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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 15, 2016 9:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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grieving this week. 10 children who have nothing to do, don't understand the argument. there's a four-year-old who saw the man should call daddy shot to death. havingould like to be fun and i do want to have fun with this, let's face it, trump joke. at the same point i would like the safety ofd what is happening. i would say that when i think about it as a woman or as a black person or as who i am, which is both, i am one of the children who was in primary school during desegregation could i was taken out of the all-black school and put into the all-white school. right here in new york city where we do not talk about this n our of intense bigotry i
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country. we were the pioneers, the .inority, the northern de facto until desegregation. i also want to say, doing a lot of that as a woman. we don't think about it and we should. a woman's right conversation or a gay-rights conversation or a black rights conversation, this is a human rights conversation. states is egregious violations of human rights, a lot of the things that happen here, where they have to elsewhere, we would be talking about state-sponsored terrorism,
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,e would be saying [indiscernible] i think at a certain point we gather bring reality to and i will say by saying this issue of dual consciousness, i'm of march 31, 1776. the comment, abigail adams. nothing new. this. a long time to get >> thank you. [applause] and sally. it's conservatism hostile against women talk to -- against
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women? >> yes. i'm a human being. some of you are like, let me google fact that. make three general response. i do think that this isn't just about what is better for women, what is better for black people, what is better for queer people,, it is about, we are all focusing on what is better for everyone. the album the politics is it has not focused on what is good for just a few. whole, thata liberalism, progressivism, democratic politics, have been better for all people.
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more than half of whom happen to be women. we accreted twice as many jobs since 1970 600 democratic -- gdp has been high. personal wealth hire. measures, it is better for all people. when we have a democratic or progressive president. now, that being said, i want to challenge the point that the democrats are the only one talking about identity politics. that is not true. that is a misrepresentation of orders of a lie. back to the matter is that for several generations. they been practicing identity topics of white men. if you do not think donald trump building his
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campaign on a white male identity politics, then i don't make your pain attention. -- paying attention. [applause] as far as i can see, the identity politics of the democratic party is actually how can we make sure everyone is included in the political project are to get there, you have to name those were being left out that it's ever be -- and say this to be ahead. it'sast thing i would say, interesting that you said you not written about identity politics for women. it was you who wrote back in college that conservatives have a difficult time with women. i wanted to know, i completely agree. -- want you to know, i completely agree. [laughter] >> have to go back to when i was 18.
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>> i don't think it was that long. >> an article about pornography. which i was not a fan of. i do think, that is just a smear that we hear about every single american -- republican. can you move on from that. ? the horse is dead. i do not the republicans don't play it, they do. donald trump does not play. he does not look at people as .fricans clinton, she pays
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[laughter] -- donald trump has always renting the heavy organization. in the first person to make women, women struggling not asking for a handout. they just want-- to be treated the same as a man. and they happen to be better than men sometimes and was the person that says i will give you a chance, i will make you? do they love donald trump it what i love about donald trump is included in his attacks which are very funny, i think he has achieved some sort of atomic ideal of non--- platonic ideal of nondiscrimination. he will attack someone with a disability the same like you are attack someone without a disability. mexicans are the one coming over illegally, he will attack
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mexican rapists come across the border. you can imagine him taking a hindu woman that is the best person. if those are the best people for the job, all-white male. he does not care and i love that about him. to say that he is practicing identity politics is just the same old playbook that we have heard every four years against every republican. where white males. the party of theocracy and tax cuts, not trump. >> ok. thank you. we still have to buy your book. >> i agree with you completely, the idea that women are only .hina's -- vaginas it becomes tiring to talk about this issue.
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and century after century. >> republicans just trying to undercut. explain rubble republicans -- how do you who seem toblicans be deeply concerned with women reproductive organs? >> i like to get my statement. something i will address. >> me too. >> my last book. i'm a professor. i have a statement here. awould ask to prepare statement. i did not read my e-mail. americanion, is conservatism hostile to women? my response, absolutely not. i believe conservatism uplifts and empowers women by giving
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them the support and information they need to make informed choices for themselves and their families. invited tofirst appear at a comedy club, i was not sure if i was supposed to be it, but i appreciate this opportunity to talk about important issues and this is an important issue and i hope we will keep expressing this throughout. i think humor and laughter is good. the bible says it is good for the human soul. and information is good. it is true. so, i said before you as a black woman was born and raised in poverty, one of 12, dropped out of school after completing his great, i married at 16, had my
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first child at 17 and then i heard a high school diploma, went to committee college and got the first of five degrees. [applause] and i worked while i was in college and graduated from a four-year college magnum cum asde and i went to princeton my first job. i earned early tenure and now teach at vanderbilt. i think my education, knowledge the to a lot of issues. i was a democrat for most of my life. i am a person that has had an abortion. i got an abortion in my early 20's. it had just become legal it at the time i was married. i discussed it with my husband and we decided, i was good to get my way and i did get my way.
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i got the abortion. i don't believe i would have done that had it not been legal. i was so young and immature that i assumed if something was legal it was ok. but as soon as i got the abortion, i merely had guilt -- immediately had guilt. purpose tognant on have a child that miscarried and never had a live birth after that miscarriage. theinformation about consequences of abortion are having difficulty during a subsequent child to term is one of the side effects people need to know about. conservativeistian -- now a christian conservative. me toent bush appointed position as an independent and i
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started hanging out with ourblicans and eventually converted to the republican party and tone of that had to do it as a professor at the my students it was important for blacks to be in both political parties. that blacks were going to have to powers. i realized that if i was not willing to do that, i was not sure why, but at some point i decided that i was going to bite the bullet and joined the republican party to the extent that reforms needed to be made. i wanted to make it within the party and the knowledge to tell people that it is nothing i was not going to do. conservative, i have not found that life has been hostile to me except for the hostility that comes from progressive.
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once i had my christian conversion, once i became a republican, my whole world changed. until then, i had been on the fast track. i had been successful. after that, they began to change. i have found that conservatives have been a close of -- support even while i was a democrat. the principles of what men and women by remanded them that they are unique, created in the image of god. not random acts. [applause] >> thank you. >> develop attitudes and behaviors conducive to success exercising morals and individual restraint. considers them -- develop behaviors conducive to a happy life. be arages when not just to victim who must attend the
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government to liberate them, hard work, vision and a belief in the american dream or factors and my success and have been factors in the success of many other people. conservatism has not been possible to me as a black woman. womenvatives like liberal . sameshare many of the goals and aspirations as liberal women. conservative women are committed wetennis and believe that want to associate with classical liberalism which is associated with conservatism. individual freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association. we believe in limited government. responsibility and judeo-christian values.
