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tv   George H.W. Bush Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 11:54pm-12:55am EDT

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the process we agreed to follow. >> if he can consider adding it on his own. >> i will tell you what, why don't you tell us what it is and i will see if it can be done on a technical basis. bear with me for a minute. >> i don't and think -- i don't think it is a technical basis but it is relative to another provision, which is the earned income tax credit. it benefits the territory. >> that is out of order. we are going to proceed on the vote. an amendment has been off third. those in favor of the amendment please raise your white cards. anyone against, please raise your white cards, it passes.
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>> amendment 152, sponsored by stephen benjamin on page 14 line 42. to proposed amendment is insert the following section and section title after line 42 on page 14 following poverty. the title is building a strong cities in metro areas. democrats have a comprehensive agenda, grounded on the premise that local leaders are best equipped to create a better future for the residents, but need the resources and flexibility to get the job done. we also recognize there is no silver bullet for building strong neighborhoods and strong cities, but rather we must address the challenge him on many interconnected front from housing schools to transportation to health. increase federal
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infrastructure, making investments in roads and bridges , public transit, drinking and wastewater system, broadband, schools, and more. being dragged down by physical debate -- physical decay. the neighborhood stabilization program at the hardest hit fund, which has helped cities across the country begin to address these challenges area we will provide these resources to help -- ande and explant expand community development funds and build more avoidable and rent -- more affordable rental housing units. we will support entrepreneurship by providing mentoring and training to entrepreneurs and small business owners and underserved. >> underserved community.
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>> communities. and expanding federal market tax credit for the community. chair, asirman, madam you stress the importance of i yield my time. >> the motion has been offered. seconders?5 going to be heard in opposition? opposition, are you done with your comment? it is not in opposition. is it to? -- is it? it is a might of the territories being included. towns may have the
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population to qualify, certainly in the virgin islands we do not. where theyin a case should not block us out of these mechanisms. >> we will direct that to the technical side. an opportunity to reflect that in the use of this particular tax credit, it may be a possibility but i will refer for technical review. does anyone else intend to speak against? in the absence thereof i will call the question -- please raise your white cards. anyone wishing to register a negative? passes unanimously. >> amendment 44, 142, 218, 217,
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and 45. andessed by deborah parker -- >> somebody should come up, or all three. [applause] this work, gone into if you could report on the product, that will be great. --there is a unity of amendment agreement, and i would like to ask ms. parker to step forward. >> thank you. i would like to read the unity minute. we will engage in meaningful, productive confrontation -- conversation with tribal leaders
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and hold a conference annually, bringing together and senior-level federal officials along with input from tribal nations. democrats believe that american shouldand alaska natives be able to properly reflect includeeds and work to them in keep positions, including retaining a key level policy position. we will strengthen the white house council on native american democrats will increase engagement with american indians, alaskan natives living outside of tribal communities. >> ok. seconders?15 we have 15. is anyone intending to be heard in opposition?
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with respect to the offering, which is in writing and will go to the proper authorities, i think i'm in a position to call a question. i will call the question -- all in favor of the unity, please signified by raising your cards. anyone wishing to be heard in opposition? passes unanimously. thank you for your hard work and thank you for the campaigns coming together. very good. [applause] >> of, i am sorry. we are referencing specifically 142 and to 18. -- 218.
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ok. amendment 142 will not be included with the other amendments mentioned. 218 have beend unified by our action unless there is objection in a unity amendment. clarified, is there any reason call a second vote? everyone understand what we did? 142 is restored to prior status. thank you very much. [applause] >> next beard and it 142, sponsored -- >> amendment 142. effortss also support regarding self-governance and self-determination of native hawaiians. native hawaiians are the
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indigenous aboriginal people of hawaii, whose values and coulter are the foundation of the hawaiian islands. we support proactive actions by the federal government to enhance native coin culture, health, language and education. we recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices made in service to our country by native hawaiians. >> one minute to explain. >> thank you. proposal in the platform is actually just the first sentence. but as anyone is probably aware, the 50th state, we have always a strangeated into position -- one sentence. with this amendment does is recognize native hawaiians as a different indigenous native group. we are the only state that had a kingdom. we're the only state that had a
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different structure than what people may be accustomed to. as a result, we're in the process now of going through a proposed rule with the secretary of interior that is there to reestablish a government to government relationship with native hawaiians. we believe this provision in the platform makes it very clear that democrats recognize uniqueness of that which is a native hawaiian. [applause] seconders.nd or's -- .here are sufficient seconders is there any opposition? >> may i just say a few words? i just want to make it very clear that bernie sanders has also supported the rights of native hawaiians' self-determination as have
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president obama and secretary clinton. this is something i believe we can be uniform in. favor, signify by raising your white cars. anyone wishing to express a different view? sender, -- were you voting their? it seems to pass unanimously. another amendment? >> amendment 130 has been withdrawn. amendment one of four has been withdrawn. amendment 195 has been withdrawn. amendment to a seven has been withdrawn. amendment 84 has been withdrawn.
