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tv   Democratic National Convention  CSPAN  July 28, 2016 4:30pm-6:31pm EDT

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brave. ♪ [applause] [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome dnc vice chair raymond buckley and the other officers of the democratic national committee. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> madam chair and fellow delegates, we ask that the 2016 democratic national convention approve a resolution conveying profound appreciation to all the individuals and organizations that have helped to make the 47th quadrennial convention a success. >> [cheers and applause] >> our resolution thanks the city of philadelphia, its mayor, former mayor, along with his residents, acknowledges the support of pennsylvania 's governor -- >> [cheers and applause] our gratitude to all the law enforcement officers, firefighters, and first responders. >> [cheers and applause] >> we thank you for your 2016ce, recognize the
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philadelphia host committee, and applaud the tireless work of the thousands of convention volunteers. the convention approve this honorary resolution. [applause] delegates, you have heard the motion to approve the honorary resolution. thanking those individuals and organizations that have helped to make our convention such a success. is there a second? all in favor of the honorary resolution, please say aye. all opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it unanimously. the motion is passed. >> [cheers an [applause]
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theuncer: please welcome president of the league of conservative voters. ♪ >> thank you. the question was simple. megan andre, a student at the university of new hampshire, asked donald trump about his plan to fight climate change. her, like youked mocked so many others. but folks, climate change is no joke. from floods in miami to dress in california to wildfires in colorado, rising sea levels in virginia, heat waves across the country, it is clear -- climate change is here, and it is having devastating impact. i'm the president of the league of conservation voters. our top priority this year is
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electing hillary clinton the next president of the united states. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the stakes could not be higher. climate change is happening now, the donald trump, calls it and i quote, "a hoax." and more than that, more than just that, his policies would make climate change worse. his energy plan would mean more pollution in the air, or poison in the water, and more public land stripped for private property. that may be good for the koch brothers and good for exxon and good for big oil, but his policies would be terrible for our families and our future. that is why today, we are naming donald trump on our dirty dozen list, dirty, dangerous, denying donald. i can't imagine anyone more deserving. it is why we must elect hillary clinton and tim kaine as our next president and vice president. you know, we probably endorsed
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hillary last november, the earliest presidential endorsement in our history. why? because hillary is a proven leader with a vision and a plan to combat climate change and america thenergy, clean energy superpower of the 21st century. that is what we need. her solutions are wind, wind, wind, wind, wind. good for our economy, for our security, for our health, and for our planet. and she is not just a leader on climate change and clean energy. she calls attention to the drinking water crisis in flint, michigan. she keeps ambitious plans to rebuild aging infrastructure and fight for justice. this november, the question is simple. are we going to protect profit or protect public health? are we going to go backwards on our policies are continue going forward? are we going to elect a climate denier or a climate champion?
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we are stronger together. let's show megan and millions of people like her that we are fighting for their future. was act on climate and elect hillary clinton. thank you very much. >> [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome state representative peggy flanagan from minnesota. >> thank you . i'm a state representative and organizer and a proud citizen. i am also a mom. and my three and a half-year-old daughter reports that when she grows up, she wants to be president. >> [cheers and applause] >> so i wrote her this letter. siobhan, politics isn't
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always fun. sometimes you run into some pretty mean people who don't like you simply for being you, like that not a guy donald trump on tv, the one who says all those nasty things about women and about native americans like us. i'm so sorry you had to hear that, my girl. pocahontas. not it is siobhan. and you should never let anyone make you feel anything less than proud of who you are. because despite everything that has happened to our people, and no matter what donald trump says, we are still here." >> [cheers and applause] "and i want you to grow up with our people's values, honoring our elders, showing gratitude to our warriors, cherishing our children as gifts from the creator. i also want you to grow up
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knowing that our president shares those values, too. that is why we will have that hillary sign on our lawn. we can trust her to keep our women safe, our veterans well cared for, and keep the promises the united states has made it to our tribe. most importantly, hillary knows that our children are sacred. back before you were born, hillary worked at a place called the children's defense fund, just like your mommy, helping to make sure that kids with disabilities could go to good schools, just like everyone else. and then, also just like your mommy, she decided to run for office, and the police did not like that at all. but hillary did let them stop her. bulliesr let stop her and neither should you. you can't run to be the first native american president until you are 35, but you can come knock on doors with me for hillary this fall, and i will be
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so, so proud to bring you with me to vote for her on november someday, i'll vote for you. love, mommy." >> [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome representative ted deutch from florida. ♪ in 2008, before i came to and i go, my wife go to meet hillary clinton. more importantly, our two daughters got to meet her. they were 12 years old. they showed hillary these cute dolls of theirs, dolls that were
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shirts that read "sunday, a woma some day, a woman will be president." not just a dream of my daughters, it was also a dream of my mother's. unfortunately, she passed away in december. in one of our last conversations, she talked about how excited she was to live to anda woman president, and 91, she knew what her granddaughters 12, that electing hillary clinton is not about making history, it's about creating a future. it's not about electing a woman, it's about electing this woman, who will create opportunity for all of us. >> [cheers and applause] opportunity that my dad fought for when he served in world war ii and earned a purple heart at the battle of the bulge. and it is what i am fighting for when i serve the great people of
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south florida in congress, including -- including so many members of the greatest generation. now, we all have to fight for the only candidate who will protect the social security and medicare that our seniors have earned and not slash it. who will get unlimited money out of politics and not encourage it. who will always stand by israel and the jewish community and not defend it. -- not over and it. and who will stand up to the nra and never -- we have to start fighting right now. so to find out how you can help, 47246. to we have to vote this november and october. if you are lucky enough to live in a state like florida, that
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lets you early vote or vote by when hillary clinton met my daughters she signed her name on the shirts their dolls were wearing. this year, my daughters are old enough to vote in their first presidential election, and when they look at their ballots, they will see that same name, hillary clinton, and they will proudly mark the box next to it. this october, my daughters will cast their first early votes for america's first woman president. >> [cheers and applause] >> and as their dad, like so many parents, i could not be prouder of my kid, of our candidate, and of our country. thank you. >> [cheers and applause] welcome antoease california.from
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♪ >> good evening, everyone. good evening, california. >> [cheers and applause] it's an honor to be here after serving as your chairman at our last convention. mans proud to renominate a of grace and dignity, our president, barack obama. >> [cheers and applause] poised to hear from our nominee, one of the most tested and proven candidates in our party's history, hillary clinton. >> [cheers and applause].
