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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EDT

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don't matter. i want to say a word police chiefs all over the country, local police chiefs. if your police officer, and you are working in massachusetts, and you see a situation where you have a row cop in minnesota -- rogue cop in minnesota or wherever, why do feel it is your response ability to get out front and defend the actions of some person you don't know? you have never worked with, you are not a part of their department? the problem is, when you have incidents of road police officer is, it -- rogue police officers -- that is really who people are speaking about, the officers in the department that should not be there -- kimberly: up next, we have don, calling from auburn, new york. good morning, don. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to comment, i am white, not prejudice.
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in my household, we were never brought up to be prejudiced. i have had many black friends, coworkers, very intelligent, very nice people. and i had a bad experience. my husband played in a band with three white men and three black men. the wives and the girlfriends would get up when they played to encourage people to get up and dance because once they see people up there, they go. and i had a black man asked me to dance. i said no thank you. only because i was married, ok? this man pulled out a knife. i did not see it because he was behind me, but the lead singer, who was black, saw it and jumped off the stage and tackled him. this did not in any way make me prejudiced against black people for doing this.
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and once he realized that i was not prejudiced, that i was married and i didn't dance with any man, he calmed down. but i could have been seriously injured. is i think the prejudice pretty much on both sides. kimberly: all right up next we have robert from st. louis, missouri. good morning, robert. caller: good morning. my comment is, i have been waiting on callers before. there was some things that people should look at. my real comment is cultural matter. into that shooting in minnesota and louisiana, the police were scared. and i think it is a cultural matter. i believe we should hire more
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black policemen to patrol black neighborhoods. and i mean, you have whites on there, but you should have more blacks, because they understand what people out here, because they come from that, you know? they would not be as scared when they pull people over in situations, you know. they would understand better than a white policeman. kimberly: we have phil from sarasota springs, new york. good morning. caller: it is bill. kimberly: sorry about that. caller: saratoga. not sarasota. one thing i would like to say, and i find it interesting that callers on almost any talk show will say, i am not prejudiced. out i would like to point
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that i am prejudiced, ok? i really admit that. but it is what i am prejudiced against is the important thing. against people who are criminals. i am prejudiced against people who are rich and think everyone should bow down to them. guess [indiscernible] i am prejudiced against, and i stand by those things. it is cultural probably because i come from a working-class family, mother and father who taught me right from wrong. my father grew up in the depression. so i have a lot of very strong thoughts about family values.
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but i am prejudiced. laughed when i hear people say, well i am not prejudiced. kimberly: thank you. that is all for today's "washington journal." we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for tomorrow's show. we take you now live to orlando where the democratic platform drafting committee's will a hearing this morning. good morning. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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announcer: our road to the white house coverage continues with day two of the democratic party meeting. party members are debating the democratic party's platform for this year's elections. we have live coverage on c-span. you are looking at a live picture of the portland a ballroom where the meeting is taking place. we are not quite ready for the session. so in the meantime, we will show you some of the session last night. as soon as it becomes live, we will switch over.
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>> good afternoon. [applause] theelcome to the meeting of platform committee of the democratic national convention. i serve as co-chair of this committee along with my fellow co-chair, governor dan malloy. thank you for joining us today to represent your state or territory. i'll now call the meeting of the platform committee to order.
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[applause] as we begin, we must acknowledge the incredible tragedies that have taken place over the last week. so much senseless violence has taken too many innocent lives. and it's a sad irony that we are meeting today in orlando, as the city recovers from a horrific tragedy. as a former mayor, i have seen such violence and how it can devastate a community. it breaks all of our hearts, for we were taught that every life is precious. >> let me say that shootings like the ones that played out in
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baton rouge and st. paul this past week are a shock to all of us, to our hearts and to our souls. this isn't who we are as a nation. certainly not who we aspire to be or who we want to be. and we must acknowledge that things must change in our nation. as the president has said, all americans should be troubled by these incidents, and we have seen too many of these incidents play themselves out. in the face of injustice, our country has a proud tradition of peaceful protest, it's what we've been known for. and yesterday we saw the , fundamental right of americans being exercised and their rights being abused. americans stood up to demand change, to seek action and to raise broader awareness about critical but complex issues that
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are facing our nation, and they did so largely in a peaceful way. that should be celebrated. what we saw in dallas, however, was un-american, because it was those police officers, those very same officers shot, killed injured who sought to keep , protesters safe and uphold our right for freedom of expression. the events in dallas twisted a proud american tradition of protest and turned it into a tragedy. what happened is saddening, and it is unacceptable, and it must be condemned. let me also say that i pray for our president. i, like others in this room, have had to share occasions like those that played out in two cities, three cities, in our nation. he will be called upon to explain to americans how we move beyond where we are and where we need to go.
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he has done it eloquently in the past, and he will find the right words and the right sentiments to move us forward. let me also say that we should be proud of our system of law enforcement and those who we have asked to protect us. officers, first responders, put themselves in harm's way day after day, and although compensated, perhaps not fully appreciated, and certainly the sacrifices of their families are not fully appreciated. we are willing -- we need to work to build trust amongst our community. we need to build a stronger and safer america. we need to get away from the violence that has plagued us and seems to be increasing every single day. we need to support our troopers, our police officers, our first responders, and let me say as a governor, and, like my co-chair,
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a former mayor, that i have been proud to serve with those individuals in the past. i'm going to ask you all to please rise for a moment to remember those lives lost throughout our country this past week and to remain standing so that we might have a pledge of allegiance. please join me in a moment of silence. dan malloy: and now to demonstrate who we are and principles we stand for, please join me in the the pledge of allegiance.
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i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you. please be seated. here with us today is the democratic national convention committee ceo, reverend lea daughtry. reverend -- there she is. [applause] now, reverend daughtry has previously held this position in 2008, which makes her the first person in the democratic party history to serve more than once as ceo of the national convention. [applause] dan malloy: reverend daughtry previously held senior leder -- leadership positions at the dnc the u.s. department of , labor, and the united states congress. please join me in welcoming her. [applause]
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reverend daughtry: thank you. good afternoon, my sister and brother democrats. this week, communities across this nation have been plagued by relentless violence. from the gunning down of two innocent black men in apparent police abuse of power, to the tragic murder of five law enforcement officials last night. we are experiencing troubling times. i stand here as the ceo of the 2016 convention, but my first training is as a pastor. and as a pastor, when you're training you take as many , exercises designed to help us help our communities navigate
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challenges and grief so that we can dry crying eyes and mend broken hearts and answer nagging questions and soothe grieving souls. but today, in the aftermath of baton rouge and minnesota, and orlando, and dallas, i confess that i just don't know how to do that. how can you mend broken hearts when my own heart is broken? and how can i dry crying eyes when my eyes are wet with tears? and how can i answer your questions when i am seeking answers myself? and how can i soothe the grief and calm the rage when i am angry? when i am grief-stricken?
