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  Donald Trump Campaigns in Wilmington North Carolina  CSPAN  August 9, 2016 10:58pm-12:13am EDT

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he says, but he is a totally different politician than trump, and the wisconsin republican party got it together. they have an agenda. they are together. ryan, he is trying to save his party, and it is so factious and disillusioned. it has been eight years. instead of cooperating and compromising and making deals with obama, they just obstructed. need kickbacks. people will kill me for this, but we need kickbacks back. when we had kickbacks, at least we could get stuff done. getting my bridge done. host: one more call it we will go to john, joining us from ohio. john, good evening. you have got the last word. caller: i am on the air right
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now? host: yes. : donald trump has no business being in politics. he is a businessman. politics revolves around pleasing other people, and he goes over and talks to fu manchu , anything see is making some kind of political statement when he is putting all of our lives in danger. he is off the wall. --makes movements on air somebody who has got muscular dystrophy? host: we have got a little bit of feedback when you're on the air. when you are on, we ask you to turn that down. let's go to michael from minneapolis. thank you, sir. quick andwill keep it simple.
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when trump indoors tim, if you look at the numbers, more people came out for that very reason. there are a lot of democrats who are going to vote republican because the system of obamacare and the health care situation is and jobs is also a very serious thing for many people. i hope donald trump wins. i am considered an independent or a democrat, but i am going republican, and i hope they win. thank you. : thank you. we will have more tomorrow morning on c-span's "washington journal" which begins at 7:00 c-spanarried live on radio, streamed on our website at the next primary day is tuesday, august 30, all eyes on arizona where senator john mccain is facing his own primary challenge and in florida where debbie wasserman schultz, the now-armored chair of the democratic national committee, is facing a democratic challenge, and we will have the results and speeches on that
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date. wasier tonight, paul nehlen at a holiday inn express, speaking to his supporters in a conceited race. the first congressional district comment overwhelming victory for the house speaker, winning with nearly 85% of the vote, nehlen with just about 16% of the vote. here are his comments from janesville, wisconsin. applause]d mr. nehlen: thank you. thank you. thank you all so much. glad to see you all here, but i am especially glad to see all of the reporters, because i have a profoundly important message for our district and for our nation that i need to share with you, but before that, i have a few very brief comments.
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first, tonight, we defied everyone's expectations for this campaign. are all fact that we here tonight demonstrates that our message played across the district and the country. despite the desires of our opponents and despite their fforts to buddies' e silence us, our success is a testament to each and every one of you. i believe a little perspective is in order here. we took on the leader of the world globalist movement. when you take on paul ryan, you are not just taking on paul ryan. you are taking on the chamber of commerce. you are taking on the koch brothers. you are taking on wall street. you are taking on all of the that willnal elites do everything to keep their speaker in congress. let's consider how others have done before us. since his reelection bid in 2000, paul ryan has never faced a real primary challenge.
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he has essentially run unopposed for nearly 20 years. historically, u.s. representatives from wisconsin are rarely ever challenged. one reporter observed that from 1950 through 2014, less than one in five wisconsin u.s. representatives faced a primary challenger. only one wisconsin u.s. representative has ever lost his primary. on the challenge because we knew that despite the could not continue to be quiet and sit down and watch as we were led by a man who does not normally look down upon our desires but actively fights against them at every turn. we know how the people of our district and state feel. we have seen the polls. we know that seven out of 10 republicans in wisconsin favor a pause in muslim migration. we know the majority of wisconsin republican voters
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reject ryan's trade agenda. we know that nine in 10 republicans voters oppose ryan's plan to increase immigration. led by a leader who stands against us and against our interests. [applause] if nancy pelosi stood opposed to over 90% of her electorate on an issue of great importance to them, she would not be a leader in her party. we cannot be led by someone who does not represent our values and our principles. paul ryan was able to buy his elections and get political cover from corporate media. ryan ine media once power because they know he will do their bidding. isn't it interesting that the national media, which attacks ryan mercilessly in the general election for wanting to cut medicare and social security is
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suddenly his greatest friend in the primary? be?might that because paul ryan is a republican they need to accomplish their agenda. they need paul ryan to keep the borders open. to passd paul ryan multinational trade deals. they need paul ryan to be a useful foil or corporate crony that they can caricature all republicans and win elections in the end. they get all of the benefits that come from their policies of andless globalism republicans, as a result of paul ryan, get all of the blame for human suffering and misery that accompanies it. how many time has paul ryan met with the chamber of commerce? how many times has he met with the executives of facebook, microsoft, and google? how many times as he met with lobbyists for a global outsourcing firm or corporation? times heider how many has met with the victims of illegal immigrant violence. or the border agents. or the ice officers.
