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tv   Green Party Holds Nominating Convention  CSPAN  August 8, 2016 9:55pm-10:50pm EDT

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our website, republicansforjohnson/ >> this is the updated map that to.referred green on this map is the states ticket islibertarian on the ballot. blue on this map are the states is under waycess to get on the ballot, for those listening on the radio. blue,states in washington, minnesota, iowa, alabama, kentucky, virginia, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, and new hampshire. findou can go to to that map. wyoming,to steve in michigan. support third-party candidates. >> hi. this is david. and a suggestion and then i'll take my comment to yourair and listen response. it's about the criteria for inclusion into the debate.
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me, 15% seems completely arbitrary. the, in the media, when media gist all the attention -- gives all the attention to only candidates, they become the gatekeeper of who is included in the debate. i don't think people really want that to be the case. so rather than having an 15%, my suggestion is that the top three candidates, regardless of the numbers, be in the presidential debate. so i'll take my comment off the and... >> ed lopez? really goodhat's feedback. something we need to take up, johnson/weld. we're looking at feedback like this for our own efforts. we get to make sure these guys on the ballot and on takeebate stage, and we'll feed bak on that. i think what he's suggesting is very useful. a good system to look at. >> and to our line to those supporting donald trump, joe is
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new jersey. joe, good morning. you're on washington journal. joe, you with us? we lost joe. charles,to eaton, lake louisiana. supports third-party candidates. eaton, good morning. >> good morning. suggested that an amendment be enacted in order to greatly expand the house representatives for the purpose of bringing in multi-partyism. at a time when there's such a the two parties, you know, within congress. feel that an effort to breed consensus and compromise, a greater representation by the green party or the right to life party and the libertarian party and a great deal of other
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help benefit the deadlock that currently exists? >> ed lopez. >> well, when you look at other countries, you know, europe, for they have a multi-party system that is casent, i think there's a to be made for that, enhancing the dialogue and discourse. i think our system may be set up in a way that it's more viable for two parties to dominate the political landscape. certainly think we're all open to the idea, to some degree or another. several parties here. the issue is, how easily they manifest in electoral office and how easy they can impart politicaln the landscape. maybe there are things we can do to improve that. this is the ultimate opportunity do this. and this addresses a point too with some people who feel that a time thate supporting trump might be a time of theest, vote, some
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people you'd call establishment, in either party. i would say that the ultimate protest vote would be to vote for governor gary johnson and bill weld, who actually have the strength and the experience to be viable candidates. third--party candidates. it's a very important dialogue and it's very important to those third parties. i think there's an opportunity to really do something that kicks the establishment in the butt. this is it. johnson/weld. asks,twitter, david haven't donald trump turned the g.o.p. into a third party already? >> i think that's a really good question. that's come to mind several times, as republicans. ofn you look at the roster people we've added to our organization, to me i have had and reflect. and it makes me feel like, you know, my gosh, we've all moved. have moved into this column of johnson/weld. and given the diversity we've experienced within the party, that's the sense i've gotten in some respects. then you have all the back and
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within the g.o.p. about who is supporting who. there's one dialogue about party unity, and that's come up in several calls today. on the other hand, we know trump had a difficult we have to be consistent about things. i think the johnson/weld ticket one key thing is consistency. they did in 16 years of combined elective ffice and you see consistent governorship and fiscal onservative and social tolerance and inclusivity. hose are some reasons we supported the ticket and why the republican party is looking more like a third party. to go there. it
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we think it has an opportunity to grow and expand and deliver something good for americans and that is why we support all the other republicans on the ballot. about the lked presidential debates here is the schedule from the commission on presidential debates. one is hofstra university in new york on september 26. washington ne is university in st. louis on october 9. of third is university nevada in las vegas on october 19. the vice presidential debate longwood university in farmville, virginia on october 4 4. to chris in kingston, new jersey on the liner those that trump.t donald throws those that support donald trump. aller: i would like to comment i think there is no problem [inaudible]. is a corrupt, is the political dynasties in
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they are ry where blocking real change like the we keep d clintons and recycling these people like is just a shame. we need real change. think trump will be a great for the political system. he is a great unifier. clintons and unlike the people who support hillary clinton. will make this country great again. host: ed lopez you have the last seconds. . unfortunately thing -- i think trump and clinton candidacies have divided the
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country. if you support trump i exhort you to voice your support for on the johnson/weld debate stage. even if you are hesitate about you have an opportunity to put a voice on there to move that dialogue in the right direction. host: ed lopez co-chair of republicans for johnson/weld on internet republicans for at son/ and twitter , livepan live every day at policy issue prepared coming up on tuesday, co-author of the book americans and amnesia. how the war on government led us to forget what made america prosper. how blue and red state stack up.