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i don't know that i have the right words, but i do have my unshakeable faith in god and in the innate goodness of our people, and in our ability to rise above adversity, and rage, and grief. to see the truth and to speak truth to ourselves and our nation. something is wrong when people feel that their lives are valued less because of the color of their skin. or the color of their uniform. something is wrong when people feel unsafe in their homes and on their jobs. something is wrong when people do not feel free to be who they are or to love who they want. just 25 days ago here in orlando, the nation stood still , and our hearts were broken as the deadliest mass shooting in
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recent history took place at pulse nightclub. once again, someone whose heart was filled with hate was able to obtain a gun and violently extinguish the lives of innocent americans. my heart breaks for those victims and for their families, who must now grapple daily with the loss of their loved ones. this cannot be who we are. we are americans. and we can do better than this. just this week, two young men of color lost their lives in an apparent police abuse of power. wife, some, some daughter has to bury her child as a result of gun violence. we are americans, and we can do better than this. last night in dallas, five officers on the job, protecting
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us, protecting those who are exercising their rights, lost their lives by someone filled with hate. this is not who we are. we are americans, and we can do better than this. fate,e strange twist of we gather this weekend as democrats to set this vision for our party and our country, and as we engaged in what is sure to be spiritual debate, let us remember who we are and what we fight for, as we discussed the issues. let us remember that a couple miles from here, families are grieving, that in dallas, five families woke up this morning without their husbands, their brother, their father. that in louisiana and minnesota, wives and daughters are planning funerals. let us remember as democrats, we
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have a mission, a mandate, and a to speak, work, and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, regardless ,f race, color, or ethnicity regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. with with plenty and those little, those with more than enough and those with not enough , all of our people, we are mandated to fight for. that is our mission. the least, the last, the lost, the locked out. the business owner and the day laborer, the student, the teacher, the parent, the firefighter, the policeman, people with all faith, no faith, little faith. this is who we are, whether we live in cities, suburbs, country, rule or did -- rural communities, we want to feel
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safe, empowered and heard. to have the support we need to achieve the american dream. let this be our northstar today as we debate, as we discussed. let us remember why we are doing what we are doing. let us disagree without being disagreeable, and have all this discussion, holding as our northstar the families for whom we work, fight, march, and pray, god bless you. [applause] shirley franklin: we are fortunate to have reverend daughtry we do the convention, and also to give our encouragement and inspiration today. so we thank you, and we look forward to working with you throughout these next few days and the convention.
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also here with us today is mayor ,uddy dyer of orlando florida who has served in this position since 2003. in the wake of the pulse dyerclub shootings, mayor sjostrom and his leadership in establishing -- showed tremendous leadership helping the victims and their families, and he established the one orlando find to provide -- fund to provide financial assistance, to support first responders and volunteers on the front line, brought in grief counselors to help them process the information and also the experience. he has shown incredible strength in this community, and he has shown that strength to the world and set an example for , other communities coping with tragedies. please join me in welcoming mayor buddy dyer. [applause]
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mayor dyer: good afternoon. as i welcome you to orlando, i also want to thank all of you. our city has changed a great deal in the last month. on june the we had the darkest 12th, day in our city's history, but today, i couldn't be more proud of our community's response and the response and support we've received from around the country and around the world. i see many familiar faces and old friends here today. nancy jacobson sitting right there in the front row. and i want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your messages of support and assistance and guidance and advice, and there are many more of you that i don't recognize. but i also want to thank you, because we received your
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heartfelt messages as well, and we will never forget you. thoughts and words were not enough. you had vigils all over the country in small towns and big cities. you lit up your public spaces in rainbow colors of support. you hung banners for residents to sign with messages of hope and love for the people of orlando, and most importantly, you sent your prayers. on behalf of everyone who calls orlando home, let me offer my thanks. you reminded us every day that we weren't alone, and this morning, i had the opportunity to be in touch with mayor rawlings of dallas to do the same for him as his community deals with the horrific aftermath of loss of life there. so just one month out, i can tell you we are a stronger and better city than we were on june 11. the people of orlando have refused to be defined by a single act of hate. rather, we have chosen not to react but to respond. to respond with love, to respond with compassion, and respond with unity.
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so much like the grinch who stole christmas, our collective hearts grew three sizes that day. nowhere has this been more profoundly evident than in the attitudes towards our latino and lgbt communities. many hearts have quietly changed as we have shifted to focus to how we are all alike rather than the superficial ways that we can be different. so as you gather these next few day, i'll leave you to decide what lessons should be taken away from our experience here that could become planks in our democratic platform. you'll decide what position should be take on gun control and campaign finance reform, immigration reform, funding for the protection of our citizens. i'm going to continue to focus my energy on helping our community heal rather than promoting legislation. but i do leave with just one request that you listen to the , people of orlando in our heart
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orlando, we need real unity. , the kind the world has seen here in orlando and around the country in the wake of all these tragedies. a unity that moves us beyond the artificial divisions based on insignificant differences like race or cultural heritage or sexual preference. it provides for equality and fairness for everyone. thank you, welcome to orlando, and god bless you. [applause] shirley franklin: a special thank you to mayor dyer for welcoming us to his city and for his welcome. it is an honor for me to be appointed by the dnc to co-chair the democratic national platform committee, and a privilege to work with my colleague, governor malloy, from connecticut. on this important effort of our
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party and our country and our world. and it would be inappropriate for me not to acknowledge that there are two women from georgia on the podium. dr. hale and i. so we are well represented from georgia today. the georgians appreciate that. over the next two day, we will have the opportunity to hear, review, discuss, deliberate, debate, and hopefully listen to each other as we discuss the draft of the democratic party platform. i want to take a moment to commend chairman cummings, who we'll hear from shortly, and the other members of the drafting committee, for your hard work and accomplishment. i, like many others, am looking forward to our adoption of the platform in a few hours, tomorrow.
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on behalf of this committee, i would like to also thank the 114 individuals who presented testimony and took their time to share their perspectives and recommendations on the issues confronting americans today. we appreciate your sharing your expertise at the dncc mid atlantic forum in washington, dc, the southwest florida in phoenix, arizona. i'm also delighted to give a shout out to the more than 1000 individuals from 43 states and the district of columbia who made time to share their comments or post written and video testimony on the website. when democrats say, we the people, we mean all the people. and we value your input so that every viewpoint could be expressed and heard.
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the platform draft puts forward a vision and specific proposals to address the challenges we face as americans today. it is a blueprint for our country's future. it is based on the core values of democrats, and the belief that we are stronger as a country when we work together and recognize that everyone, that everyone has a role to play in building our future. so i want to thank you and i will now turn it over to my co-chair, governor malloy, for his comments. mr. malloy: thank you, shirley. i want to thank some other folks who have yet to be thanked, andy grossman and patrice taylor for their support in conducting the platform process. [applause]
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our chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz, for her leadership of the d.n.c. and welcoming us to florida. i've already thanked the c.e.o. of the convention and again it is remarkable that she decided to do that twice in a row. so thank you very much. we are going to hear from congressman cummings but i do want to thank him for his great leadership of the draft committee, but i also want to thank him on a broader basis for his great leadership, standing up to bullies in the congress of the united states to -- [applause] mr. cummings. to the role he played in making sure people understood what did and did not happen at benghazi and for his strong statements on that matter as well. and finally, i want to thank mayor shirley franklin. she and i have worked together as mayors and have the opportunity to work again together on -- over the next couple of days.