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or the sheriffs or their deputies. workers for to train their foreign replacements brought in on guest worker visas. yourself this question. when disney workers were let off and forced to be silent as they had to train their foreign replacements, did paul ryan raced to the house to condemn disney's actions? did he bring forth legislation to fix it? did he commanded the news cycle every day until we got justice for our american workers? routinee continue his theeing a caricature that left so badly wants, saying the same old things that you have times befores of about medicare and social security reform and tax reform while real flesh and but human beings watch their dreams die and disappear not merely in spite of their american citizenship but because of their american citizenship, a direct
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discrimination against american citizens. this pointreached that we let americans be killed by open borders, that we have let factories ship wholesale overseas because we refuse to enforce the most basic terms of our trade agreements or have refused to protect ourselves against illicit trading practices, which are an act of economic warfare against us? and our leaders, led by ryan himself, don't just do nothing. they aid and abet our economic destruction. how many arms has ryan twisted behind the scenes to push his donors' agenda? arm toisted every last pass this omnibus bill to bring in more workers, to bring down the price of labor just a little bit for his corporate friends. passingd his sweat into that bill just to make labor just a little bit less expensive
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for corporations, and yet, he could not lift a finger to save one american job. he could not put the same energy or passion into demand in the construction of a border wall or protections for american labor or demanding new rules to assure that foreign workers cannot be exploited to protect american standards of living for the american people. no, we are all helpless in paul ryan's race to the bottom so he can give a glorious new crowning achievement to his donors. ask yourself, are you not entitled to a leader who represents your views? [applause] you want less immigration. are you not entitled to leaders who what the same? you want a security walk across the border. are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? you want people who overstay their visas to be deported.
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are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? you want trade deals that create jobs and manufacturing here at home. are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? [applause] mr. nehlen: why should you be permanento this servitude to ryan's special interest desires? why should you have to beg and plead like a child to a parent for your congressman and speaker to help you, when he should have said, lifting his voice to the heavens every day on your behalf , that is what you deserve as your sacred birthright as an american. you deserve a leader who is as loyal to you as you are to your children, your country, and your god in heaven. now, look. [applause] what we have accomplished here tonight is a stork beyond words and measure,
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because we have lit the spark for the raging fire of raging populism that will lift up the spirit of this nation, a movement that will put the hopes and fears and aspirations of american citizens first, before any consideration. as a result of our campaign, people know where ryan stands. the mask has been pulled off. the charade is over. the sentiment behind the smirk has been revealed. the on is up -- con is up. [applause] we know who he cares about. we know who he fights for. and it has never, and it will never be all of you. we all know what ryan's agenda means. it means that our border will never be secured. it means that immigration will
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never be reduced. it means that the rights of american citizens will never be protected. the has not merely allowed immigration crisis to take place, he has not simply socialize the lavish dinners in your time of need, he has not simply hid behind his personal border wall while denying you yours, he has created the crisis. he has spurred your need and your wants, and he has done everything in his power to deny you the security that is your absolute right. [applause] 20 years ago, ryan began his campaign against the american worker. 20 years ago, he fought to keep the border open, and he has done so every day since. in the there is a fork road where ryan can choose between security or amnesty, prosperity or poverty, country
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or corporations, he has chosen the latter every single time. itk it down and remember well. as long as paul ryan is house speaker, immigration will never be cut. dangerous migration from the islamic world will never be reduced. trade issues will never be fixed, and the onslaught of globalism will never, ever stop until it has been wiped out, every last shred, independence in this land. until we are nothing more than just another location in the global marketplace, and your culture, values, heritage, and your brotherhood and sisterhood means nothing. americans, white americans, latino and asian americans are all second-class americans, because they are not corporations and because they are not a foreign corporation,
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because they are not a foreign worker, and because they are not a lobbyist or a politician. fighting until every american, whether they be black or white or latino, what can be first-class citizens in their country again. [cheers and applause] in my closing speech to the voters of wisconsin ahead of the election, i talked about a girl, a dot or --a a daughter, who are entitled to grow up in safety and peace, just like every son or child of this country. we have to keep that girl from becoming the next kate steinle or the next joshua wilkerson for the sun.
