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tv   Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 25, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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ms. fudge: there will be two speakers on the yearly report. one representing the clinton campaign. one representing the sanders campaign. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome wellington webb from colorado. [applause] mr. webb: hi. i'm wellington webb, the former mayor of denver, colorado. an at-large member of the rules committee and a longtime supporter of hillary clinton. [applause]
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yesterday, i was proud to take part of the establishment of the unity reform commission which was formed in collaboration between the clinton campaign and the sanders campaign and the dnc. the commission is made up of representatives from both campaigns and the democratic national committee. assessing andwith improving our party's presidential nominating process. oncifically focusing in superdelegates, caucuses and strategies for opening up our system even more. the commission will set up a set of recommendations for the dnc rules and the bylaws committee 1, 2018.than january
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takenquate action is not within six months, the commission will present those recommendations before the full democratic national committee. you thehare with primary season brought to light some issues we need to address as a democratic family. that is exactly what we are going to do. as a party, i believe our diversity is made up strong. it is not required that we always agree, but it is vital that we always move forward together. [applause] continually perfect our processes and began a more inclusive, fair and open party within each cycle. i know i speak for a lot of
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democrats and progressives, and i have said this on saturday, i said i respect and admire senator sanders and his campaign. [applause] the voters and contributors, you were able to mobilize and bring into the process the issues raised and the elevation of our national debate. there is no question the country is better now for your efforts and as we go through the process of improving our nominating process, we will continue to move our party and our country forward. [applause] watched lebron james handseph curry shake after a well thought finals -- fought finals, we know the
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country is eager to watch these two giants move forward together to champion progressive causes, and most importantly, to ensure we swear in a president come january which will uphold our ideals which we hold most dear. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are our champions. they both deserve our cheers. they both deserve our cheers. [applause] they both deserve our cheers. [applause] i ask you -- i ask you -- i ask
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you if you would do this for me, do this for our party, do this for you and let's show donald trump we can work together. cheer for bernie when he takes the stage. let's all cheer for bernie tonight when he takes the stage and let's also cheer for hillary when she takes the stage on thursday. [applause] when we leave this convention, we should do so with a united sense of purpose to advance our whend ideals and ensure our next president is sworn in on january 20, we will here for the first time a chief supreme court justice say those words,
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"congratulations, madam president." [applause] >> please welcome state from diane >> hello, democrats. ms. russell: i'm a state representative from the beautiful city of portland, maine, a proud delegate for bernie sanders. [applause]
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[cheering] ms. russell: and i'm the one who introduced the first amendment to reform the superdelegate system. [applause] you know, dumbledore from "harry takes great said it courage to stand up to your
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enemies. it takes even greater courage to stand up to your friends. [applause] realusly, we've had a family disagreement over the role of superdelegates in our party's nominating process. , it is supposed to be hard work, but we can definitely do more as a party to ensure a fairer, more open process that places every day voters at the center. [applause] that is why i'm so pleased to
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report that a process is underway thanks to you in several states and within our newly formed unity reforms commission to open up our nominating procedure and build a fair process going forward. [applause] it is what our voters expect and it is what our party deserves. honoredm so deeply and beyond grateful to stand her e before you -- it is a bit of a dream come true. --behalf of senator sanders
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[cheering] on behalf of senator sanders and the political revolution -- [cheering] strong, unequivocal support to the unity compromise. plan, and it is a plan, gives us the opportunity to champion a variety of great election reforms, including reducing the number of superdelegates by a full
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two-thirds. [applause] that is written right into the commission charter. i want to be clear. we did not win this by selling out. [applause] we won this by standing up. [cheering] up. we did this. we won this by standing together. [applause]
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[crowd chanting] so beautiful right now. since we led the way in maine, inht over there, democrats nearly 20 states, most through their local conventions, have voted to reform the superdelegate system. 20 states. [applause] on top of that, more than 750,000 progressives signed petitions calling for serious structural reforms.
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[applause] and we're doing it. we are doing it because we are the party of democracy. .e are the party of the 99% the downtrodden, the forgotten, the working class. [applause] exactly. not for sale. chanting "not for sale"]
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reform.ighting to make democrats from a very small but very mighty tightmade -- threaded a needle to stand for real change against all odds. we won because democrats across the country organized in our home state and we won because our rules committee members stayed at the table to negotiate a real solution because they heard you asking for it and amending it and they -- demanding it and they got it done. [applause] i never thought we would get
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through the main convention and here we are getting it through the national convention. [applause] you have to understand something. the fight to reform the superdelegate system was never about this election. it was always about democratizing our party for generations to come. [applause] it may be hard and, believe me, it may be messy, but ladies and gentlemen, this is what democracy looks like! [applause] this is what democracy looks
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like! [applause] , love does trump hate. in the end, i stand with my democratic family in making sure we win this fall. [applause]
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i don't need to see anyone like my governor because of this president of the united states. [applause] you support bernie sanders or hillary clinton, we are all in this together and we will all have a voice in the clinton administration. [cheering] we can work together on so much. despite any differences we may hold, we all know in our heart of hearts that a donald trump presidency will hurt our party notour people, and i am ok with that.
