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  Newt Gingrich Campaigns with Donald Trump  CSPAN  July 7, 2016 2:04am-2:43am EDT

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cook's former house speaker newt gingrich joined donald trump in cincinnati, ohio. at the event, mr. trump said that new gingrich would be a part of a trump white house. the former house speaker called for john kasich to endorse trump's candidacy. republicans will holding their nominating convention in cleveland beginning on july 18. this is an hour and 15 minutes. -- think about this hillary clinton has been active in politics since she was a goldwater girl.
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for those of you born since 1964, she has been in politics her entire life. donald trump has been a politics for slightly over 12 months. it is unbelievable. i have never seen anybody come -- i can vouch, w boehner is here. -- when i came here use ago to campaign for john and i looked at -- and i think about the people around. your governor is a good friend of mine, it is about time he get on the trump bandwagon. [applause] >> but your governor was a candidate. the former government -- governor of florida was a candidate. ted cruz was a candidate. these are not trivial people.
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ted cruz was a national debate champion at princeton. was the attorney general of texas, u.s. senator, this is a serious guy. there's only one problem, he ain't donald trump. here is the reality. the difference tween all of the is thatd donald trump he has had a lifetime of creating jobs, a lifetime of the building buildings, i lifetime of getting things done, everybody else talks about how they would like to change washington. this guy is going to take over the table. [applause] >> so i want you to give a great ohio welcome to the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause]
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mr. trump: thank you, everybody. wow, look at this room. beautiful, wow. thank you, everybody.
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so nice. i love ohio. you know, i worked in ohio for a long time. right down the road. swifton village, great place. i came here with my father. we bought it. we fixed it. we made it beautiful. we sold it. made a lot of money. then after we left, it went down the tubes. but that can happen. it went down the tubes. but we did great. it was one of my early real estate deals and it gave me a lot of confidence. so i can say that cincinnati and ohio gave me a lot of confidence, and here i am. here i am. [applause] mr. trump: i will say he endorsed me and it's been electric but rob portman has really been good to me and i appreciate it. and the senator's got to run against ted strickland who has not done a good job for ohio. i will say that. he has not done a good job for ohio. so you're going do what you have to do come november. and as far as donald trump is concerned, i'm going to be back here many, many, many times, ok? [applause] mr. trump: i'm going to be back here so much, you're going to be so sick of me. please, please, please, don't let him come back anymore.
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no, we're going to have a good time and we're going to win ohio. we're doing really well right now. we haven't started. they were saying because i financed my primary campaigns, over $50 million. i own money. so far we're doing well though, right? have i been a good messenger? we have a movement. you know what new to said -- you know what newt said, we have a movement going. this is a movement like people have never seen before. this was set up recently. look at this place. and by the way, just so you understand, i say this for the press, not for you because you don't have to care. but we have a 2,000-room overflow over here or over there. so and we're on that camera. so the people in the overflow room, i love you just as much as these people. they just are better at real estate, right? and we have thousands of people outside trying to get in.