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the next innocent life lost because politicians like paul ryan will not fight with every breath to keep that child safe from the ravages of open borders and criminal cartels that do not belong in our cities and our district, in our country. we will save that life. andas many as we would like not as many as we could have this race, had won but we will save thousands of lives and restore millions of dreams, and that is because we will ultimately succeed. applause]d mr. nehlen: and we will succeed because we know that the truth is the one thing in this world that can never be destroyed. there is no amount of money in paul ryan's tank that can cause a lie to kill a truth, a
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falsehood to kill a fat, a smear to kill honest statement of principle. the truth, once set free, as it has been in this campaign, only grows each day like a righteous avalanche as it becomes faster and stronger and ultimately unstoppable. until the people of this country have been liberated from leadership that is unworthy of the name, a new leadership emerges composed exclusively of the people and working exclusively for the people. [applause] mr. nehlen: and it begins, my friends, with the people in this room tonight. so i ask you this question. are you prepared to carry on with me tomorrow and next week, and two years from now to liberate this district? applause]d
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[cheering] [crowd chanting, "nehlen! nehlen!"] mr. nehlen: thank you. and to free this country from its failed leaders and to replace the soulless globalism , a newnew americanism americanism that respects the inherent work -- worth and dignity of every person in this land. you, and i will be with you if you join me every step of the way. [applause]
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thank you for your friendship. thank you for your devotion. thank you for joining me on this great american journey. god bless you all, and have a good night. applause]d "nehlen!anting,
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nehlen!"] >> your dad? mr. nehlen: this is just the beginning. tonight is just the beginning. [applause] >> hey, mom? this way? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mr. nehlen: thank you, sir.
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announcer: house speaker paul ryan won his primary, defeating thenessman paul nehlen for republican nomination in wisconsin's first congressional district. speaker ryan talked to reporters
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and answered questions about his legislative agenda and the presidential race. this is 10 minutes. ryan: everybody. want to say, i thank you and welcome to janesville, wisconsin. i want to recognize all of the candidates who sought federal, state, and local offices in wisconsin today. it is hard work, and i am grateful we had so many candidates take part in the democratic process. i want to highlight one candidate in particular who was on the ticket tonight. mike gallagher. mike gallagher just won. the eighth district, which needs to stay republican. a hard-fought race, and i very much look forward to campaigning with mike. i also want to speak to the residents of southern wisconsin.
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on behalf of my wife, myself, and our kids, thank you. thank you for your trust. thank you for your confidence. andk you for your support efforts. i am a fifth-generation janesville native, and i have been honored to serve this congressional district since 1998. it has been one of the best experiences of my lifetime, and i am humbled that so many want to see me continue on their behalf. the bill year, they know me well. they know that i believe that to serve is to work to become part of the solution, not be part of the problem. they share my desire for political leadership that is inclusive, not divisive. they look at the horizon, and they look for hope, not fear. most of all, they want someone who works to be effectively advance our founding principles. look. there is a lot of real frustration in this country.
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there is a lot of anger that washington is just not working and that seems in revocably broken, and people want to see congress and their elected leaders tackle the tough problems, not duck those tough problems. they are sick of the paralysis, and they are hungry for results. and all too often, washington fails to provide those results. in times as uncertain as these, it is easy to resort to division. it is simple to prey on people's fears. that stuff sells, but it does not stick. it does not last. most of all, it does not work. around here, we look beyond the noise. and the static. our strength comes from the principles on which our government was founded, self-government and liberty. our inspiration comes from the notion that the condition of your birth does not determine the outcome of your life, and our desire is to see everyone get ahead and that our children
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are left better off, and so because we want to bring people together and not divide them, because we want to break the gridlock, not perpetuate it, because we want fresh ideas, not outdated ideas, republicans are offering a better way to fix this country's big pressing , problems. by taking a better way, we can reignite our nation's economic engine. we can lift people out of poverty and get them on the ladder of opportunity. we can restore our constant -- constitution. we can have real patients in our care,ient centered health and we can keep our country safe and free. this is how we turn this passion of the moment into a hard-won future, through ideas, through inspiration, through inclusiveness. through an agenda that we can be proud of. through an agenda that can unite people. so we will take this agenda to voters across this country this fall, and i am confident they will reward our efforts. between now and november, i am committed to doing everything i can to make sure that the status
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quo, which is not good enough, is not continued, because we can do better. we are going to make the case that house republicans are offering new ideas for a new day, and let it be known that we cannot afford another four years like the obama years, and let's be very, very clear. that is exactly what hillary clinton and her party are offering. we can get this country back on track. we can tackle the country's biggest, most pressing problems before they tackle us. we can restore the optimism that is there in that small business owner from janesville. we can restore the optimism that is in the heart of that farmer, from elkhorn that is in that , worker that gets up at 6:00 the tool and dye. in racine or kenosha. dream,nt their american
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and i'm going to do everything i can as a representative from the first congressional district and as speaker of the house to try to make that possible. i just want to end with this. i want to thank my employers, the people i work for here in the first congressional district, for hiring me to fight on their behalf. i simply want to say thank you very much for your confidence. i appreciate it. questions. how about some local guys question mark charles benson, i thought i heard you. >> do you think your landslide victory here sends a larger message that donald trump is doomed in november? speaker ryan: i do not think it means that he is doomed in november. the people in wisconsin know me very, well. look. you know me, charles. i am a local guy. people know that i mean what i say and say what i mean, and i do not do it in a mean way, and i think that is the kind of
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politics, the kind of policies that wisconsinites reward. i would not ascribe anything other to it than that. how about -- bauer. i just want to get some local folks. i thought i heard bauer. ok. yes. >> 2020? speaker ryan: that is not even a question i will bother entertaining. there is no point in having that conversation. --up against donald trump what is your reaction to donald trump saying about the second amendment -- speaker ryan: i have been a little busy today. i heard about this second amendment quote. it sounds like a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up quickly. you should never joke about that.
