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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 12, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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it today to introduce you to c-span cities tour. for five years we have traveled to u.s. cities bringing the book seem to our viewers. visits watch more of our at >> as they want on the week, here's a quick look at what some members of congress are talking about on twitter today. as the congressional summer break continues. minnesota congressman rick nolan had this posting. everyone else took the stairs that virginia fire hall after meeting with iron range fire chief, i found a faster way. sliding down the fire pole. john mccain, a vietnam veteran and former pow was tweaking this, this weekend we celebrate national code talker day. we know not the whole code talkers a debt that can never be fully repaid.
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mailing democratic caucus woman posted this reminder on twitter. 11 a.m. tomorrow, lgbtq and gun violence prevention advocates unite and easy to demand action. i stand with them to disarm hate. on can see the rally here c-span and watch it live starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time that is my way. here on c-span. now let's get a look at what is coming up on primetime tonight. in just a few moments, it is newsmakers with libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson, before governor of the state of new mexico. then we'll take your calls after that to get your thoughts on what you heard from gary johnson and what else you have to say about the 2016 presidential race. following that, donald trump on a campaign rally in erie something you.
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>> joining us from las vegas on c-span's newsmakers program is former new mexico governor gary johnson. thank you very much for being with us. gov. johnson: great to be with all of you. thank you. david, senioris correspondent for the washington examiner. also the host of the examining politics podcast which is governor, letne me begin with the commission on presidential debates which is for at the benchmark of 15% you to anticipate. the first scheduled for late september. gov. johnson: is that a fair benchmark? i think the benchmark is fair. what is not there is that all
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the polls being conducted right clinton ande, and on the second or third question they will ask what happens if you add johnson to the mix. right now we are pretty solidly in the 10% range. reportshe media just the top two lines. what you have is a majority of people in this country don't know there is a third-party candidate. i believe if my name was just included in the top line, i would be at 20%. me and build what would be at the 20%. a lot of that having to do with the discontent of donald trump and clinton. buildout and myself, libertarian candidate for president. we will be the only third party and all 50 states. >> with some new polling numbers just out today. >> reuters with the poll numbers out this afternoon found clinton at 41, trump at 35 and you at 7% and just on at 3%.
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that is half, less than half of the 50% mark. what can you do -- 15% mark. what can you do between now and september? how are you reaching out to disaffected republicans. a lot of republicans not satisfied. gov. johnson: over the last month, our numbers have doubled. seven is about as low as i have seen and i'm not trying to make an excuse for the seventh but low -- seven is about as low as i've seen in any poll. i'm just back to my example, i daresay that that poll that was just conducted had donald trump and hillary clinton at the get-go and as an afterthought they added my name to it. 65% of americans don't even know there is a third party. our social media numbers have doubled in the last month and so we are reaching about 25 million people. , in ouroing it with
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but with robust fundraising that fundraising does not match either trump or clinton but i think it's these volumes to just how much discontent there is out there and i think bill weld and myself are in this big lane in the middle. we are fiscally conservative and socially tolerant and accepting. we are questioning these military interventions. but at the end of the day are making the world less safe and not more safe. if we support regime change, this is what we get. you could talk to us a little bit about some of the metrics of your campaign. there hasn't more attention given to your campaign given the circumstances than is normally paid to a third party. can you talk to us about your fundraising, where it is at? talk to us about your campaign organization?
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where do think when we look at states around the country, where do you think you will do the most damage to try to score some upset victories? gov. johnson: we think that by being in the presidential, neither of us, to former republican governors, reelected in heavily democratic states, we think that if we are in the presidential debate, anything is possible and we do believe that is a very real possibility. looking at the western states, you could look at utah, wyoming, nevada, montana, the dakotas. alaska. on the east side, bill weld would have a list of those himself. where we might actually win outright. the idea is to win outright. i know that sounds crazy. but this is a crazy election cycle and i saw last week, two weeks ago, the projected audience for the first presidential debate is going to
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be -- exceed that of the super bowl. there is no way to we have any chance of winning if we are not in that game. meaning the presidential debate. raisedld trump has questions on the commission, the date for the moderators, i was setting himself to say i'm not going to participate. do you worry that if you are included in the debate, you might give either hillary clinton or donald trump a reason to say we will not be there? gov. johnson: i don't think people will stand for that. we will see. that would be a big mistake given what i just mentioned. super bowl audience, declined that? i don't think that would be a wise decision politically. >> you said you are seen more fundraising than the last election cycle. expected public funding. are you planning to do that again this time or have you taken the office table?
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gov. johnson: we have taken it off. it is a pain in the rear. there are billions of dollars in this fun. we check in often we file our income tax prepare there billions of dollars in this fund in their disputing the $300,000 that we took in matching funds. it is political. it is democrats and republicans doing everything they can to discourage a third party. we are opting out of this matching funds because of our experience the last cycle were literally we're being questioned on eyes dotted and he's crossed. that was with a relationship with the federal elections commission's that kind of went like this. back and forth. they said you can't hold us to anything. all of a sudden, the communication dried up and all these questions after the entire time we were engaged with them.
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we're going to stick clear that. what does your fundraising look like in the third quarter? gov. johnson: i think that it is perhaps they to say that we might be at 10 times the level we were in the whole cycle of 2012. i think you will some robust numbers relative to democrats and republicans. back butll a long ways enough funds for us to actually be able to play in this game. >> much has been written about the relationship between you and the reverend made -- running mate and mitt romney. will mitt romney be endorsing you and your running mate? gov. johnson: i think it would be difficult for someone who is a prior elected republican to endorse circulate it is harder
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if you are an elected republican or democrat to cross over the line but we are seeing that. regardless of whether it's mitt romney or not, there are those that are crossing the line. >> do you want his endorsement? gov. johnson: it would be terrific to have it. i'm not expecting it. i'm not expecting anybody understanding the realities of being a former elected official or an elected official. that is a tough one for those that are in the position. >> back to ginger gibson and the poll numbers from reuters, does that surprise you the low number for donald trump? gov. johnson: i've always maintained that donald trump alienates more than half of republicans and a republican for me has always meant smaller government and that is what bill weld and i are. we are smaller government. on the civil liberties side, and
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ae side of marriage equality, woman's right to choose, legalizing marijuana, really question our military intervention. i think that is -- but also draws from democrats. we draw equally from both sides. no surprises. donald trump alienates republicans. >> what about the ted cruz republicans who say they can't vote for donald trump? maybe you have encountered some who have said they can't get behind legalizing marijuana and marriage equality and any of the other social issues, when you interact with those voters, what do you tell them? it doesn't matter what you are socially as long as you don't force it on others. the comedown on the side of ,hoice on all of these issues that is the libertarian position. the libertarian position is also, the weld and i are
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promising in the first 100 days to submit a balanced budget on how you do that. to do that you have to address medicaid and medicare, to do that reform needs to take place ,ith regard to social security it is not cutting social security but reform. and military spending. when the pentagon itself says we could reduce u.s. bases by 20% and that has not happened, where is the common sense your? that,anted to pick up on how do you envision your first 100 days, to get a feel your style of libertarian, when a lot of voters, people who don't pay as much attention as we do, think about libertarians they think about the political party that doesn't believe the government should run stoplights. let it private company police the streets. are johnson: you know you
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libertarian when you come to the intersection at 2:00 a.m., the light is red, you sit there for a second and then there is nobody coming from any direction whatsoever, so you go through the intersection, that is a libertarian trade. >> when a lot of people think of you, they think primarily about your stance on marijuana which is becoming more and vote across the country. walk us through both domestically and internationally , foreign policy wise, how you envision your presidency? what you would do in your first 100 days? we have both clinton and trump talk about less foreign intervention. trump has gone so far as to say he would pull the u.s. out of world war ii alliances. what you look back as a commander-in-chief as it relates