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national association of corporate directors will be on if you will talk about how trust on wallrnative -- trust street is continuing to wayne. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal beginning life at 7:00 eastern on tuesday morning. join the discussion. on saturday, c-span2 to spotlight looks at trade deals, their impact on the economy, jobs in the presidential election. >> we will defend american jobs and american workers by saying no to bed trade deals like the transpacific partnership and unfair trade practices. >> the state of pennsylvania has lost one third of their manufacturing jobs since the clintons put china into the wto. >> the program includes a look
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at nafta, the 1994 free trade agreement between the united states and mexico and canada. >> more jobs for our people. more experts. -- exports. our democracy for our allies. >> a discussion on how the founding fathers did free-trade. >> historically the united states simply was not a free trade nation for most of american history. the u.s. is in fact a care protective economy. this goes back to our very constitution. then-depth examination of wto. the body that enforces global trade rules. >> at the time the w deal was being negotiated or smaller sister, nafta, it hundred more pages of rules and regulations. beinghese two were negotiated, the u.s. had official advisers, 500 corporate
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advisors. >> what issues spotlight on trade deals saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and >> physician and environmental health advocate jill stein was officially nominated to be the green party residential nominee at its national convention over the weekend. in her acceptance speech, she talked about her proposal called a green new deal that proposes creating jobs by transitioning to renewable energy by 2030. dr. stein was introduced by her vice presidential running mate, international human rights ajamu.te this is about one hour. >> are you ready to make
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history? [cheers] i am so honored to be with you this afternoon. it has been a tremendous experience the last couple of days. before i get into my remarks, please allow me to thank my dear sister. i want you to understand something. she talks about human rights and the role that i play. when they write the history of the evolution of the human rights movement in this country, front and center will be my dear
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sister, believe me. [cheers] i have to admit, i told dr. stein that running with me is not going to be as adventurous as running with sherry. you all know when you run with sherry, you better be ready to go to jail. [laughter] i tried to avoid jail, myself. running with sherry, it can happen. at new york, what year was that? the national convention, one of those illegal gatherings and they told sherry that there would be no marches in new york.
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of course, they organized a rally anyway and the police surrounded the square. they tried to contain is. i had a chance to speak, and i saw was happening. i said i would speak and then i'm getting out of here. you know what? the people are coming out, more and more in the police barricades were pushed further and further back. let's see what is going to happen. the people are ready to step off and sherry said we are stepping off and i said when the masses are moving like this, you have to be with the masses and i joined that line with them and we walked and it was the only successful non-permitted march at the convention. that is my sister. [cheers]
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let me thank the organizers of these last couple of days. as an event planner, i know how difficult it is to organize these events. let me thank the conference of delegates. you did a tremendous job. you took your responsibilities seriously. let me thank the green party in general, but your consistency --for your consistency. always being there and raising the critical questions and being a vehicle for progressive politics. [cheers] last, but not least, let me thank my leader, jill stein. [cheers] brothers and sisters, friends. we are at a critical moment, as
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jill says, a transformational moment. we have tremendous opportunities before us. the american people are longing for a change. they are ready to do something different, and we have to be the vehicle for that difference. [applause] there are difficult conditions that the people face. they tell us that there has been a recovery and things are alright from the crisis. you know what? there are millions of people,
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people who we work with who have not experienced any kind of recovery. there are millions of people who still don't have a place to lay their head at night. there is a reason why the fastest-growing population of homeless people are black women with children. there are millions of people who would like to have a job, so they can live a decent life, but they don't have it. if they have a job, basically they are making starvation the wages, working two or three different jobs just to make ends meet. they tell us things are better. we have a situation where as a consequence of austerity, across this country, communities where we live and work, they are closing down schools. people live in communities where they can't go to the store because there is no store.