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i did not hear the comments. i only heard about the comments. >> all are calling donald trump dangerous. speaker ryan: look. i think it is very clear that the trump-pence ticket will put good judges on the supreme court, and we will find far better receptivity of our gender that we are trying to get on track to fix this country's problems than the hillary clinton administration. that much we know. frank. let me go to frank and then kelly. >> [inaudible] speaker ryan: no, i do not see any point to it. you get to the end zone, and you act like you have been there before. i have not even thought about that. look. we knew we were going to do well. we received the vote we were hoping and expecting all along, and that is just kind of how -- the outcome is exactly what we were hoping for and expecting, and desperate candidates do desperate things for attention. i think that is what you saw
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here. kelly? yes. welcome back. >> [inaudible] speaker ryan: i have not heard. i am not going to make a comment more than i just did. the point i made before, with any endorsement of anyone, they are never blank checks. let me just say this. i believe, here in wisconsin, we have a unified republican party because we believe what our principles are.
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offered an agenda so the country has a better path from which to choose. that is the agenda we are offering the country. we believe that is what people are hungry for. that is what has been validated in the first congressional district. thank you very much. >> the commission on presidential debates has selected dates and locations for the three planned debates. the first scheduled for september 26 in hempstead, new
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york. on october 9, they debate in st. louis. they hold the last debate in las vegas on october 19. each starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. watch our coverage of the presidential debates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> c-span's "washington every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, the senior economic adviser for the trump presidential campaign will join us to discuss trump's economic plans and the impact they could have on the federal budget and economy. then, the senior political be on airor rare will to talk about campaign 2016. be sure to watch "washington journal" 7:00 a.m. eastern. join the discussion. saturday, c-span's issue
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spotlight looks at her deals, their impact -- trade deals, and their impact on the election. >> we will say no to bad trade deals like the transpacific partnership and unfair trade practices. >> the state of pennsylvania has lost one third of manufacturing jobs since the clintons put china into the w.t.o. >> the program includes a look at nafta, the 1994 trade agreement between the united states, mexico, and canada. >> this will create more jobs for our people, for exports, our market, and more democracy for our allies. >> and a special on how the founding fathers viewed free trade. >> historically, the united states was not a free trade nation for most of american history.
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terrace is, in fact, a -- tariff-protected economy. in-depth conversation about the wto. >> at the time wto was being ofotiated, 800 more pages pacific regulations. my book would be very different. when these two were being negotiated, the u.s. had official advisers, 500 corporate advisors. >> watch our issue spotlight on trade deals saturday at 8:00 eastern on c-span and . >> at a campaign event in north carolina, donald trump talked about hillary clinton, judicial appointments, and the second amendment. he is introduced by former new york mayor rudy giuliani.
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this is an hour and 10 minutes. mr. giuliani: thank you, thank you. it is great to be here. it is great to be in north carolina. you have a great state. you have a great governor. [cheering] have aniani: you economy being called the carolina comeback. that economy is based on the principles you will hear today from donald trump.
