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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 22, 2016 11:42pm-12:01am EDT

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might propose -- endorsed paul ryan's proposal to turn over major public assistance programs to state governments. paul ryan argued that given the states control of how these programs are administered would allow the states to solve the problems that people in poverty expense in the daily bail us -- experience on a daily basis. a uniques have perspective. all the other side, democrats tend to oppose paul ryan's idea nf creating a block grant i turning that money over to the states because they do not trust officials to administer the money in a way that is bare and puts the interest of america's poor first. interestsnd puts the of america's poor first.
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>> who else is driving this? >> that is a very good question. one has to mention senator bernie sanders who ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for the democratic residential nomination. -- presidential nomination. in addition to that, one might mention some other liberal members of congress such as rosa delauro and others. it does remain to be seen. the composition of the congress next year will be different. it will be a leader in that group -- who will be a leader and he will remain our questions -- are questions. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. tv is live beginning at form. eastern in washington
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"race in america." a panel discussion examining the relationship between police and the african-american committee. april right and author of the presidency in black and white moderates the discussion. other panelists include joann reid. the princess sat there for african-american chair -- princeton center for african-american chairman will be there. race, obama and public policy. christopher murray, author of "stand your grand." and the author of "ghosts of jim crow: ending racism and post jim crow america."
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p.m..v on c-span2 at 7:00 >> the house and senate returned from the summer break on tuesday, september 6. agenda, fiscal year 2017 that are spending. zika prevention and research. defense policy. in the house will consider impeaching the irs commissioner. the house is always live on c-span and the senate live on c-span two. conversation with independent presidential candidate evan mcmullen. then we continued the discussion on welfare. we will hear from one of the architects of the 1996 off a lot. law.lfare >> for campaign 2015, c-span continues on the road to the white house. 2016, c-span continues on the
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road to the white house. >> this is not a reality tv show. >> we will make america great again. >> live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates. c-span, c-span radio app, one day, september 26, the first presidential debate from hall street university. tuesday, october 4, vice president of candidates debate at longwood university. on sunday, october 9, washington university in st. louis posts the second presidential debate leading up to the third and final debate between hillary donald trump at the university of las vegas on october 19. live coverage on c-span. listen land on the free c-span radio app or watch any time on demand at >> independent presidential
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candidate of the mcmullen joined us on this morning's washington journal. -- evan mcmullen joined us on this morning's washington journal. this is 40 minutes. joining us now is independent candidate evan mcmullin. you have people asking who are you and where you interested in being president. why is that? >> i believe the two candidates that we have before us that have been nominated are woefully unfit to lead this country, especially at this time, so like many americans i have waited for someone else to step forward and that didn't happen. sensing that it was the last minute in which somebody could offer some competitive edge, i decided to do it myself. host: who got you into this? guest: i would not describe it as being recruited. they were working on finding someone for some time and they were well-known people. i reached out to them a few weeks ago, realizing we were
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nearing the end of a window, the last window when someone could actually challenge both of these nominees so i reached out to -- ifo see if they find they had found somebody but the answer was they still were working. they asked me if i would consider it and i did. consideration, i decided it was the thing that needed to happen. campaign strategy infrastructure, do you have any of those? guest: today marks the second week. we finished two weeks quickly. --have started gaining some an incredible team, lots of donors contributing to our cause, mainly people across the country and regular people chipping in. also, larger donors maxing out as well. thisve been encouraged by incredibly positive response from millions of americans who
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are eager for something new, another option. we have had 100,000 people donate or sign up to volunteer, over 600 people have applied, over 600 people have applied to quit their jobs and join our campaign on a full-time basis. the response has been incredible. the defining thing that separates you from hillary clinton and donald trump? guest: i would say two things. i am a person who will put this country and the interest of this country first. i believe both can't -- candidates have put their own interests ahead of the american people. i have never been that way and that is not the kind of president i would be. i believe this country needs a leader that can unify it. longve been divided for so along so many different lines between races and along ideological lines and religions etc..
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we have one candidate who seeks to divide us further through his destructive rhetoric, which i from a is harming us prosperity perspective as well as a national security perspective. i believe hillary clinton advocates for continuation of a strong centralized government in washington that isn't accountable to the american rests farwhich power away from them so that their voices are deluded and too often unheard. these things divide us and i am a supporter of reforms that would return more power to the people and unite this country. host: if you want to speak with our guests, 202-748-8000 14 republicans. what state you come from? guest: i was raised outside of seattle. host: did you seek advice about this run from mitt romney?