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[applause] always stand strong with bernie sanders. and i will also do everything i can do this fall to elect hillary so we have a democrat in the white house. [applause] a is time to get to work on higher minimum wage, expanding social security, restoring equal pay for women and making sure the rest of the generations are not saddled with student debt like my generation is. [applause] ahead.the road
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we are united and fixing the superdelegate system is the path to making sure our party is the strongest party not just this fall, but for generations to come. thank you. [applause] ms. fudge: delegates, you have heard speakers from the clinton and sanders campaign speak in favor of the unity report recommended for approval by the rules committee. the chair will entertain a motion to approve these other proposals as recommended for your approval by the committee rules -- the convention rules committee. do i hear a second? >> second. ms. fudge: we will now have a
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voice vote on approving the unity report and other proposals it has recommended by the rules committee. all those in favor say aye. >> aye. ms. fudge: all those opposed, no. chair determines the ayes have it. [applause] the permanent chair of the 2016 convention, it gives me great pleasure to introduce a fellow member of congress from maryland and my dear friend, convention parliamentarian steny hoyer. please welcome congressman steny hoyer. [applause] mr. hoyer: thank you, maryland.
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good evening. and fellowcrats americans. i'm so proud to be addressing you here in america's first capital, the home of independence hall, the liberty bell and the birthplace of our constitution. i'm proud to serve as the parliamentarian of this convention and proud to be here with the delegation i just referenced. all ofnds from maryland, my friends from maryland. [crowd chanting "steny"] i love you, too. to nominate hillary
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clinton because of her -- [applause] because, because of her ability, her experience and her vision for our country. onare also here to show america why democrats up and down the ticket are ready to lead. years,e past eight president obama and vice president biden worked hard to help americans emerge from the bynomic collapse ushered in republican policies.
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for the first two years of the president's administration, he had a democratic congress that was committed to doing the job and rescuing our government. thank you. millionsof americans, of americans work hard tightening their belts, they persevered and never, never, never gave up. and with the help of the d,covery program, we enacte america has come back. however, untilw opportunities come back for every american, there is a lot more work to be done. gentlemen, let me republicansce the
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took control of the house of representatives in 2011, they have had a message for the american people. you're on your own. hard-working immigrants and citizens, tolgbtq , ton demanding equal pay parents asking for affordable childcare and paid family leave, to millions who have health insurance today for the first time through the affordable care act -- [applause] and the republican party has said to all of them, you're on your own. but we say, you're not on your own.
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we are in this together. kaine, clinton and tim and democrats in congress, will always be on your side. [applause] side because we believe that we are stronger together. [applause] .nd we are running together as the previous speaker pointed out, to renew faith in government and help al lour people -- all our people make it in america. gentlemen, at a speech at the republican convention last week, speaker ryan said this election comes down to a contest of ideas.
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he's right. but, we have seen the disastrous results of republican ideas. and we have seen what they can do to our economy and to our security. that is why, ladies and gentlemen, all of us, those who supported sanders, those who supported clinton, those who supported my governor o'malley, all of us must bind together for our country and elect hillary clinton president of the united states of america. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome platform drafting committee chair, representative elijah cummings from maryland. [applause] mr. cummings: madam chair, honored delegates, and my fellow democrats, i stand before you here today not as a congressman from the inner city of baltimore, but as a son of former sharecroppers who started on a farm in south carolina wit h no running water, no toilet, but who believed in education and taught their children the value of helping others. my father, the late robert cummings, a man who left school
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to plowe fourth grade the fields and pick the cotton, he is one of the smartest people i have ever known. ofsaid, son, the ettest a man is not how much he helped himself. the true test is whether he helps those less fortunate. [applause] son, you go to sed so youget bles can bless. that is the standard by which he measured me growing up and is the standard i which i still measure myself. it is the standard we democrats use today. i stand before you because my
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parents saw promise in their seven children. my parents did not do it alone. no one does it alone. it was our democratic party that pushed open the opportunities for me and millions of children across this great country. it was our party that fought for head start and good schools. affordable ande championed affirmative actions and school desegregation, that passed social security and medicare, that fought for veterans back home, that fought for the rights of workers and made the dream of home ownership possible for millions of
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american families. is our democratic party. and voting rights -- and voting rights. democrats -- it is we democrats who fully understand when you take away a person's away to vote, you take their ability to shape their own destiny. and it was and it is our democratic party that fights for women's rights, gay
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rights.he lgbtq understands that black lives matter. [cheers] cummings: but we also recognize that our communities and our law enforcement work best when they work together. our party, our party, our party -- thate diversity diversity is not a problem, but is a promise. and that is why, ladies and gentlemen, that is why ours is a
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party of unity and not division. i am proud that our party's theform will help not wealthy, not the 1%, but it will help our struggling middle class, our working families, the disadvantaged, and disabled. it will help the less fortunate. -- and itrm has had has done so not by seeking common ground, but aspiring to higher ground. where weons a nation do not only an act a minimum wage, but a living wage.
