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tv   President Clinton 1996 Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  July 10, 2016 12:54am-2:11am EDT

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president eisenhower: i am not unity ofg to attempt a mr. nixon. your heard his qualifications prescribed in the last several days. i merely want to say this, that whatever, dedication to country, loyalty and patriotism and great ability can do for america, he will do, and that i knew the -- i know. [applause] president eisenhower: ladies and gentlemen, when abraham lincoln 1860, theyed in brought the news to him in springfield, illinois, and his reply was two sentences long. one of his friends and neighbors
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waded in the street, and while bonfires lit up the evening, he said simply, "i will no longer defer the pressure -- pleasure of taking each of you by the hand. the same,ould do speaking to sentences and taking you by the hand. all of you and the sound of my voice. if i could do so, i would first thank you individually for your confidence and trust. lincoln didm sure as he moved among his friends in the light of the bonfire, we use andause and -- pa talk a while about the concerns in your mind. i'm sure one topic to dominate the rest, and that topic is the future. this is a good time to think about the future, for this
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convention is celebrating its 100th anniversary. on this centennial oasion, not just for recalling the inspiring past, but for looking ahead to the demanding future. just as on new year's day we instinctively think, i wonder where i will be a year from now, so it is quite natural for the republican party to ask today, what will happen? not just in the coming election, but even 100 years from now. my answer is this, if we and our successors are courageous and as abrahamking, and were,n and his associates the republican party will continue to grow in confidence
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and affection of the american beyond its second centennial. [applause] president eisenhower: now of course, in this convention moreng, you and i are interested in 1956 than 2056, are right today only as they are designed to stand the test of tomorrow. [applause] the greateisenhower: norwegian henry gibson once wrote, i hope that man is in the right who is most clearly in league with the future. today, i want to demonstrate the truth of a single proposition.
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the republican party is the party of the future. [applause] president eisenhower: i hold that the republican party and platform are right in 1956 because they are most closely in league with the future, and for this reason, the republican are and willgram be decisively approved by the american people in 1956. [applause] mysident eisenhower: friends, i have just made a very flat statement for victory for the republican party in november. i believe it in my heart that what i say is aced on certain assumptions, and those assumptions must become true.
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tothe prediction i make is be true. every american that believes as we do, the republicans, the independence, the straight thinking democrats, they must carry the message of the record we hear make to all the people in the land. duty.l do our civic that we will vote. here is the task. for the women's organizations, but for the citizens organizations. everybody that bears this message in his heart must carry it to the country and in that
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way we will win. [applause] mr. eisenhower: our registration is way down across the land. let's help the american heritage. let's help everybody to get people out and register to vote. prevalence and to me particularly gratifying is that the countries young people show a preference for this administration. [applause] eisenhower: after all, let us not forget, these young people are america's future.
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current that ugly man i will never cease to hope that several votingwill give them the process that is so much now the case. now, the first reason of the five i show give you -- i shall give you five because the republican party is the party of the future. it is the party of long-lived principles not just recent experience. predecessors is said to have made a decision and operate like a quarterback. saycould not necessarily this play until you saw the last plate workout. it is no way to run a government
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in these days. [applause] mr. eisenhower: why is it so important that great governmental programs be based on principles rather than shifting opportunity? it is because what government does affect from family the daily lives and plans of every person in the country. if governmental action is without enduring principles, national policies for round confusion. of individuals, families, and enterprises whose risk-taking and planning for the future are our countries it very are paralyzed by uncertainty, diffidence, and undies season. -- and indecision.
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this, it becomes chaos. you several examples of rejecting expediency in favor of principles. issue.the farm expediency said, let's do something in a hurry. anything. even multiply our price-depressing surpluses at the risk of making or worse to get through this year. do notwho talk like that care about principle and do not know farmers. [applause] mr. eisenhower: the farmer deals everyday and basic it's a pulse of growth and life. planned and must be cultivated and harvested over a long time. he has to figure not just a year at a time but over cycles and
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spans of years as his soil, his water, his equipment, the strains of his stock, and the strains on his income. and so for this man of principle a program ofned principle. in it, we recognize we have a legacy. our continent and soil. weird determined that the soil bank and the great lands program, this legacy shall be handed on to our children even richard van we received it. than we received it. we are equally determined that farm prices and income which were needlessly pushed down by unwisepluses political actions stubbornly and recklessly prolong to shell in
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the coming years get back on a healthy basis. this improvement must continue until a rightful share of our prosperity is permanently endorsed by a girl which our very lives depend. agriculture on which our very lives depend. secondly, labor relations. expediency says, when a major labor movement moves, the government must you something, anything, to settle the dispute moves.anything principal says, leave collective bargaining without government interference, it is the cornerstone of government-labor relations.