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amendment 113 has been withdrawn , but there has been an agreement made to recognize after cornell west to make a statement. >> dr. west. >> always like to salute the chairman and chairwoman for the job you're done. i'm standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in puerto rico. wonderful dialogue with the clinton people, and it has improved, but it is not adequate. i speak for what is going on in and on the island. on the one hand, we did rivera,dge that oscar
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and whobeen in prison, the self-respect of the puerto rican people. reminder of the imperial dimension of our fragile experiment it -- in democracy called the usa. we knows he social misery on the island right now. i want to take a moment to put it on the record, even given the cordial dialogue we have. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> is there another amendment? >> amendment 172. on page 16, line 45. the proposed amendment is as follows, arts and culture.
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democrats are proud of our support for arts funding and education. we are committed to continuing the policies and programs that have already done so much for our creative arts in history and economy. investment in the arts strengthens our communities and contributes to our nations rich cultural heritage. we will continue to support public funding for the national endowment for the arts, for the national endowment for the humanities, and for programs for writing art -- providing art and music education. the entire nation prospers when we protect and promote the -- unique contributions of the women and men who preserve our nations heritage. >> you have one minute to explain or introduce. everyone will probably
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renumber that mitt romney promised in 2012 that the first thing he was going to do on his first day in office was defund obamacare. but maybe you don't remember the second thing he said he was going to do. he said he was going to defund both of the national endowment. that was the second thing he was going to do in office. these endowments are in the sights of the republicans. they would like to get rid of them. mr. chairman, this is a good amendment. one thing that is missing is a sentence recalling -- calling for increasing and funding. we are getting less funding that when obama came into office because of the sequester. i don't know if it is possible to add a sentence to that effect. >> so -- hang on.
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[laughter] >> for fear of reopening other issues, i think i'm going to refer this to the technical side. i think your motion speaks to the issue of support. i will let the technical directors decide and whether that can be included, ok? >> thank you. do we have 15 supporters? we have 15 supporters. does anyone wish to be heard in opposition? i will call the question. all in favor, lift your white cards. anyone in negative? it passes unanimously. [applause] >> please refer that for consideration. , whethereat to support that is sufficient to move it to the next level, we will leave it
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to the technical side. another amendment. >> amendment 94 has been withdrawn. there are no more commitments in the section. [applause] >> where do we go now? otherhave some cleanup on -- we have amendment 38. what section is this? >> i'm sorry, this is that same section. courtney. this is the first time we have broken down. >> please forgive me. [applause] [applause]
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>> just by way of explanation, courtney has not been my foil. she came to connecticut for close to a month in 2014 to help see me reelected, so we have been having fun together and she has done a great job. now we address 38. >> yes, thank you very much mr. chair. by cesar 38, sponsored vargas. on age 12, line 34. the language is, the proposed amendment is as follows, we will promote best practices among local law enforcement in terms of how they collaborate with federal authorities to ensure they maintain and build trust between local law enforcement and the communities they serve. we will also vigorously oversee any programs in place to make
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sure that there are no abuses and no arbitrary deportation programs. we will establish an affirmative progress for workers to report labor violations and to request deferred action. we will work to ensure that all of americans, regardless of status, have access to quality health care. that means expanding quality allth centers, allowing people to buy into the health and finally, in acting conference of immigration reform. we will expand opportunities for dreamers to serve in the military, and to receive expedited pathway to citizenship. [applause] are you going to address the unity aspect of this? leopold, i'm david
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from the state of ohio and i am a hillary clinton delegate. we offering this in the form of a unity amendment from both sides. >> did you want to say anything quickly? ders? ere 15 seconm do you want to say something? >> my name is cesar vargas. we have all heard the xenophobia rhetoric, the dark vision of donald trump when it comes to donald trump -- when it comes to immigration. we have for the nonsense of mexicans are racist. a military force is going to locate, detain little children, parents, spouses and wife. -- wives.