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we as democrats value every life, black, white, asian, every life. envisions our nation where we do not have to choose between protecting the environment and creating jobs, but where we can defend our planet against global warming while at the same time and acting policies that foster job creation, incentivize new startups, and bring expatriated jobs back home. it envisions a nation where every child can get a first-rate equipped, every school to compete in a global economy. it envisions an american a in which we protect a woman's right to choose.
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where everyone can get the health care they need when they need it. regardless of their zip code or circumstance. care in ourth country is not a privilege. it is now, thanks to president barack obama, our right as americans. chair, when i say my prayers at night and i look up to the heavens, i see the stars, and sometimes i see my father. i know tonight is smiling on all of us, and he, like me, is proud, proud of our platform and our great nominee, hillary clinton, and
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our party's bright future. and if my father, that brilliant man, with a fourth-grade education, but a mind full of wisdom and common sense, were standing here with us tonight, i know he would be proud of all of you, and he would say these words -- that this election is bigger than hillary clinton, bigger than bernie sanders, it is bigger than all of us. it is about generations yet unborn. and he would say these simple blessed, so you can bless others. go out there and vote and do not stop lifting up the american people.
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may god bless america! [cheers] ♪ seven weeks ago the process for drafting the platform began. meeting in washington and byenix, that committee led congressman cummings had public hours of hearings. >> i was proud to stand behind the president when he announced new actions never ring loopholes to make it easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns. >> largest cooking and cracker production facility in the world in mexico. my employer never expressed to me or any of my coworkers that they were concerned about our
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future or the future of our families. >> the voices of those who have experienced poverty firsthand must be included in our country's government and in our policies. struggled, but it is never enough. heard 114mmittee witnesses advocate for positions or includesion in the platform. bewe're looking for women to paid fairly. >> this will be the first withouttial election the full protections of the voting rights act. >> as a person of color, i know we are resilient. that is why we're here. we need to present our children with more than survival. is why i ask that as you develop your plans for the future, make climate change mitigation a
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top priority. innovation, job creation, removing barriers, combating climate change, and so much more. asian-americans are quite progressing. critical to securing justice for all americans. >> next stop, st. louis. drafting committee meeting, with instructions to seek higher ground, the committee deliberated over positions of the party platform. of folks working 9:00 until 5:00 to stay alive. >> after spirited debate them the committee voted to advance its work to the platform committee. >> we got some great stuff in the platform that was never there before. i will therefore vote to pass it
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on in hopes that the conversation continues in orlando. >> i enjoy being part of the process. we have made substantial moves forward. we will try to make this world a better place. >> i hope we recognize the wonderful work that has been done here and move forward and embrace this and win this election. orlando, or than 100 members of the platform committee came together from across our party to firm our vision about how to make america even better. >> i'm so proud of the democratic party, i am proud of hillary clinton's campaign, i'm proud of the sanders campaign. this is about what america is going to be. this is a pivotal moment in our history. >> committee made hundreds of changes and amendments to the
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draft. showss is a moment that you the democratic party is, a party of people, a party of passion. togethermmittee came in the spirit of progress for the future of our country. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am so proud to be a democrat tonight. i want to thank bernie sanders. i want to thank hillary clinton. forward to electing the first woman president of the united states of america. >> the document they created, aspirational, positive, and future oriented, is now that 2016 democratic national committee platform.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the podium platform committee cochairs shirley franklin from georgia and govern our daniel malloy from connecticut. ms. franklin: i am proud to present the platform committee report. as a democrat, i am privileged us be here at this moment occasion, honoring our party's legacy and standing on the shoulders of giants. i cannot help but be reminded of barbara jordan, the first black woman to give a keynote address at the democratic convention.
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asked, are we to be one people bound together by common spirit, sharing in common endeavors, or will we become a divided nation? i believe we are faced with the same questions today. and i believe we and hillary clinton have the answers. ago, 187 members heard testimony from 144 witnesses. for hours.ted experts,omments from advocates, elected officials,
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and neighbors, coworkers, and in the most open and transparent 's history,our party we drafted the most progressive platform ever. bold vision for working andlies -- social justice the continued prosperity and security of our country. and it is reflective of our values as democrats, the party of inclusion. we know that the common endeavor that barbara jordan called for 40 years ago is just as powerful and profound today. and we know that our party, our country is stronger together. thank you.
