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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  August 2, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. ♪ good morning, it is the washington journal for august the second, 98 days before election day and primaries in several states. several key republicans and veterans groups are calling out donald trump overstatements made asut mr. khan and his wife he called out donald trump over his view of mr. trump's proposed temporary ban on muslims in the united states. we want to get your thoughts on the back-and-forth that has been going on, on this topic between mr. trump and mr. khan, and get your thinking.
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what do you think about the arguments presented on both sides? will this have an impact on the campaign of mr. trump? you can let us know, republicans,1 four democrats8000 four and independents, (202) 748-8002 facebookost on our page at from several papers this morning reflecting on statements made over the last 24 hours by key congressional overes and veterans groups the exchange between mr. khan and mr. trump. headline,e usa today mr. trump faces gop blowback over con comments, saying john mccain and military groups
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criticized trump for what they call the disrespect shown to the parents of a u.s. soldier killed in iraq who has criticized the real estate mogul for smears of muslims. the party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to fame -- defame those who are best among us. thank you for emigrating to america. we are a better country because of you. the memory of the sacrifice will make us a better nation and he will never be forgotten. mr. trump taking to twitter, over the last few days talking about the situation. this one from yesterday, the story is not about mr. colin, an, but rather
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radical islamic terrorism and the u.s.. television and radio in ohio yesterday when he was asked about the recent exchanges and here is what he said about the family of mr. con . -- khan. mr. trump: i was viciously attacked and i have great feeling for his son. as far as i'm concerned, he is a hero, but horrible things were said about me. all i did was respond and i will always respond. >> do you feel like you have given them the sense that you honor their son? do honor their son, i honor all people who were killed as military members. i honored the people who were killed in benghazi, needlessly killed. i honored many people that we killed for this country, all people that were killed for this
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country. >> this has given more ammunition to your opponent who claims that you do not have the right temperament. mr. trump: i think i have a great temperament. i am just saying that from the stage i was attacked about the constitution, and i know the constitution as well as anybody. but i was attacked about the constitution and i think when you are spoken to that way, you are allowed to say something back, i would imagine. otherwise we are in a different place. host: this statement coming from a local tv station yesterday. your thoughts on the exchanges between the two parties. (202) 748-8001, republicans, (202) 748-8000, democrats and (202) 748-8002, independents. we will solve -- start with dennis in fairfax, virginia, republican line.
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caller: i do not think it is appropriate for mr. con -- khan to bring a national battle, to bring his son into that fray as a political tool. i think it is inappropriate and wrong. i think they are crushed by the loss. he was an american hero and donald trump knows that. everybody understands. for the democratic national committee or whoever is responsible for bringing speakers in, to bring that hero into a battle between two political opponents on a national stage is an absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate. needs to reassess the love for his son. to allow his son to be dragged into this political fray is just
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wrong. , in: james is up next georgia on our republican line. caller: good morning. i just want to piggyback on what the previous caller just said. 2004.appened back in that was way before isis, way before any comment that mr. trump was making. i tend to agree that they searched high and low to look for somebody to go against mr. trump. this was a political ploy by the democrats just to get somebody to say against western trump. -- mr. trump. retiredeteran and i after 36 years. this is much to do about nothing and a whole lot to do about the
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news media trying to do something to hurt mr. trump's campaign. something happened in 2004. isis did not get here until after the iraq war so this is news media pumping up stuff against mr. trump. host: if it is being used for politics, would you say the same thing about pat smith, the mother of the benghazi victim who spoke out at the rnc? would you say that is the use of a figure like that for politics as well? caller: yes, they used it for politics as well but the news media did not jump on that. they jumped on mr. trump. that is the bias in the news so i think this is going to backfire. and is going to go away everybody is going to realize that this is nothing but politics, and it is sad. signl bad for mr. khan's
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and he got dragged into that. alabamabby for mobile -- mobile, alabama, independent line. caller: tragically i believe mr. craze --the name.ced his family's law, his wiferia was not allowed to say anything. islam is about degrading women, silencing them. beheading saintly octogenarian priest during mass and i think mr. trump is quite right to call for what he has called for, a reasonable screening of members of islam and islamic members who are coming into this nation to make sure they are not threat to the national security.
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history is replete with attacks in the past 20 years primarily by members of islam. it is not a coincidence, it is a tragic fact. and world war ii we prevented a number of deaths by doing so. ask yourself this -- where is the worldwide condemnation of these acts of absolute savagery and harbor is a from the so-called moderate -- savagery and barbary from the so-called water at muslims? the majority of muslims frankly do not say anything to denounce this and that is reflective of what is going on with islam. i am quite proud of mr. trump. 's wife put not' andin the washington post
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talked about her experience of why she did not say anything at the d and see. -- dnc. picture of look at a may sun behind me. i could hardly control myself. what mother could? donald trump has children whom he loves. does he really need to wonder why i did not speak? carol from ohio from the democrat line. caller: i do not know where those other three colors were last week -- callers were last weekend when mr. khan was on television. donald trump wants to ban all muslims and that is what he said. he can lie on it now but that is what he said. family is tired of it as muslims and i'm tired of it as a white christian, the trump
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would lie about everything. family has a right to be upset that their religion is being made this way. he has been upset with trump just like i have, every group he has went after. now that somebody is coming after him, he thinks, he is just say, cannotdid he be everything. host: some of the past callers has said that the khan family is being used for political purposes. what do you think about that? caller: he said on the news, nobody contacted him. he did not contact them about anything until he wrote that thing and the paper about donald trump. it was the think
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democratic party that set this all up. and his family are fed up with what trump has been saying. host: he spoke about these issues, talked about what he said, and how he continues -- plans to continue on speaking out about this. >> the political process, it is a wonderful, beautiful political process but within that there are some model ethical values of this country that need to be maintained and managed. any, iti have not seen seems like my pleas are falling on deaf ears. i implore those patriotic americans that would probably vote for donald trump in november, i appeal to them not to vote for hatred, not to vote for fear margaret.
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vote -- fear mongering. vote for liberty and freedom. my appeal now is to the folks that are going to be thinking to vote for trump. host: again, that was from abc news on sunday. (202) 748-8001 republicans, (202) 748-8000, democrats, (202) 748-8002 independents. your thoughts on recent statements in recent days between donald trump and the khan family about the instance of their son, responses from donald trump. fairfield, connecticut, republican line. good morning. caller: i found it fascinating were speaking at the democratic convention because if it was not for hillary clinton and her cohorts on capitol hill voting for the war in iraq, their son would
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still be alive. that point seems to have missed them completely. what exactly do they do for a living and what are their connections to the democratic party and clinton foundation? all of a sudden we have these two people that come from out of nowhere, they are in the middle of the spotlight. who are they? did they pick them out of a halal supermarket and say, you speak at the convention? what is their connection to the clintons? host: emily up next. emily, brookfield, wisconsin, independent line. caller: good morning. i have got a couple of things i want to say. please do not cut me off. the first thing i want to say is i feel very badly about mr. khan son dying, and i think his
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for the service he gave our country. i think mr. khan has been demeaned by the democratic party. someone had to look high and low to find this man to go after mr. trump. i am very upset about that and i cannot believe that the media, including c-span, is making such a big deal about it. i have watched donald trump on everything. i never once heard him say he does not want muslims here. all he has said is that he wants anybody that is coming to america from the middle east to be vetted. if they are ok, he is going to let them in. why do people keep calling up and saying that he did not say that? i know he did. i have heard him over and over. the last thing i want to say is c-span gets their money from the corporations. the corporations and the big
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businesses back the democrats because whenever they back the democrats, a make a lot of money. i feel very badly because i love your show. i have been watching it since 1980 and you do so many wonderful things, but i wish you would not get on the bandwagon of some of the bad news media. not all media is bad. host: just one correction, c-span is funded by cable. you say corporations in general. i wanted to specify. florida,lake placid, democrats line. caller: i think the republican reporters would like us all begin to understand trump-ism versus republicanism. i think mr. trump's various responses were predictable. the idea that mr. trump will react or punch back, as he likes idea ands a well-worn
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commentators often joke that his campaign folks must be trying to lock him away from his devices so he cannot comment. the entire surrounding predictable reaction and responses by mr. trump, including the gop's condemnation of those responses, but condemnation without pulling one single endorsement. that whole meme around mr. khan and mr. trump's back-and-forth is the example to eliminate for us how the republicans and their leaders would like to cherry pick the unwanted stuff and call it trump-ism while maintaining their perhaps well earned a bright, patriotic, all of the good things about the republican party, keeping it separate.
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they are merged now and the republican party has to come to that decision to stop endorsing mr. trump, at least here and there, with political bravery, and move forward from here. thank you so much for your television show. host: the new york times editorial takes a look at not only statements between mr. khan but other things, adding some republicans like paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, and kelly ayotte released statements defending the khans but refused to back off of their support from mr. trump. if you carry as much weight on military matters as senator john mccain in arizona -- that is in the new york times. if you go to the editorial of the washington times, they take the point of view of some of our
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exploit a muslim tragedy is the editorial. in part writing the clinton campaign certainly would not have told them they were inviting a storm when they appeared at the dnc to confront mr. trump's criticisms of radical islamic extremism. his challenges to mr. trump invited an angry reaction. donald trump never let a challenge go to waste. ns'story of their sons sacrifice was but fodder for the clinton campaign. from the republican line. caller: you brought up pat smith. pat smith had 72nd airtime and the khan family had 60 minutes. difference between fox and
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msnbc, fox had people criticizing trump. msnbc had chris matthews calling her names and saying he did not want to hear her story. hillary clinton lied about her and she said she was going to find out what happened. there was another family, she lost a son also because of clinton-obama without doing anything to restore navy seals. it has been on tv lately. they disobeyed orders to try to rescue them people. they could have been rescued. why isn't anybody criticizing hillary clinton for what she said about pat smith and benghazi, what happened over there? why is it just one side of the story in all of these papers and everything, and then you have this one organization, they run some kind of paper, the guy said he would like to punch pat smith
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in the mouth. up, why are you endorsing donald trump? why are you endorsing hillary clinton? there are two sides to the story. people only hear one side, why is that? host: frank, poughkeepsie, new york, independent line. caller: i would like to congratulate the khans for raising a beautiful son to sacrifice for this country. a bunch of scum watching football games and do not even look at the soldiers. my brothers have served distinguish late with no problems. jumps on the line and confuses a bunch of idiots who do not deserve the respect of the service. this i would like to say to the bunch of scumbags. maryland,imore,
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democrats line, jeremy. caller: thank you for taking my call. donald trump seems to be unhinged because mr. khan clearly stated that because of his policy preventing all muslims, his son would have thosebeen there to save 10 other brave american soldiers who died that day. he also called it right. donald trump and his supporters, they have a black heart. is there any morals left in this country? you have to attack somebody for asking if you have read the constitution. was yes, and iay am sorry for your loss. they blamed hillary clinton. what did she say? i am sorry for your loss.