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to the traditional u.s. foreign-policy and domestically, what you try to do first? gov. johnson: we honor our -- all treaties. it would be wrong to come to the office and not honor everything it is that we are obligated to do. with regard to foreign policy, i think we need to get congress involved in a declaration of war. we need to have an invincible national defense but when we get involved in regime change, that is when things get messy. but clinton and obama, backed both the opposition in libya and syria and this was not intentional, but they backed the opposition, they armed the opposition and the opposition was aligned with isis. the opposition gets wiped out and isis ends up with all the weapons and that is what we are dealing with. afghanistan, i supported going into afghanistan to begin with
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because we were attacked. make no bones about it, if we are attacked, we will attack that -- back. we went to afghanistan to get osama bin laden and al qaeda after seven months we wiped out al qaeda. no osama bin laden that we could have left after seven months and kept our options open for osama bin laden but look, getting out of afghanistan tomorrow, as bad as that situation might be, you're going to face the same consequences 20 years from now and that is if we decide to get out or forever according to some. have we not learned the lessons of history? it does not work when it comes to afghanistan. >> do you agree or disagree with donald trump when he calls the president the founder of isis antis hillary clinton into that? gov. johnson: unintentional. that somehowis,
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has this connotation that they support isis. they did not support isis. has been bett unintended consequence of seeing that happen. it isn't just obama and clinton. it was going into iraq, getting rid of saddam hussein which was a check when it came to iran. regime change, we get in regime involvement, we end up with all these new consequences that continue us in the state of what seems to be endless war. one quick follow-up, going back in kind of mistakes that we could look at and if this was not done, we may not face this problem. what we are facing today is a threat from the islamic state and both republicans and democrats and people unaffiliated seem to recognize that. there have been two isis inspired terrorist attacks on our soil in the past year, we
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have seen what is been going on europe. what is your plan india get -- plan, deepika requires a u.s. -- plan -- do you think -- it involves a plan? gov. johnson: i think that isis, you can look at it as standard hourglass group they originally contained. you point out that there were terrorist actions carried out in this country that were isis inspired. certainly not directly linked with isis but we will see that isis brett through to its conclusion. i also think it is significant that a couple weeks ago, there was a poll among active military personnel on whom they supported for president of the united states and myself and bill weld were on top of that poll with donald trump second and clinton third. coverage raise a lot
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of eyebrows last month when he said that he would require some ext before moving to defend -- checks before moving to a nato ally. do you share his opinion that nato need to be reevaluated and that the treaty is outdated or do you think that the current situation where we as a nation would move as quickly as in its allies should remain? gov. johnson: we need to honor all existing treaties and obligations. no bones about that. but the world is dynamic. government is dynamic. treaties, dothese we really want to go to war over countries that were in the former soviet union? communism is dead. russia that read that revolution. forward,orld moving
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look, the whole intention of a johnson-weld administration will be to make the world a safer place. not a laissez place. and that context, i really think the biggest threat is north korea and the fact that at some point these intercontinental ballistic missiles are going to work. from the standpoint of diplomacy, i think we should really join with china here to address this because they understand this better than anyone. we have 40,000 troops in south korea. there is no chance that north korea invaded south korea conventionally. but they do have those nuclear weapons if we have been covered with our umbrella but that is the scary part of all of this, are we going to go to nuclear war with north korea? that in my opinion have to be addressed in we can do that with china and potentially have the 40,000nity to withdraw troops from south korea. imagine china with 40,000 troops
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in central america? gov. johnson: one of the words we have been -- >> one of the words you been hearing a lot his temperament. do you think that donald trump has the temperament to be commander-in-chief? gov. johnson: no. and i base that on all these things that he has said starting with the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. that has the basis in total this understanding, building a fence across the border and am speaking now as a border state governor, when he calls mexican immigrants murderers and rapists when in fact statistically they are more law-abiding than u.s. citizens. they are not taken job that u.s. citizens want. we should be embracing immigration. we should make it as easy as possible for somebody that wants to come to this country and work to be able to get a work visa. they work visa should intelligent crop check and a social security card and
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applicable taxes. with regard to being inflammatory and divisive and isolationist, these are the words that donald trump seems to be uttering everything will day. i think he said 150 think that would disqualify anyone else from being president of the united states and all you have to do is wait until tomorrow and it will be 153. >> speaking of domestic politics, talk to us about your position on nafta, transpacific partnership. the point still shows -- pulling still shows there is majority support for free trade agreements. politically there has become a bar partisan sense -- bipartisan sense to muster support difficult for tpp and renegotiating nafta. candidates,r republican and democrat, are in
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some agreement on trade at least rhetorically. what would you do as president and just can throw this out there, we talked about reducing the size and scope of government, what does that mean? gov. johnson: is there any part of government that couldn't be more efficient? i don't think any of us would suggest that government can't be more efficient and that everybody could do with less. but you can't do with less if you are not going to actually address medicaid and medicare. those are the 800 pound gorillas in the room and we are the free trade candidates. capitalism isrony alive and well in the world. chronic capitalism, very simply that is one government gets these deals that unfairly give advantages to those that ultimately pay for that advantage.
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afraid, and this country, we have come to associate free-trade and crony capitalism as one in the same when in fact they are opposites. free trade is what it implies. without government interference. , if itent regulation comes to health and safety, that is one thing but if it comes to actually unfair advantage meaning those that have money and influence, they pay for. i'm speaking now as the former governor of new mexico sing this legislation passed in be doing all of it whenever i saw unfair .dvantage i don't think we can achieve income inequality but we can an opportunity quality. that is what people generally want. thatright now is an issue
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there is no opportunity equality. but there can be. there is one place in the polls where you are doing better than donald trump and that is among millennials. one might joke that it would be year marijuana position but other than that, why do you think young people are more interested in your campaign and they are in the republican opponent? gov. johnson: i'm leading company comes to millennials and if you take the 18-24 age group, actually leading among that age group. draw your own conclusions. we have blown it. my generation has blown it. these are issues that should have been resolved long ago. they have not been. and the issues that there would be health care going forward and there would be a safety net for all of us, that there would be forward, igoing think young people recognize
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that unless something is done, it is just like i do happen and i think in people recognize the fallacy of going to war supporting regime change. >> one state you have the possibility of picking up his utah were donald trump did poorly. he even admitted in the past week that it has been a tough state for him. using that as an example, how do you when the state of utah? think theon: i majority of republicans are about smaller government. that is what drew me to the republican party. but there is the social dogma that the republicans have of late and i'm not talking about the last 20 years that social conservatives, you either on board or you are not. they could care less whether you are socially conservative or socially liberal. justin forsett on anybody else. i think they're putting party is the republican--
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party is carrying that on their back. when it comes to all republicans, utah, it is first and foremost about smaller government and then there is one unforgivable in life and that is hypocrisy. saying one thing and doing another and i think politicians are really poor in that category meaning saying one thing and in fact doing another. i prided myself on telling the truth. if you tell the truth, he don't have to remember anything. it makes things a lot simpler. in terms of where you go next , and we touched on this earlier in the conversation, is at the mountain stage? -- states? for that we think you can do the most damage to your opponents? how much of what you are doing in this campaign do you think could have a lasting effect versus the fact that you have a
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chance at attention here because americans think so poorly of the two major nominees? gov. johnson: where is the representation for 43% of america that are registered as independent? i happen to think that will weld and myself up because -- occupy the middle of what has become extreme on both sides. here is that if you vote for clinton, you vote for trump, things are going to be more polarized than ever and let's not kid ourselves, they are going to be. you decide winning, what about the scenario of libertarians winning, a couple of former republican governors serving and heavily blue states hiring libertarians, republicans,
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democrats, a real bipartisan administration and calling out both sides to come to the middle to deal with the issues facing this country. of the sinners, i think you can make a case that the third scenario might make some sense. >> if you do not participate in the debates next month, then what? gov. johnson: we will keep after it. i don't think there's any chance of winning. you can't win if you are not the super bowl and the super bowl is to see who the next president is. i'm optimistic that it is going to happen. >> if you are not the debates, he don't think you can win? gov. johnson: there is no way you can win the race. that would just in my opinion the pie reality. -- defy reality. theary johnson is libertarian nominee. he is joining us from las vegas. gov. johnson: vickigov. johnson: for being with us. thank you all.