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sensebased on common republican principles of growth, low taxes, low regulations. put money back in your pocket instead of having the government take it from you. that is what pat mccrory has done. that is what donald trump will do. pat for a long time. i knew him when he was mayor. he was one of the best in the united states. he is a good friend. you are lucky to have him. november, when you elect donald trump president of the united states, reelect pat mccrory. [cheering] know, i have you campaigned a lot. iran for president. mccain,gned for john
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mitt romney. i campaigned for myself. i have never seen a crowd like this. this is unbelievable. [cheering] mr. giuliani: by the way, there are more of you outside than inside. i am sorry. you upne no one called about a poll, right? so let's have a poll. how many are for donald trump? [cheering] mr. giuliani: how many are for hillary clinton? [booing] no.giuliani: no,
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here is why we are here today. we are here today to beat her and keep her out of washington. [applause] giuliani: we are here because we all want to be part of this movement. this is historic, what is going on. this is a real revolution. it reminds me of the revolution ronald reagan brought about in 1980. [applause] mr. giuliani: it is a peaceful revolution, but a revolution nonetheless. we want to kick out of washington all those insiders who have been controlling the government for their benefit and have been hurting you for years. [cheering] giuliani: it is a tight little crowd in washington.
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i worked there for president ford and president reagan. it is a tight little crowd in washington. they protect each other. they do not care about you. they care about themselves. they go into government. they go out of government. they come into government. they make a lot of money. and they take a lot of your money. and hillary clinton wants to take more of your money. [booing] mr. giuliani: hillary is the bought and paid for candidate of the washington establishment. she is part of the washington rigged system that excludes all these good people in wilmington, north carolina and places like wilmington, north carolina. she does not care about you. 150,000, $2bout the $
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00,000 speeches she gives to wall street. she cares about the millions of dollars the irs gave bill clinton which he made a phone call to help ubs. when i was a prosecutor, you went to jail for that. [applause] [laughter] no, no.iani: no, what we have now is? everything in politics. and timing has always been the most important thing for our country.
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for a mane right time like donald trump. [cheering] mr. giuliani: this is what we need right now. we need a man who is not bought and paid for. we need a man who has been enormous lease successful in business. we have already tried one who wasn't. and look what we have. we have 70% of the american people believing we are going in the wrong direction. who, you elected somebody has not done anything in his life. he has not built a building. he never created a project. he has not built a golf course. he never built a tremendous worldwide business. well, this is what we need right now. we need a man who has done those
11:41 pm
things. and i can tell you this from reforming new york city. we need somebody to come in with damn place clean the out. [cheering] giuliani: hillary clinton -- no one owns donald trump. he appreciates what america has made possible for him and his beautiful family. he wants the same thing for you. he wants to be your voice in washington because you do not have a voice. hillary clinton has been bought and paid for by lobbyists,
11:42 pm
special interests. donald trump will stand for you. he will be your advocate. he will be your champion. he will be your voice. he is going to lower taxes on everyone. now, you say, well, why lower taxes on the rich? taxt of all, his biggest reductions are going to be for the middle class. that means for you. but why do you lower taxes on the rich? you know why? if you lower taxes on the rich, they produce jobs for the poor and the middle class, and the poor become the middle class, and the middle class become the rich. that is what america is about. we are not a socialist country. corporateg to cut the tax from 35% to 15%.
11:43 pm
do you know how much money that is going to bring back to this country? do is raises to taxes. said a few days ago, in the only truthful statement she made during this campaign, may be only truthful statement she getting a she said, little carried away in a speech, i am going to raise taxes on the middle class. you are gone right she is going to raise taxes on the middle class. you cannot raise enough money from the rich to pay for the billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars she just wants to give to people. we do not want to handle things to people. we want to put out a hand and
11:44 pm
help them. [applause] mr. giuliani: today, it was some of those hillary clinton e-mails contain the name of a man named amari. amari was executed by the iranians several days ago. remember, hillary told us there was no top-secret information on her e-mails? remember she told us that? well, she lied. know don't know -- i don't the connection between that and but iath of mr. amari,
11:45 pm
know it put more attention on them when they found those e-mails. import -- it put him at great risk. even if they did not find him. it shows you that when the director of the fbi said she was extremely careless, he was being kind. i used to be a u.s. attorney. she applied for a job as a u.s. attorney with me, i would not be able to hire her. you know why? she would not pass an fbi background check. she was extremely careless with national security information. [cheering] giuliani: and they are questioning donald trump's temperament, donald trump's ability to handle our national security? no one has found him extremely careless in the handling of anything, much less national
11:46 pm
security information. he did not have the name of a person in the witness protection program that was exposed for the world to see, a man who got killed. [yelling] so we have a is going to he explain his program on the economy. i will conclude by telling you a few things you should know. he is going to expand our military. [cheering] giuliani: she will continue shrinking our of military to pre-world war ii levels. he will take care of our veterans. [applause] mr. giuliani: she can't.