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and what i'm going to do is when we're finished here, we're going to come over and say hello to the people in the overflow room, right? we'll come over and see you for a little while. we have all the time we want. we're going to do this the right way and we have all the time we want. but i appreciate all of you, all of the overflow and all of the people. we put speakers outside for the people outside. we have tremendous crowds no matter where we go. it's a movement. no matter where we go, we have crowds like nobody's ever seen before. the biggest crowds. thank you too, darling. thank you. thank you. [applause] mr. trump: and i just heard the news because it just happened, as you know. with the attorney general of the united states saying no problem. no problem. no problem. [booing] mr. trump: you know, i wrote out a couple of things about crooked hillary, so crooked. she made so many false statements. is she going to be brought
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before congress or is something going to happen? is something going to happen? because it's a disgrace. hillary clinton claimed that the reason for her illegal use of a private, insecure e-mail, right, she claimed this, was that it was more convenient to use just one device. oh. [booing] mr. trump: the fact is the fbi director said hillary used several different servers even though she said it was one and numerous mobile devices to send and read e-mails. in other words, hillary's secret e-mail server existed for the reason we all know, to keep her e mails from ever being read by the public. had nothing to do with just wanting to use one device. ok, we understand that. but that's not what she said. she said something very different under oath. she said something very different to everybody. no, but the way, and how about the 33,000 e-mails that were
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wiped out? 33,000. how can you do 33,000 e-mails? and it was wiped out. in her testimony to congress, hillary clinton said she turned over all of her related e-mails, she said that. i saw that. [booing] mr. trump: the fbi director said hillary failed to turn over several thousand work-related e-mails including e-mails that were classified. right. rigged system, folks. remember i used to say it. i'm the one that brought that word up. now everybody's using it. bernie sanders is rightfully using it. because honestly, what they did with him was not good. not good. now we have false statement number three. there are many. i just don't want to bore you with too many of these. in her testimony to congress, hillary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on my e-mails either sent or received. right? she said that.
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i heard it, you heard it. we all heard it. the fbi director said hillary had sent or received more than 100 e-mails with classified information. including e-mails with confidential secret and top secret information. right? that's what they said. but she didn't say that. benghazi also. hillary said fact number four. these are all lies. we say lie, lie, lie. lie. dirty rotten liar, right? hillary said her private server -- that's what it is. and you know, i'll tell you something, folks. i'll tell you something. you know when it's going to be set straight? in november, you're going to get out and vote. [applause] mr. trump: when you look at terrorism, when you look at her decisions, when you look at the fact that she has got such bad
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decision making ability, when you look at what's gone on during obama's years, look at what's going on with radical islamic terrorism. we have a president and her except that i sort of shamed her into it, ok? just like i shamed her into not approving tpp but if she ever won, she would approve that so fast. that will do to you worse than what nafta did to you, ok? but she has got bad judgment. and you know who said that? bernie sanders. that hillary clinton has bad judgment. and number one, it's illegal what she did here, but it's also bad judgment. what did she do it for? she knows why. most of the people here know why. false statement number four. hillary said her private server was secure with numerous safeguards. they had no security breaches. no security breaches. now they're saying everybody, you know, does anybody have her information? you know?
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you know what's interesting, i've always heard once an e-mail gets sent, it's always out. you can really never wipe it out. i don't think anybody's looked too hard because when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails, i hear 33,000 actually, i hear two numbers, 30,000 and 33,000, pick your choice. what difference? when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails -- 30,000. now, i've always heard like if you are in litigation, everything else, there's no way of really expunking those -- really expunging those e-mails. they're always with you if you have the right people looking. there are probably a couple of super geniuses in this room that probably would know exactly how to find those 30,000 e-mails. i don't think they looked too hard. does that make sense to anybody be? i've always heard you can find. you can't get rid of them. the fbi director said it is possible that hostile actors gained access to hillary's
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personal e-mail account and said she used a secure and think of it this she used her insecure e-mail account and e-mailed while traveling abroad in territory of sophisticated and these are highly sophisticated adversaries. the fbi director also said hack ers successfully breached the e-mail accounts of hillary's friends. ok? they breacheded to friends. some friends. our enemies likely have a blackmail file on her which actually should disqualify her for even running for office. right? [applause] mr. trump: you know, when you think about it, right? and then in her testimony to congress, hillary clinton said her attorneys conducted a rigorous review of her e-mails and said they went through every single e-mail. but the fact is, the fbi director said, the lawyers doing
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the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails before destroying them. what's going on, folks? what's going on? i mean, it's -- it's very sad. you know, it's very sad. more. more. it's more, but you know, we have a crooked system. we have a rigged system. we have a dishonest press. let me tell you, i was in north carolina last night. i have to say because i just love doing it. thank you. i love you too, man. it's a guy but i love him. i love everybody here. i don't care. i don't care. but we have a rigged system. we have a crooked system. i mean, we have a crooked system. but talk about the press, ok? i love talking about how dishonest they are.