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thank you so much. >> we continue the conversation. david, let's talk more about the race. the polls on outline, donald trump is losing. if you look at all the data and historical record of the data, we can be pretty confident that what the polls are saying us today are correct for what is happening today. what's up at me, donald trump is losing to clinton. we have seen a state of natural polls in front of a saw a battleground poll. he is losing badly in some cases been that does not mean he can turn it around. one of the biggest misconceptions, maybe because they want to believe so badly that the side can win is that somehow the pulling a stop sign the whole truth on purpose or accidentally bring if we look back at elections, whether midterm elections or in particular talking about a
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presidential election, we have found that the national polls tend to tell us what is happening and they tend to, the very last polls between -- before election day tells us who will win. showing that donald trump is struggling and yet it is only mid-august and we have seen historically that things can change pretty quickly. >> he made a excellent point when he said that the debates are the super bowl. that is the next inflection point. as david said, we look at trendlines and the trendline is very bad for donald trump. it is going to take big movement for those trendlines to be altered. right now we are not seen that happen on the campaign trail. wrinkly, most americans are not paying attention there more excited about michael phelps they are not watching a campaign speech. i think it is good to be those debates and for that reason, it
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donald trump chooses not to participate, that could be detrimental. he would list the stage to move the numbers in the operas of direction. >> is gary johnson ready for this moment? he has been getting a lot of media attention. he is on all the national networks. is he maximizing his opportunity? only time will tell. i'm not sure there's anything more he can do to next the moment. the one thing about politics is tented mix things. if they like things, they send you money. johnson is a competent third choice in this race. he has a record of being a businessman and a governor of a real state for two terms. he's not some joke. at the end of the day if you don't have a lot of american voters being inspired by a libertarian philosophy of
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,overning, even jobs and wealth not personal return at some are going to be enough. i think he gave an impressive interview with us. i got more out of him than i expected to raise on what i seen in the past. at the end of the day, it is about anybody to turn out for you. the modern era of campaigning, one of the things that hurt any third party candidate is all of the troops on the ground in data analytics. the voting, agree with what ginger said, the voting starts next month. in a few weeks, absentee ballots are being mailed out. october 12, ohio starts. at the time he gets to december 26 in the next debate, voting is well underway. ago is not like 30-40 years when you waiting for the final seven days. you have a late surge or in
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october surprise that could but things out. things can really get set in stone. a lot of people aren't paying attention the summer but barack obama blue mitt romney out of water. . he is looking to see if going to connect with voters. he is holding the rallies. he knows those people will be voting for him. reachs his campaigning to the undecided? the people who he could win over from a gary johnson orate undecided position? that is the most important thing between now and the selection. >> ginger gibson with reuters. examiningst of the politics podcast. available on websites. to both of you, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> a special airing of c-span's
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newsmakers program with libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson. your chance to call in with your reaction to what you heard from mr. jensen -- johnson. the former new mexico governor who leave the libertarian ticket. the numbers are on your screen. tell us what you think of gary johnson running for president and in general your thoughts on or things stand. here are the numbers on the screen. libertarians, republicans, democrats and then all others. a reminder that you can see this newsmakers interview again at the regular sunday time at 10:00
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a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern in case you missed any of it or watch it on our website. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson joining us this week. first caller is a libertarian from new mexico. what did you think, patrick? caller: initially i thought his personality would be offputting but i think after watching him, i'm excited about him. greatk his policies are and i think from a millennial perspective, honestly donald trump is to offputting to vote for. i'm really liking him after hearing them for a little while. >> what did you think of gary johnson as a governor? caller: i was in arizona at the time. i was talking to them new mexicans and they said they really liked him. people like him.
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i'm liking his social policies and fiscal policies. i think he would be a nice refreshing face. host: thank you for the call. charlotte from new york. others. caller: i found the polling numbers about how he is doing with young people to be really interesting. the near times article i read, just on is also pulling around 50% with people 18-24. i think of the libertine -- libertarian party and green party can do well, if they lose well and continue to lose well for a couple elections, i think they could both be legitimate political parties by the time those older voters are 40-50. host: what do you consider losing well? she getsor just on, if
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around 5%, i think she becomes eligible for more funding for elections or getting more permanent spot on ballots. one of the recent that the green party has a set spot on the new york ballot is because of how well ralph nader did. if a party can lose well and convince or people that it is worth losing to the have-nots -- enough people to win. host: republican from burlington. caller: i'm grateful to hear that gary johnson is running for president. it gives us a viable choice. some of the things between the two major parties have just gone crazy. i'm going to for gary johnson. i'm very concerned about his needing to appear for the presidential debates. by an% hurdle is created artificial commission on presidential debates would say partnership between republicans and democrats.
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how can he get onto the stage when they control the access? thank you. thank you for that call. i think we lost her call. pointing out that the threshold ling that the commission on presidential debates have set as part of the criteria along with being on enough state ballot to have a mathematical chance at winning the like for college. iny johnson not yet polling the 15% range to he said that if he is not in the debates, he does not think he will win and we received this tweet commenting on that. johnson, the flipside is if he is in the debate, there's often a chance of him winning.
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he did not mention that. back to your calls. texas. caller: i think erik johnson has a lot of really good ideas. my question that i have is with the polling, donald trump is 25-30,000 people at these arenas. hillary clinton is getting two or 300 people and yet they say she is winning. my question is, who are they polling? i don't think the polls are indicative of mainstream america. two, they should let all the candidates on the stage. let them debate each other. let the people make up their own mind. host: where would you draw the line? there are many candidates if you go down to the smaller political parties. is there a limit to how money
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people could be on the state? caller: i think the four that are out there right now. donald trump, hillary each the top to obviously. it will come down to one of them. and then jill stein and gary johnson. those poor people, let them air their ideas. let the people decide. one thing to all caps says that i believe is that it should be the people's choice and not an electoral college, not a democratic party, not a republican party, not an elitist group of people making decisions for the mass number of people. the citizen should make the choice. host: thank you for calling. libertarian from pennsylvania. this is where donald trump appeared today. caller: hello. first of all, like he said, donald trump was here today and
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you're going to be replaying it next, i guess. just listen to him. he has no policy. all he does is be rate and buried and berate. he says he will bring the jobs back. doesn't specify how he will bring the jobs back. thee he's going to build best military, gives no plan about how he will do that. best thatll do the have served. doesn't do anything for them. as far the presidential commission, like governor johnson said cap if he was put -- said, if he was put on the polls when they send them out and not added as an afterthought, he would be in the 15%. if you check social media, you will see him all over social media. ,etweets, facebook shares
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people that follow him, i get a lot of them. havelican friends that i would not even consider voting for donald trump. they want to vote for this guy. let us see him debate donald trump and hillary. see where it gets us. thank you, ed from pennsylvania. donald trump was in erie, pennsylvania earlier today. we will have his rally for you in that city in just a few moments here on c-span at the road to the white house coverage continues. time for a few more calls. josh, kansas. republican. lots of good comments on lots of issues. calling from probably the most seriesated county on the -- 3000 registered voters.