11:47 pm
you know why? because she is bought and paid for by the unions that control the v.a. hospitals. shouldn't every veteran have a card where they can go to any hospital they want in order to get the treatment they need? shouldn't they? [applause] mr. giuliani: you know why she is against it? because she is bought and paid for by the unions that control those hospitals. just like she will not give you school choice. she is bought and paid for by the teachers union. i could go on and on. so many people have bought and paid for her, there is nothing left. there is no hillary left. [yelling] giuliani: donald trump is promilitary. he is pro-police. [applause]
11:48 pm
mr. giuliani: he is pro-law and order. and she is just the opposite. do you know she is excluded uniformed police officers from the democratic national convention floor? do you know that? havewere embarrassed to men in uniform and women in uniform on the floor of the convention. she has refused to submit an application for an endorsement by the fraternal order of police. when i say donald trump is pro- police and she is not, i know what i'm talking about. i remember as a senator in new york what she used to do with the police. same thing. this woman is anti-military, anti-police. she is anti-growth economy.
11:49 pm
donald trump is just the opposite. he is for a growth economy. he is going to put money in your pocket. she is going to take it out of your pocket. here is the one thing i want you to listen for. this is why you should vote for him. most important. donald trump gets the establishment nervous. [applause] mr. giuliani: they are shaking. i can see them on television. look, they are mostly democrats. he has a couple of those republicans shaking, too. look, neither party has a monopoly on virtual advice. we have a couple good people. they have some good people. they have a lot of -- but the establishment on both sides of the aisle, they are shaking. and you know what? they should be.
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because when he becomes president of the united states, he is going to do one thing and one thing alone -- he is going to represent you, not been. , yourl be your voice champion, your advocate. and the nextd president of the united states of america, donald trump. an american to be where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the u.s.a. i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free
11:51 pm
and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the u.s.a. i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ mr. trump: thank you, thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. so amazing. rudy just left. he just said i don't believe this. this is unbelievable. nobody believes it.
11:52 pm
[cheers] mr. trump: the crowds we're getting. i'm the messenger but i'll tell you what, the message is the right message. we're tired of incompetence. we're tired of not taking care of our military. we're tired of not taking care of our vets, who have been taken care of very poorly. we're tired of so many different things, and this is what happens. so our mayor, my friend rudy giuliani just walks out and says i don't believe this. this is incredible. what he hasn't seen -- and your governor, by the way, who's a great guy, and he's now seeing it. they're walking outside because there are thousands of people outside that cannot get in. i said rudy, you think this is bad, go take a look outside. i want to thank pat and rudy and i want to thank everybody for being here and we're going to have a good time. we love north carolina.
11:53 pm
we love north carolina -- we did really well in the primaries, if you remember. we're doing really well now. we have to win. that november 8th date is so important. it's so important. i bring things up like the judges, the supreme court justices. you could have as many as four -- i guess there's a scenario in which this president could pick five supreme court justices and if you pick two that are left, left, left it's going to be a disaster for our country. your second amendment, the national rifle association endorsed me and they endorsed me early, a long time ago -- [cheers] mr. trump: and they're great people. wayne, and chris, they're great people but if you do something with this, i tell you what, justice right now -- you lost a great one with scalia. we want to replace with justices very much like justice scalia
11:54 pm
and that's going to happen and so important. so -- so if for no other reason -- one of the most important elections for a lot of reasons, not just that. but for a lot of reasons and -- but that's so obvious because for whatever reason, they say this could be the presidency, this next four years, where you'll pick more supreme court justices than anybody has ever had the opportunity to do and believe me, i'll make you very proud of those justices. they'll be good. ok? [applause] so we had an incident a few days ago with the 400 million cash. 400 million cash. anybody know what that looks like? that's a lot of cash. and honestly, it's so sad. think of it. going to iran, a terrorist
11:55 pm
state. i happen to think they have plenty of money. i happen to think it goes into their accounts in switzerland, personally. they use it for terror. it is the number one terror funder. but i also think that when you have 400 million in cash, different denominations. did you see the size of this? they did, i guess, release the pictures after all. they released pictures. interesting -- i sort of think it goes into bank accounts, right? i sort of think they take it, they probably use some for this, some for that, can do a lot of things. and obama said that he did it because we don't have a working account with iran. do you believe it? how long does it take to set up an account, right? you don't have a working
11:56 pm
account, you set up an account, right, laura? you set up an account. it takes about -- well, look. what's going on in this country -- folks, folks, what's going on in this country is insane. and we have people running our country that don't know what they're doing. they're grossly incompetent and it's time. we have to make change, real change. not obama change. we have to make change. [applause] mr. trump: whether it's sergeant bergdahl where we get bergdahl, who was a traitor and they get five of the greatest killers that they've wanted for eight years. i call it the five for one trade. or the iran deal where we get nothing. we get nothing. ultimately they have a beautiful path.