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malloy: i move for the adoption of the platform report. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome paul booth from the district of columbia. >> sisters and brothers, colleagues on the drafting committee, my friends on the sanders campaign with whom i was proud to work, work through and adopt these hard-five agreements, i am -- hard-thought agreements, i am proud to put forth the most ambitious platform that democratic party has ever offered. democrats of every stripe came together to create this bold
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plan for progress and make no mistake, it is a win for middle-class families and all those trying to get there. it and ask the circle investments in infrastructure that will make our country more competitive in the 21st century. it has a declaration to increase the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. it has support for the public services, the public schools, and the public workers who are the backbone of our country and keep our neighborhoods strong, safe, and thriving. and highs progressive standards on trade to protect american workers. us to take -- and it commits us to take forcefully
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the challenges of systemic racism in america. this platform fights for social justice, for equal pay and higher pay, for safe and secure retirement, and for the right to organize labor unions. to americans who are having it rough trunk to make ends meet, to those who have seen to thoseking violence, who think the american dream is slipping out of reach or that climate change is hopelessly irreversible, we have done our best to pave a hopeful path forward. platform is not a bunch of slogans. we offer plans, not empty promises, and we need leaders capable of delivering those
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plans, and that is exactly who we are nominating, hillary clinton and tim kaine. who agree and will carry out our vision. the republican platform -- [chanting] booth: the republican platform would not make america great. discrimination, cutting holes in the safety that, austerity for you and me while the corporate elites and
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millionaires get special privileges, and more deregulation, more privatization. that would not make america great. and neither will the gridlock we have been living with. americans need a better option, and that is exactly what this bold agenda represents. but words alone are not enough. this platform needs a mandate from the voters of america, and that demands that we come together and work together and organize together and mobilize together anywhere and everywhere to win this november and beyond. brothers and sisters, none of the visionary proposals that we have committed to, the policies
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that brought millions of us into activist engagement in the primaries, none can be achieved without that mandate from the voter. let's face it, americans are skeptical. they have seen republican partnership blocking people from medicaid. they have even shut down the government, so they ask, can we deliver for working men and women? yes, we can. answer, hadan be proud of what we written together. we should be. the solutions american want and need are in this platform. so let's ratify it together. let's take it out on the road to together, and with these progressive principles guiding us, let's let democrats from the
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white house to the 50 state houses together. thank you. >> please welcome ben jealous from maryland. mr. jealous: good evening. my name is benjamin todd jealous. organizeril rights whose marriage was against the law 50 years ago. can say i have spent my entire life pulling people together to prove that love trumps hate. i am proud to be one of the 1900 delegates here tonight from the
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bernie sanders campaign. bernie will be here tonight, and today is our date begin to unify so we can defeat donald trump. and i am looking forward to joining him along with all of us to take back the senate, i left local -- elect changemakers, trump, and make hillary clinton the president of the united state. proud -- this. form, the most progressive platform in the history of our party.
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it empowers us all to pull together and win the ballot box and beyond. you see, i hail from the great aree of maryland, where we -- where democrats have shown when we all come together as bigger win more, victories after. ago, when a reactionary republican were everybody's rights everywhere, all at once, we in maryland adopted the motto of the three musketeers -- all for one and one for all. wethe year that followed, abolished the death penalty, past marriage equality,
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decriminalized the protection of marijuana, past the dream act -- and passeddream act sensible gun safety reform. and it is in that same spirit that we present this platform to the students and graduates who are drowning in debt, join us at the ballot box this fall and together we will make college radically more affordable. to communities devastated by mass incarceration and murder, join us at the ballot box and together we will shift our nation's priorities away from the failed war on drugs and towards rehabilitation and a reincorporation of men and women returning from prison into our economy. strategy thatety
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actually makes us safer. to the hard-working parents who bear that special pain that comes when you realize your family just cannot survive on $7.25, we say join us at the ballot box and we will win the fight for $15 and raise the minimum wage, from coast to coast, to $15 per hour. and to residents of world communities and urban areas ravaged by the poisoning of their wells and the water supply, we say join us at the ballot box and we will ensure that your voice is heard and your water is made clean and our nation shifts away from gas and solar.d toward wind and
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of good conscience everywhere who are tired of being scapegoated and killed trans phobia,ism, homophobia, and xenophobia we boxjoin us at the ballot and together we will move america forward to become the most perfect example of the unity and dignity of the human family that the world has ever seen. and to all americans, we say we ,re the party of fdr, jfk, mlk shirley chisholm, barbara andlski, barack obama,
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hillary clinton. we broke the gender barrier at the senate and the color barrier at the white house. join us at the ballot box and we will elect hillary clinton president of these united states, defeat donald trump, and build a better america for all our dollars and son. -- sons. let's go win this. god bless. >> hillary! hillary!
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ms. fudge: a motion has been made to adopt the 2016 democratic national platform as recommended by the platform committee. is there a second? [cheers] ms. fudge: we will now have a voice vote approving the platform committee's report. all those in favor say aye. >> aye! [cheers] ms. fudge: all opposed. [cheers] ms. fudge: is there any
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opposition? in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it. much to thery platform committee cochairs, elirley frank and dann malala, as well as the platform committee chairs, elijah cummings and the members of the platform committee. thank you. ♪
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representativeme robert brady from pennsylvania. mr. brady: welcome to my district, and welcome to philadelphia, the city that has made america free to date makes street again. -- makes history again. this is the home of the liberty, but independence and liberty have never been given.
