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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 14, 2016 11:09pm-12:01am EDT

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this would be a change to rule number 42. >> is there a way to withdraw? >> the new without objection it is ordered. number 43 submitted by mr. roth of nevada. proposed an amendment that would create rule number 43. >> i believe i have to consent of the body to withdraw that. >> my apologies. without objections. >> i only have one left in the pile and i'm almost afraid to ask the council, is this the last one? we asked about the preamble and
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does not end there. this is the last amendment. [applause] >> hallelujah! submitted byeen the gentlelady from maine. you are not. -- recognized. >> thank you.
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do we haven't? it?ave >> i move this memo to 31. >> if you would like to address the body. >> the national committee at the request of chairman priebus passed the resolution titled resolution for reasonable access to a live microphone. this resolution read in part result of the republican national committee request the student committee on arrangements and the tempora convention chair to ensure there is an active microphone for each state allegation chair so that they can speak in debate and make motion spiral. at yesterday's general session meeting, the chairman confirmed that the committee on arrangements has taken measurements as directed to ensure that each delegation will have a live microphone available freeze. this puts into writing the wish
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of the republican national committee, chairman previous and the committee on arrangements can setgates so they expectations to know what is required of them. and ensure an efficient use of time. thank you. we have emotion and a second. anyone rise in opposition? the gentlelady from california. >> i believe it is unnecessary to add this level of detail and even say micromanagement into our roles. i think our committee on arrangements is more than capable of making the right choices as technology evolves rather than marking ourselves as dinosaurs mentioning specific types of technology. i urge opposition to this motion. it has been moved and
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seconded. immediately to a vote on closing debate. favor? not opposed? ayes have it. a vote on the amendment. in favor? nay? nays have it. the gentleman from nevada. >> after consulting with some of my colleagues, i would like to ask the grace of this committee to reconsider a previous amendment that was withdrawn. numberuld be amendment that 1 with some changes if the committee is willing to reconsider, i will present the staff to retype.
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apologize, this was not withdrawn, this was defeated. reconsideration for the amendment with some modified light which. -- language. >> did you vote against? >> yes. with modified language i am asking consent of the committee. he is asking for reconsideration of the motion which would be to reopen debate. it is debatable. anyone who wishes to be heard? support the motion for reconsideration. i urged to vote yes. >> anyone else who would like to speak in opposition? >> i decide to have a clarification that the sponsor of the amendment originally
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voted no on the amendment? he would've had to vote for the prevailing. i want to have absolute clarification about the person who is calling for this motion to reconsider actually did vote against his emotion. >> i'm not the original author of the motion. i'm asking for reconsideration. i voted against this and i would like to have a reconsider. >> all right. it is final .1. it was thought brought up -- brought up either gentleman from montana. it is my understanding that we would have to vote with the majority vote to reconsider, to reopen debate. it is debatable. anyone else wish to speak on the
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question of whether we should reopen the debate? mr. little. indicateer for me to that it appears that this is redundant that this practically, this precise wording is enrolled 16. -- in rule 16. >> if the committee indulges, i will be making a small, too small minutes. >> it would not be redundant. thank you. i think we are ready to vote on whether to reopen. all of those in favor of reconsideration to reopen debate on amendment final .1? those opposed? ayes have it. at this point adjustment from nevada is recognized for the person of making a motion. >> i asked staff make a change
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worth ofrds the end any binding presidential primary pleas for essays -- replace the word primary with the word preference vote. >> is that the only change? >> i would also ask where it rulestate law, state party , these rules, state party rules or state law. pursuant, these rules, state party rules.