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some conservatives who are who may not believe in this. the ones i know best believe in judeo-christian values as being important to our nation. if you look at the republican , the, the republican party abolition of slavery, integration. equal rights for women and blacks. it has been conservatives who depend -- defend the rule of law, the free market system and the choice for the poor. republicans of republican women, first women to be elected for congress in 1915, republican who fought for women's suffrage. republicans had the first black in congress. the leadership and support of the civil rights act of the 1960's.
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on the other hand, progressives of the democratic party have a history of embracing policies that disempower and marginalized ethnic minorities. historyivism has a dark that many people are unaware of his routes have been fascist and always embraced darwinian eugenics. we see the plane out today in the policies with planned parenthood and the willingness of the supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg to confess to a new york times reporter that roe versus wade was decided because of a need to control population growth and populations that we don't want to many of.
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what is progressivism, the contradictions. the same person who believes in unrestricted abortion convince the death penalty for terrorists, serial killers and -- the same person who sent child to private school opposed by dodgers and choice. the same liberal who say they are for women and their rights are opposed to common sense legislation my clinic inspections that would have demanded them from operating undetected for so many years. they oppose conform consent, thet waiting periods and information that women need to know about to abort a possible child. >> ok. i don't want to interrupt her.
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finish this up. we do have to get to debating. let's come down, everybody. >> i was told to prepare a statement that was under the impression that i would have at least 10 minutes. it!o one likes to hear >> i think we -- >> this is important. >> let her speak. thoughn women information they need to protect themselves from harm. crisis centers, the help they offer women should be among the information given to women. break, -- rape,
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liberal policies,. >> this is not a debate. as a moderator, i feel that i have to get this moving. you have made some excellent points and i think they will be part of the conversation going forward. thank you for that. with your point. are always, women asked to talk about what women issues are and so we all have the same concerns. women,, most, not all are not in favor of women in the field that is good for women.
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not tolerant of conservative women point of view when it differs from what is considered right for all women. that is by liberals. >> i disagree with that. about a disagree with the point of view, which i do. it is i disagree with the imposition of this point of view. >> fairpoint. and, whatn to carol is being characterized as facts is just, could fill a fiction library. want to speak straightaway to the issue because. the whole issue of school is very important to me. it is personal. as well as come the mother, a grandmother to my women do.
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view. you say something about people you say something about people who send their children to private schools, not wanting dodgers for people who can't afford it. it is because i sent my children to private school that i know that a $3000 voucher will not cover in $18,000 tuition. sent, i spenti not only trying to live, but taken the time to read brown versus education, which is something we should do. what it does is that it says that it is only for public schools. to try and say that we can do at private schools and then they will have a counter, what we are saying is opposed to come and i , i sent my daughters to
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because ihools, it is did that and made that choice and people can come at me and said how could you send your. to private school when you were out a quality education, access to quality education. publicnothing to do with or private or it should not have anything to do with public or private. >> i don't want you to feel like you can't jump in. >>, would to address the issue of reproductive freedom. i'm not going to discriminate characterization. but there are some on both sides of the debate who are not as
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respectful of the other perspective as they should be. i hope we can all do. -- agreed. i would like to be able to respect -- but is all to be able to respect your position opposing abortion and other like you to respect my in favor of choice. on, when we build do not allow them when the party that is supposedly for personal responsibility and limited government does not allow women to make these choices. i would belear, super happy if we could stop about reproductive freedom and birth control. i would be thrilled. republicans in
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congress, their first pieces of legislation introduced, the first term in congress, was five antiabortion bills. to defund eight times planned parenthood. this week they introduced a bill, a bill being debated that would make it, send an player, who does not support, marriage out of wedlock him he can fire an employee for that. if you are hotel or lobby and don't want to rent placing them on, you don't have to. this is not us bringing this up. this is us defending basic freedom and choice which i thought republican stood for. [applause] >> one other thing.
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to your point about the public and party. let's stop this nonsense about the republican party been a party of lincoln. it has not been the party of lincoln since the party of roosevelt. [applause] let's be honest to that fact. it has completely flipped. the reporting party, the party people wereas black the first elected congress thele and up until mid-1970's, there were more black people in congress in that era post-civil war than the modern era. that is not the party of lincoln. is morety of lincoln like what was a progressive institution. that is what it was. in contrast, the party of goldwater sink in the conservative party i think at a certain point, we have to ask the question, don't want to hear
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anymore spin, what is it that republicans want to conserve? >> our country as donald trump says. >> we have our country and it is doing well. >> don't know if it is doing well. this idea that we are the ones imposing on you, when people to stop talking about abortion. [indiscernible] i happen to not think abortion is a federal issue, but this decision of roe v wade made it a constitutional right, conflict.
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the states can decide, they will try to take that away bit by bit and called impositions, the imposition of chinese brainwashing [indiscernible] we can be kept classified. you are in for a surprise. the country is more like ones that drove days off buildings. [indiscernible] the country that started slavery and did trade slavery not fight a war in which 600,000 white men died to preserve the article that all men are equal. this constant running down of this country, you have no idea how good you have it, women of america. i love this country.
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>did someone just say no you don't? we can disagree. that is offensive! we support women. don't even go there. that is beyond best. likesponding, don't act i'm responded. i was responding. she wants to say something. i defer to sally. >> the answer is not, i never said that. that is not an answer. >> i never said that. i'm not responded. to ask a question. ?
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until the 1980's, the supreme court did not think the second amendment applied to the individual right to bear arms. advocated for this. that toious if you find be an imposition in the same way as roe v wade. as far as abortion and asroductive rights, as long more black babies are reported in new york city than are born alive, that would be an issue that people like me would care about. to parties comes flipping sides, they did not flip. the democratic party is a party -- if republicans were poor -- were pushing democrats on blacks -- abortions on blacks the weight democrats are, it would be called genocide.
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kathleen: excuse me, i am going to interrupt. abortion is a very emotional, divisive issue, and we can't ever agree on the side. it would be very lovely if it -- i am sick of it, and i would like it to be removed from the republican party platform. i was speaking on a panel with a room full of mostly republican men, and when i made that statement -- >> [inaudible] i am going to take that very personally. [applause]
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she switched, ok? kathleen: everybody wondered how i would be doing this, but i am going to finish my sentence. we can't reach a consensus here tonight. so let's move on. sally: can i just say? kathleen: one last word. to repeat not going it because i don't want the soundbite, but let's be clear, i don't want black women, white women, and latina women dying in back alley abortions. i want them to have the freedom to make sure it is about their own bodies and their own choices. without any --d, -- he way [indiscernible] i would have aborted my baby if i had actually known that
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government can't be trusted to make good decisions for people. be trusted to make good decisions for people. kathleen: moving on. let's get back to the presidential election and how the question applies to that. like to ask ann coulter be solain how she can much in favor of donald trump, given the comments he has made about women and two women that are -- and to women that are not politically incorrect, they are just rude, and they suggest a misogynistic bent. you know him, and i don't, so maybe you could explain to women why they would vote for him. really only know him for that fantastic mexican rapist speech.