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they do not say anything about the other 60 diplomats killed years before when bush left. how about george bush started the iraq war? thank you for taking my call. host: from winter garden, florida, republican line, barbara. caller: good morning, and you for c-span. i would just like to say i have been researching mr. khan because of all this controversy, and i went on twitter. this man has been after donald trump four weeks now. it is not just the past few days or since the dnc convention. he is asking all his friends to gang up on him. tweets to thent gop, asking them to prevent him from being the president. it is an agenda by mr. khan.
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i do feel very soft -- sorry for his son. myselfdisabled veteran and my heart goes out to him and his wife for the death of their son. but this is, i think, hillary clinton planted mr. khan there to goad and bait and denigrated esther trump. -- mr. trump. all he is going to do is make trump supporters more supportive of him. if anybody wants to look, just go on twitter and look for mr. khan, and see that he has been goading and beijing mr. trump four weeks, -- beijing mr. trump trump for weeks. host: yesterday the president addressing the council for disabled veterans and he alluded to the situation that was going
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back-and-forth. without specifically mentioning the dispute twin mr. trump and hiskhan, obama went out of way to talk about old star families in a previously scheduled speech. here is a portion of it. president obama: let me say this -- no one, no one has given more for our freedom and our security then our gold star families. [applause] michelle and i have spent countless hours with them. we have grieved with them. there is a reason why last week in philadelphia i was humbled to kifertroduced by sharon bel from ohio, a mother whose son gave his life. i requested sharon to introduce me.
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because i understood that our gold star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country. they continue to inspire us every day, every moment. they serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of america. and we have to do everything we can for those families and honor them. that whole speech available on our website at off of twitter this morning, mimi saying no veteran would trash the khan family. he spoke with eloquence. the massive support that arose is from him saying what so many would say if able. now time to let it be. stan on the line for the
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democrats, in new york. caller: i just wanted to start out by saying that you give us, the people, a place where we can come and talk to each other and let each other know what we are thinking, and we do not have to go through the press to do it. goes, as the khan family you are disgracing your son's memory and has sacrifice by using that tragedy to support somebody like hillary clinton. she is a traitor and a liar and we know that. to help her be president of the united states, i am sorry, america. it might not sound good but that man and his wife, that is disgraceful. host: ray from south dartmouth, massachusetts on our independent line. caller: that man that just got off the line, he could not be more wrong. number one, everybody is saying
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hillary voted -- which she did -- for the iraqi war but everyone did because the bushes lied. as far as them winning the senate and the house during the midterm, do not forget, tell everybody it was only 27% of the people that voted. this next election, everybody is voting. a lot of the seats are coming up . a lot of these republicans are going to be going out. as far as trump is concerned, he is the antichrist. host: what do you specifically think about the exchanges? caller: i think it is outrageous and trump is a more on. -- moron. host: what is outrageous? caller: my family came from portugal. i was born here but i had nine brothers, two served in vietnam. one died christmas day in
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vietnam. my mother did not talk, did not say anything for years. untilre black for years grandchildren started being born or she could smile again. and for him to say the things that he says, i cannot believe him and i cannot believe these republicans talking like they do. it is outrageous, it really is. i am ashamed. host: the new york times takes a look at the deferments donald trump received during the vietnam era in a front-page story. times,ded the draft five once because of heel spurs. as protrusionsem caused by calcium buildup. he said he could not recall exactly when he was no longer bothered by the spurs but he had not had an operation for the problem.
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for many years, esther trump has ultimatelyed it was the lock of the draw that kept him out of the war but his selective service records suggest otherwise. he had been medically exempted for more than a year when the draft lottery began in 19 nine, well before -- 1969, well before he received his "extraordinary -- "phenomenal" draft number. he was already classified and determined not to be subject to the draft under the conditions in place at the time. we will hear from floyd and virginia on the republican line. caller: i think it is a shame that this man is letting his son be used this way. servicethem for their and for those who have been killed especially. the shame is in the wrong is in
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this country is there has been 60 million babies killed through abortion and the democrats do not care. they showed a new video with a were cutting their heads off when they were born and selling them on the markets they could buy a new car, and these people call in and say they are christians and vote for something like that. i cannot believe they do not know nothing about the bible. ,t is a big shame in america and things going on where they kill 60 million babies and about 20 million of them is black. host: back to the topic we are talking about, you say mr. khan 's family is being used, what do you mean? caller: that is politicized. what about the boys and benghazi who hillary clinton let the killed -- let be killed?
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she would not get out of bed long enough to help them. one could talk about that. host: from baton rouge, louisiana, the republican line, doc is next. caller: it is amazing the short memories these democrats have. -- by the news media when she was trying to make her case of hillary lying to her and those other families at the tarmac, saying their children died because of a video. no, it was terrorism and she did not want to admit it because it would show the failure of her administration. and it is going to be more and more of that if she ever, god help us, becomes president. host: hillary clinton fights presidential pick.
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postfile in the washington taking a look at tim kaine's stance on guns. a little bit from a front page piece, he has been an urban they are determined to reduce gun deaths and has promised not to tighten gun laws. he has become quiet on the issue at times and played offense at other moments. as he served in different political roles in a changing virginia, he tailored his stance as the politics surrounding guns have evolved. a spokeswoman declined to comment for this article. his current push for more regulation reflects -- it goes on, a much longer story taking a look at senator kaine's look and positions on gun rights. you can read that on washington from california, the democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call.
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the thing i want to stress is that i think lots of people are getting misled by their sources of information. to go toe everyone fact check, and they can see that mr. trump lies like 70% of the time. hillary clinton lies about 30% of the time. host: as far as the situation between mr. khan and mr. trump, your thoughts on that. caller: i really upset. i have to agree with mr. khan regarding trump's is always insulting people. there is no one who can question him or ask him without him .oming back viciously
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i want to also say, i used to be a republican until the republican party became so ofn-spirited and so in favor obstruction. host: bob in illinois, republican line. caller: let me go back to what i was thinking. this man is complaining about what trump says. as far as i know in this country, we still have free speech. he could leave, that is the way i look at it. i am tired of people telling us the way they should be where they can even stay in their own country and protect their rights. host: earlier this week on the show donald trump appeared and talked about the issues that were going on between the two men. a bit of that interview. : we have had a lot of problems with radical islamic terrorism. we have a lot of problems where
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you look at san bernardino, you look at orlando, you look at the world trade center, you look at so many different things, what happened to the priest over the weekend in paris where his throat was cut, 85-year-old beloved catholic priest. you look at what happened in nice, france a few weeks ago. something is going on and it is not good. host: we are getting your thoughts on what you of heard going back and forth between donald trump and mr. khan, starting from statements at the dnc in philadelphia and responses for mr. trump. republicans,1, (202) 748-8000, democrats and (202) 748-8002, independents. the specificsbout or the larger issues at play. , on theapolis, maryland
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independent line, joe. veteran, am a retired graduate of the naval academy in 1973. i was in the navy until 2002. i was there for the wrapup of vietnam in 1975 and in the pentagon. at thespent five years national counterterrorism as chief of staff. i was a commanding officer and before i would reenlist my sailors i would ask them if they had read the constitution, because all of us are asked to support the constitution. god bless a man who raises awareness of the u.s. constitution. i'm glad you guys exist. host: do you have a pocket constitution? caller: i gave it to my niece who went to law school, and the
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one i have i took off of the national archive site and every year i try to read it. it is so tattered, i need to get a new one. yes, i read it regularly. appnberg also has a good for each clause, each amendment, each article. it makes it very easy to read. host: is that the annenberg school of communication? caller: that is. host: that is joe and maryland. according to the washington post, the surge in sales and interest of the constitution, in response to that, sales are skyrocketing. it became the second best selling book on amazon and remains there today. google searches for the document increased more than tenfold on
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friday compared to the daily average of the previous month. constitution apps have not done nearly as well, with the most popular version on the apple app store having only 14 reviews because perhaps the visual of waving an iphone around is more reminiscent of attending a concert than a politically impactful protest. caller: my deepest sympathies for the khans. my wife and i have had three sons in the united states marine corps overseas. you cannot even begin to have a feeling for what it is like unless you have lost a son. one, the whole point of this because they moot came here over 20 years ago. donald trump would have had to have been president back then. i can understand anybody today, if they were being vetted and
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could not come in, i could understand that. but the discussion that they used is kind of a goat. they bait somebody in and he is that type of person. , it is justf weird a weird set up. host: who do you think, as far as what has been said, do you think this has long-lasting impact were does it go away in a few days? caller: i think it will go away. the media wants to keep it going and c-span started that. i do have a correction for you. c-span is funded by corporations, big corporations because cable companies or corporations and they use our money without our consent. host: like i said, corporations are a big word so i just wanted to clarify the industry we were funded by. caller: we are aware of that, we appreciate it.
7:41 am
i like c-span. when the gentleman said about corporations and you said cable, cable is a corporation. host: a fair point. caller: i think this whole topic will go away. it is a sad situation that we have to have topics like this. using the death of a fallen soldier, a hero to our nation is a sad situation. as far as the pocket constitution, i have seen ted cruz with that out so many times it is not funny. , its this whole situation is in bad taste. it is in very bad taste but hopefully we get over this, get moving, our country on track. comment, bad taste have you heard other people say that as well? caller: i have heard other people say it to bank.
7:42 am
it was in bad taste all the way around. host: steve in pennsylvania, thank you for watching. beach,fort walton california, democratic line. caller: first of all, the guy that just said they use his money without his consent. he has not read his cable bill. it is listed right there. host: point made. go ahead. caller: the other thing about the khan-trump controversy, i am going to put this on a lower shelf so we can get it. they both used goldstar parents. , hillary simply said she was sorry. trump attacked the family. that is why it is a dustup in the news media. i would challenge any republican that calls in to name a
7:43 am
mainstream republican that has supported trump's statements. thes pure and simple, lower-level republicans just want to make an excuse for trump. host: one more call on this topic and we will get that from dawn, new haven, indiana. caller: i am calling in to say i do not understand what is going on as far as they are putting trump down. put mr. and mrs. up in high esteem, number one. number two, they would not have banned from coming into our country like with some of the other callers that have called from the republican mine. they have not been banned.