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[applause] [cheers] mr. eisenhower: if the government charges impatiently into every dispute, negotiate pointless. everyone will wait around to see what the government will do. this administration has faith the rightness of collective bargaini. it believes inhe maturitf government ausinesseaders d theiretminati to do at isest noon forheir owside b f the cntry a a whol for the first time in our history? a complete steel contract was negotiated and signed without direct government intervention. in the last three and a half years i have witnessed one of the most remarkable times of
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on record of. another example, concentration in washington. expediency says, we cannot allow our find new ideas to be at the mercy of 51 different state and territorial legislatures, it is so much quicker and easier to direct all major projects from washington. and simple says, geographical balance of power is essential to our form of free society. take a centralization shortcut every time something is to be done, you will sometimes there is action but price you will pay for your inpatient. the growth of a swollen, bureaucratic, monster government and washington in whose shadow our state government will weather and die.
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willr state government weather app and to die. and so, we made a special point of building up state finances, prestige. our founding fathers showed us wouldr federal government exercise its desire for leadership while stopping short interference that dampens imagination. we say to our young people, the party of the future will pass along to you the unique system of division of authority which been so successful in reconciling our ideas of personal freedom with the 20th century needs for decisiveness in action.
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[applause] mr. eisenhower: my second week -- reason for saying that republican party as the party of the future is this, it is the nation who concentrates on the facts and issues of today and tomorrow, not yesterday. 20 years ago, our opponents found in the problems of the depression a battleground on which they scored many political victories. now economic cycles have not been eliminated. still, the world has moved on from the 1930's. good times have supplanted depression. beenof checking have assisted and a new array of problems has sprung up. this blinds many of our opponents to the demands of today. the present and the future are
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new kinds of challenge to federal and local government. water supply, health, power development, peaceful uses of atomic energy. with two thirds of us living in urbanization and redevelopment must be given a high priority. i've is stuff all will be first-class education to meet the demands of our quickly growing school-age population. -- most important of all will be first-class education to meet the demands of our quickly growing school age population. let is quite fighting the battles of the past and turn our attention to the problems of the present and future on which the long-term well-being of our people so urgently depends. third, the republican party as the party of the future because it draws people to gather, not drives them apart.
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[applause] our partyower: detects putting group against lyricalr cheap advantage. it is a chief principle of contact not just a phrase on nickels and dimes. motto of ours, ae player out of many, one. pluribus unum, out of many, one. independent democrats, barn teetotalers, vegetarians, and
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transcendentalists. now, one hundred years later, the republican party is again the rallying point for americans of all callings, races, and incomes. ] pplause eisenhower: they see in this the straight moving, greatest progressor their own for the bright future. opponents have tried to call it the one-interest party. indeed it is. that one interest is the interest of every man, woman, and child in america. applause] mr. eisenhower: and most surely as long as the republican party continues to be this kind of a
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one interest party, a one-interest universalist party, it will continue to be the party of the future. fourth thing. the republican party as the party of the future because it is the party through which the many things that still need doing well soon as be done and will be done by an listing the freest energies of free, creative, individual people. it is possible for a government to have a warm, sense of concern for everyday needs of people while steering clear of paternalistic, big brother is watching you kind of interference. [applause] eisenhower: the individual and especially the idealistic and person has no faith in the tight, federal monopoly on problem-solving. he seeks and deserves
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opportunity for himself and every other person burning to purchase a paid in putting right wrongs of the world. in our time of prosperity and progress, we must be on guard the things that need to be done. there is still enough needless suffering to be cured. enough in justices to be erased to provide careers for all of the two-stators we can produce or find. we want them all, independence, republicans, discerning democrats. come on in and help. [applause] in cheers [cheers] [applause]
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[cheers] eisenhower: 100 years ago, createdblican party was in a nation of free men and women. what is more, the republican they was written on accomplishment. the record shows a wide range of quietly effective action conceived in understanding and goodwill for all has brought about more genuine and often voluntary progress for equal justice and opportunity in the last three years then was accomplished and all of the previous 20 put together. [applause] eisenhower: elimination of areas kinds of discrimination in the armed services, district of
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columbia, and government contractors provides specific progress. of this in this work, incidentally, no andhas been more effective energetic than our vice president who has headed one of of ourat committees generation in that direction. there is much to do with discrimination. -- we must ensure a fair chance to older citizens. older citizens with problems of health, home. workers.y handicapped migratory workers. american indians. low income farmers and laborers. not cano sometimes do equal pay for equal work. small businessmen, employers, workers in areas who need special assistance for redevelopment. specifically programs of action
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are being pushed for all of you, newmost recent inc. a 14-point program for small businessmen that was announced the everydayst and well-being of people is being advanced on many other points. not by paternalistic recommendation, it is done by clear-cut, aggressive federal leadership and by releasing the intimate of all resources and guides of millions of self-reliant individuals in thousands of private organizations of every conceivable size. each of these is concentrated to the path of meeting some human need, curing some human evil, or enriching some human experience. a party of the future must be completely dedicated to peas, as indeed must all of americans. is nothout peace, there future.