11:57 pm
they'll get way, way earlier they'll get way, way earlier than that. they'll get nuclear weapons. oh, if you get trump, you're going to see a lot of changes to that deal. going to happen fast. you're going to see some big changes and really -- i saw what president obama said, that the $400 million in cash was not -- had nothing to do with the release of the hostages, right? it really doesn't work, does it? does it? remember obamacare? you're going to keep your doctor, you're going to keep your plan? over and over again. it was a lie and in fact, if he didn't make the lie, he would have never gotten it approved because most democrats -- many of the democrats didn't want to do it. it was only that that got them to sign it, to approve it. and it was a lie. and the $400 million and from what the rumor is and from what the reports are, the hostages couldn't leave the airport until this other plane arrived.
11:58 pm
they don't know why but i think we all have a pretty good reason why. it's all a big lie. it's all a big lie and it's so sad to see. and let me tell you, hillary clinton is going to be four more years of obama but maybe worse. [booing] mr. trump: maybe worse. going to be four more years. four more years of isis, four more years of high taxes. you know, yesterday, i had a big event, really. turned out to be a very big event in detroit. good event. very good. we got wonderful reviews and a lot of good comments. but the thing i'm doing, i'm cutting taxes big league. especially for the middle class and especially for businesses, because businesses are dying. that means small businesses, businesses, period.
11:59 pm
businesses are leaving our country like they've never left before. they're going all over. they're going to mexico, that i can tell you. mexico is like the eighth wonder of the world. you know, i've been telling a story, a friend of mine, good friend of mine, good guy. he builds plants for cars, for computers. massive plants. and i said to him how are you doing? and he's worked in north carolina, by the way. i said to him how are you doing? he said phenomenal. it's like i think the biggest in the world at this. that's what he does. great guy. i said how's it all going? he said you have to see mexico, donald. it's the eighth wonder of the world. what we're building there is like never has been built. we have never seen anything like it. i said how are things going in the united states? i am more interested in that. america first, folks, america first. [cheers]
12:00 am
donald trump: america first. we get a little tired of these deals, where they actually put -- you know why. because of lobbyists and special interests and people representing and people wanting it to happen. it's just not that they want other countries to benefit over us. there are reasons for us. when i raise money and i'm putting up a lot of my own money for my campaign. i'm funding me and i'm raising money for the republican party and we're getting a lot of money from the small donors. remember be a few months ago, i wanted to make sure i dot the nomination before i startled. i took a lot of heat from the press, the world's most dishonest people, by the way. >> terrible, terrible. those cameras will not move and show how many people are in this
12:01 am
auditorium. those cameras are not going to move, unless we have a protestor. is there a protestor up there in the corner? if we have a protestor, that's the only time they move. because they're showing something that in their find mind is a bad thing. but i like that. then the cameras show these massive crowds and people say wow, was that a big crowd. i go home to my wife and say how's it going? darling, your speech was very good. were there any people there? i say yeah, about 7,000. you had to see outside. thank you, and i love you too. who said that? who said that, huh? thank you. thank you. but i came up with rudy from new york and we're driving up and we're going block after block after block, the linebacker. and i said are those people
12:02 am
going to be able to get in? they said the place was already full and rudy just said man, i've never seen anything like that. maybe a couple of days before an election but this is what's happening. because of the fact we have a movement going, folks. because people are so tired of it. they're so tired of it. so -- and by the way -- and by the way. voter i.d., what's with that? what's with voter i.d.? why aren't we having voter i.n. and in other words, i want to vote, here's my identification. i want to vote. as opposed to somebody coming up and voting 15 times for hillary. audience: boo! >> well, and i will not tell you to vote 15 times. i will not ell you to do that.
12:03 am
ok? you won't vote 15 times but people will. they'll vote many times and how that could have happened is unbelievable. the governor just told me they're going before the united states supreme court, justice roberts and maybe they can get a stay. let's see what happens, ok? let's see what happens. that's a very important thing. but i wrote a few things down and to me, so important. yes, darling, thank you. unstable hillary. lacks the judgment -- now, bernie sanders said she lacks judgment, right? and nobody said anything about it. no problem. he said you lack judgment and during one of the debates nobody said -- it was fine. when i say it they say that's
12:04 am
terrible the way you talk. she does, she lacks judgment. she lacks temperament and i'm the one that used "unfit" many, many months ago and now they turn it around, use it on me. unfit? i'm unfit? that's a first. but she lacks the temperament and the moral character to lead this country. very simple. she really does. she's a dangerous person who doesn't tell the truth, which has been proven very loudly. i don't think we've ever had greater proof of that of anybody. and she's disregarded the lives of americans. you see what's happening -- with what she's done with her server and you know why she did that.