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in -- endsent deportation programs like the priority enforcement and program, where immigration agents go around latino neighborhoods with a biometric device targeting our communities. police like- where that in arizona target latinos with impunity. assistsndment attack -- workers, and allows students to go to college, to serve as the next officers in the u.s. military. ,his platform is a first step because we need to do more. this step is to ensure that the next president can create a
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nation that is inclusive, that is welcoming. i want ounext president to succeed, because at the end of the day, this is not about senator bernie sanders or hillary clinton. this is about families. i'm doing this for my 74-year-old mother. i was like to thank the bernie sanders campaign, jeff, warned, sure, everyone who made that the people have a voice even though we don't have the power to vote. to a half minutes. to have real change. >> 2.5 minutes. >> i stand before this meeting today. i'm the son of a refugee.
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for thehours every day last many years representing undocumented people, people who want to come to this country to build the country, to make it better than it can be. to make it great. immigrants -- immigration is not a problem to be solved, it is an opportunity to be seized. [applause] >> and i stand here tonight. i'm so proud of the democratic party. i'm proud of the hillary clinton campaign and the bernie sanders campaign for unity like this. this is what america is going to be. this is a pivotal moment in our history. we going to be a xenophobia country? army going to close our borders because of religion? are we going to close our borders because of fear?
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or are we going to be america? are we going to do better? we are going to do better. under the leadership of hillary clinton and the hard work that has gone into this platform by both sides, we going to bring the promise of immigration to america and make america greater than it already is. [applause] >> mr. chairman, and this is about one minute. >> at sign. >> i am stephen woodworth from the northern mariana islands, and i very strongly support this minute. we have a large noncitizen population, close to 50% of the population. in 2009, federal immigration immigrationom cmi
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and we have had many problems as a result. 20,000-some illegal aliens on the transition date, and because of the way homeland security has administer the law, many of those people who have five--- five, 10 -- even 20 years, now, the transitional worker program is resulting in family thing for the part because of what i would call blenders in the homeland security. >> the item has been discussed. it is a unique proposal your this anyone wish to be heard in opposition? i will call the question. all in favor, please raise your
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white cards. anyone wishing to demonstrate a different view, raise your white cards. kathleen, are you up or down? up. with one or two exceptions, it passes. [applause] are we doing this now? no. the chair is going to recognize deborah parker and maxine waters to speak one minute each about how the process has been reached and agreed to. then we have just a couple of things. you've been here this long, we're going to get it done. congressman -- congresswoman.
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>> thank you very much. if i could have the attention of everyone in the room. i would like to say to the honorable shirley franklin and governor daniel malloy, cochairs of the 2016 platform committee, thank you for the phenomenal job that you have done leading us and managing the 2016 platform committee meeting agenda. [applause] >> thank you again. thank you. very much appreciated. thank you. you congressman debbie wasserman schultz, chair of the democratic national committee, thank you to the ceo of the democratic national committee,
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thank you to the mayor of orlando, florida, and all of the participants. to the staff, the volunteers, the workers, everyone who has worked so hard to make this meeting a success, give them a big around applause. round of applause. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen am a i am so proud to be a democrat tonight. cheers] >> i want to thank both of our campaigns, i want to thank bernie sanders, i want to thank hillary clinton. [applause] and, i look forward to electing the first woman president of the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you mr. chairman.
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i'm from washington state, first generation peruvian american, and a proud supporter of bernie sanders. [applause] i know as a former labor negotiator, how hard it is sometimes to get yes. it is difficult to find agreement, but i want to congratulate ourselves for the work we have done tonight, for taking the higher ground. the last two days and nights, for making sure we come out of this committee with a platform we are proud to take to philadelphia, where more work we -- may need to be done in the spirit of unity. i'm glad that i could spend this time with you and speak up for the folks of washington state. i want to thank all of the delegates here tonight. have a good evening. [applause] i am from arkansas.
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i want to thank everybody for doing this -- the whole process is been phenomenal. it has been wonderful. have a great platform your it has been very unifying. yet remember that we had 28 million people who voted in the democratic primaries and caucuses this year. that is a great number. let us get out there and win this thing in the fall. [applause] >> connecticut. you, you, i'm proud of are my governor and you have done a fantastic job. mention another person. there is a young lady over there, christine, was recorded the entire proceedings and never took a break. christine, i want to thank you.