7:44 am
these people are very good people. and i do not believe that he was putting them down at all. he at the time, i thought, i wondered why she was not talking. if she was not going to talk, she should not have been out on the stage if that was going to hurt her that much. if i had a son that died like that, i would have let my husband talk and not been out there with my husband. number three, i do not understand why he was holding up the constitution. it does not make any sense. what was he holding up the constitution for? what does the constitution have to do with what he was saying about trump and about not letting some of the muslims in because they have to be vetted? i think it is time for us here in america that we need people to startstration
7:45 am
thinking about us, the american people, maybe putting some people on the border to watch our borders. and also, to vet the people that come in here. host: that is dawn, new haven, indiana, republican line. two guests joining us. stephanie taylor first up with the progressive change campaign committee on hillary clinton and what she would like to see, out of her campaign. program, edthe morrissey, conservative writer and talk show host on donald trump and his campaign. "washington journal" will continue after this. ♪
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>> on saturday, the issue spotlight looks at police and race relations. we will show obama at the memorial for five police officers killed in dallas. president obama: the bullets started flying, the men and women of the dallas police did not flinch and they did not react recklessly. carolina republican senator tim scott giving a speech on his own interactions with police. mr. scott: the vast majority of times i was pulled over for driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or some other reason just as trivial. >> our program includes one family's story about an encounter with washington, d.c.
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police. >> most people get defensive if they feel like you are being offenses so being very respectful in encounters, and request, if it is not a crisis, if it is not a dangerous system, requests versus demands, those things change the dynamic. spotlight on saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and >> "washington journal" continues. of thetephanie taylor progressive change campaign committee, she is there cofounder. can we start by talking about your organization. what is your purpose and how are you funded? caller: we are a grassroots -- guest: we are a grassroots organization and backed primarily from grass utz -- grassroots donations.
7:48 am
we worked primarily on pushing the ball forward on issues like expand social security, debt-free college, holding wall street accountable. issues like that. we also support progressive candidates up and down the ballot and work to build up our for progressives through getting candidates elected and working with them once they are elected as inside-outside allies to push progressive priorities. host: what is your assessment of campaign 2016 now that hillary clinton is on top of the democratic ticket? guest: we have been saying that the very best way for democrats to win is by campaigning on both progressive issues like expand social security and debt-free college. polling shows these are incredibly popular issues not just with democrats but with independents and republicans. 75% you pull those issues,
7:49 am
to 80% of americans including republicans and independents support these issues. the mood of the country is a populist one. host: these positions that hillary clinton holds, do they kind of go in line for your philosophy? do you think they are organic to her or brush influenced by outside sources -- or what she influenced outside services? bernie sanders' candidacy has done a lot to bring these issues into the campaign. other progressives have been talking about these issues for a long time, but it was exciting to see in her acceptance speech a litany of issues that progressives work so hard on. opposing unfair trade deals. that was important to see and great to see. she really needs to keep the volume high and keep talking
7:50 am
about these issues. host: she said them. you think she will follow through? guest: she is talking about them now. we want to see her continue talking about them, to campaign on them, and it is important that she wins with a mandate. asis important she is seen something voters are making a decision on election day on so when she is president she can about won by talking these issues and now we have a mandate to get something done. host: did your organization endorse her? guest: we did not. host: who did you endorse? guest: we did not endorse anyone. host: stephanie taylor joining us, the cofounder of the progressive change campaign committee. questionst to ask her about the progressive agenda, campaign 2016, rings related to that, here is how you can talk
7:51 am
to her. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. independents., where does your organization stand on senator elizabeth warren? caller: we love her. we ran the senate movement when she ran for senate. we had 400 massachusetts members holding house parties, calling on her to run. one of the things we have been doing is building the war and wing of the democratic party, which is trying to support other candidates running for office in the same vein as her and on the same platform. she pushes forward and economic populist agenda that we support. host: so when you saw her next to hillary clinton, you're thinking was what? guest: we are seeing an election that hillary clinton is running this election and embracing some of these populist issues like
7:52 am
expand social security and debt-free college and opposing trade deals. we will just continue working with her and her campaign to make sure that the volume stays high on these issues. i think it is important for democrats to see hillary clinton as well as every democratic candidate campaigning on these issues. host: is there any kind of advocacy in your worn dust in your administration to have elizabeth warren in the clinton administration? guest: i am a big fan and i think that any role she takes on she will do a great job. host: the first call customer boca raton, -- comes from boca raton, florida on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. first of all, i have never heard anything of free college. not anything is free, even the
7:53 am
air we breathe. how on earth can we pay for a free college? who is going to be paying for the free college? have you seen hillary's america? thank you for taking my call. have a blessed day. guest: thank you. those who are working on debt-free college are working on it from the perspective of three issues, one is how can we actually lower college costs? costave seen college beginning to spiral out of control. so one of the ways to attack the collegesing to and saying, how can we actually lower these costs? another way is, can we provide block grants to universities to allow them to create debt free
7:54 am
for students, especially students who need help, who are coming from working families and need help? that is two ways. the third is direct assistance to colleges themselves. it is looking at a number of different ways, including cost control as well as how we can toually provide were support universities -- more support to universities so that deserving students can go to college and not be saddled with debt. what people are really trying to address is this crushing student debt. students are suffering from trillions of dollars of debt and it is a drag on our economy. students are living in their parents' basements as they cannot move out because they cannot afford an apartment, cannot afford to buy a house, cannot afford to get married or by a car. that is hurting our economy and this is really critical for beginning to a dress ways to
7:55 am
allow young people -- address ways to allow young people to enter the economy as productive members of the economy. host: randy from millington, michigan, democrat line. and thank youyou to c-span for this great program you bring us. thank you to all the men and women in the background that we do not see who bring us this program. i would like to thank ms. taylor for her time. i would like to remind ms. taylor bill clinton -- and i --ee with progresses progressives. to berniea month sanders before he quit his agenda. was against nafta and was a progressive until the time he got elected. what mrs. clinton is preaching now you have got to take with a
7:56 am
grain of salt. i will let you know how quick she will jump back to where she was. she brought back that the russians were attacking her and the patriotism thing. does anyone remember, love it or leave it? vietnamid not support you better leave america because you are not a patriot. i think you better really be careful on your support of mrs. clinton. agenda of and the bernie, i have 100% behind them but not 100% behind mrs. clinton. i am not going to be fault again, i should say. think you for your time and effort on the progressive agenda . thank you very much. guest: i think you are absolutely right that we need to continue holding, not just hillary clinton but all democrats accountable. i have 100% on board with that. one term i have been using
7:57 am
recently to describe the relationship between progressives and the clinton campaign is a fragile trust. there is trust that it is a fragile one. that is why it is still critical that we continue to see hillary clinton and tim kaine not just speaking the right position on these issues, but campaigning on them and campaigning forcefully and authentically and sincerely over and over so that we can see they are indeed building a mandate and continuing to internalize why these issues are so critically important to voters and to our country. host: in these first few days of their campaigning, have they brought up these issues since these statements made at the convention? guest: i have not heard since the acceptance speech these issues brought up. however, in hillary clinton's acceptance speech, i thought there was a powerful litany around these progressive issues that we care about.
7:58 am
host: another call from michigan, rusty from the independent line. caller: thank you for taking my phone call. i would like to ask the young lady about, i would like to remind her that there is nothing free. for one thing, the taxpayers would pay for this. it is kind of like it to question deal. i was wondering what she thinks about maybe having the kids going to college when they are done with their four years of college going into the armed services for four years. if taxpayers are going to pay for something, they should serve our country. a question about elizabeth warren, what has she done in the senate? can she name one thing that elizabeth warren has done in this senate? i think you a lot, and thank you for taking my call. host: ms. taylor? guest: there actually has been
7:59 am
discussion among those who are working on the policy side of debt-free college about attaching a service component. obviously there is a lot of ways to serve the country. armed services is one of them, so is teaching and serving the community in other ways, and the police force, firefighting, etc. or has been some discussion about whether there is a way to forgive student debt after students have provided a certain amount of service to giving back to the community. warren, shezabeth has accomplished a tremendous amount in the senate. one of the things she has accomplished so well that i think a lot of people do not know about, she has worked really hard reaching out to her republican colleagues to move forward, particularly on banking issues in places where there is joint agreement to put forward
8:00 am
letters, to launch investigations, to do hearings, put forward amendments. to really look at places where there is common ground and to try and move forward issues on banking. i think that is one of the untold stories of elizabeth we work on expanding social security and she has done a tremendous amount helping to build the consensus for that pushing forward. on the republican line. diane from kansas. caller: social security is why i'm calling. i am a senior. i worked all my life. i paid social security taxes all my life. when i retired at age 607i collect social security but i have to pay taxes on that social
8:01 am
security. in fact of to 85% of the social security that you get which was the tax you paid can be taxable depending on your income and that income level is not very high. i had about $65,000 of total income because i took money out of my 401(k). i have lived long enough to know that -- i don't understand what your proposal is to expand social security -- but whatever it is what is going to happen is there is going to be another taxes onxpanded t elderly recipients of social security. whatever it is that money is going to come from the retirees. i would like to comment on that please.
8:02 am
i would like to understand what you mean by expanded social security. guest: this is actually a really important issue and i'm really glad that you raised that. i think what you are pointing to is the fact that let's be honest social security is really not enough. it doesn't go far enough with the rising cost of bills that seniors are facing. in terms of expanding social security what we talk about is let's change the way benefits are calculated to have a more accurate look at the actual cost seniors are facing. the rising cost of health care. the fact seniors are living longer. the rising cost of housing. these keep going up and we need inmake sure the calculus terms of how much benefits will be paid out is taking that into account.
8:03 am
i'm really glad that you raised that. my own parents are on social security and depend on it. i hear a lot from them about the tax issue and the answer is let's expand the benefits we are paying out to seniors because they need it. guest is the cofounder of the progressive change campaign committee. stephanie taylor joins us. one of the things we will discuss today between the president and the prime minister of singapore's trade -- is trade. what do you think about trade overall particularly the way hillary clinton is supposed -- approaching it? oppose tpp.e re-think trade deals written in secret by corporate lobbyists cannot be good for the american people.
8:04 am
i think one of the things we have been talking about in this election is you see donald trump trying to run to the left of democrats on trade, jobs, tpp. one of the things we have been saying to the clinton mccain warning is of a beware of this, this is really potent. people are concerned about the economy. it's really critical that tppcrats also oppose tpt -- because it's a very dangerous one. host: what do you mean by issues of sovereignty? able to makeing .ur own rules set our own agenda domestically.