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that won my heart and i have never gone back. go back to things, which i am sure the democrats will be doing, every time he came on the -- rd stern show if he was not planning on running for president, he is an entertainer. i love him as an entertainer, he is extremely funny. if you have not been to one of his rallies, i sometimes introduce him. you have to experience it. him aswho watches opposed to translating him understands that he says it with a wink rather than a snarl. he is like mohammed ali talking about how pretty he is. uhammad ali talking about how pretty he is. of fact that audiences
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30,000 people burst out laughing when he talks about his will, and obviously these were jokes he was making, but i think he also makes an important point that he was not running for president all this time. it's funny how they always say they want somebody who is not a politician to run for president. we thought it was a bad idea until donald trump. i like that we see him unfiltered, and also, he may have changed his positions on .ome things, like abortion the pro-life movement is trying to change people's minds, i don't have any problem with that. ago, when he was going on with rude comments about women that were funny, someone say -- >> they aren't. kathleen: anyway -- has anyway, it's that he always cared about the working
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class. always, always, always. his rich friends on fifth avenue not really liking him, and the people he really gets along with our the working class. -- rew up this letter is very impressive. sitesw up on construction . it is very appealing. he talks like a regular guy. he has always cared for the working class first. may be policies he says he will change his mind on, but that is the platform he is running on, somebody who cares about americans first, and immigration is a huge part of that. the american people have been asking congress to do something about immigration.
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i never saw any evidence of this until i read marco rubio's immigration bill. whose jobs are for the most? -- are hurt the most? who gets hurt the most by dumping lots of low-wage workers on the country? it is the black community. let me tell you, there are going to be a lot of construction jobs under trump. build bridges, and it's going to be great. i lovewhy i love trump, him for his policies, and i have gotten a committed to the personality. kathleen: he is entertaining, for sure. [laughter] kathleen: sally, do you have a response? sally: yes, yes i do. i don't know where to start, but the thing that is jarring is the fact that we are doing this
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today. we are making light of this, and it is not funny. donald trump is not funny. i don't want a president is funny. [laughter] [applause] by the way, i have a seven-year-old daughter, and i don't want a president to i have to say, no, no, you can't say what the president said. you can't make that joke, that's offensive, that's not ok, right? that's a nonstarter. number one. number two, i'm sorry, but i love how you say the working people love donald trump because he says he loves them. he also says the mexicans love them. they don't. i don't know what mexicans you have been hanging out with, but the others do not. she wants her wages to go up. sally: let's talk about wages. i am so glad you brought that up.
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you are right, the republican cup -- the republican party created donald trump by not acting comprehensive immigration reform, which they once supported but decide they would act out on. and number two, let's be clear about this. is that working class people in this country and low-wage workers in this country are not getting sufficient wages, which i don't agree with, then why not support -- which i agree with, then why not support raising the minimum wage? by the way, donald trump said the minimum wage is too high and needs to be lowered. i don't understand the friend of the working class thing. he not only wants to lower the minimum wage, but ship his own jobs overseas. [applause] it is the law of supply and demand. dump more and more
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low-wage workers in the country, a creates fewer jobs, fewer jobs . we will get a machine to do that. even with the minimum wage in australia and new zealand is? -- do you know what the minimum wage in australia and new zealand is? $15 an hour. why? because they control immigration. when $15 an hour is the minimum wage, we can start ringing and more immigrant workers. kathleen: let's turn the tables of it and give hillary clinton -- a bit and give hillary clinton sometime. she is the woman running for president. we are going to be serious. hillary clinton is considered the champion of women, no?
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to this side. i'm pretty sure you agree with that. but why is she considered the women's choice? just because she is a woman? what is it that she brings to the table that would be good for were to become president? how will she change things for women? >> i'm already tired of this conversation, because i don't think she is the salvation for women in all of that, but i do think that when you have a candidate who has been first lady, a senator, and a secretary of state, that she has a few more attributes than just being the woman candidate. [applause] janus: therefore, when i look at her career, when i look at her as a woman, the work that she has done which everybody knows
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she did, her outreach and the work that she tried to do even not running for president, but what she tried to do for children and working families with children, that was always an important part of her platform. theher or not she is the all and end all of women, for heavens sakes, how many men have we had? i think it is time. i would not vote for certain women because they were women, but i would vote for that woman because she is a woman. i would not vote for hillary just because she is a woman. by the way, i was a sanders supporter in the primary. i am coming around all stop --
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coming around. we do know that senator sanders agrees with hillary clinton 90% of the time. if the reason i support her, you want to talk about it from a feminine lands, it is not just because she is a woman, but the significance of that is astonishing. eight islamic nations have elected female heads of state, and we haven't. [applause] that she islso strongly pro-choice. she is the first presidential candidate who said she would eliminate the hyde amendment, which would prohibit federal money going to reproductive rights. leave.ports paid family we are one of the only developed nations that does not have paid leave for men and women. these are basic things. national healthcare, universal health care, access to college education.
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it's what she would do for women, not just being a woman. janus: i support being respectful of people and not the meeting people -- not the meaning people in considering it a joke because they are female ng people and considering it a joke because they are female, and not making jokes about women's bodies. donald trump, i don't like his brand of humor. [applause] when we talk about the civil rights era, and it should ,e called the human rights era
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people like mine whose families -- i should say this, my family was republican, and many black in the north,not republican, because we were are -- we were considering ourselves a block against the southern dixiecrat's. it was a different republican party at that time. republicans, and unfortunately, if we ask olympia snowe and lincoln chafee and other republicans why they are no longer in congress, we may have an idea of republicans who are being pushed aside by this kind of fact. -- kind of act. there was that memoir on the republican war against women.