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>> come on, i can't hear you. hillary clinton. >> [cheers and applause] remember, i am standing right next to a gavel. i come tonight, however, to million often forgotten people and their families. they work in the hot sun. they put food on our table, even though they often have little for theirs. they build, repair, and clean our homes. they take care of our children when they have no one to care for their own. people,hard-working toiling in the toughest jobs with little to show for it. they fight in our wars and
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defend our freedoms. they're god-fearing, faithful, and family people. they've crossed our borders like so many before them, answering mother liberty's call. they come, dreaming of a better place, a place that we all call home. but these 11 million people have note credentials. they don't even have a vote. but they must have a voice in our party and our nation. >> [cheers and applause] theonald trump proposes greatest mastic rotation in our nation's, or any nation's, history. >> [booing]
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wetback, aration shameful episode in our nation's's history, when one million mexicans were deported. he would not only deport our neighbors and our families, he would vanquish the dream -- the dream they carry in their heart when they answer that "print flight to dreamers -- that begin of hope and light to dreamers all over the world. so in the city of brotherly love, we must stand up and fight arethese 11 million, for we our brother's keeper. we have always been stronger when we integrate, not segregate. when we join hands and work together to solve our challenges. and we will be stronger when we
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elect a woman who has fought for the forgotten children, given voice to the unrepresented. a woman who's like the good shepherd, and wants to bring all the flock in, not just the white flock, but the black flock, the yellow flock the brown flock,, the muslim flock, the jewish flock, every single one of us. a woman who fought for health care for all and who will fix our broken immigration system. >> [cheers and applause] >> a woman who will tear down a wall and build a bridge to a great, generous america that we all know and love. that woman is hillary clinton. >> [cheers and applause]
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and the nexte president of the united states. thank you so much. >> [cheers and applause] bakarier: please welcome sellers from south carolina. ♪ i love you, too, south carolina. you, i came from denmark, south carolina, where we have three stoplights and a blinking light. to stand here at this crossroads in our nations history is proof that anything is possible. to join you tonight, born out of struggle, a product of the civil rights movement, the son of
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those who missed the birth of his oldest child because he was in prison, fighting for what he believed in. they taught me not only the words of frederick douglass, "without struggle there is no progress," but also the words of our state motto, "don spiro, spiro." "while i breathe, i hope. " i am a product of their struggle. i am a product of that hope. and i am not the only one. the truth is, every single one of us is a product of struggle. our lives were made possible through struggle and hope. and now, democrats more than ever, we must continue to embrace our history. recognizing that the party of barack obama was first the party
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of fannie lou hamer and the mississippi freedom democratic party. that before there was a hillary clinton, there was a shirley chisholm. >> [cheers and applause] fought just to be seated, but now i stand before you, ladies and gentlemen, unbowed, unbroken, and unafraid. that's what america is. it's an unlikely story of struggle and hope that joins us together as we dare to march forward. and i'm here to tell you that hillary clinton knows that, because she has been a part of it her entire life. now democrats throughout her life, hillary has fought for the best of who we are. but she can't do it alone. she needs all of us to stand together. so stand up if you believe
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working families deserve affordable health care, good schools, and a living wage. >> [cheers and applause] >> stand up if you are ready to close the loopholes in our gun laws and pass commonsense reform. >> [cheers and applause] >> stand up if you are ready to keep our communities and our cops safe and and the structural racism that keeps sending our kids to prison instead of sending them to college. >> [cheers and applause] >> stand up for black lives matter. >> [cheers and applause] >> stand up for progress. stand up for justice. stand up if you know, like i know, that we are stronger together. thank you, and god bless america. >> [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome jamie harrison, chair of the south carolina democratic party. ♪
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>> good evening. i'm jamie harrison, chairman of the south carolina democratic party. >> [cheers and applause] >> as a demagogue preaches nostalgia for the past, it's worth remembering our past. girl in a 10-year-old orangeburg dragged bags of cotton under a searing sun. that girl was my grandmother. millions of americans lived separate, unequal lives. in 1960, a college student was arrested in orangeburg for protesting that unjust system, and in jail, he met his future wife. that student was jim clyburn. >> [cheers and applause] >> thanks to him and countless
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others, president lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act and the voting rights act. democrats would lose the south for a generation. paraphrase john f. kennedy, "now the torch has been passed, passed to the generational southerners, set up with republicans dangerous divisiveness." when this generation hears donald trump claim that america was only great in some bygone --, we know painfully well we can't go back to that old america. we can't go back to that old south. democrats believe in a new south , because no matter your race, your immigration status, your income, your religion, your sex, your sexual orientation, or your gender identity, we all have the
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same aspiration for high-quality education, good jobs, safe neighborhoods, health care, and retirement for all. my friends, these are the aspirations of my grandmother, who now sees her grandson as the first black party chair in south carolina. >> [cheers and applause] >> these aspirations were jim clyburn's, who became majority whip of the united states house of representatives. only democrats can help all americans the phillies aspirations. -- fulfill these aspirations. after the horrific massacre at the manual ame church, south carolinians united to take down the confederate flag. >> [cheers and applause] >> but my friends, we can't pat ourselves on the back for taking down the flag until we take down the barriers to education and
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health care. we can't pat ourselves on the back for being polite until we do what is right. >> [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton, who followed her hard to arkansas, understands that the american dream extends beyond the mason-dixon line, and that south carolina's motto, "while i breathe, i hope," applies to all. she is strongly supporting all of our state party with a 50 state strategy, because we are stronger together, and only together will we more truly become one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. god bless all of you, and god bless america. >> [cheers and applause] [chanting] gentlemen,ladies and
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please welcome chad griffin, president of the human rights campaign. ♪ >> thank you. last month, our nation was rocked to its core by a senseless and hateful attack that claimed the lives of 49 lgbtq people and allies at pulse nightclub in orlando. they were brothers and sisters. they were sons and daughters. above all, they were human beings. yet, while the nation mourned, donald trump strutted before the cameras and exploited our national tragedy. he had the audacity to tell the american public that he was the true champion for lgbtq people in this race, and that our
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community would be better off with him in the white house. >> [booing] >> even challenged his skeptics to, and i quote, "ask the gays." well, here goes. hase donald trump threatened to strip away our rights, the hillary clinton that i first got to know as a closeted kid growing up in arkansas has always been willing to stand up for the voiceless, and she has made fighting for equality a cornerstone of her campaign. while donald trump has promised to legalize kim davis-style discrimination in all 50 states, hillary clinton has promised to sign the equality act into law. >> [cheers and applause] >> while donald trump chose as his running mate a governor who tried to diverge hiv funding in
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order to finance the abusive practice of so-called conversion therapy, hillary clinton, on the other hand, is committed to stopping the spread of hiv, banning conversion therapy for minors, and ending the hate and violence our community still faces. >> [cheers and applause] >> and long before donald trump struggled to read the letters lgbtq offer teleprompter last week, hillary clinton stood before the united nations and boldly declared that gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights. >> [cheers and applause] >> and i want to remind donald trump of one more thing. the lgbtq community is as diverse as the fabric of our nation. we are muslim. we are jewish. we are women. we are black, white, and latino.