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i truly appreciate that. let me say that this platform is an historic achievement for the democratic party. the draft platform we are here to consider today reflects the input of thousands of democrats from across the country and as shirley said, it reflects the testimony and contributions of over 114 experts, advocates, and concerned citizens who came out to be heard. it also reflects the priorities and values of secretary clinton and senator sanders. and make no mistake, this is a historically progressive document. for the first time, the draft platform calls for an end to mass incarceration. we're shutting down the school to prison pipeline. we are ending systemic racism. [applause] it also contains the most ambitious jobs plan in years, with bold investments in
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infrastructure, clean energy, and manufacturing, specific policies to crack down on corporations that shift jobs and profits overseas and a robust standalone plank on youth jobs. this platform reflects strong progressive principles on wages. it says that all americans should earn at least $15 an hour . [applause] >> and it strongly reaffirm ours party's commitment to protecting workers' rights to organize and collectively bargain. [applause] >> and it calls explicitly for eliminating the subminimum tipped minimum wage. [applause] the platform reflects our unwavering commitments to taking on climate change, which is one of the greatest challenges we face in the nation even if
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donald trump doesn't know that it exists. [laughter] >> the platform we are considering today contains historic commitments to building a clean energy economy. it also reflects the need to secure environmental and climate justice for communities that have been left out and left behind, including america's coal community. this is a platform that we can be proud of as democrats, as congressman cummings has said in , leading the drafting process, this is a platform that does not merely reflect common ground, it seeks higher ground. this is the spirit that i hope we will guide one another through in the coming days as we finalize our platform. there is another thing that congressman cummings has emphasized and has already been said today. we have work to do. there will be disagreement, but we don't have to be disagreeable in that process.
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with this platform, we are putting forward a bold, progressive vision for our country's future that respects the diversity and views of our party. i cannot emphasize enough how different this document is and how different this entire process is from what we will see on the other side. i hope everyone is proud of what we have already achieved with this document, and i know that when we are done, this will be a stronger and better document and we will be a stronger and better party for that. thank you. [applause] >> serving along with mayor franklin and myself, we have vice chairs, over here, on my far right, rhode island secretary of state nellie garbiev. she has held this post since 2015. she has improved the election system by acquiring new state of
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the art voting machines, instituted online voter registration, ushered in tough legislation to increase government transparency, and made it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses. she is the first hispanic elected to statewide office in new england. she is currently the only latina to hold statewide office as a democrat in the united states. great to have you. [applause] reverend dr. cynthia hale is the founder and senior pastor of the ray of hope christian church in decatur, georgia. in 2004, dr. hale established a mentoring program known as ela past world industries incorporated -- pastore all ministries incorporated to assist in the development of pastors and church leaders.
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in september, 2005 she convened her first women in ministry conference to focus on mentoring christian women many ministering for the 21st century. in july, 2009, she was apointed by president barack obama to serve on the president's commission on white house fellowship. thank you for serving. [applause] edwin m. lee was elected mayor of san francisco in 2011 while serving as the interim mayor. he's the first asian american mayor in san francisco history. mayor lee previously served as the city administrator where he spearheaded government efficiency members and reforms that reduced the size and cost of government to save tax dollars. mayor lee first began working for the city and county of san francisco in 1989 as an investigator for the city's first whistleblower ordinance and has since served as executive director of human
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rights commission, director of city purchasing, and director of the department of public works. thank you for serving. [applause] dr. greg rosenbaum is the president palisades associates incorporated, a private equity firm based in bethesda, maryland. he was previously a consultant with the boston consulting group and a vice president of the buyout firm tyson, tyson and moran. in 2014 president obama apointed him to the united states holocaust memorial council, the governing body of the american holocaust museum. 2011, mr. rosenbaum was named to the board of director of the national jewish democratic council and in 2014 was elected as the council's chair. thank you for serving. [applause] now we're going to start to get down to business so i'm going to
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turn it back to shirley. >> i'm not sure what that means but thank you. i need to find a quorum. i would like to introduce our parliamentarian helen mcfadden to determine if we have a quorum. in order to determine that a quorum is present we need each , committee member to vote yes, not yet, by pressing the 1-a button on the top of your clicker. so i am going to introduce ms. mcfadden and she's going to go through the details. ms. mcfadden: good afternoon. we have a screen up and if you would punch 1-a on your clickers we will watch it tote up there.
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as you can see it's toting up the number of you who are here. and a quorum in this instance is 91.75. so there is a quorum present. ok. now you have also been given a copy of the proposed rules. those were sent out to you last week. i'm going to -- these are essentially the same rules we have been using for better than 20 years, ok, and you will be asked to adopt these rules shortly when our chair returns here to the podium. i want to point out a couple of things. i have already said some of these to you. the mic is -- the side is labeled for and against for the purpose of the chair being able to alternate speakers.
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for and against. so if you will go to that microphone, the chair is going to ask you to line up on the chair's right if you are for something. and on the chair's left if you are against it. and the chair is going to -- the sheep and goats will be there. and the chair is going to take a sheep and a goat and then a sheep and a goat, ok. now, i've already asked you to, if we are -- you are being requested to second something or show your consent to something, other than using those clickers, if you would put something in your hand so that it will make it easier for the chair to see it. sometimes the chair is going to be looking for 15 of you. sometimes the chair is going to be looking for 20% of you. the chair will let you know when the chair has ascertained the
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correct number. then those clickers are going to be used to vote for substantially every vote that you're going to make. the chair will be here and i will be here. if you have any parliamentary questions. ms. franklin: is there a motion to adopt the rules of procedure? is there a second? there's our 15. is there any discussion? seeing none, we'll move to a vote to adopt the rules of procedure. those in favor say aye.
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opposed. the rules of procedure have been adopted. we should applaud that. that's our first accomplishment. [applause] >> each platform committee member should have received a copy of the draft platform via email last friday. you will also find a fresh copy in the folders on the table before you. the draft document was developed by the platform drafting committee pursuant to the call for the convention. this 15-member committee was appointed by the chair of the dnc. would the platform drafting committee members who are here please rise so we might acknowledge and thank you? [applause] the drafting committee is chaired by a great democrat, and i have previously referenced the
10:44 am
congressman, congressman cummings, again i just want to say how much i appreciate all you have accomplished on behalf of the people of maryland and on behalf of the american people in the role as an outstanding congressman. but i also want to thank you for the lion's work you have done in point whereo this we have such a progressive document which we will amend in , the coming days, but your straightforward approach, your ability to get people to work together and to find a common voice is greatly appreciated. congressman, would you please join us. [applause] mr. cummings: thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much.
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thank you, governor. mayor franklin, to the distinguished members of the democratic platform committee, as i was standing back there i was thinking to myself about all that has happened over the last few days in minnesota, baton rouge, and dallas. and i couldn't help but think about a sign that when i got here, we were running a little late. when i got here, governor, the first thing i saw on the table back there was a sign that said, love trumps hate. we need to, we need to put that in the d.n.a. of every cell of our brains, particularly at this moment. and it reminded me of something else.