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mr. johnson mentioned how he lots oftentially pull western states could i think there is a strong chance of that happening in such small areas where potentially just a couple hundred votes would swing a county to eventually make its way into the state and the national registration of who voted for him -- whom and i was glad to hear mention a few things. rural issues which are very largely left, totally unmentioned. you hardly ever hear the word armor, agriculture in any political discussion whatsoever. i heard him, mention marijuana and i'm really curious to know what an issue related to hemp might be in his opinion. host: thank you for calling. when markoff call from a democrat in baltimore.
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anthony joins us now. caller: thank you for taking my call. independent and i registered the mike trout recently and i'm a strong hillary clinton supporter. as an african-american man, i find it concerning when i hear some of the trump supporters and outside of politics, to be honest, from an inner-city community, it is frightening. we are doing everything we can to kind of quiet that noise and to see and let hillary clinton become president. it would be frightening to have donald trump when. honorably -- honestly wanted to say that. host: thank you for calling for a road to the white house comes continues this monday. we will follow the campaign of the democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton. she will be in scranton, pennsylvania with the vice president, joe biden on monday.
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that is on monday. life here on c-span. again, a reminder if you missed our newsmakers interview with gary johnson, the libertarian presidential nominee, the program will air at its usual sunday time 10 a clock a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span and you can check it out on our website as well. today's donald trump rally as we mentioned took place in erie, pennsylvania. he will show that to you now. he is being introduced by the rnc chairman. this is just over an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the republican national committee. mr. reince priebus. [cheers] >> are you already to win?
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are you ready to win? [cheers] it is such an honor to be here. gary, pennsylvania. 9000 people. unbelievable. we are so honored to be working with donald trump in the campaign. they raised $82 million in july to beat hillary clinton. [cheers] the garbage tove read, let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we are going to put him in the white house and say this country together. [cheers] great poll that came out, the l.a. times poll showed a tied election in spite of the biased media. this man will win, save our
8:47 pm
country, put us back to work again, put more money in people's pockets. [cheers] we are in a battle for freedom. that is why we are here. we are in a battle for freedom. the same battle that james madison reaffirmed in the bill of rights. the same battle that found in our country. the same battle we are here today to fight. how many people have been to the world war ii memorial in washington? [applause] i think you would agree with me, you get out of it what you are willing to put into it. i have been there lately with my little guy, jack who is now you 11. walk around and see those quotes heroes, then you walk up to that wall with 4000 golden stars on the wall. stars, 100ne of the
8:48 pm
little guy did not come home to mom and dad. in front of those stars in gold in the like granite come it says here we mark the price of freedom. we are in a battle for freedom in this country. donald trump is going to help protect us, protect our country, secure our border, do the things to make america great again. [cheers] and look at the choice we've got. look at the choice. hillary clinton has a problem with lying. she lied, she lied, and she lied over and over and over again. she lied when she said she turned over those work-related e-mails. she lied when she said that nothing in these e-mails were confidential. she lied when she said she only had one device.
8:49 pm
>> lock her up. lock her up. lock her up. >> >> let's beat her in november, ok? [cheers] here's the difference. donald trump and mike pence will tell the truth. they will protect your second amendment rights. they will protect our southern border, they will protect the sovereignty of the united states and our great country. do you want four more years of barack obama in the white house? do you want four years of hillary clinton? do you want to hear from the next president of the united states, donald trump? [cheers] please welcome him now, the next president of the united states, donald trump. ♪
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
[cheers] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. unbelievable. it is a great honor. [cheers] amazing. what great people. we are going to bring back our jobs to pennsylvania, we are going to bring back our jobs to the united states. [cheers] we are going to bring back our jobs, folks. i look at the numbers and i've seen what's happening in see what is, i
8:52 pm
happening all over the country. you look at new york state, new england, anywhere in the country, it is the same. manufacturing way down. jobs way down. you go to other countries, they are taking our companies. they they are taking our jobs. people people are right now working harder than it ever worked on 18 years ago, they made more money in real wages, 18 years. think of it. 18 years ago, many of the people in this incredibly big room -- thank you for being here. you you know, is 93 degrees out. [cheers] and they still have a lot of people tried to get in. should we let them in? 18 years ago, people were making more money in real wages than
8:53 pm
they make today. today they are working two jobs. some people are working three jobs. they are older and they are working harder and they are making less money. a friend of mine that i've been telling this story over the last month, it is better than go to harvard or wharton and asking them to do a study, because you learn in three minutes. nowme just tell you, right mexico and other countries are building facilities, plants, the likes of which you've never seen. we're going to build the wall. don't worry, we're going to build the wall. [cheers] a friend of mine and a supporter supporter, a big supporter, great guy, he builds laplants.
8:54 pm
-- builds plants. he doesn't want to build apartments or office buildings, he wants to build plants. i said, how are things going? he he said very well. how are you doing in the u.s.? not good. the you want to see? they are building plants the likes of which i've never seen. he's building some of the greatest plants, big. you look at ford moving vast operations to mexico. the plants. take a look. jobs, way, millions of thousands of companies over the years, they have left us and we have a few things. we have unemployment, empty plants i saw it in new york , state, i saw it in pennsylvania, you are great to me, a big victory for donald trump. thank you. [cheers]
8:55 pm
that was a big victory. i assumed i was going to win, if i don't win pennsylvania, -- and by the way i was talking to our great congressman and where is he? he is here somewhere. he loves the people and i have to say about a pennsylvania, he wants to see the state do well. thank you. [cheers] talking, back to a few of my friends that live here, we have a few of the friends and we see what happened with general electric where they are cutting way back. not going to happen. you know why they are cutting back, one reason. we don't take care of our miners and we are not producing coal and they don't need to make those big, big, beautiful -- you
8:56 pm
could call them locomotives, i guess. whatever the hell they are big and powerful and they don't even like they used to because we don't make our government work for us. they are not working for us. they are working for others. they are not working for us. when general electric goes out -- you see the numbers come i -- numbers, i see the numbers. i just left parts of virginia and west virginia and the coal industry is decimated. the miners are totally out of work. there will be no such thing as coal in this country pretty soon. we are talking clean coal. i was i was with the miners, we have such tremendous support in west virginia, the mining parts of virginia, all over ohio. hillary
8:57 pm
hillary clinton made the statement not so long ago she , said we are going to put the -- put the miners out of business. so, we are not going to let that happened. we are not going to let that happened. we are not going to let it happen in pennsylvania because, a lot of your miners have already lost their jobs, but you have a lot of other jobs that are reliant on the mines. like, for example, general electric. what we are going to do is going to be so special, we are going to bring it back, we are going to bring back our jobs, we are going to bring back our companies. [cheers] when a company wants to leave our country to go to another country and think they are going to make their product and
8:58 pm
because our politicians are weak, stupid, taken care of by lobbyists, special interests, they are taken care of by lobbyists, they are taken care of by donors and special interests -- a friend of mine said i can't believe we're talking about a deal that took place among ago. it is good for the politicians. they are taking care of by their lobbyists and their donors and the special interests. even though you say we want general electric to produce more , if they don't want to or if one of the donors for crooked hillary clinton doesn't want that to happen, even though it is great for your he, pennsylvania, even though it is good for you, even though it is great for the state of
8:59 pm
pennsylvania, that is not going to happen. by the way, i have to tell you this, when they think they are going to take the companies and root them out as an example, this area where the state, or any other state, and go to mexico and build massive new plants and employ people other than you and you are going to lose your job so you're going to get two part-time jobs that don't add up to half of what used to make, that stuff isn't happening having anymore. here's what happens. they will build the plant. ago were here, five years and the president obama put me and made me secretary of keeping business in the united states. that is my title. [cheers] secretary of keeping business in the united states. i like the sound of secretary of defense better -- oh, by the way, we are going to build our military.