8:05 am
having to give that power over to the commissions. the president made this , i know politics around trade can be very difficult in an election year but the answer is not to embrace protectionism. we can't just walk away from trade. response to the last part. guest: i think it is possible to have a fair trade deal but when you have corporate lobbyists writing an agreement in secret are the interests of workers being represented? i think the answer to that is no. you have to remember the mood of the electorate right now. what we have seen under nafta is jobs disappearing and a manufacturing base that is gutted. people are feeling very suspicious of trade deals as
8:06 am
they should because of our historical experiences with trade for democrats to be leading the charge for another and bill clinton signing nafta, you don't want to have that reminder for voters and this fear of not another nafta. were you surprised that during the convention you saw so many protesters even within the hall protesting against trade issues and specifically the tpp? guest: i was not surprised. this is the major issue for many progressive voters as well as democratic voters. this is not a popular trade deal. i was not surprised at all and i think this is a major one. host: joan on the tennessee
8:07 am
democrats line. thanks for waiting. caller: i had a question on the basis of social security because i am an older person. the lady three or four callers back. my main one was because we and -- in aa raise couple of years. i wanted to know on the basis of -- is that something you would be talking about in this election about the people on social security not just being at a standstill? is it possible that you would be talking about getting a raise
8:08 am
across the board on social security? that was one of my major questions i wanted to find out. this gets back to what i said earlier. social security is not enough and we need to expand benefits and make sure the benefits are meeting the actual cost of .iving that seniors are facing i think you are pointing to something important which is the fact it simply isn't keeping up with the cost of living and it needs to. host: bob in north carolina on the independent line. you are next. caller: thank you for your channel. thanks for taking my call.
8:09 am
i think -- i watched a program over the weekend on the american history channel and it was called cia declassified. 93 thed out back in original twin towers were attacked financed partially by bin laden. god the clintons were in bless there so they did good things. did thingsers important to our political society and our nation but politics is a blood sport and most of us could not stand the scrutiny if we try to contribute through politics to our country. back on youtube and see during the clinton administration they missed bin laden can separate times and it led to 9/11 and then we have a war on our hands and george bush is not perfect. i think these trade deals we go it was aoss perot and
8:10 am
good concept but it was managed badly and i hope this nation finds some true leadership to get some efficiency in government. security theyal should get a means testing level where you don't get any substitutes or checks from the government and then you can increase the lower true poverty level for people who live. god bless this nation. put the lord first and love each other as neighbors. goodbye. thank you very much. guest: that was quite a lot of issues. particularly interesting was leadership and the importance of leadership. we have not talked a lot about him but i want to bring up bernie sanders and egg knowledge leadership he showed why
8:11 am
running. by putting himself out there. mobilized energized excited young people coming out and following because he was leaving and leading the charge on some of these economic populist issues. i do think leadership is critical especially at a moment when we have a lot of economic uncertainty and anxiety about security. host: what was your response to the e-mails that came out because of the hack? guest: at this point i think it's a distraction. obviously there needs to be accountability. there needs to be a cleaning up the house which i think we are already seeing. think the e-mails beyond the
8:12 am
issues of the sanders campaign it's always good to work with the democratic party to make sure it is working in a very efficient and good manner. there were a lot of criticisms of debbie wasserman schultz beyond the issue. host: did you support her removal? guest: i think it was absolutely the right thing to do. at this point i think in general voters want to talk about the issues and substance. we have heard several calls about social security. i think that's really what people want to know is what are you are going to give to have more money in my pocket? host: does your organization have an here at the dnc? guest: we talk with democrats. we talk with republicans. host: what about the dnc?
8:13 am
do you talk with them specifically about these issues? guest: yes. absolutely. our message to democrats continues to be the mood of the electorate is populist. the best way to win is by talking about the issues, talking about what you're going to do to put more money in my pocket. are you going to expand social security, help my kid go to college, keep me safe. these are core issues people are thinking about when they wake up in the morning. the best way to win is by talking to them on those issues. host: from illinois, republican line. . cindy. good morning. we spent $150,000 putting our children through college. my question is what research have you done to find out how much it will cost to expand social security and putting kids
8:14 am
through free? i guess that's my question. what research did you do and what is the amount of money that is going to be needed on the taxpayers that are already burdened? guest: that is such a great question. $150,000 putting your kids through college shows why this is such a critical issue. i think that's what many families are facing. terms of expanding social security the proposal on the table right now is to scrap the cap. anyone making $125,000 or over a year stops paying into social .ecurity the proposal is scrapped that cap and by opening that up and making the tax code more fair and more level it will actually
8:15 am
be enough to fund expansion and to fund thenough full expansion of benefits. i terms of debt-free college laid out earlier some of the ways people are looking at lowering those costs. i think that is still a work in progress. the general consensus is we should look at every way possible that we can tackle these costs. what you are getting to is this question of how do we pay for it which i think is a very legitimate question. it's really an issue of priorities. do we bring corporate taxes back from overseas where they have been sheltered and help pay for our programs that way? do we allow the government to negotiate on the cost of prescription drugs to save millions of dollars for medicare
8:16 am
by being able to negotiate on those costs? it's really just saying where are we going to prioritize and how can we gain more money for the programs that we need to like frank families from the crushing burden of student debt. host: peter in georgia. democrats line. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a comment to stephanie about the trade deals she was talking about. you are not bad. with nafta the economy was strong. jobs were created. things were very good. things were very good up until apartn the market fell and the housing issue happened. cafta, wto was not
8:17 am
responsible for that mess. democrats do not mix issues together between trade deals and financial issues. you want to blame what happened in the 90's don't blame clinton. blame the bush administration that could not manage basic regulation on the financial sector. we had a democratic primary with bernie sanders running. he lost. werest because democrats not prepared to back his fantasy. free college costs money. you can't tell us now on tv how you would pay for it.
8:18 am
billions and billions of dollars. put numbers on the table. however the democrats going to finance that? clintonhope that mrs. does not get sucked into this fantasy world. we need to win in november. we can only win as a center party. we will lose to trump not because of his tpp nonsupport. that is just a joke. we will lose because middle-class families are not repaired to pay tens of taxes for somebody else's free college. thank you very much and god bless you. guest: lots of complicated issues. to talk about some of your first question i think even after the
8:19 am
passage of a trade deal it takes a while to see the ramifications. mentioned iat you think the recent financial crashes have actually been more related to the banking sector. actuallyomething we work on as well. we have not talked about it a lot the one of the things we argue is that we need a new glass spiegel. it's the law that prevents banks from -- it creates a wall between investment banking and .ommercial banking we continue to look at ways the banking sector should be reformed to prevent crashes like
8:20 am
that. it is something we have worked on a lot and haven't gotten a chance to talk about. host: david in new york. democrats line. it has been a breakthrough year for c-span. so valuable to us. i came back from a bernie rally. i couldn't see bernie and i got home and saw it on c-span. c-span has been wonderful. mr. khan fornk what he's doing. breakthrough for muslim, in my case jewish muslim. inshallah. i'm trying to learn arabic. there are so many wonderful
8:21 am
muslims in my neighborhood on the upper west side. who is going to pay for these programs? i was a bernie supporter of course. hillary has so much adopted -- georgiaizes what the caller doesn't. it must be a united front against donald trump who really neofascist like candidate. we really must be donald trump. that's the first thing. she has adopted to make a united front much of bernie's platform. posts a very successful primary between the convention. the convention was wonderful. wayi think we are on their to defeating donald trump. he is defeating himself. he looks like a -- manchurian
8:22 am
candidate at this point. we are in danger straight and who's going to pay for this college is the main question it seems to me is the rich. host: ok. guest: i think it was really interesting hearing from this bernie supporter who is now determined to defeat trump. there has been a lot of talk about will the bernie supporters end up choosing to support hillary clinton. i'm hearing that a lot of progressives -- most are united in that it is an absolute priority to defeat donald trump. we still have to exercise accountability to keep hillary to adhered tim kaine
8:23 am
to their promises right now on these progressive issues. really everybody is united in a green donald trump is a real danger. it is vital that we defeat him. host: the story today in the .ashington journal -- post that might happen and where is your organization involved in house and senate races? guest: there is a primary today in seattle, washington. this amazing woman who immigrated here from india at the age of 16 and now she was running for congress. we have high hopes for that race. you are seeing a lot more diversity in terms of the candidates and that's really
8:24 am
exciting. jamie raskin who is running for congress in maryland. these are folks we call game changers. they are very strong on the anti-monopoly message against corporate control of our democracy and i think will be .bsolute amazing organizers we need them with or without a majority. what level of support does your organization get? guest: we do everything from fundraising for candidates that we support, volunteers on the ground, helping with expert advice.
8:25 am
to help make sure they are running a best practices operation because we believe that the best way for progressives to run more efficient campaigns and that saves money. on march 29 your organization endorsed alan grayson for senate. his wife accused him of domestic abuse. guest: we immediately withdrew our endorsement. host: did you hear from the grayson campaign? guest: we did not. host: as far as where florida stands right now do you have another candidate in mind? we had endorsed alan grayson because he had been a strong progressive champion on a number of issues. obviously not knowing about this. patrick murphy who is also the democrat running in florida has
8:26 am
a very problematic track record. he was voted for the benghazi instance.for concerned ati are this point there is no viable option for us in the florida senate race. host: north carolina, republican line. walter, good morning. caller: yes. stephanie. miss taylor. i have a simple question. how is your organization funded? is it funded by individuals, grants? individuals such as george soros? i will take your answer off the. air. guest: we have one million members nationally and we are funded by them. e-mails saying here is something we think we should
8:27 am
do whether it is to run an ad or support a candidate. this is why we think it is strategic. can you chip in three dollars? and they do. we are amazingly lucky to have the membership that we have. to have new members who are so supportive of the work that we do. host: linda on the independent line in new jersey. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. i just had a quick question. i'm wondering why since you are the progressive agenda why your committee or warrant did not enjoys bernie -- endorse bernie when it would have mattered? his issues are so in line with what you guys believe. question.s a great primarythroughout the that are best use as an organization was to work with
8:28 am
both campaigns to make sure the progressive issues were elevated throughout the primary because it was really important to us that this presidential election was on these issues. it's really important that every single day in the presidential and down ballot candidates are talking about the crushing bt.dent dead decided we were better able to do that if we had not endorsed either candidate. that was the decision we made at the time based on the information we had and it was the most strategic thing we could do at the moment. host: the federal minimum wage of $15 and, is this being talked about enough? guest: it has definitely been
8:29 am
great to see how much democrats have been embracing it. it has been getting a lot of attention. we are big supporters of it and of raising the tipped wage which is an incredibly important issue. for working issue families. host: randy from north carolina on the democrats line. good morning. what i want to comment about is i think we are on the wrong topic. with the gerrymandering that 2010,ican did in like that's going to be a real problem. .here is a book by david daily i suggest all the democrats and
8:30 am
independents read this book. get some real knowledge about what happened with the republican gerrymandering the states. north carolina for one. wisconsin. it's the whole nation. and iid a real bad job think they destroyed democracy. thank you very much. what is your take on the number of lower courts turning over these voting restrictions in several states? guest: obviously it's great to see when voting restrictions are overturn. we were cheering the decisions of the north carolina court. on gerrymandering in particular i would advise the caller check out jamie raskin's campaign. he is running in maryland for congress and he has been a huge proponent of gerrymandering
8:31 am
reform and has actually done a lot of academic work on this in his career as a law professor. caller wants to join a campaign and volunteered. host: in washington state, independent line. caller: i've got a couple things. education, greater wages, greater tax revenues, greater work opportunities. poor education. poor wages. low unemployment. greater chance of going to jail. less taxes. the other thing is the $15 wage thing. higher wages leads to a weaker dollar. jobsr dollar leads to more . around the jobs just go to sleep blaber -- slave
8:32 am
labor. we never want to compete with slave labor. nobody wants to pay taxes but we sure like the benefits of making and usuallyey educated people are making the great balls of money. that what you're pointing to is what you have been saying this election which is what voters care about our pocketbook issues. wages, jobs. am i going to be able to afford .o send my kid to college am i going to be able to afford gas in my car to get to work. these are really central issues and this is what american voters are thinking right now. host: randy in iowa. democrats line.