10:46 am
and that is that, ladies and gentlemen, and i saw this, and i want us to keep focus on this. we can spend a lot of time concentrating on who we're fighting against. but ladies and gentlemen, the people in america want us to concentrate on what we are fighting for. what we are fighting for. [applause] today i'm proud as a public servant, i've not always felt this way, i've seen things in the congress, i know benny thompson, congressman thompson and congresswoman waters and holmes norton who are here here, , we've all -- it's not always been that way. there have been many times where we've been embarrassed. we've seen colleagues of both
10:47 am
parties vote against the poor and the infirm. against the homeless and the helpless. against the meek and against the weak. i have watched people vote against the america i live every day and the americans i proudly represent. and i know why they have done so, and you do too. for far too long, the powerful and the influential in our society have shaped the policies that have come out of our government. the overly influenced not only the laws that come out of our congress and out of our state legislatures, but also edicts and administrative orders that come out of executive offices in washington and across the country.
10:48 am
and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real problem. it is a problem because the powerful and the influential have either built or inherited a position of privilege in our society. a position that leaves them to oppose change. try to limit the right to vote. limit access to wealth. limit access to power. to close doors to millions of hardworking americans. the ones that i saw getting up this morning at 4:00 in the morning to get the early bus. but today, we, myself and the 14 hard working, fair minded members of the platform drafting committee, and it was an all-star group, i've got to tell you, give them another hand, please. [applause]
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we have not only stood up, we have stood tall. we do not merely strive for common ground, we reach higher ground. and i beg you, as you go through this process, reach for higher ground. that's what the american people want. we've authored a party platform unlike any other. a platform which you and the members of your committee can be proud. you don't have to mess with it that much. no. you could be out of here by 12:00 noon tomorrow. i'm just telling you. sometimes people assume they've got to mess with something. but i'm just telling you, it is a good platform. a platform of which our nominee, our next president, can be proud.
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and a platform of which democrats from coast to coast, from congress to city and county council, can be proud. we have a platform that speaks directly to the real needs of hard working americans. a platform that does not move from the tough issues confronting americans from maine to california. a platform enacted that will raise incomes and provide economic security to our struggling middle class and working families. and lift people out of poverty so they can get into the middle class. a platform that if enacted would ensure peace of mind of those americans entering their golden years. because we would not just protect social security and medicare, we would expand them. [applause]
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come on, y'all can do better than that. a platform that if enacted would grow our economy by investing in small businesses, the economic engine that drives our nation's economy, and would rebuild our manufacturing sector, a platform which recognizes that good paying jobs and a cleaner environment are not adversaries but allies and that our children and our nation's youth are the greatest resource we have. [applause] you know, when you go to disney world, there's a sign in one of the villages, and it simply says these words. it says, we do not inherit our environment from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
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we borrow it. so we have a platform that if enacted, would promote economic to stand firm against income inequality. because it would stop corporate outsourcing, and repair our rigged financial system. a platform that if enacted would remove barriers to success and instead create ladders of opportunity for all americans and in doing so, bring us together as a nation. a platform that if enacted could put our party on the right side of history by championing the rights of those too often overlooked or left behind. by standing up for civil rights, voting rights, disability rights, lgbt rights, and by
10:53 am
honoring our indigenous tribal nations and by recognizing the many contributions of our immigrants and our newest arrivals. that's what our platform aims to do. a platform that if enacted would ensure that no community is left out in the cold. where it's not merely valid by publicly welcomed. a platform that if enacted would protect the voting rights, check -- fix our rigged campaign season -- system, and restore people's trust. restore people's trust, hope, and faith in this great democracy. and in the principles first articulated by our democratic
10:54 am
forefathers, so as a platform drafting committee went through this, we could not help but keep our eyes on our children. and we realized that the greatest threat to our national security would be the failure to properly educate every single one of our children. every single one of them. [applause] and so we drafted a platform that if enacted would provide the children of our great nation with an education that is not merely affordable, but that -- for the poor but equip them with high quality, first rate education that enables our children to aim high, to reach for the stars, and to make their unique mark based on their own god-given talents.
10:55 am
a platform that if enacted would ensure the health and safety of all americans because it would value each american. stand firm against gun violence. domestic violence. and violence against women. [applause] a platform that would embrace the fundamental principles that health care in our nation is a right and not a privilege. [applause] a platform that if enacted would stand firm against our many global threats and at the same time recommit america to be a leader in the battle for a more secure world, always while supporting our troops, our veterans, and everyone who so
10:56 am
proudly wears the united states uniform. yes, and i'm proud of our platform. proud to have worked with my 14 colleagues, and let me -- just let me give you a footnote here. there were 41 amendments, there were 41. 30 of them passed. so i want you to know, we -- this was not a simple process for us. we stayed up until 2:00 in the morning, addressing the issues that we're all concerned about. and yet, we created a platform. and we're proud to have worked with, and i'm proud to have worked with all of my colleagues. but as proud as i am of the result, i'm every bit as proud of the open, honest, and transparent process we
10:57 am
collectively undertook to get here. i'm proud that we held six hearings, spread across our great nation, proud that we incorporated the views of thousands of democrats who submitted their comments online, proud of the way we took the drafting process out of the back rooms and into the light. and produced this document in the most transparent manner any party committee could have ever undertaken. [applause] and so i'm proud of our drafting committee. i'm proud of my 14 men and women colleagues on the drafting committee. we were neither clinton appointees -- when we entered that room we were neither clinton appointees or sanders appointees. instead, we were proud democratic members.