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we are immigrants and we are people with disabilities. and when you attack one of us, you are attacking all of us. and that, my friends, is why together, we are all with her. thank you very much. >> [cheers and applause] announcer: 80's and gentlemen of the democratic national convention, your attention please. get ready to hear about your exciting role in this historic celebration. you will be performing a contest for the end of the night program, which will be a unified -- you have your cards on your seat. do not remove or open it yet. each card is assigned to your specific seat, so make sure your card stays at your seat.
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theng the final hours, audience leaders will be holding cue cards. audience, thise is your cue to set aside any other sign. open, unfold your card, and follow the instructions facing up. ,hen is the audience leaders hold the car in front of your face still and vertical. do not hold your card over your head. all the card in place until you see others lower their card. that's your cue to lower your card. thank you for being a part of this historic event. >> [cheers and applause]
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announcer: please welcome representatives cedric richmond from louisiana. >> [cheers and applause] ♪ >> my name is cedric richmond. i'm proud to represent louisiana. >> [cheers and applause] today able to stand here because my mother was a strong woman. after my father died, for a while she had to do the job of both parents. but she didn't do it alone. they required for help with school teachers, baseball coaches, our elders, and especially the church. and it took a strong democratic party that invested in our community, that invested in me. through blood, sweat, and tears, our elders and our party created
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the environment for me to succeed. because of that blood that sweat,, and those tears, i can set, eat, and live wherever i want. i can vote without answering how many bubbles in a bar of soap. and because of blood, sweat, and tears, the obamas reside at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. : robert frost wrote, "the world will love me, dark and deep, but i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep." we have made great strides under president obama, but we still have miles to go. betterur kids have access to guns and drugs and textbooks and computers, we have miles to go before we sleep. when women don't make the same wage as a man, we have miles to
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go before we sleep. when we can't give thet republicans to join us to enact sensible gun reforms, we have miles to go before we sleep. ann the nra has neutered entire republican party, we have miles to go before we sleep. we need hillary clinton, because she doesn't sleep. so this fall, when you are out there campaigning for hillary, and you start to feel exhausted, to the point that you just can't go on, do me a favor. make just one more call. knock one more door. because we still have miles to go before we sleep. god bless you, god bless louisiana, and god bless the united states of america. >> [cheers and applause]
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♪ a beautifulm is city. ♪ announcer: please welcome state representative from colorado. ♪ >> hello, america. it's an honor to represent colorado. my family's home for six generations. in colorado, we share a unique heritage built on the promise of progress. you can only find in the american west.
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i come from native americans and mexican descendents, french trappers and spanish pioneers. i come from ranchers who continue to harvest the land and laborers like my grandfather ernest, who worked in a steel mill for 33 years to provide for his family. and i come from strong women like my grandmother eva, who had to leave school after the third grade to care for her younger siblings. growing up, my family wasn't rich. in fact, my parents relied on food stamps for a time to get by. but in america, we don't define our values by our net worth. my families gave me the name stande, believing that in an inclusive america, it would not be a wall to my success. they encouraged me to work hard
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and get an education, believing that in a fair america, it would carry me anywhere i wanted to go. and you know what? they were right. could a shyica little girl from northland, colorado grow up to break glass ceilings and serve as the majority leader out of colorado's house of representatives. >> [cheers and applause] every shy littlee shy girl or boy out there listening, i want to say, no matter who you are, no matter where you are from or how you got here, you potentiall, and your is as big as america itself. that's what hillary clinton
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believes. it's why she has spent a lifetime fighting for every child, for a strong social safety net so no one falls through the cracks. schools,-class public so education can be a great equalizer. for a government that respects and protect the rights of of people. like and who we love has no bearing on our opportunities. we are a country where anything is possible when everyone is included. and i am proof of that. i am proud to fight for a president who not only shares those values, she lives them. >> [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome
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representative gwen moore from wisconsin. >> [cheers and applause] ♪ >> bats, pigs, dogs, disgusting. that is what donald trump thinks of women. sees in ourhe daughters and our mothers and our sisters and are grandmothers of this country. that is how he sees our place in america. well, i am here from the great state of wisconsin, badger state -- >> [cheers and applause] >> -- and i am here to tell you
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that i see things very, very differently. and i am here to tell you that hillary clinton sees them differently, too. america with a very different vision, and i see an america with a very different vision. pigs, dogs, disgusting? too many women know wear this toxic language leads, too many women have experienced sexual violence. and i am one of them. but we are not victims. we are survivors. bullied.een th we have been told to sit down and to shut up. my voice matters, and i will not shut up.