8:33 am
i think. am a member i think i still give you a monthly stipend. my question is about all the money that has been made from outsourcing of jobs like the 750,000 we were losing per month. it looks like it's getting close to $2 trillion. getting laws changed in times to line their pockets. their tax debt on that money you mentionedeas bringing that back and paying for some programs. it's close to $2 trillion now. is that what you were alluding
8:34 am
to? that youo many things understand and deal with on a daily basis that a lot of people in their daily life don't grasp. when we were losing the 750,000 jobs a nascar stands at races were full. every sunday there are very few races where they sell out. americans that their jobs are gone. a lot of them are skilled jobs. clinton needs to think about not necessarily the nascar voter but the white american that was put out of work when the republicans were in office last time. guest: thank you for being a member. i was a very powerful story
8:35 am
about the impact when you don't have jobs. you can't pay for entertainment. ways ina number of which the economy suffers. i would say beyond white americans this is an issue that affects all americans. american families regardless of race are dealing with looking for employment. making sure your social security check can go further. we have been staying so focused on economic issues. is thehe organization progressive change campaign committee. we have been joined by the cofounder stephanie taylor. thanks for coming on. we will get a perspective from ed morrissey on donald trump. he is the editor with the website he will join us next when washington journal continues. ♪
8:36 am
>> civil war historian discusses his book after the civil war. heroes, villains, soldiers and civilians who changed america. >> state allegiance was very deep. it went as far back vincent just -- in generations. slavery is without question the major cause of the war but you can explain the actions of good decent men. they fight because virginia needs them not that they supported the confederate cause. neither wanted. >> sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a.
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app makes itdio easy to follow the election wherever you are. get audio coverage and information.ute the up-to-date on all election coverage. c-span's radio app means you always have c-span on the go. >> washington journal continues. host: joining us from minneapolis is ed morrissey, senior editor for and author of the book going red. good morning. guest: good morning. host: a little bit about the website hot-air. guest: i am the senior editor at this is owned by a townhall media group, a subsidiary of
8:38 am
salem media group. we are in the for profit area. we don't survive on donations. we make what we earn. hope is aon we rational approach to conservatism and elections and .ulture we have a weekly nfl thread that my weekend editor and i like to banter back and forth on. we hope to make it fun but also to bring a lot of people into politics. host: what is the approach of your colleagues at hot-air toward donald trump being the republican nominee? guest: it's a good question. each of us takes a slightly different approach to it. our newest addition takes more than embrace on donald trump.
8:39 am
the other one is very skeptical. i am somewhat skeptical. john sexton is looking for really good news articles that i like nuances of the trunk campaign. host: where does your skepticism center on? i am skeptical about donald trump himself. i am skeptical of exactly how committed he is to supporting republican ideals. he has been in the business of donald trump for a very long time. he is a very transactional person and whatever benefits donald trump is the direction he is going to go in. we see some of that on the campaign trail. seems to forget he is running for president and ends up focusing on these attack lines that don't really benefit him or
8:40 am
the party. in some cases they might be doing damage. i am skeptical that donald trump is going to put forward and fully implement the republican party agenda, conservative agenda. he's really just going to be in this for himself. that's what my skepticism is based on. host: we had 17 people on the stage. why did we end up with donald trump? really goods a question. i have all sorts of different answers for that. at the heart of this is the fact that the american people have been disappointed by traditional politics in both parties. it's the reason you saw bernie do so well in the democratic primary as well. the same dynamic exists in both parties. people don't trust the leadership. they don't trust where things have gone in either party.
8:41 am
not even aers was democrat before he started running for presidency. donald trump had a brief foray into politics for years ago and has now decided to jump in with both feet. people were looking for outsiders and disruptors. i think the republican party got the name -- nominee that does that. host: you have a book out where you talk about how you reach out to people about these issues. what's your take on that? what message do you deliver? guest: it's less about the message as an a message. it's more about getting to know ground level. this is something barack obama did very well in 2008.
8:42 am
to have a campaign that is actually engaging people for each of their different issues and contextualizing the broader agenda into the lives of these people. so they understand why voting for a republican is going to make their lives better. why voting for a conservative is going to make their lives better. their lives specifically. barack obama was very good about doing that on the progressive side. republicans have stuck with this --000 foot one side one-size-fits-all messaging that does not make the emotional connection to the voters especially swing voters in swing counties. host: ed morrissey talking about these issues. you heard him talk about his book going red. he is also the editor of
8:43 am questions, (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8002 for independents. way the hunt from has handled this issue with mr. khan, does this do long-term damage to his campaign? guest: a lot of pundits have gone bankrupt on making predictions of doom for donald trump's campaign. but i don't see what he gets out of this. i don't think there is any upside to punching down to this level. khans made a very impassioned and critical speech at the convention and that was really a one-day story. anyone who has decent political instincts would have understood that attacking them only lift
8:44 am
lower zero level. that is the whole point of not punching down in politics. opponents who are not your political party, that sort of thing. that's exactly what donald trump did. he turned a one-day story and admittedly a powerful story -- he has turned it into a five-day story, a six-day story where everyone is still talking about how donald trump is going after u.s. officerf a who died fighting islamic terrorism which is supposed to be what he wants to be talking about. i think he is starting to drop this. theas kind of dropped mention of them from his stump speech. i think he is starting to catch up to the idea that this was a bad idea but he needs to stop
8:45 am
doing these things. this is what i was talking about earlier. he is really about donald trump. when he gets criticized he feels like he has to respond no matter where it is coming from and whether it actually helps him out. host: karen in leesburg, virginia. democrat line. you are on with ed morrissey. caller: good morning. you know. i am truly an independent and every time i want to vote republican there is some foolishness that comes out of that party and candidates i just cannot relate to. donald trump is from new york. he's got a big mouth and that is fine. i am not surprised by donald trump. what i am surprised by is his followers. it is a cultlike following. they will not hold him responsible for anything he does. it's amazing that people will chant crooked hillary and call her a liar to the very man who
8:46 am
, who court to this day will defend somebody's family who died in war. it is so hypocritical. the people that follow him, it's just mind-boggling to me. i for the life of me cannot understand where we are going. i am really concerned we have lost touch. we will believe anything that anybody says just to be on the winning team and i am so embarrassed for where we are. just to talk about this whole thing with russia. honestly i think donald trump, i think putin wants donald trump to win because russia wants a fight. the only way they are going to get a fight is by getting donald trump in office. people need to look at the big picture here. he is going to walk us into a war we are not prepared for.
8:47 am
guest: this is a great call. there's does code things she thingsup -- there's two she brings up here. barack obama could do no wrong. there were people having their children sing songs about barack obama and any criticism was somehow a case of racism on the right. it cuts both ways but i agree with her that it is a problem. this cult of personality idea is a problem. this is part of what i go after in my book. the way you counter that is by talking to voters and understanding their issues because it necessarily produces who are more into it with people and more oriented towards the voters than they are towards themselves. cults of personality have always
8:48 am
existed in american politics and they are always going to. i would say that what we are talking about is a small slice of the supporters of barack obama. they just happen to be the focal ones. they happen to be the ones who to put most interesting on the media. a little bit less of an issue than it seems. the issue about russia i think you have donald trump and hillary clinton with ties to russia. the deal when she was secretary of state that allowed russia to control a good chunk of uranium and bill clinton giving speeches to the banks for $500,000. i would say putin is probably looking at this and think you could work with either one of the candidates to his advantage. that's what he does.
8:49 am
online as worried about voting in terms of vladimir putin as i am for policy here in the united states. host: shelbyville, indiana. independent line. caller: mr. trump's new talking point, bill clinton signed nafta. that's true. i am 56 years old and it was reagan and bush that pushed nafta to the goal line. this is strictly a republican idea so why is this republican candidate trashing it? i don't understand. host: mr. morrissey. guest: first off i mean bill clinton was a fan of nafta as well. he endorsed it. there were a lot of democrats that went along with it because free trade has a pretty strong history in both parties. more so in the republican party
8:50 am
but also the democrat party. bill clinton saw nafta as a net positive for the united states. while there is certainly some benefited have not from that there has been a lot of americans who have. american policy didn't focus on working to lift up the people who were not benefiting from free-trade because they were focused so much on taking credit for the vast majority of americans who were benefiting from it. it is the left out dynamic that has been driving this populist fervor. it has been coming for quite a long time. because you have that coming you will have politicians in both parties responding to it. donald trump seized on that very early. he started talking about this for years ago.