9:00 pm
[cheers] believe me. we are going to take care of our believe me. [cheers] but i like the sound of secretary of defense. i like the sound of secretary of the treasury i like the sound of secretary of state, but i would be good at keeping jobs over here. without the good? -- would i be good? [cheers]
9:01 pm
[protester disruption] mr. trump: i will tell you this, the bernie sanders protesters were much stronger. they had much more passion. i have to say. right. you notice interesting, if i could speak to them for like five minutes, we want a strong military, we want take care of our people, we want good education, we want good houses, we want to health care, we all
9:02 pm
want the same things? of course. [cheers] i will be as secretary of keeping keeping companies in the united states. i would get to a company like carrier air-conditioning which decided to leave indianapolis indiana and i would say here's a story. we think it's wonderful that you are negotiating with mexico. i'm sure he will have a wonderful plan. and youuild a plant, fire all these people, 1400 people who were so great to me. indiana i want that no landslide. the timing was good. i know what to do, hillary doesn't know what to do. did you see her yesterday? she has no clue what we're talking about. she has no clue. crooked hillary, she doesn't know anything about it.
9:03 pm
by the way, if she did she , couldn't do it anyway because the donors don't want her to do it. i would go to them and say this is to keep them -- here's the story, if you leave, in this case, indianapolis you are going , to go to mexico and make your air-conditioning unit -- every single unit you make that crosses our now very strong border, we are going to charge you 35% of the cost of that unit. [cheers] so simple. 35% the cost of that unit, we hope you enjoy your new plant. very hot weather out there, very hot. 35% is coming to us. here's what is good to happen, if they have not moved yet, we've lost thousands and thousands of companies.
9:04 pm
we've lost millions of jobs. i should have been there 10 years ago. nobody would have left. message.the right on the messenger in terms of this movement. you need the right person saying it. here's what is good to have it. normally, they would call up whoever is putting the order down like the new president and it would have lobbyists call up and they would say, hillary, i'm sorry, you cannot do that, they gave you $2 million per campaign. you can't do that. she is a ok. with me i'm putting my money up ,, folks. >[cheers] for reinceing money priebus and the rnc. funded my primaries and i spent less than anybody else in
9:05 pm
terms of the primaries and i won in a landslide. other people's been much much more. in5 times more and they came seventh. who do you want to have as your president? [cheers] and then they don't like me. most of them have supported us. some of them just can't get over it. you know what i say to them? get over it. we're just having fun. get over it. you signed a pledge, i hereby guarantee that i will endorse whoever wins. the funny thing all those , pledges, they were signed so
9:06 pm
that i would sign it. and i would have honored it. even if i wasn't fond or didn't like, i would have honored it. here's the thing, we are going to take these companies that haven't left i'm looking at your , numbers, folks. you are not doing too well here. pennsylvania has lost one in three manufacturing jobs and -- since nafta. that is massive. nafta was signed by bill clinton. and i believe it is the single worst trade document ever signed in the history of our country and probably in the history of our world. it is one of the most one-sided
9:07 pm
documents i've ever seen. it allowed mexico and places to do unbelievably well at our expense. did you see where i say i will renegotiate nafta? tpp, disaster. don't worry. hillary was in favor of tpp. she she said it was the gold standard. thank you for reminding me. transpacific partnership. is going to be, i don't think it can be worse than nafta. it is not to be as bad as nafta. she said as the gold standard. she's reading it from a teleprompter. it is the go standard. -- gold standard. [laughter] our country is in trouble. [cheers]
9:08 pm
she heard him make a speech and she heard me talking negatively about it, as example, they don't talk about the evaluation which is the single greatest tool that these countries are using to kill the united dates including china. so complicated this agreement, too many countries. i believe in trade. one country at a time. if they don't do well, if they don't behave, if they want to start devaluing their currency, versatile. we write them a notice like we do business, we served them with a 30 day notice. [cheers] by the way, how great our our
9:09 pm
police? [cheers] law and order. we order. -- we need law and order. our police and firemen, are pleased to a fantastic job. fantastic job. they are not recognized for the job they do. if they have 500,000 incidents , apostate, one bad thing happens, that when bad things is on the news for two weeks and it's a disgrace. thankful forvery the job they do. so, pennsylvania is losing a lot of its business. right now, we're sitting here, were talking, here's another one. go home to mommy. [cheers]
9:10 pm
and your mother is voting for donald trump. [cheers] it's true. [cheers] interject, iust to was told this whole area is democratic, meaning democrat. that by a lot of different people outside and then they said i can't believe that you have 10,000 people, your people outside try to get in. they came up to me, this happens to be a democrat and my happen to know, he came up to and set up never seen anything like it. it always good democrat. going to eureka, pennsylvania and the surrounding area. it will be a landslide. lies, tiredired of of losing their jobs, tired of
9:11 pm
seeing their companies being ripped out and going to other places. they are tired of china coming in and dropping steel all over the place to put your companies out of business, so we have to go to china to get our steel, which is happening very quickly. that is why the steel workers are with me, that is why the miners are with me, that is why the working people, electricians, the plumbers, the sheet rockers, the concrete guys and gals. they are with us. how come you relate to these people? my father built houses and i used to work in these houses and i got to know the electricians, i got to know the plumbers, the steamfitters, i got to know them all. i liked them better than the
9:12 pm
rich people i know. they are better. i like them better. anyway, we're going to put people back to work. we are not playing games. it is going to go quickly. this, so, eerie has lost one in three manufacturing jobs. you knew that. i flew over, you're looking at the plant, plant spent 25 years ago 20 years ago, 15 years ago, , some two years ago were vibrant, but no plant two years ago was to vibrant, but you see them. they are falling over. sleet, the snow, the wind, these are great buildings falling apart. all over the country. upstate new york is a disaster.
9:13 pm
with hillary clinton, what she said she would fix, the washington post is extraordinarily dishonest and that is fine. they run a story and i cannot believe it, they talked about hillary clinton. it was a headline. when she ran for the united states senate, she said to the people of upstate new york, who were starting to our problems because of her husband's ill with nafta and companies were leaving tremendous unemployment and she said i will turn it around. i will create 200,000 jobs. we will do a great job. guess what, she got elected and did nothing. the only ones that benefited were the consultants and their people that helped her out. it is a disaster. upstate new york is right now worse than anything you have in
9:14 pm
the state of pennsylvania. she did nothing. i watched her yesterday, which is hard to do, because she is boring, ok? [laughter] [cheers] -- iched her yesterday said i was good to renegotiate nafta and i said what happens if you can't get a deal and i said we will terminate and get out. very simple. i've been saying that and have been say we won't renegotiate that and make great trade deals and all that. she never said that. she says sheen, will renegotiate trade deals. she went on to it. to renegotiate trade deals the same way she was going to put 200,000 jobs in upstate new york. it turned out to be a total fantasy. i respect "the washington post." i respect them for writing one bad story. you know what they're doing --
9:15 pm
the only way she gets elected is that they don't report on her. they don't show her. they have me on so much television. on cnn, he talk about dishonesty. [crowd boos] the clinton news network. cnn. she's hardly ever on. yesterday, they have a scandal with e-mails, another one. i'm not talking about that 33,000 e-mails she deleted that deleted or got rid of. can you imagine what was on those e-mails? 33,000 e-mails were deleted. and and she said, well, it had to do with the wedding and yoga. i give two to yoga and five to the wedding.
