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tv   Gary Johnson and William Weld Discuss Presidential Prospects  CSPAN  July 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> tomorrow, donald trump is in
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virginia beach to give a speech on veterans issues. our live coverage begins at 1 p.m. eastern. the republican national committee will begin a week of meetings in cleveland prior to their national committee meeting in cleveland later this month. they began work on their platform. live coverage monday at 2:30 c-span3.ern on next, gary johnson, formally governor of new mexico, and bill weld, outline their platform and aiticize the rule requiring 15% threshold in national surveys in order to take part in presidential debates. this is an hour. >> this year's election has been described as one in which voters whilehold their noses"
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they make their choices. both hillary clinton and donald trump have disapproval ratings above 50%. if there ever were a moment for a third party to break through, it seems now is the time. it will it happen? 's, the libertarian presidential ticket, will have something to say about it. we welcome her new mexico governor gary johnson, the presidential nominee, and his running mate, william weld, former governor of massachusetts. their states as republicans. now they want to leave the country as libertarians. 2012, taking 1% of the votes asked, the most ever for a libertarian candidate. recent polls show him doing better this year. of clinton,ace trump, johnson, and green party johnsonjill stein --
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takes 4% of the vote. johnson will have to do better than that and hit 15% in national polls to participate in the presidential debates. in a recent appearance, johnson called himself "a fiscal conservative and social theral." he also said libertarians take the best ideas of the republican and democratic parties. as new mexico's governor from 1995 through 2000 three, he boasted of cutting taxes 14 times while balancing the budget. his running mate is another former governor of a blue state, william weld. he won his office with 50% of the vote and was reelected with 71%. resonates phrase that with libertarians "i want to get the government out of your wallets and out of your bedrooms." johnson has climbed
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mount everest. what they are attempting this year to defeat the major parties is as daunting. they will speak for 10 minutes and we will move to questions. please give a warm national press club welcome to governor gary johnson and william weld. [applause] mr. johnson: this is about the most crazy election any of us have ever seen. ?nd you know how crazy it is i might be the next president of the united states. [laughter] mr. johnson: i am gary johnson of i am the former governor new mexico, two terms, elected as a republican in a state that is two to one, crack. i think it was very significant. bill weld, former two-term governor of massachusetts -- republican, elected twice, in a state that i
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four to oneaches democrats, and elected by the largest margin in the history of massachusetts politics trying for governor. we are the libertarian nominees for residents and vice residents -- president and vice president. we are on the ballot in all 50 states. that is something no other third-party will be able to lay claim to. [applause] mr. johnson: bill and i are classical liberals -- fiscally conservative, socially liberal. we also happen to think these military interventions result in the unintended consequence of making the world less safe, not more safe. so, i think we are skeptical. i think most of you follow in of being category classical liberals. i think most of america falls in
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the category of eating classical liberals. -- out of being classical liberals. sadly, republicans do not fall in this category, and part of that has to do right now with the republican nominee for president. they are not socially tolerant at all. they are not welcoming to gaze, two lesbian -- two to gays, to lesbians, two women, to ethnic minorities, and i will say as a former border state governor, the things he is saying regarding immigration are absolutely incendiary -- the effect he is going to deport 11 million undocumented workers come of that he wants to build a fence across the border, that they are murderers and rapists, when in fact they are law abiding citizens, and they are hard-working and they are just looking to improve their lives,
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as we all are looking to improve our lives. and democrats, i'm afraid don't either fit in the category of being classical liberals. everything about the democrat party is free -- free everything. government is going to provide you with everything it is that you need, and i think we all recognize that nothing is free. somebody pays for that. so, at the end of the day, government grows with democrats and taxes go up. when taxes go up, that is money out of your in my pocket that we could be spending on our own lives that shouldn't we have that money to make choices in our lives, as opposed to government determining what is best? would we beasked satisfied with getting 15% of in the general election. absolutely not. we would not be doing this if
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there weren't the opportunity to actually win. but the only opportunity we have of winning is being in the presidential debates. and being in the presidential debates, we have to be at 15% in the polls and we think that is very doable. consensus number right now, you can argue is that about 10%. that is up from half of that just six or seven weeks ago, and i think we will make our case over this summer. we think we will get to the 15% -- we think we will be in the presidential debate, and we think anything can happen at that point. and in speaking to the fact that we have the two most polarizing figures in america today. if mickey mouse were the third name in any of these polls, mickey would be polling at 30, because mickey is a known