8:51 am
to message really spoke those concerns from people who felt left out of this economic benefit from free-trade. that's the reason donald trump is talking about it. it's the reason bernie sanders was talking about it. you don't hear hillary clinton talking about it much because her husband signed nafta. tpp.elped structure the that has been such a controversy now in the democratic party and a little bit in the republican party as well. tradition in is a both parties that have been oriented towards free-trade and there are finally responding to people who say they have been left out. host: do you think that populist mindset you talk about -- is that hard to change and will we see more of that in the next
8:52 am
cycle? if policymakers don't address some of these issues and start finding ways to spread and of this prosperity out regions that have been hurt by free-trade this is going to continue to expand and people are going to start demanding different trade policies as they already have been. you had all those signs with the , no tpp was one of the ts coming fromn the delegate floor. sides have shown it is a net positive for the united states. host: arizona, republican line. susan. good morning. c-span butnk god for
8:53 am
you have such an ignorant electorate. they are not diligent about getting the facts. when congress was taken over by the democrats it was obvious we were going to have an incredible amount of restriction put on us. everything started going downhill. people don't understand that all these -- no one sees it they are working or not. han plant, those people were used to make it look like they were the ones being set upon. nothing against anyone who loses a child protecting us. but they are not the only people in the world who have lost children. democrats use this stuff and the press runs with it. the administration by bush never defended themselves shows you what we get. this is what we get when the press run amok.
8:54 am
we are the ones that have to pay for this with 16,000 new regulations for beating the daylights out of all the business owners and everybody in the country. trump. why we want we want somebody to finally fight back and do something that we are getting beat out in the real world. host: mr. morrissey. guest: great call. that's exactly what i'm talking about the same passion was driving the bernie sanders movement on the left. for those's a mistake of us in the commentary class to refer to voters as low information voters or uneducated because that is not the case. they may be low engagement voters because they don't feel they need to be of zest with politics like some of us are. this is what we do for a living so we are very much engaged.
8:55 am
we are looking at these things in great ttl -- great detail. when i was going around to these different communities to research i did over 100 interviews. i heard over and over again, i just want somebody who is going to make things work again. somebody who is going to get rid of the idea that everything is blockaded and nothing can happen. there are things that need to be fixed. i can see them in my community. we need to start fixing things. that's the reason you have this need to replace the people who are being perceived as being obstructionist, overly ideological most voters just want things to work right. they don't want a bunch of regulation.
8:56 am
they do want things to work right. aere is a lot of room for conservative message to come through and make those emotional connections but conservatives and republican presidential candidates simply haven't made the effort. necessarily sure the trump campaign manager oriented to do that this time around either. the trump campaign manager a lot better reach into the media and so he might be able to fill the gap that way. host: you saw a lot of high key republicans denounce donald trump and the stance he takes. and that demonstrate to you unwillingness between donald trump and republicans to work together to get him elected come the fall? i think it shows a couple of things. i am not sure that for its donald trump that the republican establishment is standing apart from him.
8:57 am
that might not really heard him with the voters who got him to this point. it does show is that donald trump should have anticipated some of this. in the general election you need people to pull together. ns, aing after the kha target that is really sort of useless to donald trump, that opens up the gap. betweenput a distance the apparatus that going to have to help him get to his goal. that as just bad politics. i don't think that is a net positive for donald trump at all. that was a fight he didn't need to have. you don't see this but there is a story crossing today that there is a republican house maker, a republican from new york saying he's going to cross
8:58 am
the line and vote for hillary clinton. if he'sknow demonstrated of other things but does this do note a problem? guest: a member of the house of representatives? yes. yesterday you saw sarah bradshaw who has been a republican activist for 30 years and ran one of jeb bush's successful gubernatorial campaigns saying she might vote for hillary clinton in part because of the khan controversy. last straw.e of the i think you're going to see some of that. is anecdotal. i think you'll find democrats because they will vote trump because they are sick and tired of clinton's. that is an issue. there is a certain expectation that people who are involved in the process have
8:59 am
of presidential nominees. they don't see donald trump as having that seriousness and that is really what concerns them. after the convention you expect to see that seriousness and political calculation that you don't pick fights that you don't need to pick and you focus on rather than on third or fourth level surrogates. that is the type of calculation that is very worrisome to people who are already in the business if you will. host: do you think you will see more depth or more specifics on how donald trump plans to achieve these things he talks about? guest: he is pulling together a policy team. i think bringing mike pence on board is actually one of those decisions that addresses some of the things i was just talking about. mike pence is an excellent choice to have as a running mate. he's got a great temperament.
9:00 am
he is policy rich. he knows how to speak to people. he actually ended up addressing to say that we have free speech here. anybody can say anything about politicians. these people sacrificed for their country and we should respect the sacrifice and then he change the subject which is what should have happened five days ago. mike pence being on the ticket policyg to bring the depth and focused to a campaign that needs it. host: joining us this morning if you are tuning in is ed morrissey, from the website and the author of the book, "going red." all right, go ahead. yes, i would just like
9:01 am
on lawrenceopinion wilkerson -- he was on the lawrence mcdonald showed the other night. wilkerson was the on the staff of: powell. and also a retired colonel. and his opinion of mr. trump is to destroyreally out the republican party. and he is doing it by pulling darkurtain back on the black core of the republican party that has been generated by fox news and rush limbaugh and all of the hatred. i am a democrat now that back in the reagan years, i was a
9:02 am
republican. tell you. to thee more conservatism in democratic party these days than i do the republican party. specifically, what is your and in on that idea, believe him. i don't believe anything that donald trump is saying. i think it is a big act to destroy the republican party. guest: thank you very much for your call. great to hear from california. i think that is reading way too much into what donald trump is doing. is out for donald trump. i really think it is that simple. although i expect that the audience really appreciated the shot at republicans and fox news and that stuff. think it ist
9:03 am
overthinking things by a longshot. both parties have their extremes and have their crazies. and republicans, democrats, libertarians -- they all have them. represent the core of the republican party. i have been republican and conservative ever since i could vote. if i thought that i saw conservativism in the democratic party, i thought i would take a look at it. there are two different things. i don't think that donald trump and to the populace that has raised donald trump is conservative, either. a number just one of of factions within the republican party. we no longer have the leadership that we used to have within the republican party and that is in part because conservatives got complacent within the gop and
9:04 am
they will have to start making better arguments and getting more on the ground with people and building networks and support. but i don't think that donald trump has a secret plan to destroy the republican party anymore than i thought bernie sanders had a plan to destroy the democratic party. i just don't buy that. donald trump is a straightforward guy. he is all about donald trump and himself. it is simple. website.l us about the what kind of content do you find and how often do you post? guest: is where you can find us. contribute 7-8y posts a day. we comment on all kinds of breaking things, breaking news usually that also cultural things, videos and all sorts of
9:05 am
different things. i have a twice a week video stream talkshow and i will have time today at 4:00 eastern , tuesdays and thursdays. it is a great, entertaining website with lots of food for thought. five different contributors or more and we have a diverse perspective on conservatism. wi, john, youe, are up next. to ask yournted guests to what conservatives are trying to conserve? guest: that is a good question. [laughter] guest: i think conservatives will tell you that they are trying to conserve traditional social structure. family first, then communitarian . they are trying to conserve
9:06 am
individual liberty, rather than collective action. you will find that they are also trying to conserve the original intent of the united states constitution. is a lot of great conservative philosophers out there who could put this better than i can but that is basically at the heart of what conservatives are. conserving the individual above the state. conserving the liberties that accrue from that. and conserving the traditional social structures which have led america to prosperity. int: let's hear from mike texas on the republican line. caller: let me add that conservatives would like to preserve private property rights. guest: that is definitely part of it. caller: conservatives believe in the radical idea that people that work are a good asset.
9:07 am
it is work that allows people to sustain themselves. and i might add to the caller rushreference rush, doesn't hate. he wants the best for all americans. he talks about this all the time. look at the inner cities. they are disasters and case studies in disaster. they are run by democrats. the school systems there are run by democrats. it is a jobs program because the teachers are never fired. hillary clinton is running a bit on her husband's record of the economy. in which he says is he created jobs. but in 1994, two years into his term, his approval rating was 33%.
9:08 am
that is when the contract with america took over the congress pivoted -- bill clinton pivoted and set the era of big government is over. years, the budget was balanced. withwould argue that even all those dollars, they balance the budget with clinton signing onto welfare reform. hillary clinton will have a hard time running on her husband's record. host: thank you. guest: i asked for a better conservative philosopher and ringo, someone showed up on the phone line. look, back then you had a congress and president that were more willing to work with each other. have aose they did
9:09 am
famous budget standoff in 1995. i think bill clinton understood that the country was oriented towards the center right and he reoriented himself towards that so he could get things done. i think results speak for themselves. i don't see hillary clinton as that kind of a person. barack obama did not triangulate after he lost the house or senate. i don't see hillary clinton as somebody who will triangulate in the face of congress and control of the party. donald trump see that way, either. we have entered an era in politics where ideological lines are drawn so strongly and the penalties for crossing them are so onerous that you have to have one party in charge in order to get everything accomplished. which is not the greatest thing
9:10 am
in the world. i think marco rubio's experience in your public party is a great demonstration. he was trying to get something done on immigration so he could get it off the table and that is the reason why voters in florida sent him to washington. to get things done. and look how that played out for him? he ended up being washed out of the presidential race. i don't know if he will be running in the senate in florida, it seems as though he will be reelected but the message seems clear -- don't do anything. the best way, in your opinion, for donald trump to campaign against hillary clinton? guest: first off, focus on hillary clinton. don't focus on general john
9:11 am
allen. he is a political target so he can be criticized but there is no upside. you had to attack hillary clinton and focus on her track record as secretary of state. focus on her track record with foreign policy. you have to talk about the track record of barack obama's foreign policy, because she will provide a continuity to that. i think that if you focus on that, the recent track record of , especiallyiness when it comes to the e-mails, i think if you focus on that, you can beat hillary clinton that way. but you have to do those kinds of things with retail
9:12 am
politicking that is required in order to get votes out to the precinct. host: do you think then, because you have studied these things on a state-by-state level, donald trump's event of having rallies will have to change? well, it is a strategy he is going to stick to. his campaign is very light. he doesn't have a lot of employees. he definitely is going to stick with that strategy. would haveandidate the same problem that mitt romney and john mccain had. john mccain -- that was a cycle that applicants were not going to win. 2012 was winnable and mitt romney focused more of his attention on national advertising and messaging, rather than getting down into these areas and campaigning where it matters. with his media celebrity and his ability to manipulate media into covering
9:13 am
-- he possibly might do better with that strategy then mitt romney did but i don't know if he will be able to do enough. and i don't see how that will turn out votes. host: on the democrats line from maryland, dorothy. caller: i wanted to say to ed morrissey, you have very good ideas. i am a democrat but i do want more than one party. i just have one issue and then i want to ask a question because i think we are on the same page. the privates with property -- you have to think about it. is myperty that i own private property. but what you all are talking about -- i am thinking that it means that if you own anything, you can say no blacks allowed, no whites allowed, no muslims or no gays because it is your private property.