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change the word primary to the word preference vote. at the end of the sentence where it says down or pledged pursuant before thethe word word state law, these rules state party rules or. >> all right. the language now correct on the monitor. is there a second? moved and seconded. would you like to address it. ? >> to a certain extent, it really was redundant. i think that with a lot of
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times, the details and doubles are rules. rules nerds, i'm one of them. and a lot of times, it takes a small tweak to make a significant difference. what this does is plug up several holes that were inadequate in addition to which the fact that without these polls -- holes being plugged, it was also largely redundant. preference vote will cover the fact [indiscernible]
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shall pay fully announce and record each delegates vote in accordance with the delegate obligation under rule 16a1 state law. or party rules. reads anyo 16a1, it statewide presidential preference vote that permits the choice among candidates for their public and nomination for their president of the united states and a primary, caucuses, state convention must be used to statete in a bind the
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delegation to the national proposal orn either delegate to appear in statewide election and are collected directly by primary voters. i believe this would lead to confusion and is clearly redundant. oppose both this amendment and the full amendment. support? who rises and >> support this. this health with the amendment to the amended. it helps clarify, helps really confirm the results of our local primaries and caucuses and allows those voters voices to be heard. irish the committee to support the amended to the amendment. anyone who rises in opposition? the lady from wyoming. 11:30 and i believe
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some of the criticisms we have had with previous proposals is that they are to complicated to be taking -- taken up at this time. late toit is a little be bringing to an amendment as complicated as this. i think you're going to be creating a kind of ambiguity and problems with other rules and i think innocently too late. i oppose both the abundance as well as the written -- reconsideration. i don't think we should be addressing this this late at night. it seems like a strange thing to be bringing up at this time. recognizes the lady from vermont. >> i would like to move the question. >> moved and seconded. on -- we wille move to a vote -- what section is it?
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37 b. all right. we will move to a vote on previous question. all of those in favor of ending amendment to the amendment? ayes clearly happened. we will move to a vote on the amendment to the amendment. those in favor? those opposed? the chair isn't that. favor -- is in those in favor, please stand. the chair is no longer in doubt. all those opposed please stand. all right, if it is clear.
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the amendment to the amendment passes. now we are back on debate to the main motion. if there anyone who would like to speak in opposition or in motion?of the i believe you started this in the first place. this auld consider friendly amendment. i will support this >> motion >> as amended. thank you sir. anyone rising in opposition? >> i'm very concerned about the legal ramifications of this. what about the situation of delegates who appear on the ballot at a statewide election in elected darkly by the primary voters -- directly by the primary voters? you have to similarly worded
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provisions in several sections that are slightly different. i would like to know if counsel has reviewed this and feels comfortable with this? >> that calls for a legal conclusion. at this point counsel has not raised any particular objections to it. at this point counsel sees no issue with it and we should simply allow the body to work its will. the gentleman from michigan. thank you madam chairman. i'm from michigan. i support this amendment. it is clear that it clarifies the intent of the rules to bind the delegates and i call the previous question. >> previous question called. we will vote on closing debate. all those in favor of previous questions. >> point of order.
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fromd the good lady washington state that had requested to change the word vote to count in this body stated that that was out of order and was too late in amendment would have had to be made but it was past the hour to do so. is that not what this body is doing now? >> this body has voted to reconsider something that was already considered by the body. this amendment was to another section and it is perfectly in order and we should continue with the boat. vote. >> thank you. >> where were we? photo previous question. those in favor of any debate? opposed? ayes have it.
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we will move to a vote on the main motion. those in favor of adoption of this amendment. opposed? ayes have it. ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, that is the last amendment that has been submitted before you all bolt, let me say thank you for all of your hard work. you have been truly magnificent. it yourself at hand. -- give yourself a hand. [applause] i also want to think the audience who has been with us all day long. and before you leave, we have one more coat. -- vote. this is why have these lovely parliamentarians. on the entiree , on theof the amendment
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rules as we have amended them today. to adopt thetion entire package? all those in favor of a the sayage as it stands police aye.ease say ayes have it. audience.thnk the we appreciate your being here participating in the process. now that we have passed these rules, it will be necessary to adopt them once the convention ratifies the committee as a permanent convention committee. in order for our report to be considered by the convention. here are a few important
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logistical points. this committee will reconvene on monday, july 18 during the opening session of the convention which begins on monday at 2:00 p.m.. 2:00 p.m. at quicken loans arena. committee will meet at the section of the concourse or a room. room close by. the chairman of the convention will state from the chair exactly where our committee is to meet. it is absolutely imperative that we have a quorum for the meeting and if you are not present to help provide a quorum, it could wrinkly delay the entire convention and we will list you i name. -- by name, if necessary. the wednesday meeting, we only needed to take that one final vote to confirm the work that we have done.