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commodity. but mickey is not on the ballot in all 50 states and bill and i are. we began campaigning a month ago . together as governors of our respective states. we were good friends then. we are good friends now. dreams, billdest weld is my running mate. he was a role model for me prior to becoming governor, and i have -- billeld build weld weld on a pedestal. the fact that he is my running mate, i think, adds incredible credibility to this run. we plan on running as a team. we plan on governing as a team. we are not going to have separate staffs which seek to divide, in this case, the president and the vice president
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. so, this is a 2-for-1 is what i like to say. administration, appointments are not going to be based on politics. whether you are a democrat, whether you are republican. everyone can apply. independents. as governor of new mexico, i really prided myself on the appointments i made. i actually interviewed for every single appointment i did make, and that is a plan we have running for president of the united states. --e the best people republicans, democrats, .naffiliated - presidency.weld no insults, no threats, no bluffs. see in ourt you will campaign, too. i think there is plenty to go
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around. no self-serving, sanctimonious lectures will, out of the johnson/weld -- johnson-weld administration. [applause] standard forour governing will be the health, safety, wellness of american citizens. and the goal to make that happen is to have a robust economy. i did cut spending in new mexico, and when i say cut, the historical growth rate of government spending in new mexico i cut in half and my eight years, something that had not been seen before. but i cut taxes 14 times. bill weld cut taxes 21 times. count on us to support legislation that will simplify and lower taxes. proposalss to provide
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on how to actually make that happen. provide a level playing field for everyone. alive andtalism is well, and crony capitalism has everything to do with government getting involved in government affairs. count on us to reduce that role of government. count on us to support legislation that makes things more fair. level playing field. in 2012, rick perry was beating his chest over the fact he created more jobs in texas than anyone else running for president. well, they did an analysis, and actually it was gary johnson. [laughter] johnson: asked to respond, which i did as governor also,
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government does not create jobs. the private sector does. but government can provide a level playing field, and i think i greatly contributed to that as governor of new mexico. we both understand what washington doesn't, and that is that money comes of from -- comes from taxpayers, not from the government you read government does not create jobs. a consistently lower tax burden and regulatory burden will give his nose confidence to move forward -- give business confidence to move forward and that is something we will provide. we are not guessing about this. two former governors running for president of the united states. we were asked the question coming from an editorial board meeting before this -- so you are just supposed to take this on faith? no, don't take this on faith.
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google"gary johnson." "bill weld." this is for real. this is for real. this will make a difference. give us a chance. give us a chance, and we will make a difference. i am going to close here with johnson's seven principles of good government. one is become reality driven. find out what's what and base onr decisions and actions that. number two, always be honest and tell the truth. it's extremely difficult to do any damage to somebody who is willing to tell the truth regardless of the consequences. number three, always do what is right and fair. learn to ignore your critics and continue to do what you know to be right. number four, determine your goal , develop a plan to reach that goal, and then ask. don't cross and eight. number five, make sure everyone you
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want to know what you're doing knows what you're are doing very communicate. number six, don't hesitate to deliver bad news. there is always time to fix things. when you tell the truth, admit mistakes, how often do mistakes compound themselves because people refuse to acknowledge them? and lastly, do whatever it takes to get your job done. if you don't have a job that you love, get a job that you love now, today. it will never be easier because it is never better than waking up and enjoying what you are doing with your life. thank you very much. i think i turn it over to the weld. at -- to build weld. [applause] mr. weld: thank you, governor. good afternoon, everybody. my name is bill weld, as gary has said. i'm a former two-term governor
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of massachusetts and i am running for vice president of the united states as vice president of the libertarian party. before being governor, i worked in this town as a staffer for the u.s. house and u.s. senate, u.s.s an appointee in the justice department under president reagan. that was in the days before gripped thedlock capitol. people listened to each other. things got done. not today. the two power monopoly of the republican and democratic parties has now run the course of all monopolies, becoming arrogant and calcified. they are like an electric utility with a guaranteed rate of return. gerrymandering has resulted in extreme partisan had both sides ofd on the aisle. the two major parties seem to agree on only one thing, perpetuating their own duopoly. but the duopoly is sick.