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she has had to sit and watch. it is unbelievable. >> christine, stop writing and stand up. stand up, christine. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. good evening. --name is to ever parker deborah parker. i have the honor of representing on the platform committee, and i have the honor of traveling to several cities was going to americans across the nation talk about what is important to them and their lives. not only what is important today, but what is important for future generations. that is something that i know as a native american, that we are taught from birth, that we look seven generations.
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i want to thank the members of the platform committee, the members of the drafting committee. all of the beautiful people i've met along the way, i have a lot of love and respect for you. we had some big debates, we had some great moments where we came together, and i want us all to really come together in the spirit of unity. ok took to disagree, it's come together and compromise, because this is been -- for me, very much a learning experience. support ouredly 2016 democratic platform and i ask that we take this to philadelphia. thank you. [applause] we are almost done. .e have one last motion is this unity? yes. >> amendment 134, sponsored by a
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oge.e -- elise h to insert our candidates names in the platform. they will speak on this amendment. >> chairman. clinton andllary i'm asking you to move this amendment. >> are we going to read this? how are you going to do this? >> do you want us to read it? >> is it up there? excuse me. for the purposes of gauging whether there is sufficient seconds -- have you had time to read it? courtney, do you have it? could you read it? >> yes. on page three, line 45, it should read to say, hillary clinton and the democratic party believe that when workers are strong, america is strong.
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on page four, line 36, it should read, as president, hillary clinton will take steps to expand and strengthen the home care workforce. on page six, line 40, it should read to say, democrats believe the one of the best ways to innovate, prosper and create good paying jobs is to make more in america, which is why we firmly support american manufacturing with hillary clinton's make it in america plan. on page 10, line 45, it should read, hillary clinton and the democrats believe that everyone in america deserves the chance to live up to their god-given potential. >> it is being read. on line 47, it should mean that as president, hillary clinton will also protect and expand proven programs, including robust support for nutrition assistance to stop
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people from going hungry, as well as programs that help people grow their skills and provide training opportunities. page 25, line 39 should read, hillary clinton and democrats believe that america must lead in the world to grow our economy, protect our interests and make our country safer and more prosperous. read, asline 44 should hillary clinton has said, human rights are women's rights, and rights,rights are human and we believe the united states must continue to be the worlds's strongest advocate for the rights of women and girls. reference hillary clinton where appropriate. where appropriate, insert the democratic commence senator sanders for running a campaign to mobilized many people, and that brought income and --
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inequality to the four and brought new vitality to the party. >> chairman, it is my honor to enthusiastically move this amendment and make sure the platform reflects our commendation of senator sanders and my many friends who have worked with him and for him. he brings so much enthusiasm and vigorous debate and brings us together over the last two days of the election. we share the same values and we will fight together for justice and equality to move the country forward. and by introducing -- >> weight. -- wait. >> wait.
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there is a conference going on. minute.ake a i think there is a misunderstanding with respect to where people are. allow the conference to complete, everyone take a deep breath. we've been through a lot together. take a deep breath. there is a conference going on. give it a minute. just give it -- there is a conference. a are -- we're going to take
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five-minute recess. we're going to let the party talk. derisively there was an understanding. a five-minute recess. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] >> we will have a resolution area shortly.
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-- very shortly. we need to clear the area. we have the microphone. who were the makers? spirit that we stand up here together is one of unity. we are moving to withdraw the amendment. [applause] >> and move the platform. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> motion adjourned? >> no, not unless you want to have a whole other meeting. we will not recognize that particular motion. we have some other things to do. i want to thank the committee for all of the work that they have done. before i call for some final
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motions, we have singled out a whole bunch of people including the vice chairs, and all of us deeply appreciate that. others have been thanked as well. debbie wasserman schultz. lee has been thanked. we have folks who have worked on the platform committee staff. andy grossman, i want to thank him. jessica schumer. crews -- graham crews. andk you julie green, patrice taylor. meeting has moved this along. when everyone join me in thanking all of the staff and their colleagues and the work
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they have accomplished preparatory to these past two days. i would also say like to thank the unionized hotel staff who have cared for us so exceedingly well. [applause] , maxine?hat >> thank you very much. we have come to a point this evening, after having done tremendous work here, i know you were some disagreements. everyone did not agree on everything, but this was a democratic process and we heard tears, and we saw had people who were very happy to be participants in this process. the unity amendment, the last one that was up has been pulled. issue.o longer an
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so ladies and gentlemen, we are all democrats. we are all democrats. [applause] though some people do not win on the amendments that were dear to their hearts, the work does not stop here. the work does not stop here. of course, the platform is an indication of what we care about in general, but you have your elected officials to work with, you have the dnc to work with, let's get about the business of making this country what it ought to be, and we can do that working together. let me ask you, in the name of unity, can we leave this meeting tonight having accomplished the most progressive platform in history of the democratic party? [applause]
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>> very good. say to bernieto sanders and all of his supporters, you have done a fantastic job on the progressive agenda. [applause] >> and i want to say to hillary clinton and all of her supporters, you have been wonderful in the way you have been able to compromise and agree on things that perhaps you have not thought you would agree on. and so, can we all give ourselves a big round of applause? [applause] proud that webe are true democrats? [applause] we leave here tonight and face the american people and say we are on our way to make sure this is the strongest country in
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the world, is the best country in the world, we are going to continue to work toward that and no one will stop us. can we do that? come on, let's give ourselves a round of applause. come on. [applause] >> with that in mind -- go ahead. >> thank you. i have two sentences. i intend to support passing this platform onto the convention, and we will see you in philly. thank you. >> thank you committee. we're almost to the end of our work. the committee will now vote on the main motion to approve the draft platform as amended for recommendation and adoption by the 2016 undergrad national convention and to permit corrections by the staff to reflect our deliberations and agreements between the campaigns. do we have 15 supporters?