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you have 48 million people who are living in situations where they are going to bed every night hungry. we have a situation where even with so-called obamacare, we have millions without health care. these are difficult conditions. difficult conditions. people are wondering why. why do we have to accept this kind of situation? when the two parties attempt to try to herd people based on fear, we find that there are millions of people who are prepared to do something different. who are prepared to go another way. we are going to provide that opportunity for a new day and another way. [cheers]
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there are people all over this country engaged in struggle, who believe that we should not have schools closing, who believe that we all have a right to be healthy, who believe that education should be something that is going to enhance our dignity and our spirits, who believe that people should not be going to bed hungry or walking the streets without a place to live, who believe that women have a right to their bodies and bodily integrity, who believe that trans people have a right to live in to see -- in dignity and equal rights. there are people engaged in struggles all around the world building social movements and part of that motion, they are
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looking at how do we relate to the electoral process? how do we look at electoral processes as part of a larger, strategic land? many people say that in terms of building power, we can look critically at how we advance our efforts through the electoral process. when we look for that alternative, we have to be there. we have to have the possibility for them to be able to express themselves politically, on the green ballot lines across this country. that is why it is so important that we get as many oaks as we can, that we run the selection -- this election with the intent that we have, which is basically to win. [cheers] my brothers and sisters, i have
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lived my entire life committed to the notion of independent politics, building alternative power, i have understood that we have the real possibilities in advancing that struggle for political independence, using the electoral process. that is where dr. stein and green party come in for me, personally. you all get it. dr. stein understands that you can't transform a system without struggle. you have to organize the people. the electoral process is the process of how we build power. for me, that is what is attractive to this process and the basis for me accepting when dr. stein called to say are you ready to join?
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i said dr. stein, i thought about it and i know where you are coming from, and you can count me in. i'm with you. [cheers] h it is that commitment to the possibility of building power. that commitment to the people, that understanding that we have to build a multinational movement in this country, based on the need and the aspirations of working people, that i join this effort. it is that commitment that i stand here proudly and say to all of you, it is my honor to accept the nomination for the vice presidency of the united states from the green party.
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[cheers] our ticket is one that understands we will struggle. it is a ticket committed to popular power. it is a campaign that says no lies, we don't live to the -- lie to the people. it is a campaign that says no compromise, no retreat, and no fear. [cheers]
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my brothers and sisters, we are not in a position to determine the historical conditions we are born in. but we can determine how we respond to those conditions. for many of us, we have determined that we are going to fight. i stand here before you to tell you that the campaign is committed to fight. we are committed to fight not just for you, but with you. we understand it is a collective process. we understand that all we have to keep us back is ourselves. i pledge to you my brothers and sisters, that we are going to do all of week -- all we can to advance this movement. we will give it everything that
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we have. [cheers] as our dear sister and peter says, is in fact in our hands. let's make history. thank you. [cheers] thank you. thank you so much.
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now, my friends, it is indeed my honor, my pleasure, to bring before you, someone who needs no introduction. someone who has been a freedom fighter all her life. someone i have seen work night and day for all of us. someone whose dedication is something to be admired. i have been on this adventure for just a couple of days, and i have even more respect for dr. stein now. [cheers] with no more delays, please my friends, brothers and sisters,
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join me in bringing out and showing our love for the next president of the united states, dr. jill stein. [cheers] ♪ dr. stein: we are what democracy looks like. [cheers]
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yes we are what democracy looks like and we are what political revolution looks like. [cheers] thank you. thank everyone of you. thank you for that incredible inspiration. thank you to everyone of you for being here and leading the charge for an america and a world that works for all of us. [cheers] i want to agree with everything that adamu said and everything that sherry said and i want to reiterate them and add to that, a big thank you to lynn who has been running the show.
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[cheers] big thank you to tom and hillary hain and the green party for making this amazing convention possible. [cheers] i am honored beyond words to be the candidate. i am so honored to be running for president of the united states with the green party, the only party of, by and for the people. that is what we are. we have been ahead of the curve in so many ways, on climate change, green energy, the -- demilitarization, marriage equality, free public higher education and canceling student debt, on stopping the
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transpacific partnership, on ending the war on drugs and the incarceration state, on providing reparations for slavery and to the indigenous people of this nation, on opposing war crimes committed by saudi arabia and yemen and war crimes and occupation committed by the israeli government in palestine. [cheers] and so much more. we have been ahead of the curve for decades, and all of a
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sudden, that curve is catching up to us. big time. [cheers] i want to recognize the heroes who have kept the party going through thick and thin. so again, stand up if you are part of a state, local or national green party organization, a big thank you to you. [cheers] again, a big thank you, it is such an honor to be running in alliance with the bernie sanders movement that i now here call the burning green. [cheers] as we are burning green together. we owe you such a debt of gratitude for lifting up this revolution that has been smoldering for decades.