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it's not producing results. it has lost all creativity. no one is listening to anyone. .f a storm is brewing this year it seems possible the republican may even crack into. that's not necessarily a bad thing. it has happened twice before to the republican party in times of ferment. in 1912, former president theodore roosevelt founded the bull moose party and nearly won beatingidency, easily the incumbent, but losing to woodrow wilson. in the mid-1850's, these southern faction of the whig party split off to become the know nothing party. the know nothing party. [laughter] mr. weld: that party was driven by three things -- anti-immigrant fervor, violent rallies, and conspiracy fairies.
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i kid you not. sound familiar? -- and conspiracy theories. the know nothings disappeared in three years, but the other half of the weight party rebranded as went -- the party republican party went on to a like in 1860. in a number of ways, gary johnson reminds me of abraham lincoln. for starters, sheer physical strength and endurance. prowess as a rail splitter is legendary. gary johnson is a world-class athlete. not everyone knows this very he has been a contestant in four ironman triathlete championships. he has climbed the highest theing peak on each of world for all seven continents, climbing mount everest with a broken leg. when you ask him how he does all
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of that, gary says, i just put one leg in front of the other. again, reminds me of lincoln, a tall man, who was asked, how long should a man from legs be, and he said, long enough to reach the ground. [laughter] mr. weld: gary has lincoln's discipline. honest gary -- i hope that sticks, you know? if honest gary becomes our president, i can assure you there will be no trimming and the white house, no deception, no flimflam, no appeals to the baser angels of our nature. it's just not in him, anymore than it was in abraham lincoln. as justice robert jackson famously wrote, great nations, like great men, must keep their word. i wish i did not feel it necessary to say this, but i do. gary and i believe it is important for the united dates
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of america to keep its word. it is important that our president not abrogate our treaty obligations or blatantly violate our agreements with our as one of thers major party candidates has proposed. priceless asset of the united states, which i see all over the world -- we are the envy of the world -- is our society and our economy are based on the rule of law. seems to mr. trump preferred the rule of bullying and bankruptcy. trump istion to mr. tomorrow, instead of taking out the art of the deal, his book, and rereading it for the 400th time -- [laughter] mr. weld: take out the united states constitution and read it for the first time. [applause]
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weld: just read it once for the first time. cato institute. i have been carrying it around in my pocket for 20 years. in terms of relations with other countries, gary and i are inclined toward a presumption of nonintervention and restraint, where u.s. roots on the ground or blood on foreign soil is concerned. i think we have seen actions change can have unseen cost and rippling and unintended consequences. both the middle east and north africa are examples. at the same time, we believe strongly and invincible defense is a bedrock responsibility of the u.s. government, which requires america maintain and demonstrate the most powerful military in the world, including air and naval supremacy. we are the only candidates on
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the ballot this year who believe in free international trade in goods and services. again, guided by the rule of law. [applause] in terms of people's personal lives, we are tolerant, we are inclusive. 100 80,000 people smoke dope. don't tell us they are criminals. leave that to the states. addiction is only a crime and not a public health emergency, which it is. that anyl us 18-year-old can lead now in conclusion, gary and i have talked about the nuts and bolts that anchor our positions
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as candidates. i would like to address something bigger and more urgent than those issues, something that may be the most important give garyers should johnson and bill weld serious and close consideration. nation, to me that as a the american people have a great big elephant in the room, and i'm not talking about the confused and stumbling republican elephant, or the tired and overworked democratic donkey for that matter. is both major parties, republicans and democrats, are struggling. they are having trouble andecting with the usual natural goodwill and enthusiasm and support of the american public because the tectonic democracy are shifting. we are adapting, as all democracies must, to the push and pull of our evolving citizen body and the innovations of our