12:05 am
so i just look at this and i said that if she gets elected, she will cause the destruction of this country from within. remember that. remember that. she will allow people into our country that will do damage -- that will do damage, folks. you look at what's going on in the world. look at france. take a good look at france. i have pretends that go to france. they used to love france. they say no, thank you. they don't expect to be going back for a long time. i have one trip, i said how was your trim to france? he said france isn't france anymore, we're knot going anymore. so many people are saying that. look at germany. what's going on with the -- germany. look at the problems. we have enough problems that are going on in our country right
12:06 am
now, we don't need additional problems, folks. we don't need additional problems. and for all we know, this could be the great trojan horse, this could be. we don't know who these people are. now, they're coming in through obama and i looked at a chart yesterday and for years it's sort of like this, a little uptick and the last number or period of time it's like wa, wa, they've never seen anything like it. they're letting them in and again, you can't vet them. you don't know where they come from. look at the damage that two people in san bernardino, probably radicalized the guy, the woman coming in. look at the damage in orlando. look at the damage that was done in orlando by one whack job, one sick whack job and you know what
12:07 am
he was scream something he's screaming what they all scream and we have to get smart, folks. we don't need the problems. and we've already got those problems, just so you understand, because they're coming into the country and they're being put where nobody even knows where they are. it's like, if i were the enemy, i would say i can't believe they're that stupid. they're taking my people and they're putting them all over the place. because you have a great military right here, and our military -- \[cheers] >> our military cannot be beaten but you know what can happen? when we don't know where they are, where they're coming, from you get them all over the place. and folks, it's some. you don't need many. one person in orlando. two people. look at in france, 130. now, they have the strictest gun laws anywhere in the world. france, paris. 130 people killed and i've said 100 times this man or that woman
12:08 am
or that woman or man had a gun in paris or san bernardino and the bullets were flying in the other direction, would have been a whole different story, folks. \[cheers] >> for those foolish people that say second amendment, would have been a whole different -- i go a step further. if these people. bad people. bad, sick, sick, people. if these people knew there were guns in the good guys' hands, they probably wouldn't have gone in the first place, all right? gun-free. you know what a gun-free zone is? that's like -- oh, they study where the gun-free zones -- if they would have known you had guns. if they would have known that they were going to be shot at from the other side, would have been a whole different story. maybe wouldn't have even happened in the first place. they better not come here, he said. they better not. so recently a book came out, a couple of weeks ago. a secret service agent, and made
12:09 am
a statement because she said the other day she short circuited. hey, could you imagine if i said that i short circuited? [laughter] they would be calling for my execution. electric chair. they'd bring back the electric chair. it would be a whole different ballgame if i said it. believe me. but the secret service said she simply lacks the integrity to serve in the office. from the bottom of my soul, he said, i know this to be true. her leadership style, when is volcanic and impulsive and she
12:10 am
makes bad decisions. ok? hey, it's one thing to make bad decisions. it's another thing to be wacky and make bad decisions. \[cheers] >> she is disdainful of the rules set for everyone else and she hasn't changed a bit. this is -- that was the good thing. i couldn't say the bad things that were said. it's so much. nobody would even believe it. you have to see this beautiful. nobody would believe because it's so terrible, so terrible. and she comes across like this woman, nice, easy, but she's not and she's -- listen, she's not a leader. not a leader and she is a liar. hey -- hey. 33,000 emails are gone. ok?
12:11 am
33,000 emails are gone. that i gone. how do you get rid of 33,000 emails? who sends 33,000 emails? do you know how many that is? i think that's like 24 hours a day reading them or sending them but it wouldn't matter. for years. 33,000 emails are missing and she's so guilty. she's so guilty. i think it's a tremendous blotch on our country. i really mean that. i think what happened over the last two weeks with respect to her, especially in light of the fact that general petraeus and in others have suffered unbelievable consequence. i think it's a tremendous ballot on our country.
12:12 am
a tremendous blot. just remember that. but i just looked at this, the economic failures of obama and clinton, etc. obama-clinton economic policies have produced 1.2% economic growth, the weakest so-called recovery since the great depression. this is like unbelievable. 1.2. do you know if china goes to 7% or 8% it's like a national catastrophe. what they do is cut their currency, they devalue their currency big league and then all of our businesses continue to be drained out of the united states. all our money, our jobs. they make our product, sell us to us. no tax, no nothing. they devalue -- devaluing is sort of like cheating. i have great relationships with china.