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and i haven't spoken directly, but i did not see his input or i did not talk before running. feltis something i strongly about doing myself of course we would love to have mitts support. this is something i felt strongly about doing on my own. >> has mr. romney hinted at support? guest: it is too early to say. we would welcome his support and a range of other people support but for us the most important support is from the american people and we believe we are getting that at a shockingly fast rate. it has been truly encouraging to see the response of the american people. host: there was a recent letter to the editor in the salt lake city tribune about you, saying that he is running as a spoiler, a candidate that might give you
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talk to hillary clinton. guest: i am more focused on who wins the white house. we believe that we can prevent either hillary clinton or donald trump from achieving a majority. we need to move quickly to do that to galvanize the support of people who want a better option. let me say something about donald trump in his viability. he is performing terribly. 14%.rginia, he is down by if you are going to be down by 14% you are, 12, not going to win the presidency. when i entered he was down by 10%. donald trump is not a viable candidate. he is doing enormous harm to this country. he is ensuring that hillary clinton takes the white house. if we want to stop -- if the conservatives and people in this
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country on both sides of the aisle want to stop hillary clinton from taking the white house, we need somebody who can actually compete with her credibly. all donald trump, it is about his latest controversy and the latest terrible thing he has said. republicans and americans are not going to win that way. if you want to ask questions, the numbers will be on the screen. we will start with hawaii on our line for democrats. doing up thism i early? it is 3:00 a.m.. thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. host: thank you. face, good to be with you. caller: i have one comment and one question. hillary clinton not what people say she is. her age and
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unfortunately, she has been demonized her whole life for being a progressive woman. that is my comment. i don't think that is nice to do that to women anymore. number two, don't you think that remembered in history as the next ralph nader if trump gets elected? that is my question. i would say of all again, i believe donald trump will not reelected. he is not a viable candidate. .hat is just the reality of it i am not concerned about electing donald trump. i intend to do everything i can to ensure he is not elected and the same is true with hillary clinton. my issue with hillary clinton, i want to make this clear, is nothing to do with her -- it does have to do with political
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positioning but more than that it is about her belief that she is unaccountable to the american people. oflive in a time when 82% americans feel this country is on the wrong track. americans consider themselves independents, only 28% consider themselves members , 28%ther political party on the democratic side. both of these major candidates have skyhigh negatives. the american people are desperate for better leadership. i don't believe hillary clinton is doing that. i don't believe her positions on issues does that and that is why i am opposing her as well as donald trump. , louisville, ann kentucky on the independent line. guest: i disagree with what this fellow is doing.
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it is a selfish thing to do. he doesn't have a chance. donald trump was not my first choice. i like ted cruz but now it has come down to two candidates and i have to go for donald trump because hillary clinton will be disastrous. he doesn't have a chance and all he is trying to do is take votes away from donald trump. to try to is selfish do this. if we don't get behind trump, we are going to be stuck with four more years of destruction in this country. more liberal judges on the supreme court. the selfishness of this guy and the rest of these republicans, it just makes me sick. i would say that donald trump has no chance of winning this election. entered the race again,
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donald trump was down by 10% in the polls. he is still down by a significant amount and he is doing even worse. people are supporting donald trump hold onto to him, the worse off we are. he has no chance of winning and sooner or later, the country is going to come to grips to that. that hillaryg clinton take the white house and the polls reflect that reality. if you could veto tpp, would you win? vow to veto't tpp because i support free trade. economy ofave an opportunity for all and people who are struggling at probably cannot have an
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opportunity economy if we continue to grow at 2% or less. series of make a reforms so our economy can get back on track and grow at a faster clip. part of what we need to be doing is trading. 95% of the world consumers are outside of our borders. anyone who advocates against more trade is someone who doesn't understand that or is being honest with the american people. this is where i differ with some of my conservative fellows. i do think we need to do more to help people who lose their jobs or who have negative pressure on their wages. that is the reality. over the last decade or so, the last average manufacturing worker has only increased by about a dollar after you adjust for inflation. these are real issues and there are things we need to do to improve their wages, improve their opportunities, be more
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serious about them, be more effective in that way to help them and help people who are losing their jobs. but we have to keep trading if we are going to have this economy growing at the level we needed to grow. host: do you think it has enough in worker protections? guest: we need to ensure that there are -- that our workers and workers overseas are held a similar standards. we've got to be better at enforcing our trade agreements. we can have countries manipulating their currencies. i actually side with donald trump in the sense that i don't believe we have been the best negotiators out there. executive branch to be much better negotiators of trade deals. that is something that i would hope to bring to the white house myself. but we have got to trade our companies -- our companies have
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got to have access to foreign markets. too often they are denied access and that hurts jobs. host: from minnesota, democrats dawn,don, good morning -- good morning. guest: why aren't you bringing up the fact that if you google melania trump, she was a nude model. the rest of the world is looking at them and people are going to be laughing at this country even believeause they don't we have morals in the united states and that is actually going to hurt our country even more. why isn't this being brought up? going to comment on donald trump's wife but i will say that i share your concern that donald trump is bringing about or helping divide our country


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