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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 1, 2016 10:44pm-10:56pm EDT

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6:55 p.m. eastern of the arrival at the white house also here on c-span. khan talks about his son, a muslim american who died in iraq. this was at the democratic national convention last week. he was critical of republican presidential candidate donald come. he was joined onstage by his wife. [applause] khanrase welcome from charlottesville, virginia. [applause]
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mr. khan: our hearts and prayers are with our veterans. today,se who serve tonight we are honored to stand son, a parents of our patrioticd as
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american muslims. [applause] as patriotic american muslims, with undivided loyalty to our country. [applause] like many immigrants, we came to this country empty-handed. we believed in american democracy, that with hard work
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and goodness of this country we contribute to and its blessings. blessed to raise our nation where a they were free to be themselves and follow their dreams. [applause] son in my own head had dreams also. dreams of being a military he put those dreams the day he sacrificed his life to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. [applause]
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hillary clinton was right when she called my son the best of america. [cheers] was up to donald trump, he never would have been an america. smearstrump consistently the character of muslims. ,e disrespects other minorities , even his own party leadership. walls and bandld usfrom this country -- ban
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from this country. >> boo! : you're asking americans to trust you with your future -- their future, let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? [cheers] you my copy. lednnd [cheers] in this document look for the words, look for the words liberty and equal protection of law. [cheers] ever been to arlington cemetery? look at the graves of brave
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patriots who died defending the united states of america. aiths,ll see all face -- f genders, ethnicities. [cheers] you have sacrificed nothing. [cheers] , we cannot solve our problems by building walls. sowing division, we are stronger together. [cheers] and we will keep getting stronger when hillary clinton becomes our president. [cheers] in conclusion, i ask every
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patriotic american, all muslim ,mmigrants, and all immigrants do not take this election lightly. [cheers] this is a historic election and i request to honor the sacrifice of my family and on election day , take the time to get out and vote and vote for the healer. vote for the strongest, most qualified candidate, hillary clinton. [cheers] not the divided. [cheers] god bless you. [cheers] ♪
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>> did you miss any of the republican or democratic national conventions? 19 go back and watch every moment. good to to find every speech from both conventions. watch on-demand. at the top of the homepage, click on either the democratic or republican convention where you'll find videos from each day of both conventions. you also find convention highlights in the top and scroll down and browse through every speaker. click on the speech you want to watch. .ou can click any speech is your most comprehensive guide for finding the of any convention moment. c-span created by cable, offered as a public service for you. ♪ c-span buses in philadelphia pennsylvania this week to ask people about the democratic convention and the issue that is most important to them. angeles.os
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my delegate expense has been a learning experience. been one where i have learned the true inner workings of how my party works and it is something i'm excited to share my spirits is with the world. thankful for the people who elected me to be a voice. thank you so much. delegation.he ohio but the important issue to me is education and the education of inner-city black youth. i feel that the lack of education affect schools and school systems. it has been neglected for too long. of, the graduation rates are low and the literacy rates are very low. hopefully we can get these issues fixed or solved. artist member from the
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california delegation. i'm pledged to bernie sanders and i got involved in the delicate process because i was inspired by my grandfather who was an organizer with united farmworkers. it has led me to fight for what is right. that is what i'm doing at this convention and i'm hoping to represent the that aren't voting brock of the party. >> this is my first convention. hillaryn working for for eight years and that is why i'm here. it is my passion. my name is morgan johnson, i'm from ohio. i'm a delegate for bernie and on 21. this is my first convention. on this date director of college students for bernie and i'm really excited to be here. my generation and the millennials, we are about the same size as the baby boomers
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and it is important for us to show out. we are having a great time at the convention and i'm looking for to the rest of it. >> voices from the road on c-span. president obama said that the u.s. has improved services for military veterans but work needs to be done. mr. obama was also critical of gop presidential candidate donald trump over his comments about the family of a muslim u.s. army captain who was killed in iraq. eventesident spoke at an hosted by disabled military veterans. [applause] >> good afternoon. our


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