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ann: the republican war on women. have you ever heard of tanya mitchell? kathleen: she was involved in republican politics. ann: sen. sanders: you can forget -- ann: you can forget her. [applause] but i was going to say something about the war on women . carol: you are not going to ask us about hillary? kathleen: i'm sorry, go ahead. i want to thank his group over here forhis group over keeping it simple. -- civil. [applause] kathleen: go ahead. we shouldon't think vote for any candidate just because they happen to be black or a woman. we should be thinking of the
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best-qualified candidate. nationcase of where our stands today, with some much chaos and the breakdown of the rule of law that we have seen with the obama administration, and we have hillary clinton with a history of lies, lies, more indicted,should be why would we want to elect a president that shows no respect for the public rule of law and will apparently say anything to get the votes of various groups? i think she and the democrats manipulate blacks and use blacks when they have power. when it comes to donald trump, i intend to support him, because i like his stance against political correctness. he is good on the issues that a lot of americans care about. right now, there are very few people who are willing to stand up and push back against the
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destruction of america. i think america is being destroyed, headed in the wrong direction, and there are few people on the horizon that are willing to speak truth, and i think he does speak truth, and i that few people are qualified to lead, and i am going to support donald trump, and i would never under any circumstances support a democrat. i don't see how any christian could. i am a christian -- [applause] [groans] kathleen: that's provocative. ann: i want to say something about hillary. there is nothing you can say against trump that we have to go back to the poverty of -- the
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party of barry goldwater. i am so glad it is not sanders that trump is running against. sanders would have been so much tougher. he talks like trump. i would say he is like trump in the sense that he is bound by the democratic party, but he used to be like trump, very concerned with immigration. we have to stop dumping low-wage workers on the countries, i care about low-wage workers, and we have to get their wages up, as did jesse jackson, cesar chavez. the, they realized, oh, illegals have anchor babies that are voting for us. we really care about the working class. but not only do i think sanders would be much tougher for trump, because both of them care about the working class, even if you the-- even if your dream is first female president, it is so sad that you have to vote hillary. he is saying's -- she could say
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something that she believed when she was 10 years old and the audience could change her mind. she is not only an opportunist, but a bad opportunist. she got everything she got because of who she was married to. she was the first lady of arkansas. she was the first lady of the country. we are not talking about claire mccaskill. we are not talking about dianne feinstein. can you name their husbands? no, you can't. how did hillary get to run for senator of new york, which is basically an appointed position? there are all these democrats waiting in the wings to become senator of new york. were just told, step aside, hillary is wanting -- hillary is running. the democrats step aside, she runs, and she beats rick blas
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io. and secretary of state is an appointed position. we would not even know her name as it was not for what her husband did. run dianne feinstein, run claire mccaskill. they are strong women in the democratic party. hillary is not one of them. [applause] on that note, i am sally -- et sally: [indiscernible] kathleen: i want you to go first, because i think we need to resolve this hillary question. it, neither donald trump nor hillary clinton has a good record when it comes to -- ann: absolutely false. hillary is a liar, trump is a bs'er. he said he called 1000 people
9:52 pm
when he calls one. sally: saying i never sent classified documents through e-mails, that's a lie. -- ann: saying i never sent classified documents through e-mails, that's a lie. to go with theng fbi. i am going to go with the 60,000 pages of documents and eight hearings that republicans held on benghazi, but republicans still love to bring it up, thinking she did something wrong, even though their own committees found that she didn't. do i think hillary clinton is perfect? no i don't. do i think donald trump is entertaining? i did at first, before he got frightening.
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but you did refer the qualifications and actual experience, so it is interesting to me that you would support donald trump. i can't even trust him to send live tweets. i will say this about hillary clinton. [indiscernible] sally: i think you should keep doing that. trump nail polish, keep on going. hillary clinton's approval are significantly greater whenever she is actually in a job. when she is running for office, suddenly she sucks. she sucks as a candidate. she actually does a damn good job of delivering.
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[indistinguishable conversation. ] ann: the entire middle east is blowing up because of what hillary did. obama had to be dragged into that monstrosity. it was 100%ls, hillary pushing, "we've got to go into libya." janus: it is one thing to be fallacious. ann: how am i being fallacious? [indiscernible] janus: that is not a fact. your benghazi characterization is not a fact, and i will not spend more time on it. ann: i will spend time on it. the country blew up. that is a fact.
9:55 pm
anus callingo john me a name. janus: i said your characterization is fallacious, i did not call you a name. ann: why is it fallacious? it was right to take out gaddafi. we know from the e-mails that obama was against it. ares: are you sure you talking about e-mails, or are you just conflating at? ann: i am talking about the country of bolivia and what we know about hillary clinton as secretary of state. whate country of libya and we know about hillary clinton as secretary of state. janus: your president got us into all these wars in the first place. [applause] ann: by the way, those wars were -- those wars were supported by hillary clinton, not donald trump. whoa, whoa.
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just want to do one serious thing about donald trump, for those of us who are new yorkers and really no donald trump. doll tropic is a man who took full-page ads in the new york times -- donald trump is a man who took full-page ads in the new york times take castigate the central park boys who everybody knew were innocent. kathleen: this is getting a little off track. janus: that is donald trump. donald trump is also the one who has not only maligned women, but -- by talking about what went on this week. myself and other
9:57 pm
people in this room, we like to talk about the black community as monolithic. we are not. i am not saying that as a joke. dr. swain is a woman of achievement, we just disagree. [applause] janus: i am not trying to do anything underhanded, and i don't want to take in that way. when i am saying is, as a woman, i know what it means to be shot at by the police. police, andby the that's as a journalist. i know it means to not live in four black neighborhoods, but five years as a homeowner in greenwich, years in westport, years in connecticut, and to have the police stop all of my guests. i know what that means. i know what it means to have my guests dragged out of the car
9:58 pm
and forced to the ground, because he is trying to find an the police decide they can have a little fun. i don't want to treat it all as a joke, because it is not. ,athleen: ok, it's not a joke and i want to take a minute to these wonderful women for their contributions to the conversation, and it is not over yet. i do want to give you all a chance to ask questions if they respectful.d janus: [indiscernible] kathleen: i think your hand when up first. i see one here as well.
9:59 pm
ok, this lady here in the front row. >> hi, everybody. and i am alauren, -- iesswoman, and i work have been working my whole entire life with my husband. i just want to know -- and i am not going to tell you who i am voting for -- but i want to understand how you can wrap your head around this whole entire thing we have with hillary. she completely and totally lied. [applause] would nobody more than me want a female president to be the first president of the united states. listened to what james comey said, i listened to the hearings, and i cannot understand why she is not indicted.
10:00 pm
kathleen: ann coulter wants to answer that. , veryll i will say is briefly, and i will let the democrats because the fbi did not bring charges, i would say, as you saw yourself, read his base. webas like, waking out the -- blinking like torture. gross one after another how there is carelessness and negligence. not bringing charges which i'm not surprised by. and iats don't than -- democrats. he laid out the case. appointee, but let the smear. candidate in trouble with the government.