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times, but there is no need for transition and change to be a scary and contentious or anxious or violent process. as it unfortunately has seem to be at several points during the es'primaries -- primaries and promises to be during their conventions. people are squaring off and taking aim at each other. their teeth are set on edge. their hearts are filled with anxiety, fear, and rage. this is not how we should do things in america. neverdams once said there was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. gary johnson and i refuse to stand by and watch as our beloved democracy turns on itself. we are running because we believe we can embrace change and keep america both safe and sane. we propose to work together as a
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close team with open hearts and minds, with optimism and calm intelligence, with transparency, to make sure every voice is heard and every man, woman, and child in this country gets their fair share of the bounty and opportunity and liberty that are the glory of life in these united states. give us thevoters chance. thank you very much. [applause] you, governors. as a reminder to our audiences on television and radio, the general public is invited to lunch and's at the national press club. the nationalons at press club. the applause you hear is not necessarily reporters giving approval. i would like to bounce between the both of you if you don't
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mind. governor weld, you use the term flimflammery. as hillary clinton and donald trump have trust concerns with voters, how can you reassure the public they can trust gary johnson and bill weld to make important decisions for the nation? that is the scrutiny taking place right now and it is rightful scrutiny, getting to this level of 10%, that is what is happening. google gary johnson. google bill weld. it is there. >> governor weld, do you want to respond? weld: if you are governor of a state, particularly a geographically small state like massachusetts and new mexico not that much bigger, there is nowhere to hide. you are closer to the people than the president is in the majority of this far-flung nation. we are to term governors. if we were not trustworthy, you
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would have known it and we would not have been to term governors. --wo-term -- two-term governor's. >> governor johnson, do you take more votes away from hillary clinton or donald trump? mr. johnson: in the polls, right now we are taking more votes from hillary, but it's not even discernible. i think it will be from both sides. this is a two-party dinosaur. we think we are going to be the comet in this equation. [laughter] [applause] >> you have talked about googling you guys a little bit. is note that google underwriting your campaign. in a year voters seem unsatisfied with the nominees of the major parties, what are the biggest obstacles you find is breaking through as
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libertarians? mr. johnson: right now the biggest obstacle is appearing in the polls. we are an afterthought. it is clinton and trump and that is the bully gets reported and then as an afterthought occasionally you will have gary johnson, bill weld added. if at the very onset they would hold johnson, trump, clinton, i think that would result in the 15% that we need to get in the presidential debates and the added scrutiny that will go a long with that. that's what we really need at this point, just more scrutiny. to clarify, you're saying you would like a three-way poll. johnson?ton, trump, mr. johnson: we are suing the presidential debate commission. we are suing the presidential debate commission on the basis of if you are on the ballot in
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enough states to mathematically be elected you should be included in the presidential debates. for 100%we are paying of the lawsuit, we included the green party in the lawsuit also from the standpoint of fairness. it's my understanding the green party will be on the ballot and 37 of the 50 states and can, in fact, garnered 270 electoral votes. we will be the only third-party on the ballot in all 50 states. >> governor weld? mr. weld: i'm actually not concerned are worried about this percentage points that the question makes. 7%, a percent, 9%, 10% now. 13% in someled at national polls. he pulls ahead of mrs. clinton among independents in a couple polls, which is very interesting. it lies in my mind when
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donald trump started last year he was not even 1%. he was an asterisk in the polls, not taking seriously. we have been at this a month and we are at consensus 10% and we have not begun to fight. so, the numbers -- i will not say they will take care of themselves, but we are going to take care of the numbers. [applause] >> you earned 1% of the vote in 2012. what can you do to get above that in this cycle? 2012, it's tooin bad that you never caught on. 2012, i started to run as a republican and the issue was, in the debates for the republican party, they would issue criteria that said you had to be 2% in a,
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b, c, or d polls. when you are not in, a, b, c, and only d poll, you have to be at a percent. whenever my name appeared in a poll, i was equal to or ahead of those on stage. this year, my name is being included in the polls. in onei was not included national poll running for president. or the level of support in 2012 is this was the trajectory line. so was really disappointed. -- i was told not to discount 1.3 million votes that that was significant, but the trend has continued. now that it is at 10% it is getting noticed.