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so, for awareness, many of the amendments were withdrawn by the behor, and they will included in the manager's mark. that discussion has been had throughout and i think everyone understands that is also included in the boat we are about to take. i have raised the issue, will someone make the motion to adopt? .here are sufficient seconds i'll call the question, all in favor of approving the recommendation to the convention of this platform, signify by saying aye. the ayes have it. any knows -- nos? 2, 3, 4. --
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i would like to personally thank my cochair and the vice chairs. i would like to thank everyone of you for what we have accomplished. the me give you a historical note. there's been no deliberation of a platform committee like this in decades. we have conducted business as democrats always do, lots of deliberations, lots of conversation, we are produced by far the most progressive platform that this party has ever seen in multiple generations. congratulations to all of you. we should take great pride in what we have accomplished. so please be on the lookout for communications from the platform folks, ther the staff. together in philadelphia and 16 days. we look forward to seeing you there. thank you very much and god bless you all.
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the motion to a joran has been -- adjourned has been made and seconded. , andhose in favor say aye aye is a way of saying goodbye. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] >> the democratic national convention -- committee wrapping up things and orlando, florida. it is a nonbinding document that will be voted on at the condition --ondition in philadelphia. we will have gavel to gavel coverage of that event as well as the republican convention in cleveland. republicans are meeting in cleveland this coming week to discuss their party platform. we will have live coverage of that on c-span3. >> the hard-fought 2016 primary season is over with historic
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convention to follow this summer. delegatesan as the support the first woman to be nominated to a major party. watch live on c-span, listen on the c-span radio at or get it on demand at our website. to have a front row seat both conventions on c-span, beginning monday, july 18. with the republican and democratic national conventions happening later this month, c-span is taking a look back at past convictions and those who would go on to receive the party nomination. tonight, we feature incumbent presidents who ran for another term, beginning with dwight eisenhower i 1956 tiered after that, i will show you lyndon johnson accepting the nomination
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in 1964. many questioned whether president dwight eisenhower would seek a second term leading up to the 1956 election. after suffering a heart attack in 1955, president eisenhower got a clean bill of health from his doctors. he would go on to win the general election against the same opponent he defeated four, adlai this speech is 40 minutes. [applause]
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>> president of the united states. president eisenhower: chairman martin, delegates to this great guestsion, distinguished and my fellow americans, wherever they may be in this broad land, i should first tell you that i have no words in which to express the gratitude that mrs. eisenhower and i feel for the warmth of your welcome. the gallery you have extended to
12:53 am
family, our sons and daughters and their wives. thank you very much, indeed. [applause] president eisenhower: i thank you additionally and personally for the high honor you have entrusting men once more with your nomination for the presidency. that it iske to say a great satisfaction to me that the team of individuals elected in 1952 you elected to keep intact for this campaign. [applause] president eisenhower: i am not
12:54 am
unity ofg to attempt a mr. nixon. your heard his qualifications prescribed in the last several days. i merely want to say this, that whatever, dedication to country, loyalty and patriotism and great ability can do for america, he will do, and that i knew the -- i know. [applause] president eisenhower: ladies and gentlemen, when abraham lincoln 1860, theyed in brought the news to him in springfield, illinois, and his reply was two sentences long. one of hisri


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