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if you're a republican, you're a conservative. i've heard it for years but had no idea. when i was running and bing, bing, bing, knocking out one after other. am i doing a good job for you, folks? i'm knocking out one after another. so when i'm out running, and it was bad. i thought it was unfair, but you know, they had 17 people that basically they do not like too much. me they liked the least by far. it hit you. but now it's all toward me. and i watch and say things like there's a guy on "meet the press" called sleepy eyes chuck todd. [booing] mr. trump: the guy was dying on "meet the press" a year ago, awhile ago. he was dying. nobody watching "meet the press." they were talking about taking him off. never treated meed fairly. and then what happened was he called me and he wanted me to do an interview. and i did it. and it was one of the highest rated interviews in the -- in the history of "meet the press."
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but these are disloyal people. so after about two days, he forgot about it. and then he did a little bit more. "meet the press" is fine right now. i'm not going to do any more interviews with them so i watched like yesterday and i made the statement something to the effect, i was talking about terrorism. and i said, saddam hussein is a bad man. you heard this. right? right? you heard this. he's a bad man. now, they wanted me to talk less and i spoke for 106 minutes. a long time. a long time without notes, without papers, without anything standing up in front of four or five networks that are going. so i said last night, i'm not reading. no teleprompters. i do like them actually. it's a lot easier. teleprompters. let somebody come up and do what i do, right? of course, i'd have about 12 people instead of 7,000 people. [applause] mr. trump: but i said very
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simple, i said, saddam hussein is a bad man. bad guy. and i said it three or four times. really bad. because i know what they're going to do. i said but one thing he's good at, said this last night. they wanted me to talk about hillary for 106, like for hours. i said, you know, i went 15 minutes. i went a lot of time. i wrote a whole thing. she's crooked hillary. she's crooked as hell. that's all you have to know. no. it's unbelievable. [applause] mr. trump: so but listen, listen, listen, so after awhile, we want to talk about terrorism, right? because we'll beat hillary. if we beat her, what difference does it make as she would say? what difference does it make. makes a big difference. what difference does it make? remember the famous statement, green dress. ok. so green dress, yeah. green dress.
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no, she said green pantsuit. so look. so look, listen, so last night, i said, and it was an unbelievable crowd in north carolina. standing ovations all over the place. but i said, bad guy, saddam hussein. bad guy. then i said again did, saddam hussein is a bad guy. but he did one thing well. he killed terrorists. right? [applause] mr. trump: that's ok. just a quick statement. but i wanted to emphasize because i know if i didn't emphasize, they'd say i like saddam hussein. so i said it. i think three times. bad, bad, bad. in fact i started repeating myself. i said i don't like that. people are going to say, is that guy ok? so what happened, what happened, i said it very strongly, bad person. ok, now it's over. and we talked about terrorism. we talked about trade. we talked about terminating obamacare and replacing it with something great which we're
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going to do. [applause] mr. trump: we talked about getting rid of common core and bringing our education locally and taking it away from washington. [applause] mr. trump: we talked about borders. we talked about building a wall, right? we talked about our or depleted military. right? we talked about our very depleted military, build a wall. don't worry. we're going to build a wall. don't worry about it, ok? [applause] mr. trump: we're going to build a wall. going to be a real wall. such a low ceiling. oh, we're going a lot higher than that. and every time they fight us on that wall, it gets ten feet higher, folks, believe me. believe me. now, we're going to stop the drugs from coming in. you know, just in case, just in case you didn't know, so the border patrol agents, 16,500