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thisendlines don't go from to this. at some point they do this, but this is the phenomena. this is the difference in 2012 as we have finally broken through a level that it's as noticed. >> following on that governor, do you worry about being perceived as a spoiler to the major party candidates such as ross perot in 92 or ralph nader in 2000? >> i will lose no sleep if that is the label given to me and i will reiterate that this is a party that needs crashing. >> governor wilde, a couple of -- do you believe loretta lynch overstepped her bounds by meeting with bill clinton -- bill clinton? >> i don't know that she had
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much choice about it. i think he stepped onto her plane. but have not been as troubled by the e-mail affair as many have. i thought that jim comey did a good job and his conclusion that no reasonable prosecutor would indict that place -- case was the correct conclusion. >> do either of you have private intel servers? >> yes. several. >> you have been on good terms with secretary clinton since you ofe young staffers in d.c. 1974. president clinton wanted you to be ambassador to mexico. the question is why are you challenging her and third-party candidacy? >> i think gary and i represent the views of a majority of the united states.
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we are said we are fiscally responsible and we are open and tolerant unsocial issues. the republican party isn't there and the democratic party is not there. they are not the party of fiscal restraint. i considert gary and this -- it is a great pleasure and an honor to stand before the american people this year but it is also something of a duty. i feel that way because of the of substance and the lack of appealing tone by the presumptive republican nominee, mr. trump. of the criminal division of the department of justice and i spent a lot of time in a courtroom and i look forward to the opportunity of trying to help dissect the statements by mr. trump so people can accept their basis or
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lack of basis. >> governor johnson, how does a libertarian in today's world determine what is self-defense if we are mistake, attacked, we will attack back. i reject the notion that libertarians are isolationists. we are not interventionists. the fact that we intervene and the interventions have the unintended consequence of making things less safe. we want to rule the world with free trade and diplomacy. we've already intervened in iraq and afghanistan, what would you do with isis question mark that would you do in afghanistan -- isis? what would you do in afghanistan? >> you cannot make this up.
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it wasn't intentional. syria and libya, we back the moderate opposition and both of those countries and the opposition is aligned with isis and al qaeda. was this intentional? it's what happened. you cannot make it up. from theed afghanistan beginning. we were attacked and we attacked back but we had accomplished defeating al qaeda and we should have got out. we should get out of afghanistan immediately. i'm not saying that will not have a consequence that it is a consequence we can deal with. we can take care of that.
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if we pull out of afghanistan 20 years from now, the consequences going to be the same as if we pull out immediately. are we really going to stay in afghanistan forever. >> the head of the cia was sent to moscow to make sure the russians would not go insert when you came into a country militarily that was so close to them. administration was worried about that reaction. the russians laughed and laughed. right into afghanistan and have all of the front that you want. the russians have the example of the british empire before them we have the example of the british and the russians. >> you've talked about one of the biggest struggles you have which is getting attention.
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how do you break through? how do you break through to get the attention from the media? mediae no mistake at the does present two candidates for office but we are getting attention, unprecedented attention. campaign video on thursday and we've got in excess of 5 million views. that is unheard of. appetite out there and it is a huge appetite and we intend to be that main course. >> this questioner notes that both of you are pretty civil and politically correct. how do you and governor weld
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plan to take the gloves off and compete in this environment. >> i ran two campaigns for governor of mexico or i did not mention my opponent in print, -- governor of new mexico where i did not mention my opponent in print. that is something being exemplified in this race beyond any race i have ever seen before. he saidl, , she said. this should be about the issues. it should be about a debate, a debate on what the other cabinets are saying. reelection in new mexico, i was the incumbent. poll right after i got the nomination running for reelection. i was up by 10 points. process,led the debate
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how many times should i have debated? i debated my opponent 28 times. i think government is about transparency. i think running for office is about debate and discussion involving issues and not what we currently have going on. in 1996 iran and unsuccessful race challenging john kerry of massachusetts. the stakes were pretty high. we were both at the height of our powers, nobody would say that wasn't a hard-fought fair and equal fight. we agreed early on to eight televised debates. them if you want to see whether they were vigorous and hard-fought or civil. that sets the standard. negotiated an
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agreement to limit campaign spending to $8 million in that race. we could easily have raised 25 or $50 million but we thought it would be better to have more time for substance in the campaign. it can be done in that way and it was. >> since were talking about campaign finance, governor johnson you struggled in 2012. how much money do you believe you'll raise this cycle to compete? gary that i very much enjoy fundraising. wilson's national finance chair. writing $50,000 and $100,000 checks. i have just been at this for 14 days but the money looks to and new friends
