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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 10, 2016 1:29am-1:46am EDT

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[applause] mr. nehlen: thank you. thank you. thank you all so much. i am so glad to see you all here, but i am especially glad to see all of the reporters, because i have a profoundly important message for our district and for our nation that i need to share with you, but before that, i have a few very brief comments. first, tonight, we defied everyone's expectations for this campaign. just the fact that we are all here tonight demonstrates that our message played across the district and the country. despite the desires of our
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opponents and despite their corporate buddies' efforts to silence us, our success is a testament to each and every one of you. i believe a little perspective is in order here. we took on the leader of the world globalist movement. when you take on paul ryan, you are not just taking on paul ryan. you are taking on the chamber of commerce. you are taking on the koch brothers. you are taking on wall street. you are taking on all of the transnational elites that will do everything to keep their speaker in congress. let's consider how others have done before us. since his reelection bid in 2000, paul ryan has never faced a real primary challenge. he has essentially run unopposed for nearly 20 years. historically, u.s. representatives from wisconsin are rarely ever challenged. one reporter observed that from 1950 through 2014, less than one in five wisconsin u.s. representatives faced a primary challenger. since 1950, only one wisconsin u.s. representative has ever lost his primary.
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but we took on the challenge because we knew that despite the odds, we could not continue to be quiet and sit down and watch as we were led by a man who does not normally look down upon our desires but actively fights against them at every turn. we know how the people of our district and state feel. we have seen the polls. we know that seven out of 10 republicans in wisconsin favor a pause in muslim migration. we know the majority of wisconsin republican voters reject ryan's trade agenda. we know that nine in 10 republicans voters oppose ryan's plan to increase immigration. we cannot be led by a leader who stands against us and against our interests. [applause] mr. nehlen: if nancy pelosi stood opposed to over 90% of her electorate on an issue of great importance to them, she would not be a leader in her party.
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we cannot be led by someone who does not represent our values and our principles. paul ryan was able to buy his elections and get political cover from corporate media. corporate media once ryan in he wr because they know he will l do their bidding. isn't it interesting that the national media, which attacks ryan mercilessly in the general election for wanting to cut medicare and social security is suddenly his greatest friend in the primary? why might that be? because paul ryan is a republican they need to accomplish their agenda. they need paul ryan to keep the borders open. they need paul ryan to pass multinational trade deals. they need paul ryan to be a useful foil or corporate crony that they can caricature all republicans and win elections in the end. they get all of the benefits that come from their policies of
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soulless globalism and republicans, as a result of paul ryan, get all of the blame for human suffering and misery that accompanies it. how many time has paul ryan met with the chamber of commerce? how many times has he met with the executives of facebook, microsoft, and google? how many times as he met with lobbyists for a global outsourcing firm or corporation? now, consider how many times he has met with the victims of illegal immigrant violence. or the border agents. or the ice officers. or the sheriffs or their deputies. or the workers for to train their foreign replacements brought in on guest worker visas. ask yourself this question. when disney workers were let off and forced to be silent as they had to train their foreign replacements, did paul ryan raced to the house to condemn
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disney's actions? did he bring forth legislation to fix it? did he commanded the news cycle every day until we got justice for our american workers? or did he continue his routine of being a caricature that the left so badly wants, saying the same old things that you have heard millions of times before about medicare and social security reform and tax reform while real flesh and but human beings watch their dreams die and disappear not merely in spite of their american citizenship but because of their american citizenship, a direct discrimination against american citizens. how has it reached this point that we let americans be killed by open borders, that we have let factories ship wholesale overseas because we refuse to enforce the most basic terms of our trade agreements or have refused to protect ourselves against illicit trading practices, which are an act of economic warfare against us? and our leaders, led by ryan himself, don't just do nothing.
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they aid and abet our economic destruction. how many arms has ryan twisted behind the scenes to push his donors' agenda? ryan twisted every last arm to pass this omnibus bill to bring in more workers, to bring down the price of labor just a little bit for his corporate friends. he poured his sweat into passing that bill just to make labor just a little bit less expensive for corporations, and yet, he could not lift a finger to save one american job. he could not put the same energy or passion into demand in the construction of a border wall or protections for american labor or demanding new rules to assure that foreign workers cannot be exploited to protect american standards of living for the american people.