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border patrol agents endorse donald trump. they know what's going on. and their job is much easier now than when they're with me. when they're with me, they're going to be working hard. right now they just stand there and say oh, go on through. hello. welcome to the country, right. we'll take care of you for the rest of your lives. so it's a lot different. also sheriff joe. we love sheriff joe. joe endorsed donald right at the beginning. right at the beginning. so we have a situation, right, where we go on and we continue to go on and we continue to make speeches and we continue to waste time because the politicians aren't listening. right? they're not listening. but i made a speech and this speech last night was good. and what happened? i wake up in the morning and we
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-- you had to see this crowd. this crowd. this crowd was unbelievable, the energy. all the crowds have energy. i wake up and i turn on the television. donald trump loves saddam hussein. he loves saddam hussein, and i was just asked a question by "the cincinnati enquirer" inside. mr. trump, is it true that you love saddam hussein? essentially, like sort of that, you know, and i said that's not what i said. that's not what i said. so that's the narrative that goes around. i actually put a press release out, and now the people that saw it say it was great, but they are liars. these are bad people. these are bad people, and what i did say, and what i did say is that he was good at one thing. he was really good at killing terrorists. he didn't wait around. do you think they give the terrorist trials that lasted 18 years? and then after 18 years if they had the right lawyer they erect a statue in honor of the terrorists, right? not with trump. so i said bad guy, really bad guy, but he was good at one
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thing. he killed terrorists. next day donald trump loves saddam hussein. i don't love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but he was damn good at killing terrorists, and now terrorist people that want to be terrorists, they go into iraq, and i said last night, it's the harvard university, it's the harvard of terrorism. that's where you want to learn how to be a terrorist, you go into iraq. before, boom, you're a terrorist! boom. look at the problems we have right now. we are a very unsafe nation. we are allowing people to pour into our country. we're allowing people to pour into our country. we have no idea who they are. these are people coming from the middle east. we're taking syrian refugees. by the way, i have a bigger heart than anybody, and we'll work with them, and i'll get other people to put up the money because we owe $19 trillion, and now with the kind of budgets
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that get passed in this country, we're going up to $21 trillion. we don't have the money, but i'll get the gulf states to put up the money and we'll supervise it, and we will build wonderful, as wonderful as they can be, in syria, safe havens. we'll build safe zones and we'll keep them there. we don't want them here. we don't want them here. [applause] mr. trump: they are moving people into ohio that you people don't even know about. they are moving people into ohio that very well this could be one of the great trojan horses of all time. they are moving people into ohio like nobody's ever seen, and every state, and you don't know and your government officials don't know and nobody knows what the hell is happening to our country and we have a president that won't issue the words terrorism" andc
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it's a real problem. it's a real problem! and if you don't say what the problem is, you're never going to solve the problem, right? so i watch these media people, very dishonest people, and i watched that, and then i also watch it. i get all the standing ovations. it was on fox live, and fox was actually very nice to me, i must say, but it was on fox live. it was on cnn live. cnn's terrible to me, terrible. they are -- they are dishonest. [booing] mr. trump: i mean -- did you ever see it where they have like seven people and i'll j jeffrey -- and i will have jeffrey lord. i love jeffrey lord, but i don't watch it anymore because in life when you don't like something, when something is unpleasant, don't watch it. turn to something else. that's what i do. i don't watch it anymore. when people treat you unfairly, just turn your back and go some place else, or knock them on their ass, one or the other.