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propose the peace plan in 1953 that has done so much to make this new science at universally available to friendly nations in order to promote human welfare. 30 nationse than researching. many others are under consideration. 20,000 kilograms of nuclear fuel have been set aside for the program. in the same way we have worked promotion soor that the labor of man could with confidence be devoted to their own improvement rather than we stayed with engines of destruction. no one is more aware than i that it is the young who fight the war. it is the young who give up years of their lives to military training and service. it is not enough that their elders promised he's in their
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time, they should see peace in their own time to, and in the time of their children's children. [applause] indeed, mywer: friends, there is only one real peace now and that is peace for all. now, there are three imperatives of peace. three requirements that man must face with a blinking realism. the first imperative is the elementary necessity of maintaining our own national strength. moral, economic, military. it is so my conviction that i wrote the compelling necessity of the moment leave us no alternative to the maintenance of real and respectable strength not only an hour moral rectitude and economic power, but in terms of adequate military.
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and halfe past three years, our military strength has been constantly augmented soberly into intelligently. our country is never before been so prepared militarily. [applause] eisenhower: so long as the world situation requires our be vigorously sustained. our economic power as everyone knows is displaying it a factor for growth which is rapid and sound even while supporting many military sectors. we must keep it growing. moral strength is important. we are competing with men for heart, trust, and minds all over the world. in such a competition, when we
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are at home in what we do at --e is even more in important than what we say a broad. applause] mr. eisenhower: here again, my friends, we find constructive work for each of us. what each of us does, how each of us act, has an impact on his country. the second imperative of pieces collective security. we live in a shrunken world. a world in which oceans are crossed and hours. a world in which a single-minded separatism menaces the scattered freedom of scores of struggling independent nations. to ensure the combined strength of friendly nations is for all of us and elementary matter of self-preservation, as elementary as having a militia.
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the strength i speak of is not military strength alone. the heart of the collective security principle is the idea of helping other nations to realize their own potentiality, political, economic, and military. the strength of the free world lies not in cementing the free world into a second monolithic mass to compete with that of the communists, it were lies rather in the unit to the comes with the voluntary association of natures which however diverse is developing their own national destiny in a world of freedom and mutual respect. [applause] eisenhower: there can be no an enduring peace for any nation while other nations suffer privation, oprah shim, in a sense of injustice and despair.