10:01 pm
all, -- of [indiscernible] we don't have that much time. let's be clear. it acts or does matter that he was not indicted. >> if she was indicted, he would be hearing it from that side of the room. the fact that she was not indicted by consequential but she had, they would just. two, colin powell did the same thing, arguably he did server, did secure she make a mistake? yes. she said it was. when she left forthcoming that should have been, yes. i have after. -- asked her. candidate whothe has several lawsuits against him for not just line, but purposely
10:02 pm
defrauding poor people and seniors out of their way just. -- wages. [indiscernible] paper --g off cold poor people. >> you name one thing with donald trump ended the 10 times worse. >> i would be oppressed if she was indicted because that would mean you have to run against sanders and as i said, he is a lot tougher of a candidate and hillary. also, --ns >> also will go back to indict, morley and that toy clinton or the sins of for husband. clinton and the sins of her husband. the response has been to go after bill clinton. we don't seem to talk about that. womensn't talk about the
10:03 pm
and court cases have said that donald trump sexually assaulted him to pending court cases. the double standard, he does not know what he's doing, this has to be our president. he has not answered poor policy questions. >> can tell the truth about him. one thing i love about women is we don't argue with each other, we resolve issues. [laughter] we would if we were all correct. this fellow here had his hand up. i hate to get away from all this excitement, you are brilliant. know, you talk about hillary and her job, curious,
10:04 pm
,.ide from enron, -- iran we have a better relationship with toy clinton as secretary of state -- hillary clinton as secretary of state. >> i'm not going to be able to list a group of countries but i will say that the united states, the stating in the world and pull after poll went up during president obama's tenure and during her tenure as secretary of state. the world likes us more to me seems like it could standard. good's data. -- you what to blame russia on hillary clinton. putin invaded georgia when george w. bush was president, did you blame him? was he injecting weakness into the world?
10:05 pm
i have world -- news, bad people do bad things in the world regardless of who is secretary of state. it is intriguing that we want to hold her responsible for the awful thing that happened. litigate, lisa right to argument is for the middle east stability for the anyone else. created isis. this question. -- next question. my question, why is it that single young women are among one of the most democratic groups in the country? what are they missing? i would love to ask it to the right side of the panel. forare they voting democratic candidates in such
10:06 pm
large numbers? what would you say to them to commit them to come over to your side? >> two things. one is, like i said, brainwashing from the schools. and young single males are democratic. isthe other, the other thing , your question hints at but is not specifically say, the gender gap does not exist among married women. is single,gap divorced or never married. suffrage atomen's different times in a national government did. you can see what happens to government when women get the boat. the matter what mostly republican states gave women the vote first, whenever women get the vote, suddenly government spending is through the rate. which means that single women
10:07 pm
are feeling insecure about the world, probably because they can and a summit to support them. if they don't have a husband, they turn to the government. i promise you, all these programs preschool care, nursery care, that is not designed to appeal to john wayne. again, it goes back to information. one of the things, the messages that comes out of research and i try to share with young people, we know that in the black community is something like 70% of black children are in single parent households. i try to encourage them as well as some other people that if they stay in school, if they don't have a child out of
10:08 pm
wedlock, if they get a job, and they are less likely to be poor. i think most people want to work. they don't want to be on entitlement programs. the policies of the democratic party pushing this, a lot of minorities, i think it keeps them trapped. i believe that within the republican party, the programs i see people volunteering for and working in the prisons and in the schools with young people, it is to empower them so they can have a middle-class life where working-class life that they will be dependent on government. to vote for the democrats because they don't know any other way and they are being misled and being trapped. there is a way out. >> any other questions? >> ok. this gentleman.
10:09 pm
>> there we are. my name is malcolm. serious, mellow question. governmentyears in and intelligence, my family has been in the military for 110 years. since the civil war. [applause] for the people who support trump , how in god's name, how, i have seen international command center a full-scale simulated nuclear attack on the united states, i have worked next to nuclear reactors, i have been in close proximity with nuclear weapons, the seriousness of the presidency of the united states
10:10 pm
with the control of atomic 7100, if the president at any time so decides to employ that weapon, there is a nonstop chain of custody which will launch that weapon. how can you prove to me that this man has even the slightest comprehension of the awesome power that he can plan to use wheren a city like syria he would mass murder 2 million terrorists?t 30,000 i will tell you now, i don't think the military would do it. those orders are just that. explain to me his rationale based on his humor that he would have the gravity to control atomic weapons? >> excellent question. this is another, scared.
10:11 pm
he is a businessman. he goes into meetings. he made himself a billion dollars. , the fake laughter is very effective argument, i'm siding fact. obviously a service person. just because summit can be funny , for pete's and we are sitting in a comedy club. this idea that people can't be funny. motherd to philly to my than i did to my boyfriends than a speech. so he is funny and entertaining. that is great. the idea that he flies off the handle, just being babies about this. his obviously is this person who engages with a lot of brilliant people and has but a lot of buildings and made a lot of umpey and i think i would tr
10:12 pm
that more than the person who better to go into iraq and the person who blew up libya pushing obama into the biggest foreign-policy disaster of this administration. bush's bas george itch after the iraq war. we got out of that. going to invade me next, he called me and told me weapons of mass destruction. he paid each one of the families a million dollars, gaddafi was fine. is how we have this whole refugee crisis into your. gaddafi always said to europe, you would to take me out. wait until you see what i bring. think it is so clever to shut that answer the question.
10:13 pm
the question is about foreign-policy. foreign-policy. who would handle it better. hillary made a mess of it. donald trump was on the right side of these issues and he is a serious businessman. i will answer the question. i think president trump himself will be against the terrace. we are not respected. the -- terrorists. we are not respected. >> i'm sorry. you know it is fascinating to me is, i'm old enough to remember 2008. remember conservatives and republicans talking about how barack obama was not qualified to be president.
10:14 pm
it is interesting to me the sort of, he's a businessman so he will be doing the right thing. tocan trust that he want tweak nasty insulting things to heads of state. , this is anort of initiative, [indiscernible] [laughter] listen, i disagree with helical can on her foreign-policy issues be part of the reason i'm reluctant, she's more hawkish than i. go toe to tello us some of her foreign-policy decisions. may not always agreed with the outcome but at least i know she is thinking and knows what she's talking about. >> her one foreign-policy
10:15 pm
initiative. a disaster. >> next question. we will move on. fun?e you all having >> they are drinking. think,rdless of what you the ghost of left or right, you have been credible. incredible. you mentioned a number of times, the bible, [indiscernible]
10:16 pm
reason why you are, you stay on the side of the aisle and why you support the things you do based on religion and how that is not supposed to alienate myself as someone who is not religious as well as other people of other religions. it would be great to get your view on that. >> first of all, i understand and appreciate your question. for me, i identify as a christian more than a conservative. i'm unhappy with both parties. i live in america. i have to make a choice.