10:58 am
and i am proud that where the national media predicted division, guess what, we delivered unity. >> good morning. can we come to order, please? welcome back to the meeting. i hope everyone got some rest. i hope we are not up quite so late. back to the platform committee
10:59 am
of the democratic national convention, i am governor dannel malloy with my cochair shirley franklin. we will now resume our meeting. rise anduld please join me in the pledge of allegiance. allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> all. >> all. i am not going to sing. as we begin our second day of discussions and deliberations over the platform draft that our ticket legs our party's promise and purpose, i would like to
11:00 am
thank all committee members for your participation and -- we trulyn this appreciate your patience and commitment to our work, even when the opinions were strong and the hour was even when the opinions were strong in the hour was late, you did not act with rancor. we are showing the nation how to work on higher ground. as democrats, we draw our individual experiences as members of families and communities, if we come from cities, rural areas, tribal lands, suburbs, territories, we are all committed to a progressive, positive future for our country. we know that it elections always matter, but this year, this election is about more than democrats and republicans. it is about who we are as a nation and who we will be as a
11:01 am
nation. build a more equal society and a more perfect union. it is that simple but powerful idea we are stronger together. thank myike to cochair, shirley franklin, for process.rship in the thank you for all the great work and i look forward to continuing our discussions today, to advancing a robust and responsive class one draft our delegates can endorse when we meet in philadelphia. i would like to introduce someone who will speak to us for a short time before we start our .ctual deliberation i want to say that i have come to know debbie wasserman schultz through her great work both in the congress and as leader of our party. she has done a great job and has
11:02 am
been a committed speaker on behalf of our ideals across the nation. i want to thank her for all of , balancing the job as congresswoman and the job of leading our party, and i want to before us ande of make sure that we can have the opportunity to hear from her, so let me introduce my end, debbie wasserman schultz -- introduce my friend, debbie wasserman schultz. [applause] schultz: thank you so much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you, governor. thank you, mayor franklin, and thanks to the leadership of our platform committee and all of you and welcome to my home state of florida. we are very excited to host the platform committee and make sure
11:03 am
we can focus on the contrast partyn directors as our continues to move us and the dramatically backward direction the republicans have proposed. i want to thank the number of people who also have extremely busy schedules and had taken extra time out to help make a difference in the party. and my congressional colleagues who are either members of the platform committee or of the drafting committee, maxine waters of california, barbara lee of california, thompson of mississippi, and eleanor holmes norton of washington, d.c. [applause] i also want to thank our vice .hairs for agreeing to serve thank you all very much. you to all of you, members of the full platform committee who are here this weekend. as we saw last night, your
11:04 am
perspectives are critical to finalizing the statement of our values and affirmations of our priorities as a party. thank you to the members of the grafting -- the drafting subcommittee for the hours of work you have put into the process. they brought the broad spectrum of our party and the best ideas of our campaign to the process with dignity, patience, intelligence and understanding and a special thank you to my colleague and friend, congressman elijah cummings, and drafting committee members. please stand and be recognized. many are sitting over there. thank you so much. my friends, we are two weeks away from our convention and four weeks away from it electing a democrat as the next president of the united states of america. [applause] feels so good to say that. thanks to your work, the state
11:05 am
of our party heading into the convention and general election will be strong. i know the efforts you have all made not only to be here, but to contribute with your ideas and passion in the run-up to today's meeting and i thank you for your commitment to our party and this process. looking around this room, i have no doubt that the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the american people are well represented here in orlando this weekend. when you finish your work today or tonight, the american people will have a clear choice -- a party with a nominee committed to moving america forward versus a candidate committed to pitting people against one another in a time when we need our leaders to help bring us all together. these are tumultuous times. despite the real progress over the last seven and a half years of democratic leadership in the white house, many americans are still struggling, sick of the partisan gridlock plaguing washington and republicans think we need to go back to their version of the good old days when they took care of the wealthiest and everyone else was
11:06 am
on their own, and they are all too happy to keep pitting americans against one another. but every day, it seems we are reminded that we are stronger together. series ofweek, a deadly shootings have left us reeling, even as we are still recovering from the deadliest one in our nations history in orlando. last night, i joined many of you at a vigil to remember those victims. hearing each of their names was a deeply personal and somber reminder that we must never forget them and those they left behind but also a testament to the series of -- the spirit of our first responders. those who helped the wounded and those who risked their own lives to confront the terrorist and and his deadly rampage. the vigil was also a reminder of our shared humanity, that we are much more alike than we are different. these are indeed trying times. my spirits have been lifted and for the civil reason that i am proud of our party and what our country stands for in times of both the darkest tragedies and greatest triumphs.
11:07 am
when times are tough and beyond our understanding, we lean on one another. we come together. a few weeks ago when congressman john lewis led a sit in on the house floor to lead -- two lead a vote for commonsense gun safety laws, i was proud to join my democratic colleagues literally spending the entire night on the floor of the house of representatives to call attention to the gun violence our nation and congress' refusal to act. i read a letter aloud that was written to us by my former colleague and dear friend gabby giffords. she wrote, "if gun violence affects all of us americans, the solution is not just of to some of us. we are all responsible for our country today and the solution we pass on to our children tomorrow." are all responsible for the country we pass on to our children, the peace and security of their neighborhood and their nation, the fairness of their justice system, the
11:08 am
opportunities they have to succeed in the world economy, the access they have two health care, even the sustainability of the global ecosystem. we are responsible for reforming our broken immigration system, protecting women's health, and reversing climate change before it's too late. we are responsible for ending mass incarceration in the school to prison pipeline. we are responsible for bringing our communities together again -- black, white, brown, and blue -- and we are responsible for investing in infrastructure and making sure a hard days work is rewarded with a fair wage and the dignity of a secure environment, and that means building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. feel free to applaud that. [applause] years ase and a half chair of the dnc, i could not be more proud of the fact that this platform is poised to be the
11:09 am
most progressive, inclusive, an ambitious platform and the party's history. that is a phenomenal a that we are achieving together, and i could not be more proud of how start the contrast is with the republican alternative. for years, republicans have voiced the most extreme voices in our country, and the result we've seen as a party that is divisive, andess, dangerous presidential candidate in modern history. [applause] it shall: trump is a man who is demonstrated time and time again that what he values most is his own network. chultz: hentative shal blames immigrants and religious groups for our problems instead of seeking a solution, a man who has neither the temperament nor judgment to serve as president
11:10 am
of the united states of america, and we will make sure he gets nowhere knew the white house. [applause] scholz: america is better than that. we deserve better than that. we have an election coming up, and i believe the only thing that can keep us from winning is if we lose sight of the fact that there is more that unites us than divides us. as we begin the final step to this process, my only request is .hat we stand strong together [applause] : thankntative schultz you. that is so important because when you do make sure our platform represents the hopes, dreams of those same people, a platform that is as diverse and optimistic as our country is tough, a platform that prizes action over obstruction and inaction, that places people over profit and unity over division. this is a complex task with no
11:11 am
perfect answer, but as we saw last night, we can disagree without the disagreeable. i know you are a passionate group. you would not be here if that were not the case. but i know you will not only find common ground but higher ground, and i know that thanks to the leadership of the democratic national committee and all of our members and our party members all across this country, particularly the voterible vice chair of expansion and participation and the president of the association ofdemocratic chairs, both whom are with us this morning, i know that the document you deliver to our convention in philadelphia will set the stage for the historic democratic victories that we will help spur in november. thank you for your work. we are stronger together. on to victory for democrats in november. thank you so much. [applause]
11:12 am
>> thank you. thank you for your leadership and thank you for your remarks and encouragement today. i believe we can be proud of the work we as democrats have done over the past month and during to meeting yesterday demonstrate our commitment to keeping this party and our nation moving forward. i thank each and every one of you for everything you are doing of everything you will continue to do on behalf of the party and our candidates are between now and november, and we continue focusing on the platform draft today. our recommendations that include historic investments in infrastructure, stating that working people should earn at hour, ending mass incarceration, and the school to prison pipeline, protecting women's health and repealing the hyde amendment and abolishing
11:13 am
the death penalty of forward thinking proposal that will make a positive difference in the lives and well-being of our families, our neighbors, and our community. before we go forward, let me remind you of the rules of procedure and the meeting protocol that we discussed yesterday. we will continue to consider the amendments in the section order laid out in the platform, picking up where we left off with the section titled "fight for economic fairness and against any quality -- inequality." we will consider amendments filed by the deadline, which was july 5 at 11:59 p.m. eastern .ime those who are proposing amendments will have one minute to state and explain the proposed amendment.