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in our modern world, it is madness to suppose there could be an island of tranquility and asperity in a sea of wretchedness and frustration. for america's sake as well as the worlds, we must measure up to the challenge of the second imperative, the urgent need for mutual military and economic cooperation among the free nations. to turn on aggression wherever it may threaten. this is no longer enough. we are in the era of the thermonuclear bomb that can obliterate cities and be delivered across continents. war has become not just tragic but preposterous. with such weapons, there can be
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no victory for anyone. the objective must be to see that such a war does not occur at all. so the third imperative of pieces this, without for a our internal and collective defenses, we must actively try to bridge the great chasm that separates the people under communist rule. humans are millions of beings who have been our friends and to have sincerely wanted ease and freedom throughout some history.ur mutual for years, the iron curtain was impenetrable. our people were unable to talk to the people had the curtain, or travel, or share their lives with ward or invite them to see what life is life in a free democracy or even get acquainted in any way. aat future was there in such
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course except greater misunderstanding and greater division? of course, goodwill from our side can do little to reach these people unless there is some new spirit of conciliation on the part of the government controlling it. now at last, there appears to be signs of some degree of friendly intercourse among people permitted. we're beginning to be able, cautiously and with our eyes open, to encourage some interchange of ideas. students,zines, tourists, radio programs, religious leaders, government officials. the hope is, little by little, mistrust based on falsehoods will give way to international understanding based on truth. [applause]
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now, as this development gradually comes about, it will not seem futile for young people to dream of a bright, new, shining world or for older people to feel they can, in fact, bequeath to their children a better inheritance the and that which was their own. science and technology, laborsaving, education, medicine, and politics, all of these have brought within our grasp a world in which backbreaking toil and longer hours will not he necessary. travel all over the world to learn and get to know our brothers will be fast and cheap. disease will be reduced. material things that make life more pleasant will be available
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to everyone. leisure, together with educational and recreational facilities will be abundant so we can all develop the life of the spirit, religion, the arts, the full realization of the good things of the world. and political wisdom will ensure justice and harmony. this picture of the future thought. mind a a government worker, when he first arrived in washington in 1953, was passing the national archives building where he saw this motto carved on one of his predecessors. -- is past he had heard washington cabdrivers new everything. so he asked the driver about it. the driver said, oh that? that is bureaucrat talk. what that really means is, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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[applause] eisenhower: my fellow americans, the kind of the era i have described is prosperous. but it will not be obtained by revolution. bywill not be obtained pitting group against group. it will be brought about by the ambition and judgment and inspiration and daring of 168 -- 168 million free americans working together with the common ideal of peace in the world. [applause] eisenhower: lincoln, speaking to a republican state convention in 1858 b and with a houselical quotation "
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divided against itself cannot stand." today, the world is a house divided. but as sometimes forgotten, lincoln followed this quotation with a note if opera for his troubled country. i do not expect the house to fall, he said, but i do expect it will cease to be divided. we, too, mustr, have the vision, the fighting spirit, and the deep religious faith in our create tours destiny for us that out of our time there can, with assistant work and with god's help, it emerged a new era of good hope for all men. put it this way, "every tomorrow has two handles. we can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle
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f faith." my friends, it is with faith and conviction that republican purposes and principles are in league with this kind of future, the nomination you have tendered me for president of the united states, i now humbly and confidently accept. applause] announcer: after the assassination of john f. kennedy in 1963, vice president linden johnson was sworn in as the nation's 36th presidency. thear later, he would seek presidential nomination from cell. speech atal -- his
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the democratic national convention in atlantic city, new jersey, is 40 minutes. mr. johnson: president mccormick. my fellow americans. i accept your nomination. [applause] i accept the duty of leading this party to victory this year.
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and i thank you, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for placing at my side the man that last night you so wisely selected to be the next vice president of the united states. [applause] i know i speak for each of you and all of you when i say he proved himself tonight in that great acceptance speech. [applause] lyndon johnson: and i speak for both of us when i tell you that from monday on he is going to be available for such speeches in
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all 50 states. [applause] lyndon johnson: we will try to lead you as we were led by that great champion of freedom, the man from independence, harry s. truman. [applause] lyndon johnson: but the gladness of this high occasion cannot mask the sorrow which shares our hearts.
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so let us here tonight, each of us, all of us, rededicate ourselves to keeping burning the golden torch of promise which john fitzgerald kennedy set aflame. [applause] lyndon johnson: and let none of us stop to rest until we have written into the law of the land all the suggestions that made up the john fitzgerald kennedy
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program. and then let us continue to supplement that program with the kind of laws that he would have us write. [applause] [cheers] johnson: tonight, we offer ourselves -- on our record and by our platform -- as a party for all americans, an all-american party for all americans. this prosperous people, this land of reasonable men, has no
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place for petty partisanship or peevish prejudice. [applause] johnson: the needs of all can never be met by parties of the few. [applause] johnson: the needs of all cannot be met by a business party or a labor party, not by a war party or a peace party, not by a southern party or a northern party. [applause]
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lyndon johnson: our deeds will meet our needs only if we are served by a party which serves all our people. we are members together of such a party, the democratic party of 1964. [cheers and applause] johnson: we have written a proud record of accomplishments for all americans. if any ask what we have done, just let them look at what we promised to do.
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for those promises have become our deeds. and the promises of tonight i can assure you will become the deeds of tomorrow. we are in the midst of the largest and the longest period of peacetime prosperity in our history. and almost every american listening to us tonight has seen the results in his own life.
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but prosperity for most has not brought prosperity to all. and those who have received the bounty of this land -- who sit tonight secure in affluence and safe in power -- must not now turn from the needs of their neighbors. [applause] johnson: our party and our nation will continue to extend the hand of compassion and the hand of affection and love to the old and the sick and the hungry.