9:16 pm
deception.d we are running like they run right now in a third world country, folks. you saw what happened. we are being talked about all over the world, nobody can believe it. when they were going over the charges against hillary clinton, one after another after another after another -- and yet, the -- other people their lives have , been destroyed for doing much less. [cheers] now they have a big scandal in new york. pay for play. it is horrifying. our government is for sale. our government is for sale.
9:17 pm
and whatked person they're doing is they are trying to not talk about her. take a look. example, cnn as an story after story about trump. trump, chum, tron. -- trump, trump. yesterday was announced that people are tired of negativity and cnn is starting to do poorly. i like that. fox has been treating ms. fairley. but cnn has been catastrophic. it is so dishonest. but someone was explaining to me there three. if they don't report on her, people aren't going to know how bad she is. look at her news cop is. she hasn't had a news conference in 260 days. that last one wasn't a news
9:18 pm
conference. that was a few of her friends. they after question, what did she say about the circuit, right? if i ever said that, short-circuited, if i ever said i short-circuited, it would be headlines all over the world. they would call for the death penalty. [laughter] can you imagine if i said that i short-circuited? i stand up. for months in front of massive crowds and she gets 300 people going to events. she gets 300 people and then she reads something from a teleprompter and she goes home and goes to sleep. and then she wakes up and goes again. nobody does anything about it. now me, i stand up here -- i'm not looking at notes.
9:19 pm
i'm not reading teleprompter. not easy. [cheers] but remember, if i make one mistake and he mentioned something wrong and got it wrong day, headlines all over. she can say she short-circuited appear. presidents who short-circuits. [laughter] is that ok? [cheers] isis, weo deal with have to deal with china, we've got to deal with lots of people. they are not short-circuiting. i don't want somebody that short-circuits. let me just tell you, over the last little while, every time it is a big deal.
9:20 pm
when i said that obama and of course, i'm being sarcastic. they know that. after they -- i said that i said he was the mbp. i said obama is the founder of isis. [cheers] and these dishonest media people, the most dishonest people, they say, did he mean that? lot, in fact,ay a they like him so much because he has been so weak and so bad. i mean, he let this happen. they had eight states, eight countries, now 28 countries. they are expanding. the founder of isis, obviously i'm being sarcastic. sarcastic, to be
9:21 pm
honest with you. [laughter] and they all said he should not say that. they should call him an enabler. call him an enabler. i said, that doesn't sound the same. these people are the worst. listen, i said the founder of isis. goingt, very soon he is over to pick up his most valuable player award. did i say that? say that all the time. so they knew i was being sarcastic. but now they're analyzing. did i really mean that? how could i say that? these people are the lowest form of life. i'm telling you. [cheers] they are the lowest form of humanity. not all of them, they have about 25% that are pretty good.
9:22 pm
but most of them. ok, so here's the story, yuri has lost a lot. -- erie has lost a lot. we will stop his countries from taking our jobs. we will stop these countries from taking our companies. hold on. our job will come back. plan and with a great i'm lowering corporate taxes or country's day. i don't even have to make the call. the corporate inversions, we have companies that have to have trillion dollars outside of our country. they can't get the money back. everybody agrees we should do it. republicans, democrats, everybody agrees. why do we not want them to bring money back. president that can go to leaders around the table and in about five minutes let them say, let's bring the
9:23 pm
money back so we can work in the country. that is what it is. in,ill bring the money back we will lower taxes and we are going to keep our companies. if our companies want to lead, they will pay a nice big beautiful packs -- tax to get their product back in. [cheers] deficit with trade tpp participating nations has already cost pennsylvania 68,000 jobs, folks. no more, folks. we are not going to be the stupid people anymore we are , going to be the really, really smart people. it is going to be america first. america first. [cheers] >>[chanting]
9:24 pm
mr. trump: so the destruction of manufacturing and methods of pennsylvania was caused by hillary clinton and her disastrous husband's policymaking. every job killing trade deal for decades she has received so much money. she has approved virtually every tax increase put before her. yesterday, you see, $1.3 trillion in tax increases. with the highest tax nation in the land, essentially, the highest tax nation in the world. anywhere in the world. and of the industrialized nations, we are far and away the highest tax nation. she is proposing massive tax increase. we can't do it.
9:25 pm
to make our country not competitive. it's already noncompetitive. it's going to make our country noncompetitive. and we are not going to do it. i'm proposing a massive tax decrease. [cheers] for the middle class, for business and businesses are going to pour in. and not since ronald reagan as anything like this been proposed. businesses, instead of leaving because their taxes are so high, they are going to stay. i will i will have to make those calls. i will tell those people they can move. if you do, you pay the 35% tax. in that case, i'm not moving. in that case i'm not moving. [cheers] so easy. you are a coal industry or
9:26 pm
steel industry which has been ravaged. your general electric's of the world which have been ravaged, just ravaged your we going to end it. over the years, i've watched it. for 10 years, 12 years, 15 years. beyond obama. that watched as politicians talk about stopping countries from leaving. stopping companies from leaving. you need strength. watched, the low-interest loans. here's a low-interest loan if used in pennsylvania. here's a zero interest loan. you don't have to pay. here's tax abatement of anything you want. they have money. they want to go out and move to another country and because our politicians are so dumb, they want to sell the product to us and not have any retribution, not have any consequence. all that is over. i think you understand that angela cantor.
9:27 pm
she can't do it because she doesn't have the mentality. she cantor. recently, i don't like donald trump's tone. his tone is not nice. i said come here we have a country that is being taken advantage of by every country in the world. our businesses are being taken, our jobs are being taken, everything. here we have a world where isis is chopping off heads of christians and many others, drowning people in steel cages, bearing people in the sand and we have somebody up there who was to be our president that says i don't like donald trump's tone. [applause] we better get smart folks. let's see what happens. we better get smart. [cheers] we better get smart.
9:28 pm
we better get smart. we better get tough. and if we are not smart and not tough, we will not have a country left. one of the things i have to talk you about, our borders. legal immigrants are pouring into our country. -- i brought something for you people. brought, i had to do this. i didn't want to depress you. the clinton legacy, nearly one in three manufacturing jobs in erie pennsylvania, sounds and their? clintonen't lost allowed a certain deal with china to happen. but at this chart.