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thea lot of them think libertarian message is a breath of fresh air. at the end of the day if we haven't raised well into the millions of dollars we won't be taken seriously so that should be a minimum standard. if we are in the debates, that is an almost unlimited amount of earned media. >> it seems like a lot of the campaign is based on the concept of getting into the debates. what happens if you do not get into the debates? >> if we don't get into the debate we keep active in the campaign and we raise issues that need to be said but aren't being said that we would not be
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doing this if we did not think that was not just possible but that it actually is going to happen. saidvernor johnson, you you want to take the best ideas from both parties. what are the best democratic ideas and what are the best gop ideas? >> when you look at the republican party they are supposed to be about small government but they are anything but. there is a unique opportunity to be that. libertarians can challenge republicans to be what they should be combat which is small government. but the pick and choose and after all is said and done, budgets are still big just in areas where republicans want to spend money. then democrats, what about challenging them with civil liberties? we have the highest incarceration rate of any
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country in the world. that's mandatory sentencing, that is the war on drugs. let's bring an end to that. there are so many initiatives that the democrats could embrace but that's not happening either. both parties are all about spending and nothing about result. favorite republican party ideas are generally introducing more competition into the government and the economy. in areas as diverse as health care, virtually every department of the federal government could profit from the introduction of more competition. i was governor, i was chairman of the national council on public and private partnerships.
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>> causing rages -- partnerships. causing wages to rise is an --ue that has been vexing the working poor. s.o.b. with a wife and two kids falls in the cap between welfare and comfort and the earned income tax credit is a state and national tool for addressing that. the more aggressive and retraining settlement policies by the government. when an industry like the auto industry would be helpful as well.
5:46 pm
highway wage jobs because of our productivity. target -- i did this in massachusetts, targeting bile tech software and telecom. we gave those industries what they wanted and it may be a violation of republican orthodoxy because it is not a zero, but i am not a zero, i am a four. we have theover highest unemployment rate of the 11 industrialized states. by the end of my term, we had the lowest. i think it was a result of those policies. johnson, you mentioned the war on drugs. we had a lot of questions submitted about marijuana. i believe you want to live -- leave it up to the state.
5:47 pm
how far does that go on legalizing drugs? >> the only drug that i'm advocating legalizing is marijuana. i do think that is going to happen. as president of the united states, i can de-schedule marijuana as a class one narcotic. let me predict that california will legalize to him -- vote to legalize marijuana recreationally. itthe 25 states that have now, the four states that are recreational and the district of columbia, all that has happened at the ballot box. predict that when california votes to legalize marijuana, legislatures will embrace it and make it happen. marijuana, weze will take a quantum leap when it comes to understanding drug and
5:48 pm
drug problems. first and foremost it is a health issue. advocating the legalization of heroin. we don't have had to do that. but with the heroin epidemic, the opioid overdose situation, when you look at cities like amsterdam that have implemented harm reduction strategies. that is exactly what they have done. opportunity.he if you want to address the upoin overdose issue, open labs that would test heroin for their consistency and quality. in those that participated being able to bring in their heroin dose, there would be
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less. to find clean needle exchange programs you reduce hepatitis c and hiv significantly. fore are so many strategies reducing the things we really care about and i am believing that those strategies will take a real foothold. legal drugs that specifically kill 100,000 people per year. not onea products, documented death. i have always maintained that legalizing marijuana will lead to less overall substance abuse because it is so much safer than everything else out there starting with alcohol. campaign to the legalize marijuana was a campaign based on marijuana is
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safer than alcohol. >> gary is not out there by himself on this. when i was in office i supported methadone programs and needle exchange programs. maybe we were both out there because i took heat for that but these ideas have been around since the 90's. nominated foras ambassador to mexico. jesse helms blocked his nomination because he was pro--gay. and pro-medical marijuana. that was me on trial also. >> governor johnson we have had several questions about this so i will ask it. when was the last time you smoke or congested marijuana? [laughter] >> i did this about two months ago. when you tell the truth, it do
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not have anything to fear. i have always maintained that you should not be on the job impaired. as of two months ago, this is a 24/7 job. as president of the united states, that is also a 24/7 job. i think i have more than demonstrated my ability to be self disciplined. i haven't had a drink of alcohol in 29 years. i wasn't an alcoholic, it had to do with rockclimbing and the immediacy of rockclimbing and being the best you can be, but this is the truth component that i think is also lacking in politics. who would know that i ingested marijuana products two months ago? my best friends. if i said, i don't use it and i haven't, my best friends would consider me a hypocrite. i think that hypocrisy is the one unforgivable in life.