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for who among us dares to betray the command -- thou shalt open thine hand -- unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land. [applause] lyndon johnson: the needs that we seek to fill, the hopes that we seek to realize, are not our needs, our hopes alone. they are the needs and hopes of most of the people.
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most americans want medical care for older citizens. and so do i. most americans want fair and stable prices and decent incomes for our farmers. and so do i. most americans want a decent home in a decent neighborhood for all. and so do i. most americans want an education for every child to the limit of his ability. and so do i.
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most americans want a job for every man who wants to work. and so do i. most americans want victory in our war against poverty. and so do i. most americans want continually expanding and growing prosperity. and so do i. [applause] johnson: these are your
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goals. these are our goals. these are the goals and will be the achievements of the democratic party. these are the goals of this great, rich nation. these are the goals toward which i will lead, if the american people choose to follow. [applause] lyndon johnson: for 30 years, year by year, step by step, vote by vote, men of both parties have built a solid foundation for our present prosperity. too many have worked too long and too hard to see this
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threatened now by policies which promise to undo all that we have done together over all these years. i believe most of the men and women in this hall tonight, and i believe most americans, understand that to reach our goals in our own land, we must work for peace among all lands. [applause] johnson: america's cause is still the cause of all mankind. over the last 4 years, the world
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has begun to respond to a simple american belief. the belief that strength and courage and responsibility are the keys to peace. [applause] johnson: since 1961, under the leadership of that great president, john f. kennedy, we have carried out the greatest peacetime buildup of national strength of any nation at any time in the history of the world. [applause] lyndon johnson: i report tonight that we have spent $30 billion more on preparing this nation in
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the 4 years of the kennedy administration than would have been spent if we had followed the appropriations of the last year of the previous administration. [applause] johnson: i report tonight as president of the united states and as commander in chief of the armed forces on the strength of your country, and i tell you that it is greater than any adversary. [applause] johnson: i assure you that it is greater than the combined might of all the nations, in all the wars, in all the history of this planet.
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[applause] johnson: and i report our superiority is growing. [applause] johnson: weapons do not make peace. men make peace. [applause] johnson: and peace comes not through strength alone, but through wisdom and patience and restraint. [applause]
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johnson: and these qualities under the leadership of president kennedy brought a treaty banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere. and a hundred other nations in the world joined us. [applause] johnson: other agreements were reached and other steps were taken. and their single guide was to lessen the danger to men without increasing the danger to freedom. [applause] johnson: their single purpose was peace in the world.
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and as a result of these policies, the world tonight knows where we stand and our allies know where we stand, too. [applause] johnson: and our adversaries have learned again that we will never waver in the defense of freedom. [applause] johnson: the true courage of this nuclear age lies in the quest for peace. there is no place in today's world for weakness. but there is also no place in
1:50 am
today's world for recklessness. [applause] johnson: we cannot act rashly with the nuclear weapons that could destroy us all. the only course is to press with all our mind and all our will to make sure, doubly sure, that these weapons are never really used at all. [applause] johnson: this is a dangerous and a difficult world in which we live tonight. i promise no easy answers. but i do promise this.
1:51 am
i pledge the firmness to defend freedom, the strength to support that firmness, and a constant, patient effort to move the world toward peace instead of war. [applause] johnson: and here at home one of our greatest responsibilities is to assure fair play for all of our people. every american has the right to be treated as a person. he should be able to find a job. [applause] johnson: he should be
1:52 am
able to educate his children, he should be able to vote in elections and he should be judged on his merits as a person. [applause] johnson: well, this is the fixed policy and the fixed determination of the democratic party and the united states of america. [applause] johnson: so long as i am
1:53 am
your president i intend to carry out what the constitution demands -- and justice requires -- equal justice under law for all americans. [applause] johnson: we cannot and we will not allow this great purpose to be endangered by reckless acts of violence. [applause]
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lyndon johnson: those who break the law, those who create disorder, whether in the north or the south, must be caught and must be brought to justice. [applause] johnson: and i believe that every man and woman in this room tonight join me in saying that in every part of this country the law must be respected and violence must be stopped. [applause] johnson: and wherever a
1:55 am
local officer seeks help or federal law is broken, i have pledged and i will use the full resources of the federal government. [applause] johnson: let no one tell you that he can hold back progress and at the same time keep the peace. this is a false and empty promise. to stand in the way of orderly progress is to encourage violence. and i say tonight to those who
1:56 am
wish us well, and to those who wish us ill, the growing forces in this country are the forces of common human decency, and not the forces of bigotry and fear and smear. [cheers] [applause] johnson: our problems are many and are great. but our opportunities are even greater. and let me make this clear. i ask the american people for a mandate, not to preside over a
1:57 am
finished program, not just to keep things going, i ask the american people for a mandate to begin. this nation, this generation, in this hour, has man's first chance to build the great society, a place where the meaning of man's life matches the marvels of man's labor. [applause] johnson: we seek a nation where every man can find reward
1:58 am
in work and satisfaction in the use of his talents. we seek a nation where every man can seek knowledge, and touch beauty, and rejoice in the closeness of family and community. we seek a nation where every man can, in the words of our oldest promise, follow the pursuit of happiness, not just security, but achievements and excellence and fulfillment of the spirit. so let us join together in this great task.