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[applause] so, i mean, cnn over the weekend, i'll give you an example. so one of my guys who is married to a jewish woman, this is a very fine person, dan skavino. he put out a tweet talking about crooked hillary clinton. and on the tweet was a star, like a star, and when i looked at it, i didn't think anything. all of a sudden it turned out to be in the minds of the press only, because it could have been a sheriff's star, it could have been a regular star, my boy comes home from school, baron. he draws stars all over the place. oh, i never said that's the star of david, baron. don't. it's a star. have you all seen this? it's a star! and it actually looks like a sheriff's star, but, i don't know, and behind it they had
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money. oh, but there's money behind it, so actually they are racially profiling -- they are profiling, not us, because why are they bringing this up? why do they bring it up? because -- so anyway. so dan is a wonderful guy, a really good guy. i didn't get angry at him. i said, dan, that's a star. don't worry about it. and he said -- cnn from morning till night, bigger than the fbi with clinton, who is crooked as a you know what, bigger than the fbi, all weekend long cnn, this honest as hell, -- dishonest as hell, cnn morning to night i have tweets where they are saying cnn won't talk about anything but the star. they say it's the star of david, all right? i have a son-in-law who is jewish, jared is a great guy. my daughter is jewish. i have grandchildren that are he is a -- that these are great
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people. guyka married a jewish who is brilliant, who is wonderful, who has a great heart. they have kids. did of a kids. -- beautiful kids. they took this star. it could have been anything, but it looks like a sheriff star. cnn started this dialogue and said, it's the star of david. because it is the star of david, donald trump has racist -- these people are sick. someday, i will tell you the real story of cnn. don't watch it anymore. i have to say, fox is tough on me. bill o'reilly, a lot of these guys, but at least they're fair.
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it, so inobody watches can't tell you. i hear they are better than cnn. they call cnn the clinton news network. the star -- when they told me the star of david i said, you .ave to be kidding they are the ones with the bad tendancies. they said, there is money around the stars, so you know what that represents. these are bad people. don't watch cnn anymore. i like anderson cooper, and a couple other people, but mostly it is negative. they sit around the table and
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talk badly about donald trump. you know what is interesting? we started off at 17 and here i am. you and me. look what we have done together. have unbelievably dishonest media. think of that, you have the star, which is fine. they took the star down. i said too bad, just leave it up. i would rather have defended it. that's how i feel about corrupt hillary. but she started the dialogue. she wanted to get off the fbi. you know who got hurt worse than anybody? bernie sanders. he was waiting for the fbi to make him the nominee and it didn't work out.
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he copied my like which a little bit, but he was starting to say with -- my language a little bit, but he was starting to say with the superdelegates that the system is rigged. voters aresanders coming to trump. [applause] i don't know. who knows? we are having a good time. the other thing you criticized for less that, i thought it was a good speech. do i give good speech? [applause] i thought it was one of the better speeches. they never show how many people. can you imagine if i ever had an empty place? the place was packed. everybody was having a great time, considering the subject is no good because the subject is about our country and the country is in trouble.
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45%me tell you, with the numbers you hear about, it is a phony number. i want to have anybody raise their hand. some he looks for a job. the can't find a job and they give up and now they are considered statistically employed. show the phony number. i don't blame obama so good. this estimate presidents look good and politicians look good. just as i was getting off the trade we announced deficit numbers for the month which are almost record-setting. we have trade deficits that are worse than ever before. these to talk more about japan and not to work at china but it
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is still japan stop everybody. we don't make good deals with anybody but last night i was talking about trade because it is my favorite subject. that and strengthening our military are my favorite subjects. other than my children or my grandchildren, i could talk about my grandchildren -- he was 39 minutes in the back of the plane. gentlemen, the president is going to talk about his grandchildren, he has two, i and that they are beautiful so he says, they are beautiful, they are really smart. they are really good, i love them so much. they are unbelievable. one is brand new. beautiful baby. after a minute, what can you
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talk about? you can say. here's a picture. that is one minute from 39 minutes. when we talk about golf. -- then we talk about golf. then you say, jack nicklaus. he endorsed me. i love jack. wasou know how young jack when he won the ohio state championship? i feel guilty when i asked for endorsements. i don't do that. he endorsed me and i said thank you, i appreciate it. he said you will do a great job and think -- shake things up. when you talk about waiters, is jack -- winners, is jack a winner? i think jack was in the top 1018 times? -- top 10 like 18 times?