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>> [cheers and applause] >> our voices matter, and we will not shut up. >> [cheers and applause] day, each and every day, women make our communities better and stronger. knows that clinton she has been fighting for us each and every day. andhas fought for equal pay equal work. she has defended our the rights, to make our own health care decisions. she has battled for us each and every day. she's advocated, and she has the battle scars. fighting for family leave and health care.
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hillary clinton is someone that i trust with the presidency of the united states. usause she has stood up for every time it has counted for women. i trust her, because at each and every opportunity, she has been a voice for the underrepresented and the unprotected. and as president, she will keep fighting for all of us. >> [cheers and applause] >> like hillary, i am a grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters. they are my life, they are my love, they are my inspiration. they are what keeps me going about the future. they give me strength. my vision fort
5:12 pm
them is the same vision that hillary clinton has for america. to, donald trump has told us sit down. to be quite. hillary is asking us to stand up. hillary is asking us to be heard. my fellow democrats, stand up with hillary, because she has stood up for us. >> [cheers and applause] >> and why? because it is true. together, we are stronger. thank you, god bless our nominee, god bless america, and i love you. >> [cheers and applause] ♪ bong, bing.,
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♪ announcer: please welcome state representative from that jack bury from tennessee. ♪ >> good evening, my fellow democrats. >> [cheers and applause] >> i am thrilled to join you here in philadelphia. it's my honor to serve as the youngest member of the tennessee general assembly, representing the fighting 26 tennessee house democratic caucus. my fellow young people, we have a choice, and it is crystal clear to me what side of history do we want to be on.
5:14 pm
which political leader will we allow to define our generation? and we raise our voice demand a leader who will fight for debt-free college education? >> [cheers and applause] >> a leader who will make community colleges refer all students? a leader who will help people loaded down with crippling student loan debt? a leader who will push new strategies to help people in our generation? will you join me and support a leader who understands that the deep racial wounds of our country have not yet healed, but together, we can work to be the change we wish to see in the world? will you stand with the leader who has to find her life by
5:15 pm
helping the least among us? who, going down to segregated alabama as a law student, to working with the children's fighting for to health care for children across this nation, and to stand up and proudly proclaim to women everywhere for claiming that women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's right. come on, y'all. the stakes are too high. the consequences are too severe. in cleveland last week, the rnc nominated a man who has defined his campaign on words that divide us and walls that divide us, and they approved a party platform that enshrines intolerance. within, whether you -- listen, whether you are a republican, or democrat, an independent,
5:16 pm
whether you are black, white, latino, or asian, whether you are gay, straight, or transgendered, whether you run a ranch, a farm, a church, or a beauty stop down in memphis, tennessee, secretary clinton is a fighter for us all. y'all, these next few months would be easy, but when has fighting for what's right ever been easy? we are more powerful than we care think if we are willing to work together. we are stronger together. >> [cheers and applause] >> so stand up, y'all. go back to your cities. go back to your states. work as hard as he can to make sure that secretary hillary rodham clinton is the next president of the united states of america.
5:17 pm
thank you all and god bless. >> [cheers and applause] announcer: please welcome state senator ruben keeneland from nevada. ♪ hello, democrats. how's it going, democrats? >> [cheers and applause] >> how's it going, nevada? >> [cheers and applause] is room an ruben kierland. i'm the proud son of a housekeeper in a former farmworker. came to america from mexico when i was eight years old. if we workedew hard, sacrificed, and played by
5:18 pm
the rules, in america we would succeed. >> [cheers and applause] >> for 23 years my letter has clean hotel rooms in las vegas, working tirelessly without complaint to provide for her family. in america, she got a decent wage, health care, and the protection of the union. culinary union 226. >> [cheers and applause] sonn america, her youngest had the opportunity to learn english in public schools, play soccer in public parks, and worked his way to an affordable public university. today, that eight-year-old is standing here at this state senator iand a candidate for the united states of america.
5:19 pm
for congress for the fourth congressional district. that is the beauty of america. that is the american dream. donald trump and republicans tell a different story about immigrant families like mine. andhem, we are rapists criminals. rapists and criminals. they believe in building walls and pitting americans against each other. fears us.ump sear worse, he incites that fear in others. he must be terrified of me. i'm a mexican immigrant running for united states congress. >> [cheers and applause] trump truth that donald doesn't want you to know is this. todos sonoadores.