1:59 am
will you join me tonight in starting -- in rebuilding our cities to make them a decent place for our children to live in? [applause] johnson: will you join me tonight in starting a program that will protect the beauty of our land and the air that we breathe? won't you join me tonight in starting a program that will give every child education of
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the highest quality that he can take? [applause] so let us join together in giving every american the fullest life which he can hope for. for the ultimate test of our civilization, the ultimate test of our faithfulness to our past, is not in our goods and is not in our guns. it is in the quality, the quality of our people's lives and in the men and women that we produce. [applause] this goal can be ours.
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we have the resources. we have the knowledge. but tonight we must seek the courage. because tonight the contest is the same that we have faced at every turning point in history. it is not between liberals and conservatives, it is not between party and party, or platform and platform. it is between courage and timidity.
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it is between those who have vision and those who see what can be, and those who want only to maintain the status quo. [applause] it is between those who welcome the future and those who turn away from its promises. [applause] this is the true cause of freedom. the man who is hungry, who cannot find work or educate his children, who is bowed by want, that man is not fully free. for more than 30 years, from social security to the war against poverty, we have
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diligently worked to enlarge the freedom of man. and as a result, americans tonight are freer to live as they want to live, to pursue their ambitions, to meet their desires, to raise their families than at any time in all of our glorious history. [applause] and every american knows in his heart that this is right. [applause]
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i am determined in all the time that is mine to use all the talents that i have for bringing this great, lovable land, this great nation of ours, together, together in greater unity in pursuit of this common purpose. i truly believe that we someday will see an america that knows
2:05 am
no north or south, no east or west, an america that is undivided by creed or color, and untorn by suspicion or strife. the founding fathers dreamed america before it was. the pioneers dreamed of great cities on the wilderness that they crossed. our tomorrow is on its way. it can be a shape of darkness or it can be a thing of beauty.
2:06 am
the choice is ours, it is yours, for it will be the dream that we dare to dream. i know what kind of a dream franklin delano roosevelt and harry s. truman and john f. kennedy would dream if they were here tonight. and i think that i know what kind of a dream you want to dream. tonight, we of the democratic party, confidently go before the
2:07 am
people offering answers, not retreat, offering unity, not division, offering hope, not fear or smear. we do offer the people a choice, a choice of continuing on the courageous and the compassionate course that has made this nation the strongest and the freest and the most prosperous and the most peaceful nation in the history of mankind. to those who have sought to divide us, they have only helped to unite us.
2:08 am
to those who would provoke us, we have turned the other cheek. so as we conclude our labors, let us tomorrow turn to our new task. let us be on our way. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: 2016 primary season is over with historic
2:09 am
conventions to follow. watch c-span as the delicate consider the nomination of the first woman to ever had a major political party in the first non-politician in several decades. and canve on c-span video-on-demand at you have a front row seat to both conventions on c-span, beginning on monday, july 18. the 1972 election had president nixon running for a second term against democratic senator george mcgovern. nixon would end up winning the race by one of the largest margins in u.s. history but his second term would be cut short when he was forced to resign over the watergate scandal. this speech in 1972 republican national convention in miami is
2:10 am
40 minutes. [cheers and applause] pres. nixon: mr. chairman, delegates to this convention, my fellow americans, four years ago, standing in this very place, i proudly accepted your nomination for president of the united states. with your help and with the votes of millions of americans, we won a great victory in 1968. tonight, i again proudly accept your nomination for president of the united states. let us pledge ourselves to win an even greater victory this november, in 1972.


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