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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 22, 2016 11:29pm-11:44pm EDT

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of life depends on the men and women in law enforcement. this is about 15 minutes. >> i just want to come by and say thank you for being here and eastern eric work that you do each and every day. i was a little bit delayed. there were shootings in germany and we don't yet know exactly what is happening there. obviously our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. it is still in a situation in germany is one of our closest allies. we're going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances. reminder of something that i said over the last couple
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weeks which is our way of life, our freedoms, our ability to go buy business-critical day, raising our kids and seeing them grow up, graduate from high school, no about to leave the eave their dad, i'm sorry, i'm getting too personal. [laughter] it depends on law-enforcement. it depends on the men and women in uniform every signal day who are under some of the most adverse circumstances imaginable at times making sure to keep us safe. obviously we have gone through a really tough time these last couple weeks. i hope bunch of fronts. recently, i had the
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tough job of talking to the officers those police who had been killed in baton rouge. i know that for many women in uniform, each loss like that is like a loss of your own family. make sureo come by to that all of you knew how grateful the american are -- american people are for your service. how appreciative we are of your sacrifice. as a general proposition, you are not looking for the spotlight, he just want to do your job and keep your community safe. if you us what to come home to your own families at the end of a tough day. and for you to put your self out one of the greatest gifts you could give your fellow citizens. our job is to support you in every way that we can.
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honest, view, let's be sometimes this is a contra -- controversial view. the best fit to provide support is to make sure that we are addressing potential underlying tensions underlying officers and can they are serving. cap attending sometimes those are not there is not something that will make things better. but when we are able to bring people together and strengthen those bonds, that is going to make the lives of police officers on a day-to-day basis just a little bit easier. and it is good to make our and it is going to create the kind of atmosphere whereby we can continue to bring crime rates down to near historic levels. i made this point at a prep
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conference yesterday because we are in political season and are a lot of discussions, the fact of the matter is that as disturbing as the uptake and crimes that we have seen, and some of our cities around the country, including my hometown ischicago, violent crime substantially lower today than it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago or 30 years ago. over the last four-fighters, we have seen violent crime rates that we are not seeing since the 1960's. that is not an accident. that is in part because police departments around the country have gotten really smart about preventing crimes. communitiesing with in all kinds of ways. we can build on that progress. but it is going to require us to do exactly what you are doing today which is trying to cure
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out how we can work together to ensure that our police department in our communities are aligned in what we all want which is families that are safe, people abiding by the law, making sure that our kids are growing up an environment where they can go to school and get an education and get a job and raise families of their own without fearing that somehow they're going to be struck down harassed, title drugs to buy somebody who is intent on breaking the law. this is the fourth of a series of gatherings with law-enforcement we organized since june that builds on the that we did with our task force for 20% to policing. i hope is that it has been useful in giving tools and best
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practices to give you a sense of on the departments cutting edge are using data to train officers and engage with the community. we also are hopefully hearing from you about what you learned in your experience that works and doesn't work and where the federal government can partner and your department statement and local law question officers across the country to do better. because the fact is, there is exceptional policing be done every day. you seem department organized community forms, panels, cookouts to bring officers together with civil rights leaders and activists. many of you saw the viral videos of police playing pickup basketball with kids or dancing that was a brave officer who did that. [laughter]
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there are a lot more examples that don't find a way to the twitter feeds. i want to encourage all of you to implement task force recommendations and ways that are tailored to communicate and needs, but to share with us things that you think work that can make a difference. our job is to come as a convenient. we are not responsible for day-to-day leasing of archimedes. but we do have the ability to project best practices and let people share what they have seen that works. and we do have some pretty good ideas about how to facilitate more discussions in your own communities. we are working closely with a lot of departments about how to collect data into that better -- and do that better" we have learned with respect to training that can make police work safer and more effective.
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and art of the reasons i wanted to stop by here -- part of the reason i wanted to stop by here ,s the media attention shifts there is a tragedy and a spate of police officers down or a shooting involving police and it captures the media's attention and then suddenly, two months from now, there is a different story except in one of your departments, somebody is to getting shot, it just doesn't apparently,ntion, because it is not part of the narrative. what i promised, that those who were angry about minnesota in also promisedut i the widows and families and children of folks in dallas in wasn rouge with that --
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that this is something we need to care about all the time. this is something we are going to sustain. this is not a one off. thise going to keep on at and progress is not always going to be as quick as we would like. there will be misunderstanding sometimes and there will be temptations for politics to fan the flames of the nation instead of trying to bring people together. i'm only going to be president for six more months, but i'm a citizen who will depend on law-enforcement for the rest of my life that two dollars and i hope way in the future some grandchildren who will depend on law-enforcement. so i have a big stake in this. in a good to make sure that i can do everything i can to move
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this in a positive direction so that out of some heartbreaking tragedy we can look back five years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now and say, you know what, we kept getting better. honored,e officers are their communities are supporting them, they are safer in those communities truly recognize that they are being served and protected by the men and women in blue. thank you very much. god bless you. [cheering] -- [applause]
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>> every weekend, but to be has
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48 hours of nonfiction books and authors on c-span two. here is what is coming up at saturday. thenews channel cohosts values and virtues that help to build america as a great nation and his book wake up america. the nine bridges that made our nation great and why we need them more than ever. karen:00 p.m. eastern, , she talks about legal questions arising from policies and laws enacted to fight the war against your is terrorism -- u.s. terrorism. she's integrated -- is interviewed by the author of the black matters. >> important for the american people to understand that there are -- not all terrorism cases are the same. there is an entire set of cases from those who are accused of wanting to plot and found evidence like the subway bomber
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in new york to those who are really just desperation on. -- exploration. book whiteusses her ridge. the unspoken truth about our racial divide which chronicles where black progress in history has been met by what she calls white rage. she suggested her book that opposition to the advancement of blacks still exist today. good book can for the .omplete -- book whatw the discussion to motivated murder to support a candidate. this is from washington journal and is five minutes. 45 minutes. , political science professor and studied collections, political parties and everything related to election campaign. professor, thanks for joining us. guest: glad to be with you. host: can i take you t


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