6:02 pm
we have to fight and defend these principles each generation. that has been the work of the brave men and women of the armed services. to all of you who have loved ones serving, thank you. to all who have defended our freedom but never came home, those missing in action, we remembered you. you are not forgotten. americans living in freedom, each of us has a responsibility to always remember the sacrifices of those that did not come home and those whose safe return we're still waiting for. we hold them in our hearts every single day. across this great land and throughout greater philadelphia, in venues from city hall's to sports arenas, an empty chair honors our missing here is. i was proud to pass along and such a place in the
6:03 pm
united states capitol as well, convention, and ftc will serve as a reminder of those members and those p.o.w.'s and what they did for our country. we have a responsibility to remember. please talk to the pennsylvania delegation where we keep this w-mia nationalpo chair of honor right here in the pennsylvania delegation. you to stand of and observe a moment of silence m.i.a. americans. please stand. you, and thank you for honoring our great community. let's give them one more round
6:04 pm
of applause, to our veterans. i cannot hear you. how about pennsylvania? let's break it up for our veterans. thank you for all you do, and to keep donald trump out of the white house, someone who disrespects our p.o.w.'s like all we can, and do electronic spread, hillary rodham clinton. thank you. god bless america. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome representative brendan boyle from pennsylvania.
6:05 pm
boyle: welcome to the nation's birthplace, my hometown, philadelphia. right here in the sweltering 76 a nation was conceived out of a shared commitment to powerful ideals that would inspire the world over. father came to america when he was 19. he came here to enjoy the same rights and pursue the same opportunities that our founders dreamed of two centuries ago. he knew in this country is children would be considered trusts of americans as the descendents of the mayflower. my father is a janitor, cleaning the same train station many of
6:06 pm
us rode past to get here tonight. school crossing guard. my brother and i grew up in a small row home where we were raised to believe in this country if you work hard, where you come from does not determine where you are going. thanks to the many sacrifices, a lot of student loans, and a little luck, i became the first in my family to go to college. as democrats, our mission is to make more stories like mine more common, not less so. but all donald trump wants to do is tell you who is to blame, to fan the flames of anxiety, and to exploit them in the most negative, divisive, dangerous ways. this is why hillary clinton's vision is so important.
6:07 pm
wagesthe opportunity for that help americans join the middle class and stay there, a plan to ensure that women workve equal pay for equal and athway to college, ladder into the working world. now, donald trump says the american dream is dead. why does he want to lead america when he does not even believe in america? wrong.trump is this is a remarkable country. destiny, we and by are a land set apart. we democrats come to philadelphia this week to rio reaffirm our commenced our founding ideals. we come here to renew our fight
6:08 pm
to make the american team in reality for all. we come here to elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states. >> ladies and gentlemen, please glcome representative raul rijalva from arizona. mr. grijalva: good evening. i stand here in support of hillary clinton. future and inur recognition of our proud past, i
6:09 pm
am reminded today of all the important fights of the past 50 , fought and won by progressive leaders of our party. -- for women's rights, for clean air, clean water, and for peace, and the many other great -- in this country that made it a better place. i came of age with a party that believed the public good, not the size of a donor's check, was the true measure of an idea. and, my friends, a new generation is coming of age today. millions of young people, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all income levels, are looking for us to stay true to the party's great ideals. they look to our hope that we will put their needs above
6:10 pm
those of the already rich and powerful. optimism,lism, their their belief in america, they are no different than the idealism that built this nation or the idealism that won progressive fights of a generation ago. is just asism powerful and, yes, just as fragile. in this election and in everything we do, we must remember that and be worthy of it. i would not be here today if theing our nominee democrats of 50 years had not had their current. i would not be here if our party was built in the likes of donald trump who is trying to make our country meet her, april, more divided, and more fearful.
6:11 pm
i am proud to be part of a movement that is going to beat ronald trump. -- donald trump, that is going to help elect hillary clinton. that idealism is a governing philosophy we should be proud of. now it is time. let's go win this. let's win it for our people. and let's win it for our nation. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please -- fromrepresentative new york. >> good evening. good evening.
6:12 pm
you iny pleasure to join the city of brotherly love to nominate our first sister president. [cheers] statesey: in the united congress, i have the privilege to represent teachers and first andonders, veterans, college students, small business and my goodseniors, , the next colleague president of the united states of america, hillary clinton.
6:13 pm
we new yorkers really know hillary. not only has she been our first lady and secretary of state, hillary has been our neighbor, years,end, and for eight our fierce ally in the united states senate. what i learned from working closely with her for many years. hillary does not just fight the tough battles. hillary wins them.
6:14 pm
and in the dark days after september 11, hillary's leadership on to half of new york was unsurpassed. she consoled those who lost loved ones. she brought home the assistance to get new york back on its feet. and long after the cameras were gone, hillary helped secure health care for the police, the who wereers, the emt's sick because they ran toward ground zero as everyone else ran away. hillary represented the diverse needs of the entire state of new v.a. fighting to keep
6:15 pm
hospitals and military bases open, helping to get produce from farms to market, and giving small businesses the tools to grow and hire. she was a strong voice for new york's state-of-the-art hospitals, our colleges and universities. of course, hillary's achievements reached beyond the empire state. from her work to support family caregivers, to make family planning accessible for every american woman. provide 8 million american children with health insurance.