5:20 pm
we are all dreamers. p, [speaking spanish] >> [cheers and applause] >> we are all dreamers. we dream of more than just citizenship. we, like all americans, dream of a good education, of good, paying jobs, to own our own car and our own home, and that our kids will breathe clean air and grow up on safe streets. a dream of an economy that works for everyone, with a living wage, affordable health care, and secure retirement and debt-free college. >> [cheers and applause] daughtersm of our knowing in their hearts that they, too, can be president of
5:21 pm
the united states of america. >> [cheers and applause] >> [speaking spanish] we are all dreamers. hillary clinton has spent her entire life fighting for our dream. democrats, this is our time. time to reject the fears of donald trump. time to take back congress. time to elect hillary clinton as our next president of the united states of america, and time to make our dreams come to reality. thank you, god bless you, and god bless the united states of america. thank you, everybody. >> [cheers and applause] ♪ announcer: please welcome micromet are from philadelphia fromcro no michael nodutter philadelphia. ♪ >> good evening, democrats. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> philadelphia has always been a friendly place for democrats, but i have to say that this week, there's a little extra brotherly love and sisterly affection in the air. for eight years, i was privileged to serve as the mayor of this great american city, philadelphia. i'm very proud that my administration and our host committee brought our convention to philadelphia. i hope you had a great time. philadelphia is my town. i grew up here. i built my career and raise my family here. so it is with tremendous pride that here in a city known for its history i cast my ballot for our historic nominee, hillary
5:23 pm
clinton. >> [cheers and applause] >> i have known hillary for decades. i have known her as a champion for our cities. i have known her as a change maker for our citizens. and i have known her as a leader whose career has been defined by a simple creed -- g.s.d. get stuff done. as a city mayor, that is what we are expected to do every day. our neighbors hold us accountable for our problems, whatever they may be. complicated problems don't have simple solutions. so we need a president whose ideas and attention span is longer than 140 characters. >> [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton is a leader who will less complexity be the enemy of opportunity. when she's is a problem, she
5:24 pm
makes an action plan, and should get stuff done. she has a plan to make an historic investment and jobs. she has a plan to reform our broken criminal justice system. safeas a plan to keep us from the epidemic of gun violence that is killing so many of our children, especially so many young black men who are precious to our country and its future. what's more, hillary's plan has details. because details matter. gomp says he has some plans, when you are looking down at america from the top of trump tower, you can see the details, because there are none. after eight incredible years of progress under president barack
5:25 pm
afford to hand our country over to a conmen who thinks the presidency is an entry-level job on "the apprentice." >> [cheers and applause] >> hillary is the champion we need, and she will be the president our citizens and our nations deserve. hillary clinton gets stuff done. thank you. love you, philly. >> [cheers and applause] ♪ announcer: please welcome representative emanuel cleaver from missouri. >> [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. by issuing a heartfelt invitation to our
5:26 pm
republican friends. no longer be is coming to you then you should be coming to us. i have known hillary clinton for more than 25 years, and let me tell you, she won't let you down. in spite of what you heard last week, it is not midnight in america. midnight can the cold and crippling, and president obama did not leave us in the cold, and we are certainly not crippling. in reality, the sun has barely risen over the vastness of these united states. weis dawn in america, and are in the process of becoming. yes, if you want to say what the bible says, we are not yet what
5:27 pm
we shall become. at a time when the citizens of reis amazing country a spreading over a multitude of fears and heartaches, we need a leader who will become a trafficker and optimism and a piece peddler. hillary will build the future we can all be part of and proud of. there's an old story about andrew jackson as a child. but aks like anything future general or president. in fact, one of his boyhood friends says that jim brown, who lived in the same area, could throw injured to the ground three times out of four in wrestling matches. a writer would later ask, why were there four matches?
5:28 pm
surely if a person is thrown three times, they are all over. he says, he would throw old andy, but he would get right up, because andy just wouldn't stay throwed. wanted to stay throwed. the first president who wouldn't stay throwed was a baby who grew in bethlehem. they put him in a grave, and three days later, the world new he wouldn't stay throwed. here's a warning for those who might be tempted to spend the next four years trying to knock hillary clinton down -- you better get ready for a woman who won't stay throwed. >> [cheers and applause] >> they threw her down as the first lady, but she didn't stay throwed. they threw her down as a u.s. senator, but she wouldn't stay throwed.
5:29 pm
they threw her down as the secretary of state, but she wouldn't stay throwed. they threw her down in this campaign, but she won't stay throwed. no, she won't stay throwed. she won't stay throwed. she one stay throwed. >> [cheers and applause] >> you better listen to me. i said she won't stay throwed. >> [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i am very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. >> please welcome representative sean patrick maloney from new york, joined by the cochair of the congressional lgbt caucus,
5:30 pm
the representative from rhode island. the representative from wisconsin. the representative from california. and sarah mc ride. -- mcbride. >> good evening. my name is sean patrick maloney, the first openly gay person ever elected to congress in the great state of new york. , a speakerast week at the republican convention called a quality a "distraction." who cares? he asked. i care.
5:31 pm
my husband randy and our three children care. the lgbt leaders standing with me and throughout the hall care. the authors of our nation's declaration of independence signed right here in philadelphia, they care. americans at stonewall cared. and hillary clinton cares as well. you a story.l in june, i was walking past the supreme court. a crowd was gathered, waiting for the historic marriage decision. the news hit like a thundercloud. a lot of us wept. spontaneously, hundreds joined together to sing our national anthem. called randy. i could barely speak. and i have been
5:32 pm
together for 24 years. love you, honey. 23 of those years, we have been raising children. yes, our family is a little different, but we read bedtime stories the same. we tie shoes and check homework the same. we dream and we comfort the same. but until that day, we were not , not in thet really eyes of the law. -- as i listened to our national anthem, i realized our family, our love, was no longer less and. we were now equal. [applause] know, it's a beautiful when your country catches
5:33 pm
, and when your basic rights and your very family are on the line, it matters what happens in those youthful buildings with marble columns. it matters who is leading the and it matters if they care. america, we have a choice. donald trump does not care about families. care about marriage equality. he wants to go backward. when i first met hillary clinton, i was nobody, a gay kid sleeping on a couch scared to death that who i was was not going to be ok, and that no one would ever care about me. woman, this this incredible woman, about to become our first lady, and she cared. and over the past 24 years, she has kept caring about me, about
5:34 pm
husband,nd -- about my about our kids, and i have seen the way she cares about our family, that she cares about your family, that she cares about all families. and that is why we must care about this election. now, i want to introduce sarah mcbride. [applause] sarah mcbride is a courageous young reader, and she is now the first transgendered person ever to address a national convention. sarah. it's about time.