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no, we are all helpless in paul ryan's race to the bottom so he can give a glorious new crowning achievement to his donors. ask yourself, are you not entitled to a leader who represents your views? [applause] mr. nehlen: you want less immigration. are you not entitled to leaders who what the same? you want a security walk across the border. are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? you want people who overstay their visas to be deported. are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? you want trade deals that create jobs and manufacturing here at home. are you not entitled to leaders who want the same? [applause] mr. nehlen: why should you be resigned to this permanent servitude to ryan's special interest desires? why should you have to beg and plead like a child to a parent
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for your congressman and speaker to help you, when he should have said, lifting his voice to the heavens every day on your behalf, that is what you deserve as your sacred birthright as an american. you deserve a leader who is as loyal to you as you are to your children, your country, and your god in heaven. now, look. [applause] mr. nehlen: what we have accomplished here tonight is a stork beyond words and measure, because we have lit the spark for the raging fire of raging populism that will lift up the spirit of this nation, a movement that will put the hopes and fears and aspirations of american citizens first, before any consideration. as a result of our campaign, people know where ryan stands. the mask has been pulled off.
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the charade is over. the sentiment behind the smirk has been revealed. the con is up. [applause] mr. nehlen: we know who he cares about. we know who he fights for. and it has never, and it will never be all of you. we all know what ryan's agenda means. it means that our border will never be secured. it means that immigration will never be reduced. it means that the rights of american citizens will never be protected. ryan has not merely allowed the immigration crisis to take place, he has not simply socialize the lavish dinners in your time of need, he has not simply hid behind his personal border wall while denying you yours, he has created the crisis.
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he has spurred your need and your wants, and he has done everything in his power to deny you the security that is your absolute right. [applause] mr. nehlen: 20 years ago, ryan began his campaign against the american worker. 20 years ago, he fought to keep the border open, and he has done so every day since. anytime there is a fork in the road where ryan can choose between security or amnesty, prosperity or poverty, country or corporations, he has chosen the latter every single time. mark it down and remember it well. as long as paul ryan is house speaker, immigration will never be cut. dangerous migration from the islamic world will never be reduced. trade issues will never be fixed, and the onslaught of globalism will never, ever stop
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until it has been wiped out, every last shred, independence in this land. until we are nothing more than just another location in the global marketplace, and your culture, values, heritage, and your brotherhood and sisterhood means nothing. in which black americans, white americans, latino and asian americans are all second-class americans, because they are not corporations and because they are not a foreign corporation, because they are not a foreign worker, and because they are not a lobbyist or a politician. i will continue fighting until every american, whether they be black or white or latino, what have you can be first-class citizens in their country again. [cheers and applause]
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mr. nehlen: in my closing speech to the voters of wisconsin ahead of the election, i talked about a girl, a daughter, who are entitled to grow up in safety and peace, just like every son or child of this country. we have to keep that girl from becoming the next kate steinle or a son from being the next joshua wilkerson. the next innocent life lost because politicians like paul ryan will not fight with every breath to keep that child safe from the ravages of open borders and criminal cartels that do not belong in our cities and our district, in our country. we will save that life. not as many as we would like and not as many as we could have saved if we had won this race,
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but we will save thousands of lives and restore millions of dreams, and that is because we will ultimately succeed. [cheers and applause] mr. nehlen: and we will succeed because we know that the truth is the one thing in this world that can never be destroyed. there is no amount of money in paul ryan's tank that can cause a lie to kill a truth, a falsehood to kill a fat, a smear to kill honest statement of principle. the truth, once set free, as it has been in this campaign, only grows each day like a righteous avalanche as it becomes faster and stronger and ultimately unstoppable. until the people of this country have been liberated from leadership that is unworthy of the name, a new leadership
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emerges composed exclusively of the people and working exclusively for the people. [applause] mr. nehlen: and it begins, my friends, with the people in this room tonight. so i ask you this question. are you prepared to carry on with me tomorrow and next week, and two years from now to liberate this district? [cheers and applause] [cheering] [crowd chanting, "nehlen! nehlen!"]
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mr. nehlen: thank you. and to free this country from its failed leaders and to replace the soulless globalism with a new americanism, a new americanism that respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person in this land. i am with you, and i will be with you if you join me every step of the way. [applause] mr. nehlen: thank you for your friendship. thank you for your devotion. thank you for joining me on this great american journey. god bless you all, and have a good night. [cheers and applause]
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[crowd chanting, "nehlen! nehlen!"] >> your dad? mr. nehlen: this is just the beginning. tonight is just the beginning. [applause]


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