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doing one thing and saying another. [applause] >> are you sing that if elected president you would not ingest or smoke marijuana as president? >> that is correct. you get your wish. what does from now america look like in the first term of the johnson weld administration? this is an experience by citizens in new mexico. is an outlook shared by citizens in massachusetts. there is a fairness to all of this. there is an absolute equality in leadership.
5:53 pm
it's what i see is a process where issues are looked at first. >> i would say that people would be happier. plan in made a massachusetts that i wanted folks to have a good time. at the end of my tenure, i think they were happier. that,ore general than president eisenhower or president reagan made people feel good about being americans and that was my close in my prepared marks. that is what we really want to do and that is something if you put your mind to it with a willing heart -- you can make people feel better about .hemselves
5:54 pm
question to him in, win or lose, what do you believe you can do this year to make the libertarian party a sustainable threat? when and lose this is it really is for the libertarian party. attention to the libertarian party and its principles. to the of us presented libertarian party, we are kind of in the middle when it comes to the libertarian party. as a result of this candidacy libertarian party moves from the clubhouse to the auditorium and those within can make the pitch to a much bigger audience. i think most people in this country are libertarian, it is just that they don't know it. >> if you were elected, how would you work with a congress that included no libertarians?
5:55 pm
>> this is a huge opportunity. challenging republicans. that doesn'tt and mean planned parenthood. generally smaller government, less government, smaller government. governments, and the wars. stop the bombings, stop the interventions. involved congress and a declaration of war and a path going forward when it comes to our foreign policy. this is a big opportunity that neither a democrat or republican will be able to lay claim to because they are so polarized. >> i think it would be an advantage that our appointees would not be chosen on the basis of party loyalty. they would know that roughly
5:56 pm
half were republicans that they were not among the most partisan. somebody has to take the first step in getting away from this .yper partisan -- partisan hood that might give us an entering wedge will stop i can't -- wedge. i cannot believe that the people who work in congress want the country to be perceived as the capital sunk in partisan gridlock. i know that most of the members are very decent people including people who are demonized in the press every single day. they are very decent people. they can work with each other as well as with us. >> back to those appointees whether they are democrat or republican i guarantee they will have a libertarian bent on the world. quickly, ask really
5:57 pm
given the news last couple of days with two black man shot and killed by police officers, what policies which you plan to address that one of the things i really enjoy rubbing governor was bring to the table the people who should know the most about these people. when you look at these shootings which communities in this country have the best record when it comes to police violence. which communities have the worst records when it comes to police violence? there will be common threads within the best and common threads within the worst. the department of justice comes into play and i have to ink that we could improve on things. >> thank you governors. before i ask the final questions, a few announcements. the national press club is the
5:58 pm
world's leading organization for journalists. for more information about the club please go to i would like to remind you about upcoming programs. on july 14, admiral mike rogers will speak at the national press club luncheon. on august 1, the director of the national park service will be here and on august 14 michael york will speak at this podium. no i would like to present our guests with the traditional national press club mugs. question, will tee this up for you. if you had to choose between the two, would you vote for hillary clinton or donald trump? nobody would like to go first? the libertarian party has been around since the early
5:59 pm
70's, there has always been a libertarian candidate for president. i would vote libertarian. >> i can see that it is part of my role in this campaign to hold to trump's feet to the fire have him change the manner in which he is waging his candidacy. if that did not happen, he would leave me with very little choice. >> gentleman, thank you for speaking to the staff of an acetyl press club. we are -- the staff of the national press club. we are adjourned. [inaudible]
6:00 pm
>> the hard-fought 2016 primary season is over with historic conventions to follow. >> colorado. >> florida. >> texas. >> ohio. >> the first woman to ever had a major political party and the first non-politician in decades. seat to a front row every minute of both conventions on c-span, all beginning on monday, july 18. >> our guest on c-span's is texass this week


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