5:35 pm
sarah, it is an honor to make history with you, because we are stronger together. >> thank you so much, congressman. mcbride, and ih am a proud transgendered american. four years ago, i came out a strand gendered while serving as as transgendered
5:36 pm
while serving as student body president in college. at the time come i was scared. i was worried that my dreams and my identity were mutually exclusive. since then, i have seen the change is possible. i witnessed history while interning at the white house and helping my home state of delaware pass protections for transgendered people. today, i see this change in the caucus and inbt my own job as part of the human rights campaign. despite this progress, so much work remains. will we be a nation where there is only one way to love, only one way to look, only one way to live? nation where a there is more than one way to live freely and openly? and they -- a nation that is
5:37 pm
stronger together? .hat is the question for me, this struggle for equality became all the more urgent when i learned that my future husband, andrew, was battling cancer. i met andy, a transgendered man fighting for equality, and we fell in love. even in the face of his terminal illness, he never wavered in his believe that this country can change. andy and i married in 2014. just four days after our wedding he passed away. knowing a handy left me profoundly changed, but more than anything else -- knowing left me profoundly changed,
5:38 pm
but more than anything else, it made me determined to fight for world were everyone can live to their fullest. hillary clinton understands the urgency of our fight. she will work with us to pass the equality act, to combat violence against transgendered women of color, and to end the hiv-aids epidemic once and for all. today in america, lgbtq people are still targeted i hate that -- by hate that lives in both laws and hearts. many struggle just to get by. but i believe that tomorrow can be different. tomorrow, we can be respected especially if hillary clinton is our president, and that is why i am proud to stand here and they that i with her.
5:39 pm
-- i'm with her. thank you all very much. cracks please welcome dolores from dawson, new mexico. >> donald trump.
5:40 pm
[spanish] >> like hillary clinton, i have my whole life fighting for women, for workers, for immigrants, for every person that does not have a voice. ballot,ald trump on the hey, we cannot be quiet. he insults latinos as if we were second-class citizens. like we are newcomers to this country. hey, i have news for donald trump. we have been here all along. this country and
5:41 pm
we are still continuing to build this country. was in theandfather civil war on the union side. my father was a farmworker, and assemblyman, a u.s. veteran like sonr chavez, and my continues that tradition by running for the u.s. congress for bakersfield, california. now, listen to this. latinos turn 18 years old every single year. to their contributions
5:42 pm
social security and medicare are going to ensure that our seniors have that safety net. we are not a footnote in american history. we are helping to write history. and we are going to take our and we are going to use it in november. our votes will increase paychecks, get immigration reform, secure reproductive rights for women, but we have to be active democrats. because every democrat needs to be an activist, ok? we have to use every single
5:43 pm
as an organizing moment. we have to use every single moment to get voters ready to them, to knocke on the door, and hey, we have to make sure everybody gets in this election. remind everybody, election day is the most important day of our life. remember this. i have known hillary clinton for 25 years. i have worked with her. this is why i trust her. during my lifetime, hillary, and the democratic party, they have always been with us, the latino community.
5:44 pm
we have to put hillary in the driver seat. and tim kaine, you know what? they will drive us on the journey to equality, but they can't do it alone. we have got to be the energy. we have got to be the wheels. trump, you need to get out of the way. and if he doesn't, we need to take him out of the way. so, we will show donald trump and his republican friends who has the power. who's got the power?
5:45 pm
and i white you to say voting power. what kind of -- want you to say voting power. what kind of power? voting power. -- and less use of voting power in november. can we do it? si se puede! thank you very much. >> please welcome representative joyce beatty from ohio.
5:46 pm
>> good evening fellow democrats. i am thrilled to see so many people from the great state of ohio here tonight. it is an honor to be here on this historic evening. closer tove one step the 45th president of these united states of america. united, not divided. , i knowlary clinton that we are stronger together. is abouttion, to me, two fundamentally different visions of america.
5:47 pm
and i believe the choice is clear. hillary clinton is by far the most experienced, qualified, and skilled candidate. she cares deeply about each and no matter what you look like, where you are .rom, or who you love donald trump, on the other hand, is the most divisive and ill prepared candidate we have seen in modern times. looking to wind back the clock on all the progress we have made as a nation together. built a career on a discrimination, and bullying, at the expense of
5:48 pm
of smalle backs businesses and hard-working families. hillary clinton has devoted her entire career to lifting up hard-working families. women, and small businesses. and all americans to know that hillary clinton -- the hillary clinton that i know. the hillary who sits with me and talks about her grandchildren. charlotte and aidan. and my grandchildren, leah and spencer. the hillary who sees unlimited in every child. the hillary who fights for civil rights and freedom for all. the hillary who will fight for the hope of a brighter future, a
5:49 pm
, andinclusive america greater global peace and cooperation. americans want a commander in chief, not a divider in chief. i know which one i would choose. and that is the future 45th president of the united states of america, my good friend, hillary clinton. i'm with her because she's with us. i am congresswoman joyce beatty, and i approve this message. and god bless these united states of america. love you, ohio!
5:50 pm
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>> let's give a great hand to the ricky minor band. [applause] please welcome governor mark dayton from minnesota. governor dayton: thank you. i am here today in part because my home state of minnesota has been hit by tragedy, and we are not alone.
