as a price. bill.xpayer pays the
1:41 am
the american people are not going to be taken in by any scheme where government gives money with one hand, then takes it away with the other. >> in 1972 republican and democratic national convention, with richard nixon excepting for the second term, and south dakota senator george mcgovern accepting the democratic foundation. for schedule. >> tuesday, the house returned from a weeklong break and began the day with five and speeches. majority of speakers were democrats on gun violence. republican tom mcclintock spoke and scolded the progress for the city and last month. -in last month. this is just over an hour. arly this afternoon knowing that later this day we
1:42 am
have a meeting with the speaker. t is our goal and our hope that the speaker will provide an opportunity for the minority its two votes taken up in this congress. we prevail on the good nature of the speaker and know him to be an honest and forthright man and being an institutionalist, who understands the house, also know that he's not just speaker for the republican conference but he is, indeed, speaker of the entire house. we face an extraordinary calamity. a catastrophe unlike anyone has
1:43 am
experienced in any other country in the world. and it's the ongoing slaughter that occurs. more than 1,000 mass murders ince the tragedy at sandy hook when they took, as joe manchin aid, our babies from us. what we're asking for on this side of the aisle are very commonsense solutions. no buy, no fly. meaning that -- excuse me, no fly, no buy. if you can get -- can't get on an airplane because you're a terrorist, but you can buy a gun, doesn't it seem as though
1:44 am
there should be regulations that would prevent that and keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals? and the mentally challenged. also, background checks. which most law enforcement entities have talked about on the very bill that pat toomey and joe manchin introduced in the united states senate that received the majority of votes and peter king and mike thompson introduced in the house of representatives. we're asking for a simple vote. after all, that's what we're elected to do. we're elected to represent our people we're sworn to serve and cast votes. it's been more than 3 1/2 years. we have not even been allowed
1:45 am
to cast a vote in the house of representatives. that is why so many took to this floor in an organic movement demonstrating that we have had enough. and that we deserve a vote. and that we demand a vote. for the countless victims and families and ongoing tragedies. it is not enough as respectful as it is to stand for a moment of silence. our caucus will not be silent anymore. we feel that silence means you're complicity -- complicit with these ongoing tragedies. so we have asked for two pieces of legislation, both common sense, and oh, by the way,
1:46 am
supported no matter what poll 95% ead, between 85% and of the american public. they are not controversial. all we're asking for is the decency to perform our constitutional responsibility in representing our constituents and have the ability to cast the vote that they are all asking for. we're prevailing upon the decency of the other side. their understanding of the constitution. their understanding of the rules of this house. we're counting on their decency for the families and the victims to allow us those in le measures that we take office, they could swear an oath to this office in order to perform. we're asking you for a vote.
1:47 am
nothing more than what's required of us when we raise our hand and take the oath here. to deny us of that is to deny us of our basic rights. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. cclintock, for five minutes. mr. mcclintock: mr. speaker, on the afternoon of june 22, a large number of democrats brought the deliberations of the house of representatives to a stand still in one of the most gist dis graceful and childish breaches of -- one of the most disgraceful and childish breaches of the institution. in complete contempt of the house and rule of law, they shouted down all with whom they disagreed, they blocked access to the microphones as members sought to address the chair, and they illegally occupied the hall of the house forcing an
1:48 am
early adjournment and costing this house three full days of legislative deliberations. abraham lincoln said it best, there is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law. what we saw was the mob law of occupy wall street brought to the house floor. they are seeking to use the recent terrorist attacks as justification for making it harder for law-abiding americans to defend themselves. that's a strange logic, but so be it. they certainly have a right to their opinions, they have a right to express those opinions on the house floor, and they have a right to use all of the procedures of the house to act on their opinions. what they do not have is the right to prevent those with different views from exercising the same rights and yet that is precisely what they did. these democratic members have
1:49 am