11:14 am
after a brief explanation, the chair will call for seconds. the proposed amendment must have 15 support of at least committee members who are present at the time to be considered. is seconded,ent proponents will have time to speak in favor. once that time is exhausted or yielded back to the chair, those who would like to speak in opposition will be recognized, so that is a change. as a reminder, members cannot use time after it has been .ielded back to the chair last and certainly not least, let's be respectful of each other today. our goal of creating a platform that our party's nominee and we can run on and not away from is the one that is shared by all of us. as a reminder, the amendment for
11:15 am
the next section will consider fight for economic fairness, included in the packet distributed to members last night. let's begin. governor malloy. [applause] governor malloy: i would like to ask the secretary of state of rhode island to introduce the next section. secretary: hi, everyone. good morning. thank you, mr. chairman. because i amat committed to addressing the concerns at the heart of people's lives. their children, their children's education and well-being, the health and safety of seniors, and the opportunities available in our communities. the democratic party is committed to economic fairness,
11:16 am
and in 2016, we aimed to tackle the structures and practices that stand in the way of a thriving middle class. we must remove disability full participation by all. by fixing our financial system, payng sure corporations their fair share of taxes, and that areg trade deals properly enforced, we will ensure that working families, seniors, and our economy as a whole succeed. with that, i pass it back to the chair. >> pursuant to discussions had between both sides of the debate, we are going to make some slight adjustments with to what has been
11:17 am
negotiated between the parties. i believe we have an amendment to be offered -- are you ready? >> amendment number 93. this is the final version that .as distributed this morning note that it combines the amendment 234 and 235. this is sponsored by lee saunders on page 10, line eight. is long.sed amendment i just want to say that on the front end. democrats acknowledge that for millions of americans, global trade has failed to live up to its promise, with too many countries breaking the rules and too many corporations outsourcing jobs at the expense of american workers and communities. over the past three decades, america has signed on to too many trade deals that have not lived up to the hype. trade deals often boosted the profits of large corporations while at the same time failing
11:18 am
to protect worker rights, labor standards, the environment, and public health. we need to end the race to the bottom and develop trade policies that support jobs here in america. that's what democrats believe we should review agreements negotiated years ago to update them to reflect these principles . any further trade agreements must make sure our trading partners cannot undercut american workers by taking short cuts on labor policies or the environment. they must not undermine democratic decision-making through special privileges and private courts for corporations trade negotiations must be transparent and inclusive. democrats' priority is to significantly strengthen enforcement of existing trade the toolsstrengthen we have, including by holding countries accountable on currency manipulation and significantly expanding enforcement resources.
11:19 am
china and other countries are using unfair trade practices to tilt the playing field against american workers and businesses. when they dump cheap products in our market, subsidized, state-owned enterprises devalue currencies and discriminate against american companies, our middle class pays the price. that has to stop. democrats will fight to use all our trade enforcement tools to hold china and other trading and all accountable, countries must be held accountable when they manipulate their currencies to gain a competitive advantage. while we believe that openness to the world economy is an important source of american leadership and dynamism, we will oppose trade agreements that do not support good american jobs, raise wages, and improve our national security. we believe any new trade agreements must include strong and enforceable labor and environmental standards in their with streamlined and
11:20 am
effective enforcement mechanisms. they should crack down on the on air and illegal subsidies other countries grant their businesses at the expense of ours. they should promote innovation and should protect a free and open internet. we should never into a traded -- enter into a trade agreement that prevents our government or other governments from putting in place rules that protect the environment, food safety, or the health of u.s. citizens or others around the world. any trade agreement must protect workers and the environment and not undermine access to critically needed prescription drugs. these are the standards all democrats believe should be applied to all trade agreements, including the transpacific partnership. has a proponent one-minute explanation period. >> good morning, everybody. my name is lee saunders.
11:21 am
i am the president of the 1.6 of everydayers heroes who never quit providing public services to communities across the country. [applause] i rise to present an amendment to the trade section on behalf therganized labor, and with full support of hillary rodham , of all the vitally important issues we are grappling with this weekend, this may be the subject to which ordinary americans are paying the closest attention. i know we all share their frustration with the trade deals that hurt our community for decades. my amendment adds necessary language to the draft. specifically, it adds new language that protect working families from the private and
11:22 am
secretive court that has privileged national corporate interest over the common good and undermined our very democracy. deserve a level playing field. so this amendment requires that we vote to hire american families and arm ourselves with stronger enforcement tools. >> i just have to find out if there are 15 people who are endorsing this first. and there are. applause] let me explain now -- you went over the one minute, so i don't want to get myself in trouble. pursuant to agreement, proponents of the agreement are now given eight minutes to speak to it. your eight minutes will begin now. >> i want to start from the
11:23 am
beginning. american workers deserve a level playing field. crucially, we say this as we sit here today -- do not just apply to the old treaties, which we commit to renegotiating, and not just to future negotiations, but to the current treaties. the powerful corporate special up against inre this fight can only be overcome if we forge unprecedented unity, sisters and brothers, and i believe this can be done starting with all of us here today in this room. have wide public support behind us, wider than ever. we have the open opposition to tpp from both of our candidates running for president of the united states.
11:24 am
for once, all democratic candidates and labor are of one view -- no on tpp. [applause] no more. no more. no more trade deals that give americans and working families across the country the shaft. we are united on this issue, and supportr your united for this amendment. thank you. [applause] >> mr. chairman, fellow democrats, my name is bob martinez. i and the international president of the international association of machinists and aerospace workers. we represent proudly 630,000 fighting machinists across this country. [applause] our union is an industrial
11:25 am
union. .ur union makes things trade agreements like tpp will hundreds ofion' thousands of jobs, if not millions of jobs. good paying jobs, american jobs. all workers and communities will of thisa direct result transpacific partnership agreement. let's be clear -- we are not opposed to trade, but we want fair trade, not power trade. as what is being proposed in this flawed trade agreement .alled tpp tpp must be transparent. as thisbe inclusive amendment provides.