6:16 pm
is respected around the skilled diplomacy, impeccable leadership, and advancement of rights for women and girls. devoted her life and career to public service and strengthening america's middle class. devotedald trump has wellife and career to -- --donald trump. always put our families first, and that is why
6:17 pm
on our ballot, we put hillary first. now i am happy to be joined by new york leaders who know hillary clinton, who respect hillary clinton, and will continue to work to elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states. ms. lowey: and now i am so
6:18 pm
pleased to introduce another .reat leader from new york >> thank you. hello, democrats. any democrat in the house? hello, new york. am a senator, and when i take my oath of office as your congressman in january, i will become the first in the can-american to ever serve in the u.s. congress -- dominican-american to ever serve in the u.s. congress. perhaps just as important, i st member offir
6:19 pm
congress who was once undocumented as an immigrant. you take that, donald trump. us immigrants, our commitment to this country is not always found in our papers, in our documents. even in our worst days, that tall elegant lady sits in new york harbor, and she says to donald trump every day, give me your tired, give me your poor, your masses waiting to be free. with every callous in our hands the fruits that we plant are elements of our work. the skyscrapers that we don't we build --hat between our dreams and destiny.
6:20 pm
for donald trump, that is scary. for hillary clinton and tim kaine, it is inspiring. so let's keep building. let's keep dreaming. and let's elect hillary clinton as our next president so we can be stronger together. [speaking in spanish] mr. espaillat: and donald trump
6:21 pm
-- spanish] in mr. espaillat: thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are about to take that 2016 democratic convention official
6:22 pm
photo. we ask elegant and guests to get your seats quickly and make sure there is no movement in the hall. the photo is being taken by a fourth generation photographer using a 100-year-old camera, that has captured all the past dnc conventions and the past six presidential inaugural ceremonies. please look to the center of the hall where the camera is on a od and listen to instructions from the photographer. >> good afternoon. [indiscernible] i need your cooperation, please. there should not be any movement in the hall.
6:23 pm
if you are moving, the people behind you, they will be completely blurred. in camera is going to move one. i need your cooperation, please. do not move, and just looked toward the center of the hall. i greatly appreciate your cooperation. stay right there. do not move. request -- until i camera. is a handheld please do not move. beautiful.
6:24 pm
stay right where you are. almost halfway through. [indiscernible] i appreciate your cooperation. good luck to all of you.
6:25 pm
♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, is health the oregon speaker, and georgia house democratic leader stacy abrams. >> good evening.
6:26 pm
i am the vice chair of the democratic legislative campaign committee and speaker of the house from the great state of oregon. can we move the -- for a second? i will say that again. thank you very much. first lesbian speaker of any state house in our nation -- [cheers] thank you. witnessed thelly
6:27 pm
tremendous progress towards equality and justice for the lgbtq community. we have come so far, and we cannot -- we cannot go back. i am known for being someone who tells it like it is. and the fact is i am with .illary because she is with me hillary clinton understands that the work to improve the lives of everyday americans does not just need to happen in washington, d.c. it needs to happen in state capitals all across our country. just like hillary, oregon
6:28 pm
democrats and democratic state legislators across the country are proud to stand up for the hard-working people we represent. we have been leading the country by advancing progressive the playingt level field and create an economy that works for all americans. e minimum wagehem whe to guaranteeing paid family medical leave, to ending racial profiling, democratic leaders in the states are fighting to get it done. and now we need to elect hillary clinton to ensure the progress we are making is not compromised by risky, reckless leadership in the oval office. from the statehouse to the white house, we need leaders like hillary clinton who will stand
6:29 pm
up to the bullies who threaten offerss and equality, who real solutions to put working families first, and built an economy that gives everyone a fair shot at success. hillary clinton is our answer to intolerance and fear. and i have her back because i know she stands with all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you, tina, and thank you for what you do for the great state of oregon. friends, i am senate president from the great state of california.
6:30 pm
i am with hillary because she has spent a lifetime fighting for families just like mine. on of a single immigrant mother with a third grade education, i know how important the work at the state capital can be. we open doors of opportunities to hard-working americans who do not have the luxury of a family inheritance or eighth agreed -- name.eed democrats in california have led the way by raising the minimum , expanding affordable thedcare, establishing
6:31 pm
dream act that keeps families together, keeping college affordable, and creating more than 500,000 clean energy jobs through our landmark climate laws. we have made unprecedented progress in every area and when we elect hillary clinton as the next president, i know our progress won't to be america's america's progress. policieser progressive
6:32 pm
-- this is how democrats govern and when democrats lead, everyone has a shot to succeed. not by shouting bombastic rhetoric into the microphone, but by taking bold, intentional policies and implementing them and igniting innovation that leaves no one behind. that is how you improve the human condition. democrats do not alienate, demonize.xclude, or and we do not manufacture fear. that is a sign of weakness. inequality, ine power the forgotten and overlooked and expand the winners circle for everyone
6:33 pm
irrespective of who you are, where you come from, the language you speak. we fight for equal pay for all women because we know that an economy works better when we all work together. friends, we are all democrats. more importantly, we are americans. i got a message for donald j. trump. [speaking spanish] we do not build walls here. we tear them down. [cheers and applause] abrams and i join you today from the great state of georgia.