many procedures and opportunities to bring their bills to the house for a vote. they could have executed a discharge petition to bring their bill immediately to the floor. they could have moved to have their bill inserted into any bill pending on the house floor, a common motion that we routinely hear and vote upon several times a week. the fact is, their proposals were considered in the senate and voted down. their proposals were considered in the house committee and voted down. their discharge petition is pending at this desk right now awaiting enough signatures to execute it. the only problem is they don't have enough votes. sorry, that's called democracy. the majority of their colleagues simply disagree with them for some very good reason. their rights were honored and protected by the republican majority under the rule of law. that they denied those same
1:50 am
rights to others by replacing the rule of law with the rule of the mob. and they did so on the motion sacred ground of our democratic republic, the hall of the house of representatives. instead of working within the time honored rules of the house, to convince the majority of their way of thinking, they decided to tear down the rules. this was the lawless left on full display and i hope the american people took a long, hard look at it and understand the threat to our democratic traditions and institutions that this conduct reveals. in recent days we have seen leftist mobs assembled under a foreign flag violently attacking american citizens who are merely trying to exercise their right to peaceably assemble to support their candidate for president. we have seen this administration attempt to criminalize political dissent and use our institutions of government to intimidate people out of participating in our
1:51 am
political process. and now we have watched this lawless behavior imported on to the floor of the house of representatives. the house leadership decided not to confront this unprecedented spectacle as it unfolded and i do not gain say their decision here. it was obvious the members provoke were trying to a complication. but serious damage was done to our orderly process of government and cannot go unchallenged. doing so would establish a dangerous and corrosive precedent antithetical to everything which this institution and our country stands for. constitution provides that the house may sanction members for disorderly behavior and the members responsible for the events of june 22 and 23 must be called to account for their actions. if we fail to do so, we will have replaced the house rules
1:52 am
with rules for radicals. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from rhode island, mr. cicilline, for five minutes. mr. cicilline: thank you, mr. speaker. a little over a week and a half ago my colleagues and i came to the house floor. we came to the floor to protest the inaction of this republican congress, the tyranny of the majority to act on gun violence prevention measures. their deliberate inaction in the face of 33,000 deaths caused by gun violence every year. we came to demand substantive action to address our country's epidemic of gun violence. yet today we'll be presented with legislation promoted by the n.r.a. that fails to address this serious problem. h.r. 4237 does not close or otherwise address the terror gap that allows known or suspected terrorists in the united states to leally buy guns. instead this bill handicaps law enforcement, creating an impossibly burdensome process and allowing terrorists to take advantage of the charleston
1:53 am
loophole. .r. 3247 doesn't leave the loophole open, it reinforces it and the terror gap. under this legislation to prevent the transfer of firearm, the government will be required to file an emergency petition, schedule a hearing, provide the suspect with notice and counsel, and win the hearing within 72 hours of the attempted purchase. even if the government is able to win the hearing, it can only prevent the transfer if the court finds that the suspected committed, attempted to, or will commit terrorism. put another way, the government can only prevent the gun sale if they can arrest the person for a terrorist activity within three days of the purchase. ultimately this legislation does not provide any meaningful safeguard to prevent terrorists from purchasing guns. sadly, it's nothing more than a political tactic to avoid responsibility. a constrived effort to look busy and staying concerned while thousands of americans
1:54 am
lose their lives to gun violence. the american people are smarter than this. we have a more responsive to do something meaningful. the american people demand we do more. we do something, anything, to help prevent another mass tragedy in this contry. make no mistake, this legislation falls far short of a good faith effort to save lives. individuals on the terror watch list were able to legally purchase a firearm 2,043 times between february of 2004 and december of 2014. the f.b.i. was only able to prevent 10% of these purchases. as we all unfortunately learned on june 12, when we failed to prevent dangerous individuals from getting their hands on guns, we put the lives of americans at risk. but there is legislation that the house can consider that would reduce gun violence. first, h.r. 1076, no fly, no buy bill would effectively close the terror gap by providing the department of justice to block gun sales.