11:26 am
i believe, with all due respect, that this amendment offered by is clearly saunders a huge improvement to the existing language you have before you. guidelines for trade agreements to meet in order to gain passage to congress. this seriously flawed tpp does not and cannot meet these standards set forth in this direct result, i strongly urge you, my fellow democrats, to vote yes to this amendment, this pro-worker amendment, on trade for all american workers. [applause] >> my name is randi weingarten. i and the president of the 1.6-million-member american
11:27 am
federation of teachers -- i am the president. [applause] tpp duringn against this year, during these 2, 3 years when we have watched communities all across the country, communities where our members are nurses, teachers, communities have been unraveled because of what has happened to our manufacturing base. and we are glad of the robust debate in the country this year thatade, and we are glad both of our candidates are against tpp. but what this amendment does, what the saunders amendment does in addition -- sorry, i'm sorry to yell. i know, but girls
11:28 am
shouldn't yell, right? in addition to what was already take whattform is we trump has now used as a sound bite and we make it into a standard. that is what this does. these thingsall around. we need a democrat to have a standard on trade, to be about what we are for, not just what we are against, and what we are or, not just in the pacific, but in all areas of the world. and i want to make one more point -- in this amendment, the point about no more private courts -- this is not a hypothetical. cases are coming up in other countries that seem crazy of suing poland for
11:29 am
billions of dollars because poland decided not to privatize a government function. this amendment says these are the standards we are for and we will hold everyone accountable for these standards of fair trade, not free trade. so i ask for unanimous support for the saunders amendment. >> one minute. one minute. [applause] >> my name is bennie thompson. i'm a member of the united states house of representatives, and i one of those folks who will have to decide on this issue. to be very clear, i support the saunders amendment. i have never voted for any trade agreement since i have been in the united states house of representatives. nafta seen the impact of and a lot of other trade agreements that have been to the
11:30 am
detriment of working men and women in this country. i will not support any agreement that denigrates workingmen and .omen in this country let me be very clear -- democrats cannot support anything less than fair trade. it is an abomination for us to even consider any trade supportt that does not working men and women. support the saunders amendment. >> pursuant to the agreement of on parties, i am now calling ben for the purpose of making an amendment to the amendment. actually, wait a minute. do you have that? you are going to do it from
11:31 am
there. >> mine is really simple, y'all. i just want to add the words, "that's why we oppose the tpp." [applause] >> pursuant to the agreement we have, 15 seconds. five minutes to speak to the issue. >> thank you. thank you. good morning. i am a lifelong civil rights organizer. i was trained by congressman thompson and the people who .rained him i was trained by del lucy and norm hill. i spent my early 20's stumping against nafta, and i am proud of
11:32 am
the unity in this room and our party and between mr. sanders and secretary clinton and their opposition to the tpp. let me be very clear -- we are facing something in all my years of campaigning against bad trade agreements we have never seen republicanch is a opponent who intends to run clearly against the tpp. we have it on good authority that the draft gop platform speaks clearly against the tpp, and we must empower every representative of the democratic party to speak clearly against the tpp. [applause] we have the unity in this room against the tpp that we have because we know that we cannot afford for the detroit auto ofts industry to go the way
11:33 am
the southern textile industry. [applause] we have the unity we have in this room against the tpp because we know that we cannot and all theietnam other countries in the tpp to finish the job that nafta started in destroying manufacturing in the united states. [applause] are democrats first and foremost because we believe in the power of organizing and uplifting regular people to improve the destiny for their families. that, inder to do order to empower every democratic organizer across this country this fall, we must say clearly, the democratic party, through its platform, is on record as being opposed to the transpacific
11:34 am
partnership. thank you. >> one minute each. [applause] clear -- if itry were not for the sanders campaign, we would not even be having this kind of debate. [applause] >> bernie! bernie! bernie! >> let us also be clear that divisions between the corporate wing and the populist wing of this party is one in which we do not want windowdressing talking about working people. put at opposition that stress on ordinary people even when my brothers and sisters who i love so much from the labor movement support a candidate who was not clear about tpp in the way in which bernie sanders was. we want unity, but we want it
11:35 am
real. we do not want it on the backs of working people. we want opposition to tpp in this platform. >> are we done? you have one minute left if you want it. no, no, no. one minute. thatjust want you to know it does not take all that just to say we are against the tpp. plain and simple, we need to leave no doubt that democrats stand for the working men and women in this country and their babies and their children's .hildren just plain and simple, leave no doubt that we are against the tpp. to my sisters and brothers who live in midwestern states who know clearly what nafta did to rape and pillage the working-class men and women in our state in particular, we need to leave no doubt that we stand
11:36 am
up for the everyday mamas and daddies in this country. leave no doubt that we stand up for generations in this country. leave no doubt that we continue to stand up for workers rights in this country. vote no on tpp. >> thank you. [applause] pursuant -- let's have some order. pursuant to the agreement already reached, the opponents of ben's offered amendment to the amendment now have five minutes to speak in opposition. pursuant to agreement. that clock begins now. -- i thinkay this that all of you saw this when both parties came up because we are friends. we know each other very well, but i want to make it real clear -- the trade union movement does not take a backseat to anybody regarding its opposition to bad
11:37 am
trade policy and to tpp. we have stood up constantly fighting our enemies and sometimes our friends because we understand how this hurts, watching families and how it hurts our communities. i would urge you to look once because my amendment everything that these sisters and brothers said is included in my amendment. support mye you to amendment and not support the amendment provided by them. thank you very much. [applause] morning, sisters and brothers. good morning, sisters and brothers. [applause] i stand in front of you not as someone that is dressed and not aware of what it is to be a
11:38 am
worker. i am that. i come out of the textile workers industry. i know what nafta was all about. i know how a that agreement can impact workers because i am a worker who has been affected in that manner, but i also heard what the saunders amendment says, and it says that we needed a platform in order to make things transparent. it also said that we needed a platform that would make people .ccountable it also says that we are fighting for things to be there to american workers and to make sure that jobs in america were not going to be taken away from here. we have an obligation to make sure that what we stand on is unified and inclusive. saundersead what lee proposed, you see that it is all there. we're talking about what we need in order to make us strong, not what we stand against, because
11:39 am
it is clear what we stand against. we have been there. i worked at a textile plant for all those years not to say that we don't have a voice. we have a voice. we know what credibility and accountability is about. i stand in support of the saunders amendment. [applause] >> two and a half minutes. >> my name is david whirling. georgia. my hometown lost thousands of textile jobs. i spent years 25 years ago running for congress talking about these issues, running against a republican incumbent,
11:40 am
losing by 900 votes to a guy named newt gingrich. i have spent 25 years since holding corporations accountable. don't take a backseat to freshmanven my philosophy professor, cornell west, when it comes to standing up for fair trade, but i'm asking you to vote no on the .ealous amendment the saunders amendment is a remarkable achievement. anyone who has been involved in these issues for this many years knows what a remarkable achievement it is. tpp will standard that not meet. that other trade deals will not .eet we have to vote for the saunders amendment. i urge you to vote against the jealous amendment.
11:41 am
>> one minute left. one minute left. >> my name is kevin williamson. i am with the united food and commercial workers union, who represents over 1.3 million members in the united states. the democratic platform is meant to be aspirational. it is meant to guide us towards what we want our government to , what we want our nation to be -- a roadmap for how we apply our principles and values through governance. ufcw opposes tpp -- opposes tpp. this trade deal harms american workers and all who we represent. w supports thec saunders amendment, which lays out the terms we insist must be met before any trade agreement can be considered fair.
11:42 am
i oppose the jealous agreement because it is too narrow. tpp is only one of many trade agreements. old and new that does not live up to its promise in protecting and improving the lives of american workers. i encourage everyone here to think they are than the , which willo tpp share -- >> thank you. >> thank you. then, you had a question? mr. jealous: just for clarification, i was adding to, not replacing the saunders amendment. >> thank you. pursuant to discussion, if the proponents and opponents would return to the station to vote, we are going to prepare to have a rollcall vote.
11:43 am
that is a 62nd vote. rather than doing it twice, we are just going to go direct on the jealous amendment. what is before you. please set up the 62nd clock. do not vote please until i ask you to so that we do not have any confusion. i need the clock set up. all right. do we have the clock set up please? ok, here we go. vote if you are in favor of the jealous amendment, yes. if you are against it, vote no. do you understand? let vote. clock is running. vote.'s clock is running.