5:54 pm
baton rouge, louisiana. dallas, texas. and falcon heights, minnesota, tell us why we need a wise, strong, compassionate leader for all americans. when i was elected to the senate 16 years ago, i was seated next to the new senator from new york, hillary clinton. saw up next six years, i close and in person precisely the kind of leader this country needs right now. was a senate, hillary present partner on both sides of the aisle. she listened to people explain their problems, not just from new york, but throughout the entire country. she championed their causes believeshe held the that we all do better when we all do better. hillary clinton has dedicated her life to serving the needs of others. donald trump on the other hand has dedicated his life to
5:55 pm
serving himself. has driven his small businesses into the ground why -- by refusing to pay his bills. life, heturn of his has stepped on others to get a little higher himself. and now, he wants to step on all of us. as democrats, we are going to send him a message. hillary clinton has been traveling all over the country listening, learning, and offering real solutions to the problems americans face. days jobs plan includes the largest investment in the workforce since world war ii. make college affordable to everyone along with offering paid family and medical leave and giving every child a chance to go to preschool. will continuen
5:56 pm
her lifelong fight for universal health care, including bringing , to the whiten house. for many, out-of-pocket cost's are still too high. prescription drugs are still too expensive. it is time we decided once and for all that the purpose of health insurance is to give americans a health care they need at prices they can afford, not to pad the pockets of corporate america. if they won't do it, we will. need a president who will pull us together and move us ahead, a president who knows we are stronger together. this president is hillary clinton. be clearer.ould not the choice could not be more important. that is why i am so proud to stand with all of you to support hillary clinton as the next
5:57 pm
president of the united states. thank you. >> please welcome mayor eric garcetti, from los angeles, california. >> good evening. it's great to be here from los angeles. suchngeles is a city with a huge, thriving latino population that we ask the act donaldtrump -- expect trump to build a wall around us. i am a proud american. as i travel around the country, ,rom the midwest to the south two towns across the southwest i visited during the campaign, i heard americans anxious about their future. and after last week's convention in cleveland, i can understand
5:58 pm
why. there, instead of ideas, it was insults. instead of policy, it was polarization. instead of hope, it was hatred. as a mayor, i am here to tell america's cities don't have time for theatrics. america's cities have urgent problems to solve. leaders acrossal america support hillary clinton, and that is why we understand that she will help us to the urgent work of america. in los angeles, we look at america's crumbling infrastructure, and we are fixing it. putting more than 500,000 people and $50 billion to work rebuilding and repairing our roads, our ports, and our infrastructure. angeles, we saw too many americans living in poverty, so we became the biggest city in america to raise the minimum
5:59 pm
inspiring other cities and states to follow. in los angeles, we saw too many to gun violence, so we banned high-capacity magazines and we are taking illegal guns off our streets. too manygeles, we saw high school dropouts, too many graduates in debt, so we are making community college free. we didn't do any of this by finding a common enemy. we found a common purpose. america doesn't need a political pyromaniac for president. forld trump has no vision our country and no genuine answer to our challenges. his voice is loud. his language is course. his politics have a dark as that that not only -- darkness
6:00 pm
would not only stop but reverse the march of progress toward a greater, more prosperous, more equal america. and get emptyrump promises and no plans for our country. elect hillary clinton and get the biggest investment in infrastructure since world war ii. elect hillary clinton and raise the minimum wage across our country. clinton and reduce gun violence on our streets. elect hillary clinton and make debt-free college available to everybody. we have done it in l.a. we have done it as democrats and local leaders across american cities. entire's do it for the country. that is hillary clinton's vision, a united america working together, and it is that vision that makes it possible for me to be here tonight.
6:01 pm
your average mexican american jewish italian, but my escapeds, my forbearers war and prosecution. they crossed oceans and rivers improbable,his miraculous democracy. my grandfather salvador he was carried over the border in his mother's arms during the mexican revolution. my other grandfather was the son of russian jews flew in -- fleeing prosecution. lives here, and after pearl harbor one of my grandfather's answered his nation's call and manufactured uniforms for gis. the other put that uniform on, fought for the only country he knew, cross the ocean never knowing if he would come home, and earned his citizenship as a result.
6:02 pm
today, his grandson is the mayor of the largest city of the largest state in our union. some of us make the uniforms. some of us where the uniforms. but each of us has a role, and that is the great work that lies ahead, to build a nation that is stronger than the one we inherited. when we mock immigrants or the or women, we mock our own history. women on nation with assembly lines, japanese-american gis whose were in internment camps won a war with a president who couldn't walk. that is the america i believe in and that is the america where will be the next president of the united states.
6:03 pm
we are stronger together. thank you. >> please welcome katie mcginty from pennsylvania. >> hello and think you for joining us in philadelphia, the city of brotherly and sisterly love. i am running for united states senate here in pennsylvania. and i know that during these seenfew days, you have that pennsylvania is great for the same reasons america is great, hard work, timeless
6:04 pm
believe that we each must look out for each .ther i was raised in pennsylvania, kids in a loud irish family. my grandparents were irish immigrants. my parents didn't have college degrees. my dad was a police officer and my mom was a restaurant hostess, but when we were growing up, none of that mattered. we learn to love our god and our country. we learned that success was not a product of pedigree. now, if you want to succeed, you just have to give it your all. every day.
6:05 pm
givehen be willing to back. for my brothers and sisters and , that was the deal. but for so many people today, that deal is off the table. why? because middle-class families aren't making a dime in real terms more than they were two decades ago. costs have been going through the roof. here are the facts. we have the most productive economy in the world. but the benefits of the productivity all go to the top. top executives used to make 30 more than the average guy or gal. now it's more than 300 times.
6:06 pm
wrong for our families and wrong for america. the truth is that fear and anxiety do reach far and wide across this country. hard-working people are feeling anxious and insecure. but we have a choice. our choice is how do we respond. on the ballot this november. we could respond with more scapegoating and fear mongering. up --s the tactic my tactic donald trump is using. blame the mexicans. blame the government. build a wall. donald even blamed the pope. my idea of other, rest her soul, would be turning in her grave on
6:07 pm
that one. you know he also said handed over to wall street. he made his millions on wall street. and he is still trying to sell us the same old trickle-down. we are not buying it. we know trickle-down only benefits those who are already on the top. the stock market with your hard earned social security. trust a wheelers and dealers and you will be living large. you know what? andave seen this bad movie all of its people many times before. the ending is always the same. things work out for the big , and everyone else, the average joe, the average jane, stiffed with gets
6:08 pm
the bill. we also have a different choice. we can work together. we can expand opportunity. we can respect every single person in this country. we can build on the strength of our diversity and the diversity of our strength. , my brothers are she not breeders, printers, certified welders. machineothers are operators, printers, certified welders. they know this is a country make stuff. we can't, we must, and we will -- weor good schools,
6:09 pm
can, we must, and we will work for good schools, affordable college, and job training for our families and our neighbors to make and build the economy of tomorrow. this is the american way. work hard, get ahead. is what i will fight for in , andnited states senate this is what hillary clinton will fight for and deliver for us in the white house. thank you god bless america. [applause] representativeme tammy duckworth from illinois.