6:34 pm
lead thered to democrats in the house of representatives. growing up as the daughter of a librarian and a shipyard worker in southern mississippi, my family was hit by the economic insecurity that is too often sexism, andcism, the ills that come from being born in the wrong zip code. my parents taught all six of their children, celebrate through service the great that is america. to understand that no matter how little we may have had, there was always someone with less and it was our job to serve that person, to know that even the most powerful among us, the strongest among us did not rise
6:35 pm
up alone. no matter where we start, we all need help. we all need opportunity. for we succeed, with us together -- we prosper together. it changes the lives of our families, communities, our country. hillary clinton understands that government at all levels is a -- profoundsion expression of our common humanity and shared values, of our aspirations, not our fears. that is why i am so very proud to stand with this remarkable thousand fellow state legislators and each of you as we elect hillary to be the 46th president of these united states.
6:36 pm
i am here today as part of a new american majority, one that has the courage to work together rather than tear our nation apart. we are the architects of solution to help families raise healthy children and make a living wage weather than --ppling our economic future rather than crippling our economic future. we fight for more because that is who we are. party is thec party of civil rights and human rights, we will always be the party of progress and inclusion and we will not allow the country to return to an era of discrimination. we will elect hillary clinton, a leader who sees the future and
6:37 pm
races toward it fearless and bold because america is and will always be stronger together. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the mayor of philadelphia, jim kenney. ♪ >> thank you. pennsylvania! on behalf of the great people of the city, welcome to philadelphia. it is a city that makes history and we are ready to do it again when his convention nominates the first woman president of the united states.
6:38 pm
today, however, i want to share a philadelphia story you probably don't know. version of aarly know nothing political party held a rally here to protest the claimed these immigrants, people like my family, were more likely to commit crimes. does that sound familiar? riots.etoric led to churches were burnt to the ground. 20 people died. i am telling you this story for one reason -- it is happening again. the know nothings have returned and last week in cleveland, they vowed to take their country back in november.
6:39 pm
they got it all wrong. it was never their country in the first place. whether our families came to 1976, ortry in 1776 or 2016, this country belongs to all of us. us thought we defeated the know nothings eight years ago when we were yet -- when we elected our first black president barack obama. but the fact is that meaningful never happens all at once. you have to fight for it. philadelphia became the first major city to pass the soda tax that will fund pre-k, committee schools, and parks and recreation centers all throughout the city. recently, i was speaking to an immigrant restaurant owner who
6:40 pm
told me he's up for the tax even though he sells -- supported the tax even though he sells sodas because it would help the neighborhood children. we did not come here just to get rich. we came here to make a better life for us and everyone else. we have to come together. when this country comes families who have to choose between health care and groceries are no longer hungry and sick. when we come together, the know nothings who overran philadelphia in 1844 will finally be defeated with the election of hillary clinton as the president of the united states in 2016. let's get to work.
6:41 pm
enjoy philadelphia. >> hillary! ♪ >> who are you consulting with consistently? >> i am speaking with myself because i have a good brain and i have said a lot of things. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the governor of connecticut. ♪ >> thank you. i am here today to tell you a story of hope, a story of why we are stronger together. it is a story of a young boy with physical and learning
6:42 pm
disabilities. reading and writing, almost impossible. mentallyhought to be retarded as late as the fourth grade. a boy who could not tie his shoe or button his shirt until the fifth grade. someone who knew the hard words of belize in the playground -- bullies in the playground and discrimination. but the boy had great teachers and a mother who believed in giving him the opportunity for success. he had a support system who believed we are stronger together when we left up to those who fall behind. t up those who fall behind. and that boy was lifted up. he went on to be successful in college and law school, earning
6:43 pm
the right to be the first learning impaired person to take the bar exam in three different states. today, that boy has grown up and is standing before you as the governor of the state of connecticut. proud to be addressing the democratic national convention. why is my story, a story of we are stronger together. it is an american story. our communities are bound by the shared understanding that we are stronger together, that we need to lift up our brothers and sisters and ignore the shouts liestaunts of bul amongst us. am proud toi
6:44 pm
support hillary clinton for president of the united states. clinton, and tim kaine, i believe we must instill hope in every american. it does not matter their race or gender or who they love or where their parents were born or their religion or what they are learning abilities -- their learning abilities are -- every child, every american deserves to have an opportunity to be successful in this life. that is what we stand for as democratic governors. we stand for solving problems in bringing hope to more americans. hope for better schools and fairer wages and more time to spend with the families they love. we are proud to count amongst our alumni former governor bill clinton and we are proud to count amongst our alumni former
6:45 pm