9:14 am
i know that is what the private property thing is about so we believe that alone. with donald trump -- you are right. the republicans could have done better. they could have given competition and ideas. anytime you have a person who will be on the world stage talking about -- if i shoot somebody in the face, i will beat them up -- come on, now. this man has been seen around the world and he is really saying some things -- and it want to say something about john mccain. say john mccain was a hero -- he said any military person that was caught is a loser. that is what he said. he said that. that doesn't make any sense and republicans can do better. host: thank you. edward morrissey? what: we will disagree on
9:15 am
we mean about private property rights. this call is great because i think there are a lot of commonalities with people. and it crosses ideological and partisan lanes. everybody wants to make things better. we just differ on some of the ways of doing that. think that both parties could have done a lot better. i think that the democrats could nominated someone who doesn't have the track record of dishonesty that hillary clinton has. just the same way that republicans could have done better. i have talked about my skepticism with donald trump and i think republicans had much better options on the table but voters were not responding to the other options, the same way democrat voters weren't responding to bernie sanders or other options. martin o'malley, for instance.
9:16 am
so we are where we are at because that has been the will of the voters. necessarily national host: independent line. i haven't heard anybody say anything about president obama trying to get the tpp pass the floor. i wonder why? thank you. isst: yes, i think that
9:17 am
going to be what happens. meet in angress will lame-duck session after the november election and they will it isly pass tpp because at least popular in the aggregate. free trade, is. there will be a number of things that could pass after election day that would be -- how should i say -- elect orlie problematic if they passed it in september or october. i think you will see a very busy lame-duck session. i don't know if you follow this, but as far as the state of the house and senate, do you think they will both be in republican hands after november? guest: i think the house, definitely. there are two may difficult these for democrats to take control. republicans have a very difficult hill to climb.
9:18 am
they are defending 13 more seats than democrats are. if you take a look at the polling, republicans are doing well in some states that they were worried about losing. marco rubio seems to have emerged as a strong candidate. portman they are doing well. mark kirk might be doing well. a seat that they are likely to lose. but republicans need to keep from losing four seats in order to regain control of the senate. host: on the republican line, craig, go ahead. caller: i think what we're seeing in the election cycle is a good thing. it is painful to watch as it is a train wreck.
9:19 am
but if we look at democracies in the past that have failed, they have foiled from within. money influence controls government. it appears republicans may be more discontent with the way the republicans -- with the way the government is being ran and therefore you have a wildcard canada. bernie sanders made a great run on the democratic side. they are an exact example of their party. bernie sanders said, let me give you this or let me give you that. donald trump is a business minded person and may be too much dollars and cents. versus thetus quo republicans candidate. it will be very interested to see how it turns out. if we continue to vote with
9:20 am
money and influence, we will go the way a lot of other democracies have gone. we will plunge from within. thank you. ed morrissey? interesting it is because he makes a great point about capitalism and people being frustrated but i would note that the two major party nominees here are people with long track records in the confluence of money and politics. donald trump talked about this, how he has funded politicians and bought politicians over his career because that is for you do business in america. hillary clinton with the clinton foundation and numerous political connections that came from that, her time as secretary of state when her family was making $57.5 million in income.
9:21 am
a lot of these were from speeches given here and abroad. those are the types of things that normally, you would say if people are really frustrated about the connection between money and politics, these people would be the last people to get nominations. so i think it will be interesting because that is a definite contradiction. it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. host: we have about one minute left. what is the one thing you are watching for in the next couple of weeks? about either campaign? guest: what interests me most is to see how far the postconvention polling bump continues. i think by august we will see that the race has stabilized and i am very interested in pennsylvania, because it is the key to donald trump's plan. that he will win pennsylvania, something republicans haven't done since 1988. and therefore, the old ideas of the electoral college map be thrown out.
9:22 am
pennsylvania, it will change the electric college so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. morrissey, from the website and the author of the book. from here out, open phones. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. , (202) 748-8002. we will take those when washington journal continues. ♪ did you miss any of the republican or democratic national conventions? you can go back and watch every moment. go to to watch both conventions. the
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9:24 am
>> the vast majorities of times i was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood, or some other reason just as trivial. >> our program also continues one family story about a police and direction in d.c. followed by the police chief. defensive ife get they feel like you are being offensive. so being very respectful in encounters and request -- if it is not a crisis -- request versus demand. those things change the dynamics. >> watch our issue spotlight on police and race relations on saturday at 8:00 eastern on c-span and >> washington journal continues. (202) 748-8001,
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republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8002, independents. the president will meet with the president of singapore today. among discussions will be the trade agreement, tpp. that joint use conference will be at 11:40 this morning and you can listen to it on c-span radio c-span 2, theto pomp and circumstance of the arrival ceremony, you can watch and listen to a little bit of it. ♪ host: there is a little bit of the arrival ceremony at the
9:26 am
white house with the singapore prime minister and president obama. atress conference will be 11:40. we start this morning with dan from oregon. hello. caller: hello. i wanted to call in and talk about the fairness doctrine. the one thing that irritates me about donald trump the most is that he keeps saying "it's not fair." that was one of the words that my dad taught me never to use it as anybody who says that has no understanding of the real world. i want the fairness doctrine back. host: for those who may not understand, how would you explain that? caller: what are they get equal time on all stations. if you give so much time to one politician, you have to give it to the other politician. host: do you think we would need that kind of doctrine today? caller: oh, yes. when you have two people from
9:27 am
different parties, then you have a real story and calling people out. host: ok. gary is from tennessee on the republican line. caller: yes, sir. i am for trump. i want to say that i believe that c-span is very fair in what they do. there are several others that are not. and there are two points i want to make. --eally don't understand they come out with hillary, and they don't say a lot about her but when donald trump says something or does something, they blow it out of proportion. the two items i want to bring up that i don't understand why they don't talk about -- one of them is benghazi where men died and the other was when she represented a fellow who rapes
9:28 am
the 12 euros girl? americans can't see between the lines, i feel it is wrong. someone who is disagrees with that i'm saying, and probably that is a democrat, and it is both sides, democrat and republican -- they will vote that way. james in's hear from illinois. caller: i will be voting for donald trump. both systems are corrupt, anyway. vote for hillary, you are voting for bill clinton. i don't want to go that route again. i will be voting for donald trump. host: when did you know that you would be voting for donald trump? caller: a long time ago.
9:29 am
we can't have hillary in there. 30have been down that road years or better. donald trump is the only way to go. the new york times takes a look at the nuclear deal with says that they supreme leader is accusing the u.s. of breaking promises in the accord. he writes -- despite the lifting many others, prohibitions imposed after the break in relations were more than three decades ago. european banks violating -- thanks weary of violating those sanctions. banking problems have played a significant role in the delay of iran's purchases of new jetliners which the nuclear agreement permitted. congress has further angered iranian officials by threatening new sanctions.
9:30 am
in the washington times, it takes a look at syrians who came to the country because of what was going on in their country with turmoil. the homeland security secretary has granted amnesty monday with syrians saying they can remain for up to 18 months longer, no matter their legal status. the secretary issued "temporary protected status "to syrians, saying if they are in the u.s. as of monday and continue to reside here permanently, they can apply for work permits without fear of being ousted. 5800rder applies to syrians who were granted status under the original program. maryland on the republican line. go ahead. caller: good morning. i would like to talk about how to republicans keep trying
9:31 am
angle the agreements around bill clinton. and hillary clinton. perot and heoss told it like it was back then. -- the first bush was trying to union -- and all of the people should remember that. us and that ist how the whole nafta thing came around. hearing from brenda on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i'm listening to the republicans calling in and a lot of them are the khan
9:32 am
republicanslot of thus sat back and listen to him attack our president all the time over that birth certificate or whatever. no one came forward to say anything. our president didn't attack him a viciously attacked him. i just wanted to put that out there. to me, that was racist. thank you for taking my call. host: that was brenda. the presidential primary season is over but primaries are taking place today across the united states. here to tell us why is nathan gonzales. he is the editor and publisher, good morning. could you tell us why primaries today and what is taking place? guest: sure, congressional
9:33 am
primaries are critical because when we talk about competitive races that could flip democratic we are talking about 30 or 40. so the rest of the congressional members are chosen in primaries because they aren't saved seats. that is why the races are critical. one of the biggest ones to watch today is in kansas. a situation where you have the , a membercongressman of the freedom caucus. he has gone sideways. voting against the republican budget. caps off the committee. he is facing dr. roger marshall who has the backing of the u.s. chamber of commerce. and is challenging him. not necessarily from the right but as being ineffective.
9:34 am
because of his conservatism, his obstruction views are hurting the district. specifically the farm bill. so this is a case where we could see the fourth incumbent lose in a primary. host: one of the other races deals with jim mcdermott, tell us about that? guest: sure. he has retiring from the seattle area seat. one of the most liberal areas. obama received his 79% in the general election. this isn't going to fall into republican hands but 20 have is washington is a top two system. we talk to will move on to the general election. it looks like two democrats will move on but we are not sure which ones. one of them will be filled in by
9:35 am
joe mcdermott. even though they share the same last name, they are not related. but he benefits a little bit from that name. then, there are two other candidates in position for the second spot. workshop.dy he could become the first openly gay latino member of congress. and then you have a state senator who is an indian immigrant and she has had the backing of bernie sanders. they are going for the second slot in the november general election against joe mcdermott. michigan, missouri, kansas, washington -- all highlighted. tell us about tennessee. tell us about the race and what is behind it? guest: tennessee is on thursday. the republican
9:36 am
congressman who got into hot past,for some of his encouraging his then wife to have an abortion and some people viewed that as being hypocritical since he is a socially conservative member of congress. he narrowly won the primary by 38 votes and now he has a different opponent, a young conservative and former mitt romney aide who has raised a lot of money. so the big question is, how voters in the district have forgiven him for the past sins or are they ready to finally throw him out? a safe republican seat, it is just a matter of which republican will win. as i said, several primaries taking place across the state. nathan gonzales is following that closely. thank you.
9:37 am
guest: thank you. host: back to your calls. we go to sandra in alabama on the independent line. go ahead. caller: yes, i would like to make two comments. one about the democrats and another about the republicans. the democrats messed up when they didn't nominate jim webb, a real patriot. instead, they went with clinton. and the republicans, who made before millions of people, say he would stand behind the republican party and not go broke. everyone of them has turned their back on him. it seems that the movement for donald trump not for the rest of them. the bushes, kids who didn't get their way so they take their toys and go home. if you are behind the party you should stand behind the party. so to me, it neither one of them.