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you broke through the media blackout, you lifted us up and you refused to be shut down by the dnc. [cheers] please stand, so we can thank you from the burning campaign. thank you so much. together, we are unstoppable. [cheers] thank you so much. it is an honor to be running alongside a powerhouse of human rights who brings a lifetime of dedication and his powerful voice. i have to thank cornell west who has been an incredible hero for all of us for so long, who has broken free - [cheers]
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it is such an honor to have him in one of our two first commercials, speaking to the world. i don't know if people have seen him yet, but he made a powerful speech which is out there now on the tv. when i walked to the airport, when i arrived and walked up to the curbside check-in, and i gave to the brothers who were manning the curbside check and i gave them my id card, and they say to me are you the jill stein? [cheers] i knew they had heard the voice of cornell west speaking to the broad community that has not been able to hear our message before. thank you, brother, i am so inspired to have religion on
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this campaign. i also am honored to run along with the inspired state and local candidates who are also running for office in bringing our message of people, planet and peace. please stand if you are running for office so we can thank you and recognize you for carrying this fight into our communities. we are in this together. [cheers] thank you so much. i just want to recognize that things have been forever changed. on the day that bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton, the floodgates opened in our campaign. more volunteers, more ballot
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access drivers, more funding, we are a different campaign than we have ever been in the history for having joined forces with you. [cheers] it is such an honor to be your candidate in this historic moment of unprecedented crisis and unstoppable momentum for transformational change. [cheers] we have not only a historic opportunity, we have a historic responsibility to be the agents of that transformational change. [cheers] as martin luther king said, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. i know that arc is bending
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through us right now. we are the actors in something that is much her than us -- much bigger than us as we struggle towards healing together. [cheers] that arc of justice is moving through us as we mobilize, to ensure that every black live matters and we end violence policing and broken windows policing as the bristol five and the millions march new york city just achieved by moving out the leadership of their police department that had overseen broken windows policing.
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they are turning the tide in this crisis of racist policing. that arc of justice is moving through us as we sit in and as we locked down and stop fracking pipelines and fossil fuel trains and coal and export terminals and all manner of poisonous fossil fuels and nuclear infrastructure. [cheers] that arc of justice is moving through us in philadelphia, like i have never seen, in the city of brotherly love, it was overrun by love in the streets, even inside the dnc as the sanders campaign broke away from that corrupt and backstabbing dnc. [cheers]
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and the bernie or bust movement that is here today, and i want to thank you all, give a wave, wherever you are, for helping us move to that higher place together, where we cannot be stopped. thank you sisters. we moved together in philadelphia, and we emerged our campaigns in rally after rally. growing stronger by the hour. the power of this movement was clear, especially during our power rally at fdr park. who was there? raise your hand if you were there. it was not only us and it was a sea of people as far as my i could see. nature erupted in thunder and
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lightning to say there is a big change coming. [cheers] and as the heavens opened up and it poured down around us, we sought shelter because we were there inside of this little lightning rod of a tent in the middle of this part and the police said hurry up, go underneath that overpass. we moved the rally and we continued under the underpass in the lightning and the thunder and the rain because we cannot be stopped. [cheers] here we are in this movement for justice and democracy that is sweeping the planet, from living wage campaigns to our fossil fuel blockade in the fight and mass incarceration, and cancel
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student death, and restore the rights of immigrants and indigenous people, and lgbtq and women and disability rights. across the globe we are part of a movement that is rising up like we have not seen for generations because we are facing an unprecedented crisis that demands transformational solutions and a new way forward based on democracy, justice and human rights. that will not come from corporate political parties funded by predatory banks, war profiteers and fossil fuel giants. it will come from us, from we the people. [cheers] mobilize. mobilize in broad social movements with an independent
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political voice, because as frederick douglass said, power concedes nothing without a demand. it never has, it never will. we will see -- be that demand. [cheers] as adjamauu was saying, it is still a recovery, but is him -- an emergency. those good jobs we lost a been replaced by part-time, low-wage, temporary, and secure jobs. a generation of young people is locked into predatory student loans. black lives are on the firing line. immigrants facemask you partition. and the climate meltdown threatens civilization as we
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know it in our lifetime. [cheers] while the superrich party on richer than ever and the political elite that serve them are making things not better but worse as they inflict austerity on everyday people while they squander trillions of our dollars on wall street bailouts, on tax savers for the wealthy and on worth that no no end. we are in revolt. [cheers] and the good news, the good news they don't want you to know is that we actually have the power to turn this around. the minute we stand up with the courage of our convictions. [cheers]
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because we not only have the vision and the values of the american people that we reflect and we lift up, but because we actually have the numbers to win the day. as you may know, there are 42 million young people and not so young people who are locked into predatory student loan debt. that is a winning plurality of the presidential vote. right there. and there is only one place those votes can go, and you are looking at it. it is the dying -- stein campaign. it is time we bail out the students. we bailed out the crooks on wall street who crashed the economy with their waste, fraud and abuse. it's time to bailout some of the