11:44 am
governor malloy: 15 seconds. voting is closed. the amendment to the amendment failed. , the leeto agreement saunders opponents are now given eight minutes if they wish to use that time.
11:45 am
clock starts now. heather got me, and i am from bernie sanders' home state of vermont. i keep hearing the message that we need to say what we are or and i agree with that, but in this case, i think we really need to say what we are against. one of the things i would like to highlight about the tpp is why this is that for women. i think that is a really relevant thing to talk about right now. it is a race to the bottom for women making minimum wage. would be forced to compete directly with vietnamese ankers making less than $.65 hour. women, especially women of color, are disproportionately affected by downward pressure on wages. 2/3 ofake up nearly minimum-wage workers. trade agreements tend to discourage competition and increase competition with
11:46 am
international workers, which the roads conditions at home and globally. it is also terrible for women's health. during tpp negotiations, big pharma push for extreme monopolies. health care advocates like doctors without borders have raised serious concerns about its effects on access to medicine. drug companies have an allowed to add stipulations to the agreement that would increase the length of patents. the tpp would be a death sentence for many cancer patients, including women with breast and cervical cancer, by keeping lifesaving medicines out of reach due to exorbitant monopoly pricing. women treating aggressive rest cancer or cervical cancer do not have the luxury of waiting to eight years for accessed to affordable medicine. by pushing up drug prices, the tpp could impact medicaid, which also has a big impact on women and families. thank you. [applause] ms. kramer: name is christine cramer.
11:47 am
i am from the state of nevada. i am against the saunders amendment because of the very last line shown highlighted -- states including the transpacific partnership, which opens it wide open for a franken-bill. this opens it wide open for a lame-duck session. was notg enforcement enough. nafta destroyed our communities not following the rules. we had never funded enough cops on the beat to enforce against corporate america. we need strong, arm language. vote no on this because we need the high tower amendment that no, -- that says, "hell, tpp." stevenson: my name is kylie stevenson. i'm from indiana. i live on the west side of indianapolis where the carrier air-conditioning plant is, which is going to be closed next year,
11:48 am
and 1300 jobs are going to be shipped to mexico as a result of agreements like nafta and like the transpacific partnership. i want to speak directly to my fromw platform members industrial states. we all have to go home tomorrow and face our neighbors and tell them what we did to protect their jobs, and the best way to thatat, to leave no doubt we support working people, that we support the people working in manufacturing in our state, is to say clearly that the democratic party opposes the transpacific partnership. [applause] is why, with the greatest respect, i am opposed to this amendment and in favor of the high tower amendment, which sets a strong, aspirational standard that the democratic party takes a back seat to no one on fair
11:49 am
trade and opposes the transpacific partnership with no exceptions. thank you. .overnor malloy: four minutes mr. craig: my name is robert craig from the great state of wisconsin. jobs tolost 135,000 trade agreements. the people of america think the economy is rigged against them, and they are right. quite frankly, we've had no speech here in favor of tpp, but we cannot bring ourselves to say we are against tpp. what is going on? so you still have something you can do. jim hightower's amendment is coming up, and that will take a clear stand against tpp and for a positive view of what we should do for our economy. thank you. >> i supported and agreed with
11:50 am
the majority of his choices, but with all due respect to president obama, i cannot support this. he has done a wonderful job, amazing job in the wake of the recent economic crisis, but this is a point i simply cannot support. i am supporting the high tower amendment. we talk about party unity. the overwhelming majority of congress and american citizens oppose the tpp, including secretary clinton. we agree on this. it is our responsibility to represent the will of the people. this platform serves to continue to move the democratic party without future dangerous trade deal that jeopardize american jobs, environmental safety, and open the u.s. up to lawsuits from corporations effectively ending our sovereignty. we agree. why can we not simply say we do not want it back were saying is we oppose the tpp. you are telling us you oppose
11:51 am
the tpp. .ll we have to do is say it >> i just want to thank my brothers and sisters here who let me stand in front of them even as they stood in line because they want to be clear that all the saunders delegates, all the sanders delegates are prepared to support the saunders amendment if the clinton delegates would just accept my amendment to the amendment. [applause] : in my life, i have supported the clintons and mr. sanders, and the reality is we forhere to act courageously the unity of a whole, and the way we unify our party is that we vote our conscience. the majority of democrats, like the majority of americans, are against the tpp.
11:52 am
hillary is against the tpp. bernie is against the tpp. let's not be bureaucrats. let's be leaders. all we have to do, brothers and sisters, is come together. coming together always requires effort from both sides. unify and getask, on with it. thank you. governor malloy: 40 seconds. i'm designated counsel for the international division of the teamsters union. i also organized a thousand volunteers in missouri for bernie sanders' campaign and and in touch with a lot of people -- young people and progressives -- across the country, and i want nothing more than to defeat donald trump this november, and we need a strong support
11:53 am
nationwide for hillary clinton to do that. what i am afraid will happen ofe -- because i have lots friends in this room that are supporting hillary clinton, and what i'm afraid will happen is that you guys are going to win the battle here this morning but lose the war over just a few words. if you like what i'm saying, please give me applause. governor malloy pursuant to agreement, we will proceed to a vote. >> if i could have a few more seconds. governor malloy: a few more seconds. >> the hillary people are very organized and have marching orders. we have an opportunity to be able to stand up, hug the people sitting next to view. sanders people, clinton people coming together, leave this room united against donald trump in support of hillary clinton. i hope you will do that. >> if proponents would return to
11:54 am
their stations. please, we will prepare a vote. please set up. please do not vote until i ask you to. we are going to vote on the sanders-lee sanders amendment. saunders, excuse me. i apologize. i apologize. apologize. i apologize. we are going to vote on the saunders agreement, all right? we are going to go to a vote. please begin voting now. yes is for the amendment. no is against the amendment. please. we have had a good debate.
11:55 am
15 seconds. five seconds. the vote is complete, and the amendment passes. [cheers and applause] --ernor malloy we will take
11:56 am
to our friends who are against, please be in order. we going to take a five-minute break. if you do not need to leave the floor, do not. but we are going to be back in five minutes. thank you. [indiscernible]
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> live coverage updated above the democratic party platform committee meeting taking place in orlando. they are taking about a five-minute break right now, so we will take you back to them when the meeting begins, but in the meantime, a little background on what is going on with the meeting. this is day two. yesterday, day one, the session actually ended at 1:30 this morning. bernie sanders gord kind of a win with approval of the amendment calling for increasing to $15.ral minimum wage
12:00 pm
according to the associated press, sanders is seeking more platform concessions at the meeting today. the roughly 16,000-word platform is a nonbinding document that a guidepost. after this nonbinding meeting, voted for. the draft under review already shows sanders' influence, urging an end to the death penalty. sanders has avoided endorsing clinton for weeks as he focused much of his energy on shaping his platform to mirror his liberal campaign, said he has millions of supporters as motivation to two democrats with knowledge will indicate he's offering his public endorsement of clinton.


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