9:38 am
i will vote. i think it is awful. one more thing, please. khan, they think they are throwing a fit about -- the mother who came on, it is just upside down. on -- howie from philadelphia, go ahead. caller: great job with the conventions. -- commercial liberty. freedom -- president jfk was the only president who still recognized the conflict between our american people and
9:39 am
government and harry truman's government. we need to get out of the way and allow the celebration of american people with responsible freedom. i think about the people in rhode island when they elected the governor. he had to send troops during the streetcar during 1902. my point in -- they only escorted vehicles. we need to stop interfering in economics and commercial liberty and give the people back their power and america. host: one of the things in the ,ashington times this morning but didn't get a lot of attention according to the author is president obama's choice for the supreme court -- merrick garland. several mentioned the importance of the supreme court merrick garland was not even a footnote.
9:40 am
if it had any salience on the electorate, it would have been a check the box activity for most candidates -- that was a former chief of staff's to mitch mcconnell. democrats insist that voters do care about judge garland, whose nomination has been held up for months. republicans say the next presidential have the power to choose the next justice. as if making up for failing to joeion merrick garland, biden used his weekly address to demand action. we go back to the phones. ?ike caller: we need to get away from the elections. they did a great job with the coverage. some headlines i have been
9:41 am
chamberlike the echo coming out where they can narrate. host: what do you mean like that? deal,: well, the iranian they came up with their own narrative. and -- selling it to the news media and other people. even seen it on c-span, some of these guys with the ear clocks and the talking points. i have other points i was hoping to make. 6000 troops in turkey that tried the same troops practiced in nato. [indiscernible] also, something important is the -- wery, the veterans
9:42 am
know they are acting out. i have watched many shows on c-span about the veterans and suicide rates. had caller's call-in about sons being on two different medications that react. president obama spoke at a conference with the disabled american veterans yesterday, talked about several issues concerning veterans and talked about campaign season. if you missed that speech, you can see it on our website,, we have archived that video. but those presidential events from yesterday and candidates that is as well, available at let's go to pam on the democrats line. go ahead. caller: i'm calling about the gentleman earlier who tried to talk about the fairness
9:43 am
doctrine. i don't think he went far enough and i would like to expand on that and explain that and entertainment station like fox could exist but not call itself news. and new centers were not allowed whicha for profit center kept reporters to reporting only facts. stations that had real news centers had to make their profits from other programming. newscasters had to be good journalists without bias. that is the fairness doctrine. host: and why do you think that is important today? caller: because i don't think people are getting real news. they are getting what they want to hear and on the bias that they want to hear it. and in order for them to understand what is going on, you need good journalists without anyone or anything causing them to have an incentive to report to a specific audience. host: selling your terms, what
9:44 am
qualifies as "real news" in your mind? caller: the fact, without bias about whether something should or should not have happened. host: an example? caller: reporting that a terrorist attack that took place without saying it was "terrible" or something that happens on a campaign trail that actually occurred and not something that was addressed in a manner where somebody giving their opinion about what that means -- so for what mike pence said, that was a good ring, but don't say it is a good thing. just say he said it. that way, people get to make up their own mind. instead of having somebody feed them. host: do you not think that people have the ability when they taken the news to separate fact from opinion? caller: i don't think that is
9:45 am
occurring. i think people are getting their own bread meet the way they want to hear it. so they continue to watch those stations and they don't ever hear what the other side has to say. anything that gives news with an opinion is not news. why don't people make up their own opinions just by being given the facts, instead of somebody telling them how they should feel or think? host: i'm assuming you're watching us and you watch us on a regular basis. what other outlets do you watch that fall into the definition of real news? very are not you are one of them, that is why i watch c-span. because you don't report things about how people should feel. au read summoned from newspaper that may be a journalist wrote but you just try to get people to understand
9:46 am
what is out there and you let all of these views be heard. people know that the people calling in are not newscasters and they are not reporting news. and when something is reported by one of the people on your staff, you are just reporting it straight. the more that we do that -- people want to think the way they do, it makes them feel good to be exonerated but they will not get the straight news. they will not be able to form their own opinion. host: that is pam from florida on the democrat line. we go to rust in richmond. caller: good morning. my only comment -- i don't of to choose in this election. is a bad selection and all the problems we're facing, these are the only choices we have. i'm rolling the dice and i will go with the facts.
9:47 am
i don't know how good or bad president clinton was when he was president at with hillary clinton in the white house, he will be in the white house again so he will get my vote. host: can i ask you a question? tim kaine, a native son of the commonwealth. what are your impressions of him, not only as the vice presidential candidate but during his governance there? well, to be quite frank with you. i think one of the problems with our system is that we have too many attorneys and members of the barbara presenting us. i think they're quick to call a conflict of interest. when you defend laws and make laws, i think that is a threat of conflict of interest. i was like to see harry truman type people be elected and donald trump definitely doesn't fall under that critique.
9:48 am
kaine respect for senator . he has done a lot of good things. and i know that he is taking a platform of hillary because of being her running mate. i am totally confused. vote in his first election and he is staying home my day because he is so confused. he just graduated from college and he is baffled. host: so he won't participate at all? caller: no. he is going to work out at the gym. what do you tell your kid? host: have you tried to convince him otherwise? to get him to vote? his best interest and what he believes, i tell them a lot of people have died for his right to vote and personally -- he is a grown man and he makes his own choices.
9:49 am
and other than giving my input, i respect his decision. i don't agree with it but i have to respect it. and i'm afraid a lot of people are going to sit at home on that day because it is such a moot point. .ost: that was russ now we go to joe from woodbridge, virginia. good morning. caller: i'm glad to see c-span here. i don't normally watch it and i'm glad to see this kind of format. to seery disappointed that none of the caller seem to mention how god figures into any of this. and what ourory is nation was founded on. to think it has no bearing on our past, present or future. , grandfather, husband, career military
9:50 am
retiree, a christian and i just don't see why the nation doesn't see it. but -- et off host: i have a question. do you vote strictly on religious beliefs? caller: i vote bible. if god is for it, i am for it. biblehow do you use the to vote for these candidates? caller: the way i see it, if i have seen that they are against it or their past indicates they are against it or they have hidden agendas, i will not vote for that person. like last time. we had two candidates and i was absolutely confused about who to vote for. one served a false god and the other one i was highly suspicious of. for thed to vote
9:51 am
republican candidate. host: mitt romney? caller: yes. i could see at least there was a crack in the fabric there. let me stand by and listen to other comments. thank you for taking my call. host: let's go to mike in lesotho. -- in minnesota. caller: good morning. aware ofeople to be what republicans plan to do -- they want to lower social security by 20% and they want to eliminate medicare. people need to a be aware of that when they vote. because myself, i am on disability. it will be very hard for me. and i can understand how it would be. a story in the washington post this morning takes a look at charles koch, the koch
9:52 am
brothers. recents about a conference. grinding noises in the coke koch machine. rippled behindn the scenes as 400 donors met in colorado springs at a luxury resort encircling a man-made lake. between panels extolling free speech and conservative policy victories on the state level, he and his top deputies heard out donors worried about the network's decision to sit on the sidelines. his decision not to embrace donald trump threatens to alienate heavyweight network backers. as dianers such robert, harold hamm and mercer -- none of whom attempted this week's conclave. there is more to the story available at the washington post.
9:53 am
ed. oklahoma, here is outer: i just want to point that i have strong feelings that the primary this year you had two callers ago, a republican guy, a single issue voter on religious ground. and the republican party was taken over ipad faction. several years ago. has beenratic party taken over by single issue voters. just as the republican party was. the african-americans, the female vote and immigrants and various others -- that is not just the primary, it was the liberal publications that have
9:54 am
been taken over by minorities. websites taken over by minorities. outcome,s not a good at all. --will come back eventually it is not good for the country, as large to have single issue voters determining who the candidates are. that is why we have hillary clinton instead of bernie sanders. that's all i wanted to say. host: from texas, ron is up next. caller: good morning, good morning. texase is ron and i am in and i have an issue with the news media. the news media wants to badmouth donald trump continuously. hillary clinton, we have a 40 year record on her and we know what she is and what she stands for.
9:55 am
she has been in a scandal after another. i have followed the clintons all of these years and for the life of me, i can't figure out why anyone would want to put in knowingas oppressive what kind of person she is. donald trump, i don't know what he will do because he's never been in the white house or in politics at all. me, i asked the american people to wake up and take a look at these people. you know what hillary is. and you may not like donald sake, whaty goodness the news media has done to america, they've done the same thing to mitt romney. question?i ask you a will you vote for donald trump? caller: yes sir. host: you said you don't know a lot about him.
9:56 am
why do you trust him? caller: well, i know what hillary is. i only know what the news media tells us. that is where i get all of my information. we make decisions based on information given to us. if i tell my wife i'm hungry, she will make me a sandwich. she will make a decision to do something based on the information i give her. and we all make information -- we all make decisions based on information given to us. if the news media would be fair , i seriouslytruth doubt clinton would get close to the white house. because of the past history. donald trump -- they do the same thing they did to mitt romney. he didn't pay his taxes. -- no one can sue him
9:57 am
because he is on the senate floor. host: ron, thank you. georgia, linda, hello. hi, how are you doing? i've been listening to the things people are saying but i want somebody to check themselves. i pulled up different rings that happened under the bush administration. in a sample where six were killed. 13 people were killed. to where they send orders have a school and killed two kids. don't think about all of the rest and it is not fair. you have to compare everything. always thing to me, they say president obama policies didn't work but if the gop didn't vote him in then you
9:58 am
can't say it didn't work because you didn't give it a chance to work. you can't stack the cards and then say, i didn't win the game. they've never tried to do anything to help him. and the name-calling, that is all donald trump has ever done. sayson as someone something to him about him, it is vicious. they don't call president obama, president obama. they will go back and say governor christie but they don't give him credit. if we were in russia and they talked about president obama likes the way they did putin -- pugin would kill them. because heis stupid has been named called the entire time and if president obama did the same thing that trump is doing, they would call him every name in the book. host: one more call on the independent line, you are the last call. go ahead.
9:59 am
caller: thank you very much. thank you for c-span. why, in all of ae news, i have not seen complete speech of the times and what is said for his son's funeral? completeyou mean the speech he gave? at the dnc? caller: you just get parts and pieces. i think he was chosen because war hasro who died in a had their parents up there when they got medals. host: let me help you with some of that. khanomplete speech of mr.
10:00 am
is available on our website at in fact, every second of both the rnc and dnc are available on the website. it also has a search feature. type it in and find everything that relates. that is it for our program today. another one comes your way at 7:00 tomorrow. see you then. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ♪ today begins the official state visit of the prime minister of singapore. in short time ago, he was greeted at the white house by president obama and first lady


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