governor tim kaine. kaine, as governor of virginia, let his state through the worst economic crisis since the great depression while creating jobs in the process. i'm here to tell you that the middle class in america is getting stronger thanks to the work of democratic governors. washington, d.c., republicans will block any innovative idea fort has a scarlet letter d democrat next to it. createay, we work to jobs and improve access to quality education. that is exactly what we have done in connecticut. we have added over 100,000 jobs while raising the minimum wage. we passed criminal justice
6:46 pm
reform that gives nonviolent offenders a second chance. we have lowered our prison population by thousands and thousands of individuals while we cut our crime rate to the lowest it has been in 48 years. after the sandy hook school tragedy, we passed commonsense gun safety laws, including universal background checks in our state of connecticut. moved toward equal pay by making compensation more transparent and we were the first state in the nation, five years ago, to ask paid sick leave. not only are our workers protecting their health, but they are protecting -- protecting the health of the people they serve. the businesses they work for approved of paid sick leave
6:47 pm
today. across thisovernors country are leading the way. in new york in delaware, we have raised the minimum wage. in rhode island and montana, we have taken action for equal pay. in oregon and california, we have asked paid sick leave. we have discussed medicaid expansion. we made historic advancement in education, including right here sy albania -- in pennsylvania. meanwhile, donald trump, who has insulted anyone who does not agree with them or does not look like him, women,
6:48 pm
mexican-americans, veterans, muslim americans, the lgbtq community, and people with disabilities -- you name them and donald trump has bullied them. i know why we must stand up to them. if donald trump's words are bad, his actions are worse. look at his vice presidential choice, governor mike pence. ce tickets, it-pen is like a contest to see who can discriminate more. mike pence rejected federal money that would have funded pre-k for 4000 low income children. he signed a law that would have forced women to hold funerals cases,uses, even in some after miscarriages.
6:49 pm
he signed a law that would dennis -- discriminate against people based on who they love. that cost indiana's economy an estimated $60 billion -- $60 million in lost money. governor pence turned his back on rescuing children and their parents -- refugee children and their parents. the first family of refugees rejected by him are now welcomed residents in the state of connecticut. ticket brings the worst of the republican gubernatorial record to the national stage and it shows why we need to fight at the local level. governors work where the ber meets the road.
6:50 pm
democratic governors are critical to winning this battle at the state level. -- we arey the organa the only organization focused on electing democratic governors. we are fighting for these policies today and we are fighting for the future by focusing on winning back governors seat. you all know this. you know the republicans rigged the map in 2010. that is why we need strong democratic governors to fight for fair maps and the policies we all believe in and that should be coming out of the congress of the united states. helpher, we can and will lift up every american so they can live the american dream. we as democrats believe we are stronger together. god bless you and thank you very
6:51 pm
much. ♪ >> even though americans voted for more democrats. republicans drew congressional maps that looked like ink blot tests. >> governors have veto power over redistricting lines. >> it has helped the gop keep control of the house regardless of what voters might prefer. >> a highly effective republican plan set in motion years early. >> in states with democratic governors, we stopped the
6:52 pm
republican power grab. >> to get more people to vote. >> the colorado voter act. >> terry mcauliffe made history today. >> with congressional redistricting coming up again, if you want more democrats in congress and a stronger democratic party, elect more and helpc governors unrig the map. >> please welcome the chief executive officer of the democratic national convention committee. >> my sisters and brother democrats, welcome to
6:53 pm
philadelphia. extraordinary team has worked tirelessly to make this week were the of the history happening -- worthy of the history happening here. philadelphia, the birthplace of american democracy, to celebrate the most enduring of american values, that we, the people, when we have democrats say we the people, it has a different meaning than it does for our friends on the other side of the aisle. when democrats say we the people, we mean all the people. all the people regardless of race, color, creed, or ethnicity. all the people regardless of sexual orientation or gender
6:54 pm
identity. all the people. those with plenty and those with bottom the votes at the and the votes at the top. all the people. we know that our diversity is not our problem. it is our promise. we understand that you do not have to be just like me to be just like me. we believe that we have a mission, a mandate, and the responsibility to work, fight, and act on behalf of those who cannot work, fight, and act for themselves. we have a mission to ensure that our public leaders reflect the values of all the people they serve. we have a mandate to leave no one behind because none of us could be unless all of us
6:55 pm
succeed. obligation,ral grounded in our common values, to live not as islands unto ourselves, but in a beloved community with each other. this idea requires that we recognize the intrinsic work -- worth of every person. to make an investment in their futures. when our founding fathers and mothers created this document and wrote we the people, not even five miles from where we stand today, they set our country off on an ongoing journey to a more 50 union. this week, we will take on huge highestard breaking the glass ceiling by nominating our candidate, hillary rodham clinton.
6:56 pm
who not only believes that we the people means all the people, but regardless of what you look like or where you come from, what you believe or who you love, we are always stronger together. thank you. god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. ♪ ♪
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