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this guy is a winner. fromi get endorsements jack nickless -- bobby knight. bobby will be speaking at the convention. i have to go back. so many people. such a great convention planned. i have to go back. last night i made a great speech, standing ovation and everyone is crazy. nobody talks about the crowd. every time i go home my wife says how was the crowd? they never showed the crowd. i tell you. they only show when we have protesters. i love my protesters. don't we have any damn protesters today? because when we have protesters -- you think you have one? he's -- friend or foe? he's friend. ok. but i love my protesters because the cameras spin around at angles you wouldn't believe.
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they do somersaults around. they look like a sausage because i went -- my first two speeches i had no protesters, and every time i went home, big crowds, and every time i went home did you see the size of the crowd? no, i didn't. you can hear the size. last night you could hear the size. many, many more than the president and hillary got so people would say, well, i hear it. they hear that sort of humming sort of, you know, that's not like from 12 people, but we have this -- so what happens is last night we have a great evening in north carolina. we're going to win north carolina. we're going to win ohio. we're doing great here. by the way, the section i just left last week, wonderful congressman and his wife and i said to him, i won't -- i don't want to embarrass anybody, but i said did you endorse me? he said even i don't like you, i would endorse you. you know why, mr. trump, you have a 29-point lead in this section. you're right. you have to endorse me. we're going to take care of our
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miners, and we're going to take care of our steel workers. hillary is not. she's going to put you out of business because if she ever won , she would sign tpp which will make nafta which was signed by her husband which is the worst, in my opinion, the worst trade deal in the history of this country and it's not even close, signed by bill clinton, and he didn't suffer from it. it was everybody that followed him that suffered from it. where your jobs are moving. i look at your jobs where they are moving down to mexico, right? they are moving to mexico. one after another, they are moving to mexico. china is coming and dumping the steel and making it impossible for your steel plants. they are devaluing their currencies. we do nothing about it. folks, i'm going do so much about it. it's going to be so easy. it's going to be so easy. so last night we had this and then i wake up and i hear number one i love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but i
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love saddam hussein according to the press because they are dishonest as hell. they heard what i said, and number two, and they said it very, very strongly. they said he should have spoken about hillary clinton longer. now, i wrote out like four pages that i wrote out, and i read it. point by point by point, and after a long time, i don't know, many, many minutes, i got thousands of people and this stupid guy, chuck todd. i won't use his name. i refuse to use his name. i refuse to call him sleepy eyes. i'm not going to call him sleepy eyes anymore. he's talking about he had an opportunity to hit hillary clinton. did you see what i did to her last night? i just -- am i correct? i mean, it got to a point -- it got -- i was hitting her so hard, and the problem is i'm a professional, and i'm hitting her so hard, and i know it doesn't mean anything because the system is rigged, and it's fixed and it's broken. so i'm doing it and i'm doing it
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because i feel i have to do it, and it's sort of boring to do it to be honest with you, and i wanted to get on to the military and the vets. i wanted to get on to these other subjects. i wanted to get on to terror, ok, because we are going to experience things that you won't even believe, folks. watch the predictions. lots of predictions, right! and i wanted to get on to terror and one of the reasons the women are liking me a lot lately -- [ applause ] thank you, thank you, thank you. because they feel i'm going to keep our country safe. i'm going to keep our country safe. and they love ivanka and they love melania and ivanka and done will be speaking at the convention, and by the way -- so
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i get hit this morning. he had the opportunity to go -- everyone said i made a great speech. i tell you how bad my speech was last night. cnn covered it from point to point without a commercial. fox covered it practically from beginning to end. others covered it -- that's how bad my speech was yesterday. that's how bad. you know, if it were bad, folks, these guys -- they don't care about polls. they don't care about anything. they only care about what one thing. what's the one thing? ratings, ratings. so i made a speech last night that some of the folks gave an "a" to and some of them give an a-plus to, but when i saw nbc, sleepy eyes chuck todd this morning say he had a chance to really go after hillary clinton. oh, what i did to her. but after a while we have to talk about other things, ok. so here's the story.
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we're going to make america great again. we're going to make america great. we're going to take our country back, for everybody. not for us. not for this room. not for this room. not for the overflow room.