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key victims of that abuse, a generation of young people. [cheers] we have the power. don't let them tell you for a minute that we don't. just go talk to the millennial who is in debt and let them know -- let them let each other know because they are the self-mobilizing demographic if there ever was one. [cheers] we also have the power to fix the other things that al us. by the way, ending student debt, canceling it is our way forward. this is the gateway issue because who is it that actually
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leads the way forward on transformational change? whether it's the immigrant right movement, whether it is the black lives matter or the climate justice movement or the peace movement or the women's or the lgbtq movement. it is always been the younger generation that leads us forward. we need to liberate the younger generation for all of our sakes, not just for their sake. it is for all of us. and in liberating them, which by the way is my first priority when we turn the white house into a greenhouse and make the world a safer place. my first priority is deliberate -- to liberate that generation who can then take us forward on all the other issues we are fighting for justice. that means an emergency jobs
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program that will also solve the emergency of climate change. a green new deal that will create 20 million jobs. that will create 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030. [cheers] and it will create an immediate ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure. the day we take office. we will create health care as a human right through a medicare for all system. we will make public higher education free. it pays for itself. we have news for the bean counters. for every dollar of taxpayer money we put into public higher education we get back seven dollars in returns. this does not cost us, this
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benefits us. there is no excuse not to have it now. we support the disabled members of our community to ensure that they have full support for the treatments they need, the housing, the health care and the jobs to enable them to be fully contributing members of our society and to respect the dignity. we will revive public education and fully fund it. and ensure our young people come to school ready to learn. that means healthy, that means nourished with healthy food, not in food deserts. and that means free from poverty, the biggest obstacle to education that exists. and we will end high-stakes
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testing, which is an obstruction to education. particularly for challenged learners. we will put an end for the school to prison pipeline. [cheers] and we will end the closing of schools because they are poor or is because they are latino or in communities of color. we will support those schools, not shut them down. you will fund them. we will provide them with real tools of education that they deserve. that is small last room sizes. this is not rocket science about how to educate kids. we will provide them with enriched curriculum. that means music and art and recreation and community engagement. [cheers] we will do for our kids what the
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advocates and leaders of so-called education reform are doing for their kids. they are not sending their kids to school with high-stakes testing. a couple of other quick mentions because we're almost out of time. we will create a welcoming half the citizenship for our immigrants -- path to citizenship for our immigrants. citizens leading the way for just, prosperous communities. everyone else is an immigrant. we will stop the deportation, we will stop the deportation, the detentions and the night raids which are a national scandal
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while the republicans have become the party of hate and fear mongering. the democrats are the party of deportation, detention and night raids. we are the alternative for a just and welcoming path to citizenship. [cheers] and the other thing we will do to fix the immigration crisis is to stop causing it in the first place. [cheers] we say to donald trump, we don't need no freakin'wall. we just need to stop invading other countries. [cheers] how about that? [cheers]
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a couple other quick ones. we can end the scourge of racist violence and brutality not only in policing, but in our courts and prisons, and in the economy at large. we can start by ensuring that every community has a police review board so communities control their police, not police controlling the community. we will ensure that every community has access to an investigator so that all cases of death in the custody of police are investigated. not just the few that get a special thumbs-up from washington and the department of justice. and we call for a truce and reconciliation commission so we can get to the bottom of this crisis of racism and provide reparations to acknowledge the
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enormous debt owed to the african-american community for the unimaginable price that they paid in building this country and sustaining our economy for generations while they were denied dignity and freedom. [cheers] >> no peace, no justice no peace, no justice. no peace, no justice. dr. stein: and we will in the result of privacy, the freedom of the press, the free internet. we will end the war on whistleblowers. we will free the political prisoners and that includes leonard peltier, chelsea manning, julian assange, edward snowden, jeffrey stalling, and
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edward pinckney. [cheers] and finally we will create a foreign policy based on international law, human rights, and diplomacy. not on military and economic domination which has been a catastrophic failure. we must abandon that policy. the american people deserve to know the truth about these wars. since 9/11, they have cost us $6 trillion when you include the health-care expenses of our wounded veterans.
10:49 pm
$6 trillion comes down to an average of $75,000 per american household for wars that have not made us safer. they have only increased the terrorist threat. they are created failed states and have created mass refugee migrations that are tearing apart the middle east and europe. we say no to those wars. we call for a new -- it is unthinkable that they want to do more of this same catastrophic policies. that's why we need to be on the debate stage, so we can tell the truth about this. [cheers]


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