10:17 pm
i took the republican party because it is the party that is most profamily. i believe it is the political party that defend the constitution. we do have judeo-christian tradition. jewish, too many jewish people that are conservative, and are becoming conservative, as far as whether or not you find my views offensive, i support my religious place from who i am. i don't think you have to agree with me. as a christian, i cannot support a political party that goes against the basic tenets of my fave. -- faith. >> some people on the side of the room. >> a lot of people debate whether donald trump is a
10:18 pm
christian, we don't have a religious test for president in this country. i would vote for him because he loves america and i believe you did right thing. >> do into a quick and does not love america? >-- hillary clinton loves america? >> i think she hates america. >> you're supporting a candidate who is one of the people leading the charge say that president obama hates america but he may not be a citizen and not a christian. a majority of republicans now believe. >> president obama has done for america, undermine the rule of law. he has not shown respect for a separation of powers. the basic constitution tenet. >> i can make a fair argument bush but i would not question his patriotism. hateu think that i
10:19 pm
america? >> i like you. i think your person of good intentions just like i am a person of good intentions but we need to have more dialogue. president obama a person with good intentions. -- is a person with good intentions. [indiscernible] >> a tremendous amount of respect for everyone on the panel. tv, kelly onnne on tv, i respect where you guys are coming from. what i am having a failure of understanding is how is it that you can't hold each candidate to the same standard?
10:20 pm
how is it you are able to excuse donald trump for all of his batescretions yet lam hillary clinton for all of hers? the guys that he is being funny. about a man who if no political background, you see his fundraising, how is it you can justify being for donald trump without the him tound necessary for become president? i agree.e thing, i think we should have the same measuring stick. i think we very much do not. trump -- shhh!
10:21 pm
asked trump was approximately 117 times did this about someone he has never met, never even referred to, had no contact with david duke. times. about it 116 he has disavowed, disavowed. meanwhile you have hillary clinton actively and endorsing black lives matter. al sharpton. as long as i know, [indiscernible] still talking. david duke has never given a speech where people end up any beaten up or step. -- stabbed. and yet are clinton -- hillary clinton is not asked to disavowed hillary clinton -- al
10:22 pm
sharpton. the head of an american terrorist organization. donald trump has nothing to do with him. [screaming] >> black lives matter. are we going to ask hillary to disavowed the shooter. >> she did. believe even you believe that you can equate al sharpton with david duke of the ku klux klan. died from a speech that he gave. to -- republicans. [indiscernible]
10:23 pm
when people are getting stabbed set onten up and stores fire after al sharpton gives a speech. that whilentioning al sharpton in the black is matter movement, they are not dyingme thing, people are because of police violence and that is why the buckeyes matter exists, to support nonviolence and the quality of all people. -- equality of all people. >> the black lives matter did not shoot five police officers. >> good clue close clan has done enough. the head of that organization is
10:24 pm
responsible for some. we startk when defending the kkk, we're getting a little off course. >> not defending that. including black lives matter. >> you equivocated. >> accused of defending the kkk. >> no i do not. that there saying was some kind of comparable being offered that the kkk. >> why should donald trump? david duke, someone he's never met, -- hillary clinton says about black lives matter. the issue -- >
10:25 pm
>> leads to stores being set on fire. people dying in harlem. reporters being beaten up. that has not happened. republicans are not kissing david did spring. they are not coming to meet with him the way democrats have met with al sharpton. that is the common yard stick. everybody shush. languagese stronger but we are being filmed. democrats is time for to go to bed and others to have a drink. >> time frederick. -- for a drink. >> one more question.
10:26 pm
last question. >> thank you. thank you for this excellent conversation. i find value in both sides. i'm a 21 euros woman. and millennial. i consider myself kind of a conservative. some of his more conservative and more liberal on social issues utilizing the value from i love the pro-life movement. my question is, looking at the future of conservatism in this country and whether anne and dr. swain, yet millennial women are much more socially liberal even if they can be convinced on the economic issues. the question, with donald trump, i care a lot about the future of both parties and i think offer both values. women, we had this opportunity before donald trump came along to say we can bring
10:27 pm
women into the party and bring diversity into the party, you think of the future against -- will have to deal with a lot of diversity in the future. how can conservatism rebound after the nomination of donald trump and make sure their party is more than just white people. that is a reality whether we like it or not and make sure conservatism, it has value, i believe that. how can we make sure that we continue to bring something to the table that is not just donald trump, but is more and can not shut it off. he expanded the vote beyond what the republican party was. >what are you talking about? i think we need to embrace this. you are worried about millennials be more socially
10:28 pm
liberal or fiscally conservative, the whole attack on public and republican installing the odyssey when i work. >> i appreciate your statement. -- it is late. i think that one reason why so many young people that consider themselves, or the revoking party that they are becoming socially liberal is what is being taught on university campuses. the political correctness and the pressure of conservatism to liberalize their views. the republican party should stay true to its
10:29 pm
principles, the classical liberalism, limited government, individual responsibility, respect for the constitution and the rule of law and that we would all thrive if we protect and defend the traditional liberal values that have given , that madecan party a difference in the past. i think it is a mistake for republicans to try to become like democrats and there's a lot of pressure from people and some of them went into the republican party to change it. , i think,individuals if you don't like the republican party, then maybe should belong --the democratic party or refinished? part of some people in the
10:30 pm
democratic party that are getting frustrated and realizing that the democratic party does not have the best interest and we will take them also. will an observation. -- an observation. there are public and party pot from committee going on and for the first time ever, there's an openly gay member of the republican platform committee which i happen to think is fantastic. [applause] that pot from committee member introduced a measure in the platform saying not that the republican party should support marriage equality that is a bridge too far, she said that simply recognizing, acknowledging that there is a diversity of opinion with american party with respect to marriage equality and it was voted down. millennials, sup identified evangelicals support
10:31 pm
marriage equality. do the math and good luck. you have a party and it is determined as i've been saying to the republican party was moving beyond social conservative and i thought this was a positive thing and that i'm so tired of political correctness. when i grew up, i thought it was just treating people with respect. that is it. , politicaly perspective -- connect -- correctness is just respect. >> shutdown conservatives on campus? >> i do not. >> that is what political correctness has led to. i know it takes place. conservative students tell me
10:32 pm
what they encounter in the classroom and it is an awful environment for conservatives. to studentthat experiences and the 60's and 70's. [indiscernible] >> i'm in favor of free speech. i think that i can put it all correctness is anti-free speech. >> nothing more intolerant than the political left. >> have you heard trumpet speak speak lately?p >> one hand. if they are willing to go one more question? >> high. . i served in the army for about
10:33 pm
six years. [applause] numerous people them, they didve not appreciate it when the american government was perceived as attacking them as a general whole. from what i've seen in statements made from donald trump, this is what is happening , it is we're going to build a wall, they will pay for it, that to me is what is going to turn more people against us. i sat across the table from them, i've been attacked by them come i ultimately made connections with people who hate women, who hate everything about , i'm getting there.