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therefore, the meeting will be extremely short but it is absolutely critical that you attend. all right, we have already taken the final vote. gentleman from michigan. >> i wanted to make a point of personal privilege. as the delegate from grand rapids, i would be remiss if i did not wish one of our great nation presidents, president or are for a happy birthday -- gerald ford, a happy birthday. i cannot think of a better way to honor his legacy and the great work this committee has done. i wanted to make that point. [applause] >> thank you. i will say it one more time. the committee will reconvene on monday at 2:00 p.m. at quicken
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runs alina. quicken loans arena. you will receive instructions at that time regarding the exact location of the meeting. the staff at the quicken loans arena will be there with si gns to assist you to make sure you get to the right ring. you have been nothing short of magnificent. i want to say thank you to all , to ourto our staff parliamentarians, to our special counsel and everyone who has made this meeting run so smoothly. at this point, i would like to entertain a motion to adjourn. so moved and seconded. those in favor? opposed? we stand adjourned. [applause]
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>> republican party officials defeated an effort by anti-donald trump republicans who wanted to let delegates vote for any presidential candidate. only 21 members of the rules committee voted to allow delegates to vote based on their conscience and the unbound from the state results. they needed 28 points to throw the initial to the convention floor for a vote next week. here is that the bank. -- debate. amendment 37.1. ruled 37 and it has ofn proposed by mr. roth nevada who is right cannot for your purchase -- purpose of making a motion. >> i's amendment 37.1 as presented. >> is there a second?
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i hear a second. would you like to address your amendment? >> going to use the b word. nding. i think it is fair, i think it is what millions of voters expect. this i have enjoyed up to point the many and varied theological discussions on how many parliamentary and tolls can dance on the head of a time tontary pin, it is put an end to those discussions and to clarify once and for all, this amendment, and the following rule which insert the identical language is meant to do just that. arguments thats have been going on for years about whether or not the rules of our party permit binding or
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not. this amendment and a companion amendment will do just that. this particular case, the arguments that the rights of certain delegates to demand a rollcall is somehow going to allow them to invalidate their findings would be put to rest. i'm a politician. the voters in my constituency, at the caucus in our consistency but it overwhelmingly for mr. donald trump. returningintention of to those people who i rely on to keep me in office. partlling them i had some in shredding their votes. it is time after all these years to put an and into this. let's give the people -- end to
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this. they go to the people what want. their votes count. i don't mean to be bitter or confrontational, for heaven sake, the argument needs to be settled one way or the other. thank you. >> i have been asked to remind you by counsel that the 9:30 deadline is rapidly approaching line at there in helpdesk at the stroke of 9:30, it will help you finish your amendment. if you walk up at 9:30 and 10 seconds, he will not have the opportunity to have your amendment drafted. is everybody clear on that procedure? excellent. we have had a motion made and seconded. is there anybody who rises in opposition? is there anybody who rises in opposition to the amendment?
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seeing none, is there anyone else who rises in support of the amendment? mr. ash. >> and 56 contests across the country and the caribbean and out into the pacific, donald trump one almost 14 million votes, he nearly doubled the vote total of his nearest competitor, he surpassed the number of delegates required by over 300 delegates. and yet, among some there seem to be some sort of question whether or not he is the presumptive nominee. there has been a lot of battling back and forth. a lot of e-mails that we get an constant harassment from various people across the country. arizona, we had a presidential preference election or donald trump received over 50% of the votes cast.