1:55 am
it would preserve due process for individuals who are mistakenly listed. it would implement universal background checks for all gun sales. it is a measure supported by the overwhelming majority of the american people by research shows that universal background checks for all handgun sales have lower levels of gun violence in those states that it occurs. nationally, 34% of gun sales and 40% of all gun transfers occur without a background check. this legislation would represent an important step towards closing this loophole and reducing gun violence. i urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to bring these two bills to the floor, to respond to the demands of the american people to do something about the pandemic of gun violence, to do something meaningful, that will actually reduce gun violence in this country and protect american people as we're sworn to do. i know i speak for all of my colleagues on the democrat caucus, we'll continue to fight in every way we can until we can perfect persuade our republican colleagues to bring these bills to the floor to do
1:56 am
something about the carnage of mass gun violence in this country. with that i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. thompson, for five minutes. mr. thompson: i thank the gentleman for yielding. mr. speaker, americans want congress to pass meaningful legislation that will actually keep guns out of dangerous hands. so what's our majority doing? they're bringing up a bill that was not only drafted by the gun lobby but that makes it nearly impossible to block gun sales to suspected terrorists. that's shameful. the american people deserve a congress that's willing to stand up to the gun lobby and do what it takes to help keep our communities safe. congress has a responsibility to listen to the people that we are supposed to represent, to put partisan politics aside and to bring up commonsense bipartisan legislation to keep guns away from those who shouldn't have them. suspected terrorists,
1:57 am
criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill. and the american people want those bills brought up now. more than 30 people are killed every day by someone using a gun. we can't afford to have any more innocent lives lost to gun violence. just a few weeks ago 49 innocent people were shot to death in the worst mass shooting our country has ever seen. sadly, this isn't an insulated case. it's now been 3 1/2 years since the tragedy at sandy hook that took the lives of 20 elementary school kids and six educators. but for reasons that i'll never understand, that horrific tragedy wasn't enough to convince republican leadership that something, something needs to be done to prevent the next tragedy. let me give you some numbers. 3 1/2, that's how long it's been -- how many years it's been since sandy hook. 34,000, that's the number of
1:58 am
people that have been killed by someone using a gun since sandy hook. 1,182, that's the number of mass shootings that have taken place since sandy hook. 520, that's the number of days the house has been in session. 30, the moments of silence that we've observed in this house floor because of gun violence. and most important, zero. zero, that's the number of votes that this house has taken to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. what is the majority so afraid of? is your fear greater than the fear of those young kids at sandy hook or those parishioners in charleston or those young people at the nightclub in orlando? it's long past time for the house to give us a vote on meaningful legislation to make sure that terrorists, criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill don't have easy access to guns in our country. there's bipartisan legislation
1:59 am
that will prohibit those on the f.b.i.'s terrorist watch list from being able to purchase firearms. and i have authored legislation that has bipartisan support to require background checks for all commercial gun sales. background checks are our first line of defense when it comes to stopping dangerous people from getting firearms. they work. every day more than 170 felons, some 50 domestic abusers and nearly 20 fugitives are stopped from buying a gun because of background checks. but in 34 states, criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill can bypass the background check by purchasing guns online, at a gun show or through an ad in the paper. this is a dangerous loophole that needs to be closed, and it needs to be closed now. the bill has 186 bipartisan co-authors. bring our bill up for a vote. there's absolutely no reason
2:00 am
why anyone should oppose this background check bill. not only is it bipartisan, it respects the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. i'm a gun guy. i own guns. i support the second amendment. if this bill did anything to violate those rights, my name wouldn't be on it. all this background check bill does is require that folks pass a background check before purchasing guns online, at a gun show or through an ad. plain and simple. it does nothing to infringe on the second amendment right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. this debate on background checks isn't a choice between either protecting the second amendment or reducing gun violence. it's about the willingness of a responsible majority to do both. if there's one thing we should all be able to agree on, it's that suspected terrorists, criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill shouldn't have guns. mr. speaker, give us a vote. bring up h.


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