10:34 pm
is, how are you asng to defend comments such groups of people together and say that he is going to keep the country safer? in my experience he will not. i know there is a strong impulse, interrogators have said, i would have to do is give the muslim members a cookie and it fills everything. another is that argument. argument donald trump makes his bold. even letting in 2 million of them since 9/11. why we going to keep letting them and after orlando, at the san bernardino? we are continuing to let them in
10:35 pm
and hoping that some of the want to come in will help us. how about stopping terrorists in. donald trump does not want to start wars. i'm happy that we are getting back to the republican initiative. the position of the rest of my party other than outcome. the democratic party, instead of doing something hard like not bringing terrorists and, let's do something easy like an day the entire middle east. these democracies all over the world. how about we just don't let them in and assimilate the ones who are already here. that is the argument that makes us safer. [applause] trumpsaid, donald attracts david duke and is the ku klux klan that approached -- proposed the initial immigration policy. the immigration policy of the
10:36 pm
united states as we have had it in the 20th century was proposed and put forth by the clan. people -- as you got darker, you became less desirable. the point is not whether or not it happens to be true. >> it has nothing to do with trump! >> it has everything to do with someone putting forth on the kkk. you are not the only expert on the kkk. ideas that aret going to force us to defend the indefensible. interest thene's two, it is not in anybody else's
10:37 pm
best interest. it is going to create international strife. >> you have to believe us. you can just caught -- talk to counterterrorism experts. will create more enemies. that is it. and john mccain did not occur without -- with that interrogation. i'm going to buy you all a trick later. -- drink later. that,important to know first of all, might ancestors came to this country with her work immigration laws. they told the girls. we do not have rules. because they were not different. they look by what we think americans should look like. i think that is wrong.
10:38 pm
noting, that one into terrorist plots in this country have been foiled by tips from the muslim community. muslims, we are doing a disservice. we have a sears problem of white men taking guns and shooting up places, but we don't think the profile them. recommend we to stop letting them come into the country. donald trump -- >> recommend we stop letting them come into the country. 1920's, 1955, was the most prosperous time in american history. we were not bringing in workers. until we bring more jobs. he would not have muslim problems if you are not bringing in muslim immigrants. some of them will help us.
10:39 pm
when you are limiting the wages of women, when you are forcing people of color into the meeting situations that you don't have to pay them for, for whom? [applause] i want to ask everyone -- we should have a vote remotely discussed. the kkk has come up, black lives matter, in 2002, i published a book with cambridge press called the new white nationalism that challenge integration. in that book i talked about the situations that were diverted to create a group of racial unrest. there are people that are white
10:40 pm
and black, and the white community and the black unity that would love to see a race war in america. i think black lives matter in the tactics of that group are contributing to an unstable environment. i think race relations have never been worse and that if you want to include race relations in america, you have to move away from the identity politics and try to go back to american national ideals and the things that unite us rather than divide us. [applause] >> i think we need to wrap it up. it has been a lot of fun and interesting. ery provocative remarks made. i don't roughly resolved the question of whether conservatism
10:41 pm
hostile to women. decided some of the audience members are. >> we did learn that women are not at all alike. ,hey don't just sit in circles they do care a lot about the issues that matter to all of us. what a healthy worldly event, and cut through it and when we can have these different ideas. i do think anyone is going to get shot tonight for those ideas. who will win the election? the bar is pretty low these days . guys,t know about you, who will win?
10:42 pm
donald trump? [cheering] hillary clinton? [cheering] [slightly louder cheering] >> that was awesome. we are fine. good night, everybody. thank you for coming. [applause] >> watch c-span's live coverage of the republican national convention beginning next monday in cleveland.
10:43 pm
and saturday night at 8:00 eastern, we will take a look at past republican conventions including the contentious 1976 republican convention in kansas city, missouri starting with the rules debate where a proposed rule would require president gerald ford to select his running mate. we'll feature speeches on the convention of president ford and ronald reagan. >> we have just heard a call to arms is on that platform. and the call to us to really be successful in communicating and revealed to the american people the difference between this. form -- platform and the platform of the opposing party which is nothing more than a revamped issue of a late late show we have been hearing from them for the last 40 years. >> the 1952 convention in chicago with dwight eisenhower. >> you have seven may -- summoned me on behalf of millions to be a great crusade. for freedom in america and
10:44 pm
freedom in the world. the solemnthing of responsibility of leading a crusade. i have but one. -- lead at one. -- led one. >> and the 9096 republican convention in san diego with former kansas senator bob dole. past national conventions saturday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. >> the hard-fought 2016 primary season is over. with historic conventions to follow this summer. watch c-span at the delegates consider the nomination of the first woman ever to head a major political party and the first non-politician in several
10:45 pm
decades. watch live on c-span beat listen on the c-span radio app or get the on demand at you have a front row seat to every minute of those conventions on c-span, all beginning on monday. >> a conversation with green party presidential candidate jill stein. she was the guest on washington journal. this is about 35 minutes. .org. is jill stein, the green party presidential candidate for president, and she is here to talk about her candidacy and bernie sanders' endorsement of hillary clinton. good morning. guest: good morning, kimberly. good to see you. host: thank you for joining us. let's begin with -- no, let's start with your candidacy. why are you running for
10:46 pm
president what would you like to do in the race? anst: i think we are in historic moment and we have seen unprecedented crises across every dimension of life, jobs that are low-wage, part-time, wages that are barely above poverty are the majority of workers, we have a generation of young people locked in to print terry student loan -- predatory student loan debt with no way out in the foreseeable future given the economy. black lives are on the firing line, mass duplications, wars for oil, and the climate is a meltdown. we have a problem. the american people have really had it with this rig in the economy, they are tired of being thrown under the bus and they have had it with a rigged political system that has delivered this disastrous economy. it is really time for transformational change that will not come from two political
10:47 pm
from the usual suspects, banks, profiteers, pharmaceutical companies, oil giants, health insurance companies, etc. the usual suspects are making out like bandits while everyday people are really struggling to get by, so we can fix this with a variety of solutions. i am the only candidate in this race with only national political party that is not poisoned by corporate money, by pac's, so iuper have the unique ability in this race to provide the american people the real solutions that people are clamoring for. that is an emergency jobs program that will fix the emergency of the climate crisis, health care as human rights, canceling student debt like we did for the bankers, we bailed .ut the crooks on wall street
10:48 pm
it is about time we bailed out the on people who are victims of that waste, fraud and abuse on wall street. we need higher education as on humanly for free rights, which pays for itself for every dollar we invest and we get back seven dollars for every dollar we put into this. a foreign policy based on international law and human rights. host: i'm sorry. i do not mean to interrupt, but it seems echo a lot of what you are talking about is part of your platform on the green party is aligning with what we heard from senator bernie sanders and his the to be the democratic nominee. how does the green party differ from his aggressive democratic platform? guest: the main difference is that we have a political party that actually supports that platform. i think what we have seen happen over the course of the last year is really proof of principle as to why we need an independent political party for a truly progressive agenda.