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law, all 58 delegates in arizona are required to vote for donald trump on the first ballot. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. there should be absolutely no question as to who we are going to cast our votes for. republicans, we oftentimes give our elected officials a hard time about campaigning one way and governing another. as delegates, we were selected, elected by our state conventions and whatever manner we arrived perform oney had to function. that was to vote for the candidate that we were bound to. us to vote for this amendment and for the
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following and to get this matter finally understood across the country. thank you. >> thank you, mr. ash. is there anyone who would like to rise in opposition? anyone who would like to rise in opposition? >> yes. i rise in opposition to this because i merely because it seeks to link a preconvention role to a conventional. i just submitted an amendment to this very same topic that provides satisfaction within rule 37 within the convention rules completely and without mixing preconvention roles with convention rules. i would urge the defeat of this one in anticipation of the complete properly to do this
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which i'm sure all of you guys will embrace. [laughter] >> i'm sure they will embrace and that debate the proper way to do this. thank you mr. hoglund. are there others who wish to rise in support of this amendment. mr. blackwell? >> this matter has obviously more currentect of convention publicity than any rules matter ever in living memory. obviously an important issue. people have changed sides on the issue. there were people like me who theed to repeal in the rules passed by the romney campaign which
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prevented legitimate delegates to the votes being counted if they cast their vote for somebody who has not met the greatly increased rush holt. that position i attempted in april of 2013 to pass an omnibus repeal of all the amendments that the romney people past that we could repeal but circumstances change. meeting, a rifle shop commitment. that just on disenfranchised tell delegates. which cost hundreds of delegates to not have their votes counted. as the primaries progressed, it became clear that the operation
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of the rules was going to have both, two candidates who would qualify, donald trump and ted cruz. suddenly, from the establishment forces came the idea that there are no rules to be changed. the convention right to own rules. that lasted until it was andeived that the cruise come people might have a majority at the convention and the establishment position changed. said we shoulds not amend the rules. rules forment, these the nominating process of the convention can be amended and only one of two ways. >> adjustments time has expired. >> after a battle which would split this party. i think we need to avoid that. a key. -- thank you. >> the staff has handed me the
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following stickie. two minutes to the 930 deadline. we will strictly enforce this. two minutes. thank you mr. blackwell. it there is someone who wishes to rise in opposition? anyone who wishes to rise in opposition? seeing none, either those who wish to speak in support? >> from iowa. like mr. blackwell was initially opposed, based on the fact that 22 of the 20 delegates at the national convention in 2012 from iowa voted for a candidate who came in third place even though they did everything legally buy the books, and embarrassment and i don't want to see that happen again. in my state, a purple state, a new poll that came out that donald trump is leading by two points.
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i understand that we have these ted.i want tol vet remind everybody for aou're looking perfect candidate you will not find jesus christ's name on the ballot. the people that have been sending these e-mails, it is over. we need to get behind our candidate and i guess it all came, all the birds came to roost when i was informed by the wall street journal about the weeks ago that they were going to run a negative ad against me. one of these unbinding delegates. no offense to anybody who lives on the east coast and west coast, if your dialect is different than mine, but for pete says, why would you have somebody come into my state who understands how people talk with a midwestern accent and bring so many from new jersey with a distinctive harsh new jersey accent to beat up on me?
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it's not like i was not transparent from day one. people in my state support me overwhelmingly. i just have to tell you that it is an insult. it is over. let's get behind our nominee now. [applause] >> thank you. other others who wish to speak in opposition. -- are there others who wish to speak and opposition? support? >> rhode island. people havehese received, i have received 440 e-mails to vote my conscience, to unbind, etc.. i want you to know that i answered every single one of them and the responses back weren't nice. i was very respectful. notme just say this, i will turn my back on 14.1 million
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people that voted for donald trump. i will not. i was elected to be a trump delegate by our state law. unbindt do anything to and my constituency, at least 300 people e-mailed me. that voted for donald trump. and said you better not vote against donald trump. us to begin,ge hugging the person next to us do a combined off, bu modified -- be unified. we have a better nominee than the democrats. [applause] >> thank you. any people who wish to speak in opposition?use me,
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judgment -- the gentleman is recognized. >> i'm from michigan. it is an honor to be here. i wanted to speak in favor of this motion. donald trump, he won michigan ruleselmingly and we had as a convention body and a party that those voters came to the polls in reliance on those rules. that included binding. our voters, our state party, when we made rules, our state, when we had a taxpayer-funded primary, and all the candidates and the strategies relied upon these rules which included binding. delegates elected as a , what was clear to me is that
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we have a responsibility to honor that commitment that we made to our voters and the rules that we will honor their vote in their vote will count. intend to i fully and supporttrump the binding under the current rules and i call the previous question. >> thank you, sir. and this question is in order. we will immediately move to a vote on closing debate. all of closing debate? those opposed? ayes have it. i'm going to call for a standing vote. will that suffice? >> there's division. question?previous
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all right. we will hold a standing vote. we are moving to a vote on the main motion. all those in favor of adopting amendment 37.1, please stand.