9:29 pm
this is 2001. not long ago. congratulations, folks. i hope you're doing well. you know it, you can't do a. when you have a government that is so stupid that is so incompetent, you can't do well. here's another one, folks. refugees, we have no idea who they are, where they are coming from, no paperwork. you saw what happened in san bernardino. , take awhat happened look at all over the world. take a look at what is happening. if we don't get smart and if we don't get smart fast, barack obama is allowing syrian refugees to come into our country by the thousands. i have as big as hard as anyone
9:30 pm
in the stream and i want to build safe zones and i want the gulf states to pay for it because they have 20 of money in a not doing much. we will supervise them. we will supervise them. they have to pay for it. we are protecting these people. if it weren't for the united states those countries wouldn't exist. but we have people who don't know what they're doing. we have an incompetent president. we have people who don't know what they're doing. look at this. syrian refugees admitted to the united states, a monthly basis. look what is's happening. look what's happening. audience: boo! now, in all fairness, we want to help people. can't take a chance. san bernardino, they walk in. they start shooting. paris, the best -- the toughest
9:31 pm
gun laws in the world, paris, france. they walk in. they kill 130 people. they wound so gravely hundreds of people. now, let me just tell you because while we're in the second amendment -- if we had in san bernardino or in orlando or some place, somebody in that room like this guy right here, right? that guy with the blue make america great again hat on. or that woman with the beautiful blonde hair. wish i had hair that looked like that. [laughter] but if we have somebody and they happen to have a gun, san bernardino, they see them coming. first of all, if they knew there was a gun where the bullets would be flying in the other direction, they probably wouldn't have gone in. but let's assume they did, the
9:32 pm
carnage would not be what the carnage was. we have to protect our second amendment. hillary clinton wants to kill our second amendment. wants to kill it. [cheers and applause] so here's our start. and i was thinking about doing -- like one in 10. i do a lot of these. i love the people. we have such a movement going on. who likes the snake? do you know the snake? do you like him? who likes the snake? we know bad things are going to happen. we know as we allow more and more people to come in from these terror areas, bad things are going to happen. has anybody heard the snake? not that many. should i do it again. so think of this, folks. think of. this -- think of this. this is what's going on in our country with our boreds and by the way we're going to have a
9:33 pm
wall. it's going to be a powerful wall and mexico is going to pay for the wall. and we have no choice. but think of this. this is now a situation where this was written by al wilson many years ago. and i read it. and i said, you know, that really pertains to what's happening to the united states. and it has to do with being fooled. it has to do with a lot of different things. but when you're listening to this, think of our border. think of the people that we're letting in by the thousands. and hillary clinton, you saw those numbers, right? with the charts through the roof. hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more coming into our country. how stupid a way. so are you ready? you like it? you sure? oh, come on. we get up one morning down the path along the lake.
9:34 pm
a tender-hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake. his pretty color skin had been all frosted with the dew. oh, well, she cried. i'll take you in and i'll take care of you. take me in, oh, tender woman. sake. in for heaven's take me in oh, tender woman sighed the broken snake. ae wrapped him up all cozy in curvature of silk. then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk. now she hurried home from work that night. as soon as she arrived, she found that pretty snake she'd taken in had been revived.
9:35 pm
take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in for heaven's sake. take me in, oh, tender woman sighed the borrowing -- broken snake. now she clutched him to her bloose. . you're so beautiful. be if i hadn't would have brought you in by now you certainly would have died. now she stroked has pretty skin and she then she kissed and held him tight. but instead of saying thank you. that snake gave her a vicious bite. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in for heaven's sake. take me in oh, tender woman sighed the vicious snake. i saved you! i saved you! i saved you, cried that woman.
9:36 pm
and you bit me heavens why? you know your bite is poisonous nd now i'm going to die. oh, shut up, silly woman, said the reptile with a grin. you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. cheers and applause] get ready, folks. get ready. we're led by stupid people. we're lead by leaders -- and you know what, honestly, i didn't need this. i had a nice life. built a great company.
9:37 pm
some of the great real estate assets of the world. i may never see them. you know if i win i may never see them again. and i love them. all over the world. but you know what, this is so important. and i watched what was happening with the iran deal. and watched what was happening with the jobs. and i watched what was happening with trade where china makes $500 billion in trade deficits with us. i looked and i saw. take a look at mexico. you hoe the politicians say you'll never ever be able to get mexico to allow you to build a wall. i said trust me, now they don't say that anymore. they won't put the money up to build the wall so easy. mexico, our trade deficit is massive, massive. they make a fortune off the stupidity of the united states. mexico will 100% -- you hear? 100% pay for the wall. 100%. ok? 100%. but the story of the snake is what's happening to our country. we're letting people in.
9:38 pm
many of these people hate us. many of these people don't have good thoughts. and you see what one person can do, one sick whacko can do in orlando. and then you see his father sitting behind hillary clinton with a big smile on his face. with a big fat smile on his face, right? and he was wearing a red hat. i said i hope that's not one of my hats. i was concerned. i saw that hat. i hope it doesn't say "make america great again." bad guy. bad guy. horrendous son. horrendous son. so here's the story, folks. we have to win -- we have to win pennsylvania. so important. [cheers and applause] o important.
9:39 pm
hillary clinton is run by people that do this very professionally. they're very good. they keep her out of the spotlight. she doesn't talk to reporters very rarely. she doesn't do press conferences. she doesn't expose whatever is going on up here. she doesn't -- which isn't good. e doesn't expose her mind to questions. and what they want to do. if they want to try and fake it through -- we need strength. we need toughness. we need a strong temperament. we need a strong tone. at the same time -- at the same time, let me tell you -- at the me time we need real big beautiful heart because we have to straighten out healthcare. obamacare is going to be repealed and replaced. did you see -- did you see what's happening with obamacare? did you see where the numbers
9:40 pm
are going up 30%, 40% and 50%. wait until you see what happens in november. they're trying to delay it. you're going to get increases the lakes of probably which no country nobody has ever seen, ok? anybody in the history of healthcare in texas through going through blue cross blue shield, they just had almost a 50% increase in their premiums. and the deductibles are so high that unless you get hit by one of those general electric locomotives, and you live for like a long time prior to death you'll never ever be able to use your healthcare. because here's what's happened. the deductible is so high you'll never be able to use it. now it's going to go really bad.
9:41 pm
really bad. it's going to die of its own volition. but it's killing our country. it's killing our jobs. so here's the story. folks -- folks, we have to win pennsylvania. at this o be professional group of people that are running her for their own purposes. we have to win pennsylvania. we win pennsylvania, we're going to win it. you know we're up in florida. we're doing well in ohio. [cheers and applause] and i'm hearing we're doing well here. we'll find out. here's the story. cheers and applause] here's the story. we have to win the state of pennsylvania. i went to school here. my kids went to school here. we're going to win pennsylvania. if we win pennsylvania, i'll tell you what, we are very much
9:42 pm
on our way -- you know the republicans do have a tougher path. not my fault. not my fault. it's a tougher path. for the presidency, it's just a tougher winding road. but if we win pennsylvania, we win florida where we're doing really well, i think we could win ohio. it will be over. it will be over. it will be over. [cheers and applause] so on november 8, you have to get out and vote. or do some balloting and i don't care -- look, here's the story. if you're not feeling well, if you're so sick, if you go to your doctor and he goes, i'm sorry, sir, you've only got a few weeks left and it's november 1st. and he gives you the ultimate word not looking good. you haven't got long left.
9:43 pm
i don't care. and nobody else in this room cares, you have to on november 8th get out of bed and get out and vote, right? [cheers and applause] et out and vote. aul i'm telling you, look, folks, your jobs been taken, your military and all of the other things we're going to save the second amendment which is is protection. we're going to get rid of common core. you're going to bring your education locally. all things -- we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. we're going to take care of our vets. but here's the story, folks. for you people in particular because you have been devastated. supreme court he said. yes. yes! thank you. who did that? thank you. by the way, and i have to just stop for a second.