6:10 pm
>> 12 years ago, i was co-piloting a black hawk .elicopter over iraq a rocket propelled grenade ripped through our cockpit, and i am only here tonight because of the miracles that followed. semi-can explain, like the bravery of my crew, -- some, i can explain, like the bravery of my crew, determined not to leave me behind. some i cannot, like shrapnel passing through our spinning rotor blades without destroying them, allowing us to land. what i do know is that i started that day doing what i love. i ended it knocked it down, myviving only because
6:11 pm
buddies would not leave me and would not stop, even as they struggle to carry my body. , i woke up with a , and ican never repay still wake up every morning working to be worthy of their struggle and this miraculous second chance. my dad, a proud marine, lost his his 50's. he did jobs. my mom took in sewing. i took a minimum wage job. we relied on food stamps to get by. the summer before my college started, my parents walked everywhere instead of taking the bus. once a week, they handed over money, $10, to the
6:12 pm
university housing as a deposit why could move into the dorms in fall. thanks to tell grants and a lot of waitressing, i've fulfilled my dreams of college. i worked hard, but i had a lot of help from my community and my country, and my story is not unique. this isstory about why the greatest nation on earth, a that so many are willing to die defending, a nation that if you keep working hard, we won't abandon you. of course, in donald trump's america, if you get locked -- knocked down, you stay down. trump, iy, donald didn't put my life on the line defending our democracy so that you could invite russia to interfere with it.
6:13 pm
fit to be the commander in chief. americans, we can choose a different path. 10 years after my helicopter was shot down, almost to the day, i got my most important job. i became a mom. and we named our little girl , who urgedil adams her husband to remember the as he and his colleagues first declared our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just a few miles from this very spot. knows that women can fly helicopters in combat. and my daughter's first memory of a president will be of a woman. .emocrats
6:14 pm
tonight, let's go forward with confidence and pride in who we are and what we believe. we are democrats because we stand up for the most vulnerable among us. we embrace the notion that lifting each other up doesn't cost nearly as much as leaving others behind. we stand up for immigrants and people with disabilities, and we defend the basic values that have made and will keep america the greatest country in the world. may god bless each and every one of you and may god bless our and always, may god bless the united states of america.
6:15 pm
quakes hi, little one. it is me. it's your dad. you are not born yet. i can't wait to meet you. late. came 10 days you looked like you had been in the bathtub for too long. you were all wrinkled. >> i took you in my arms, and a new i would give you anything you need it. >> we were going to love you, take care of you, and teach you all of the wonderful things. >> i think about the kind of america i believe in.
6:16 pm
>> i believe in an america where we can disagree without descending into vulgarity. i believe in an america in which immigrants are welcome. believe in making fiscally responsible decisions so one day enjoyd your kids can things as much as you do. >> my mother taught me that everybody needs a chance and a champion. beenh my mother could've with us longer. i wish you could've met charlotte. i wish he could have seen the america we are going to build together -- he could have seen the america we are going to she could have seen the america we are going to build together. an america where we don't leave anyone out or anyone behind.
6:17 pm
>> i believe in an america where black lives matter. >> and that we have an .bligation as a country an america where if you do your part, you reap the reward. >> believe people have to make a living wage. >> i believe in an america where you are able to make decisions about your own body. i believe in an america where you can watch the news and not see people losing their lives by going to church are going to a movie. >> i'm not stopping now. night. sweet dreams.
6:18 pm
>> i love you guys. >> i love you, son. you, and i can't wait to meet you.
6:19 pm
>> please welcome carol king. carol king: hello, idaho!
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you're down and troubled, and you need some loving care, and nothing, no nothing is going eyes and thinkur there,and soon i will be to brighten up even your darkest night ♪ call out my name and i am, i'llerever
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good to know, that you've got a friend, you've got a friend, you've got a friend ♪ ♪ i've got a friend. i've got a friend. hillary's got so many friends, and bernie two, and all of us together ♪ , it's so good to aint it good to know, aint it good toknow, aint know, yeah, yeah, yeah. yeah ♪ ♪ you've got a friend ♪ [applause]
6:24 pm
thank you. we are going to do it. thank you. >> do you think when you are president you will be paid as much as if it were a male? >> this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i am going to make sure i do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job.
6:25 pm
>> please welcome representative james clyburn from south carolina. >> thank you. thank you very, very much. , and helloemocrats south carolina.
6:26 pm
as a father of three daughters and grandfather of two adorable , i am proud to stand before you as we prepare for the ultimate opportunity, to smash the glass ceiling by nominating for president of the united states the person who is thanqualified, experienced anyone ever up for the job. and when it comes to current , it ain't even close. seek for oure country, to achieve a stronger we need a america,
6:27 pm
leader who is willing to fight for the dreams of all americans. if there is one thing i know about hillary clinton, it is this. she is a fighter. and she fights with her head in her heart. in my home state of south carolina, we often say that you can best tell what a person will do by looking at what he or she has done. when she graduated from law school, hillary clinton came to south carolina to help reform our juvenile justice system and toveled across the region make the 1965 voting rights act real in the lives of all americans. in arkansas, she sought to reform education.
6:28 pm
, she fought for universal health care and helped secure the children's health care program that provides health care for millions of children and laid the groundwork for the affordable care act. , and asizen of secretary of state, hillary clinton always worked to advance our nation's pursuit of a more perfect union. that shelinton knows must take effective action on inequality. income she has embraced the black caucus is 2030 plan to target children in areas of persistent poverty. hillary clinton's first speech
6:29 pm
in this campaign was on criminal justice reform. she will work to get rid of and mass minimums incarceration, and private, for-profit prisons. hillary clinton does not care about going outside her comfort zone. stronger we are a nation when we worked together. she embodies the nation's motto, e pluribus unum, out of many, one. john f. kennedy challenged us to reach for the moon. and we did. son --baines strachan lyndon baines johnson tackled inequality and poverty in america and his achievements sustain to live on and
6:30 pm
our citizens. dr. martin luther king jr. brought us to the mountaintop, and although we are not there yet, we are still climbing, and with president hillary clinton, america has arrived even further . my standing before you tonight is a testament to the strength of our party, the goodness of our people, and the greatness of our nation. our nation is strong, but we can be stronger. , but we cane good be better. america is great, but it can be greater. my fellow democrats, america's brightest days are yet to come. we had


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