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please be seated. all of those opposed, please stand? .
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thank you. please be seated. the tally of the vote is as follows. 12. 87, nays the motion passes. [applause] >> parliamentary. >> your name. >> from california. i would like to move to lay on the table to reconsider. the parliament parents told me the form of the motion is incorrect. what is it you would like to achieve? discussion onnd this thing we just put it on. do not want to have a motion to reconsider 10 minutes or 10 hours from now.
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i would like to late on the table i don't care to have them both. end it, yount to would have to make a motion to reconsider. >> with that and further discussion? >> parliamentary and craig. if you would make a motion to reconsider and then you would vote with the majority, you decided to vote no on reconsideration, that would end things once and for all. slow learner. >> yes. correct -- am i not correct, only those persons who voted against it can vote for it? or do i have that backwards. >> the motion must be made by those who voted on the prevailing side.
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if he voted in favor, he is eligible to make a motion to reconsider. against who voted cannot vote for this motion. >> they cannot move to reconsider. >did you wish to make a motion? >> moved to reconsider. we will move directly to a motion to reconsider. >> when we say this discussion is over, what does that mean. it means that we cannot reconsider this particular amendment. favor ofose in reconsidering this amendment. >you have another point to make? >> for everyone's edification, i vote on this that we take it up
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again. a no vote means we don't take it up again. >> that is correct. favor of these in motion to reconsider, meaning vote means you want to reconsider and open debate. all those people say aye. those opposed. close.all no's have it. information, we have passed on 9:30 deadline. my understanding is that very few amendments came in at that point. there is still a few coming through.
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you will continue to move forward. amendment number 38.1. 38.1. 38,mendment to rule number has been submitted by the lady from colorado. recognized for the purpose of making a motion. miss unruh. here -- is she here? >> i would like to move, i can't read it anywhere here. ok.
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i would like to add the language ,o rule number 38 to add that answer the following. a new sentence. not with standing any of the provisions of these rules or rules of the house of representatives, the right of each delicate and alternate delegate to vote unconscious and all matters shall not be infringed or impaired by any state party rules, state laws ruling by the national commission chair or any of her method. -- any other method. >> moved and seconded. would you like to address the amendment? >> does anyone need information about the conscience clause? [laughter] obviously this is a very important topic to the hearts of many americans. we have all been inundated with all the e-mails that have flooded our e-mail boxes about very heartfelt convictions from
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americans and patriots and people from all walks of life who truly believe in the right of conscience. the right of conscience is not just something we decided is a cool idea, it is the very basis of our nation. it is why the tokens came here and founded our nation. it is a god-given right. if i would have a bill of rights. it is why you cannot force a doctor to perform abortions when it is against his right to conscience. mennonitesforce the to go into the draft. it is at the systemic core of every single american. what this does is it allows people to exercise that right and not be bound by state laws. the supreme court has ruled cannot happen within a private organization., this is a this is literally how our founding fathers set up the rule of law the way our government operates in the party itself is
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modeling what has been established as the right to delegates who take it extraordinary seriously, the sanctity of their vote. all i'm asking is that you regard this as the sanctity of the vote that is reflected in the duty and obligation of each obligation -- each delegate to cast a ballot according to the concert. that is a god-given right that should not be taken away by the by the any party or state and it has been rolled that even with the recent court ruling in virginia that the state cannot actually overstep a boundary in determining the outcome of a vote, that is to be left to the delegate alone. are there any who wish to rise in opposition? the gentleman from michigan. >> thank you. i'm from michigan. donald trump can win this
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election and be our next president of the united states. that, we needo do to allow the record number of republican voters who voted for donald trump our primary to have their voice heard and that means honoring the rules and commitment of our party to buy the delegates and make their vote count. accordingly, i moved to call the previous question. previous question in order. we will move a medially to a vote on the previous question. -- immediately to a vote on the previous question. favor?n those opposed? the chair is in doubt. two thirds majority to pass. those in favor of any debate, please stand. -- ending debate, please stand.


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