9:44 pm
supreme court, justice scalia, great. supposed to live for a long time. he died. so you have already an empty. this next president could have the most supreme court nominations of any president could pick more justices -- could be up to five. probably going to be three, could be four, could be five, ok? if hillary clinton gets to put hard leaning left judges on the supreme court, number one your second amendment will be gone. our country will never ever be the same. we will have problems like we've never had before. and you won't have -- you will have a whole different deal going which we don't want, believe me. so here's the story. if for no other reason i'm going to put -- and you know, i picked through federalist society, we picked 11 supreme court justices, we're going to add our more, all vetted through
9:45 pm
federalist. i actually got very good marks. we're going to pick these people or people like them. so here's the story. here's the story. you ready? we don't win anymore. you people don't win that's for sure. you just have to look at the statistics, the jobs. we're going to start winning again. we're going to win so much that you're going to get sick and tired of winning. you're going to say, mr. president -- you're going to send a congressman to see me in washington. he's going to say, mr. president, we have to do something. the people of pennsylvania and in particular our friends in erie, they're sick and tired of winning. they can't stand winning so much. mr. president, we just don't want to win that much. we really want to give other nations like it used to be where it's good for them and bad for
9:46 pm
us at least a little bit. and i'm going to say -- i'm going to say, mr. congressman, i don't think you know your people very well. they want to win. and we want to win. and you want to win. and we're going to win. we're going to win so much. we're going to win with our military. we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we're going to win for our vets. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to win at the border. we're going to build a wall. we're going to have mexico pay. believe me, 100%. we're going to win with education. we're going to win for our second amendment. we're going to win on all the things we discussed. we're going to win again. and you're going to be proud of our country. we're not going to be the people laughed at for not knowing what we're doing for allowing others to just strip us of what we have. we are going to win. we are going to be america first. we are going to make america
9:47 pm
great again. and it's going to happen quickly. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, everybody.
9:48 pm
you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
9:49 pm
but if you try some time you might find you get what you need -- the wn to get my demonstration to get your fair share of abuse we're going vent our frustration if we don't we're going to blow a fuse you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time
9:50 pm
well you just might find you get what you need oh baby yeah. i went down to the chelsea drugstore to get your prescription filled i was standing in line with mr. jimmy man did he look pretty ill we decided that we would have a soda my favorite flavor cherry red i sung my song to mr. jimmy yeah and he said one word to me and that was dead i said to him you can't always get what you want
9:51 pm
you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time you just might find you get what you need h, yeah
9:52 pm
you get what you need oh baby oh, yeah i saw her today at the reception in her glass was a bleeding man she was practiced at the art of deception well i could tell by her blood-stained hands you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you just might find you just might find ou get what you need
9:53 pm
you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you ant ♪ >> the time magazine cover story this week also vail on a caricature of donald trump with this headline "meltdown." joining us is alex altman from "time" magazine. thanks for joining us. > thanks for joining me. >> i want to talk about reince pre bus's conversation with paul ryan. what was the tone or tenor of that conversation? alex: i think priebus and trump have developed anen likely partnership. what priebus wanted to communicate with trump last week is that the republican party is
9:54 pm
really -- has sort of a sweeping panic now about the direction of the trump campaign and what he told trump was that the campaign was going in the wrong direction. they needed to turn it around. and what is going on inside the r.n.c. at the moment is they're trying to make a deliberation in the next couple of weeks before the voting begins how they want to spend resources in terms of party machinery as they get here in the fall. there's a menu of options on the table. this is something that the r.n.c. will have to make a determination about in the next couple of weeks. >> donald trump does not have a large staff. how reliant has he been, will he be on the r.n.c. moving ahead especially with the ground game heading toward election day? alex: you bring up a very important point. they have a joint funding agreement together and have been working in tandem. trump more son that any
9:55 pm
republican presidential nominee in recent memory has almost exclusively relied on the party to provide some of the campaign mechanics that other campaigns build in he's. he doesn't do much with data. he doesn't do much with field. he doesn't run a single television ad during the general election. he's relying on the r.n.c. sort of to boot strap what is a pretty skeletal staff out in the state. if the r.n.c. decides that their determination is their best move for the good of the party is to help vulnerable incumbent house and senate republicans that could really be a significant blow to a campaign that doesn't have much of an apparatus out there. >> let me go back to chairman priebus and the so-called establish y. the unforced errors you point out his comments about john cain, meghan kelly and the
9:56 pm
kahn family as the poll numbers continue to drop for donald trump. didn't the republicans see this coming? >> so many did not see it coming in the sense that they believed that he would recalibrate his behavior once he got past the primary. what's beginning to dawn on the republicans who held out hope that trump would enact a more presidential posture is that he is who he is. the score settling, the incendiary rhetoric that is his campaign and were so successfully for him navigating with it clearly carried out into the general election. priebus are trying to lean on trump to temper his words as trump said "go a little kinder, easier, nicer." ." trump thinks he might be more of a natural in attacking in the primary. there's a natural playing out in
9:57 pm
his head about what his best path forward is. >> some republican donors are saying take the gloves off. >> one thing we note in our story is that while you have one faction of republicans, probably the larger faction urging him sort of to a don't a more conventional tone to appeal to swing voters and independents, you still have voters that many of the ones that trump saw in nantucket who were pressing him to hit harder after hillary, to go after the republicans who have left him at the altar here. there's a purr and pull. he is trying to puzzle out the best path forward. >> you talked to donald trump on tuesday for your "time" magazine piece. what did he tell you? >> he foreshadowed some of the controversies that have erupted over the last 24 hours. he talks about the way he was running in the primaries better.
9:58 pm
he was listening to people who were telling him to ease up. while he had not made up his mind in the hours since we've seen him say that president obama was the founder of isis. we've heard the remark that appeared to stop suggest that second amendments supporters might have a remedy to prevent hillary clinton appointing more liberal supreme court justices. the tone and tenor of donald trump is sort of a battle that is playing out in realtime and every step he takes in one direction seems to take two steps back the next day. >> on a day with record heat on the east coast. history suggesting that an 8-point lead can melt like ice cream in the heat. for donald trump to turn this around for the poll numbers need to change, what do people think he needs do besides of trying to temper his tone. >> he needs to stay on message. he needs to keep his remarks
9:59 pm
squarely focused on hillary clinton. he needs to be tying hillary clinton to barack obama. that's not a natural inclination for someone as publicity-obsessed as donald trump. so he seems to sort of be veering off track day by day with sort of an extraordinary series of misfires some of the ones you mentioned obviously picking a fight with the family of of a fallen army captain. he's been relitigating battles from the primaries with ted cruz. they would really like -- republicans would really like to see him keep his focus on hillary clinton and stop being bogged down on all of these daily controversy. >> the reckoning. donald trump's sinking polls unending attacks an public blunders have the g.o.p. reconsidering their strategy? november. the reporting of alex altman coming to us from the washington bureau. thanks very much. >> monday, democratic
10:00 pm
presidential candidate hillary clinton will speak at a rally in scranton, pennsylvania. accompanying her will be vice president joe biden our live "road to the white house" coverage now it discussion on the 2016 presidential campaign in an effort to mobilize people of faith. from washington journal, this is 40 minutes. this nation. host: here with us now is the reverend william barber to talk you're saying, kind of mobilize people of faith to a moral revival. hat does that mean, a moral revival in american politics? guest: well, that's not actually a nuance. if you look at the abolition slavery, the end of that was a moral movement. if you look at the reconstruction movement, it was moral movement between blacks and whites and


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