10:49 pm
really,cratic party shall we say, has a system deeply tilted toward hillary clinton from the get-go. we have seen that in leaked e-mails, in the superdelegates and super tuesday's that really give incredible advantage to the insider candidate. we celebrate like stripping of the voter roll in brooklyn, 2 million votes not counted in california, so one. minimized senator sanders, so what we are seeing is that you cannot have a revolutionary campaign inside the counterrevolutionary party. that is why we are here, and we are here to keep that movement going. host: we are talking to green party presidential candidate jill stein, joining us from massachusetts. we want to hear from our caller s. democrats, (202)-748-8000. republicans (202)-748-8001.
10:50 pm
.ndependents, (202)-748-8002 we have a special live the green party voters, (202)-748-8003. critical, as we said come but the candidates and you are also critical of senator sanders for his decision to endorse hillary clinton last week. you tweeted --if you jot want to or billion,armonger there are other options and you also treated that hillary takes their money, remind us again of saudi arabia's human rights record. are you still upset that senator sanders endorsed to the clinton, criticism? guest: absolutely not. this was completely expected. it is what he has said from the beginning. he is a manager's word and he has been working with the democratic party and caucusing with them ever since he has been
10:51 pm
in washington, d.c. to sit down with senator sanders and explore how we might collaborate, willing to put everything on the table, but i was not holding my grasp that that would have happened. we have been attempting to have comes issue with senator sanders for many years. host: you invited him to take over your spot on the green party ticket. that. let me clarify the nomination is up to the delegates, and i am currently the presumptive nominee, but it is not like you can give away your slot for you my offer was to sit down and collaborate with him and if he had truly learned from this very disturbing experience that he has had over the past year, where the
10:52 pm
democratic party uses every underhanded technique in the book to basically sabotages campaign, if you learned from that and became persuaded about why we need independent politics, that is not controlled by insiders and big-money behind-the-scenes, if he had learned from that and became a proponent of the green party as the alternative to this predatory politics, as a people's politics, then i think it would have been very exciting to have brought him to the convention. and appeal to the delegates to consider him as the lead candidate, and i would gladly have stepped aside, but that was all in contention of whole bunch of hypotheticals, so it was never really a concrete possibility. i'm not critical of senator sanders. i'm critical of the political system as it exists, which is drawing us over the cliff right now and with which we have no future, so i think it is very
10:53 pm
important to be honest about what is happening and to speak to that as a human being. host: we have a lot of callers waiting. first, kevin from charlotte, north carolina on the independent line. you are on with jill stein. stein. hi, miss i have seen you recently and you have been very intriguing to see as a different choice, so i look forward to your answers. inh all the bad choices republican and democratic parties, you have a real strong chance of winning if you assert yourself enough, like calling local tv channels, so on, etc., but my questions are -- what is your take on the black lives matter movements? do you see the difference and why they say all the -- why they do not say all lives matter? and because the question of womenth is always placing
10:54 pm
running for political office, how will you [indiscernible] guest: wonderful questions. thank you for tuning in and asking those important questions. matter,n black lives yes, i support black lives matter. we have a crisis of racial justice that we see all over the news thanks to the efforts of black lives matter, who have made this a matter of public attention because i believe this is not a new crisis. this is really a continuation of a crisis that began with the origins of this country, using essentially slave labor, and integrating the criminal institution of slavery into our economy and culture from the beginning. a catastrophic human rights dilation from the get-go. while we had the emancipation rolledation, slavery was
10:55 pm
over and then interventions and and jim crow, segregation redlining of communities and incredible economic discrimination in our schools, thehousing and ultimately war on drugs, which was a racist war on drugs, which still is with mass incarceration and police violence. what changed is to got bigger on our cell phones and the curtain came up on this ongoing crisis of racial justice. i think it is very important to fix this great i do not think we can address the devastating economic inequality in this country without addressing economic racism and i don't think we can address the epidemic of violence that we have in this country without also coming to terms with this living legacy of the institution
10:56 pm
of slavery. i think we need a truth and reconciliation commission said that we can address the many dimensions of ongoing white extreme racial discrimination. as far as that term black lives matter, yes, we need to note specifically black lives matter, period, full stop, because we have a culture and centuries of experience that basically say white lives matter and black was enough. -- on that important second point after what happened in france yesterday, what is your platform in terms of fighting terrorism? we have yet to understand fully what went on yesterday. it has many of the trademarks of a terrorist event, but whether this was an extremely deranged
10:57 pm
and violent individual who had his own agenda, whether he was suffered in a buying with -- self identified with isis, we don't yet know exactly the facts of the matter, but there is no doubt that this is related to ,he ongoing crisis of violence of politically charged violence, dimensions that is related to these wars and the so-called war on terror. i think this illustrates that we need a bigger solution, and this happened in the midst of the state of emergency, so it is an oficator as to how the state emergency and surveillance and security measures by themselves are not the solution. we really have to address the driving forces here. we know that isis itself is an
10:58 pm
that goh of these wars back many cycles, ultimately back to 9/11 and the beginning of this war on terrorism, but it is acknowledged that the wars are not working and what each cycle, it becomes worse. it is very important that we need the weapons embargo to the middle east, the u.s., basically applying a flamethrower by arming all sides and combatants. we and our allies have been sponsors of terrorist organizations for you can go back to the jihad in in afghanistan, which is where the whole so-called jihadi terror movement was started as a u.s.-saudi strategy for dealing with the soviet union. , so bad blood in here repeating the cycle with bullets does not fix it. we need to create weapons
10:59 pm
embargo and we need to stop funding that our allies in particular are provided. we cannot simultaneously fight terrorism while our allies are funding terrorism, arming terrorism and training terrorism. bottom andget to the address the underlying injustices and inequities. host: next, we have gus calling from our democratic line. caller: it is a pleasure to see you live to see and hear you on television. it is been one of the first times to see what you look like. my first problem is with the media having to be brought to give any candidate the chance to express their opinions. it is absolutely unfortunate. there's nothing in the constitution that says we're a two-party system and all other parties need to be excluded.
11:00 pm
it's just a pleasure to see you. i am so very taken by the idea that you cannot possibly -- you're going to waste your vote by voting for someone other than the two clowns that we have running for the two parties. host: do you have a specific question for dr. stein? caller: i do. my question is, do you see any way that any of this can be rectified so that parties like the green party and the congressional party and other parties might be able to get a little bit more media attention so that they can possibly express what their platform is? thank you. i'll hang up. guest: thank you, gus. really critical, pivotal issue. i couldn't agree with you more. fortunately there is a simple solution. the public actually owns the airwaves. we own the public airwaves.


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